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Wanter's Lament

How do I wait for you?
How do I remain patient
in the face of this
This slow belly-burning need.

Will I smolder until your fingers
glide across my neck lighting
me on fire until I combust
in your arms against your lips?

Will you feed me more kindling
from your lips, your hands, your thighs
Waiting until I re-ignite beneath
Your incendiary touch?

How do I wait for you?
When snails move faster
When the moon turns faster
And all I can do is cry?

 Do I Have A Vote?

Fire shames my core into debating
politics with my heart.
Should I demand my redemption or
would that redeem my damnation?
Is there joy in pain?
Is there pain in joy?
Is it really only about sex
Or does your core burn for me?

Stephanie Lynch aka Arwen Nightstar

Indiana wants me
Like some deep forgotten
primal dream I fall head
first then heels unwary
of the danger flirting
behind me as I struggle
to get some perspective
from my position over
your shoulders.

Indiana has me
Like some angry sensual monster
First you tangle your hands
Into my hair then you rattle
my ass with your palms as I
struggle with words to tell
you how much more I want.

Indiana loves me
Locking me into stocks
Throwing my legs to the sides
Standing behind me panting
Into my hair, my neck, my back
And suddenly I can see
Exactly what it is that I need.

10/27/2004 Stephanie Lynch aka Arwen Nightstar

The anal stripper pierced
my nipple because I was
too headstrong to do it
myself. She pumped my tit
with a busy mouth that felt
like a million quarks as I
replayed the freaky scene in my head.

10/28/2004 Stephanie Lynch aka Arwen Nightstar
Then There Was You

I studied restless miracles
in your eyes and knew the answer
to my muted hopes was here.
Now I will be a vixen playing
Coquette before your stud
Myriad dreams finally coming true.

Stephanie Lynch aka Arwen Nightstar September 30, 2004


Darkly I need
You over me
Hovering me at that
Edge of the cliff
Pushing me over
Pulling me back
At your leisure.

My need for you
is quite dark.
6/29/03 Stephanie Lynch aka Arwen Nightstar

Blue Jean Arts

Talk to me, you say
As if this isn't unexpected
Logging your time against my skin

And I am in new territory
My nails raking you
Your tongue taking me

Until I am kitten curled against your heart
Wondering if I can dance. Genteel throbs
Remind me of why I love you in jeans.

6/30/2003 {c}Stephanie Lynch aka Arwen Nightstar
Claim Checks, Please

Argyle can be traced with the tip
of a tongue. Trace me. Claim me
Make me you, please.

Kissing you makes my skin tingle
Like an agitated antbed. I ache
To put less air between us.

You are an artist with an antagonistic
twitch that makes angels moist
Arbitrary apostles claim me for you.

{c}7/22/03 Stephanie Lynch aka Arwen Nightstar

Bad Ass Bandits of the Heart

You are a behemoth Don Juan with
Dark eyes. I babble at the sight of you.
Suffice it to say, I am a belfry
When you ring me with those hands.

"Bella, bella" you whisper to me
Discarding the ballast of past hurts
Until the waves take me into you
Sobbing your name in every language I know.

Your kisses grow bulbous throbbings
Between my curls. Beyond touch, you
Can bundle me into your heart with
Just one brief nip of your teeth.

{c} 7/23/2003 Stephanie Lynch aka Arwen Nightstar

I Want

I want to be a boa that
surfs your cleavage
like a police officer
tossing a suitcase
looking for combustible eggs.
I want to be a toaster that
pops your tarts
like a little girl
shooting marbles
on my knees in front of you.
7703 {c}Stephanie Lynch aka Arwen Nightstar

I wanna lick you like a starving hooker
whose just been giving chocolate cream
on a spoon to see if she's any good
before the hotel room is taken.

Sweet sweet sweet one, I can only
Imagine how good you will taste
My lips provide support for my tongue
as I lick and dream of you.
9/4/03 {c}Stephanie Lynch

 Pieces of Lust

The deluge prickled my skin
As your kisses flowed magma
Delicate marble patterns
as water competed with fire.
I'll never be able to think
in monotones again.
{c}9/22/03 Stephanie Lynch aka Arwen Nightstar

I concede like a medieval whore
Sibilant sounds softly sighing
as my nipple finds its home in your mouth.

Come to the feast, my faithful one
Insatiable one. Marvelous acclivity
of your tongue torturing teasing.

Chastity belts?
Who needs 'em!
{c}9/23/03 Stephanie Lynch AKA Arwen Nightstar
Distant energy ripples silent as an owl
You stroke my palm with a lazy touch
Your knowing smile takes my breath away

Dark eyes hold a warning of the storm
That comes to destroy, to tear, to take
Me to that edge that allows only you

And in your hands I become simply water
A stream, a brook, a raging sea
Crashing crashing crashing against your hands.

{c} 12 18 2003 Stephanie Lynch aka Arwen Nightstar

15 Let Her Fly

I present for you one more time
My aching released on your nails
My arching to receive your whims.

Crow-morphic I take to the skies
My surrender to you never contains me
It sets me free. It makes me transparent

I present for you one more time
My aching released on your nails
My arching to receive your whims.

Merely an apprentice to your lust
Absence of love makes you transparent
I could lead you astray, but I won't.

I present for you one last time
My aching released on your nails
My arching to receive your whims.

2/12/2004 Stephanie Lynch aka Arwen Nightstar
16 Why I Am Single

It may be common to memorize
the path to your personal poetry
with an external kiss pressed lips to lips

But I prefer to pour my madness
Upon your skin burrowing into your solidness
So that your scent is forever on my thighs.

This is a symptom, they say, of intrigue
Dark, rich, reds reaching up to drag me down
As I kneel before you to worship what is you.

And I bow to these cravings you wrought in me
Yield is the only thing I may do for you
Ruiner oh ruiner, you have ruined me for anything less.

So I keep to myself content to remember that memorization
you exacted so long ago with your hands clutched in my hair
and your hips pressing my head into a seductive arch again.

2/23/2004 Stephanie Lynch AKA Arwen Nightstar

 Fertility Rites

Sink your teeth into my earth
Weep sentient tears across my belly
Plow my field but leave no children

I will be a window for your love
Look out through me to the mountains
For every question a story to be told.

Sink your teeth into my flesh
Scald me with your hot sweat
Remind me that I am yours.

Lay me out on the cross that Andrew built
build my hope through small sparkling strokes
that bring gold flashes to my covered eyes.
Lay me out on the cross that Andrew built
take me flying with your strong strong hands
Stoic machines of pain induced lust.

3/12/2004 Stephanie Lynch aka Arwen Nightstar

A dark star took me under
shadowed light

"Understand" throbbed on my chest
But what malady was this?
Had someone opened a door?
Had I transitioned into another world?

A dark star took me under

Granite talon perched on my chest
What beast is this?
What burden had I accepted?
A tingle led me forward as

A dark star took me under....
3/14/2004 Stephanie Lynch aka Arwen Nightstar

Operation: Midnight Flyer

Lost in your distant foreign eyes
Handcuffed to your passion like a briefcase
I can ride this train so willingly.
You take me to alien landscapes
Watch me as I climb and fall beneath you
You are my Mata Hari lover a spy
smoking me like a cheap cigarette
In some filthy back alley of my heart.

4/19/2004 Stephanie Lynch aka Arwen Nightsta
One Wild Night

Shower check
Kitchen table check
Hallway check
Stairs check
Sofa check
Tub check
Dining table check

By process of elimination, the bed
is the prairie left to explore
Time for feminine alluding is gone
I must be blunt like a feline
seeking blood because tomorrow
my virtues may return.

4/21/2004 Stephanie Lynch AKA Arwen Nightstar

I wanna be thumped against a wall.
Shove into me like jamming an 8-track
Into a recalcitrant player.

(And I'll lean into you to take
long slow deep breaths of you
Sniff the scent of me on fingers
Held under my nose.)

Take me into a back alley, lover
Let me open up for you
Pop me with some hanky panky, darlin'.

(Juicy fingers pressed to my lips
Please wait until the fuzz has cleared.
Coherency escapes me and I can only
Whisper, "that was spiffy, Sir".)

11/12/2004 Stephanie Lynch AKA Arwen Nightstar


I coil against your frame
As you alter me to your will
(are you measuring me?)
An exquisite bloom of pain
Blushes my cheek as I swell
(I welcome you.)
Into your hand.

11/15/2004 Stephanie Lynch aka Arwen Nightstar


Let me list my desires as I straddle you
General things that Mata Hari might do
Dance a myth of lust and love
Light a lamp of mental engagement
So that you can muster your forces, general.

Am I an officer that you would salute with such vigor?
So generously and without charity.
Show me that muscle once again, my love
It casts a glamour on me that I can not resist.


I wanna be a gypsy beauty dancing in the firelight
of your eyes again with you tapping on my body
in a rhythm that consumes me drowns me pounds me
until I am wrapped in your legs powerful grasping
Using me as a drum to your Eros stick my hair flung in protest
Of this all-powerful, all reaching dance as you sand
down my insides until I am as slick and smooth as you like.
Stephanie Arwen Beck

I must insist, dear sir, that your
grasp of history is at best, fuzzy.
There was no cognac no bed
You moved an ink well from your desk
And like a vagabond made sure this
weak secretary was permanent.
Stephanie Arwen Beck
Tunnel of Love

My nipples pebble toward your tongue
a plethora of aching need screaming
Your need heeds mine grappling
at that nadir of anxiety that is us

My ardor for you is the worst of autarchs
Minacious essence with a steel blade
slipping linear against my throat
I will be no apostate this night

I will bow before your icon
Succinctly wrapped in my sweat
as I offer my breasts up
Smooth tunnel for your ardor.

Stephanie Arwen Lynch

Spearing the Train

Climb aboard,you call as if your lap were a train
For me to ride chug a chug chug a chug
You ask me to pierce myself upon you as if as if
as if I were a hoop for your spear chucker jones self
And I toy with the vision of bridging this gap
Could I compete with my own flesh begging
For more and larger original sin? Could you?

Stephanie Arwen Beck

Undone Dancer

One spontaneous moment
unadulterated walls down purity
Undone by your magical subtle
assault on my soul
Shivered at your touch
willingly showed you my spirit
She belly dancing to my heart
shimmying pieces of me awake
Masterful your arms around me
discovered my secret self
When you pulled me into
that unending powerful kiss
And I've come undone.

Stephanie Arwen Beck

Like a Drum

Lay me out like a drum
to be pounded on
Snare me by my hair
Call me your beauty
Let firelight show
you my sweat
As you do Morse code
Tapping on my peaks
Consuming my moisture
Reaching your own heights
Lay me out like a drum
Call Eros to witness
Tidal pools of lust
in the moonlit sand
And pound me into
the rhythm of your love

Stephanie Arwen Beck

Carnival Baby

Learning to ride me shouldn't
be started on satin slick sheets
For the motion of going 'round
My world will slide you off
Giving you notice that to truly
enjoy this ride you must be
this high and hold on tight.
This offer is void where prohibited
by the oracle of shame and loathing
But is encouraged when you realize
that the prices were always right.
A dozen tickets for the price
Of one gasping god calling seizure
Paroxysm of lust requited.

Stephanie Arwen Beck


There lies a hidden garden honeyed and moist
Tempting all who stop in the moonlight
to cast their fears aside and brush gentle
Hands through this lush vee waiting them
Chocolate mixes with pink -- velvet textures
Remembering the last one who wandered here.
Dust rises from untended grounds as the garden
Begs for someone to love the ice away.

Stephanie Arwen Beck

Your lips slide down my neck
wreaking havoc with my voice
Sheer wild will power held me
where you told me to stay
Your visage dark, bleak,
You are my desire incarnate

I know the ceremonies
will not be stood upon
Abandonment of civility
And patience out the window
Will my relinquishing be enough?
Will you tear my screams from my lips?
As your voice commands me
I am rushing to obey.

Stephanie Arwen Beck
Pooh Gone Wild

Tigger goes searching for his
Double guh-err sprung libido
Pooh wonders if honey will
Content Roo while his Kanga
Hammers Christopher Robin
In the backyard with Wabbit.
Creativity, Mr. Milne, is flexible.
Piglet would be impressed.

Stephanie Arwen Beck

Shall I pool myself at your feet
a puddle of lust for a koi to swim?
Shall I bare my breast for you
a canvas for your teeth and mouth?

Can you loose your hard long love
One hand on your hip one hand on you?
Will you play my heart coy, my dear
Or will you bear the weight of my heat?

I could kneel before you in the dew
a gentle doe for your rutting stag deer
But words seem to get in my way
And all I have is wetness unfulfilled.

Stephanie Arwen Beck

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