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									                         Big Seminar 3 – Orlando, Florida 2004
                                   Armand Morin

Armand:     What we’re going to do today is we’re going to talk about something I don’t talk
            about. I don’t talk about it because I don’t want to and you’ll see why in a
            moment. A lot of people think I’m crazy, some of my friends that are sitting out
            there think that I’m nuts to even share this part of it with you. I won’t share it on
            a public conference call. I won’t talk about it. You will never ever hear me say
            this in public what you’re going to learn today. The reason is, see many people
            believe there aren’t many true secrets to Internet marketing success. Do you
            really think there are any secrets on the Internet?

            The secret most of the time is that you just don’t know how to do it, but really
            there are a couple of secrets and this happens to be one of them. One of the most
            powerful ones that I discovered about six months ago and what we’re going to
            today is talk about how I drive over 500,000 laser targeted visitors to my sites
            each and every month. That’s a little bit of an understatement right now we’re
            doing close to a million visitors per month. I just did this six months ago, most of
            that traffic happened in the last few months. First of all I’m going to tell you that
            you don’t have to be technical, so if you think you have to be technical don’t
            worry about it. It’s a simple step-by-step format.

            Can everyone do this? That is the secret that’s all you have and most of the time
            you’re doing that just to check your stats. So what we want to do is start off, oh
            yeah this is the key part, no experience whatsoever. How many people have no
            experience whatsoever at driving traffic to their site? There are other people with
            their hands down, you’re lying. Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich, I should
            have changed that but, Armand Morin’s Think and Grow Rich. Did Fred talk
            about having a book that you know if you’re an expert? Now let me ask you of all
            the people you’ve met this weekend, who’s the expert to teach you how to think
            and grow rich?

Audience:   Armand Morin.

Armand:     Thank you. There’s a bonus for you later. Napoleon Hill interviewed the
            wealthiest people in the world and what he found out is that there are 17 wealth
            principles that were a common denominator in the whole book itself and what he
            did is he basically published all these. Now obviously we’re not going to go over
            all of these things, but the five most important ones we are going to go over
            because this is the critical part of what we’re going to talk about today. The first
            thing we want to talk about is a burning desire, a true burning desire to succeed.
            Does anyone here have a true burning desire to succeed?

Audience:   Yes.

Armand:     Exactly, well that’s the key part and you have that. The second part is specialized
            knowledge you have to understand that every given tasks you have to have
            specific knowledge to achieve the desired results. Does that make sense to
            everybody? If you know exactly how that’s done, for example if I have
            specialized knowledge in maybe health care that doesn’t necessarily mean that I

             Big Seminar 3 – Orlando, Florida 2004
                       Armand Morin

have specialized knowledge to be an auto mechanic, so for everything that we’re
doing we do have to have specialized knowledge. The other thing that we need
goals, does anyone have goals here? You see without goals you have no roadmap.
You need to know where you’re going to and when you go there you will know
you’ve arrived and ultimately you’ll set a new goal and you’ll go somewhere else,
but you have to have specific goals to begin with before we get started.

Then you have to be decisive in nature. You know he interviewed 25,000 men
and women and he found out that being decisive in nature is the key ingredient for
them to succeed. Would you all agree with me? Absolutely. Mentoring or
mastermind group, many of you that are here this weekend have already formed a
mastermind group. How many of you have met people that you decided you’re
going to contact after the seminar? That’s part of a mastermind group, you’re
developing your inner core of people, your own inner circle of people. There are
a few people I call on a regular daily basis. I talk to Alex Mandossian. I talk to
Raymond McNally. I talk to John Reese. I talk to all these people and the reason
is, is because we know what we’re talking about. We can talk to each other on the
same basis the same level and we can learn from each other with the amount of
testing we’ve done.

So we have to have a mentoring group to continue the whole process. Here’s the
whole thing, what we want you to do is to think outside the box. You have to
expand your mind. You’re going to learn some things today during this
presentation that its not in the box at all. Does anyone do a search engine
optimization here? Well guess what you’re going to hate me by the end of this
because I’m going to say that everything that you’re doing is probably right, but
I’m going to show you a different way that you may agree or disagree with, but
either way what really matters in the end is that we get results from it. It doesn’t
matter how we get there we need results, so expand your mind and keep an open
mind about things.

Things are not always what they seem and that’s just amazing. Jermaine last
night won a brand new 2004 Mustang Convertible and if you look at Jermaine
stand up Jermaine, now just by looking at Jermaine, certainly a very handsome
young man, well dressed, but would you think he has a successful business as it is
like I mentioned last night? Honestly, yeah he has a lot of things going against
him he’s too young he can’t possibly be making that kind of money on the
Internet. He can’t possibly have a successful business, have a seat thank you, but
things are not always what they seem so you need to really look between the lines
when you’re looking at things and that’s what we’re going to explain today.

Write this example down this is just an exercise I want to expand your mind with.
The first thing is, a guy with a Mickey Mouse doll collection dies, okay we’re in
Florida I had to modify this. He has a Mickey Mouse doll collection including 17
dolls. He dies, he gave half to his first son, a third to his second son and a ninth to
the third son does that make sense? Not really, because you can’t get those
numbers out of the 17 it just doesn’t work out of 17 dolls. How can you take a

             Big Seminar 3 – Orlando, Florida 2004
                       Armand Morin

ninth out of 17? How can you take a third for that matter? How can you take a
half? So here’s what happened a friend came to the rescue and gives him one
Mickey Mouse doll of his. His friend was also a collector, so he gives the sons
one Mickey Mouse dolls of his and now there are 18 Mickey Mouse dolls. Half
of 18 equals nine, a third of 18 equals six and a ninth of 18 equals two that makes
17 and ultimately the friend keeps his doll. Does that logically make sense?

It doesn’t really when you think about it. When you’re looking at it from an
outside perspective that scenario shouldn’t even happen, but it does. So what
we’re going to do today, what you’re going to learn is this. The one true secret of
the Internet that I’ve found, how search engines work, if you understand how they
work you’re going to be able to do this very easily. Who powers who? That is
where we’re going to get into finding out, ultimately where I need to be, what
search engines do I need to be on, where does the traffic go to and what’s the
flow, what’s the flow of traffic? Simple website optimization we’re going to
cover this stuff.

Again if you just listen to what I have to say today you’re going to be able to go
home and do this yourself you don’t necessarily need me. How to get any site
into the search engines and listed with a high ranking within a few short days.
How long does it normally take to get listed in a search engine? Months or weeks
in many cases, but what if you could get in there in just a few short days,
sometimes within a day would you like to know how to do that? It’s very simple
once you know how to do it. How to drive thousands of laser target traffic and
responsive visitors to your site any time you want. The keyword there is
responsive. We don’t just want any traffic we want targeted traffic. We want
traffic that will come to our site and buy what we’re promoting isn’t that right?
All other traffic is useless.

Why you’re not listed in the search engines. We’re going to cover the secret of
software no one else has, truly no one else has because I created it myself, but
beat the search engines at their own game and they will love you for it. It’s called
search engine recycling and we’re going to cover that today as well. We’re going
to discover how to make Google your business partner and pay you huge checks
every single month. How many people would like to receive four and five figure
checks from Google every month? It’s a lot better the money coming this way
than that way right? How can I generate more money in one month than many
people make in a year just through search engines? Now remember I haven’t
done this long, just a few short months, but we’re going to talk about some of the
results we’re getting.

Search engine facts. The fact is search engines are just machines right? Search
engines are really just programs they’re scripts that’s all it is. Someone developed
these scripts in the search engines and that’s how a search engine is run its just
software ultimately they’re not real people necessarily and if you talk to anyone
that works at a search engine place they’re not really people. Garbage in garbage
out, obviously an old term, if you have garbage in the search engine you’re going

              Big Seminar 3 – Orlando, Florida 2004
                        Armand Morin

to get garbage out of the search engine. Humans made search engines and what
happens to humans they make errors and they make errors because they’re not
perfect. Romeo and Juliet has everything to know about search engines. The key
is this, Romeo and Juliet is a play. How many people have heard or read the play
Romeo and Juliet? Most everybody right, a tragic love story, well the point is, is
that if you went to see Romeo and Juliet today would you know the end of it?

You would because you’ve seen it already. You know how the play goes. You
know the flow of the play. You know what happens at the end before you even
walk into that theatre today to see Romeo and Juliet. Well it’s the same thing
with a search engine, if you know the end result before you even go to the search
engines than it makes it kind of boring almost, in fact its very easy once you know
the end result of a search engine play. So if you know the outcome prior to the
play its very, very predictable. If you don’t know find someone else who does.
That was the greatest lesson I’ve ever had in school. Can you get in the top ten
rankings in the search engines? The answer is yes.

Ebook Generator is an eBook software obviously. What eBook Generator does is
it makes eBooks we all know that or if you don’t you will. Started at #44 in
Google several months ago, actually in October to be specific, that’s when I
started getting an interest in search engines. You see I personally never had an
interest in search engines or search engine optimization I said forget it its too
complicated I don’t want to deal with it and if its complicated why even take the
time. I already had thousands of affiliates promoting my products and I didn’t
really need search engines. Then I said why should I go ahead and pay these
affiliate commissions when I could make more money by selling the product
myself automatically through search engines. Does that make sense?

So three weeks later after I started this process I was number one in Google.
Three weeks after doing basic search engine optimization. I didn’t even get into
all the details I just did this little bit that I found out on the Internet. Do you know
how I did it it’s a secret and the secret is I actually typed it into the search engines,
how to become #1 and I read all the articles and then I just did what the articles
told me to do. Don’t tell anybody about that because it actually works, but we
found out there are some key things that you need to have to make your sites
work. Right now we’re at #4 and I’m going to explain why I’m at #4 there’s a
reason. I can actually go back to #1 any time I want to, but there’s a certain
reason you’ll see in a moment.

On Yahoo we’re at #1 and #2 and because of how this is structured you’ll see why
I’m actually at those. Five minute fixes for your website. Most of the time your
website can be fixed in five minutes, five minutes is all it takes to take your
website, make a minor change and put it back online and let it sit it doesn’t take
long. Just do fix per day and we’re going to talk about the fixes and I’m going to
tell you exactly how to do it. This is on Google its actually a little old its
February 17th, one two three,, (inaudible), and and actually we got the second listing, which is a sub-listing.

             Big Seminar 3 – Orlando, Florida 2004
                       Armand Morin

Now the page its actually on, doesn’t exist its not even there
it’s referred to as a smart page. Has anyone ever heard of those before? Stephen
Pierce who was supposed to be here, he and I and Raymond McNally we kind of
teamed up together and created this software called Smart Pages and they were
optimized for Google. Optimized to get into the search engines and there were
some questionable things about them and they still work to this day, in fact that
site just proves it right there and also my main site EbookGenerator, which is right
there but we’re not going to talk about Smart Pages today, even though they’re a
very effective method. We’re going to talk about something new.

Seven simple steps to do it yourself here are the steps. A title tag, this is the part
you need to write down. The title tag is very important. Ultimately in the title tag
and let me explain what it is first before I tell you what to do with it. The title tag
itself is what appears at the top part of the browser. If you opened up a browser
you would see the title across the top usually in the blue and that is your title tag.
If you opened up the html source on the page you would see that there’s a bracket
that says title and then title over here and then everything in between those two
titles are your title tag. Does that make sense? Can everyone understand that? So
the title tag is key and what do you need to do with the title tag? Put one keyword
there, usually no more than three keywords in your title tag.

We only want to optimize the page for a maximum of three keywords to start off
with. H1, H2 and H3 tags, I’m going to have to pull up some stuff to show you
these things in a little bit. An H1 tag is a heading tag. How many of you use
Front Page? How many people use Dream Weaver? How many people just say
I’ll have my webmaster do it? This is for your webmaster too. In Front Page you
can just highlight a line of text and then simply select H1 from the left hand side.
In Dream Weaver you can do the same thing, H1 or you can select H2 or H3.
Now if you have your webmaster do it just tell him to do it and what you’re
looking to do is to create the pieces of your website that has your keywords in it,
be your H1, H2 and H3 tags.

So your H1, H2 and H3 are going to contain your keywords again. Not a very
complicated process rather quite boring right and image alt tags and I’ll show you
those in a minute as well. An image alt tag is this, if you leave your cursor or
your mouse over top of an image some little text appears sometimes right? That’s
the image alt tag, what that does is just another place where you can put text in. If
an image doesn’t show up it will show you that text, its an alternative tag with
alternative information that’s there. If you put your mouse over top of it again
it’ll appear. Low resolution images again it will appear. Image alt tags again
your keywords there, one two and three keywords, the same three keywords.

The first 250 words count most to the search engines everything else is absolutely
bogus for the most part, but what we want is we want the first 250 words and we
want those words to be content rich, meaning those 250 words need to contain our
keywords themselves, the three keywords. We don’t want to be repetitive. You
don’t want to put the keyword one two or three and that’s it and keep going you

                         Big Seminar 3 – Orlando, Florida 2004
                                   Armand Morin

            just don’t want to do that. Meta tags, mostly bogus again they’re not really
            necessary. Some search engines will say they are, some people will say I changed
            my meta tags and I got #1, I’m happy for you that’s great, but ultimately the
            testing that we’ve done over the last little bit of time we found out it doesn’t
            matter if we have any meta tags whatsoever on our website. We can go totally
            without them and we’ll still get #1 ranking left and right. They’re valuable
            they’re good, but there are very few search engines that still use them.

            Description, the description is important this is ultimately what will appear on
            some search engines where, if you pull up a listing in Google, we’ll show you
            some listings in Google in a little bit. If you pull up a listing in Google what will
            happen is it’ll say your website title tag then it will give your description
            underneath. Where do they get it? Many times its from the description tag that’s
            a meta tag that will put it on Google. That’s what they’ll spider, again a lot of this
            is rather boring, but we’ll get to the parts I know you’ll like. Keywords, only
            three, only optimize for three keywords at a time anything else it confuses the
            page and the search engines.

            The problems with search engine optimization it takes forever that’s the first
            thing. The second thing is competing head to head with full time Seo companies.
            Do you really have the time to sit there and do all this little bit of stuff? Some of
            you do, but ultimately your job and why you’re here this weekend is because
            you’re marketers. You’re looking to market as best as you possibly can on the
            Internet. Is your job, is your functionality a search engine optimization person?
            Some of the hands that went up maybe, maybe that is your job, but most of you
            don’t have the time to compete head-to-head full time with Seo companies,
            $2,000 or $3,000 a month if you hire someone. How many people would like to
            hire someone for $2,000 or $3,000 a month? You can see me after class we can
            fix you up.

            Most people use the wrong keywords when they’re optimizing a page. You need
            to become an expert you really do, I mean I spent the last six months really, but
            concentrating, all my free time was devoted to looking up and trying to figure out
            how the search engine is and it wasn’t usually me doing anything physically it
            was me doing something then waiting, doing something then waiting, over and
            over and over again its not fun. You're not an Seo company does everyone agree
            with that except for some of the people who have raised their hands? Do you
            want to do search engine optimization? Ultimately, let’s say you had to pay
            someone $2,000 to $3,000 is $2,000 a lot of money? Not really if it works right.
            Is $3,000 a lot of money? If you could take $3,000 and turn it into $100,000
            would that $3,000 be a lot of money at that point?

Audience:   No.

Armand:     No and again that’s the whole point of this is that its worth it if it works and if
            they’re getting results then they are going to be worth it. They’re going to be an
            integral part of your business, but again why? You are not an Seo company why

              Big Seminar 3 – Orlando, Florida 2004
                        Armand Morin

even do it? Let me show you how to get into search engines in just days. This
doesn’t take long you can start today and you’ll have a search engine. So page
rank, know it you need to know what page rank is this is specifically for Google.
Google toolbar you need the reporting version. First of all let me explain what
page rank is, page rank itself is a system that Google developed to rate the various
websites essentially. I’m giving you the short version and making it real easy for
you to understand. What they’re doing is they’re saying this website is relevant
this amount on a scale between zero and ten. Between zero and ten what happens
is your page rank will determine how often Google comes back, how important
you are to Google that’s ultimately what your page rank says.

So the Google toolbar does this. What you need to do right now when you get
home is to go to and download the toolbar. Make sure you optimize
and register for the reporting version. You need to have that reporting version and
that’s a critical part. It has to report back to Google, here’s what it does. You
download it, it sits there on your browser doesn’t take up any space, but when you
go to a website a little green piece will come across the page and will maybe stop
halfway across. That’ll give it a page rank of five, now you know that site is page
ranked and you know how important that site is to Google. If it has five, six,
seven, eight, nine, ten then its great its fantastic, but if it has less than that its not
that important. Ultimately you need your website to be between a five and a six
that’s optimally where you need to be. How do you get there, there are a wide
variety of factors that we’ll talk about. If its less than three you need help.

There we go this is what the toolbar looks like. We have the Google toolbar,
when you go to the page, this is the left part up on top and this is to the right of it.
The page rank itself is here and when you hover over top of it, it says page rank is
Google’s measure of importance for this site six out of ten. If you don’t have it
borrow it, if you can’t borrow it you can buy it. See page rank is that important.
If you don’t have it yourself borrow it from someone else, which means you need
to get a link from someone else. For example if I had a page rank of six and I
gave you a link from my site to your site you could have anywhere between a four
and a five almost instantly. Does that make sense? So if you had some people
that had good page rank and you could link from them you could get your site
page ranked almost instantly, but if you don’t have it, buy it or borrow it but get it. what’s this work like its very simple its like an auction. If
you’ve ever gone to like eBay it works the exact same way. All you do is there’s
a bunch of people there and it says I’ve got a page rank of eight, I’ve got a page
rank of nine, I’ve got a page rank of seven and I will sell you a link off my site to
your site and ultimately charge you (x) number of dollars. Sometimes you can get
it for like $30. Would it be worth $30 to have someone with a page rank of eight
linking to you that would be worth it wouldn’t it? It’s not a lot of money and
we’re going to talk about the benefits of it in a moment. Then we have write that down as well. It works the same way its an
auction. You’re bidding against other people to buy a link from someone else’s
site to yours.

             Big Seminar 3 – Orlando, Florida 2004
                       Armand Morin

Buy a page rank for short periods of time. You don’t need to do it all the time.
For example, I bought a link from a page rank of eight site last month for $600.
Do I need it today? No. Why? Because I’ve gotten my use out of it, Google
updated their page rank and I don’t need that link anymore. I got what I can off
that site. Will it help me in the long run? Yes, but is it worth it to me for $600 a
month? Probably not, buy it for short periods of time to get more pages indexed
into Google. Right now we’re averaging between 5,000/6,000 pages getting into
Google on a weekly basis. That’s a lot of pages. What if I told you that each one
of those pages are making me money, a little bit every single day?

It works as an auction as we stated. Only bids on page rank of six or higher and
the higher the page rank the better. Higher page rank equals faster inclusion,
meaning your pages are going to get into Google much faster. Higher page rank
equals indexed more, which means Google’s going to come and search your site
for information more often. If Google sees there are changes on your site than
they’re going to index that site. If they see there’s another link coming from your
site its going to follow that link, when it follows that link its going to look at that
page and then possibly index that page as well or pages like you’ll see in a little
bit. Higher page rank equals more pages listed.

Anyway, add your own URL that’s how you get into the search engines, you get
to get spidered by the search engines. You see you can go through the page rank
process and you can also submit your URL to the various search engines, but most
people don’t submit. The reason that you’re not in is because you didn’t submit it
in the first place. People will say I’m not indexed in Google, well have you ever
submitted your site to Google? No. Well do you think that’s the problem then
that’s all you have to do is go to More importantly is, go
to why? Because Google has something called the directory, Demoz
was a project that was started that’s all human editors, which means you can go
there and you can say control the category for eBooks and everyone that has an
eBook that wants to submit their site to that category has to go through you.
When they go through you, you either say yeah or nay and you control where they
go and ultimately what rank they are. Does that make sense?

You see because its human edited what happens is, Google places a lot of
emphasis on the sites in this directory in Why? Because it wasn’t
just a robot that came in and did it, but what happened was a human actually
looked at it and said ah this is good or this is bad and then ranked it according to
their own opinion. Now Yahoo again that’s the URL to submit into Yahoo we’ll
talk more about that because there’s a pretty big change in Yahoo recently. again you can go there and they’ll have a link. Gigablast has
anyone ever heard of that its actually a pretty big search engine, but its spidered a
lot, meaning that other search engines come to it and when they come to it they
index the pages within it and you can get listed like that literally almost overnight.
In fact if you put a link back to them they’ll put you in almost instantly.

              Big Seminar 3 – Orlando, Florida 2004
                        Armand Morin

No FFA pages. Has everyone heard of FFA pages? A free for all links page do
you know what that is? It’s a bunch of links, the concept years ago was that you
would have a bunch of links on a page and I would have like five categories and I
would say hey, what you can do is you can post your link on my page and then
hopefully I’ll get traffic so people will see your link and then drive traffic back to
you. Well these still exist in a lot of these submission services that are out there
are total rip offs and what they will do is submit your site to these FFA pages and
then what happens is you get this huge amount of spam coming into you. Its not
really spam though because you submitted your site to these FFA page engines, so
they all send you Autoresponders, they send you their messages, everything and
its just garbage filling up your mailbox. They don’t work.

No mass submitters. Don’t use software to submit, you want to do it by hand.
You don’t have to submit to very many places for a website, but don’t use these
mass submitters these automatic software submission services themselves.
Automatic optimization, the first one is doorway pages. Let’s go over the history
of this a little bit. Doorway pages were developed as a little gateway to get to
your destination. You would create these little pages that were hopefully
optimized for a search engine, people would come see that doorway page from the
search engine, ultimate be redirected to the page that you want that was step one
and they worked pretty good quite some time ago.

Then Smart Pages came around, smart pages I explained a friend of mine Stephen
Pierce coined the term smart pages. Its an optimized doorway page that was
specifically designed for Google, getting top ten rankings left and right. The
question I always get is do smart pages still work? Absolutely, I create smart
pages all the time and you’ll see some of them later. There are new optimized
pages though there’s a new form of pages out there that are designed for Google,
that are designed for the major search engines. They get traffic and I’m not just
talking about a little bit of traffic I’m talking about a lot of traffic in a short period
of time. Its called Traffic Equalizer, which is the software. Jeff are you here?

Jeff stand up. This is Jeff Alderson. Jeff created Traffic Equalizer software that
I’m going to talk about. The reason why this works is because it’s amazing; it
creates a mass number of pages in a very short period of time. If you could have
10,000 pages in the next 10 minutes already optimized for Google and then
submit them into Google and have all those pages pointing to your main site do
you think you could get some traffic to your main site? Do you think you could
get a lot of traffic, 10,000 pages optimized? Absolutely and what you can do is
this. It creates hundreds of optimized pages in a few short minutes, but I’m going
to show you how to make thousands of these optimized pages with this same
software utilizing some techniques that I took.

Jeff had a great product and what I did was I looked at it and said I’ve been
reading all this other stuff, what if I took what I know, optimized it with Jeff’s
software and then saw what kind of results I could get. When I did that I found
out something amazing. We were getting a huge amount of traffic then we’re

             Big Seminar 3 – Orlando, Florida 2004
                       Armand Morin

going to step up the optimization so here’s what we did. We started optimizing
these pages and when we optimized the pages themselves we have a secret
template that we built specifically for this. Jeff had a template, everything works
off a template that’s why you don’t have to do anything yourself. What we did
was we optimized this template to get top ten rankings. We tested it for the last
six months, since last October and then routinely we got 50% top ten rankings.
Now if I submitted 10,000 pages into a search engine I get 5,000 of those pages
having top ten ranking that’s pretty good. I don’t know how many there are page
2, 3, & 4 listings, all I know is what gives me top ten because ultimately I want
top ten rankings. Wouldn’t you say top ten rankings are more importantly than
the second page in the search engine?

Absolutely, so 50% of the time we’re getting those and we simply replaced the
results template that Jeff has in his software and now all our pages are optimized
for the search engines. Nothing to do on your part, I’ll show you in a moment
how the software works. How many people want my optimized template? If you
could get 50% of all your websites in the top ten of Google would you want it?
What we want to talk about is this, why you aren’t listed. Reason number one and
this is probably the biggest reason. You’re using the wrong keywords, see you
guess what you think I should say we think because I used to do the same thing,
we think that we know our market and most of the time we’re wrong. We do
know our market to an extent but we don’t necessarily know what they type in. If
you know what they type into a search engine to get to our site then we would use
those keywords rather than the ones we think.

For example, if I have an insurance company and I’m located in Orlando, do I
want to optimize my site for insurance? No I want to optimize it for Orlando
insurance, not really Orlando insurance, but I want Orlando insurance, what
would customer type in? Insurance, Orlando, DMV, car insurance, there are very
specific words that they’re using and we think that we have to get the top keyword
the main keyword, I’m not going to compete against the major companies out
there for this they’re too competitive. You can’t compete with companies that
have high page rank and with thousands upon thousands of links coming back into
them. See you can’t do that, so backward links lets talk about that. The Google
toolbar, remember how I told you that’s an important tool that you have to
download that in order to do any of this.

The Google toolbar works like this. It has at the top of your browser, what you do
is right click and it gives you a menu and it has backward links. It tells you how
many other pages are linked to your site. Now how many people have less than
10 other sites linking to them right now? How many people have less than 100
sites? How many people have more than 100 sites linking to them? How many
people have more than 1,000? More than 10,000 more than 100,000, more than
200,000, see there are a few people out there that have like 100,000 pages linking
back to them and you can have the same thing. Those backward links are key,
they’re crucial in getting high end search engine listings and we’re going to show
you how to create your own and we’re going to use the back door.

             Big Seminar 3 – Orlando, Florida 2004
                       Armand Morin

Keyword tools,, see to find the keywords is a great tool its downloadable software and the better part
yet it is free and free is good. It ultimately searches Overture that’s what it does.
It goes to Overture and it uses Overture’s inventory and then what it does is it
gives you the top 99 results. that’s another service you can use
and you can get all the keywords you want. It’s a great service the problem is its
expensive. It costs money, a lot of money in many cases to stay in there. You can
get a day pass, a week pass, a half a years pass, you can get a year’s pass, but
again it’s a lot of money and quite honestly I find it complicated to use. If I find
something complicated or you find something complicated are you going to use
it? No you’re not going to use it. this is another free way to do it.                      Again does the same thing, but you can go directly to the source
and do it yourself and it comes right up on your screen. Big problem, Overture
only gives you the top 100, actually the top 99 to be exact. It only gives you the
top 99 keywords and that’s it. Do you think that if I typed in the word shoes I
could come up with more than 100 keywords? One hundred variations at a time,
one hundred times that’s actually used in the search engines? Of course, it would
be crazy to think that it wouldn’t, so here’s the key. Good Keywords uses
Overture and then Word Tracker is too complicated and so what should you do?
I’m going to tell you it’s the top secret called Dig Tool this is the tool that I was
talking about earlier.

If you want to know more about it you’ll have to get my package just leave them
on the edge right there. Always leave them wanting more, my name is Armand
Morin have a great night, but no one has it because I developed it that’s the reason
why no one has it. The secret to making this whole process work this is the key, it
digs into Overture for the results. Here’s what happens. Let me explain to you
how Overture works. If you go to just like we were
talking about, again as I stated it only gives you the first 100 keywords, but now if
you look it will have 100 keywords here then you click on the first link and then
that will give you another set of 50 keywords, if you click on one of those links
it’ll give you like another 25. If you click on one of those links it’ll give you
another 10, if you click on that link it’ll give you another five and you’re like six
levels deep into it.

Now that 100 keywords ultimately can turn into 1,000, 10,000, 9,000, 18,000 in a
matter of minutes and this is what we discovered and we were doing this by hand
and I actually did this to automate it. It brings back all results, all results, any
time that keyword is used you’ll get all the results whether you like them or
whether you don’t you will get all the results back that has that keyword in it.
One page into 2,000, 3,000 or 9,000 as I stated and these are the real results.
These are the exact things that people are seeking on, so what you have to do is,
see if I know what people are searching on I can optimize the page for those
words. Does that make sense?

             Big Seminar 3 – Orlando, Florida 2004
                       Armand Morin

Keyword Analyzer lets pick a keyword, any keyword, insurance we’ll get a lot for
insurance. Did you say piano? Okay so there’s piano and all its results, there are
99 listings. Here’s what we do, what its doing it started 99 listings, 392, 434, 532,
596, 708, 766, 900, 943, 1,001, 1,016 and we’re still not finished yet. Its going to
go and we’ll let it go on for a bit. Do you see what’s happening here? Its
searching for all the keywords, digging down as far as it can possibly go and
that’s only step one. We still have several steps to go, 1837 keywords so far and
its still going. Now its going back through again and expanding all those out and
its going. How many people would like their list to build that fast?

Well this is the secret to this whole process is the keywords we’re grabbing all the
keywords. I’m going to expand those out in a moment to show you what it does,
but this thing works automatically in the background. You can just type in a
keyword and let it run and it just continues to go. What we did was we optimized
this. I just had a programmer do this for me the other day, if you notice up here
this top part says open URL and all this stuff. That’s a thread; we can actually
have up to 100 ports on our computer open if our computer could have 100 ports.
Right now you can go up to 100 with no problem, 50 if you had 50, again its
going to open as many open ports as we have available on our computer. What
that means is that many connections to the Internet is ultimately what that means
its not that complicated.

These are just all the words that are coming up. You can see they’re coming at a
rapid pace. We’re at 1896 and it keeps going, checking to make sure and its de-
duplicating your list at the same time, so now we’re going to take those keywords
and its going to continue on for a little bit. We’re going to stop it okay there’s our
keywords, total searches 1519, total results found 1581, total keywords found
1896 maximum of search two. Here’s what you do, you take this and click save
results, now we saved it and there’s our file at the top of the page and what I want
to show you right now is traffic equalizer. This is Jeff’s software as I said and
what we’re going to do is take those keywords and we’re going to make 1800
pages, I mean how fast do you think we can make that? Probably pretty quick I
would say, so let’s do this, let’s make these pages, text file, desktop, piano those
are all our keywords right?

Index page, template, index template, results template, site map template, okay I
think we’ve got everything and we can disable the outbound links on the page, we
don’t want to do that and we’re going to promote a product, we’re going to
assume that we’re going to promote our own product okay, which means we need
to create an ad. You’ve heard Michel talk about copywriting, you’ve heard David
talk about copywriting this weekend, well we need to do some copywriting here
and we need people to click on this ad, so we need to write a decent ad for a
product. Now lets say that we have a product called Piano Generator, so we’re
going to have Piano Generator and again we want this to be copywriting, learn
how to play the piano in two steps, top that Jermaine can your course do that?

             Big Seminar 3 – Orlando, Florida 2004
                       Armand Morin

Then we’re going to put a description of what we have. Again, a quick and easy
system to let you learn the piano in just a few days, not the greatest ad, but we
don’t have to put too much. You can go in much further than that but you don’t
have to. Sponsored URL, which means what URL do we want to send the traffic
to we’re going to put Index name, again what’s cool about this
is the way Jeff designed this very simply, if you just have a question you just put
your cursor over top of it and it tells you what the problem is. What we’re going
to do, this is what’s going to go on the title tag so what do I want? I’m just going
to put one keyword, piano. This is one of the things we don’t want to do, results
file names, we don’t want to click this because all of our pages would be called
piano1.html, piano2.html, piano3.html we don’t want that to happen and you’ll
see why in a moment.

Background color home page URL, ultimately where’s the site we’re going to put
these up on? We’re going to put these up on, Popup URL when
they leave we still want them to go to and threads. Then we
simply click generate. Okay right now it’s actually searching, creating content,
creating pages for us and some time its going to have our pages done and we’re
going to have over 1800 optimized pages that’s it that’s as much work that we
have to do. Essentially all we have to do at this point once this is finished, which
it will be in a little bit, we’ll minimize it and go back. See I’m not very good at
PowerPoint, I know how to make the effects though, so what we’re going to do is
this, let me just open this up so I can go right to the site I want.

Does that look like anything you can’t do? Does that look too complicated or too
hard? This is the page we missed. There’s Google and all the search engines.
This is a little old so don’t worry about it. Then this is what Google controls, see
it says Yahoo but that’s not true anymore they changed and this is again slightly
old, but this ultimately you get a chance to see who powers who. Who powers
Google? Demoz right so ultimately everybody else who cares, so I always
optimize my sites for Google that’s what I’m trying to get into and that’s why we
want to do this. This is something I haven’t shown and this was taken 10 minutes
before my talk. This is my traffic from a program called Google Adsense. This is
the traffic I’ve been getting this is how many clicks I’m getting. This is how
much traffic I’ve had this month to my Google Adsense pages 602,000.

How much work do you think I did for that? Well you just saw it that was it.
How long does it take me? About an hour maybe and most of that is checking my
stats and just clicking and refreshing my stats and then refreshing my stats again
and that’s what I do all day. We’ve had 22,413 clicks, 3.7% of the people clicked
through. Google probably didn’t update their stats today because we probably
would have had a little bit more around 1:00 o’clock or so, but 602,000 hits so far
to the website this month, which is pretty darn good wouldn’t you agree? How
many people would like 602,000 hits to their website this month? Make Google
your cash partner. Would you like to make Google your partner? That is the key.

             Big Seminar 3 – Orlando, Florida 2004
                       Armand Morin

Its one thing to be in the search engines its another thing to drive traffic to
something that you’re promoting, but what if you had the search engine pay you
that’s what I’m talking about contextual advertising definitely the next trend on
the Internet today. What happened? Let me give you a prediction, my personal
opinion. My belief is this is that contextual advertising is going to be the next
wave of the Internet. You’re going to see it coming and what I mean by
contextual advertising is little classified ads almost on different sites. If you go to
Google and you typed in a word what appears on the right hand side of the page?
AdWords right, their advertising program allows you to advertise there that’s a
pay-per-click system type model.

What Google will do is allow you to get paid for putting AdWords on your page
and that’s a program called Adsense. Now every time someone will click from
your page because you generated that click for Google they will pay you a piece
of the pie. I’m going to use an example, let’s say that you had a person click on a
link and they were paying a dollar for every click, well Google might pay you .40
cents. Now that may not seem like a lot of money, are you going to make a lot of
money like that? Syndicates AdWords on your website that’s what it does.
Placing advertising on your website, now I’m not talking about putting it on your
sales letter page that is not what I’m talking about, because if you put extra
advertising on your sales letter what happens?

Confusion, people click on it they go away and you’re giving away your traffic, so
if you’re selling a product do not put Google on your sales letter that will crush
your conversion. Anyone can sign up its free and doesn’t cost a thing. Its based
upon the theme of your site meaning, whatever the content is, what’s unique about
this is that Google purchased the company they had this great technology where it
would search your page, scan your page and tell you what your content is. Then it
looks in your inventory of ads and says oh we’ve got those ads for that topic, so
we’re going to place those ads on your page. Does that make sense? Does
everyone follow me on that? Ads pertaining to your topic as I stated, 100% target
advertising and I could go on telling you about this but Google does it best
themselves (playing audio/video).

See Google has a policy that I can’t tell you how much I make. I can give you
general figures, but I can’t tell you exactly what I make, but look at this, this is
pretty interesting and pretty typical actually. We have 5,548 visitors, 173 clicks
they made $78, 2,600 they make $41 then $46, is that a lot of traffic though? Its
not really a lot of traffic, but what if you knew the keywords that paid the highest
amount of money? How much more money could you make? What if you just
figured out some ways to do that? Well I know someone that did and so with the
same amount of traffic you can get paid a lot more money on this if you know
what to optimize the sites for or pages for. Now ultimately we’re selling a
product, again we’re going to see the pages in a little bit, but we’re selling a
product and the product doesn’t have to be our own.

             Big Seminar 3 – Orlando, Florida 2004
                       Armand Morin

So if I did something and let’s just use something generic, let’s do something
specific, mortgages. Mortgages are one of the highest paid keywords on Google
no doubt mortgage companies have big bucks they’re paying a lot of money for it
so here’s what happens. The mortgage company is paying five or six dollars a
click, so I may get a dollar, two or even three dollars for every click just from that
mortgage ad so how many mortgage sites should I have? A lot right, well I think I
have like 9,000 mortgage sites and I sell a product from there. Jim Edwards have
you been noticing that you’ve been getting a few sales every now and then lately?
We’re doing some testing and we’re going to show the results, but for a while I
was driving some traffic to Jim’s site, Jim sells a mortgage book and so I was
driving traffic directly to his site and we were getting sales off that.

There’s these different programs that I’ve been promoting, a zero down real estate
book or something, I don’t even own the products in most cases, in fact I only
have one set of these pages set up to promote my own products because my
products are usually very, very targeted types of products. So I want products and
ideas in traffic that is going to pay me a lot of money from this Adsense program
and I want to make money on the affiliate program as well. Does that make
sense? It’s very simple, I mean if you only achieved this lets say between
$60/$70 a day would it be okay? Sixty or Seventy dollars a day is that good, but
how much work are you doing? Zero, remember once you set this up it just keeps
going and going and going it doesn’t stop.

People say Armand you’ve been doing this for six months what about those
Google updates don’t they kick your pages out? No. Why? Because we use
basic search engine optimization in order to just get the pages in the first place.
We didn’t use some fancy trick we just used standard search engine optimization.
Remember those things I talked about earlier, the title tags H1, H2 and H3 those
are primarily the things that we did, but we optimized the process. We utilized
our keyword analyzer tool in order to create everything. How to implement
Google Adsense, add it to your site, add it to your sales letter, no, no, no you don’t
want to any of these things because its going to interfere with sales of your
products. This is not what we’re talking about.

We’re talking again think outside the box we’re developing pages that are going
to sell affiliate products that are going to give us money by Adsense money. If we
have good stat figures, some people mentioned statistics this weekend, what’s a
good closing ratio? What’s a good conversion ratio? Three percent is pretty good
right that’s pretty good for most people. Five percent is pretty good right, but
let’s just use three percent that’s pretty average. If three percent is your
conversion ratio how many people did not buy your product? Ninety-seven
percent of the people, well what if you could get paid off the majority of those
97% as well even if they don’t buy something or they don’t click on an ad that’s
what we’re talking about.

We’re talking about getting all that money and increasing that by 10 times, 100
times the amount that we’re actually getting so don’t interfere with your sales

             Big Seminar 3 – Orlando, Florida 2004
                       Armand Morin

process unless you want to lose sales and depreciate your conversion ratio. Best
way to ad Google Adsense, traffic that’s step one. A lot of traffic and this is what
you need coming to your site you need traffic, you need a lot of traffic coming
into it in order to make a significant amount of money with Google Adsense. Lets
put it this way I’m actually having someone come in my office and what they’re
going to do is this alone. They’re going to create pages for me to drive traffic to
my site so I get paid money. Now if I could afford to hire someone just from this
income alone do you think it makes me a lot of money? A lot of money and we’re
talking, lets put it this way Adsense could have bought the car out there for me
this month.

Does that give you an idea? Do you see what I mean now? Is this powerful?
How many people want to know how to do this though? You’ve just seen most of
it its very simple. Theme page, again you need a theme page to go with it.
Optimize for search engines, optimize for click throughs, you want to get the
click. You want to promote a product you want to make a sale as well, how?
Well that’s a good question and I’m glad you asked. It’s a secret Google Adsense
template that we created. We created this template. We talked about it a little bit
earlier its optimized 100% for Google. Its tested over six months, ranks high in
search engines, tested for optimal click throughs, out performed past tests by
338% as far as getting click through on our site.

Adsense we have it positioned on the right hand side of the page no secret, we’re
testing different methods. We have one on top at this point. Tables set up
properly for search engines, let me explain to you how search engines look at a
website. Does everyone know what a table is on a website? Let’s say we had two
tables, one small column here and one column here, so now the left hand column
is what Google is going to look at first. Everything on this side Google’s going to
come down here and read everything and then go to the right hand side. So if we
want things to get indexed in Google where does the content have to be with all
our keywords? On the left hand side, because its going to read all that first and
then go to the right that’s why we put the Adsense on the right hand side of the
page so it doesn’t interfere with the indexing of our content over on this side.
Does that make sense? Again, if you know this ahead of time its pretty simple.

Currently we’re making five figures per month. How many people want to make
five figures per month from using this? Create huge additional income it is it’s an
additional income that you can generate with this. Every page promotes a product
and with the products, you know we saw all kinds of products and things like that,
I use ClickBank a lot of times. Is everyone familiar with ClickBank? ClickBank
has several products you can promote you can sign up to be an affiliate you can
promote tens of thousands of products easily, real quick and easily. We always,
always, always promote a product because we ultimately do want to get a sale
because you make more money if you sell something.

It can be yours at first, the pages can promote just about anything that you want to
do. Affiliate programs, again that’s what I do I don’t promote hardly any of my

             Big Seminar 3 – Orlando, Florida 2004
                       Armand Morin

own products. ClickBank, Commission Junction, write this down, affiliate
window, okay ClickBank that’s the one I use the most, checks come like
clockwork and everyone can tell you about that. Commission Junction is that’s their website. Link Share is Affiliate
Window is I believe it is.     and, and what we’re going to do is go through all those.
You need to go through all those and look for good affiliate programs. Programs
are going to pay you a lot of money. What’s the keyword, a lot of money?

You can also create your own products very quickly and easily. This method
works and I’m going to share it with you right now. Would you like to create
your own products in two days? We could probably do it in two hours if you
work quickly. Think of a topic, search for a list of articles on the topic that’s all
you have to do. Compile the articles, produce a pdf or an eBook, create a sales
letter, upload to your server, drive traffic with secret pages and collect the money
that’s it. Think about what I just said. You search for articles on the Internet by
the topic, pick a topic anyone. Satellite TV, so we type in satellite TV we want to
find out what people are searching for. They’ll give us the results. They’ll tell us
what people are searching under satellite TV, probably how to install a satellite

So then what we do is search for articles on how to do this. We compile them into
a book. Once we compile them into a book then what we do, well first we have to
email the authors to make sure that we get their approval. Compile the articles,
produce a pdf or eBook, create a sales letter, very simply what does it do. You’ve
heard many ways to do that this weekend, upload it to your server, put some pages
up and collect the money that’s the quickest way to product creation. It doesn’t
get any harder than that. If you can’t produce a product using that method than
you may have to think of another venture to do, buy products to market.

Resell rights, resell rights are key. We said Jimmy’s made a fortune with resell
rights. You want to go in reverse you want to buy the resell rights. Jimmy’s got a
couple products you can use this with. Jimmy has a product right now on his
website its that’s Jimmy D. Brown’s website. He’s got a
product and on that product I think its Products in the Rough is that right. What
that product has is like different products that he’s produced that he had someone
else write and they were ready for you. You put your name on it you don’t even
put his name on it they’re you’re products instantly and you can get it for like $20.

Ebay just type in the word resell rights and you’ll find loads of resell right
products. Produce product search on Google just for resell rights just type in the
words. Edit the site that comes with the resell rights. Many times the resell rights
package that you purchase comes with a pre-made website you don’t even have to
write a website, you don’t even have to write a sales letter. Change the order links
to yours, upload to your server, drive traffic, and again collect the money. Does
everyone agree that this whole process is pretty simple so far? Does this look like

             Big Seminar 3 – Orlando, Florida 2004
                       Armand Morin

something you can do today? It’s very simple, again here’s what my day looks
like. What I do is I get up, when do I get up?

When I’m done sleeping that’s when I get up. When I get up I go to my computer
and check my stats. I want to know how much money I made because I live on
the east coast, Google is on the west coast and that’s a three hour difference, so
when I went to bed at whatever time, Google was still going on and it ended my
day at 3:00 o’clock, so I’ll check my stats to see how much money I made from
the previous day. What’s my content? How many searches did I have? How
much money did I make? I track that throughout the day literally and my wife
asks me, why do you keep refreshing that thing its not going to change? Even
though I just checked it two seconds ago, I said yes it does change and when it
does change I’m going to be there so I can notice the trend that’s happening in

I can tell you when Google’s ready to make a change because I can see it
happening. I can see if it doesn’t update now its going to update two hours from
now. If it doesn’t update in 15 minutes, if it doesn’t update in 30 minutes if it
doesn’t update in an hour what I’ll do is go to some place else to validate what
I’m thinking and that is they’re having a major problem or what they’re doing is
updating everything. Just the other day they updated all their stats programs and I
happened to be writing in that. The point is my day just goes like that throughout
the day. Before I go to bed I do whatever I need to do throughout the day. At the
end of the day what happens? I spend about 20 minutes making some pages then
I go to bed and repeat it the next day.

That’s it that’s about an hour a day could you afford an hour a day? This is what
we’ve covered so far it’s a lot, but sometimes you’ve got to know when to stop.
Again, my name is Armand Morin and I want to thank everyone.


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