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									Family Promise of Greater Lafayette, Inc. Job Description for Network Director Description Faith-based charity serving homeless families is seeking a director to administer and operate its new interfaith hospitality network in Lafayette, Indiana. This position requires a highly organized and enthusiastic individual with excellent interpersonal skills and a compassion for others. The director will work with a board of trustees and coordinate a network of faith-based congregations and volunteers. The director must be independent, self-motivated, reliable, and passionate about our mission and possess a tolerant spirit to interact with a variety of faiths. The program will work with a number of host and support congregations to house up to 14 individuals at a time (3 – 5 families) in congregations’ facilities. At least 13 host congregations will house the families for one week at a time approximately 4 times per year. The families will arrive at the host congregation for the week on Sunday evening and stay every evening from approximately 6 pm until 7 am the following morning. The following Sunday the families transition to the next congregation. During the day, the families will be driven in a van to the Family Promise Day Center where they will be provided with case management and support services to help them gain independence and self sufficiency. The director is responsible for assisting with program development and implementation, including budgeting and fundraising, The director will manage intake screening, assessments and referrals, comprehensive case management in cooperation with other service providers, housing assistance and client training to assist homeless families to become self-sufficient. In cooperation with volunteers the director will operate a day center and coordinate transportation of client families to host congregations. This is a full-time position requiring a flexible schedule to ensure 7 days per week coverage in cooperation with a network of volunteers, and being on call for after -hour emergencies. The position will require occasional travel. Compensation of $40,000 to $50,000 with benefits will be considered depending on experience. More information about the program can be found on our website at and on the national website Qualifications The ideal candidate will have at least a bachelor degree in human services or related field; three or more years experience in a social service environment (including case management) and knowledge of community services. Experience in organizing, supervising and managing a nonprofit program, employees and volunteers is highly desirable. Background should include management experience and demonstrated ability to interact with congregations, volunteers and agency representatives. Position requires a valid driver’s license and ability to obtain a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). Functional Responsibilities Administrative

The director will be personally responsible for the following administrative functions with the support of trained volunteers for appropriate functions and under the direction of the board of trustees: 1. Budgeting – In cooperation with the board treasurer and fund raising committee develop annual operating and multi-year capital budgets. 2. Fund Raising – Track funding sources, write and administer grants to secure operating and capital funding. Help coordinate community fund raising activities in cooperation with a volunteer fund raising committee. 3. Coordination of Network Elements - Attend all meetings relevant to position, i.e., Board of Trustee, staff, social service agencies, and Sunday evening host site transitions. At the Sunday evening host transitions the coordinator will reinforce the support of the volunteers from the host and support congregation, make sure all are aware of the individual rules and guidelines of the host site, and fully represent the Network at the host site every week. Organize a Network Committee consisting of host and supporting congregation coordinators, drivers, day center volunteers, and representative of supporting agencies as appropriate. Communicate regularly with referring and supporting agencies. Actively participate in providers’ groups and other social service agencies in an effort to identify affordable housing. Serve as HMIS (Homeless Management Information System) site coordinator. 4. Training and Education - Train host and support congregation coordinators and other volunteers, including future trainers, in all new host congregations, and conduct annual volunteer training for each host congregation and for day center support volunteers. 5. Record Keeping - Maintain records on FPGL operations and guests’ progress. Provide reports as requested by the Board of Trustees and as required for funding sources. Maintain statistical data, including data on people served, and have this information available for an annual report. Prepare monthly reports to the board and work with the board president to plan board meetings. Work with board committees as necessary. 6. Public Relations and Appreciation Activities – Serve as the primary spokesperson, including the preparation of news releases and providing interview opportunities with the press and representative of funding agencies. Plan and coordinate volunteer appreciation and recognition events. Operations The director will be personally responsible for the following operations with the support of volunteers trained for these functions and under the direction of the board of trustees: 1. Case Management - Provide case management to all guest families, starting with interviews with prospective families; develop family plans; meet with guests to monitor progress in securing housing, employment, job training, and education; assist guests with social service needs, referring them to other organizations as appropriate; and advocate with agencies for guests as needed. The director will also train qualified volunteers to assist with some of these functions. Ensure that guests understand and are able to abide by rules and procedures.

2. Performance Evaluation - Establish and oversee a support and tracking system for guests who have exited the network. Statistics will be maintained to monitor their successes maintaining housing and employment. 3. Schedule In-Program Housing - Maintain regular contact with the coordinators of host and support congregations to schedule host congregations and make changes as necessary to accommodate changes in their availability. 4. Coordinate Transportation – Hire a part time driver and schedule transportation from host congregations to the day center and from the day center to school, work, service sites, and other locations where clients must go. Train and schedule volunteer back-up drivers and oversee vehicle maintenance. 5. Day Center Operations - Manage the day-to-day operation of the day center to provide a safe, comfortable, clean, home-like environment for guests. Oversee the upkeep, maintenance and improvements to the facilities, furnishing, and support equipment. Develop associated operating and capital budgets in cooperation with fund raising committee. 6. Communications and Accessibility – Establish and participate in an after-hours call system for emergencies at the hosting congregation and client enrollment. Train and schedule volunteers to assist the director. Develop and maintain a directory of emergency contact names and numbers. 7. Budgeting and Operating Cost Disbursement - Manage daily expenses as directed by the board treasurer. Develop in cooperation with the board treasurer procedures to collect and disburse guest funds. Ensure that all financial documents are forwarded to the Treasurer in a timely manner. Family Promise of Greater Lafayette, Inc. (FPGL) We are a nonprofit 501(c)(3) and non-denominational charity serving families undergoing transitions in their lives that have resulted in homelessness. We are an affiliate of Family Promise, a national network of 136 affiliates across the United States. Over 4500 congregations and 110,000 volunteers make up the Interfaith Hospitality Networks of these affiliates. We provide accommodations for families overnight using the facilities of host congregations and congregate volunteers. We are funded by direct donation from congregations and individuals, grants, and fundraising activities. If interested in applying for the Network Director position, please download an application from the website and mail a completed application and resume to: Family Promise of Greater Lafayette, Inc. c/o Brown Street Methodist Church 905 Brown Street Lafayette, IN 47904

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