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Business Development & Enterprise

JOB DESCRIPTION POST: LOCATION: Data Collection & Analysis Officer The post holder will be based in BDE at Priorslee Hall, Telford, and will be required to work in other Schools/Departments at other campuses, or transfer to another campus as appropriate. UW6 Fixed-term to 31 July 2011


ESTABLISHMENT NUMBER: 1. ORGANISATION CHART Director of Business Development & Enterprise Data Collection & Analysis Officer

Reports to: Post holder:


CONTACTS Internal: Deans of Schools; Department Heads and Directors, Business Development Managers; Enterprise Development Managers; marketing staff; Finance Officers; academic staff; researchers; support services staff; administrative staff. Government departments; Advantage West Midlands and HEFCE.



PERSONAL SPECIFICATIONS The post holder will have experience of external income generation activities of Universities and associated data collection policies and processes. Knowledge of EU structural and Regional funding and national and regional UK funding including charitable foundations, research councils, science and technology funds and skills development funds would be advantageous. The ability to work under pressure to meet deadlines and experience of monitoring externally funded projects in a public sector environment would be an advantage. Information management skills, appreciation of the value of management information in the form of data for evaluation purposes and good communication skills is essential. A first degree is highly desirable. Candidates should have good IT and presentation skills and, experience of working in partnership with a range of individuals and organisations. A commitment to increasing added value in the form of providing quality management / data reports is also essential. The post holder must be able to undertake a range of duties requiring levels of personal responsibility, judgement, initiative and discretion.

Data Collection & Analysis Officer JD

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BUDGET No budgetary responsibility; however the post holder will liaise with other departments in particular Finance to ensure the University captures all external income generation activity and hence maximises the income from the Higher Education Innovation Fund. Where appropriate identify underperforming projects to prevent financial claw back working with the BDE Funding Team and Finance Department.


PURPOSE OF THE POST To collect, record and analyse data on the University’s external income generation activities for both internal and external stakeholders with particular responsibility for the data required by HEFCE in their Higher Education Business and Community Interaction Survey and that required by the Funding Team in BDE. This is a new post within the Department of Business Development & Enterprise and requires the setting up of systems for the overall management and analysis of external income data and associated ICT systems. It includes support for the implementation and maintenance of the new Pre & Post Award Management (PPAM) system and other IT developments within Finance and BDE. To work with the Funding Team, Business Development Managers in BDE and relevant staff in Schools Departments and projects to ensure the successful collection and recording of appropriate data associated with the external funding activities of the University.


MAIN DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES In accordance with the generic procedures and work instructions laid down in the department, to undertake the following duties: I. The collection and recording of all relevant data on the external income generation activities of the University; To work with the Director, Funding Manager and Business Development Managers of BDE to identify the data that needs to be collected and collated for internal and external audits and reports; To work with Business Development Managers, and appropriate staff within schools and departments to identify all activities that need to be monitored for the purpose of capturing the data identified in ii); Though there is no line management responsibility associated with this post, the post holder will have to provide leadership in terms of engaging a diverse body of staff in the processes of data collection and promoting benefits to the University. To develop, update and implement the production and distribution of a standard set of data collection documents for all aspects of external income generation activities, which conform to the requirements of the University and those of funding bodies; To monitor externally funded contracts to ensure the data requirements are adhered to and report any variance to the Funding Manager. Support colleagues by ensuring data from external contracts and activities is captured and recorded; To support projects with Closure and Evaluation activity, with specific reference to the capture of relevant data for archiving purposes; To arrange and carry out audits and implement a system, to record outputs from all University external income generating activities, including funding projects, consistent with the requirements of the funders and the University’s reporting policies; Support implementation and maintenance of the Pre & Post Award Management system with particular reference to relevant data capture;
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Data Collection & Analysis Officer JD


Continually update the University on the changes in regional, national and international indices that are aimed at measuring the performance of interventions in support of economic and social development. To implement where appropriate data collection policies and processes in response to those indices. Collate records of project and departmental activities to ensure data capture and compliance with University and funding body requirements; To work with the Funding Manager, Marketing and Personnel to provide staff development seminars, self help groups and workshops on a range of data collection policies and procedures for staff in Schools and Departments, providing briefing notes and presentations as necessary; Such other duties and responsibilities as may reasonably be required within the level of the post. The post holder may be required to work during evenings and weekends.




This job description sets out the duties of the post at the time when it was drawn up. Such duties may vary from time to time without changing the general character of the duties or the level of responsibility entailed. Such variations are a common occurrence and cannot themselves justify a reconsideration of the grading of the post.

Dr Alan Collins Director Business Development & Enterprise July 2008 This post is part funded by European funding

Data Collection & Analysis Officer JD

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EMPLOYEE SPECIFICATION [to be derived from Job Description/PERS001] JOB TITLE: Data Collection & Analysis Officer ESTABLISHMENT NO:


Business Development and Enterprise


ATTRIBUTE Standard of General Education

 English and Maths GCSE Grade C or equivalent  First degree

DESIRABLE  RSA II Typing or equivalent


Academic Qualifications


Professional Qualifications


General Skills / Experience

 Analytical data skills  Presentation skills  An understanding of the University external income generation activities  Computer/keyboard skills in wordprocessing, spreadsheets and database programmes  Liaison and negotiation skills to influence partners in particular internal officers, deans /academics  Good communication skills and facilitation of meetings  Report writing/analytical skills  Ability to understand figures (outputs and finance) and present data in a comprehensive manner.

 Project Management,  Administrative qualifications  Information management skills  Project Management skills  Ability to be creative to maximise benefits of data collected.  An appreciation of the role of external funding in developing the University  Management experience  Extensive experience in an office/administrative role


Specific Skills / Experience


Specific Qualities related to particular position

 Knowledge of funding programmes (UK/Europe)  Data-analysis and report writing skills  Ability to manage tasks to strict deadlines  Experience of developing data systems and procedures.  Commitment to equal opportunities  Commitment to quality  Ability to work effectively without direct supervision  Excellent spoken and written skills  Ability to communicate and negotiate effectively at all levels

 Implementing and monitoring projects in an academic institution  Knowledge/data management skills



 Experience of working in partnership with a range of stakeholders.

Issued by:

Dr Alan Collins

Date of Issue:

July 2008

Data Collection & Analysis Officer JD

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