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									A CENTER OF

2009 Annual Report
                        Aids ResouRce centeR   of   Wisconsin

                        Excellence in HIV Health Care

                        A CENTER OF

             Vision                                         Mission
The AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin       The AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin
   envisions a world without AIDS          is at the forefront of HIV prevention, care
  and strives to assure that everyone     and treatment and is dedicated to providing
      with HIV disease will live        quality medical, dental, mental health and social
        a long and healthy life.            services for all people with HIV disease.
                                                                                                                                                                                                “ARCW is a center of excellence and a national leader
                                                                                                                                                                                                        in providing comprehensive HIV prevention,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        care and treatment services.”

                                                                                                                                                            Dear Friends in the Fight Against AIDS,

                                                                                                                                                            For 25 years the AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin has fought back against the AIDS epidemic with
                                                                                                                                                            aggressive prevention strategies and comprehensive health and social services in response to the ever
                                                                                                                                                            changing threat of AIDS.

                                                                                                                                                            In the early years of the epidemic we built a comprehensive social service system to help people
                                                                                                                                                            confront the emotional, financial, legal, housing and nutritional challenges of their difficult journey
                                                                                                                                                            with AIDS. When scientific advances made HIV treatment successful, we developed medical, dental
                                                                                                                                                            and mental health clinics to assure access to high-quality health care and the opportunity for long
                                                                                                                                                            and healthy lives for people with HIV disease.

                                                                                                                                                            Over the years we have always made sure that our AIDS prevention programs are multicultural and
                                                                                                                                                            relentless in saving lives. Nowhere in America is there a statewide clean needle exchange program as
                                                                                                                                                            large and as effective as our Lifepoint program in Wisconsin.
           Board of Directors                                                      Executive Leadership                                                     Today, with an integrated health and social service system providing the most advanced care
                                                                                       Doug Nelson     President & Chief Executive Officer
       Anthony Bartell, Chair   JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.                                                                                                   for our patients and with cutting edge prevention programs reaching those at highest risk for HIV,
                                                                                       Mike Gifford    Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
Peggy Rosenzweig, Vice Chair    Peggy A. Rosenzweig, LLC
                                                                                       Dan Mueller     Vice President & Chief Development Officer
                                                                                                                                                            ARCW is a center of excellence and a national leader in providing comprehensive HIV prevention, care
               Lee Biblo, MD    Medical College of Wisconsin
                                                                                Susan Hallberg, CPA    Vice President & Chief Financial Officer             and treatment services.
             Michael Brophy     Aurora Health Care
           Juan Carrasquillo    We Energies
                    Pam Dix     Pennant Management
                                                                             Clinical & Program Leadership                                                  Looking ahead our highest priority is to keep the ARCW Medical Center at the forefront of HIV health
                  Mike Jones    MillerCoors                                      John Fangman, MD      Medical Director                                     care and advance the ARCW center of excellence to meet the challenges of the future.
               Sharon Resch     Philanthropist                                   Nicole Martin, DDS    Dental Director
                  Ram Rojas     Ram Rojas Studios                                 Kevin Roeder, PhD    Behavioral Health & Wellness Director                We are proud to present this Annual Report that describes our unique center of excellence and we are
              Charles Runge     Froedtert Hospital                                    Roma Hanson      Vice President for Social Services                   deeply grateful for the strong public sector support and 5,657 donors who have made it possible.
                 Sean Rutter    Ernst & Young                                        Tyrone Baldwin    Director of Housing
              Larry Schnuck     Kahler Slater                                           Randy Bash     Director of Food Services
                Tony Shields    United Neighborhood Centers of Milwaukee   Rebekah Kopec-Farrell, JD   Director of Legal Services                           Sincerely,
         Jennifer Walther, JD   Mawicke & Goisman, S.C.                                Scott Stokes    Director of Prevention Services
     Daniel Zimmerman, MD       Northwestern Mutual                                      Tom Novak     Director of Quality Assurance

                                                                                                                                                            Doug Nelson                                        Anthony Bartell
                                                                                                                                                            President & CEO                                    Chair of the Board of Directors
                                 ARCW MEDICAL CENTER                                                                                                   COMPREHENSIVE SOCIAL SERVICES
                                    Excellence in HIV Health Care                                                                                           Vital Support for Successful HIV Treatment
Integrated Health Care Patients at the ARCW Medical                 High Quality of Care The ARCW Medical Center delivers            Nutritious Food The ARCW Food Pantry network assures                 Legal Services It is hard for HIV patients to focus on
Center have the advantage of accessing its unique model             high quality HIV care and treatment through a rigorous quality   that HIV patients will never go hungry and will have access to       regaining their health if they are experiencing discrimination
of integrated health care services, giving them the best            assurance program. The leading HIV health care quality           fresh, nutritious foods contributing to good health. Located         based on their HIV status, confronting bankruptcy because of
 opportunity for successful treatment and healthy lives.            benchmarks of the US Department of Health and Human               in Eau Claire, La Crosse, Wausau, Green Bay, Milwaukee              high medical expenses or struggling to secure entitlements.
 Medical, dental, mental health, drug treatment and                 Services are used by ARCW as performance measures to               and Kenosha, the ARCW Food Pantry is stocked with foods            The ARCW Legal Services Program provides expert legal
  wellness services are fully integrated, providing our patients    assure high quality of care. ARCW is seeking recognition by         high in protein and vitamins such as fresh vegetables, fruit,     representation and advice to help patients throughout
   with comprehensive health care services. Our physicians,         the National Committee for Quality Assurance for meeting             bread, meat, cheese, canned and boxed food, frozen               Wisconsin overcome these challenges.
    nurse practitioners, dentists and therapists work               high standards of clinical quality and care coordination.             dinners and nutritional supplements. Delivery of food to
     collaboratively to develop treatment plans that best serve                                                                            people with HIV who are unable to leave their homes            Social Work Case Management                 HIV patients
      our patients.                                                 Cutting-Edge HIV Research ARCW physicians                               accounts for 21 percent of all food distributed through       always receive a complete assessment of their health and
                                                                    are engaged in HIV research that produces results                         the ARCW Food Pantry.                                       social service needs by skilled ARCW social workers.
          Advanced Treatment The physicians of the ARCW             that become guidance for the most effective                                                                                           This assessment is used to prepare a comprehensive
           Medical Center are infectious disease specialists with   treatment. At the 17th Conference on                                         Housing Having a place to call home is one               care plan so medical and dental care is secured,
             outstanding experience in HIV care. Through            Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections,                                    of the most important factors contributing              referrals for other needed care and treatment
               partnerships with the Medical College of             a leading national scientific meeting of                                        to patient adherence to difficult HIV treatment       services are made, financial entitlements are
                   Wisconsin in Milwaukee and Prevea Health         HIV researchers, ARCW Medical Center                                               regimens. The ARCW Housing Program                 obtained and all our patient needs are
                      in Green Bay, our physicians are recruited    physician Christine Hogan presented                                                    includes residential facilities for families   met. This expert help enables patients
                          from outstanding health care settings,    findings    related   to   when                                                            and individuals, rent and utility          to navigate the complex health and
                               ensuring our patients the most       treatment should begin to                                                                      assistance and intensive housing       social service systems successfully
                                     advanced HIV treatment         help slow HIV disease                                                                                 counseling to prevent           without delay, frustration
                                             and specialty care.    progression.                                                                                                  homelessness.           or worry.

       A CENTER OF EXCELLENCE ARCW physician Christine Hogan discusses a treatment plan with one of her patients.                            A CENTER OF EXCELLENCE Lottie Seaman, ARCW Food Pantry coordinator, delivers groceries to a client at home.
                                       HIV MEDICAL HOME                                                                                                           AIDS PREVENTION PROGRAMS
                          A Unique Model of Patient Centered Care                                                                                                       Powerful Strategies that Save Lives
All Patient Needs Are Met The comprehensive, multi-                  patients due to its patient-friendly environment and the high        High-Tech Outreach Each new generation is threatened             officials. Because of Lifepoint, only 5 percent of new HIV
disciplinary health and social services at ARCW are coordinated      quality of care it provides. It is the largest and fastest-growing   by AIDS in new ways. To address changes in technology            cases in Wisconsin are attributed to injection drug use.
by medical case managers and comprise a unique model of care         HIV health care provider in Wisconsin with a patient census          and instant communication, ARCW constantly adjusts its
 where all the needs of HIV patients are met in a patient-friendly   that is 70 percent greater than the next largest HIV provider.        AIDS prevention strategies to sustain powerful outreach         Strategic Diversity ARCW prevention strategies meet
 environment. Our patient-centered model of care is an HIV           The diversity of patients enrolled at the ARCW Medical Center         programs. Using new-media Internet strategies ARCW              the diverse needs of highly diverse populations at risk for
  medical home where patients receive high quality care and gain     is unmatched as it serves more women, gay men and people               delivers life-saving prevention information and materials to   HIV disease. They include abstinence support for youth,
   the greatest opportunity to succeed with their treatment plans.   of color than any other HIV provider in the state.                      people at risk for HIV throughout Wisconsin.                  outreach to gay men, needle exchange for drug users and
                                                                                                                                                                                                           education for women on negotiating safer sex practices.
     Improved Health Outcomes The HIV medical                        Leading the Country Recognizing the value of an                           Needle Exchange Nowhere in America does the                 ARCW prevention programs are a powerful force saving
      home model at ARCW is improving health outcomes                HIV medical home for improving health outcomes and                         needle exchange prevention strategy flourish more than     lives from HIV.
       for HIV patients. Oral health is markedly improved,           reducing health costs, ARCW encouraged the Wisconsin                        in Wisconsin. The ARCW Lifepoint needle exchange
         behavioral health issues are decreasing, adherence          Legislature and Governor Jim Doyle to enact a new law                         program operates in 11 Wisconsin cities, making it      HIV Testing At the core of every ARCW preven-
           to HIV medications is increasing, viral load levels       to enhance Medicaid reimbursement for our unique                                the largest statewide needle exchange program         tion strategy is an emphasis on HIV testing with
             are being reduced and more patients are                 HIV medical home services. It is enlightened                                      in the country. It is a holistic program that       the goal of diagnosing HIV in the early stages of
               experiencing treatment success.                       public policy that makes Wisconsin a leader                                          includes HIV and hepatitis C counseling and      the disease. People testing positive for HIV are
                                                                     in the country on HIV medical homes.                                                    testing, access to harm reduction drug        immediately referred to the ARCW Medical
                        Attracting Record-High Patient               In his National HIV/AIDS Strategy for                                                      treatment and a life-saving overdose       Center where needs assessments are
                           Enrollment The ARCW Medical               the United States President Barack                                                             prevention program. Lifepoint          completed and treatment is initiated.
                               Center is a unique medical home       Obama has recommended the                                                                          operates with the full support     Early diagnosis is the key to
                                    that is attracting record        HIV medical home model                                                                                   of public health and         successful management
                                              numbers of HIV         of care.                                                                                                        law enforcement       of HIV disease.

  A CENTER OF EXCELLENCE John Fangman, MD; Nicole Martin, DDS; and Kevin Roeder, PhD, lead the ARCW Medical Center.                                  A CENTER OF EXCELLENCE ARCW Social Network Testing Specialist Tim Medley administers an HIV test.
                                                                                                                                                               2009 FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE

                                                                                                                                       STATEMENT OF ACTIVITIES                                                INVESTMENT OF RESOURCES
                                                                                                                                       For Fiscal Year Ended August 31, 2009

                                                                                                                                       U.S. Department of Health & Human Services        $2,359,653       34%                                      34%
                                                                                                                                       U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development       893,395      ARCW                                     Social
                                                                                                                                       State of Wisconsin                                 5,374,197
                                                                                                                                       City of Milwaukee
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Medical                                  Services
                                                                                                                                       Milwaukee County                                                 Center
                                                                                                                                       Racine County                                         55,000                                                 21%
                     SOUND FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT                                                                                        Brown County                                          21,330                                              Prevention
                                                                                                                                       Eau Claire County                                                      6%                                  Services
                             Best Practices Bring Financial Success                                                                    Dane County
                                                                                                                                                                                             17,014      Administration
                                                                                                                                       Fund Development                                   1,612,100                               2% Public Policy
 High Investment in HIV Services ARCW is dedicated                 by an independent audit firm. Because of sound financial
                                                                                                                                          Special Event Expenses                          (362,305)
 to achieving the highest investment of resources for the          management practices at ARCW, the annual audits                                                                                                           3% Fund Development
 provision of HIV prevention, care and treatment services.         constantly demonstrate effective internal controls, full               Grants to Wisconsin AIDS Agencies                  (9,149)
  Using best-practice financial management strategies              financial compliance with government grant requirements             United Way                                           437,391
  ARCW has achieved a record high 91 percent investment            and no deficiencies, weaknesses or deficits.                        Reimbursement for Services                           647,624
   of resources for HIV services with only 9 percent of                                                                                Other Revenue                                         10,789
   resources used for administrative and fundraising activities.   Financial Success Despite Recession The economic
                                                                   recession is a serious financial challenge for individuals,                                                                         BALANCE SHEET
                                                                                                                                       TOTAL REVENUE                                    $11,963,134    For August 31, 2009
       Diversity of Revenue Diversification of revenue is          businesses and nonprofit agencies. ARCW is responding
        a wise financial management strategy. With more            to this challenge with strong advocacy that increased               EXPENSES
         than 50 separate government revenue contracts,            government funding and with a comprehensive private                                                                                 ASSETS
                                                                                                                                       Program Services:                                                                                             $3,823,226
           reimbursement revenue from more than 15 third           sector fundraising campaign that exceeded its goal.                                                                                 Current Assets
                                                                                                                                          ARCW Medical Center                            $4,003,592                                                   2,965,029
             party payors and private sector revenue from                                                                                                                                              Net Fixed Assets
               more than 5,600 corporate, foundation               Expansion of Services Even during the                                  Social Services                                 3,949,437                                                     199,026
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Other Assets
                  and individual donors, ARCW successfully         economic downturn, effective financial                                 Prevention Services                             2,403,284
                                                                                                                                                                                                       TOTAL ASSETS                                  $6,987,281
                    sustains a highly diversified revenue base.    management practices have enabled ARCW                                 Public Policy                                     239,936
                                                                   to expand the ARCW Medical Center to                                Supporting Activities:
                            Successful Financial Audits            Green Bay, mental health services                                      Administration                                               LIABILITIES & NET ASSETS
                               Every year ARCW has a full          to Wausau and Appleton and                                                                                                          Current Liabilities                           $1,913,344
                                                                                                                                          Fund Development                                  400,109
                                    compliance     financial       needle exchange services                                                                                                            Long-Term Liabilities                            877,745
                                           audit conducted         to Waukesha.                                                                                                                        Total Liabilities                              2,791,089
                                                                                                                                       TOTAL EXPENSES                                   $11,637,265
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Total Net Assets                               4,196,192
                                                                                                                                       CHANGE IN NET ASSETS                               $325,869     TOTAL LIABILITIES & NET ASSETS                $6,987,281
A CENTER OF EXCELLENCE Chief Operating Officer Mike Gifford and Vice Presidents Susan Hallberg and Dan Mueller manage ARCW finances.
                                      ARCW AT A GLANCE
                                                                                                                                                                             Aids ResouRce centeR   of   Wisconsin

                                                                                                                                                                             Excellence in HIV Health Care
                                                         ARCW Medical Center
                                                            Medical Patients
                                                            Dental Patients
                                                                                                             1,163                                        HONOR ROLL OF DONORS
                                                            Mental Health Patients                             418               The AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin is deeply grateful to the following donors for their
                                                            Total Patient Visits                            13,302            generous contributions of $100 or more made between September 1, 2008, and August 31, 2009.
                                                            Total Unduplicated Patients                      1,340           ARCW also is grateful to those who made gifts of less than $100 and who contributed to AIDS Walk
                                                                                                                                Wisconsin. We especially thank our Red Ribbon Patron donors who have made cumulative
                                                         ARCW Social Services                                                   contributions of $10,000 or more and are recognized in this Honor Roll with a red ribbon-   .
                                                            Case Management Clients                          1,653
                                                            Legal Service Clients                              829   $100,000+                             -Greater Milwaukee Foundation —     -Stackner Family Foundation            -Terry A. Hueneke
                                                                                                                                                             Eldon E. Murray Foundation Fund   -Barbara Abert Tooman                  Jerry Janis
                                                            Food Pantry Clients                              1,384   -Medical College of Wisconsin
                                                                                                                                                           -Hunger Task Force of Milwaukee     -Walgreen Company                      Jefferson Wells Corp.
                                                                                                                     -United Way of Greater Milwaukee
                                                               Pounds of Food Provided                     800,000                                         -Jane Bradley Pettit Foundation     -William M. Wardlow                    -Mickey Johnson
                                                               Food Home Deliveries Made                     2,102   $75,000+                              -M&I Foundation                     -Estate of David Wiggins               -Kenosha County Division
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          of Health & Human Services
                                                                                                                     -MillerCoors                          -Miller Brewing Company             -Wisconsin Dental Association
                                                            Housing Clients                                    679                                           Employee Fund                          Foundation                        -Kimberly Clark Corporation
                                                                                                                     -Northwestern Mutual Foundation
                                                               Overnight Stays in ARCW Housing              13,706                                         -National Association of                                                   -Nancy and Arthur Laskin
                                                               Rent Assistance Provided                   $598,144   $50,000+                                Theatre Owners of Wisconsin       $2,000+                                -Robert Leschke, MD
                                                                                                                                                             & Upper Michigan                  -American Family Insurance             Kim and Daryl Lueck
                                                                                                                     -William Reinicker                                                                                               Marquette University
                                                                                                                     -United Way Fox Cities                -Oneida Tribe of Indians            -Barbara and Raymond
                                                                                                                                                             of Wisconsin                                                             Craig Matheus
                                                         Total Patients & Clients Served (unduplicated)      2,523                                         -Otto Bremer Foundation
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Bachhuber, MD
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Patrick B. Mehigan
                                                                                                                     $25,000+                              -Norma Reinicker Reilly
                                                                                                                                                                                               -Sara and Anthony Bartell
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      -Jose Milan and Richard Beckman
                                                                                                                                                                                               Bi-County Emergency Food
              ARCW Locations                             Diversity of Patients & Clients
                                                                                                                     -Aurora Health Care
                                                                                                                     -Emory T. Clark Family
                                                                                                                                                           -Michael and Elizabeth Riordan
                                                                                                                                                           -Roundy’s Foundation
                                                                                                                                                                                                   and Shelter Program
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      -Lorraine and Morry Mitz
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Philanthropic Fund
                                                                                                                                                                                               -Ellen and Brian P. Buggy, MD
                                                            African American                                 43%        Charitable Foundation                                                                                         -MM Insurance Associates, Inc.
 Appleton               Kenosha              Milwaukee                                                               -K.C. Stock Foundation
                                                                                                                                                           -Richard F. Swenson                 Peg and Keith Burns
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Mortgage Data Management
                                                            White                                            40%                                           -The Catholic Community             Crossroads Presbyterian Church
Eau Claire             La Crosse              Superior      Hispanic                                         13%
                                                                                                                     -MAC AIDS Fund
                                                                                                                     -The Comer Foundation
                                                                                                                                                             Foundation                        -Direct Supply, Inc.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      -Pam and Dan Mueller
                                                                                                                                                           -Wisconsin AIDS Fund of the
Green Bay               Madison               Wausau        Asian, Pacific Islander, Native American          4%     -Wisconsin Trust Account
                                                                                                                        Foundation, Inc.
                                                                                                                                                             Greater Milwaukee Foundation
                                                                                                                                                                                               -Elmbrook Church
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      -Doug Nelson
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      NOW Electrical Services
                                                                                                                                                                                               -Epic Systems Corporation              Ostrom Enterprises
                                                            Men                                              72%     $10,000+                              $5,000+                             Denise Ferreira and David Ryan         -Robert Parrish and Richard Steele
                                                            Women                                            28%                                           -Jeffrey Anderson and Doug Church   -FIS
            Health Care for All                                                                                      -Anonymous
                                                                                                                     -Assurant Health                      -Bartels Limited Partnership        Froedtert Memorial Lutheran Hospital
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      -Nancy and Ray Retzlaff
                                                                                                                     -Mary and Timothy Bowers              -Susan Bennett                      -GE Healthcare                         -Dan Riedl and Rick Stabler
ARCW provided $2,217,169 in uncompensated care,          Prevention Services                                                                               -Cream City Foundation              -Donna and Michael Gifford
                                                                                                                     -Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS                                                                               -RitzHolman CPAs
assuring access to health care for all HIV patients         Needles Exchanged                              764,646   -Cornerstone Foundation               -Derse Foundation                   Charlene Grabowski                     -Kevin Roeder, Ph.D. and Jeffry Miller
regardless of ability to pay.                                                                                           of Northeastern Wisconsin, Inc.    -Dynacare Laboratories              -Greater Milwaukee Foundation —        -Scott and Peggy Sampson
                                                            Condoms Distributed                            625,545   -Delta Dental of Wisconsin            -Forest County Potawatomi               John C. & Harriett Cleaver Fund        Charitable Fund, Inc.
                                                            HIV Tests Administered                           2,103   -Emergency Food and Shelter             Community Foundation              Greater Milwaukee Foundation —         James Santelle
             Health Care Hero                                                                                          Program
                                                                                                                     -Anne and Dean Fitzgerald
                                                                                                                                                           -Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club
                                                                                                                                                           -Phoenix Care Systems, Inc.
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Colton Charitable Fund
                                                                                                                                                                                               -Greater Milwaukee Foundation —
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Amy Stolarski and Sean Rutter
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Marie Tallmadge
ARCW Medical Director John Fangman, MD, was named        ARCW Staff                                            125   -Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard    -William J. Radler                      Kopmeier Family Fund               The Gardner Foundation
                                                                                                                       Academy                             -Rainbow Over Wisconsin             -Greater Milwaukee Foundation —        -Grace and Mark Thomsen
a Health Care Hero by the Milwaukee BizTimes for his     ARCW Special Event Participants                     5,330   -Greater Milwaukee Foundation —       -Ralph Evinrude Foundation, Inc.        William J. Radler Fund             -UnitedHealthcare of Wisconsin
leadership of the ARCW Medical Center.                   ARCW Budget                                   $11,963,134     Johnson and Pabst LGBT              -SC Johnson, Inc.                   -Janet and Donald Greenebaum           -Ray Vahey
                                                                                                                       Humanity Fund                       -Nita Soref                         -Roma and John Hanson                  JoAnn and Michael Youngman
$1,000+                                Chad Hershner and Jeff Amstutz        Athlone Consulting LLC                Satchi Hiremth and Robert Vaughan     Joan Olsen French                     Patty Bakke                               -Barbara Ericson                     Martin D. Kutzler
-Abbott Laboratories                   -Mitzi and Bernard Hlavac             Bear Club 4 Men                       James Hoffman                         James and Elizabeth Orth              -Nancy Balcer                             Jess L. Faber                        Samantha Kwarcinski
-All Saints Cathedral                  Diane E. Hochrein                     Susan and Steven Bergin               Steven P. Honkomp                     -Joseph R. Pabst                      Douglas Barron                            Mary and John Fangman, MD            Mary Ann and Charles LaBahn
-American College of Bankruptcy        -Ronald Jacquart and Michael          Kathleen H. Bink                      Gretchen and Richard Hudock           William Pape and Jake Frick, MD       Katherine Bayliss, MD and                 First Presbyterian Church            Daniel Lagerman
    Foundation                              McCarthy                         BioScrip Pharmacy                     Sherri and John Huff                  Mary Ellen and Bruce Pindyck              Thomas Mann                           Katherine and Daniel Flaherty        Kathy Lambert
John H. Ashley, Jr.                    Jewish Community Foundation           Sara Bowen                            Independent Care Health Plan          -Greg Ponto                           BD Matching Gift Program                  Thomas Flicker                       Kellie Lang and Mark Backe
Father Kenneth J. Augustine            Bobbie Jones                          Dennis Braun                          Danielle and William Janisch          Sergio Quintero                       Margery and Irvin Becker                  Ana Franco                           Elaine Lange
Frances and Joseph Bachman             John Kannenberg and Dave Jacob        Betsy Brenner and Steve Ostrofsky     Michael Jones                         William G. Rasche                     David Berg                                Lisette Franco                       Debbie Lassiter
Michael J. Bento                       Sarah and Daniel Kleaveland Kupczak   Daniel Bross and Robert Cundall       Ronald Jones                          Sharon Reed                           Sarah Bernstein and John Hallanger        Judith and James Francois            Barbara Lauderdale, MD
-Braden Plumbing, Inc.                 Stephanie Knuteson                    Brown County Food and Hunger          Jan Judziewicz and Thomas Jeske       Jeff Reeves and John Paradowski       Michael Bersch                            Paul Francois                            and Bradley Lauderdale, MD
Martin T. Brown                        Craig Koerth                              Network                           Raejean Kanter                        Roman Reyes                           Annie Blaha                               Sarah and Scott Frandle              Jim Lehner
Charles Brummitt, MD                   Jennifer and Paul Kramer              Virginia and Allen Buhler             Marilyn and Jonathan Kay              James Rivett                          Jane E. Blick                             Kelly and David Frank                Galen Lemke
Mario Bufo and John Deneen             -Douglas F. Krimmer                   Stephen Captain                       Jerome R. Kerkman                     -Lucy Rosenberg                       Ellyn C. Bold                             Fred Boutique                        Jennifer Leonard
Juan Carrasquillo                      LaCage                                Steven Carini, DDS                                                          Daniel L. Rosmann                     -Bernice and Gordon Boucher               Judy and David French                Sandra Lomeli
-Children Affected by AIDS             -Janine Lang                          Julie Carlisle                                                              Cheri and Charles Runge               Roger Bowen                               Gerald Frye                          Michael D. Loughran
    Foundation                         Linda & Jock Mutschler Foundation     Tony Chakonas                                                               Ronald A. Sachse                      Lisa M. Boyce                             Janice Galt                          Sarah J. Lulloff, MD
Christopher Allan’s (Club 1226)        Patrick Marek                         Kristen and John Charlson                                                   Mary Kay Schuknecht                   Patrick Brady and William Heinzelman      Donna Geb                            Ann Lynch
City of Milwaukee Health Department    Marquette University High School      Jacquelynn and Luke Chiarelli                                               Morcine Scott-Warren and              Scott Bresnehan                           Norma and Ian Gilson, MD             Matthew Mackai
Craig Cook and Marshall Draper         -Paul Milakovich                      Coleman & Williams, Ltd.                                                        Craig Warren                      Carri and Isaac Brewer                    Harold and Elaine Goetz              Lois Malawsky and Jay Larkey, MD
-Judith Derse Langenbach               Judith T. Moon                        Judith Cook                                                                 Shorewest Realtors                    Kate Brice                                Jeff Goldberg                        Douglas P. Manders
Pam and Brian Dix                      -Donna Neal                           William W. Dahl                                                             Mary Ann and John Smilanich           Debra and Michael Brophy                  Jay and Gene Gospodarek              Dolly and Dan Martinez
Emergency Food and Shelter Network     Barbara O’Connor                      Frank Daily and Julianna Ebert                                              Ellen Soren Beda                      Beverly and Roger Brown                   BJ Gruling and Richard Clark         Alberto Maya, MD and Tim Grair
    of La Crosse                       Jackie and G. Richard Olds, MD        Steve Debbink, DDS and Greg Plowe                                           Linda M. Sorenson                     Christy L. Brown                          Jo and Bill Guenzel                  Jade McDuffie
Ernst & Young                          David Paris, DDS                      Vickie and Joe Delgadillo                                                   St. Martin of Tours Parish            Tim Brown                                 John Hale                            Linda and Abram McCabe
-Henry Faust                           Carol and Jorge Pellegrini, MD        Margaret Dethloff and Terri Zeh                                             St. Pius X Special Needs Fund         Richard Bruner                            Jane Hawes, MD and                   Jason Medhurst
William Feerick                        -Pick ‘n Save — We Care Program       Alice and Jerry Detry                                                       Anne and Jack Stewart                 Calvary Baptist Church                        David Shapiro, MD                Dennis Melchi and Robert Carroll
Peter Foote and Robin Wilson           Michelle Pientka                      Shirley and Robert Downey                                                   Strategic Management Associates       Ana Maria Calvo                           Steven D. Hawk                       Eric Miller
Inez Gomoll                            Brooke and Brady Poppinga             Jane and Dave Durment                                                       Barbara and Sterling Strause          Daniel Cardona                            Viday Heffner                        Jeffrey Miller
                                       PPC Foundation                        -Donella Elsen                        Sandra and Thomas Kleba               Raquel Strayer                        Mary and Jude Carlin                      Cliff Heise
                                       -Roche Laboratories                   James S. Evans                        Henry Kokemueller                     Mary and John Szcygiel                Charles E. Carlson                        George Hietpas
                                       Mary Rose                             Thomas Ewing                          Carol and Doug Kracht                 Joe Szews                             Castaways M.C. of Milwaukee               Rebecca G. Hobart
                                       Peggy and David Rosenzweig, MD        -Virginia R. Finn and Evan L.         Kruz                                  Michael W. Terry                      Children’s Service Society of Wisconsin   Roland D. Hoffmann
                                       -Daniel Schmidt and Mark Berry            Lenhardt                          L.E. Phillips Family Foundation       The Mathilde U. and Albert C. Elser   Barbara and Allan Converse                Paula and Andrew Holman
                                       -Katherine and Larry Schnuck          Paul Fleckenstein                     John Laabs and Scott Kranzusch            Foundation                        Robert Craigie and Stephanie Comer        Amelia Howell
                                       -Maureen and Gary Shebesta            James Flynt and Michael Batcho        Reverend Tony Larsen                  Shirley Tiedjen                       Margaret M. Crowley                       Courtney Hunter
                                       Susie and Cary Silverstein            Graciela and Victor Franco            Barbara Lee                           John Tomlinson and Donald Krause      Fran Culbert                              Ruth J. Irvings and Amy Shapiro
                                       Charles Smith                         Donald R. Fritz                       Leon Lefeber                          Lorene Verley                         Darci Cunningham                          David Jach
                                       Gary Steinhafel and Jocelyn Servick   Henry E. Fuldner                      Susan and Arthur Lloyd                Jennifer Walther and Steve Rynecki    -Polly and Giles Daeger                   Kenneth J. Janowski
                                       Michaela and Daryl Stuermer           Gamma Sigma Sigma                     Lola’s                                Waukesha County Technical College     James Dehne                               Douglas Jansson
                                       -Thrivent Financial for Lutherans     Tami Garrison                         George Marek                          -Heide Wetzel                         Chadwick Denman                           Douglas Johnson and John Mooney
                                       Tibotec Therapeutics                  Nancy and Thomas Gazzana              Mawicke & Goisman, S.C.               Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare         Rita Derleth                              Chris Kantak
                                       United Parcel Service                 M. B. Gonyo                           Cassie and Kevin McCauley             Dawn White                            James Dickhut and Scott Humble            Shannon Kantowski
Donna Goodwin                          Gregg Vergetis and Curtis Cattanach   Gregory Gowdy and Jack Balzer         -James McFarland                      Suzanne Wosoba                        Diane Diel and David Zepecki              Joseph Karpfinger and Craig Thelen   Marilyn Miller
Tad Gospodarek and Dan Ziebell         -von Briesen & Roper, SC              -Greater Milwaukee Foundation —       Ann L. McLean                         -Suzanne and Gary Wulff               Claudia Dietrich                          Jeffrey C. Kasch                     Josh Minkin
Greater Milwaukee Foundation —         Carole Wallace                            Lois and Donald Cottrell Fund J   Medical College of Wisconsin — CAIR   Youth Independence Project            Joan Dimow and John Moulder               Khristian E. Kay                     Stephanie Minnich
   Anonymous M Fund                    -We Energies                          Ginny Gribble                         Greg Milward                          Daniel Zimmerman, MD                  Lorraine and Charles Doherty              Daniel T. Keegan                     Joseph Miron
Greater Milwaukee Foundation —         -WEYCO Group, Inc.                    -Father Mike J. Hammer                Milwaukee Board of School Directors                                         Kirk Dow                                  Yuri Keegstra                        Jill and Kent Morin
   Burns-Schrader Family Fund          Bill Wilcox                           Hope Hanson                           Milwaukee Group Insurance             $250+                                 Connie and Mark Dow                       Saud Khazal                          Morton Drug Company
Greater Milwaukee Foundation —         -Wisconsin Housing and Economic       -Harley-Davidson Foundation               Specialists, Inc.                 Shawn Alexander                       Warren Dugan                              Aimbora E. Kitoi                     Moussa and Judy Mostofi
   Catherine and Walter Lindsay Fund        Development Authority            David C. Harper                       Milwaukee Health Services, Inc.       Jack Allison                          Larry P. Edwards                          Kathleen and Nicholas Kleibor        Dale Mueller
-Green Bay Packers Foundation                                                -David Harrison                       Elaine Morberg and Pat Stepanski      Anonymous                             Darryl Eidson                             David Klevgard and Jeffrey Buser     Rick Murphy
Glen Gygax                             $500+                                 -Edward Hashek and John Jors          Margaret and Dwight Morgan            Jamie M. Armata                       Alice and Edward Eisendrath               Carol Knox                           Lucia and John Murtaugh
George Hanneman                        -Ace Chemical Products, Inc.          Daniel Haworth                        -Bill Morley and Jim Schleif          Arthur and Judith Saltzstein          -Timothy Elverman and Dennis Miller       Denise Krueger                       Gary Naarup
Katherine Helminiak                    Timothy Aiken                         Scott E. Heaton                       Linda and Kieran Mulligan                Philanthropic Fund                 Troy Emerson                              Michael Kuharske                     Paul Neary
-Herbert H. Kohl Charities             -JoAnne and Nick Anton                James Heidt                           Susan Nemetz                          AseraCare                             Emerson Supply Company                    James Kurz                           Anne and Dan Nowakowski

          A CENTER OF EXCELLENCE AIDS Walk Wisconsin teams raise much-needed funds for the ARCW Medical Center.                                                           A CENTER OF EXCELLENCE AIDS Walk Wisconsin has raised more than $10.3 million for HIV services.
  Mark D. O’Brien                        Mark E. Slocum                          Richard Abrons                    Robert A. Berry                                                            Nova Czarnecki                        Gregory Farmer                    Rochelle Gorichs
  Kelly and Robert Olejniczak            Delbert J. Slowik                       Majed Abuhajir                    Judith and David Berther                                                   Bruce Dahltorp                        Joan and Dick Farrell             Eileen Gorman
  Kristin and Cory Olson                 Steven Smits                            Amy and David Ace                 Kris Bertram                                                               Carmelyn Daley-Hinkens                William Fauntleroy                Bonnie Gorshe
  Janet Osborne                          Natalie B. Soref                        Rose Addo                         Kenneth Bester, Jr.                                                        Anne Daniels                          Joel Fechter                      Barbara and Arlo Gough
  Luke Allan Palese                      Theresa Soren                           Advanced College of Cosmetology   Mindy Biedrzycki                                                           Richard Dannhausen                    Francine Feinberg and             Katherine A. Grace
  Heather L. Parrish                     Meredith Soren Freese                   Roger Alexander                   Susan and Thomas Bigelow                                                   Erica Darley                              Edward Rubin, PsyD            Joseph Grafwallner
  Nancie and Jim Peterman                Mary and John Splude                    John Alley                        Jenny Biglow                                                               Nancy and Willard Davidson            Rebecca A. Ferguson               Don Grande
  Paul T. Pfannenstiel                   Danae Steele                            America’s Pest Control            Anne Binns                                                                 Libby R. Davies                       Stephanie Findley                 Renee D. Graves
  Derek Pleasants                        Margaret Stein-Kodzik and Bill Kodzik   Alitha Anderson                   Robert A. Bjerke                                                           Laura Ann Day                         Robert Fink, Jr.                  Rosalie Greco
  Susan Raatz                            Todd Stenzel                            Barbara and Daniel Anderson       Ellen Bladorn                                                              DDN Pharmaceutical Logistics          Mike Fitzpatrick                  -Bea Green
  Timothy Radelet                        Jay Swope and Chris Smith               Justin J. Anderson                Terese Boeck                                                               Rachel De Hartog                      Mary Teresa Flaherty              Dara Greene
  David Raether                          Daniel Taylor                           Kotti M. Anderson                 Eric Boehle and Michael Stocke                                             Katrina Debauche                      Bruce Fleischacker                Wendy and Paul Greeney
  Nicole Rauch                           Karlyn and Michael Teipner              Susan and James Andracchi         Roberta Boehm                                                              Donna DeBerge                         Robert Florek                     Bonnie Gregg
  -Toby and Sam Recht                    Rayla Temin                             Mary Beth Andrews                 Carol Boers                          Susan Chandler                        Tom and Deb Degnan                    Daniel J. Fons
  Kris and David Reicher                 The Structural Shop, Inc                Kurt Angermeier                   Dana Bohm                            Adrianne S. Chang                     Dorothy and Arthur Degnitz            Pat Fons
  Desiree M. Rembert                     Cheryl Thiede                           Aniu                              Douglas Bonamici and Jane Schopen    Charles Schwab Foundation Employee    William Dehn                          Barb Foote
  Melissa and Glen Ringwall              Stephen Thompson, MD                    Anonymous                         Debbria and Harding Bond                  Matching Gift Program            Gloria Delgadillo                     Christopher J. Forst
  Ligia Rivera                           Nicolas Tice                            Haseeb Arain                      Judith W. Bond                       George Chars and Ralph Chrisman       Jean and Victor Delisle               Tony Fortun
  Stephanie Roades                       Keri Torgerson                          Argonaut Charities, Inc.          Dennis Borski                        Ben Cheney                            Deborah Derksen                       Heather Fowles
  Richard Robinson                       Timothy Toth                            Jody Armata and William Greylak   Erica Bova-Brown and Michael Brown   Dwight Childers                       Stanley Dillon                        Christopher Francis
  Carlos Rodriguez, MD and               Geoffrey Trotier                        Kevin Atkinson                    Joel A. Boyce                        Jerome Chingo-Harris                  Debra E. Dimberg                      Jesse Franklin
      Christopher Leichliter, MD         Tonya Trumm                             Au Courant, Inc.                  -Karen and William Boyd              Jim Chiolino                          Carol Dolphin                         Deanna Frazier
  Marsha J. Roecker                      Kathryn Vaggalis                        Mark Aulik                        John Boyle                           Susan Chmiel                          Darrel Donahue and Bill Manly         Fred Astaire Dance Studios
  Lisa Rosner                            Kate Venne                              Marcia Avallone                   Anne and Ted Brantingham             Clarence Chou                         Marty A. Dooley                       Deborah and Jay French
  Emily and Calvin Rystrom               Eugene Vlies                            Andrew Avila                      Dale E. Brashers                     Bill Christofferson                   Doral Dental USA                      Stephanie Frey
  Charles Sachs                          Brian Volkers                           Kalid Aziz                        Joseph Bree                          Melissa and John Chudnow              Thomas Dornoff                        Scott A. Gallo
  Jes Sartin                             Christopher Wagie                       Barbara and Frank Baer            Constance and Mark Brickman          Robert Chuppa                         Thomas G. Dornton                     Constance Ganapes and
  Scott Schabow                          -Scott Wallace and Ron Via              Gary Balcerzak                    Ricardo Broach                       Adrian B. Ciazza                      Catherine Doyle                           James Mazzulla
                                         Patrick Walsh                           Kurt Baldwin                      Rob Brodo                            Therese E. Cieslak                    Theresa Doyle                         James M. Garcia                   George Gregory
                                         Bruce C. Wantuch                        Mary Anne Balmer                  Rachel Brosseau                      Jerry Cigliana                        Lindsey D. Draper                     Joanne and Gregory Gardner, DDS   Karen R. Greil
                                         Brian Warnecke                          Dorothy Baltes                    Michelle Brost                       City Lights Chill                     Tyrone Dumas                          Amanda Garry                      Mary and John Grimm
                                         Sandra Westbrook                        Matthew I. Barber                 Damiano Brown                        Karol T. Clapper                      Roy J. Dunlap                         Bruce Gasaway                     Mary and Steve Grosklaus
                                         Paul Whitson                            Linda L. Barikmo                  Tony Brown and Jason Zellmer         Joanne and Steven Clarey              Dru Dunwoody                          Norma Gavronski                   Jean Grow
                                         Lana and Robert Wiese                   Hugo Barillas                     Jane Bruner                          Thomas S. Clark                       Ray Durr                              Lori Gendelman                    Barrett R. Gruber
                                         Laurie Wilhelm                          Dan Barlich                       Neil Bubke                           Tim Clark                             Sarah Dutton                          Geraldine and George Georgoulis   Lisa and Wayne Guglielmi
                                         Nakesha V Williams and                  Cynthia Barnicki                  Chad Bucholz                         Douglas W. Classen                    Kurtis Dyer and Patrick Flaherty      Roy Gerber                        Robert Gulig
                                             Terrance Williams                   Rose Marie and Alan Baron         Thomas Buhler                        Clean Power, LLC                      Brent Eastabrooks                     Debra Gerner                      Diane E. Gunderson
                                         Thomas Wilson                           Therese Barry-Tanner              Jennifer L. Bunker                   Karie and James Clement               William Eckart and Greg Wozney        Colleen R. Gerou                  Michael E. Gunter
                                         Dawn and John Wittak                    Kurt Baumann                      Marianne Burish                      Mark Cloutier                         Michael Eckman and Roger Hyttinen     Chad Gerson                       Punkaj Gupta
                                         Jeanette and Ray Wolf                   Bruce Bautch                      Coco Burnett                         CNA Foundation                        Jason Edmonds                         Donna M. Gessert                  Nitin D. Gupte
                                         Katherine A. Wolter                     David Baxa                        Reginald Burque                      Flora and Arthur Cohen                Stewart Edwards and Joanne Danforth   Jonathan Gice                     Carol R. Gurgul
                                         Christie E. Wrenn                       Bay Street Tattoo                 Patrick T. Butler                    Danita Cole Medved                    Thomas Eichman                        Theresa Giersch                   Jan and Leon Gutierrez
  Aaron Scheller                         Koua Xiong                              Roger Bean                        Barbara and Donald Buzard            Scott Coleman                         John Eigel                            Hilary Giffen                     Patricia A. Habanek
  Lois Schleif                           Barbara York                            Edward Beckard                    Amy and Nathaniel Cade               Mary Collins and K Moon               Bob Ela                               Inez and Eugene Gilbert           Susan and Richard Hackl
  David E. Schmidt                       Catharine Young                         Diane and David Bedran            Cafaro Law Offices                   Kirk Cookson                          Donald Elliott                        James E. Gillette                 Dale Hagan
  -James Schroeder and Patrick Farrell   Sandra and Carl Zetley                  Kathy and Jon Beggs               Nicholas Caffentzis                  Gerald Coon and Stewart Dempsey       DeRonda Engebretson                   Sara and Michael Gilman           Meredith B. Hall
  Ellen L. Schroeter                                                             Joshua A. Behrend                 Tom Callen                           Sharon M. Copiskey                    Jeanne and Andrew Etier               Ajamu Giscombe, DDS               -Susan Hallberg
  John F. Schwulst                       $100+                                   Cara Behrendt                     Stacie Callies                       Carla Cores                           Jeff Evans                            Peter Glaser                      Marjorie Hamacher
  Sue and Bud Selig                      400 West Beauty Salon                   Diane Beltran                     Tracy & Bruce Cameron                Megan Corey                           Thomas Ewart                          David Glenn                       Lydia Hamilton
  Cathy and Tim Shaw                     A & E Services                          Jennifer Berg                     Nicole Camosy                        Craig Cornelius                       Michele Exworthy                      Glow Salon & Spa                  John W. Hanin
  Jim Sherrill                           Gary Abplanalp                          David G. Berger                   Jeanette and Timothy Campbell        Cousins Submarines, Inc. Foundation   Margaret Faber                        Beverly and John Goetz            Tom Hanley
  Mason Sherwood and Mark Franke         Kris and Andrew Abplanalp               Krystyna Berger                   Kimberly and Robert Campbell         Jim and Terry Crolius                 April M. Falaschi                     Janet Goldman, MD                 Liz and Michael Hanna
  Janis Shogren and Mary Houseman        Shirley Abrahamson                      Mary Berger                       Cargill Meat Solutions               Myra Cubos                            Lori Falci                            Burton Goodman, DDS               Libby Hansen
  Margaret Sitter                        Adiv Abramson                           Gail M. Berko                     Maureen Carney                       Brian Cummings                        Samara and John Fangman, MD           GoodSearch                        Harbor Credit Union
  Claude Sloan                           Abri Health Plan, Inc.                  Karen and Elliot Berman           State Senator Tim Carpenter          Mary Cunningham                       Vicki Farley                          Cathy and Rob Gordon              Carol Hardtke

A CENTER OF EXCELLENCE Wisconsin Health Services Secretary Karen Timberlake tours the ARCW Medical Center with John Fangman, MD.                                A CENTER OF EXCELLENCE ARCW receives corporate donations from Roundy’s Supermarkets and MAC Cosmetics.
Joanne Harley                             Michael Johnston                        Teri and Dennis Kramer                                                   Helen Moll and Robert Schels      Sharon and Jim O’Dwyer              Barbara Recht                         Virginia and Robert Savrnoch
Labaron D. Hartfield                      Tepesto Joiner and Nicholas Schneider   Edith Kraus                                                              Monday Night Irregulars           Michael Oelhafen                    Mary Redlinger                        Nancy and James Schacht
Kathleen E. Hartinger                     Angela M. Juarez                        Andrea M. Kremer                                                         Elizabeth Mondschein              Margaret O’Leary                    Melinda and Scott Redlinger           Betty Schaefer
Helen and Daniel Hartsman                 Mary Jutton Murphy                      Pam Kriger                                                               Pablo Montes de Oca               Todd O’Leary                        Denise Reed                           David W. Scharneck
Kevin Hartz                               Bradley Kalscheur                       Shirley and Stanley Kritzik                                              Brenda and Corey Mooney           James Ollrogge                      Gina Rehkemper and Jan Mueller        Jeanne Schierstedt
Lindy Hauber                              Susan and Dale Karpen                   Larry Krueger                                                            Constance and Donald Moore        Nick Olson                          Therese Reiland                       Anne Schilder
Cora and Gordon Haugli                    Michael F. Kasper                       Veronica K. Krueger                                                      Robert Moore                      Jack Omer                           Katharine Reilly                      Julie Schinzer
Karen and Gary Hegranes                   Jeffrey Kassel and Alison Einbender     Richard Kunath                                                           Jennifer Morales                  Charles O’Neil                      Russ Reiter and Gary Kopydlowski      Patricia C. Schlick
Kathy Heidemann                           Adam Kast                               Mary Pat Kunert                                                          Sarah Morgan                      Kirsten and Robert O’Quinn          Paul J. Reszka                        C Jarrod Schmitz
Steven P. Hellenbrand                     Arlene A. Kasten                        Edward M. Kupka                                                          David Morris                      Andrea D. Ostrovsky                 Rexnord Corporation                   Art Schneider and Kyle Paskey
Karen M. Hembree                          James Kaufman                           Renny Kurian                                                             Julie Morris                      William O’Toole                     Michael Reynolds and Daniel Dashner   Michael Schoenig
D.D. Hendrickson                          Fran Kavenik                            Kay and Max Kurz                                                         Mount Olive Evangelical           Marilyn Ottum                       Michelle Riba-Doerr                   Margaret and Tim Schoewe
Lisa Hensch                               Judith and James Kearney                Seth Kutzleb                                                                 Lutheran Church               Sara A. Owen                        Robin A. Rice                         School Sisters of Notre Dame
Andrew Herbach                            Chris Kellenberger                      James V Lacey, MD                   Kelli Marek                          Craig Mountain                    Luisa Padron                                                              Jane Schopen
William Herf                              Shannon Kenevan                         Susan Lacke                         Everett L. Marshburn                 MP Kowbel Appraisal Company       Kathleen S. Palof                                                         Reverend Peter Schuessler, SDS
Becky Hicks                               Laurie and Bruce Kestelman              Richard LaFountain                  Melanie Martin                       Darcie Muckler                    Patricia Parrish                                                          Jeanette and Glenn Schultz
Mark L. Hinchey                           Kris Kindred                            Christina Land                      William Martin                       Connie Mueller                    Jack Patzer                                                               Jamie Schulueter
Mary and Hal Hinderliter                  Jason King                              Cosette Lang                        Miguel Martinez                      Jennifer and Keith Mueller        Amy Pavlak                                                                Sarah Schulz
Anne Hoefflin                             Misty King                              Jay Langhurst and Daniel Klingler   Kathryn Martin-Meurer                Multiverse, Inc.                  Howard Payne                                                              Donald M. Schunke
Jill Hoffman                              Steve King                              Amy Larsen                          Gale and James Mate                  Shelly Mumma                      Estella S. Pedersen                                                       Marsha Schuppler
Joan and James Hogan                      Matthew Kippenhan                       John Larson                         Nancy and William Mathias            Scott A. Munoz                    Lillian Pegg                                                              Christopher Schwartz
Judith Holbrook                           Amy Kistner                             Debra Laster                        Jo Ann Matsuyama                     Timothy A. Murphy                 Connie and Geno Pemrich                                                   Mari Jo Scicero and Susan Jurgens
Joan Holmes                               Jean M. and Russell T. Kittleson, DDS   Zeb Lau                             Charlotte Matteson                   Dale Murray                       Marshall Pepper                                                           Loretta Scott
Byron Holz                                Rebecca Kleba                           Mary Jane and Lynn Laufenberg       James May                            Donald Murray                     Dawn Perkins                                                              Lukicia Scott
Heidi Hopkins                             Amy Kleinerman                          Christopher Laurent                 Lula T. Mays                         Esther and Wayne Murray           Brian Peterson                                                            Lea Scruggs Parker
Jean and Harold Horneffer                 Melissa J. Kliesch                      Darwin Lauterbach                   Kevin McCauley                       Kevin Murray                      Mary and Robert Peterson                                                  Cathy Seasholes
Miriam Horwitz                            Duane A. Klinter                        Agnes and Robert Lee                Patricia McCausland                  Michael Murray and Kurt DePrey    Joseph Pfiffner                                                           Anne Sechtig
Maryjoyce Hotelling                       Kay Knauer                              Sylvia and Chris Lee-Thompson       Charity and Matthew McCrory          Dawn Musbach                      Suzanne and Richard Pieper                                                Bruce Seeds
Philip Huettl                                                                     Paul M. Lemen                       Elaine McDermott                     Valerie Bazaras and Ian Musson    Dwight Pierce                       Bill Richter                          Hope Seegert
Anne Hughes and Stanley Livingston, III                                           Janet and Jack LeSuer               Jeffrey McEathron and Vance Werner   Elaine and Howard Myers           Mic Pietrykowski                    Randy Rickert                         SEIU Local 150
Kathryn and Steve Huffman                                                         Melissa Lewis                       Michael McFadden and                 Holly Nash                        Mary R. Pike                        Mark E. Riemer                        Penny Seymoure and Jeffrey Roberg
Heide Hughes                                                                      Jennifer Leyrer                         Steven Scholze                   Nell Nash                         Jenny Piotrowski                    Carmen Rigau                          Jeremy Shamrowicz
Marquisha Hullum                                                                  Mary Ruth Liegler                   Christine McGee                      Doug Nass                         Adam Pleister                       Thomas Riley                          Teri Shapiro
Mrs. Peter D. Humleker                                                            John Locke                          Marilyn McGoldrick                   Eric Nelson                       Chuck Poulson                       Noel and Todd Ringe                   -Bill Shaw
Anne Hunt                                                                         Cherie A. Lockwood                  Terry McGuire                        Helen Nelson                      Steve Powell                        Glen Rinwell                          Catherine L. Shaw
Sheri Huther                                                                      Frank Lococo                        Randall McKee                        JoAnn Nelson                      John Powers                         Keith Ritger                          David Shaw
Elinor and Dale Ihlenfeldt                                                        Kent Loehrke                        Ellyn McKenzie                       Mary Jo and Dwight Nelson         Mark Powers                         Peter Robson                          John Shaw
Integrated Trust Systems                                                          Scott Lone                          Shauna D. McMann-Blackmon            Pauline A. Ness                   Priests of Sacred Heart             Theresa Roetter and Mark McColloch    William and Terri Shaw
International Order of Jobs Daughters                                             Nick Longo                          MCW Cares                            Margaret Neubacher                Cathy Prieto                        Madolyn Rogas                         Barbara and Melvin Shikora
Natalie Isensee                                                                   William H. Longyard                 Jennifer A. Mears                    Rosalie Neufeld and Thomas Bush   Tom Prieto                          Debra and Jeff Rogers                 Lois Siebrecht
Lise Iwon                                                                         Mary and William Lorentz            Tom Meaux                            Tom and Joan Neuschaefer          Richard Pues                        Emily L. Rogerson                     David A. Siegworth
Bonnie Jachowicz                                                                  Wendy Loumos                        Menbere Medhin                       Susan Neville                     Jane and John Putnam                Katherine Rogerson                    Anna Simmert
Clarissia Jackson                         Kim Koch                                Eddie R. Lowry, Jr.                 Katie Meeker                         Diane and Kent Newbury            Elizabeth Pyne                      Cris Ros-Dukler                       Katherine Simpson
Joan and Jonathan Jacobs                  William Koehn and Daniel Austin         Leonard Lutzke                      Pamela L. Mehnert                    Kevin Newell                      -Quad Graphics                      Debra Rosman                          Laura Sims-Bundy
Carolyn R. Jacobus                        Kohler Company                          Michelle and Daniel Mahlik          Memorial Presbyterian Church         Dale A. Newman, DDS               Stephanie L. Quade                  Daniel Ross                           Diane Sisler
Jaidyn Med Care, LTD                      Kohn & Smith Law Offices                Margaret Malnory and                Marie Menz                           Lawrence I. Nielsen               Jeanne Quevedo                      Debra Rouse                           Monica Sixtos
Joan and Richard Janisch                  Phillip Kokemueller                         Thomas Silbernagel              Edward Merrigan                      Cecilia Nieves                    Julie Raaum                         Annie Royal                           Kristina Skagen
Richard P. Janisch                        Kathleen and James Koneazny             Mary Malone                         William Messal                       Mary M. Norman                    Karl Raaum                          Marilynn Rushton                      Joseph Skotarzak
Robin and Richard Jasinski                Peter Konrath                           Susan Manalli and Gail Smith        Mary Jo Meyers                       Northgate Auto Sales, Inc         Sharon and Joseph Radelet           Kathryn Rutishauser and James Wall    Donald Smith
George and Kathy Jelich                   Vitus Konter                            Victor Mandarich                    Shari W. Michael                     Corrina Novak                     Milanni Radomilovich                Sam’s Club                            Joseph Smith
Almer Johnson                             Joel Kopischke                          Donna Gardner Manke and             Andrew Milbauer                      Adam J. Nowaczynski               Cindy and Max Rasansky              Michael Samson                        Kelly G. Smith
Daniel Johnson                            Karen Kortsch                               Christopher Manke               Sacha Milton                         Terri Nudelman                    Patricia Rauch                      Joe Sanfelippo Cabs, Inc              Kyle T. Smith
Eric B. Johnson                           George Koutny                           Dylan Mann                          Mirror Mirror Salon                  Ken Nurnberg                      Beverly C. Rautenberg-Panko         Paul Santana                          Marvin L. Smith
Sheri and Van Johnson                     Nikki Kozinski                          Bob Mansell                         Becky and Gregory Misiewicz          Kevin O’Brien                     Miriam Reading and Richard Miller   Rebecca Satterthwaite                 Lorraine Smits
Tyrone M. Johnson                         Thomas Kraklow                          Jeanne Mantsch                      Sandy Moats                          Jeff O’Donnell                    Michael Reba                        Jane and Charles Sauer                Kenneth Solofra

       A CENTER OF EXCELLENCE Jolly Holly Folly guests start the holiday season with a private Milwaukee Rep performance.                                              A CENTER OF EXCELLENCE 23 of Milwaukee’s finest restaurants donate cuisine for the Jolly Holly Folly gala.
Jennifer L. Somerlott              Wesley Todd                              Douglas Weigand                   ARCW SPECIAL EVENTS                     JOLLY HOLLY                    Restaurants                           William Feerick                         IN-KIND GIFTS
Katy and Justin Sommer             Julie Tolan                              Ken Weintraub                     ARCW is grateful to the following       FOLLY                          Bella Café                            -Anne and Dean Fitzgerald               ARCW is grateful to the following
Douglas S. Soref                   Jose Torres and Miriam Oliensis-Torres   Sarah and John Weitzer            corporations and individuals            Hosts                          Cempazuchi Comida Brava               -Froedtert & The Medical College        individuals, organizations and
Southwest Plastering               Linda Townsend Christ                    WellPoint Foundation              for their generous support of           -Assurant Health               Coquette Café                             of Wisconsin                        businesses for their contributions
John Sparks                        Dennis and Carol Trinastic               Connie Wells                      ARCW fundraising events.                Gary Balcerzak                 Crawdaddy’s Restaurant                GE Healthcare GLBT                      of goods and services.
Jeffery Spatz                      Trio Entertainment Group                 Wells Fargo Community                                                     -Sara and Anthony Bartell      Cubanitas                             -Donna and Michael Gifford
Howard Spector                     TTM Technologies                             Support Campaign              CORPORATE SPONSORS                                                     Eat Cake                              -Greater Milwaukee Foundation           88Nine RadioMilwaukee
                                                                                                                                                      David Berg
Thomas Spies                       Margaret J. Tungseth                     Kristine and Gene Wendt                                                                                  Edgar’s Calypso                           Johnson & Pabst LGBT                ABC — Live! with Regis & Kelly
                                                                                                              -American Family Insurance              BioScrip Pharmacy
Susan Sroka                        Benjamin S. Tway                         Anna & Russ Werner                                                                                       Good Life                                 Humanity Fund                       Adventure Rock
                                                                                                              -Braden Plumbing, Inc.                  Annie Blaha
St. John Evangelist Congregation   Dr. and Mrs. Timothy Tyre                Teresa Wetzel                                                                                            Indulge                               -Beatrice Green and Paul Masterson      Alberto Culver Company
                                                                                                              -Brewers Community                      Richard Bruner
St. John United Church of Christ   John F. Uher                             Deborah Wham                                                                                             Kil@wat                               -Susan Hallberg                         Alterra Coffee Roasters
                                                                                                                  Foundation, Inc.                    Nicole Butgereit
Michael P. Staeck                  Michael Ulatowski                        Richard Whitaker                                                                                         La Perla                              -Father Mike J. Hammer                  Alverno College
                                                                                                              -Dynacare Laboratories                  Luke Chiarelli
Matt Stamborski                    Underwood Memorial Baptist Church        Nick White                                                                                               Maggiano’s                            -Roma Hanson                            Ambassador Hotel
                                                                                                              -FIS                                    Coleman & Williams, LTD
Cynthia Stankiewicz                Unitarian Universalist Fellowship        Stephen White                                                                                                                                  Cliff Heise                             American Players Theater
                                                                                                              L.E. Phillips Family Foundation, Inc.   DDN Pharmaceutical Logistics
Stano Landscaping, Inc.                of La Crosse                         Michael D. Whittley                                                                                                                            Roland Hoffman — Hyatt Regency          John Arneson
Sandra and Bruce Stark             UnitedHealth Group                       Gregory Wierzbach                 -MAC AIDS Fund                          James Dehne
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Milwaukee                           Art Bar
Adrianne Starks-Sims               Elizabeth Van Horn                       Judith Wilcox                     Managed Health Services                 Connie and Mark Dow                                                  Independent Care Health Plan
                                                                                                                                                      Jason Edmonds, MD                                                                                            Artist & Display
Emily Steele                       Judy Van Till                            Thomas R. Wild                    -MillerCoors                                                                                                 TJ Jeske and Jan Judziewicz
                                                                                                                                                      Debra Gerner                                                                                                 Bartoli Filmworks
William Steffenhagen               Tim Vandermause                          Glenn Wilder                      -MM Insurance Associates, Inc.                                                                               Jerry Kerkman                           Bartolotta Restaurant Group
Angela Steiling                    Shalimar Vega                            Jerry Wille                       -Northwestern Mutual Foundation         -Donna and Michael Gifford                                           David Klevgard and Paul Handle —        Rita and Randy Bash
Marley and Gary Stein              Kathy and Robert Vesperman               Adria and Neil Willenson          -Oneida Tribe of Indians                Kathleen E. Hartinger                                                    NOW Electrical Services             BBC Lighting Co.
Doris Stepanski                    Mark Vila                                Dorothy Williams                      of Wisconsin                        Steven D. Hawk                                                       John Kowalkowski —                      Beans & Barley Market & Cafe
Edward Stern                       David Wacker, MD                         Lisa and Conor Williams           -Phoenix Care Systems, Inc.             Viday Heffner                                                            Les Ciseaux Salon                   Terri Beiner
Trudy Stern                        Faye Waclawski                           David G. Willms                   -Promolux, Inc.                         -Ronald E Jacquart and                                               Jennifer and Paul Kramer                Bel Canto Chorus of Milwaukee
Scott Stewart                      Carl Wagner                              Abby Wilson                       -RitzHolman CPAs                            Michael McCarthy                                                 Kim and Daryl Lueck                     Sarah Berte
Diana K. Stieldorf                 Cheryl Walker                            Nancy Winslow                     -Roche Laboratories                     TJ Jeske and Jan Judziewicz                                          Mawicke & Goisman, S.C.                 Boston Store Furniture Gallery
Marilyn and Gerald Stillings       George Walker                            Wisconsin Association of Nurses   -SC Johnson, Inc.                       John Kannenberg                                                      -Paul Milakovich                        Breadsmith
Stan Stojkovic                     Mark Walker                                  in AIDS Care                  Tibotec Therapeutics                    Shannon Kantowski              Maxie’s Southern Comfort              Jeffrey Miller and Jeffrey Wilke        Brewers Community Foundation, Inc.
Barbara Stollenwerk                                                         Gerald Wise                       -UnitedHealthcare of Wisconsin          Yuri Keegstra                  Mitchell’s                            -MillerCoors
Kirstin A. Stone                                                            Robert J. Witczak                 -von Briesen & Roper                    Denise Krueger                 Motor                                 Greg Milward and Bruce Pitz
Robert H. Storm                                                             Christopher Withers               -Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy           Mary Pat Kunert                Osteria del Mondo                     Milwaukee GAMMA, Inc.
Peter Stott                                                                 Michael Wolaver                   -WEYCO Group, Inc.                      Darwin Lauterbach              Pizza Man                             Milwaukee Group Insurance Specialists
Ruth and Wayne Streck                                                       Sharon Wolf                                                               Michelle and Daniel Mahlik     Potawatomi Catering                   Milwaukee Health Services, Inc.
Streich Family Foundation, Inc.                                             Wendy Wosoba                      AIDS WALK                               Eric J. Miller                 Rip Tide                              -Pam and Dan Mueller
Arlene and Jerome Strunk                                                    Michael C. Wright                 WISCONSIN                               Mortgage Data Management       Riverfront Pizzeria                   -Doug Nelson
Vivian and Perry Stuckey                                                    Robert A. Wright                                                              Corporation                Simma’s Bakery                        -Robert Parrish and Richard Steele
                                                                                                              Raising The Bar Competition
Adel and Robert Sucher                                                      Julie Wroblewski                                                          Michelle Murphy                Soup Market                           -William J. Radler
                                                                                                              Winner: Christopher Allan’s
Chester Suski                                                               Jean Wucinski                                                             -Joseph R. Pabst               Tenuta’s Restaurant                   Jeff Reeves and John Paradowski
                                                                                                                 Club 1226
Marjorie A. Sutton                                                          Kristine Wulff                                                            -William J. Radler                                                   -Dan Riedl and Art Bar
Bob Tambellini                                                                                                Runner Up: Milwaukee PumpHouse/
                                                                            Jason A. Yazzie                                                           -Nancy and Raymond Retzlaff    MAKE A PROMISE                        Stephanie Roades
Jeanne S. Tanke                                                                                                  We ‘R’ the Strongest Link
                                                                            Richard Yglesias                                                          Carlos Rodriguez, MD           GALA                                  -Kevin Roeder, PhD
Michael D. Tarney                                                           Erica B. Young                                                            Ellen Schroeter                Table Captains                        St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church
Gail and Paul Taylor               Joe Wallenhorst                          Sandra and David Zalewski         Top Ten Fundraising Teams
                                                                                                                                                      Susan and Cary Silverstein     Athlone Consulting                    James Santelle                          Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS
Mary L. Taylor                     Paul Waller                              Rizvana Zammeeruddin              Christopher Allan’s Club 1226                                                                                -Jim Schlief and Bill Morley
                                                                                                                                                      Mary Ann and John Smilanich    -Sara and Tony Bartell                                                        Brown County Food and
Colleen Terlicker                  Larry Walter                             Scott Zantow                      Milwaukee Pumphouse/                                                                                         Morcine Scott-Warren and
                                                                                                                                                      -Nita Soref                    -Bartels Management Services, Inc.                                                Hunger Network
-The Marcus Corporation            Susan Walters                            Erika L. Zelinski                     We ‘R’ the Strongest Link                                                                                    Craig Warren
                                                                                                                                                      Arlene and Jerome Strunk       BioScrip Pharmacy                                                             Cargill Meat Solutions
Ron Thelen                         Carol Wanek                              Marilyn and Marvin Zetley         Fluid for an ASAP Cure                                                                                       STD Specialties Clinic, Inc.
                                                                                                                                                      Mary and John Szcygiel         Eric Boehle                                                                   Carroll Studios of Photography
Mary and Michael Thomae            Kimberly Washington                      Steph Zilli                       Olympia Brown Unitarian                                                                                      Mary and Michael Thomae
                                                                                                                                                      Keri Torgerson                 -Mary and Tim Bowers                                                          Cedar Creek Pottery
Jane Thomas                        Carrie L. Watkins                        Garth Zimmermann                      Universalist Church                                                                                      Tibotec Therapeutics                    Circus World Museum
                                                                                                                                                      Lorene Verley                  -Brewers Community
Jody Thomas                        Wave Educational Fund                    Jane M. Ziol                      Team ICON                                                                                                    -Ray Vahey and Equality Wisconsin       Clarion Hotel
                                                                                                                                                      Joseph Wallenhorst                 Foundation, Inc.
Rev. Richard L. Thomas             Gene Webb, PhD and                       Salvatore Zizzo and               Camp Heartland                                                         Tony Chakonas                         -Scott Wallace and Ron Via              Clear Channel Outdoor
                                                                                                                                                      Dawn and John Wittak
Barbara Thompson                      David Stowe, MD                           David Chapdelaine             M’s                                                                    City of Milwaukee Health Department   -We Energies                            Comedy Sportz
                                                                                                                                                      Suzanne Wosoba
Darlene and Eric Thoresen          Lynn and Don Weber                       Ruthe S. Zubatsky                 CGM/Elena’s House                                                      -Direct Supply, Inc.                  -WHEDA                                  Crowne Plaza Hotel-Madison
Brenda Tiesling                    Webster Financial                        Linda and Thomas Zukowskii        DEVO                                                                   Ernst & Young                         Daniel Ziebell and Tad Gospodarek       Michael Daley
Judy Titera                        Christine and John Weidner                                                 Team Pump

     A CENTER OF EXCELLENCE Wisconsin Supreme Court Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson addresses Make A Promise guests.                                 A CENTER OF EXCELLENCE The annual ARCW Make A Promise Gala is one of Wisconsin’s largest and most spectacular fundraisers.
John Deneen and Mario Bufo            George Watts & Son, Inc.              Midwest Airlines, Inc.                 Rosebud Cinema Drafthouse
Diablos Rojos Restaurant Group        German Fest                           Gail Milakovich                        Rubin’s Furniture
DigiCOPY                              Susanne Gidan                         Paul Milakovich                        Safety Works, Inc.
Discovery World Museum of Science,    Goldi, Inc.                           MillerCoors                            Salon Medusa, Inc.
   Economics and Technology           Cathy and Rob Gordon                  Milwaukee Art Museum                   Sendik’s on Downer
Door County Maritime Museum           Bea Green                             Milwaukee Chamber Theatre              Shady Lady
Doubletree Hotel Milwaukee            Green Bay Packers Foundation          Milwaukee County Parks                 Shady Lane Greenhouse, Inc.
   City Center                        Susan Hallberg                        Milwaukee LGBT Community Center        Maureen and Gary Shebesta
Shirley and Robert Downey             Hallman Lindsay Paint                 Milwaukee Magazine                     Skylight Opera
Dream Dance                           Harley-Davidson Motor Company         Milwaukee Mile                         Steve Slaske
Chad Dujmovic                         Harleys Store for Men                 Milwaukee Public Market                Karen Snyder
Dynacare Laboratories                 David Harrison                        Milwaukee Repertory Theater, Inc.      Erik Sosa
East Town Association                 Cliff Heise                           Milwaukee River Cruise Line            Stano Landscaping, Inc.
                                      Rick Heldt                            Milwaukee School of Floral Design      Stone Creek Coffee
                                      Bruce Hoffman                         Milwaukee World Festival, Inc.         Stone’s Throw Winery
                                      Jenni Hofschulte                      Miss Groove, LTD                       Michaela and Daryl Stuermer
                                      Terry A. Hueneke                      Lorraine and Morry Mitz                Sunset Playhouse, Inc.
                                      Hunger Task Force of Milwaukee            Philanthropic Fund                 Super Natural Distributors, Inc.
                                      Hyatt Regency Milwaukee               Mo’s Restaurants                       Sweeney’s Gym
                                      Incentive Gallery                     Pam and Dan Mueller                    Sybaris Pool Suites
                                      Invivo                                Nate Berkus Entertainment              Taliesin Preservation, Inc.
                                      Jerry Johnson                         Doug Nelson                            Tamarind Tribal Belly Dance
                                      Johnson & Johnson                     Neroli Salon & Spa                     Terragusto Restaurant
                                      Koss Corporation                      Next Act Theatre                       The Charles Allis and Villa Terrace
                                      Paul Kowalski                         Noah’s Ark Family Park                     Art Museums
                                      Lake Express                          Office Copying Equipment               The Geneva Inn
                                      Lake Street United Methodist Church   Olympia Brown Unitarian Universalist   The Milwaukee Wave
                                      Lakefront Brewery                         Church                             The Onion
Elements East                         Lakeshore Gallery                     Oriental Theatre                       The Pfister Hotel
Elite Fitness and Racquet Clubs       Dara Larson                           Pabst Theater                          The Turkey Store Co.
Emerald Gardens                       Debra Laster                          Paintball Dave’s Inc.                  Cheryl Thiede
Emery’s Third Coast Triathlon         Lela Boutique                         Palermo Villa Restaurant               Thomasville Home Furnishings
    and Fitness Shops                 Les Ciseaux Salon                     Robert Parrish and Richard Steele      Time Warner Cable
Erv’s Mug                             Local 560 Custodians —                Peninsula Players Theatre              Judy Titera
Family Farms, Inc.                        Eau Claire School District        PM Bedroom Gallery                     Town and Country Housing
Patrick Farrell and James Schroeder   John and Tanya Loe                    Present Music                          Trader Joe’s
Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin     Luci Boutique                         PrideFest, Inc.                        Trier Design LLC
Margaret Figie                        Luscious                              Prime Quarter Steak House              TTM Technologies
First Stage Milwaukee                 Madra Pet Styling                     PRP Wine International, Inc.           U.S. Oil
Flagstone Landscaping                 Magnolia & Co                         Quality Candy/Buddy Squirrel           Walker Art Center
Florentine Opera Company              Marcus Center for the                 Racine Art Museum                      Jane and Bill Weida
Flux Design, LTD                          Performing Arts                   Katharine Reilly                       WEYCO Group, Inc.
Frank O. Kloiber Jewelers             Marcus Theatres Corporation           James R. Reinke                        Wilderness Inquiry
Fred Astaire Dance Studios            Marquette University                  Stephanie Roades                       Jeffrey J. Wilke
Fred Boutique                         Grace Matson                          Rohr Jewelers                          Suzanne and Gary Wulff
Meghan Gauger                         Matt Barber Fitness                   Ram Rojas                              Tad Gospodarek and Daniel Ziebell
Tim Gauger                                at Delaware House                 Ronin Inc.                             Zoological Society of Milwaukee

                                                     ARCW is a United Way participating agency.

            A CENTER OF EXCELLENCE Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle signs the HIV Medical Home bill into law at ARCW.
    Appleton                   Eau Claire                  Green Bay                     Kenosha                    La Crosse
103 Washington St.      505 Dewey St. S. Suite 107      445 S. Adams St.              1212 S. 57th St.            2519 South Ave.
  (920) 733-2068             (715) 836-7710             (920) 437-7400                (262) 657-6644              (608) 785-9866
   800-773-2068               800-750-2437               800-675-9400                  800-924-6601                800-947-3353

                 Madison                     Milwaukee                     Superior                      Wausau
         121 S. Pinckney St. Suite 320   820 N. Plankinton Ave.        1507 Tower Ave.          1105 Grand Ave. Suite 1
              (608) 258-9103                (414) 273-1991             (715) 394-4009              (715) 355-6867
               800-518-9910                  800-359-9272               877-242-0282                800-551-3311

      For more information about HIV/AIDS contact: The Wisconsin HIV/STD/Hepatitis C Information and Referral Center
         A Program of the AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin • (414) 273-2437 • 800-334-2437 • www.irc-wisconsin.org

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