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									Cleo Remote Desktop Access


 1. Home Computer setup
           Downloading Java Client
           Logging on to the System
 2. Connection Problems

1. 0 Home Computer

Download Java Client

Before you will be able to use CLEO remote Folder access you will need to
install a JAVA plugin to your web browser. This should only need to be done
the first time you log on to the system.

1. To do this go to the following link and click on the Free Java Download

The website will verify your operating system and select the most appropriate
version of Java for you to download.

2. Click ‘verify installation’.
2.1 Logging on to the System
Prior to logging on to the system you must have read the Security Guidance
documentation that is available at

   1. Open your web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) and go to

   2. Select Log in
3. For the username and password use the user name and password that
   was emailed to you be Cleo (see Appendix 1).

4. When you log on you will see an image similar to the one below. To
   log on to your school computer, select your computer from the left hand
   column and double click it.
      5. You will then be presented with another Login box. This time for
      your username please can you use your normal school network login
      name and password. Type in IT for the NT Domain.

   5. You should then be presented with your school PC desktop.

When you have finished you must close the connection by clicking on Start –

3. 0 Connection Problems

If you not able to connect go through the troubleshooting sections in the
appendix. If you are still unable to connect take a screen shot of the error by
holding down the ALT button together with PRT SCR or Print Screen button
on the keyboard and pasting that into a word document so that support staff
can see the exact nature of the problem.

Before you contact your support centre can you make a note of the IP
address of the computer you are connecting to at school as it is important in
helping to diagnose problems with the computer.

To obtain the IP address click on Start in the bottom left hand corner of the
school pc and select run. If you type in cmd you should get a black DOS
screen similar to the one below. If you type in ipconfig and press enter the ip
address of you computer will be displayed.
If you can then mail that to

Appendix 1

Sample Notification E-mail

Dear Mickey Mouse,

A new user has been created to allow you to access CLEO's "CLEO Desktop"
remote access service.

Your username is:
Your password is: 6R76Jf7hmr (Six ROMEO Seven Six JULIET foxtrot Seven
hotel mike romeo).

You can log in to CLEO Desktop at

If you have difficulty connecting, please contact your LA ICT Support

Appendix 2

Lost Password

If you lose your password – Contact The Westfield Centre and we will
generate a new one for you. The new password will be sent to the email
address you submitted on the application form.
Appendix 3 Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting : Certificates Error Whilst logging on to SGD

Error Description:
Cannot connect to the server

A X509 certificate used for signing in the certificate chain does not contain a
basic constraints extension and so is not valid for signing.

The issue is caused because the SSL certificate on the browser has expired.

Fix: The problem can be fixed by running an optional windows update.

1. Open Internet Explorer and click on Tools and then select Windows
2. Select the custom option.

3. Under Select by type on the Left hand Column select Software, Optional
and tick Root certificates updates and Install the updates
Troubleshooting : Static IP addresses

Please not that if you have a domain server like most secondary schools do
and some of the larger primary schools will you will need to have a static or
reserved ip address on the school computer. If you do not have a static or
reserved ip address it is possible that the IP address on the school computer
can expire and be reallocated to another computer on the network. If you are
logging a support call please make sure you make a note in the call the IP
address of the computer you are connecting to.

Troubleshooting : Removing Certificates

Cannot Connect to Desktop Error with Cleo Remote Desktop.

When you try and log in to Cleo Remote Desktop you receive the following

Cannot connect to server desktop:443. X509 version 3 certificate used for
signing in their certificate chain does not contain a basic constraints extension
and is not valid for signing.

The issue is caused by a certificate that has expired on the local browser pc.

This issue can be addressed as follows:-

   1. On tools in internet Explorer click on Internet Options.
2. Click on the Content Tab and select the Certificates Button

3. Click on the Intermediate Certification Authorities and have a look at
   the expiration date and remove any Thawte Certificates that may have

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