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					                                                  DAILY LESSON PLAN
Teacher: Chawansky / Thorsen      Sections:                                        Date: Day 6 / 7

Subject          Middle School Mathematics
NYS Standard
Objective        IWBAT design a Scratch project that plays Rock-Paper-Scissors
Hook             Using digital projector, display today’s sample project (Guess_A_Number.sb) to demonstrate how we
                 could play a simple game with the computer using Scratch. Demonstrate by having a volunteer or two
                 play the game.
Setup for        Depending on how individual students did last week, either let them work from scratch or give them a
Activity         base project to build their RPS game from. The base project can include sprites to work with and
                 snippets of code that need to be assembled to form the project.

                 The activity directions attached give students minimal guidance to help them think through the
                 elements of how rock paper scissors is played. As an intermediate level of scaffolding, it may be
                 helpful to have students list out the steps involved in playing the game before they start programming.
                 At the end of the second day students will play each others’ games and provide feedback. There is a
                 written reflection to complete as well.

                Another similar type of class-wide activity could be listing out the directions for making a peanut butter
                and jelly sandwich (or tying a shoe). Teacher should play “devil’s advocate” and poke holes in the
                algorithm. For example, when students say put peanut butter on bread just put the jar on the bread.
                Or if they have you put the knife in the jelly before opening the jar.
Interview       T circulates, asking Ss about the project they’re working on. Use guiding questions below to assist in
Students        CFU and illuminate student understanding.
Submit Work     End class by having them do the following:
                     - Save today’s project in a folder on the LAN drive or e-mail it to the teacher with the subject
                         line: <first name> < last name> Rock Paper Scissors
                     - Log off (& put away) computers
Homework        None
Differentiation Up:
                - Use sprites to choose your move
                - Include animation of one object beating the other
                - Make rock-paper-scissors-lizard-spock version
                - Base project has some snippets of pre-made code and sprites to help students who want it
Guiding         - How does the player choose his move? How does the computer choose its move?
Questions       - How do you decide who won? How do you show who won? Do you need to keep score?
                - How can you use Loops and If blocks in your program?
Name: _______________________________                                  Date: ___________________

                                   Rock Paper Scissors!
Directions: Design a Scratch program that allows you to play Rock Paper Scissors against the
computer. The picture shows which object wins. Other important considerations are listed

   1) How many times should the game be played? Once? Best of 3? Best of 5?
   2) After the player chooses Rock, Paper, or Scissors, the computer needs to randomly choose
      what to do. Then you have to figure out who wins: human or computer?
   3) How will the player enter their choice? Will you have text buttons? Sprites in the shape
      of rock/paper/scissors? Sprites in the shape of hands? It’s your decision!
   4) How will you display the human and computer choices? Will there be animation?
   5) How else can you make your game awesome? If you want a challenge, look at this link:

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