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									AMERICAN RED CROSS of Licking County Job Description

Position Title: Supervises:

Director of Preparedness & Special Events Health & Safety Volunteers, Per Diem Instructors, Fundraising volunteers Executive Director This is a full-time, exempt position. Commensurate with relevant experience and market data. To administer the Preparedness Department, assuring relevant Chapter indicators are met, appropriate marketing of Health & Safety programs are carried out throughout Licking County and the delivery of services are effectively completed. Additionally, this position will assist in the coordination of fundraising special events for the Chapter. This will be accomplished in conjunction with the Executive Director and the Financial Development Committee. Plan, organize, direct, implement, and evaluate activities related to the Health & Safety Program of the Chapter. Develop and implement marketing strategies for Health & Safety related products and services. This includes developing and implementing effective customer service initiatives. Develop, implement, and evaluate sales goals in accordance with Chapter short and long range strategies. Provide training in American Red Cross Health & Safety training programs to the community, meeting and exceeding national standards. Recruit, train, place and supervise volunteers needed to accomplish the goals of the program. Serve as a course instructor on an emergency basis only. First priority will be to oversee the scheduling of volunteer and per diem instructors for course delivery. Oversee the daily operations of the Health & Safety Department by supervising the activities of the Health & Safety Assistant.

Supervisor: Classification: Salary: Position Purpose:


Coordinate special fundraising events for the Chapter. recruiting and managing fundraising volunteers. Perform other duties as assigned by the Executive Director. Qualifications:

This includes

Bachelor’s Degree in a related field and/or equivalent work experience in sales and marketing. Also, knowledge of and/or experience in Health & Safety related issues is a must. A knowledge of or willingness to learn the philosophy of the American Red Cross, including its policies, objectives, organization, services and the role played by volunteers and employees. Current American Red Cross experience is a plus. Must be able to plan, organize, direct, implement and evaluate the program as necessary. Must have a proven ability to effectively work with and manage volunteers. Must have a basic understanding of computers and Microsoft Word applications. Knowledge of Licking County business community or ability to learn also a plus.

Created: 2/02 Revised: 12/05

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