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									         NYPD S HIELD                                C ONTACTS
          R ESOURCES

                                                 Citywide Coordinator

Patrol Borough Counterterrorism
Coordinators                                  Deputy Chief Vincent Giordano
   The Police Department has divided the          Phone: (646)-610-6169
City into 8 Patrol Boroughs. Each Patrol
Borough has a Counterterrorism Coordi-             Manhattan South
nator who serves as a point of contact for        Phone: (212) 477-7457
security managers that request informa-            Manhattan North
tion regarding Police Department re-
sources which include:
                                                  Phone: (212) 678-2067
     Counterterrorism deployments                        Bronx
               CRV/Atlas/Hercules                 Phone: (718) 299-4014
     Intelligence and threat information            Brooklyn South
     Physical security planning for special       Phone: (718) 287-3279

               Street closures                      Brooklyn North
     Critical incident response                   Phone: (718) 963-5382
             NYPD role                               Queens South
             Private sector role                  Phone: (718) 969-8602
                                                     Queens North
                                                  Phone: (718) 520-9691
                                                     Staten Island
                                                                                 “C OUNTERING
                                                 Phone: (718) 876-5016        T ERRORISM THROUGH
                                                     Transit Bureau
                                                   Phone: (718) 694-4380            SHARING ”

                                                    Housing Bureau
                                                  Phone: (212) 253-2219
                                                                                Phone: (718) 615-7506
        I NTRODUCTION                                  W HAT W E D O                                  W HAT         WE ASK

   New York City has been targeted by           NYPD SHIELD addresses private sector           The NYPD SHIELD program is a two-
terrorists on several occasions, most nota-   business on both an industry-specific and a    way street. The key to success is for infor-
bly the 1993 and 2001 attacks against the     geographic basis. This enables the Depart-     mation to flow in two directions. Private
World Trade Center. Most recently, Na-        ment to best serve the unique needs of each    sector personnel serve as the eyes and ears
jibullah Zazi planned to carry out suicide    constituency. NYPD SHIELD provides             of the Department and are a force multi-
bombings in the NYC subway system and         training to assist public and private sector   plier in the fight against terrorism by re-
Shahzad Faisal attempted a VBIED explo-       entities in defending against terrorism:       porting suspicious behavior as soon as pos-
sion in Times Square. Both attacks were                                                      sible.
                                                Information is researched and transmitted
prevented and both terrorists have plead      directly to our members by one of several        In addition, we recognize that our pri-
guilty to terrorism charges. New York         methods:                                       vate sector partners are uniquely qualified
City has persevered and thrived in the face
                                                                                             to assist NYPD personnel during counter-
of these events, but we cannot let our            Intelligence and Analysis briefings
                                                                                             terrorism deployments. Your personnel
guard down. The threat of terrorism re-
                                                  Counterterrorism training                  know your buildings, blocks and neighbor-
mains. Working together, the public and
                                                                                             hoods from a different perspective. You
private sectors are stronger than either is       NYPD SHIELD Website postings               know what belongs and what is out of
alone. This partnership is New York City’s
                                                  SHIELD Alert e-mail messages               place. We urge you and your staff to speak
cornerstone defense against terrorism.
                                                                                             with the police officers you see on the
   The NYPD SHIELD program is a force             SHIELD Conferences                         street, particularly those assigned to posts
multiplier that significantly increases the     NYPD SHIELD keeps it’s partners in-          in the vicinity of sensitive and critical loca-
effectiveness of the Department’s counter-    formed of upcoming events, new intelli-        tions. Sharing your perspective can help us
terrorism efforts. SHIELD provides the        gence and threat information developing in     be more effective. If you have information
private sector with information on emerg-     New York City as well as terrorism events      to pass to the NYPD, but cannot do so in
ing and evolving terrorist threats that may   world wide.                                    person, please use our 24-hour hotline,
impact New York City.
  NYPD SHIELD is the central destination
for private sector security managers to                                                                (1-888-692-7233)
obtain information and engage Police De-                                                       In an emergency, always call 911.
partment resources.
                                                                                                      If You See Something
                                                                                                          Say Something!
                                                                                                   Report Suspicious Activity

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