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					                                         Gloria Perez-Walker

                                              Media Kit

                                              Fall 2010

Table of Contents


Press Release for Special Ed For Busy Parents Radio Show

Press Release for Special Ed Case Management Book

Press Release for Latina Mami book

Gloria Perez-Walker is a special education and disability advocate, activist,
community organizer, and speaker. She is the author of Special Ed Case
Management for Busy Parents (2010), and the upcoming Latina Mami and
Divorcing Autism books (2011). She is the host of Special Ed For Busy Parents
radio show and also hosts the Mamis of Color Radio show with the Latina
Mami collective. Gloria is a divorced mother of a child with disabilities and
brings her unique experience as a young Latina woman accessing vital
services for her child and for other children within many systems.

Gloria was born in the Oak Cliff area of Dallas, Texas, to a young teen mother
in a large Mexican-American family. She learned early about power,
tokenism, and activism from two Chicano uncles who taught her at an early
age to question authority, the educational tracking systems for gifted
children (which later helped her when fighting special education tracking
systems for her own child), and being a “token” minority. Her community education consisted of
looking at the disparities around her, with many family members in prison/jail and by much reading and
discussion over those disparities with her family. She was also taught at an early age the power of
community through her uncle’s activism in gay rights issues.

                                Because of this early education, Gloria began organizing people at the
                                age of 9, by creating community libraries in her apartment complexes,
                                newsletters for other children like herself, and community involvement
                                projects. She also had a bit of an entrepreneurial streak, selling things
                                out of her bedroom window to neighborhood children.

                                All of these experiences assisted Gloria later, at the age of 23, when she
                                founded a grassroots organization for Latina women called Latina Mami.
                                Her work during that time centered on women’s rights and reproductive
                                justice issues, especially as they affect working class women. As part of
                                that work, she organized babysitting collectives, anti-violence
                                campaigns, media campaigns, education campaigns, cultural events,
peer support groups, hosted the Mamis of Color radio show for 8 years on KOOP Radio in Austin (before
moving the show to its current podcast format), and basic needs services for women—all on a total
organizational budget of $10-30k per year, yet reaching over 3,000 women a year (not including
speaking engagements and media initiatives).

Gloria has also worked as a community organizer with the American Civil Liberties Union, Industrial
Areas Foundation, and as a parent advocate for agencies including Advocacy, Inc., Texas’ federally
mandated protection and advocacy agency for people with disabilities. She now works with private
attorneys on special education and disability cases throughout Texas and California.
Gloria speaks and trains frequently on disability, special education, combating zero tolerance laws, the
School to Prison Pipeline, community organizing, and race and parenting, and divorce and the special
needs family. (Gloria’s son Aidan, was highlighted in yearlong Austin-American Statesman special about
inclusion of children with disabilities in public schools.) She was also named one of Austin's "10 Most
Loved Women" by Austin Monthly Magazine and was featured in the national Latina Magazine as an
"Inspiring Latina".

Gloria lives in Austin, Texas, with her son, Aidan, though she is a California girl at heart and travels there
for work and fun as often as she can.
Press Release For Special Ed for Busy Parents Radio Show

Press Release for Special Ed Case Management For Busy Parents book

Press Release for upcoming Latina Mami book

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