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AL = Annelieke Laninga                                                                                                          = completed
BS = Bart Swanenvleugel                                                                                                         = in progress
FE = Fred Evers                                                                                                                 = waiting
FvdB = Fred van den Brink                                                                                                       = not started
LP = Liesbeth Panis
MB = Marijn Blok                                                                                          Version    5/10/11

          Subject            Actor                                 Action                                  Start       End          Status
                                                                                                           date       date
Europe Calling              MB        Ask Euroep Calling students to forward the evaluation report        1/05/11    6/05/11    in progress
                                      when it is finished and attach it to the agenda for the RB Skype

Europe Calling              FE        Be present at the Europe Calling on 9 June and complete the         15/05/11   9/06/11    not started
                                      evaluation of the work by the students
Europe Calling              FE        make an appointmet with the Europe Calling students to receive      1/05/11    21/05/11   not started
                                      their final results
Europe Calling              FvdB      Ask students what the progress is in RB-summaries.                  10/05/11   13/05/11   in progress
Europe Calling              MB/FvdB   Ask students what the progress is in PM2 evaluation                 10/05/11   13/05/11   in progress
Newsletter                  MB        Ask Tamas to give Bogdan clear role in teaser article on PM3        10/05/11   13/05/11   not started
Partner Meeting 3           LP        Contact Tamas to discuss financial matters of the partner           10-0511    13/05/11   not started
Progress reporting          LP        Make new form for the financial reporting for the partners. Take    26/04/11   1/05/11    not started
                                      out all output and result indicators. Discuss this new form with
                                      the controller of RWS
Progress reporting          LP/MB     Search for 3 dates to inform partners about new progress report     10/05/11   13/05/11   in progress
                                      format AND planing
Project coordination        MB/LP     Make a compilation of things a student could do and make a          27/04/11   15/05/11   in progress
                                      proposal: Newsletter, good practices, support FE
Project coordination        FE/BS     Make an appointment with possible project manager to discuss        10/05/11   13/05/11   in progress
                                      managemetn tasks
Project coordination        MB/FvdB   Forward template for phase 3 workplans to RBs                       10/05/11   13/05/11   in progress
Website, extranet           MB        Put all the RB posters as flyers on the new website                 14/04/11   1/05/11    not started
Website, extranet           MB        Put all the subreports of the RBs from the old website on the new   14/04/11   1/05/11    not started

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Decisions bi-weekly 'jour fixe' meeting SSC FLOOD-WISE

Partners should appoint contact persons specialised in finances and communication/PR issues as well
as a project coordinator. Responsibility for regular contacts with partners:
- Project assistant / communication assistant has day-to-day contacts to project coordinators and
communication coordinators of all partners.
- FE and FvdB have regular contact with project coordinators of all partners related to project content
(progress per phase).
- Financial manager has day-to-day contact with financial coordinators of all partners.
- AL contact with project coordinators of all partners in crucial cases to avoid or solve problems with
project implementation according to the application form.
- All SSC staff is involved in bi-monthly phone-conferences with River Basin Coordinators
Role of strategic advisor: BS will be involved in the prepartions of the guidance memo per project phase
(contrary to the task description in his offer). These memo's will not be very detailed in terms of steps to
take in each river basin. A 'top-down' approach is not wanted; the partners in each river basin are free to
organise their work and embed the FLOOD-WISE actions in existing working structures. However, the
memo's should give a clear direction to the information which should be generated by partners in each
project phase. They are therefore crucial documents to ensure usefull input for the half-yearly thematic
workshops which will be prepared by BS. A good guidance memo also assists the comparison and
analysis of the results of the pilot-projects which will be done by BS. Therefore the quality of the
guidance memo's have impact on the quality of the sub- and end-report of the project. FvdB and AL will
jointly support BS in preparing the guidance memo's.

To be able to compare offers of different graphic/web-designers, it is important to make a short
document with 'Terms of Reference' about what we expect of them. Technical requirements concering
logo, digital stationary, website and extranet should be specified. 'Lessons learned' from FLAPP and
other EU projects should be used to prevent 'reinventing the wheel'. Ilja will prepare a draft-version of
the ToR to be discussed during the next SSC team meeting or to be send around by email to the SSC
team members for comments.

Marjolein and Marijn would like to receive relevant emails on their home-account (BCC!) in the weeks
before the officially start working for FLOOD-WISE so they can follow what is going on. Email
addresses: and
The next FLOOD-WISE project team meeting is on Thursday 25 Feb. From Wednesday 10 March the
bi-weekly meeting will always be on Wednesday mornings starting 9:30.
Weekly Skype-meeting to discuss status quo of to-do-list: every week on Friday at 9:00 am (max. 30
min.). First date: Friday 5 March 2010. FE ensures that Skype is installed at the Province.

Date for Launch Conference: Monday 26 until Wednesday 28 April or Tuesday 27 until Thursday 29
April. This depends on availability of location in Brussels (FE) and agenda Kersten.
Programme Launch event: extra parallel workshop about key-messages/slogan.
Subsidy contract: Annelieke and FE will check text. FE will ensure timely signature etc. Partnership
agreement will be discussed during next PT meeting.
Europe Calling: group was introduced. Working agreements: weekly meeting with FB on Thursday at
16:00. Group works from school, but can use phone in FLOOD-WISE office (on request and someone
of us has to be present when the students are in the office). FB sends report previous Europe Calling
group. Time plan: about two weeks before launch event the first analysis of the questionnaire and
phone calls has to be send to the partners. Final report by half May. Next meeting: discuss time plan
and results desk research (maybe already draft questionaire?).

Addition to the partnership agreement: manual is binding, possibility of partner exclusion by LP.
Have the bi-weekly jour-fixe on Tuesdays from now on. The weekly SKYPE-meeting remains on Fridays
as it is now
Contract a web designer for the period of 3 years, with evaluation moments. The webdesigner should
cooperate with the logo and stationary designer of our choise. The web designer will remain our first
contact of these two in the course of the project.
Keep Kersten in the programme, although his presence is not confirmed. Ask Hans Niesen as a host

Use the EMR logo on all outgoing documents instead of the Blue en paytime logo's until the FLOOD-
WISE logo is ready.
Have a skype meeting with communication contact persons of the partners every 2 or 3 months
Send communication plans to persons concerned with project communication only.

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