Prim Super Silky Tissue Dispenser and Hand Gel all in by benbenzhou


									                                                                  Prim - 110

             Super Silky Tissue Dispenser and Hand Gel all in 1

Jasman Lew

Christmas Island District High School

Teacher: Mr Jon Faulkner
- It will protect the product
- Keep it safe during transportation
- Protect it from heat and light
- Encourage people to purchase it
- Should keep the product safe
- Should look good
- Should be noticed by the buyer
- Can be handled easily
- Can be stacked easily
- Should stand out from the crowd
- Should be recyclable
- Should be waterproof (not always)
- Should be reusable
- Should be strong and tough
- Take up less room
- Keeps food fresh (it depends)
- Stops tampering
Materials                                               Advantages                                                   Disadvantages

From my research, the best packaging for olive oil would be a dark glass that stops light. Glass is cheap, allows us to see inside the package, is
more attractive for shop display, can be shaped into attractive shapes and can be easily recycled.
1.   Plastic bottles             Cheap                                                               Can puncture easily
                                 Light weight                                                        Lets in unwanted light which can damage the oil quality
                                 Can see how much is in the package                                  Unattractive for shop display
                                 Can have a variety of shapes                                        Most do not tessellate well.
                                 Recycle if right plastics are used
                                 Can be made tamper proof with tamper proof lids.
                                 Less appealing to steal.
2.   Paper/Board containers      Cheap                                                               Can puncture easily
                                 Light Weight                                                        May leak
                                 Easy to label                                                       Not very strong
                                 Protects oil from damaging heat and light                           May get damaged during transportation
                                 Less appealing to steal.                                            Does not look like a quality package/product
                                                                                                      Easy to tamper with. Hard to make tamper proof.
                                                                                                      Harder to recycle after holding oil which may contaminate
                                                                                                       the material.
                                                                                                      Unattractive for display
3.   Steel                       Strong                                                              Rust (Contamination)
                                 Blocks out light                                                    Heavy
                                 Can hold greater quantity with less risk of breaking                Can get hot which can damage the olive oil
                                 Containers are generally rectangular prisms and will therefore      Unattractive for display
                                  tessellate for transportation.
                                 Tamper proof
                                 Recycle
                                 Heavy and hard to steal.
4.   Aluminium                   Does not rust                                                       Expensive
                                 Is strong and flexible (Will survive rough treatment)               Unattractive for shop display
                                 Light yet strong                                                    Can get hot which can damage the olive oil
                                 Blocks out UV light.
                                 Tamper proof
                                 Less chance of leaks
                                 Longer shelf life
                                 Recycle
                                 Containers are generally rectangular prisms and will therefore
                                  tessellate for transportation.
                                 Size makes it harder to steal.
5.   Glass                       Cheap                                                               Heavy
                                 Can see how much is in the package                                  Lets in unwanted light and heat in which can damage the oil
                                 More attractive than other options                                   quality
                                 Can have a variety of shapes and colours for display                Breaks when dropped (Brittle)
                                 Recycle                                                             More likely to be stolen because it is often smaller and looks
                                 Can make tamper proof with right lids.                               nicer.
Arnott’s shapes claim to be green. As you can
see from the pics they say:
    1. Carton is recyclable
    2. Be Green!

   Kellogg’s Just Right claim to be green. As
   you can see from the pics they say:
      1. Where possible, please ensure this
          product is recycled.
      2. 95% Recycled

         Kleenex Tissues claim to be green. As you
         can see from the pics they say:
            1. This carton is made from 95%
                recycled board
            2. Please dispose of in your recycling
My products name is

Dazzling T-rolls

My company name is called

Jazzi Australia
The general purpose of my package is to dispense tissues and hand gel. The package allows tissues to be
easily dispensed off a roll. It is refillable, so the box is used over and over again. Simply open the side and
refill with our super soft rolls. The gel is also refillable. This product is a complete hygiene centre.

     This picture shows you that one person
     is refilling the tissue box with another

The target market for my package is for Hospitals, Day care canters, schools and households. Anyone that
is concerned about the spread of germs and wants a convenient hygiene package
I surveyed different teachers and students from Christmas Island District High School. Most of the people
that I surveyed pretty much said the same thing. The results have come out to be nearly the same but as you
can see 10 people find my package attractive and 100% of people interviewed said that they would buy my

I also asked some questions about my package…
What design features do you like?
One person said that he liked everything on my package because it was interesting and creative. He said that
the hand gel thing was a great idea and that the package looked good. He thought the roll was a great idea
for dispensing tissues.

What design features don’t you like?
Everyone said that they liked everything about my package. They all thought it was new and looked good.
        1. Drop test
        I did a drop test from the second floor of
        our school to test its strength. The
        package had minimal damage. Only 3
        pop sticks that reinforce the package
        came off. This test made me realise that
        I needed to use stronger glue. If
        customers accidentally drop my package
        I am confident it will not break.

1. Crush Test
I put 10 full tissue boxes on my package and
it did not crush. My shape proved to be
strong. This will be very important when I
am transporting large quantities to shops.

 Conclusion – Based on my tests, my package needed only small changes. Its prism
 shape was strong and spread the weight well. The pop sticks add strength, but I had to
 use stronger glue to make them stay on if dropped. The pump has a tamper proof seal,
 stopping the gel from escaping. To close off the pump, push down and turn. This makes
 my product safe for transporting, shop display and use in the home.
My idea of a tissue roller with cleaning hand gel on the side instead of the traditional tissue box
was inspired by the following thoughts:

  1. At home we often run out of tissues and mum always says “Just get some toilet paper to
     blow your nose.” I find this a little gross and I think it is unhygienic to blow your nose
     with toilet paper.

  2. In class at the start of the year everyone brings in two tissue boxes. This is a huge waste as
     we throw the box away when the tissues are finished. My design saves materials by
     allowing the box to be used over and over again.

  3. I have also noticed some people including myself having trouble getting tissues from the
     bottom of the box. My design stops this problem as the tissues slide easily off a roll.

  4. During 2009 and 2010, Christmas Island was trying to prevent the spread of Swine Flu.
     Every student had to use antibacterial crème on their hands many times a day. I thought
     that it would be convenient to attach both the tissue box and the antibacterial gel into one
     convenient package. A complete hygiene package.
I think that Dazzling T-Rolls are better than any package currently available in
Australian shops because with my package it has two hygienic things that help people.
My package design has both hand gel and tissues in one hygienic and easy to use
package. When they are at the shops or the supermarket they won’t have to buy one
antibacterial gel and also tissues as with mine it is all in one.

Dazzling T-Rolls packaging is very innovative as it allows the consumer to refill the box using a roller
system for the tissue rolls. It is the convenient all in one reusable health station.

My product also contributes money to research into germs (B.U.G. – Bureau for Understanding Germs).
All materials in the construction of my package are recyclable and aim to reduce the impact packaging has
on the environment.
My package can be reused because once the roll is finished, people can just buy the
super silky tissue replacement rolls to refill the package. Just open the flaps at the
side, insert a new roll and then close. The box can be used over and over again. The
antibacterial gel can be refilled also using our convenient refill packs. No need to
throw away this package, it will last the average user 3 years, saving them time and
money. This also saves the environment because there is no wastage like with regular
tissue containers.

When the package is no longer useable, it can be fully recycled. The cardboard is
repulped to make paper products and the plastic shredded and melted down for a
variety of further uses
Environmental Impact
My box is constructed from 100% recycled cardboard from (Visy) and can be recycled at the end of its life. The box is designed from
cardboard materials that can be used over and over again. It is very strong and on average, it will last for approximately 3 years of normal use (1
roll of tissues per week). At the end of its life it can be recycled and then remade into cardboard and paper products.
The bottle is constructed of polyethylene terephthalate (PETE 1 rated plastic) as it is strong, flexible, transparent and has the highest recycling
rate of all plastics. Our bottle is designed to be refilled over and over and at the end of its life to be separated from the box and recycled.

Choice of Materials
My choice of materials reduces impact on the environment as the package is used over and over again. The materials can be recycled and this
will minimize the impact on the environment. Out of all plastics, ours is the easiest to recycle and therefore minimizes the environmental
impact. Even though Polystyrene is good for recycling, I chose not to use Polystyrene (Rated 6) as it is not as strong and not see through. Other
plastics rated 2-5 and 7 did not have very high recycling rates and would harm the environment more than my chosen material. The cardboard
box can be pulped and remade into paper and cardboard products. The aim of my package is to reduce the waste involved in current tissue
boxes. My package is good for your health and the environment.

Manufacturing process – recycled cardboard (My tissue box)
  1. Paper and cardboard products are collected in recycling bins and taken to recycling station.
  2. It is then soaked in water and mixed into a pulp.
  3. Any material that is not needed is removed.
  4. The pulp is then dried and pressed into sheets.
  5. The sheets are cut and folded to make our tissue boxes.

Manufacturing Process – Plastic bottle for hand gel (PETE 1)
  1. Plastics are collected in recycling bins and then sorted at a recycling station.
  2. Plastics are shredded using shredding machines.
  3. Unwanted materials such as paper are removed.
  4. The shredded plastics are then melted down and reshaped.
Transportation – Cardboard tissue box and Plastic gel bottle
   - The cardboard is light, yet strong, allowing for easy transportation.
   - The bottle is made from strong plastic and is also very light. It is watertight, preventing spills.
   - The shape tessellates well, allowing it to be packaged together easily.

Shelf Life
   - Due to the quality materials used, it has a shelf life of at least 5 years. Once it is taken home, the package will last for approximately 3
       years before needing to be replaced and recycled.

T-Rolls – good for you and the environment.
Once the packaged is finished being used to package our unique tissue rolls and hand gel, it can be sent to a recycling centre to be recycled. The
cardboard box will be pulped to make paper products and the plastic bottle shredded and used in other plastic products.

The shape of my box is perfect because it allows the roll to roll perfectly inside. The shape of
my package is a rectangular prism, so inside, the tissues fit perfectly. The shape also allows the
box to be stacked on each other easily during transportation and when in a supermarket.

My design is safe for anyone to use but should be kept out of reach of children. The
antibacterial gel stops the germs from touching the box. The dispenser can be shut off easily by
pushing down and turning.

On the left side of my package it has strong Velcro to hold the lid so it will be easy to open and
lock closed.
 For my package the title had to be big so I made it big and bright. All the labels are bright and attractive.
 On top of my package I have the recycling symbol, the barcode, the warning symbol and information about my
  package. Behind it I have the Australian Made Symbol, the instructions and the do not litter symbol.
 At the bottom of my package I have my imaginary website and my imaginary phone number.
 The antibacterial gel has all required info on it including safety, instructions, recycling and donation label.
 My package has all the info needed on it. If the buyer wants more, they can go to our website.
 To help my company sell this product I have made it easy to use, nice and colourful and it is different from other
  tissue boxes.
                                                                             The hand gel dispenser.

The four pictures of the troll
(our mascot)

                                                                                                       The two pop sticks (for

                                                                                                       The flammable liquid

                             How many tissues are
                             inside the roll (200).   The Dazzling T-rolls    The word ‘pull’.
                                                      colourful title.
                                                      The directions of what to do.
         The slogan for the hand   The tamper proof
         gel.                      pump.

The troll saying “The
Magical Hygiene
Solution                                                   The Safety
 This is the roller.

                       This is the roller

                                             This is another front/inside view showing the
                                             inside of the Dazzling T-Rolls with the super
                                             silky tissue rolls coming easily out.

This is the Velcro
that holds the flaps

                                            This is another front/inside view showing the inside
                                            of the Dazzling T-Rolls without the super silky
                                            tissue rolls.
    The lid with the word
    open.                              Recycling symbol.                 The information about my

                                                                                                         The slogan saying no
                                                                                                         germs, no sickness.

                                                                                                      The no bacterial germ

The warning
                                                                                                           The Pete 1 plastic

                            The not for children           The twist to refill on
                            under 3 years old              the pop stick.                           Company Name and
                            warning.                                                                Address
Open Here

                                                                                           More information about what we do. $1.00
                                                                                           from every purchase will go to
                                                                                           B.U.G. – Bureau for Understanding Germs.

               This is the side of the Dazzling T-Rolls box – This is where you open
               to refill with our super silky tissue rolls. These flaps hold closed with
                     My imaginary website.

                                                                 The barcode.
My imaginary phone

                                                                    A small slogan on the
                                                                    pop sticks.

                                             Plastic recycling
                             The Australian made symbol.
       Donation to B.U.G.
       for every box sold.

                                                              This is my Dazzling T-rolls

Quantity of liquid in                                      My company name.
the hand gel (750ml).

                              The do not litter symbol.

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