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									                          Indexed in google

    I just try in english about how to fast indexed our blog/site in
    google?It’s very easy and the way also enough easy! Why! First
    you do not need a special skill to fast indexed , Second
    ,this indexing only your logical of thought ‘s problems, Third ,
    this way is suitable for beginner ( although this way is the one of
    the highest seo master white hat lho) let’s study the fast way
    indexed in google with 100 percent certainty. Let’s check it out

                    10 ways indexed in google.

•   Indexing 1: register your web in google webmaster tool (GWT)
    and do the verification sogoogle can explore your new web, and
    make sure that you have made instant preview from your web!
    Where are you Vir? Menu labs >> instant preview.
•   Indexing 2 : Create sitemap.xml and report it to GWT , small
    things like this will makesgoogle bot easier to do more explore
    your web.
•   Indexing 3 : Submit your web to google ( It’s better if you also
    submit it to yahoo and bing)
•   Indexing 4 : Create an article with the Technique seo on page
    structure ( include URL structure that must be end by .html but if
    you do it without .html it’s ok)
•   Indexing 5 : Go to web, what’s for Vir?
    Pingomatic is used for giving notice to the same google webs and
    bookmark web for the postings that you have published it. How’s
    the way? Copy your posting URL and put it into pingomatic
    service and remember, ONLY ONCE ok! For every article.
•   Indexing 6 : Type clearly your title of your article in google, not
    disappear? Type again your title in google and put the double
    quotation marks. Have it disappeared? Type it again and in
    google and add your web address into it, and if there is ( Your
    condition sought and disappear and don not know what page)just
    click your link web, this is used to make google record the events
    in your web.
•   Indexing 7 : Upload your articles to some social bookmark,
    especially for line news ( eits,,,Vira doesn’t plays here yet) Just
    click your articles from that uploaded sites ok.
•   Indexing 8 : Set rss feed in google feedburner with button
    google + one , oh ya,,,,,,, button like FB also good to used it, like
    my articles Okkey.
•   Indexing 9 : comment in blog dofollow or dofollow’s forums with
    your articles URL address, this will help you get free backlink
    from that website.
•   The last step for Indexing :
    It is easy, isn’t it? This is the pure faster way that vira ever done
    it at index speed of an hour per article, take a long time yah?
    Fairly new blog with 0 PR, but remember from 10 points above,
    the tenth is the important magic things, I think enough about
    my article “The easy ways ter index in google” thank you.

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