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					2   ISSuE 959
SEPTEmBER 21 2010   3
                                                                            sEP 21             PEtER HooK
                                                                             2010              uNKNowN PLEaSuRES TouR
    MUsIC NEWs                                                                        6
    NEWsbEAt                                                                         10
    bAsEMENt RAVER DaNcE & ELEcTRo                                                   26
    HEll AWAIts mETaL                                                                27


         CAllING All CARs
         PaGE 12

    tHE WRECKERY                                                                     12
    RUNNING GUNs                                                                     12
    bAAbA MAAl                                                                       14
    FlYING sCRIbblE                                                                  14
    oVERKIll                                                                         17
    MAYHEM                                                                           17
    Mt AUGUstUs                                                                      18
    WAtERPARK                                                                        18
    YoU ME At sIX                                                                    19
    tHE AUDItIoN                                                                     19
    soUlWAX                                                                          20
    lINKIN PARK                                                                      21
    tHE REPlICANts                                                                   22
    YoUNG REVElRY                                                                    22
    DAN WEbb                                                                         22

    AlbUMs                                                                           24
    sINGlEs wITH JoDY macGREGoR                                                      25
    INDIE RElEAsEs                                                                   26
    lIVE                                                                             28

    UNDERstANDING oF MUsIC                                                           30
    GIbsoN CUstoM sHoP Es-339 PRoDucT PRoFILE                                        32
    sIGNAl NoIsE INDuSTRY NEwS                                                       32
    tHE bIllboARD cLaSSIFIEDS                                                        33



                                                                                            HE’s IN CoNtRol
    CINEMA REVIEWs                                                                   37
    DINNER FoR sCHMUCKs acToR INTERVIEw                                              37
    DVD REVIEwS                                                                      38
    IDW PUblIsHING cHRIS RYaLL INTERVIEw                                             38
    CoNtRol FREAK VIDEo GamE NEwS & REVIEwS                                          39
    bARI FEstIVAl PRoFILES                                                           39
    WIN stUFF                                                                        40
    FoNtEYN REMEMbERED DaVID waLTERS INTERVIEw                                       40
    ARts LISTINGS                                                                    40

    lIstINGs                                                                                For a band that existed less than four years, and released only two albums – one of which posthumously – Joy Division left a potent legacy. and now founding member
    GIG GUIDE                                                                        41     PEtER HooK is setting out to commemorate the band’s debut album UNKNoWN PlEAsUREs by playing it in its entirety. PAtRICK EMERY finds out more from the
    CoNCERt CAlENDAR                                                                 42
                                                                                            legendary bass-playing mancunian.
       Quote Of The Week                                                                         Formed in the industrial city of Manchester and                 Fronted by the charismatic Curtis, Joy Division quickly     that surrounded Curtis’s performance. In May 1980 Curtis
          ...when our sound                                                                 fronted by the charismatic and chaotic Ian Curtis, Joy          developed a strong local reputation. Hook says the band’s        hanged himself in his Macclesfield home and the era of
       changes, it’s more of a                                                              Division’s dark, angular sound captured the intensity and       distinctive style came together very quickly; there was no       Joy Division was over; the emotionally charged Love Will
       casual thing. It wasn’t like                                                         angst in the punk scene in England’s northern working           period of introspection searching for a particular sound or      Tear Us Apart (released a month after Curtis’s death) came
       we hit band puberty, it’s                                                            class communities. Curtis’s tragic suicide in May 1980 cut      musical aesthetic to promote. “It was always very unsaid         to symbolise Curtis’s troubled personality.
       just that every day, every                                                           short Joy Division’s tenure, just as the band was on the        in both Joy Division and New Order,” Hook says. “Our style            Hook, Sumner and Morris went on to form New
       album, every tour naturally                                                          cusp of its first-ever American tour. While the surviving       seemed to fit together very easily. We never sat together        Order and achieved considerable success, laying the
       progresses our sound...                                                              members – Peter Hook, Bernard Sumner and Stephen                and scratched our heads trying to work out what music            foundations for the Manchester revival in the late 1980s.
       DaNNY STEVENS oF THE auDITIoN                                                        Morris – went on to achieve considerable success in New         we wanted to play,” he says.                                     After ignoring the Joy Division catalogue for a number
       SToRY oN PaGE 19                                                                     Order, the image and sound of Joy Division remains as                While Curtis was Joy Division’s principal lyric             of years, Hook says the surviving members eventually
                                                                                            powerful as ever.                                               writer, Hook and Sumner collaborated to write the                felt comfortable playing the older material. “We didn’t
    CREDIts                                                                                      30 years after Curtis’s death, bassist Peter Hook
                                                                                            is bringing his Unknown Pleasures tour to Australia,
                                                                                                                                                            band’s music. Hook says there was never any problem
                                                                                                                                                            bringing the two ingredients together in a harmonious
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             play any of the Joy Division songs for about five to
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             seven years,” Hook says. “And then we played Love Will
    EDITOR Chris Harms /
    PUBLISHER Colin Rankin /                                      celebrating the music of Joy Division. “I hate seeing these     fashion. “It all felt very natural and very normal,” Hook        Tear Us Apart for a friend’s birthday. We literally ignored
    LAYOUT & DESIGN Aaron Sammut /
                                                                                            cover bands doing it,” Hook remarks. “If anyone does it, it     says. “I don’t think I ever really heard Ian’s lyrics until we   Joy Division for many years, but then we realised we
    ASSISTANT EDITOR Emily Williams /                             should be one of us.”                                           went into the studio with Martin Hannett. And it was             could do justice to it,” he says.
    ARTS EDITOR Zenobia Frost /
    DANCE EDITOR Alasdair Duncan & Scott Harms /                       Joy Division took their name from the 1955 novel           only after Ian died that I really got to savour what was              Hook was initially approached to perform a show in
    INDIE EDITOR Jody Macgregor /
    GEARED EDITOR Denis Semchenko /                               House Of Dolls written by Ka-Tzetnik 135633: the term ‘joy      going on in his lyrics. When I’ve had to transcribe the          Macclesfield on the 30th anniversary of Curtis’s death,
                                                                                            division’ was the term afforded to the prostitution wing of     lyrics for the Unknown Pleasures tour, I’ve been able to         yet despite the brief involvement of both Hook and
    PHOTOGRAPHERS: Kristen Ashton, Justin Edwards, Sarah Keayes, Kylie Keene,
    Justin Ma, Jade Lake, Candice Marshall, Matt Palmer, Elleni Toumpas                     the Nazi concentration camp in which the novel was set.         analyse them a bit more,” Hook says.                             Stephen Morris, the event never proceeded. While he
    CONTRIBUTORS: Mitchell Alexander, Heidi Leigh Axton, Nina Bertok,                       I’d read a comment from guitarist Bernard Sumner that                After a succession of self-produced tracks and singles,     admitted being “terrified” of the prospect of performing
    Brooke Burgess, Ben C, Dermot Clarke, Tess Curran, Lindsey Cuthbertson,
    Brianna Dalton, Christopher Driver, Ainsley Dobson, Alasdair Duncan,
                                                                                            the band’s name was a sarcastic reference to life growing       Joy Division released their debut album, Unknown                 Curtis’s songs, Hook decided to follow up the idea and
    Christie Eliezer, The Educator, The Fabulous Sebastian, Scott Harms, To-                up in Manchester in the 1960s and 1970s. Hook is highly         Pleasures, in 1979. While Curtis had been displaying for         put together a show based on the Unknown Pleasures
    pher Healy, Tom Hersey, Matt Hickey, Mr J, Janeworld, Morgan Johnson,
    Ashlee Jones, Camilla Jones, Jack Langridge, Johanna Liddle, Jody Mac-                  amused by the comment, and professes never to have              some time signs of the volatile personality – and seizures       album. “I thought, ‘bugger it, I’ve got my own friends
    gregor, Glenn Manders, Andrew McMillen, Tosh Michaels, Tim Milfull, Su-
    san Milanovic, Owen Morawitz, Shaun Nancarrow, Chad Parkhill, Genev-
                                                                                            heard it before. “Did he really say that? … He must have
    ieve Parley, Patrick Perrier, Michael Pincott, Keryn Pointing, Paul Rankin,             been pissed at the time!”

                                                                                                                                                                        I like to think if he’s up there, he’s thinking
    Tim Retrot, Yumi Sed, Denis Semchenko, James Stafford, Frances Stephen-
    son, Olivia Stewart, Matt Thrower, Jason Tin, Simon Topper, Andrew Tuttle,                   As depicted in the Ian Curtis biopic Control, Manchester
    Bianca Valentino, Seanna van Helten, Paul Voge, Garry Williams
                                                                                            in the 1970s was a cold, culturally desolate city struggling
                                                                                            with the harsh reality of economic transformation; within
                                                                                            10 years the city’s industrial fabric would be suffering                   ‘that’s not bad, he’s done a good job’.
                                                                                            under the weight of Margaret Thatcher’s monetarist
                                                                                            policies. “When I watched Control I never noticed that it       – that would become part of his trademark image, Hook            and my own band,” he says. “So we put on a show,
                                                                                            was filmed in black and white,” says Hook, “because that’s      contrasts Curtis’s lyrics on Unknown Pleasures with the          and we had an exhibition upstairs. On the night there
                       11 Stoneham Street, Stones Corner 4120                               just what it was like to me when I was growing up.”             more frantic lyrical style that characterised the final          wasn’t a dry eye in the house.”
                           PO BOX 802, Stones Corner 4120
                        Ph: (07) 3397 2760 Fax: (07) 3397 0341
                                                                                                 Hook and guitarist Bernard Sumner had been friends         Joy Division material – “The lyrics on Closer are more               Hook is no longer in regular contact with his former
                          Web:                                      since school, sharing a common bond for music and a             desperate – the lyrics on Unknown Pleasures are not as           Joy Division bandmates, and isn’t sure what their
                          PLEASE RECYCLE THIS MAGAZINE                                      disdain for the dominant culture of the time. In 1976           much so.”                                                        perspective on the show is. Nonetheless, Hook says
                                                                                            they headed to the Manchester Lesser Free Trade Hall in             Unknown Pleasures saw Joy Division working with              performing the show, “was really beautiful – and it was
                                                                                            Manchester to see the Sex Pistols play their first gig in the   producer Martin Hannett, whose role in creating the              really cathartic as well.”
                                                                                            northern industrial city. “It was a complete shock really,”     distinctive Joy Division sound is widely acknowledged.               30 years after his death, Ian Curtis remains an iconic
                                                                                            Hook recalls. “We hadn’t seen anything like that before.”       In the past Hook was critical of Hannett’s approach, but         figure, his image plastered across t-shirts and posters
                                                                                                 It was during a subsequent Sex Pistols gig in              with the benefit of hindsight he’s come to see things            alongside other tragic rock & roll icons. For Hook, however,
                                                                                            Manchester that Hook and Sumner met Ian Curtis. The             differently. “Ironically it worked well with the song style,”    the legacy of Ian Curtis is that of a friend from Manchester.
                                                                                            Manchester punk scene had its own distinctive art school        Hook says. “The early stuff we did was more aggressive.          “Ian’s frozen in time,” Hook says. “He’ll always be my mate.
                                                                                            element, a characteristic that caused some friction with        With Unknown Pleasures there’s more depth to the music.          He was a friend and a wonderful colleague to work with.”
                                                                                            the London punks who’d travelled north to see the Pistols.      At the time I hated it – it lost the anger that we wanted        As for Curtis’s attitude toward Hook’s Unknown Pleasures
                                                          “There was a new breed of punks who came down and               with the music,” he says. “But now realise that it would be      tour, Hook simply hopes Curtis appreciates the celebration
    Rave is published every Tuesday by RAVE MAGAZINE PTY LTD ACN 098 049                    chased the art school punks away,” Hook says. “But Ian was      a completely different record with Martin’s production.          of Joy Division’s music. “I like to think if he’s up there, he’s
    668. The publisher reserves the right to alter or omit any advertisement.               one of us – he was a punk like us.”                             Martin’s style is a wonderfully evocative sound – it would       thinking ‘that’s not bad, he’s done a good job’.”
    Advertisers and/or their representatives indemnify the publisher in relation to
    defamation, slander, breach of copyright, infringements of trademarks of name                Curtis eventually joined Hook and Sumner in the            be very difficult to achieve that same style these days with
    of publication titles, unfair competition or trade practices, royalties or violation    latter duo’s fledgling outfit Warsaw, allegedly named after     a 24 track recording,” Hook says.                                 UNKNoWN PlEAsUREs: A JoY DIVIsIoN
    of rights of privacy and warrant that the material complies with all of the
    relevant laws and regulations and that its publication will not give rise to any        the David Bowie’s Warszawa. Later on drummer Stephen                In early 1980 Joy Division began recording what would        CElEbRAtIoN W/ PEtER HooK & FRIENDs takes place
    rights against or liabilities in the publishers, its servants or agents. Any material   Morris joined – “we met Stephen after we’d had a bunch          become the band’s posthumous album, Closer. Curtis’s             at the tivoli on Monday sep 27, supported by the
    supplied to Rave Magazine is at the contributor’s risk. No responsibility will be
    taken by the publisher, its servants or agents. Opinions in Rave Magazine are           of turkeys try out on drums”, Hook remarks dryly – and the      epilepsy had evolved into a significant problem, and Joy         Wreckery. tickets via see www.
    not necessarily those of the publisher or staff of Rave Magazine.                       band changed its name to Joy Division in early 1978.            Division’s gigs were characterised by the sense of chaos for more.

4                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      ISSuE 959
SEPTEmBER 21 2010   5
                                                                             NEWs FRoM tHE WoRlD oF MUsIC

                                                          RAVE A–Z oF loCAl bANDs lIstINGs oPEN                       Harry Heart Chrysalis fronting up to strut their stuff
                                                              Brisbane bands and solo artists take note! Listings     from 12 noon in a free Turbine Platform show.
                                                          for the Oct 19 Rave A–Z Of Local Bands are now open.         The Mana Bar’s chiptunes night Pocket Music will
                                                          To ensure your act is included in the largest and long-     have its first international guests on Thursday Oct 7,
                                                          est-running database of local music, visit www.rave-        with New York’s Bit Shifter and Nullsleep showing up
                                                 and click on the A–Z Listing tab to         to rock it Gameboy-style alongside Dot.AY and Hunz.
                                                          enter your details. Get cracking!                            Monster Mash takes over The Step Inn once
                                                                                                                      again on Friday Oct 8, with Let There Be Laptops
                                                          NEWsbItEs                                                   bringing you electronic madness in the form of
                                                           Sydney reggae-roots-rock outfit Jesse Morris & The        Jason Forrest (Berlin/NY), Yobkiss (Netherlands),
                                                          3 Beans play two final Qld shows on their self-titled       Monster Zoku Onsomb!, Nam Shub Of Enki, Col-
                                                          debut album launch tour this week, appearing at West        lapsicon, DJ Juga Juga and many more. As always,
                                                          End’s Music Kafe on Wednesday night, followed by            it’ll be huge (and noisy).
                                                          Garuva in Fortitude Valley on Thursday.                      The Blues Association of South East Queensland
                                                           Dance Hall Paradiso, the indie troupe formerly            (BASEQ) celebrates its 16th birthday with a bash at The
                                                          known as The Estates, have decided to call it quits – but   Zoo on Saturday Oct 9, with Chase The Sun, Cass Ea-
                                                          not before they play two final shows. One supporting        ger, Dillion James & The Tone Bakers and the Blues
                                                          Katie Wighton at The Troubadour this Wednesday night        Doctors.
                                                          (also with Claire Whiting) and a grand finale at the
                                                          Whitelight warehouse party on Friday Oct 1 (with The
                                                          Jezabels, Oh Ye Denver Birds and many more; Light-
                                                          space Warehouse, 30 Light Street, Fortitude Valley.)
                                                           Brisbane indie types Wherewolves play a show at
                                                          Lambda (Alhambra) this Thursday before they hit the
                                                          studio to record their debut album with Magoo. Head
                                                          along to hear them road test some new tunes.
                                                           Upper Roma St’s Beetle Bar continues to host some
                                                          eclectic line-ups for CBD punters this Friday, when grrl
                                                          punks The Pretty Boys launch a new CD alongside
                                                          Main Street Brats, D Rouser and 50 Bags. Free entry.
                                                           Electro-indie/arts/photography and fashion club
                                                          night Pistol Whipped is moving to the upstairs bar          bRoNZEFINGER
                                                          at The Step Inn this Friday, with Defkids, Cell, Minor          Just before they played a sell-out show there, mem-
                                                          Delay, DayJaVu, Luke Electrik and Mr. Alex providing        bers of Powderfinger (pictured) attended the unveiling
                                                          tunes and entertainment.                                    of a bronze plaque outside the Sydney Entertainment
                                                           Beats and breaks event Regrooved is on tour in Sep-       Centre in recognition of their place on the Australian
                                                          tember, pulling into Swingin’ Safari (Gold Coast) on Fri-   music scene.
                                                          day and X&Y Bar on Sunday. The line-up features Qdup
                                                          Foundation (US), local boy Slynk and Goodgroove             bANG GoEs tHE PRINCEss
                                                          Records’ Paul Master.                                          When Princess 1.5 named their album What
                                                           Wollongong via Wisconsin folk-rocker Places, Peo-         Doesn’t Kill You, they didn’t count on their Brisbane
                                                          ple (aka Brian Joseph Hugelmeyer) visits The Hive this      launch at The Troubadour going wrong. During sound-
                                                          week on his Brothers single launch tour. He plays Satur-    check there was a huge BANG from inside the venue,
                                                          day and it’s $10 on the door.                               which went all dark and silent. Texts and tweets were
                                                           This Saturday from 7pm–11.30pm, 2high Festival            sent to stop people from turning up to the cancelled
                                                          will be offering a special preview of the line-up for the   show. They’ve rescheduled the launch for this Sunday
                                                          Nov 12 & 13 event at *Batteries Not Included, a live        Sep 26 at, appropriately, the Powerhouse’s Live Spark.
                                                          showcase at new Brisbane venue The Alley (77 Elizabeth
                                                          St). Lion Island and Sulphur Lights appear, along with      DEADlY NoRtH
                                                          Brisbane-based circus act Circa Zoolings and more.               The 16th annual Deadlys indigenous talent awards
                                                          Tickets are limited and can be pre-bought now from          will take place at the Sydney Opera House on Monday
                                                               Sep 27, with Queenslanders Busby Marou, The Med-
                                                                                                                      ics, Viv Edwards, Adam James, Impossible Odds, In-
                                                          FoR tHE DIARY                                               digenous Intrudaz, Last Kinection and more all up for
                                                           Warming up for the October release of his debut           gongs. See, for the full list of nomi-
                                                          album Between The Colours, Liam Griffin is returning        nees, and check Rave next week for the winners.
                                                          to the stage to perform some new works of melodic
                                                          pop-rock with a show at Ric’s on Tuesday Sep 28. Mardi      QUEUE FoR KYÜ
                                                          Lumsden supports.                                               Fresh from their lauded Big Sound showcase and
                                                           Gold Coast psych-rockers The Moderns have a               receiving Rave Album Of The Week for their self-titled
                                                          show at The Troubadour on Thursday Sep 30, where            debut, Sydney avant-pop/vocal duo Kyü return to Bris-
                                                          they’ll be joined by Jimmy Saint & The Sinners and          bane to play a headline show at the Old Museum on
                                                          local favourites Grand Atlantic.                            Friday Oct 29. Supports are to be confirmed, with $10
                                                           Mexico City are preparing to start recording their        tickets available now from OzTix.
                                                          third album by playing a couple of shows in October.
                                                          They’ll be rolling into X&Y on Friday Oct 1 (supported      bAsICs INstINCt
                                                          by Transvaal Diamond Syndicate), then assist An-                Melbourne pop trio The Basics are currently giv-
                                                          drew Morris when he launches his new album at The           ing their new album /ðә’bæzItS/ (The Basics), away for
                                                          Troubadour on Saturday Oct 23.                              free online at A CD and
                                                           Triple J Unearthed winners and finalists get show-        vinyl edition with bonus material will also be out Oct
                                                          cased at the Brisbane Powerhouse on Saturday Oct 2,         10. Mixed at Abbey Road Studios in London, it’s not
                                                          with Stonefield, Tim & Jean, Glass Towers and The           some throwaway bedroom record, nor will it be free

6   FoLLow RaVE maGaZINE Now oN                                                                                    ISSuE 959
                                                                                                                                      E AT
                                                                      CHECK tHE RAVE WEbsItE FoR
                                                                      MoRE NEWs & DAIlY UPDAtEs


forever – so hurry. The band launch the new album in


Brisbane on Friday Nov 5 at The Club House.

                                                                                                                                                                                                  MAIN Sr
    Canberra dance duo The Aston Shuffle, now get-           1. Stars Light Up Your Eyes: Thanks to my friend

                                                                                                                                         STAGELATE WITH R ELITE
ting national airplay for their single Your Love, are the    Liz, who sent a link to the Guardian’s top astronomy
new #1 DJs in the country, according to        photographs of the year. They are amazing! Search

                                                                                                                                    MAINdMMASIoCN E MINO
au top 50 awards held in Sydney. A slightly stunned          them on Google – typing in Guardian Astronomy
Mikah Freeman and Vance Musgrove toppled Queens-             Photograph should do it.
lander Tydi, who held the title for three years. Tydi was    2. Stars On Film: The new photography exhibition
                                                                                                                                          IS Y ES A
                                                                                                                                    fUEEnDdA, +e1T8MEBNR 2MOTIVE + TH
                                                                                                                                      r SE AyYs P IeL eT 2
#2, followed by Andy Murphy from Melbourne at #3,            at GoMA should be worth checking out. Douglas

                                                                                                                                                                                                 + ZOO2
Queensland’s The Stafford Brothers at #4 and Syd-            Kirkland led, it seems, a charmed life involving every                                                           fRoM 6P
ney’s Bag Raiders at #5.                                     celebrity from Marilyn Monroe to Bette Midler and
                                                                                                                                    T WedOBsOT S es                                   DIE SCAT
                                                                                                                                    ROB R alex Jon MON WATSON +
                                                             he captured it all on one of his many, many camer-                             e a                                FRED
DIGItAl DIVIsIoNs                                            as. I saw him speak last week but haven’t caught the

                                                                                                                                                             Y                                 IE SCAT
                                                                                                                                                    1PTMAR 23SI s                     + FREDD
    In a contentious move, the Australian Communi-           show yet; he was the guy who shot Marilyn wear-                                                                           M

                                                                                                                                                                             fRoM 7P

                                                                                                                                    FRITDuAsYayesBy Venu1 PIeceE)N EATON TRIO
cations and Media Authority (ACMA) has scrapped              ing only a bedsheet … the shots are up until Oct 24
                                                                                                                                                  ,     eMBe
                                                                                                                                         h R d
                                                                                                                                           ok AY 2hn (1AY
content quotas for Australian acts for digital radio. This   and are presented as part of the Brisbane Festival.

                                                                                                                                         R                 2M B
applies until the next review in 2013. The Aussie music for more information.

                                                                                                                                        TURDs Jo                                  IE SCAT
community loudly opposed the move, saying airplay            3. Into The Woods Tonight…:Everyone’s probably

                                                                                                                                    SA ho I                            + FREDD
was important for the local sector. But the ACMA chose       already been down the little alleyway to Woodland,

                                                                                                                                     + W y,YeP2e3BeMAY BEN JAM ThuRsday, sePTeMBeRWITh
to side with commercial radio, which said digital radio      and if you haven’t you probably will soon. The Valley’s
                                                                                                                                                                           fRoM 6P

                                                                                                                                             EE ADM
needed to “experiment” with formats. ARIA is contest-        newest club promises enough bands and good DJs
                                                                                                                                                            24                               23                           fRoM 8PM

                                                                                                                                    SUNfRI n WaTson TR
                                                                                                                                                     T M R
                                                                                                                                          D dA s
ing the decision.                                            to fill the ample dancefloor, and the crowd is super-
                                                                                                                                             a                               The cluB house

                                                                                                                                       AYS FR
                                                                                                                                                                           anGela’s dIsh
                                                             friendly and well heeled to boot. Entry is usually only a

                                                                                                                                     sIMo + MoRe
bIts’N’PIECEs                                                paltry $5. Every Friday and Saturday night, with band

 Canada’s Tokyo Police Club want you to donate              Dirty Mattress playing (members of Per Purpose and
money to the RSPCA in return for their doggy-over-           Kitchens Floor), plus artist Charlie Hillhouse and De-                                                                $10 enTRy

                                                                                                                                                                          fRIday, sePTeMBeR 24 OOR

loaded video for single Wait Up (Boots Of Danger).           pot / Magazine / Rave favourite Polar Bear spinning                                                             fRoM 6P
                                                                                                                                                                 co S @ leWIsGE WITh eP
                                                                                                                                                        eMBeR 2
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        fRoM 8PM

                                                                                                                                               ay, sePT
                                                                                                                                                                            STA house
Check it out at                this weekend. Entry down Coniston lane.

                                                                                                                                                    ksy &
kyo_Police_Club.html.                                        4. The Best Two-Step: I love Flying Scribble. I love
                                                                                                                                        saTuRd                               The cluB

                                                                                                                                         BRooWMNRS6TAIR &The cucuMBeRs                  o’leaRyRY
 While Cold Chisel have confirmed they’ll do a              any band where women play bass with their feet
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   lau nc h
warm-up club show in Wollongong before their Muster          and sing like sirens. Check them out this weekend

                                                                                                                                           DyOePTe sessIon ACHINERY HIenTRyCANA
                                                                                                                                                                           fRoM 2P
headline show, look out for some secret gigs by The          at the Hangar (Friday) or The Troubadour (Saturday)
                                                                                                                                                         Be 2                           LL +
                                                                                                                                           su 21 aW Y H ATRS + LIES
Living End as they road-test new material.                   as they launch their debut album, We’re A Chame-

                                                                                                                                       ee AY nd MAalTIeRU GE APPsaTuRday, sePTeMBeR 25
                                                                                                                                                                   s M
 Best Coast singer Bethany Cosentino says they’re           leon. They are worth it.

                                                                                                                                    fR ID The ER CHA
looking at touring in March, with a Brisbane gig at a re-    ingscribble for more info.

                                                                                                                                      WALI h y, sePT M O R
cently opened new venue already tipped.                      5. As Delicious As It Is Clear: Back on the food tip,                                                                                                        fRoM 8PM
 Los Angeles TV producer Roxanne Davis has set-             last week I had dinner at longstanding Teneriffe Jap-
                                                                                                                                    FR ITBRANDIeCBeV21                ERTMTIT
                                                                                                                                                                             The cluB house WITh
                                                                                                                                                                            W auGusTusERS
                                                                                                                                                                            fRoM 5P

tled out of court her lawsuit against Johnny Rotten.         anese restaurant Mizu. Damn! The food is amazing

                                                                                                                                      +                  IThE CO    NC
                                                                                                                                                 aOOe W RE
She claimed that the former Sex Pistol and PiL singer,       and they have about five types of seafood, each one
                                                                                                                                              escSlaT N FanE
                                                                                                                                    CO al BucLSHIRE & TH
who was a judge on the reality TV series she worked on,      more mouth-watering than the last. It’s not cheap,
                                                                                                                                                                                                         fRee enTRy
threw a hissy fit over being accommodated at the five-       but it is BYO. Recommended if you have something

                                                                                                                                        UG sMIAY F OM a:hR
                                                                                                                                       OundWof cRolou 0PM
star Los Angeles Ritz Carlton hotel, called her a “c**t”     to celebrate.
and punched her.
 John Mayer has closed his 3.7 million-follower Twit-
                                                             5 MINUtEs WItH...                                                       Do Y 30 RInd 2 0
                                                                                                                                    +s    SUPDAIze + G
ter account, his final tweet being “what does this but-

ton do?”

 5 MINUtEs WItH...                                                                                                                     +u          18+ ID Required.
                                                                                                                                                                                                THE TEMPO HOTEL
                                                                                                                                        Management reserve the right to refuse entry.        388 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley.

                                                             ... melburnian car tape cover version princess lIsA
                                                             MIllER, who plays the Spiegeltent this week.

                                                             A friend recently found a mix-tape from three
 ... NICK sKINN, drummer for hard-rocking metal              years ago and was equally amused and relieved
 band CAUsE IN AFFECt.                                       by his 2007 selections. When compiling a mix-
                                                             tape, what’s most crucial?
 How do you deal with nerves before a show?                  I think the most important thing is to try and dig up
 Personally I have done a few shows in various bands         songs that the intended listener has not heard be-
 before, and trusting your band members really helps         fore. Once you’ve got some really wild songs then
 with quelling any anxiety. I find that if you keep fo-      you can juggle them around for maximum effect.
 cused on putting on the best show you possibly can          One thing you can never foresee is how someone
 for the people that have come out, there isn’t much         else will interpret a song. The amazing thing is how
 room for nerves. The three stiff drinks before walking      you can reinterpret or really ‘get’ a song years down
 on stage have no effect on nerves, I swear.                 the track by just listening to it on a car journey.
 Does having two brothers in the band ever lead              There are many types of mix-tapes, what criteria
 to trouble of the sibling rivalry kind?                     did you use for selecting for Car Tape 2’s tracks?
 Chris and I have been fighting for 20 years now,            I was thinking about driving at night when there’s
 so with that much practice you get good at some-            a stillness all around and your mind can open right
 thing. That is why it took 10 years of playing to-          up to the music that’s playing. I didn’t pick songs
 gether before we made the decision to start what            for a furiously paced car drive. I picked songs which
 eventually became Cause In Affect. We are both per-         have the ability to unfold with repeated listens and
 fectionists and stubborn when it comes to our mu-           can take the kind of close scrutiny that they’re go-
 sic. Although these days it’s pretty rare, poor Josh        ing to get when you’re cooped up with them and in
 and E-man get out of the way when we really get             a travelling headspace. The songs have ambiguous
 going. But both of us have never lost sight of the fact     lyrics or a strange kind of mood, or are moderately
 C.I.A is the priority. We’re not 18 anymore so the big      known songs in a disguise. I had to really love each
 brother card doesn’t work and usually Chris is right        song of course to begin with (many of the songs
 anyway. I believe C.I.A. has made us better friends.        here I had heard years before so I knew they had
 Who’s your biggest hero?                                    a kind of inner strength and depth) but then they
 Musically, Danny Carey. Anyone who can learn to             had to really work, to transform in some way when
 play drums like that, in just one lifetime. Wow. But        we mucked around with them in the studio.
 outside music, it would be a toss up between Remi           I tend to defer to High Fidelity’s Rob Gordon
 Gaillard (that boy has balls of steel) or Bear Grylls       when making a mix-tape, but what would be
 (you’re not hardcore unless you’re Bear Grylls).            your top five tracks for a car tape (that are
 Did you choose a name that could be abbrevi-                not included – for whatever reason – on Car
 ated C.I.A. on purpose?                                     Tape 2?)
 Honestly, no. We tossed around a heap of names              Here’s a few I’d be putting on a C90 if I was driv-
 that no one really liked. Then Cause In Affect              ing up to Brisbane this week (unfortunately I’ll
 seamed to fit and had a paradox we all liked, hence         be on the plane – hardly worth the trouble): Nina
 the spelling. No one picked up on it until months           Simone – the live 17-minute version of My Sweet
 after the band was named, when an artistic friend           Lord; M.Ward – Fuel For Fire; Marlena Shaw –
 drew a pair of cemetery gates with C.I.A. drawn in          Woman Of The Ghetto (the live 10-minute version
 them. We loved the picture and I distinctly remem-          of course!); Candi Staton – Prisoner; Dennis Brown
 ber asking him, what does C.I.A. stand for...               – Love Me Always.

 CAUsE IN AFFECt play the Gigahertz event at                 lIsA MIllER plays brisbane Festival’s spiegeltent
 Albany Creek tavern on Friday sep 24, alongside             on Wednesday sep 22, tickets are $40 through
 Family of strangers, Joel turner, Arctic and       CAR tAPE 2 is
 more (free entry). see                     out now through other tongues. Check out www.
 causeinaffect for more information.                for more info.

SEPTEmBER 21 2010                                                                            SIGN uP FoR THE FREE DIGITaL EDITIoN @                                                  7
                                                                 loCAl, NAtIoNAl AND INtERNAtIoNAl toUR ANNoUNCEMENts
                                                                                                                                      CHECK tHE RAVE WEbsItE FoR MoRE
                                                                                                                                      toUR NEWs & DAIlY UPDAtEs

                                                                  YoU sAY PARtY
                                                                      I haven’t been to Ballarat since a Grade 3 Social Stud-
                                                                  ies school excursion in 1987. Turns out the area does
                                                                  more than celebrate colonial Australia – it produces ga-
                                                                  rage punk bands (and probably other stuff too). Howl
                                                                  (pictured) – six teens from Ballarat – have recorded and
                                                                  released their second EP, Brothers In Violence, and plan
                                                                  to unleash its caterwauling sound at The Club House on
                              648 Ann Street, Fortitude Valley    Saturday Oct 23 with guests The Parties Of Interzone
                                                                  and Velociraptor. Expect a party.

                         Tuesday 21st September
                                    Son of Sea
                                                                  DEMoCRAtIC sPACE
                                 Steve Case Band                      Linkin Park’s (pictured) fourth studio album A
                                                                  Thousand Suns has dropped and sees the Californian
                                     Cutloose                     sextets return to the welcoming arms of bearded pro-
                                                                  duction Buddhist Rick Rubin. It also sees their return
                                                                  to Australian summer with the lads fronting up at Bris-
                                                                  bane’s Entertainment Centre on Friday Dec 3. Tickets
                                                                  are on sale Friday Sep 24 through Ticketek.
                       Wednesday 22nd September
                                 John Experiment
                                     Spitfire                     lEMoN WEDGE
                                                                      Harbour Life had already leaked the announce-
                                  Maggie Collins                  ment that The Temper Trap (pictured) would be play-
                                                                  ing on its Broadwater Parklands bill on Sunday Nov 28,
                                                                  but the full line-up now features Metronomy, Yacht
                                                                  Club DJs, Canyons, Knightlife and still more to be

                        Thursday 23rd SEPTEMBER                   announced. Ticket prices vary: ‘Standard Tickets’ are
                                                                  $99+bf and ‘More Expensive Tickets’ cost $150+bf;

                                  Dave Flower Band                they’re both are on sale from midday Thursday Sep 30
                                                                  from and OzTix.

                                  Pacha Mamma
                              Harvey Satan & Penny Lame          KIN’s sHIP                                                     to Australia next month. Look for them at The Joynt on
                                                                     Mama Kin is proving she is far more than Mrs John          Saturday Oct 23, Toowoomba’s Spotted Cow on Sunday
                                                                 Butler with the release of her thumping debut LP, Beat         Oct 24 and The Shire on Monday Oct 25.
                                                                 & Holler, and having played some luminous support

                              Friday 24th September              slots she now takes it out in headline mode. Calling
                                                                 into Brisbane’s The Globe on Saturday Oct 30, local
                                                                                                                                KEttlE oN?
                                                                                                                                    Korn may be supporting Guns ‘N’ Roses this De-

                                       AXXON                     lass Jackie Marshall supports with tickets costing $18
                                                                 (concession) and $22.
                                                                                                                                cember in Adelaide, but they’re also playing some East
                                                                                                                                Coast sideshows. The alt-metal quartet, who have most

                                   Monster Monster
                                                                                                                                recently released their ninth LP, Korn III: Remember
                                                                 bEAtZ & stUFF                                                  Who You Are, play The Tivoli on Friday Dec 3. Special
                                                                     Hip hop festival Summerbeatz returns for, um,              support comes from Sydonia, and tickets are available
                                     Cutloose                    Spring, unveiling their 2010 line-up. You’re looking at        through Ticketek from Monday Sep 27 (hunt out a pre-
                                                                 Flo Rida, Jay Sean, Soulja Boy and Travie McCoy &              sale from Wednesday Sep 22 if you’re keen!).
                                    DJ Danny cool                Stan Walker all jumping on stage at Brisbane’s Enter-
                                                                 tainment Centre on Friday Nov 19, complimented by              lUCKY PHIl(lIPs)
                                                                 DJ Nino Brown. Tickets are $99+bf from Ticketek avail-             Famed for his DJ sets alongside Erol Alkan at former
                                                                 able on Thursday Sep 30 (there’s also a pre-sale at Tick-      London institution Trash, British DJ/producer ‘whiz’
                                                                 etek from Tuesday Sep 28 for keen scouts).                     Rory Phillips has seen fit to catch some rays next
                         Saturday 25th September                 sUMMERtIME sAl
                                                                                                                                month, heading to Brisbane’s BarSoma on Saturday Oct
                                                                                                                                30. It’s a fleeting visit with three dates at three cities in
                  Special Ticked event                              Sally Seltmann is continuing to enjoy the warmth            three days, so mark it in the diary now!
                                                                 from positive reviews for her most recent LP, Heart
                   Calling All Cars                              That’s Pounding. She returns to Queensland in De-              stARMEN
                                                                 cember for some final pre-Christmas performances                   Ziggy, The Songs Of David Bowie sees iOTA, Jeff
                   Numbers Radio                                 playing The Zoo on Saturday Dec 4 ($21.40+bf ) and
                                                                 Byron’s Great Northern on Sunday Dec 5 ($18.40+bf ).
                                                                                                                                Duff, Steve Balbi and Brydon Stace team up to pay a
                                                                                                                                certain type of tribute to David Bowie at QPAC’s Con-
                    Young revelry                                Melbourne’s Oh Mercy and Jessica Says support at
                                                                 both dates, with tickets on sale through regular venue
                                                                                                                                cert Hall on Saturday Nov 20. Selecting some choice
                                                                                                                                tracks from Bowie’s eclectic career, tickets for this night
     Followed by OFFICAL PARKLIFE AFTER PARTY                    outlets and OzTix now.                                         cost between $89.90 and $119.90, and are available
                                                                                                                                now from Qtix.
     Featuring DANDY WARHOLS (dj set) + Friends                  EARlY bIRDs!
                                                                     Mildly adorable nine-piece, Melbourne’s The Eagle          FoR tHE DIARY
                                                                 & The Worm impressed many with their Big Sound Live             Dancing With The Stars alumni and country music
                                                                 showcase – so much so that they’ve been called back            darling Melinda Schneider is showcasing tracks from
                                                                 next month to share their chaotic, infectious pop tunes        #1 country album Melinda Does Doris and her award-
                              Sunday 26th September              at Byron’s Great Northern on Thursday Oct 21 (free) and
                                                                 The Troubadour on Friday Oct 22 (tickets on the door).
                                                                                                                                winning catalogue on Saturday Oct 2 at Tweed Heads’
                                                                                                                                Twin Towns and Sunday Oct 3 at Petrie’s Pioneer Village
                            Regrooved presents                                                                                  Country Music Club.
                                                                 YEAH YEAH YEAH                                                  Victorian heavy rockers Sydonia will introduce their
                          Qdup foundation (USA)                      Blah Blah Blah @ Riverlife goes down at Kangaroo
                                                                 Point’s Riverlife (fancy that!) on Tuesday Dec 28. The
                                                                                                                                new Colin Richardson (Slipknot, Machine Head, Bullet
                                                                                                                                For My Valentine) -mixed single Ocean Of Storms to
                              Paul Master                        line-up so far is a little bit awesome, with Digitalism,
                                                                 The Freestylers, Freq Nasty, Soul Of Man and many
                                                                                                                                fans at The Step Inn on Saturday Oct 2.
                                                                                                                                 Sydney solo artist Cass Eager brings her new EP
                                  Slynk                          more joining Aussie acts The Funkoars, Horrorshow
                                                                 and Koolism. Tickets are available now from MoshTix,
                                                                                                                                Down On My Knees to local venues in October, playing
                                                                                                                                her soulful alt-country tunes at Byron’s The Railway on

                         Downstairs You’re Vinyl                 by all reports.                                                Thursday Oct 7, Currumbin’s SoundLounge on Friday
                                                                                                                                Oct 8, Goodna’s Royal Mail on the afternoon of Satur-

                     Pre Blacklight/ Whitelight party            WAREHoUsE WEEKENDs
                                                                     Whitelight/Blacklight is a two-night warehouse
                                                                                                                                day Oct 9 (doors at 3pm), and The Zoo the same night
                                                                                                                                (with Chase The Sun).
                                                                                                                                 Piano-playing New Orleans-style bluesman Pugs-
                       Giveaways and much more
                                                                 party happening next weekend on Friday Oct 1 and
                                                                 Saturday Oct 2. Each night features an array of acts           ley Buzzard has just released his new album Wooden
                                                                 including The Jezabels, Oh Ye Denver Birds, The                Kimono, and will be playing a bunch of local launch
                                                                 Medics and more on Whitelight Friday, and Dappled              shows throughout October. Catch him Friday Oct 8 at
                                                                 Cities, The Boat People and Teleprompter and more              the Brisbane Jazz Club, Goodna’s Royal Mail on Satur-

                        Monday 27th September                    on Blacklight Saturday. Tickets are at OzTix for $18+bf
                                                                 (single night) or $34+bf (two-nights), and Lightspace is
                                                                                                                                day Oct 9, Tweed Heads’ Ivory Tavern on Sunday Oct 10,
                                                                                                                                Byron’s Beach Hotel on Friday Oct 15 and Joe’s Water-

                             Bar Closed
                                                                 at 30 Light St (on the corner of Scanlan St), Fortitude        hole Eumundi on Saturday Oct 16.
                                                                 Valley. Head over to for the lat-          A huge all ages rock and hardcore bill has been put
                                                                 est information.                                               together for The Fort on Halloween Sunday Oct 31,
                                                                                                                                with Torn Asunder, Hands Like Houses, Burn Down
                                                                 blINK & MIss                                                   Hollywood, Caulfield The Endless Pandemic, Ashes
                                t 07 3257 1259                      Talking to a guy in line for Surfer Blood at this year’s
                                                                 SXSW we found common ground in Besnard Lakes.
                                                                                                                                Of December, Crossroads, A Farewell Momento,
                                                                                                                                Rampage, Where I Stand and Decades Away all join-

                                    Then he handed over his band’s CD, produced by Be-
                                                                 snard Lakes’ Jace Lasek. The band is Montreal’s Final
                                                                 Flash and they’re bringing their psych-folky goodness
                                                                                                                                ing forces to raise funds for the National Breast Cancer
                                                                                                                                Foundation. The $25 door cost will be put to good use,
                                                                                                                                so head along.

8                                                                                                                                                         ISSuE 959
SEPTEmBER 21 2010   9
                                               NEWsbEAt                       WHAt's HAPPENING tHIs WEEK
                                                                                                                                                              CHECK tHE RAVE WEbsItE FoR MoRE
                                                                                                                                                              INFoRMAtIoN oN FEAtURED GIGs

                                                                            ANNEttE’s AbsENCE                                                                       CoMING oN stRoNG
                                                                                Channelling some beach-blanket-
                                                                                                                                                                        Hitting the road to celebrate the re-
                                                                            bingo with her ukulele-inflected soul
                                                                                                                                                                    lease of their latest single Let It Take Over,
                                                                            and alt-country compositions, Darwin-
                                                                                                                                                                    eclectic Sydney rockers MM9 (pictured)
                                                                            based artist Leah Flanagan (pictured)
                                                                                                                                                                    play two dates in our South East corner
                                                                            graces Brisbane with a date at Lock &
                                                                                                                                                                    this week. Catch them at Miami Tavern on
                                                                            Load on Thursday Sep 23. Her Steve
                                                                                                                                                                    Thursday Sep 23 (with Felinedown and
                                                                            Schram-produced album, Nirvana
                                                                                                                                                                    End To Chivalry), and The Step Inn on Fri-
                                                                            Nights, has seen Flanagan complete a
                                                                                                                                                                    day Sep 24 (with Felinedown, Arctic, and
                                                                            recent tour throughout remote com-
                                                                                                                                                                    Perspectiv). Both shows are $17 on the
                                                                            munities of the top end with The Black
                                                                                                                                                                    door, or $14+bf through OzTix.
                                                                            Arm Band.

                             oNto tAPERING                                                                              ClIMb EVERY MoUNtAIN
                                 He’s preparing to live in the industrial                                                   Locals Mt Augustus (pictured)
                             surrounds of Berlin with his mate Andrew                                                   are finally on the verge of releasing
                             Morris mid-2011, but Danny Widdicombe                                                      their debut album, almost five years
                             (pictured) still wants to play some shows                                                  after they formed. The folk-inspired
                             for hometown fans before he claims his                                                     indie rockers will launch the self-titled
                             GW McLennan Fellowship prize. As such,                                                     record (yes, it’s on vinyl) at The Club
                             Widdicombe fronts up to Ric’s on Friday                                                    House on Saturday Sep 25, supported
                             Sep 24 with his band and a swag of new                                                     by Turnpike, Feathers and The Keep
                             tunes from his latest LP, Dominoes.                                                        On Dancin’s.

                                                                            stRUNG UP IN… YoU                                                                       tHE toDD
                                                                                 Friday Sep 24 is the date fiery fla-                                                   Toddfest takes over The Jubilee Hotel
                                                                            menco/tango/jazz ensemble, The                                                          Saturday Sep 25, running from 2pm until
                                                                            Saruzu Quartet (pictured) grace Cur-                                                    1am. All money raised is donated to assist in
                                                                            rumbin’s SoundLounge. Joined by spe-                                                    research and awareness programs for Ovari-
                                                                            cial guest in good friend Kacey Patrick                                                 an Cancer. There’s a huge line-up across two
                                                                            (of ARIA award winners Stringmansas-                                                    stages featuring Lynchmada (pictured),
                                                                            sy), tickets for the lively evening cost                                                Headkase, The Wrath, State Of Integrity,
                                                                            $20+bf through the venue or $25 on                                                      In Death, Spitfireliar and about a dozen
                                                                            the door, if available!                                                                 others. Bring some dollars for the cause.

                             PRAIsE bE                                                                                  HolY CooKIE?!
                                 Hot on the heels of releasing album
                                                                                                                            Indie hip hop/beats producers
                             How To Shampoo A Yak, Brisbane rock-
                                                                                                                        Saint Surly and Monster Monster
                             ers The Mercy Beat (pictured) headline a
                                                                                                                        (pictured, together) are set to launch
                             show at The Zoo on Friday Sep 24. Spar-
                                                                                                                        their debut collaborative release Out
                             rows, Hundred Bad Guys With Swords
                                                                                                                        Of The Woodwork with a show at X&Y
                             and tastefully-monikered Yeppoon lads
                                                                                                                        on Friday Sep 24. The absurdly loud
                             Cat Rapes Bat support (you may recog-
                                                                                                                        AXXONN supports, so it should be a
                             nise two of them as former members of
                                                                                                                        good one.
                             Satanic Urinal).

                                                                                                                                                                    lIGHt FootED
                                                                            CoUNtING oN YoU                                                                             Folk-experimentalist and pivotal player
                                                                                Brisbane trio Numbers Radio (pic-                                                   in the early years of the Lofly Hangar scene,
                                                                            tured) will be back on the road this                                                    Joel Edmondson (pictured) has his debut
                                                                            week to promote their new single Fi-                                                    album Invisible Steps finally ready for re-
                                                                            nal Day, the first from a seven-track EP                                                lease. Combining lush pop and the heart
                                                                            due out in October. They roll into Never                                                and soul of ‘60s/’70s folk legends, the al-
                                                                            Land on Friday Sep 24, X&Y Bar on Sat-                                                  bum will be launched with a show at The
                                                                            urday Sep 25 and Byron’s Great North-                                                   Troubadour on Sunday Sep 26, where Ed-
                                                                            ern on Sunday Sep 26.                                                                   mondson will be supported by McKisko
                                                                                                                                                                    and Flying Squirrel.

                             Hot IN tHE CItY                                                                            CAP & DIPloMA
                                 The Brisbane Festival and QPAC’s balmy
                                                                                                                            Graduates of QUT’s Bachelor Of
                             Havana Club Late Night Latin Beats series
                                                                                                                        Music program for 2010, Dana Gehr-
                             continues this week at Cascade Court. Fea-
                                                                                                                        man, Ivy May Dillon and Elly Dear
                             tured guests include Cuban Groove Col-
                                                                                                                        (pictured, together) host a show at The
                             lective featuring Diana Fuentes (pictured)
                                                                                                                        Zoo on Thursday Sep 23. Playing an
                             teaming with DJ Cubanito on Wednesday
                                                                                                                        array of styles and genres, the ladies
                             Sep 22 and Thursday Sep 23 and Vocal
                                                                                                                        plan to showcase their talents with a
                             Sampling and DJ Dwight ‘Chocolate’ Es-
                                                                                                                        passionate performance. Tickets are $6
                             cobar teaming on Friday Sep 24, Saturday
                                                                                                                        on the door, and support comes from
                             Sep 25 and Sunday Sep 26. It’s free!
                                                                                                                        Indigo Kids!

                                                                            tURN & RElEAsE                                                                          sNAP. CRACKlE
                                                                                                                                                                         It’s a night of pop-rock at The Hi-Fi on
                                                                                Hailing from the Lockyer Valley,
                                                                                                                                                                    Friday Sep 24 as Britain’s You Me At Six
                                                                            rock trio The Wind Up Dolls (pictured)
                                                                                                                                                                    (pictured) team up with Chicago’s The
                                                                            are midway through a series of regional
                                                                                                                                                                    Audition. Both bands come with a pretty
                                                                            dates, but they head for the big smoke
                                                                                                                                                                    impressive live résumé and each have new
                                                                            this week with a date at The Tempo
                                                                                                                                                                    releases on the shelves. You Me At Six and
                                                                            Hotel’s Escalate night on Tuesday Sep
                                                                                                                                                                    fellow supports, Brits Kids In Glass Houses,
                                                                            21 alongside Michael Hoad, Gina
                                                                                                                                                                    also warm up with an all ages date on Thurs-
                                                                            Horswood Duo, Anna Weatherup
                                                                                                                                                                    day Sep 23 at The Fort (note: The Audition
                                                                            Band and The Horse Darkly.
                                                                                                                                                                    will not be appearing at this show).

10                                                                                                                                                                               ISSuE 959
SEPTEmBER 21 2010 11
                                 CAllING All CARs
                                 oN TouR

                             KEEP It
                             CAllING All CARs have certainly done their fair share
                             of touring over the last couple of years, sharing stages
                             with the likes of Grinspoon, Shihad, Gyroscope and most
                             recently The Butterfly Effect. FIoNA stAFFoRD catches
                             up with the band’s ADAM MoNtGoMERY to chat about
                             their hectic schedule.

                                 The band’s most notable moments of late would                     This year has been the biggest for the band who             sold-out show of our own over any big show any day.”
                             be flying over to Auckland to open for none other than           just a few months ago released their much-anticipat-                 Already writing material for their sophomore al-
                             Green Day, or revving up the crowd across Australia be-          ed debut album Hold, Hold Fire. It has so far received           bum, Calling All Cars are showing no signs of feeling
                             fore AC/DC tore them apart – both are achievements               outstanding reviews, confirming them as one of the               the pressure or slowing down now the ball is rolling.
                             that most bands only dream about. Bassist Adam Mont-             country’s premier rock acts. With support from Triple J,         “We’re not thinking about the pressure as much. We
                             gomery talks about the experience, “Touring with AC/             Calling All Cars have just started their first headlining        have a pretty good policy where if we think it’s done,
                             DC was a highlight of this year just for obvious reasons,”       tour in a long while, taking in first the west coast before      we demo it and it’s just done and we move on. We
                             he says with a laugh, “getting to play in front of 40,000        tackling the rest of the country.                                probably have 40 songs done at the moment and then
                             people on 11 different occasions.                                     “It has been awesome supporting other bands. You            we will start culling. We aren’t even at that stage yet –
                                 “We’d played with Green Day in Auckland so we                know we have supported so many bands and have                    we’re just writing and writing and writing and it’s com-
                             knew what a really big show was going to be like, but            been so lucky in that respect because not every band             ing surprisingly easy, so fingers crossed it stays that
                             this was just … bigger again. It was about five times            gets the opportunity to do that kind of thing. There’s a         way. I’m sure at some point we will hit a wall,” he says
                             the size of the Green Day show. It was weird because             bit of luck but we have also worked our asses off, but its       laughing.
                             we had a sound check so we already had a feel of what            definitely exciting to be going out on our own. It really
                             the stage was like which was massive. We knew what to            has been a long time coming,” Montgomery said.                    CAllING All CARs will be in Queensland this
                             expect but we walked out to a sea of people and then                  “We get to play longer, we get to throw a cover in,         week for two shows: Friday sep 24 at Never land
                             in the first song we just had no idea what was going             all those sort of things you don’t get to do when you’re         (Gold Coast) and saturday sep 25 at X&Y bar. they
                             on and we were running on adrenaline. Then we just               supporting. It’s your crowd as well. Instead of having           also play byron’s Great Northern on sunday sep
                             flipped into it and it was pretty cool for the rest of the       to convert someone else’s crowd you’re actually able to          26. HolD, HolD FIRE is out now. Check out www.
                             tour. No slip ups, it was all smooth sailing!”                   play to your own crowd, which is great. I’d take a small for more information.

                                 tHE WRECKERY
                                 oN TouR

                             Throughout a mammoth career, tHE WRECKERY have
                             remained a central concern for some of australia’s
                             most talented and well-connected musicians. Guitarist
                             ED ClAYtoN-JoNEs speaks with JAMEs RAlPH.

                                  It shows incredible self-purpose and drive for a 25         stuff, we’re just doing material from the Past Imperfect set     forming rusty blues-inspired pieces, Clayton-Jones said
                             year-old band to be still alive and well with original parts     and it has remarkably stood the test of time”.                   experiences outside the band have inevitably brought
                             and holding concerts whose tickets don’t cost a second               In reference to The Wreckery’s presence on the up-           together a range of styles affecting their style.
                             mortgage. I’m not saying this in an Ozzy Osbourne sense,         coming Unknown Pleasures tour, captained by original                 “I think that with The Wreckery now, as opposed to
                             that the music industry has amazingly not yet brought            Joy Division and New Order bassist Peter Hook, Clayton-          The Wreckery circa 1980s, what’s happened is that of
                             them close to an untimely demise, but with admiration            Jones notes a long-standing connection. “We got asked            course we’ve become much better at what we do, you
                             for the group’s members who spread their talents and             to [support] because we’re from the same period, al-             can’t help but do that, so we’re much better musicians
                             started separate projects while not becoming a frag-             though actually Joy Division pre-dates us by a little bit,       then we were and that shows in our performance, our
                             mented band. As Clayton-Jones puts it, The Wreckery are          but nonetheless it’s great to be asked to do this string of      level of professionalism … To stick it out and have a ca-
                             a ‘band for special occasions’, and that sense of periodic       shows. We’re very happy to be on the bill … when The             reer in music spanning decades is very hard to do unless
                             purpose has brought them back to tour.                           Wreckery first started in 1985 it was the first time that        you are committed and serious,” Clayton-Jones says.
                                  “You can’t help but fall into that reunion sort of thing    New Order came to Australia and we supported them in                 “I think there is every chance The Wreckery will re-
                             because you know, that’s what it is,” Clayton-Jones says. “In    Melbourne, so the circle always closes.”                         appear. As to when and where I don’t know, but it’s an
                             2008 we started up again and it wasn’t such a common                 While Hugo Races’ and also Clayton-Jones’ involve-           enjoyable thing for us to do and when it ceases to be
                             thing, but since then there has been a lot of people kind        ment with Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds represents The               then that would be the end of it.
                             of bandwagonning, getting back together and doing this           Wreckery’s most significant secondary involvements,                  “Come to The Tivoli and expect the unexpected.”
                             and that, but a lot of the time it’s not the original members    the band members have worked on a wide collection of
                             of the band. So we are glad that we can maintain the in-         projects, including, but not limited to, Plays With Mari-         tHE WRECKERY play Unknown Pleasures: A Joy
                             tegrity of the band by at least being all the same people.       onettes, Dave Graney & The Coral Snakes, Nick Barker &           Division Celebration w/ Peter Hook & Friends at the
                             It’s been really good to see how the material has lasted         The Reptiles and The Swordsmen. While The Wreckery               tivoli on Monday sep 27. Check out www.myspace.
                             over time as well. We haven’t actually written any new           have also been considered an immovable rock, per-                com/thewreckery for more info.

                                 RUNNING GUNs
                                 EP RELEaSE

                             WItH lEGs
                             DENIs sEMCHENKo sits at a cafe with two
                             members of local garage-rock quintet RUNNING
                             GUNs – guitarist JUlIEN and keyboardist lAUREN
                             – who make him feel impossibly old.
                             DENIS SEMCHENKO: What are your respective roles                  another Brisbane band that seems to be playing                   and once, we were all in that, so we lost one band.
                             in Running Guns, guys?                                           lots of gigs lately – Velociraptor.                              But yeah, Josh and his girlfriend went there a couple
                             LAUREN: I’m a keyboardist (chuckles).                            J: Yes, the ensemble.                                            months ago – all our friends seem to be progressively
                             JULIEN: Lauren plays the keyboard, Jeremy plays drums            L: (laughs)                                                      going down there as well. Seems to be the place.
                             and James, Michael and I all play guitar and sing. No bass,      J: It’s good because Jeremy lends us himself for Run-            DS: It’s the perennial Brisbane exodus.
                             three guitars – it’s what you need. I think we make up for it.   ning Guns and we sort of lend our services to him for            L: I like it!
                             DS: Musically, how do you get the bottom end with                Velociraptor, because he’s predominantly the singer              J: Yeah, we’re saying we love Brisbane.
                             three guitars?                                                   and the songwriter for that. It works very well as well          DS: So the current EP is Running Guns’ record number...
                             L: Mainly with the keyboard.                                     being in the same bands – it’s kind of easy, because             J: In the current line-up, we released the debut album
                             J: There are some songs where I take all the tone out            everyone’s already there. I think Running Guns was first         at the start of the year – in February-March – and now
                             of my guitar – turn the bass up and [take] all the treble        and Velociraptor sort of just started adding members             we’re releasing this EP, so this would be our second as
                             out – and then Lauren and I play the same thing. That’s          once a month or something like that...                           the line-up. Before that, Michael and James...
                             where we get the bottom end.                                     L: Yeah!                                                         L: ...they had a couple of singles and an EP...
                             DS: And how did Running Guns actually form?                      J: That was Jeremy’s plan, but it works well – Running           J: ...and we’ve also been giving out little promos – just
                             L: (laughs) Well, neither of us were in the ‘formed’ band        Guns doing Velociraptor’s gigs and obviously, we can all         one-off songs that aren’t on the album or anything like
                             – Michael formed it and it was originally a two-piece            be in the same band. It’s still the same, everyone’s always...   that; live songs as well.
                             for a while, just drums and guitar. Then they invited us         us. They don’t sound exactly the same with different peo-        L: We’re working on the second album now.
                             to join and then when [former drummer, now guitarist]            ple but it’s different inspirations, different sounds.           J: We’re trying to be consistent with our releases.
                             James went away, we got Jeremy to fill in for him.               DS: When I saw Velociraptor at The Cubby Hole ear-
                             J: James changed roles – he was originally the drummer           lier in the year, Josh Byrd was playing guitar with               RUNNING GUNs’ 12 & 35 EP is out now. the band
                             and after he went overseas and came back, he became              them, but I hear he’s moved to Melbourne now.                    play a free, all-ages live music event at the 4ZzZ
                             the guitarist. An upgrade, I suppose (laughs).                   J: He ran away from us and I’m sure it’s horrible down           Carpark in st Paul’s terrace on sunday sep 26.
                             DS: Your name has been mentioned in relation to                  there. He was the singer in Strange Attractors as well 

12                                                                                                                                                                                      ISSuE 959
SEPTEmBER 21 2010 13
   bAAbA MAAl

No, this isn’t a new low-budget movie of questionable taste, but a statement heralding the debut appearance of world
music icon bAAbA MAAl at The Bellingen Global carnival next month, as CHRIs PICKERING explains.

    Baaba Maal might just represent everything         mind for the young Baaba, as he enthusiastically        my oldest friend (who was a griot), to learn about    from this. When I met Nelson Mandela in London a few years
that is good in the music world. A singer-song-        explains: “My father was a fisherman, but also he       the different singers and stories of our culture.”    ago at a concert in Trafalgar Square, he said something that
writer from a poor family in Senegal, Maal has         had the honour of being the Muezzin who sang                Since exploding onto the world music scene        was very profound, which was that the role of musicians is so
spent years honing his craft and uses his voice        the Call To Prayer at the local mosque. My real         in 1989 with his first album Djam Leelii (he has      important, as a lot more people listen to the words and songs
as a prominent international musician to bring         inspiration had to be from my mother, who also          released 16 albums in total, the most recent being    of musicians than they do than those of politicians, so we
awareness to causes and issues in his homeland.        used to write songs and was a great singer her-         Television in 2009), Baaba has consistently toured    should use this gift that we have for good and for change.”
Ah, kind of like that Bono guy, I hear you say, but    self. She taught me, trusting that although I had       and played all around the world, firmly cement-            Baaba is bringing his inspiring message and music to the
this is different; for a start Baaba actually knows    not been born as a griot (the ancient caste of mu-      ing a reputation as an inspiring live performer       Bellingen Global Carnival in northern NSW, which will be the
what he’s talking about regarding Africa, as he’s      sicians), I had a talent that would enable me to        and storyteller. The UN recently made him an en-      first time he has played in Australia since 2000, a good reason
from there.                                            become a singer without being imposed by the            voy for the Millennium Development Goals edu-         to go see him while you have the chance.
    Baaba was born in Senegal in the town of Po-       constraints of our ancestral caste system. My ear-      cation advocacy program, an honour Baaba takes
dor on the Senegal River, as part of a traditional     liest memories are of our family and friends sit-       very seriously. “To me as an musician” he tells me,    bAAbA MAAl plays the bellingen Global Carnival in
fishing family, and he was naturally expected to       ting around and singing songs and exchanging            “your songs reflect what are your personal con-       bellingen, NsW, running the weekend of oct 1–3. tickets
join the family business, as it were, and become       stories. I also travelled extensively throughout        cerns and to me the most important is education.      from see for
a fisherman. But music had had another path in         West Africa as a young man with Mansour Seck,           If you have education then everything leads on        more information.

                                                                                                                                                                        FlYING sCRIbblE
                                                                                                                                                                        aLBum LauNcH TouR

                                                                                                                                                                     loUIsE tERRY of melbourne idiosyncratic pop duo FlYING
                                                                                                                                                                     sCRIbblE talks friends and costumes with ANDREW
                                                                                                                                                                     tUttlE via the wonders of the information superhighway –
                                                                                                                                                                     possibly with her feet.

                                                                                                                                                                          Melbourne skewed pop duo Flying Scribble are really some-
                                                                                                                                                                     thing to behold. Consisting of old friends Louise Terry on vocals,
                                                                                                                                                                     electronics and keyboards, and Gray Taylor on drums and percus-
                                                                                                                                                                     sion, the pair creative a propulsive form of music that simultane-
                                                                                                                                                                     ously fits within and experiments with pop song format, weaving
                                                                                                                                                                     in and out of waves of melody and rhythm.
                                                                                                                                                                          Since forming in 2006, Terry and Taylor (also formerly members
                                                                                                                                                                     of Brisbane indie-pop trio Lovepack, with Mark Gomes aka Mark
                                                                                                                                                                     Barrage) have steadily developed a collection of songs that range
                                                                                                                                                                     from the almost rock & roll (Animation In My Head) to the sparse
                                                                                                                                                                     and exquisite (Walk The Line), with a consistent, hard to pinpoint co-
                                                                                                                                                                     hesion unifying the different components of their sound. Released
                                                                                                                                                                     independently through the band’s own Queen Silver Enterprises,
                                                                                                                                                                     Flying Scribble’s freshly-pressed debut album We’re A Chameleon
                                                                                                                                                                     serves as a magnificent summation of the band’s work together to
                                                                                                                                                                     date. Recorded over the last few years, the album was painstakingly
                                                                                                                                                                     recorded in home studios by Taylor and Terry before being handed
                                                                                                                                                                     over to Cornel Wilczek (Qua) for some extra mixing and mastering
                                                                                                                                                                     polish and shine at Electric Dreams Studio in Melbourne. Terry ex-
                                                                                                                                                                     plains that, “We’re A Chameleon is a document of our journey to
                                                                                                                                                                     many different places we desired to explore. Sonic places. The title
                                                                                                                                                                     really holds the key to how this diversity is all grouped together.
                                                                                                                                                                     There are no real dominant themes, just landscapes, shades and
                                                                                                                                                                     textures that move and change as you journey with us through
                                                                                                                                                                     the album. Perhaps though the one thing binding it and giving it
                                                                                                                                                                     strength is our friendship.”
                                                                                                                                                                          Indeed, the strong personal bond that Flying Scribble have, as
                                                                                                                                                                     friends and bandmates, inevitably feeds into the individualities and
                                                                                                                                                                     melodies of the group, with Terry agreeing that “because our friend-
                                                                                                                                                                     ship is so solid we can collaborate intimately on the songs. This proc-
                                                                                                                                                                     ess of sharing and refining ideas for the benefit of the song requires
                                                                                                                                                                     us both to remain incredibly open minded which has definitely
                                                                                                                                                                     evolved our friendship. We are also both pretty silly and I think this
                                                                                                                                                                     fun madness we share definitely creeps into each song!”
                                                                                                                                                                          Flying Scribble’s Brisbane shows to date, including a support slot
                                                                                                                                                                     for likeminded American performer Kevin Blechdom late last year,
                                                                                                                                                                     have highlighted the sheer musicianship and creative idiosyncra-
                                                                                                                                                                     sies of the pair. Indeed, watching Flying Scribble live can occasion-
                                                                                                                                                                     ally confound, with one-armed drum solos and keyboard lines per-
                                                                                                                                                                     formed with all arms and legs amongst what audiences can expect.
                                                                                                                                                                     Flying Scribble will be launching We’re A Chameleon in Brisbane this
                                                                                                                                                                     weekend as part of a wider national tour. If the shows deliver even
                                                                                                                                                                     some of what Terry excitedly alludes to, audiences are in for a treat.
                                                                                                                                                                          “The live show will be a momentous musical journey from
                                                                                                                                                                     outer space and back to earth. You will also get to see two gals
                                                                                                                                                                     play lots of weird sounds and instruments quite fast and furious-
                                                                                                                                                                     ly whilst having a bloody good time and more than likely wear-
                                                                                                                                                                     ing fabulous costumes!”

                                                                                                                                                                      FlYING sCRIbblE launch WE’RE A CHAMElEoN at lofly
                                                                                                                                                                     Hangar on saturday sep 25 (with scraps and AXXoNN) and at
                                                                                                                                                                     the troubadour on sunday sep 26 (with Joel Edmondson and
                                                                                                                                                                     McKisko). the album is out now on Queen silver Enterprises/

14                                                                                                                                                                                                         ISSuE 959
SEPTEmBER 21 2010 15
                                OUT NOW


16                                                      ISSuE 959
   oVERKIll                                                                                                             MAYHEM
   oN TouR                                                                                                              oN TouR

Gregarious Jersey thrasher and frontman of oVERKIll, bobbY ‘blItZ’ EllsWoRtH examines the roots of the
                                                                                                                     Roots blooDY Roots
                                                                                                                     Behind all the controversy, fear and death, MAYHEM have remained a driving force in the black metal scene.
thrash metal revival and discusses overkill’s first ever australian tour. toM HERsEY writes.                         Frontman AttIlA CsIHAR talks to toM HERsEY about sound still reigning over lore.
    Where others have come and gone, bowed to                  So with thrash being as cool as it ever was, and            Norwegian black metal band Mayhem require little                Talking to Attila, it becomes clear that the vocalist
trends or simply thrown in the towel, Overkill’s core     Overkill always staying in the niche they carved for       introduction to even the most casual extreme metal fan.          is excited to bring Mayhem to Australian soil, especially
– Bobby Blitz and bassist D.D. Verni – have remained      themselves, why is this the band’s first ever Aus-         Yes, this was the band who made a photo of their dead            because of the fiasco that made their last Australian
true to the loud, simple and fast ideals embodied in      tralian tour? Even if they are coming on the back          singer an album cover. Yes, this was the band whose              tour fall through.
the thrash metal movement. Earning the distinction        of Ironbound, one of the strongest albums in their         guitarist ran the legendary Helvete record store in Oslo              “We had an offer two years ago to come to Austral-
of being one of the original thrash outfits to never      catalogue, what’s taken the band 25 years to get           before Burzum’s Varg Vikernes stabbed him to death.              ia. But then the promoter told us that our show was go-
really split up, Overkill have been delivering thrash     down here? In his no-nonsense Jersey twang, Blitz                But for those interested in the legend, go read one of     ing to be postponed from that spring to the following
metal for so long that they’ve been able to really en-    explains, “Dollars and cents. It’s really that simple.     the countless books published, or watch the documentaries        autumn, then we never heard back from him. I have no
joy the fruits of its recent re-emergence in the heavy    It’s not been somewhere that we haven’t wanted to          that examine the early ‘90s Norwegian black metal scene.         idea what happened.”
metal world.                                              come, but this time it works financially. In the past      Because Mayhem are coming to town on the strength of                  Although these types of setbacks are too frequent
    Discussing the resurgence of thrash, Blitz isn’t      we’d had offers to come down to Australia, but our         over 25 years of some of the most extreme music ever laid        in Mayhem’s camp, the band still commands respect all
cynical about lazy kids cashing in on the hard work       principle has always been that we can’t go in to an        to tape, not to commemorate a sordid past.                       these years into their career for doing what they’ve al-
bands like Overkill and Anthrax put in alongside their    Overkill show three quarters or half way, it’s all or            “If people are at the Mayhem show because they             ways wanted to do, without adherence to any scene or
West Coast counterparts to birth a new musical style;     nothing. We pay attention to the specifics that make       heard about Mayhem or they heard about the story                 convention (Attila believes Mayhem to be an extreme
rather he hypothesises that the similar socio-political   up an Overkill show, it’s not like bombs and pyro, but     of the band’s history, then that’s okay,” says frontman          metal band, not a “typical black metal band”), Mayhem
climates of the present day and the ‘80s are to blame     it’s stuff like getting the right production team or       Attila Csihar. “I don’t care, really. We’re just going to go     have forged a long career that has always stood up
for the genre’s renaissance.                              the right light guy. We’ve always believed that if you     onstage and play the show we always play.”                       on the strength of the band’s music, rather than con-
    “I think when we started doing our thing in the       don’t skimp, there’s never a disappointment.”                    When asked about what fans who do turn up to               troversy. Attila ends our conversation confirming that
‘80s, there were social and political themes that be-          Talking to the affable Blitz, one must ask what has   Mayhem shows can expect, Attila promises an assault              Mayhem isn’t going to end in the near future.
came prevalent again. We were coming out of war and       kept Overkill active and relevant for so long. Do the      of energy, even if the band won’t be able to transport                “We’re going to release a DVD, but at the same
going into a deeper economic problem. The airwaves        band have some secret formula for maintaining a ca-        their European stage show.                                       time we’re going to start writing a new record, which
were full of people who were narcissistic and people      reer out of heavy metal madness for 25 years? Bobby              “We don’t support any album at the moment. We              we already have some ideas about. It will take a while
who were pissing all over heavy metal back then. And      doesn’t seem to think so.                                  just play Mayhem. The idea of this tour is that Mayhem           because Mayhem are always taking a long time to write
we became this kind of voice in the dark. And I see            “Jesus, it’s been going on now for two and a half     are 25 years old, more than 25 actually, but we’re still         albums. But we should have it out by 2012”, before add-
that today with a lot of younger bands, and I think       decades. Some times I sit here and shake my head,          kind of celebrating our 25 year anniversary because for          ing with a laugh, “the end of the world.”
they have real cause to be that voice. Obviously these    and I’ll ask my wife, ‘are you sure I’m this old?’”        us it’s such a great thing that this band has survived such
younger bands are celebrating the music they like.                                                                   a long time and we are still here. Mayhem was a public            MAYHEM play the Hi-Fi with Astriaal and
But I think the shared socio-political climate of now      oVERKIll play the Hi-Fi on thursday sep 23 with          enemy band for the first 10 years, but with our last record      Mongrels Cross on saturday sep 25. oRDo AD CHAo
and when we started out is some of the reason that        Mortal sin. IRoNboUND is out now through Nuclear           we won a Norwegian Grammy. It’s such a great feeling to          is out now through seasons of Mist/Riot! Check out
they like it.”                                            blast/Riot!                       still be here because it shows that we were right.”     for more info.

                                                                                                                                                                             FEEL PRESENTS

                                                                                                                           “BUILT TO SPILL IS A LIVING TESTAMENT TO THE ENDURING POWER OF THE ROCK GUITAR. DOUG MARTSCH’S SIX-STRING
                                                                                                                                SYMPHONIES ARE AS SUBLIME AS THEY ARE MASTERFUL, BRIDGING THE GAP BETWEEN POP-ROCK PRECISION
                                                                                                                                                           AND PUNK-ROCK ABANDON.” - DETROIT FREE PRESS

                                                                                                                                          SUNDAY 2 ND JANUARY
                                                                                                                                               THE ZOO
                                                                                                                                                                + SPECIAL GUESTS

                                                                                                                                                  TICKETS ON SALE FRIDAY 24 TH SEPTEMBER
                                                                                                                                                     THROUGH WWW.FEELPRESENTS.COM

                                                                                                                                                            ‘THERE IS NO ENEMY’ OUT NOW ON SPUNK

SEPTEmBER 21 2010                                                                                                                                                                                         17
    Mt AUGUstUs
    aLBum LauNcH

with the launch of their debut self-titled album
pending, CAMERoN sMItH of Mt AUGUstUs
discusses his love of vinyl and the importance of
track listings with ANDREW tUttlE.

    Forming in 2005, with regular appearances around         to Mt Augustus, with Smith’s passion for his craft serv-   download too.”                                           with a broad range of musical styles and forms being covered
the traps in Brisbane ever since, Mt Augustus in many        ing as an adhesive.                                             Rather than rushing into recording, the creation    whilst still maintaining a cohesive feel. Smith confirms that this
ways reflect many of the better things about inde-               After a couple of small run EPs and a series of live   of Mt Augustus has been a considered process, with       was intended, stating that, “The tracklist took a while to come up
pendent music in Brisbane. The songs of Mt Augustus          shows, Mt Augustus are on the verge of releasing a         Smith recording and reworking material through           with. You would think that it would make for a record that jumps
range rather significantly on initial listening, with for-   self-titled debut album. In an age where the preva-        his Incremental Studios recording set up as he felt      all over the place, but we tried to keep the songs that shared a
ays into indie-pop, alt-folk, and post-rock, if one was to   lence of the CD has dipped amongst many music              creative inspiration.                                    certain aesthetic for the album. They may sound kind of different
break down into relative specifics the sound of friends      fans, the release of the album only on record and as            To some extent all of the recording sessions over   from each other, but there’s a mood or some indefinable thing
creating left-of-centre guitar music. Complementing          a digital download reflects the personal music pur-        the past five years have been blended into one long      that they all have in common. So, from that sense, it’s definitely
this, and also reflecting a certain Brisbane easygoing-      chasing and listening preferences of Smith.                session – this is what happens when you have your        liberating to be able to move through a whole spectrum of dif-
ness, the Mt Augustus line-up has been quite fluid over          “Vinyl is just so much nicer to hold and has big-      own recording studio. There are some songs on            ferent sounds. It certainly makes it a lot more interesting for us.”
time; with mainstay and principal songwriter Cameron         ger artwork, plus from a practical perspective it can      the album that contain recordings from late 2005,
Smith being augmented live and on recordings by a            sound better and last longer than CDs. For people          through to other songs that were only finalised ear-      Mt AUGUstUs launch their self-titled debut album at the
host of local musicians. That said, although the results     who just want the record on their iPods we have the        lier this year.                                          Clubhouse (tempo Hotel) on saturday sep 25, supported by
of the above could be imagined to be a hodge-podge           download cards too, which are pretty easy to set                Reflecting Smith’s keen musical ear, the track      turnpike, Feathers and the Keep on Dancin’s. Check out www.
of styles and sounds, there’s a remarkable consistency       up these days really. Plus the vinyl comes with [a]        sequencing of Mt Augustus works wonderfully,    for more information.

                                                                                                                                                                                    EP LauNcH

                                                                                                                                                                                 oN tHE
                                                                                                                                                                                 Vocalist NICK VAN DYKE and guitarist Ross EDWARDs
                                                                                                                                                                                 (aKa Rossko) sit MoRGAN JoHNsoN down to talk bout
                                                                                                                                                                                 their band WAtERPARK, and the launch of their debut EP
                                                                                                                                                                                 Stand on The Edge.

                                                                                                                                                                                     The other two-fourths of WaterPark are drummer Mat Daley
                                                                                                                                                                                 and bassist Mike Edwards, the band plying an easy listening style
                                                                                                                                                                                 of alt-rock with lashings of reggae and a touch of sincerity.

                                                                                                                                                                                 MORGAN JOHNSON: How did WaterPark come to be?
                                                                                                                                                                                 NICK VAN DYKE: The four of us all grew up together and bonded
                                                                                                                                                                                 through our love of music. We all played in various bands from
                                                                                                                                                                                 the age of about 14, and like a lot of teenagers living in regional
                                                                                                                                                                                 towns a move to a capital city was inevitable, and after two years
                                                                                                                                                                                 of side-projects WaterPark was formally conceived in late 2008.
                                                                                                                                                                                 MJ: What is the real driving force behind WaterPark, and
                                                                                                                                                                                 what role does music play in your life as men right now?
                                                                                                                                                                                 ROSS EDWARDS: We pretty much grew up jamming at parties or
                                                                                                                                                                                 camping and just have a ‘musical bond’ so we decided to take
                                                                                                                                                                                 that onto the stage. It’s a source of fun, a way to release energy
                                                                                                                                                                                 and emotions.
                                                                                                                                                                                 MJ: There’s a definite Celtic theme running through your
                                                                                                                                                                                 track Portrait Of Home, but you ply a deliberate loose-
                                                                                                                                                                                 limbed rock & roll, that occasionally touches on reggae (es-
                                                                                                                                                                                 pecially so in Euphoria). Do a lot of your tunes spring from
                                                                                                                                                                                 jams, or form around lyrics?
                                                                                                                                                                                 NVD: The way we see it is that we just write music that we like
                                                                                                                                                                                 personally, and if other people like what we do, then it’s a bonus!
                                                                                                                                                                                 Our lyrics always come after the songs’ ‘bones’ are established,
                                                                                                                                                                                 and the mood of the song emerges.
                                                                                                                                                                                 MJ: How are your lyrics inspired?
                                                                                                                                                                                 NVD: I take inspiration from personal experiences in my day-to-
                                                                                                                                                                                 day life, but I like to write in a way that can be viewed from any-
                                                                                                                                                                                 one’s perspective. I don’t like to use specific places or names in our
                                                                                                                                                                                 songs, so that on some level they can be interpreted universally.
                                                                                                                                                                                 MJ: A blog post mentions you spent some time looking for a
                                                                                                                                                                                 studio and an engineer. Who did you settle with and how did
                                                                                                                                                                                 it work out in the end?
                                                                                                                                                                                 RE: We chose to work with renowned producer Joe Panetta at
                                                                                                                                                                                 Wavelength Recording, which was a great decision. Joe is a re-
                                                                                                                                                                                 ally good producer and the studio is amazing. His assistant Andy
                                                                                                                                                                                 Aubin was great too. The studio just had the right vibe for us, we
                                                                                                                                                                                 felt comfortable and creative there.
                                                                                                                                                                                 MJ: Are you happy with the results, and what have you taken
                                                                                                                                                                                 away from the experience?
                                                                                                                                                                                 RE: Hell yeah, we’re stoked with how it’s turned out. We knew from
                                                                                                                                                                                 the start that we didn’t want to go ‘cheap and nasty’, but the finished
                                                                                                                                                                                 product is probably even better than we had planned. We worked
                                                                                                                                                                                 hard so that [it] has made the whole experience more rewarding.
                                                                                                                                                                                 MJ: What’s WaterPark’s plan for the remainder of 2010?
                                                                                                                                                                                 NVD: We hope to continue to expand our following around Queen-
                                                                                                                                                                                 sland and play some great gigs up and down the coast for the rest of
                                                                                                                                                                                 this year; and eventually get in and record some more music in the
                                                                                                                                                                                 near future. The world is our oyster … and we love oysters!

                                                                                                                                                                                  WAtERPARK launch stAND oN tHE EDGE at the Zoo on
                                                                                                                                                                                 saturday sep 25, alongside RVlR and triplickit. $12 on the
                                                                                                                                                                                 door. the EP can be purchased on the night, or by emailing
                                                                                                                                                                        Also from itunes and Amazon.

18                                                                                                                                                                                                                     ISSuE 959
    YoU ME At sIX
    oN TouR

The uK’s YoU ME At sIX are a band who, quite simply,
catapulted overnight. all it took was one a support slot for
angels & airwaves to set the ball rolling. Frontman JosH
FRANCEsCHI is very humbled about the experience, taking it
all one sold-out show at a time. FIoNA stAFFoRD reports.

     “On the Angels & Airwaves tour we were the main support and           about our band!’                                             the weather is usually pretty shit in England. This was    there are people who want to see us as much as we
were to play in front of 2000 kids a night,” Franceschi explains. “I was       “I guess that was when I thought, ‘Fuck it, let’s run    our third time to America and we played in Australia       want to go back.
like ‘fuck, this will be awesome,’ but it actually sucked. We didn’t go    with it and see how far we can take it’. Here we are two     back in February when it is supposedly at its hottest,           “I’m excited that we’re touring with our friends The
down well at all because everyone wanted to see Tom Delonge and            years later and the next time we tour the UK we are          so I can handle the heat.                                  Audition and they are probably one of the first bands
they were just praying he was going to play Blink 182 songs and            playing to 10,000 people in London, so I guess it does            “I was actually complaining a few days ago because    we ever toured with so to be in Australia with them
when he didn’t, everyone left because they were pissed off,” Franc-        happen!”                                                     it was cloudy and I was saying, ‘if I go back to England   I can guarantee there is going to be some horribly
eschi says laughing.                                                           Hailing from England, the band has been spend-           without a tan then people would be like, ‘what did you     heavy nights. I can’t wait. I apologise in advance to you
     After the Angels & Airwaves support the band found them-              ing their winter clocking up kilometers on the Vans          do all summer? Sit on your bus?’, which I haven’t been     and Australia for the state of my voice,” he says cheek-
selves fronting the Give It A Name Festival and playing two mas-           Warped Tour in America. Amongst company like Bring           doing at all!’” he says with a laugh.                      ily. “No no, I’ll make sure I don’t drink too much.”
sive arena shows in London and Sheffield. Josh remembers that              Me The Horizon, Dropkick Murphys, and Every Time I                You Me At Six are looking forward to their second
tour a little more fondly. “I remember turning up to Sheffield Arena       Die, along with our very own exports Closure In Mos-         trip to our country, having gotten a taste on the annual    YoU ME At sIX play the Fort on thursday sep 23
for the first show and was shitting myself thinking it was going to        cow and Parkway Drive, the band has found it’s a pret-       Soundwave Festival earlier this year and Josh cannot       (all ages) followed by an instore appearance at City
be so bad, it was going to be like tumbleweeds in between songs            ty big temperature shock between the two countries.          hide his excitement. “I think the main thing that I am     beach in Queen street Mall at 2pm on Friday sep 24
and we walked on and there were people losing their shit and I was             “England can have its hot moments and I guess            looking forward to is coming back and knowing that         before their Hi-Fi show at 8pm. their album HolD ME
thinking, ‘wow this is an arena and there are people here who know         I’m probably trying to fight the cause of the British, but   Australia isn’t going to completely bomb, and that         DoWN is out now.

    tHE AUDItIoN
    oN TouR

MItCH AlEXANDER speaks to DANNY stEVENs from uS
punk poppers tHE AUDItIoN about puberty and pals, with a
surprise inclusion of america’s favourite pastime.

     Joby Ford from The Bronx once told me that the average pro-
fessional baseball player in North America is paid more than the
President of the United States. This may have been an overstate-
ment to prove a point (the President gets additional perks to fill
the gap anyway, like a private jet and hanging with rad peeps
like Jay Z and Tina Fey), which was probably along the lines of
‘baseball is a big deal in America’. Which is probably why, way
back in August, singer Danny Stevens was treating an upcoming
solo acoustic performance as the pre-show entertainment at a
professional baseball match with a mixture of anticipation and
consternation. Oh, and don’t forget confusion.
     “I’m not really sure what it’s going to be but I’m still extremely,
extremely excited,” he says wryly. “I think it’s the White Sox versus
the Yankees, which are two huge teams right now, so it’s going to be
sold out. I honestly don’t even know how to put my mind around it.
I’ve never played in front of that many people. It’s going to be cool.
     “I’m not a huge baseball fan,” he continues, “I’m from Detroit,
and their team, the Tigers, always sucked. And the football team,
the Lions, I think they’re the worst professional team of any sport
in America. It’s such a heartbreaking relationship with home-
towns sports teams sometimes.”
     Pardon the indulgence, but so rarely do I get to discuss sport
with artistic types. The Audition, it would seem, are not your
standard bratty teenage pop punk band. Even their latest album,
Great Danger, introduces some darker themes and definitely
wears their love of bombastic stadium rock on their collective
sleeve. It’s not a mature album in that they now sing about mort-
gages and settling down, but the question arises – in a band
that has been playing together since their teens, can their sound
progress in parallel with age?
      “I think that everything we’ve written has been a step up
from the last – as you do anything longer, you get better at it,
and it becomes more of your own,” Danny explains. “And when
our sound changes, it’s more of a casual thing. It wasn’t like we
hit band puberty, it’s just that every day, every album, every tour
naturally progresses our sound”.
     As Danny sees the change in The Audition’s music, so it is ob-
served in the band’s fans and the rising trajectories of their musi-
cal friends. This week they’re touring the East Coast of Australia
with plucky British upstarts You Me At Six, but it was a reversal of
roles a few years ago that brought them together.
     “How we met those guys is that we were doing a tour in the
States, then they were supporting us – which is kind of funny
because they’re this huge band in the UK now,” he says with a
chuckle. “I’m not saying that we had anything to do with that, but
right after that they literally exploded, they were just massive.
     “We stayed friends with them, then they decided that they
were coming down and invited us. When someone says ‘hey,
wanna come down to Australia with us for a few days? It’s pretty
impossible to turn down an offer like that.”

 tHE AUDItIoN play the the Hi-Fi on
Friday sep 24, alongside You Me At
six and Kids In Glass Houses. GREAt
DANGER is out now through stomp.

SEPTEmBER 21 2010                                                                                                                                                                                                    19

when soUlWAX return to australia, they’ll be coming armed with a batch of new songs; just don’t expect
a new album any time soon. DAVID DEWAElE tells AlAsDAIR DUNCAN all about their plans for the
Parklife festival and beyond.

    The last time I saw Soulwax live, it was sunset;     cally, there will definitely be new stuff – I would say   you get to hear it. “We’ve made the new tracks with       album and putting it out as a CD is something we should do.
they took the stage looking like dashing interna-        that around 50 percent or more of our set is all new      the specific idea of playing them live in mind,” he       In 2010, that just doesn’t feel like the right way to go. Maybe
tional super-spies in their matching white suits,        material that we’ve made and we’re trying out live.       says. “There’s a certain energy when you play live.       we’ll put the songs out in some format that’s more online-
and for the next hour, pummelled the crowd into          We’ve been working like maniacs on our 2ManyD-            When we play as 2ManyDJs or Soulwax Nite Ver-             community based, or maybe we’ll keep them just for playing
joyful submission with their irrepressible mix of        Js stuff for the last year and a half,” he continues,     sions, more than anything, we play with dynamics,         live. Whatever happens, it’s still our music, and we’re still really
banging beats and squealing synths. That show            “which means we haven’t really been focussing on          and these new songs are really built around that          proud of it, but I’m just not really sure if we’re going to put it
was part of the Parklife 2008 tour – when the            Soulwax stuff. When we come to Australia, we’ll be        concept. We’re trying to take it further than we          out as a CD.”
band return for this year’s run of Parklife festivals,   playing our first Soulwax gigs in some time.”             ever have before – the louder bits are louder, and             This new focus on the live setting doesn’t necessarily mean
will they be bringing a new live show with them?              The new material, Dewaele tells me, consists of      the softer bits are softer.                               the end of recorded Soulwax music. In the past, the band have
Founding member David Dewaele says yes.                  vocal and instrumental tracks, and if you’re a fan,           “We’re not really sure, though, if it’s the kind of   recorded with the likes of Tiga and Crookers, and remixed
    “Visually, the white suits will probably be blue     it’s probably worth getting yourself to Parklife, be-     thing that we’d want to record on a disc,” Dewaele        countless others, and they have some fascinating collabora-
suits this time around,” he tells me, laughing. “Musi-   cause the live show might well be the only chance         continues, “and we’re not even sure if recording an       tions in the future, including one that stops me in my tracks
                                                                                                                                                                             when Dewaele tells me about it. “There is one tentative plan
                                                                                                                                                                             we’ve had for a while, which we keep talking about, which is to
                                                                                                                                                                             work with James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem,” he says casual-
                                                                                                                                                                             ly. “When he stops touring, he wants to go into the studio with
                                                                                                                                                                             me and Stephen and see what happens.”
                                                                                                                                                                                  I pause momentarily to scrape myself up off the floor, as the
                                                                                                                                                                             thought of two of dance music’s most powerful forces working
                                                                                                                                                                             together. 'That sounds like the most amazing thing ever,' I tell
                                                                                                                                                                             Dewaele, and he laughs. “It could be a huge disappointment,
                                                                                                                                                                             but we’ve known each other for 10 years and been really good
                                                                                                                                                                             friends all that time, but we’ve never really worked together;
                                                                                                                                                                             nine months ago, he said that he was making his last album
                                                                                                                                                                             with LCD and was going to stop touring, and that he wanted to
                                                                                                                                                                             go into the studio start making things. I remember asking what
                                                                                                                                                                             he wanted to do, and he said that one of the things was that
                                                                                                                                                                             he really wanted to work with us, and I said, well, let’s try. He’s
                                                                                                                                                                             one of the few people I’d really like to work with. He’s got a very
                                                                                                                                                                             strong will, but he’s also very open to new things.”
                                                                                                                                                                                  In the short term, though, Soulwax have another project
                                                                                                                                                                             of an entirely different nature to keep them occupied – an in-
                                                                                                                                                                             ternet radio station for their record-spinning alter egos. “We’ve
                                                                                                                                                                             been working flat out on a new 2ManyDJs project for about a
                                                                                                                                                                             year and a half,” Dewaele says. “We’ve gone through our whole
                                                                                                                                                                             collection, which is about 50,000 records, and picked all the

                                                                                                                                                                                   there is one tentative
                                                                                                                                                                                  plan we’ve had for a
                                                                                                                                                                                 while, which we keep
                                                                                                                                                                               talking about, which is to
                                                                                                                                                                               work with James Murphy
                                                                                                                                                                                of lCD soundsystem.

                                                                                                                                                                             tiny little gems and forgotten tracks – I’d say that 50 percent of
                                                                                                                                                                             it is stuff people never will have heard, because it came out in
                                                                                                                                                                             limited editions of 300 copies in 1973, and there’s maybe only
                                                                                                                                                                             45 seconds that are worth listening to, so we’ve cut out just
                                                                                                                                                                             that 45 seconds.
                                                                                                                                                                                  “We’ve put all of this stuff together into a series of mixes,” he
                                                                                                                                                                             continues, “but instead of putting out CD compilations, which
                                                                                                                                                                             would be a nightmare in terms of clearing the tracks, we’ve
                                                                                                                                                                             taken an online radio license and we’re going to be streaming it
                                                                                                                                                                             for free. As 2ManyDJs right now, we’re touring a big production
                                                                                                                                                                             show with lots of visuals, and the whole 24 hours will have visu-
                                                                                                                                                                             als based on the records.”
                                                                                                                                                                                  In the short term, though, the band are focussed on enjoy-
                                                                                                                                                                             ing some quiet time on their next trip to Australia. “This is going
                                                                                                                                                                             to sound cheesy, but I live my life predominantly touring, so
                                                                                                                                                                             there are good and bad moments,” Dewaele says. “In the good
                                                                                                                                                                             moments, you think, this is great, this is why I’m doing it. You
                                                                                                                                                                             do have those moments when you can travel easily and when
                                                                                                                                                                             things aren’t a huge nightmare, and it becomes quite enjoy-
                                                                                                                                                                             able. In our experience, whenever we come to Australia, that’s
                                                                                                                                                                             the case.
                                                                                                                                                                                  “Tonight I’m playing in Cannes in the south of France,” he
                                                                                                                                                                             continues, “tomorrow I’m playing in the south of Spain and
                                                                                                                                                                             then the day after, I’m playing in the north of Germany,” De-
                                                                                                                                                                             waele tells me, “but in those three places, all I’ll get to see is
                                                                                                                                                                             backstage then the hotel. The great thing about Australia is
                                                                                                                                                                             that the festivals are really accessible, the weather’s nice, and
                                                                                                                                                                             you get a few days off after you play. We’ve got really good
                                                                                                                                                                             friends in Melbourne and Sydney and we actually get to hang
                                                                                                                                                                             out with them. We get more quality time than we do with our
                                                                                                                                                                             friends at home in Europe.”

                                                                                                                                                                              soUlWAX play Parklife at the Riverstage & City botanic
                                                                                                                                                                             Gardens on saturday sep 25, alongside the Dandy Warhols,
                                                                                                                                                                             Darwin Deez, the Wombats and many more. tickets are
                                                                                                                                                                             still available from Check out www.
                                                                                                                                                                    for more information.

20                                                                                                                                                                                                                ISSuE 959
   oN TouR + aLBum RELEaSE

Production boffin and founding member of rockers lINKIN PARK, MIKE
sHINoDA chats with MIKEY WAlsH about the band’s fourth LP and an
impending return to australian shores.

     After reaching an impasse with early sessions for their fourth al-   of war. The chillingly evocative pulse of the album      Nagasaki and Hiroshima in the final days of WWII.        heavy block of touring ready to kick in, Shinoda is
bum, Californian band Linkin Park burnt the rulebook. The punchy          is further enhanced by three key sound bites lifted          “The thing that struck me about the Oppenhe-         currently in the midst of transferring this new epic to
hard rock construct that had seen their albums Hybrid Theory, Me-         from history. Deftly embedded in this dense pres-        imer quote … was that here was a human being who         the live stage.
teora and Minutes To Midnight sell more than 50 million albums            entation are speeches by US political activist Mario     was probably told his whole life that his intelligence       “It’s unfortunate Linkin Park is so much work,” he
was jettisoned in favour of a completely new approach. The result,        Savio, physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer and human         was something that made him special. At a certain        concludes, “but we can’t wait to come back and play
A Thousand Suns, is a textured and intense collection with Linkin         rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. Each sample finds   point his greatest asset, his defining characteristic,   in Australia.”
Park manning their instruments like heavy artillery. Graphically          these formidable figures of history addressing the       turned against him and he had no control of it. He
outlining the futility of conflict via impressive soundscapes and         horrors of war, with Oppenheimer rueing his involve-     had an idea and then his idea became a reality, at        lINKIN PARK play brisbane’s Entertainment
brutal lyrics, it’s a long way from the punchy fix of past singles In     ment in The Manhattan Project, the US development        which point he said the words you hear on our al-        Centre on Friday Dec 3. tickets are on sale
The End, What I’ve Done and Numb.                                         of atomic bombs during World War II. The success of      bum … none of us will ever understand the weight         through ticketek from Friday sep 24. A tHoUsAND
     This exhaustive evolution pushed the band’s resilience; the          Oppenheimer’s research and The Manhattan Project         of what he was feeling at the time.”                     sUNs out now through Warner. Check out www.
ideology of their rebirth perhaps best summed up in Waiting For           ultimately led to uranium bombs being dropped on             With A Thousand Suns now unleashed and a    for more information
The End’s lyric, “The hardest part of ending is starting again.”
     “It was kind of a subtle thing,” co-vocalist, programmer and
producer Mike Shinoda says. “Over the course of the last four
years we’ve been really trying to understand the ways in which
we confine ourselves as musicians and writers. We’d found our-
selves sticking to an old way of doing things and decided to call
ourselves out. We wanted to do something different.”
     Holding a comfortable position as one of the most success-
ful rock acts of the last decade was no longer a driving force for
Shinoda and Linkin Park. Having broken sales records and picked
up multiple awards in the 10 years since their 2000 debut Hybrid
Theory, the band refused to repeat the artistically deficient cycle. A
Thousand Suns was devised to push Linkin Park into new sonic ter-
ritories and create a conceptually driven album rich with intent.
     “I remember a couple of years ago we were sitting around at
the studio and the subject of the next record came up. We’d al-
ready started writing some demos and stuff, but we started talk-
ing about the big picture. Phoenix [Dave ‘Phoenix’ Farrell, bassist]
said one of my favourite things around that time: that he was
frustrated by music. He was frustrated about finding music that
he liked to listen to, because he felt like the stuff on the radio and
the stuff out there in the mainstream is like candy. He started using
this food analogy that music like that is like sweets and you can
have a little of it in moderation and you have a good time, but in

     We’d found ourselves
  sticking to an old way of
  doing things and decided
  to call ourselves out. We
   wanted to do something

reality what you also need is some substance.”
     So what meal did the aggressive and driven sounds of A Thou-
sand Suns eventually become?
     “Let’s take the analogy way too far,” Shinoda chuckles. “I think
that some people are just used to eating Italian food, but when
they’re presented with an Asian/Indian/Japanese fusion the spices
are so unfamiliar to them they might not have the words to de-
scribe the thing when they eat it. That’s the kind of experience we
would love to have when they hear this album. We want them to
not even be able to put words together to describe what they’re
hearing, so that the only way for others to understand is for them
to hear it too.”
     Rick Rubin once again joins Shinoda as Linkin Park co-producer
following the pair’s collaboration on 2007’s Minutes To Midnight.
The bear-like Buddhist was a reassuring guide as the sextet brave-
ly followed their new direction. A studio connoisseur with past
successes including Grammy winning efforts from Jay-Z, Johnny
Cash and Dixie Chicks, Rubin’s non-interventionist style allowed
the band the breathing space to find their new sound.
     “Rick is an amazing person and an awesome mentor,” Shi-
noda insists. “I think my favourite thing about our relationship
with Rick is the balance between his ideas and ours in the stu-
dio. He’s very respectful of our space. To give you an idea of how
it works, we have band meetings every Monday and after that
meeting the band is basically on their own to work on the music.
Usually the work is done by one to three people. It’s never five
or six of us – we just never write as a band as it doesn’t work for
us. I’ll be either working with one or two of the other guys or I’ll
be working on stuff at home. Rick just shows up once a week
or once a month, checks in and lets us know how we’re doing.
When we need help we can always call him up for a bit of direc-
tion, but he just tends to have that really potent direction when
you really need something. He’ll give you the smallest idea and
it can snowball into something incredible and really special. Not
many producers are capable of doing that.”
     The incidental segues that link A Thousand Suns’ key songs
conjure up bombed fields, displaced citizens and the aftermath

SEPTEmBER 21 2010                                                                                                                                                                                            21
   tHE REPlICANts                                                                      YoUNG REVElRY                                                                      DAN WEbb
   PLaTFoRm BaND comPETITIoN                                                           oN TouR                                                                            oN TouR

                                                                                    soNIC YoUtH
                                                                                    Perth indie rockers YoUNG REVElRY travel to the East coast this week
                                                                                    with calling all cars. ZoE MClAUGHlIN defeats the tyranny of distance

MEN IN tHE MIRRoR                                                                                                                                                      ClEARANCE GRANtED
                                                                                    via email to find out about their debut EP You & I

                                                                                    ZOE MCLAUGHLIN: Young Revelry only formed a year ago, coming
tAlIA sHIPMANN learns a little something about the Platform band                    from other projects. What was it that made you realise you could work              DAN WEbb talks to JoDY MACGREGoR in advance of visiting
competition from finalists tHE REPlICANts, namely bassist ANDREW                    together?                                                                                                      ,
                                                                                                                                                                       Brisbane to launch his new EP Hyperspace clearance.
MCKAYsMItH and guitarist DAMIAN bUtlER.                                             YOUNG REVELRY: We were all friends with a lot of common ground in musi-
                                                                                    cal taste, so it was a pretty natural thing to jam together and try and form a     JODY MACGREGOR: Do you have plans for an album yet or is that a
TALIA SHIPMANN: How important do you think competition (in terms of                 band at some point.                                                                ways off yet?
Battle Of The Bands) is in a musical community like Brisbane?                       ZM: You’ve played with Gyroscope, one of Perth’s greatest exports. Is              DAN WEBB: I’m not afraid to admit that I’m a bit of a perfectionist. I love the
THE REPLICANTS: There are bands from the Gold Coast who are envious of              their success something that Young Revelry aspires to, or do you plan              EP format and being able to just focus on making four or five really solid
how spoilt we are to be able to participate in local events such as the Plat-       to pave your own path?                                                             tracks. I want to be able to say I’m proud of each of my releases and right
form competition so yes, it’s a noteworthy event on the gig calendar and            YR: We don’t have any grand plans; just to keep writing songs together see         now I don’t really see the point in recording say, 12 tracks just for the sake
[has] allowed us to build a profile. Platform actually allowed us to perform        where it all goes creatively.                                                      of it. I’ll never rule out recording an album in the future, but to be honest I
our first gig so without it and the support of its sponsors … we may not            ZM: You’ve described your approach to the You & I EP as ‘raw and                   think a third EP is more likely to happen.
have been able to play to an audience giving us a crucial ‘first step’ into the     honest’. Do you feel the need to stay true to your own experiences                 JM: Is a name that references The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy like
live environment.                                                                   as songwriters?                                                                    Hyperspace Clearance a recipe for success a la Radiohead and Paranoid
TS: You appear to draw inspiration from Blade Runner (in your name, at              YR: I think the best way for us to go about things is to not try and follow any    Android? Should I name my band Arcturan Megafreighter?
least). Have you ever done a ‘sci-fi themed’ set-list?                              set formula and if it works and feels good, then that’s what we will go with.      DW: Hmm, it’s a bit of a mouthful. Maybe it’d make for a good alias in a
TR: No but what a great idea! There is one major parallel between what we do        We are all pretty open, but focused at the same time.                              computer game though? You know, I’m a big fan of Radiohead and a big fan
in The Replicants and the Blade Runner narrative: The idea that a ‘Replicant’       ZM: The EP has also been described as a ‘mesmerising mess of sound’.               of Hitchhiker’s Guide. It’s a little embarrassing to admit, but I only recently
can be the real thing! That’s what we want to give to our audience – the feel-      How would you guys describe it?                                                    made the connection – I was literally reading about Marvin the ‘paranoid
ing that there is no difference between their favourite song being performed        YR: It’s a collection if rock songs really. They are a good cross section of the   android’ and listening to that very song on my iPod at the same time. Purely
by the artist or The Replicants!                                                    stuff we have done at this stage of the band.                                      coincidental!
TS: Covers bands cop a rough deal, how did you come to form one? What               ZM: Being a Perth band, do you think being based in the city has a par-            JM: Where has your best gig been?
are the perks we may not be aware of?                                               ticular influence on your sound or approach? (Musicians from WA often              DW: Probably just the other night at Northcote Social Club. My band and I
TR: In the past there was a mindset that covers musicians were ‘selling out’ but    seem to be very serious about what they do as a result of the city’s iso-          were joined on stage for a few songs by The Cat Empire horn section ‘The
more recently, musicians have realised they can still maintain their musical        lation from the East Coast…)                                                       Empire Horns’ and it went off! We extended one of my three-minute songs
integrity as well as make money doing what they love most – playing their           YR: Nah, not particularly. I’m not really switched on to any Perth “sound” or      out to about 12 minutes cos we were all jamming and taking it in turns to
instrument! Massa and Andrew are in a local outfit called Cross Trigger and         anything. Bands seem very different and varying there.                             solo – it was a lot of fun.
wanted to play live more often … The perks are obvious – you get to become          ZM: Calling All Cars are headlining your latest tour. How are you hop-             JM: And what about your worst gig?
a working musician making a living in the best pubs and clubs that Brisbane         ing crowds will respond to Young Revelry as support?                               DW: Looking back on it, I was really under-prepared for my first show a cou-
has to offer. There is nothing cooler than telling people that you play in a band   YR: It’s always good to see people enjoying your music. But either way I           ple years ago. I felt like throwing in the towel after that gig, but I now know
and that within a week or so they can come and watch a performance.                 think people who get it will, and if not that’s fine by us.                        this is exactly what I wanna be doing and it’s not something I’ve thought
                                                                                                                                                                       twice about since!
 tHE REPlICANts play the Platform Winners showcase at Elephant &                    YoUNG REVElRY support Calling All Cars at Gold Coast’s Never
Wheelbarrow on thursday sep 30, with No Right turn. Check out www.                  land on Friday sep 24, X&Y bar on saturday sep 25 and byron’s Great                 DAN WEbb performs at Ric’s with Dos Hell on Wednesday sep 22. and                      Northern on sunday sep 26. the YoU & I EP is out now through Redcat                HYPERsPACE ClEARANCE is available now via MGM. see www.myspace.
for more information.                                                               sounds.                                               com/danwebbmusic for more information.

22                                                                                                                                                                                                                    ISSuE 959
SEPTEmBER 21 2010 23
  (Stop Start/EMI)
  Debut album from Brisbane happytime
       Hungry Kids Of Hungary’s opening
  track on Escapades is a crush of clanging
  drums, slightly gritty guitars and sing-
  along falsettos. It turns Coming Around
  into an announcement: after a few EPs
  and delightful singles, one of Brisbane’s
  most prominent pop acts are here for
  business and pleasure. Winding through            ity over an entire album, then wonder no            ROCKETSMITHS – The Bones                        MENOMENA – Mines                                   THE CHARLATANS – Who We
  previous radio faves Scattered Diamonds           more. These kids are researchers, classi-           (Independent)                                   (Barsuk/Spunk/EMI)                                 Touch
  and Let You Down, the Supertramp vs.              cists, creators and popsmiths, with a rare          Debut LP from local rabble-rousers              Doo doooo do do do etc.                            (Cooking Vinyl/Shock)
  Shins battle royale that is China Can Wait        talent that is often spread across four or               Well-known around Brisbane for their            A long three years have passed since          Britpop also-rans still running … in
  and the luxurious, folky swaggering five          five bands. This is less Lennon & McCart-           raucous live shows, Rocketsmiths know           Menomena’s superb second LP Friend And             circles?
  minutes of closer The Window Shopper,             ney pop and more those who followed in              how to hammer home a loud, righteous            Foe was released in 2007. 2009 saw singer              They never really had much like, did
  Hungry Kids are never low on supplies             their footsteps – your Badfingers, ELOs,            indie-punk ditty and yell their lungs out       Brent Knopf take a solo excursion as Ra-           they? The Charlatans, I mean. Called The
  when it comes to hummable hooks and               Billy Joels and Petty Heartbreakers – with          without doing any significant damage to         mona Falls, releasing the rock solid Intuit,       Charlatans UK in America, forced to add
  acrobatic harmonies. I’ll let you in on a         lotsa chirpy guitars and intricate arrange-         their vocal chords. On the band’s first full-   but it didn’t quite scratch the Menomena           the two letters to avoid confusion with the
  little secret – when reviewing the home-          ments that seem impossible to recreate              length The Bones, go-to producer Magoo          itch. Mines picks up where Friend And Foe          long defunct US garage rock band of the
  town heroes, it sometimes happens that            live. Yet those who have seen HKOH live,            smoothes out the band’s rough edges, ap-        left off: huge drums, blistering guitar and        same name, despite being around for a
  you avoid the more stinging sentences             which I can only assume at this stage to be         plies listener-friendly gloss and accentu-      Knopf’s soaring vocal style. Mines tones           decade before Jarvis and Damon and the
  that start with “but” or “although” or “how-      practically everyone given their Brunswick          ates their late-’70s English punk leanings      down the bombast a little, putting the focus       Gallagher eyebrows decided to give it a red
  ever” and shine brightly on the positives.        Street omnipresence, know they’re up to             without stripping away any guitar-driven        firmly on mood and songwriting. Not to say         hot go, they never reached the dizzying
  But that hardly seems necessary with              the task. Bris-pop’s youngest and bright-           aggression. Along with it, there’s the good     that they don’t still have a ton of swagger.       heights of those young whippersnappers.
  Escapades, and if you were wondering              est are on their way.                               news and the bad news, with the former          TAOS stands ten feet tall behind a force field     At the worst of times, they were cruelly
  whether they could keep up the qual-                   HHHH               MITCH ALEXANDER             being Rocketsmiths’ much-improved mu-           of screechy guitars, horns and Danny Seim’s        considered as poor pastiches of their more
                                                                                                        sicianship and songwriting and the latter       powerful drumming style and fellow capi-           brattish counterparts. After several years
                                                                                                        being their allegiance to the done-to-          talised track BOTE is similarly aggressive.        curled up into a pretty comfortable routine
                                                    er’s first release in two years, you can defi-      death (figuratively speaking) death-rock        On the other side of the scale, tracks like Kil-   – an album of Stones B-sides, a European
                                                    nitely trust in the easygoing melodies that         shtick. The opening double of Monster           lemall and Tithe show that Menomena can            tour, get the band back together again in
                                                    put him on the radar in the first place – the       Part 1 and Rave’s past single of the week       tone things down but remain dynamic. You           three years – they became the first British
                                                    type that suit warm-and-fuzzy commercials.          A Shot At The Seat, along with the driving      get the feeling that Ramona Falls has been         band to boldly release a new album for free
                                                    The type of songs that carry the scent of           single Underground, are easily among the        of benefit to Knopf’s songwriting. From the        via the website for UK radio station XFM.
                                                    the hopelessly lovesick, and of those who           most memorable, hook-laden songs here,          crisp initial chords of opener Queen Black         2008’s You Cross My Path was applauded
                                                    wear beads, smoke contraband substances             frontman Dominic growling like a spectac-       Acid onwards you feel reassured that you’re        not only for its brash release method, but
                                                    and strum acoustic guitars. After spending          ularly pissed-off Hugh Cornwell. Guitars        in the hands of smart, capable musicians.          also for its direction-correcting of the good
                                                    many of his formative years overseas, and           merrily clang, clatter and bludgeon and         Some songs here feel less crucial than oth-        ship Charlatans. Who We Touch takes a
                                                    travelling for much of his recent bouts of          the organ stabs bring a Stranglers-y fla-       ers: Dirty Cartoons is solid but feels cum-        similar stylistic scattergun approach – the
                                                    songwriting, Rein’s inspiration from exotic         vour to the songs, yet the massed hollers       bersome in the context of the album, while         slinky funk of Your Pure Soul, Teenage
                                                    places is apparent among the happy-go-              are an acquired taste, as well as the overall   some of the five-minute tracks are good            Fanclub-friendly opener Love Is Ending or
                                                    lucky album fodder, with Indian lyrics and          vaudeville/early Horrors-like “spook” slant.    three-minute songs stretched out too long.         the tongue-in-cheek political ire of Smash
                                                    track names India, Norway (I Like It Like           That said, the rowdy Henry (“fucking”, of       These missteps aren’t too damaging how-            The System – but far too many times the
                                                    This) and Shanti Aaye. Perhaps all his travels      course) Winkler and the waltz-time breaks       ever; Menomena’s lesser moments are still          songs plod rather than pop. Choruses of-
INTERPOL – Interpol                                 away have brought about the pining lyrics           in Demons are great fun, as are the dynam-      good. Menomena are a band bursting with            ten collapse under the weight or implode,
(Shock)                                             too. Rein is sticking with his niche of easy-       ics in The Murder Song and the closing ti-      creativity, and while Mines doesn’t surpass        while the production and instrumentation
Glamorous New York post-punks return                to-digest pop, and while I’m not saying that        tle track. Overall, not a bad maiden LP and     Friend And Foe, it’s a worthwhile release          can’t decide whether it wants to be classic
with fourth album                                   having every second word as ‘love’ or ‘heart’       there’s enough meat on those proverbial         that illustrates a band refining their craft.      or edgy. God, I hope Smash The System
     Interpol albums have a sense of doomed         is bad, it’s just a little limiting in scope. En-   bones – but perhaps dropping some of                 HHHH                  MICHAEL PINCOTT         was written tongue in cheek – because
romance that makes them ideal for listening         listing a pack of musicians from Australia,         the carnie vibe wouldn’t be a bad idea.                                                            otherwise it sounds like a first year politi-
to late at night, preferably during or after        the Middle East and India to support him                 HHH                  DENIS SEMCHENKO                                                          cal science student with an overworn Che
a deep and meaningful conversation and              with a menagerie of instruments, this slice                                                                                                            Guevara t-shirt crafted the lyrics.
some heavy consumption of cheap red wine            of the bright side of life is sure to please his                                                                                                           HHH                   MITCH ALEXANDER
(if you’ve ever lived in a share house full of      swathe of fans.
uni students, you probably know exactly                  HH                          SAM HAGAMAN
what I’m talking about). Wisely, the band’s
fourth, self-titled album doesn’t make any
attempt to reinvent their style – if anything,
it looks back to the jagged edges and murky
emotions of their first album, Turn On The
Bright Lights. Critics have been saying it’s
their best album since then, but that’s not
actually true – 2004’s brilliant and under-
rated Antics still holds on to that title. It is,
however, their best record since Our Love
To Admire, and that’s definitely a step in the                                                                                                          TEENAGERSINTOKYO – Sacrifice
right direction. Lights is loud and droning in                                                                                                          (Shock)
all of the right places, while Safe Without is                                                          EL GUINCHO – Pop Negro                          London-via-Sydney girl band have the
built around a hypnotic, repeated vocal that                                                            (Young Turks/Remote Control)                    singles, but not the deep cuts
won’t do anything to dispel the Joy Division                                                            Just in time for summer!                             It’s not hard to see the appeal of ex-Syd-    THE HUNDRED IN THE HANDS –
comparisons always levelled at Interpol.                                                                     I was hoping to craft some kind of         ney, now London outfit teenagersintokyo,           The Hundred In The Hands
Guitar player Daniel Kessler has recently           THE HOLIDAYS – Post Paradise                        mind-blowing metaphor about how the             silly typographical oddities aside: the most-      (Warp/Inertia)
taken to the piano, and the addition of that        (Liberation)                                        parrot on the cover of El Guincho’s previ-      ly-girl band combines snarling, almost-punk        Dark, lush pop debut from Brooklyn pair
instrument is this album’s best feature by          Life’s just beachy                                  ous album Alegranza and the octopus on          delivery with dancefloor-oriented synths                The words ‘Brooklyn electro pop duo’
far – highlights Try It On and Summer Well              Remember when you were a kid and                the cover of Pop Negro were representa-         and a party-girl attitude (lazy music journal-     might well inspire visions of coked-out
are both built around sprightly keyboard            you just couldn’t wait to get out of that           tive of the differing musical styles of their   ist cliché ahoy: like Uffie making love with       hipsters attending Vice Magazine parties
riffs, and they sound more alive than any-          boring institution called ‘school’ and live         respective albums. Sadly I couldn’t. What       Siouxsie in CSS’s hot tub). So it’s no surprise,   in fluoro singlets and Wayfarers, but for-
thing else. Interpol doesn’t quite match the        up ‘The Holidays’? It was a time universally        I can tell you is that Pop Negro is anoth-      then, that their early singles were blazingly      tunately for everyone, The Hundred In The
band’s best, but thanks to those two tracks,        anticipated – who doesn’t love trips away           er enjoyable burst of Pablo Díaz-Reixa’s        popular, garnering the band a busy Euro-           Hands do not fit this template at all. Jason
it stands up to them.                               and food-stuffed seasonal celebration pe-           catchy and unusual electronic tropicalia.       pean touring schedule and the support of           Friedman and Eleanore Everdell make mu-
     HHH                   ALASDAIR DUNCAN          riods? Ergo, how can you not love a band            Though the presence of steel drums,             Zane Lowe and the NME. But a string of suc-        sic that borrows a little from the dark disco
                                                    named after such times? Touted as one of            synths, samples and Díaz-Reixa’s Spanish        cessful singles doesn’t always bode well for       of Glass Candy and little from the sinister
                                                    Australia’s most promising upcoming acts,           vocals (which play a larger role on this        a full album, and Sacrifice unfortunately isn’t    dance pop of Ladytron, and will definitely
                                                    The Holidays have released their debut in           record) means Pop Negro’s texture is con-       as strong as their singles would suggest.          appeal to fans of either band. The Hundred
                                                    the wake of two successful EPs and a mul-           sistent with Alegranza, Pop Negro feels         The problems start with the opener and ti-         In The Hands are the kind of band who
                                                    titude of tours. Like much current indie, The       like more of an ‘album’. The tracks here        tle track, which is a slow burner punctuated       trade on the contrast between the sweet-
                                                    Holidays are traversing genres here, tack-          are poppier, more direct and less schizo-       by abrasive, repetitive vocals: a great deep       ness of their melodies and the stripped-
                                                    ling rock, pop and electro. The first track         phrenic. Alegranza was great to listen to       cut, perhaps, but not an album opener. Lead        back, post-punk quality of their arrange-
                                                    Heavy Feathers suitably whets the appe-             because it was so dense and rich, but Pop       single Peter Pan lacks the spark that pro-         ments, but where many who do this get
                                                    tite with cruisy tropicana, before the guys         Negro benefits from being pared down a          pelled earlier successes End It Tonight and        so caught up in the light/dark dynamic
                                                    lead listeners through a repertoire of retro        little. The melodies come to the surface in-    Robocat, so it’s fortunate that many early         that they forget to write good tunes, their
                                                    washed-up-on-the-beach melodies. Think              stead of being hidden among Díaz-Reixa’s        songs appear in re-recorded form here. Of          self-titled debut has plenty of those to go
                                                    of a meandering drive down the scenic               colourful cocktail of sound and atmos-          the new tracks, the highlight for me is Long       around. The versatility of Eleanore’s vocals
                                                    Pacific Coast Highway in California, maybe          phere. Nonetheless this is still very much      Walk Home, which succeeds because of its           is also one of the album’s strong points –
                                                    in a convertible if you’re into kitsch clichés      music made for aural pleasures. The bub-        dreamy, New Romantic synth sound and the           she can do breathy and detached when
                                                    like that, and this would be pumping out            bling rhythms of Bombay get things off to       fact that lead vocalist Samantha Lim doesn’t       the song calls for it, but is also capable of
                                                    the stereo on your road trip. It’s not an in-       a good start. Soca Del Eclipse is a stand-      resort to her usual disaffected shouty de-         a Siouxsie Sioux-like yelp that lends tracks
OLD MAN RIVER – Trust                               tense listen, but neither does it set out to        out with its multiple choruses and fluid        livery. Despite this and a few other gems,         like commotion an extra air of menace. At
(LaLaLa Music/EMI)                                  be – vocalist and lead guitarist Simon Jones        percussion. Danza Invinto is the weakest        Sacrifice in general lacks tonal diversity: the    times, The Hundred In The Hands come a
Prepare for a pop odyssey                           makes the ladies melt with his laidback tone        track here, paling especially next to the       gritty atonality that made their early singles     little too close to biting the sounds of other
    Old Man River sets the ethos of his sec-        and electro-tropical dance-floor anthems.           organic groove of earlier tracks (Chica-        stand out from the indie-dance competition         artists – Pigeons, for example, sounds like
ond full-length album in the title – Trust.         The first two singles Moonlight Hours and           Oh) Drims and FM Tan Sexy. Pop Negro            is a bit wearying by the album’s end. Sacri-       it could have been lifted directly from La-
When picking up an Old Man River album              Golden Sky, having had considerable air-            is hardly going to resonate with anyone         fice is therefore a must-have for diehard          dytron’s Witching Hour – but at their best,
you can trust that it’ll contain blues and          time by now, are a good taste of the rest of        in an emotional or meaningful way, but          teenagersintokyo fans who like the idea of         on sinister disco tracks like Dead Ending
roots, and wise words of advice. You could          the album. Post Paradise is a veritable oasis       it’s a refreshing pop outing that’s bright,     10 very similar sounding songs, but isn’t re-      and Young Aren’t Young, they display an
trust that there’ll be abundant pop tunes           of bliss from The Holidays.                         breezy and fun.                                 quired listening for anyone else.                  identity all their own.
and sitars. In Ohad Rein’s a.k.a Old Man Riv-           HHH                      SAM HAGAMAN                 HHH                 MICHAEL PINCOTT             HHH                       CHAD PARKHILL            HHH                   ALASDAIR DUNCAN

24                                                                                                                                                                                                                      ISSuE 959
                                                                                                     CHECK tHE RAVE WEbsItE FoR
                                                                                                     MoRE AlbUM REVIEWs
                                                                                                                                                          sINGlEREVIEWs                          sINGlEs & EPs WItH JoDY MACGREGoR
                                                                                                     let-down. The Manchester duo mine the                                                                    ing slogans. I could complain about The Tran-
                                                                                                     glossy, over-produced synth pop of the                                                                   sients recreating The Presets’ formula from
                                                                                                     late ‘80s for inspiration, but rather than                                                sINGlE         My Very First My People Cookbook a little too
                                                                                                     floor fillers, they specialise in big emotion-                                            oF tHE         closely, but if this came on in a club I would
                                                                                                     al ballads. There’s nothing wrong with big,                                               WEEK           dance to it anyway, which is the real test.
                                                                                                     emotional ballads – Duran Duran certainly                                                                In the wise words of the philosopher-poet
                                                                                                     knew their way around one – but the prob-                                                                Shakira, “Hips don’t lie.” I have no idea about
                                                                                                     lem with Hurts’ approach is that it’s 100                                                                the lyrics, though. What words are the song’s
                                                                                                     percent style over substance. Theo Hutch-                                                                repeated cry of “Hey you!” being followed by.
                                                                                                     craft sings the hell out of these songs,                                                                 Invincible? Sensible? Indefensible Decepticon
                                                                                                     emoting absolutely every syllable for all its                                                            receptacle? If it really is indefensible Decepti-
                                                                                                     worth, but with so few decent hooks and                                                                  con receptacle then I take back everything I
                                                                                                     choruses, he just ends up sounding over-                                                                 said about them aping The Presets and award
                                                                                                     blown and kind of ridiculous. Maybe that’s                                                               them a shiny gold star.
                                                                                                     the point – if you enjoy songs where peo-
DISTURBED – Asylum                                 KINGS GO FORTH – The Outsiders                    ple say goodbye in the pouring rain while            THE NATIONAL – Anyone’s Ghost                       ARCADE FIRE – Modern Man
(Reprise/Warner)                                   Are Back                                          gospel choirs wail and moan in the back-             (4AD)                                               (EMI)
It had to come out in an election year             (Luaka Bop)                                       ground and tinkly piano notes sound, well,                The deep-voiced man from The National              When a blatant nostalgist like the Arcade
     Disturbed have been an issue rearing its      The soul revival continues along its              you’re in for a treat. My sense of irony must        sounds even more like Roy Orbison here than         Fire man – okay, I’m going to stop being all
head periodically since the late ‘90s. It seems    glorious path                                     be broken today, though, because to me,              he usually does and that is a very good thing       precious and whimsical for a moment, he has
that every three, four years, there’s another           Before Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings          this shit just sounds painful.                       indeed. Like a few of The National’s songs, An-     a name and it’s Win Butler – sings about being
incident involving Disturbed. Each specific        blew audiences away with their soul revue             HH          	         ALASDAIR DUNCAN            yone’s Ghost does that thing where it sneaks        a modern man you know he’s doing it with a
incident is different, but the overarching situ-   workouts, it was rare to put on a new record                                                           up behind you and patiently waits for you to        touch of self-consciousness. Even removed
ation is immediately familiar. Such is the case    where the grooves genuinely reminded the                                                               finish your conversation before introducing         from the context of an album about the for-
with Asylum, which encapsulates all the rec-       listener of rhythm and blues from a bygone                                                             itself so that it’s halfway through before you      gotten joy of waiting for the post, his posi-
ognisable aspects of Disturbed – Everything        age. Since then, the likes of Lee Fields and                                                           realise how lovely it is and then suddenly it’s     tion as a man out of his time is obvious. “Like a
we worry about; want to introduce into our         Charles Walker’s Dynamites have emerged                                                                over and you just have to go back to the start      record that’s skippin’ I’m a modern man / And the
society; take pity on; are fearful of … Incred-    with records that take us back to the grit                                                             and listen to it again. Fortunately Anyone’s        clock keeps tickin’ I’m a modern man.” Only he’s a
ibly divisive and often resulting in heated        of classic Chess Records releases and/or                                                               Ghost is worth listening to over and over until     modern man who listens to the kind of records
arguments, be careful bringing up Disturbed        the lush soul of Gamble & Huff’s Philadel-                                                             it gets stuck in your head and haunts you on        that skip and has the kind of clock that ticks. It’s
at your next dinner party. Bleeding hearts         phia sound. On this excellent release by                                                               loop for the rest of the week because that’s        a song about malaise and insomnia and queu-
will tout the band’s ability to craft melodies     Kings Go Forth, the music even becomes                                                                 what you’ll be doing.                               ing, but fortunately it’s still an Arcade Fire song
(Another Way To Die), David Draiman’s catchy       vaguely expressionistic in the monumental                                                                                                                  about malaise and insomnia and queuing,
spit/scream/sing/repeat vocal cadence (The         echoing lament Paradise Lost, before Don’t                                                                                                                 which means that it swells and ebbs and the
Infection) and the easily digestible, catchy,      Take My Shadow recalls the string-laden                                                                                                                    guitar both echoes and presages the vocals
metal-for-the-kids bounce (Sacrifice). Hard-       compositions of Motown maverick Nor-                                                                                                                       as they steadily climb that ladder up into the
liners will remain sceptical, arguing that Dis-    man Whitfield. For the most part, the album                                                                                                                cloudy realm of Anthem Country where every-
turbed’s lyrics range from bullshit (Warrior,      comprises good gritty soulful workouts – no                                                                                                                thing is gorgeous like this song.
Innocence) to ridiculous (the WWII-recalling       obvious nods to Berry Gordy’s classic “hit        VARIOUS ARTISTS – Friendly Fires:
Never Again), and that the bland nu-metal          factory” ethic, this is soul music that gets      Suck My Deck                                                                                             ROLL DEEP – Green Light
rhythms (My Child) are a threat to local mu-       its sustenance from the players’ interaction,     (!K7/Inertia)                                                                                            (Relentless/Virgin)
sicians. Some will argue that we should em-        dense but never overdone arrangements             A pleasant victory lap for                                                                                    It must be that time again, where that
brace Disturbed. Cherish their history and         and veteran frontman Black Wolf’s emo-            unacknowledged tastemakers                                                                               time is when one of the many members of
learn from them. Others will retort that do-       tive vocals, somewhere between Four Tops’             Friendly Fires appeared at an interesting                                                            Brit ex-grime crew Roll Deep has a paternity
ing so could make more bands sound like            Levi Stubbs and post-Let’s Get It On Marvin.      juncture of recent dance music history, com-                                                             suit to pay off and they record another one of
Disturbed. These conflicting views cannot          In short, if you like soul with just the right    ing at the tail end of the electro-pop/elec-                                                             their catchy pop numbers. Sometimes they
be reconciled overnight. Rather, the solution      balance of grit, authenticity and luxurious       tro-house movement that produced some                                                                    don’t make you embarrassed to be a mem-
will take a deep, honest commitment from           swish, there’s no reason why this combo           cheesy moments (Van She, I’m looking at                                                                  ber of the human race, but unfortunately
stakeholders from both sides of the argu-          needs to remain a band of outsiders.              you) and deftly combining DFA-esque punk-            INJURED NINJA – Golden Top                          this is not one of those times. The Green Light
ment. Not just superficial rhetoric and shal-           HHHH                    MATT THROWER         funk with ‘90s house piano stabs and nü-dis-         Mountain Journey                                    in question is a subtle hint from a lady to a
low promises. In the meantime, like a politi-                                                        co synths. Call it prophecy mixed with com-          (Heartless Robot)                                   gentleman; it is the only subtle thing about
cian bending to the whims of a xenophobic,                                                           mercial realities: their 2008 self-titled album           It is hard to describe these kind of proggy    this dull thumping wildebeest of a tune that
middle-class constituency, we should try and                                                         may sound a little dated now that electro has        jams without going right off the deep end so        moans and roars and thrashes on the dance
ignore the issue of Asylum. In the meantime,                                                         waned, but their house turn pre-empted that          that is basically what I am going to have to        floor as it dies in blood-drenched agony. Wi-
debate on the issue will rage on, irrespective                                                       of heavyweights Juan Maclean and Hercules            do. Injured Ninja – brilliant name by the way,      ley AKA Eskiboy, who is the better rapper of
of any single opinion.                                                                               & Love Affair, while what seemed like early-         boys – have recorded their songs in a sonic ca-     the group, shows up to remind us who he is
     HH                           TOM HERSEY                                                         DFA throwbacks now seem prescient after              thedral built somewhere in mysterious Echo          in that way they do as if they’re reading from
                                                                                                     strong albums this year courtesy of !!! and LCD      Canyon with the wind gusting in through the         a script and haven’t figured out you’re not
                                                                                                     Soundsystem. Now Friendly Fires take a turn          shattered windows. They have clearly done           supposed to read the bit before the colon
                                                                                                     at the decks for Bugged Out!’s long-running          the bulk of the actual recording in said ca-        because that’s your name, genius. Then each
                                                                                                     Suck My Deck series. The good news is that           thedral’s bathroom where the acoustics are          of the 20 zongillion members of Roll Deep
                                                                                                     their taste has been vindicated: house weir-         particularly good and they can achieve that         delivers a few lines about how irresistible to
                                                                                                     dos Azari & III and Discodeine (both of whom         distinctive swirling howling noise by continu-      women they are. None of them are very good,
                                                                                                     appear as remixers on this disc) are some of         ally flushing wounded beasts down the toilet        but Scratchy the loveable Cockney is espe-
                                                                                                     2010’s most blogged-about acts, and close            while noodling on their guitars. One of the         cially embarrassing: “That time when I saw ya I
                                                                                                     compatriots Aeroplane tore up the clubs              B-Sides, Centripetal Dub, draws your atten-         fort wow / Check out the skirt on that, nuff sho.”
                                                   HURTS – Happiness                                 with their remix of Lindstrøm & Christabelle’s       tion the dub-based grooves that mark them           Then he rhymes no with go and runs out of
                                                   (Sony)                                            Baby Can’t Stop (which also appears here).           out from so many other psychedelic post-            words and has to rhyme it with go again. In a
                                                   Manchester duo make weepy synth pop               Despite the recent provenance of many of             rock monsters because some genres have to           career of hits and misses this is the time when
                                                       The Arthur Baker remix of Hurts’ Won-         these tracks, there’s a historical feeling to this   be mentioned in the titles to fully take hold,      they not only miss the target but shoot them-
                                                   derful Life, which appeared on the Kitsuné        disc, as though it were a tag-team session be-       like the blues. Funk, on the other hand, must       selves in the foot, which is only fair after what
                                                   Maison 9 compilation earlier this year, was       tween Frankie Knuckles at the height of his          be worked into the band’s name somehow. I           they did to that poor wildebeest.
                                                   an absolutely fantastic tune, a jackin’ house     Warehouse fame and Larry Levan recorded at           know, who makes up these rules?
THE SWORD – Warp Riders                            track riding on a sequencer and a nagging,        the Paradise Garage. Their entry in the Suck
(Kemando/Shock)                                    melancholy vocal melody. That remix was           My Deck series may not prove to be as pro-
Hobbit rock hipsters get lifted                    so good it set a standard that Hurts’ debut       phetic as their début, but it is strong, deftly
     Texan stoner rock quartet The Sword           could probably never hope to match, but           mixed, and thoroughly enjoyable.
were largely maligned for the Norse-leaning,       even then, Happiness feels like a bit of a            HHH                        CHAD PARKHILL
Middle Earth-referencing lyrical bent that
dominated their first two records. Warp Rid-
ers, their third full-length effort, sees the
band abandon the longboats for space-
                                                    REIssUEs & bEst-oFs
ships and tell the story of an archer from a
                                                    SYD BARRETT – An Introduction
planet suffering from tidal locking. One side
                                                    To Syd Barrett
of the planet is lit by the light of three suns,
the other, banished to perpetual darkness.
                                                    Collected works of Pink Floyd’s first
A lofty concept? Perhaps, but all you really
                                                    mad hatter
need to know is summed up in power-trio
                                                         Your standard Syd Barrett fan is a both-
rock-flavoured burner Tres Brujera, where
                                                    ersome creature, prone to predictability
                                                                                                                                                                                                              ANGIE HART – Loving Hating It
J.D. Cronise drawls “Inhaling deeply on the
                                                    of their actions. They’ll drop his name in a
                                                                                                                                                          THE WOMBATS – Tokyo (Vampires                       (ABC)
sacred smoke”. For all the discussion of The
                                                    conversation, they’ll go at length to explain
                                                                                                                                                          And Wolves)                                               Angie Hart has been singing like a breath-
Sword’s lyrics, people seem to overlook what
                                                    his position in rock history before a last fu-
                                                                                                                                                          (Warner)                                            less little girl who has just run to the corner
the band is about. Namely, the almighty riff.                                                                                                                  At some point The Wombats must have            shop and back for a Paddle Pop since before
                                                    tile attempt at conversion – playing a smat-
Monolithic and groovy, The Sword share                                                                                                                    been bitten by a radioactive 1980s because          it was cool. Here she sings a confessional bar-
                                                    tering of their favourite Barrett songs. Smil-
around what they’ve been holding on Warp                                                                                                                  they have gained the proportionate strength         rage of opposites like, “When I want to get up
                                                    ing like a buffoon at the cosmic weirdness       – nudged along by his Floyd replacement
Riders. As a whole, the album showcases                                                                                                                   and agility of a 1980s. And a synthesizer. In a     I go down / I dig for ages” and “I’m settling the
                                                    before noticing the continuing blank gaze        Dave Gilmour as producer – before basi-
a steep growth in the band’s songwriting                                                                                                                  voice not that far removed from the Bloc Par-       score / You start with the encore” over a simple
                                                    you’re projecting, they will turn the player     cally disappearing until his death in 2006.
abilities. The patchiness that afflicted 2008’s                                                                                                           ty man’s voice, The Wombats man sings about         little bit of guitar and drums. It’s all so unas-
                                                    off abruptly with some sort of smug and          Heralded as the first collection to encom-
Gods Of The Earth has vaporised. In its place,                                                                                                            how nice it is to visit Japan and get away from     suming and unadorned – the chorus just goes
                                                    patronizing comment. “Oh, you just don’t         pass the best of his Pink Floyd and solo
euphoric guitar licks, ringing with warm, vin-                                                                                                            all of your troubles, which apparently includes     laaa la-la la-la-la – that I can’t imagine hating
                                                    get it”. Barrett began Pink Floyd in the early   output, this is a more condensed package
tage fuzz, passed between guitarists Cronise                                                                                                              vampires snacking on him. These are senti-          it, let alone enjoying that hate, and hate is one
                                                    ‘60s as another British electric blues rock      than EMI’s 2001 best-of (with six Pink Floyd
and Kyle Shutt on tracks like Survivor-esque                                                                                                              ments everyone can sympathise with, even            of my very favourite emotions. I have no idea
                                                    band before stretching out into sonic ex-        songs), which works to its advantage. As
Lawless Lands and Night City. Heavy on gui-                                                                                                               without the specifics of drinking in Tokyo bars     what the ‘it’ Ms Hart loves hating is but I kind
                                                    periments and unorthodox song structures,        the title suggests, it’s just enough to un-
tar freak-outs and Thin Lizzy tones, the rest of                                                                                                          and dancing with blood-sucking beasts. The          of hope it’s the fact that a bunch of little ladies
                                                    and was their early major creative force. Yet    derstand his lyrical crafting and indelible
the album is equally enjoyable because the                                                                                                                line, “Astrophysics, you’ll never be my closest     who sing like a cross between her and the
                                                    even in these early stages, he showed signs      marking on music that continues even to
band appear to be just having fun jamming.                                                                                                                friend,” is also a pretty universal sentiment for   nation of Iceland have taken her place in the
                                                    of not being the full quid, and by 1969 his      this day, but it’s a casual enough collec-
Warp Riders is not The Sword’s Sky Valley. It’s                                                                                                           everyone but lonely astrophysicists I guess.        landscape of Australian pop, because I know
                                                    other bandmembers booted him from the            tion so the owner is not considered a Syd
not be their Jerusalem or Dopes To Infinity,                                                                                                                                                                  I love hating that stuff and it would be nice
                                                    band. From there, Pink Floyd became prog         Barrett fan. Because music reviewers often
but it sounds like a band who might have a
                                                    rock behemoths, but Barrett’s story is more      make terribly mean generalizations about
                                                                                                                                                          THE TRANSIENTS – Hey You                            to be able to tut in agreement over that and
quintessential stoner rock record in them. We
                                                    of a hermit-like waste of opportunity. He        those people.
                                                                                                                                                          (Independent/MGM)                                   then run back to the corner shop for a forgot-
can only hope.                                                                                                                                               There’s an easy-to-dance-to deep fuzzy           ten packet of those lollies that look like teeth,
                                                    recorded two mostly acoustic solo albums             HHH                  MITCH ALEXANDER
     HHH                          TOM HERSEY                                                                                                              bass beat and an arrogant male vocal shout-         those are great.

SEPTEmBER 21 2010                                                                                                                                                                                                       25
INDIEREVIEWs                                                                  CHECK tHE RAVE WEbsItE
                                                                              FoR MoRE INDIE REVIEWs
                                                                                                                                   DANCE & ElECtRo

                                                               me of the music that gets played while you’re put on hold.
                                                               More Crack Please has a funky sound with bizarre intona-
                                                               tions like, “Crack, crack, crack” and “A bit spicy”. Three Dollar
                                                RElEAsE        Mic sounds a bit like a skipping rhyme crossed with some
                                                 oF tHE
                                                 WEEK          old-style blues. As a girl who usually prefers my electronica
                                                               a bit livelier, I found that Desmond Cheese’s eclectic mix of
                                                               sounds and solid beats made for intriguing background
                                                               music that sort of grows on you.
                                                                                                           VICTORIA NUGENT

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                ER FoUR
                                                                                                                                                                                   RÖYKsoPP tAlK AlbUM NUMb
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       e to their
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ior, the moody companion piec
                                                                                                                                                                                    Fresh from the release of Sen                                     tured) are
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     wegian duo Röyksopp (pic
                                                                                                                                                                                    record of last year, Junior, Nor                                  d member
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    m. In a recent interview, ban
                                                                                                                                                                                    already at work on a new albu                          material from Senior
                                                                                                                                                                                    Torbjørn Brundtla nd told Rave that “as a lot of the                The duo,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       time to really more forward.”
                                                                                                                                                                                    was ready very early, we’ve had                                     ing their
DREAMSCAPE MEASUREMENT –                                                                                                                                                                                          nea   rly 10 years, are contemplat
                                                                                                                                                                                     who have been around for                                                   n
Dreamscape Measurement EP                                                                                                                                                                                            e. “Wh  en you see people who’ve bee
(Independent)                                                                                                                                                                        place in the musical landscap                      to talk about them like
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       reviewers tend
                                                                                                                                                                                     around for a long time, like Air,                                   n is that
Strapping young lads release auspicious debut                                                                                                                                                                         we are asking ourselves, whe
                                                                                                                                                                                     they’re has-beens. Of course,                                         dtland
    From the opening seconds of Awake, the first cut on                                                                                                                                                                  we ever realise if it does?” Brun
this five-track effort, Dreamscape Measurement kicks you                                                                                                                             going to happen to us, and will              edgier, and more interesting
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ing feels
in the nuts with a fusion of industrial, hard rock, prog and                                                                                                                         said. The new music we’re mak
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       e before.”
metal sounds. The debut offering from the Gold Coast                                                                                                                                 than anything we’ve ever mad
five-piece is a heady mix of unchecked aggression (Fear
Reasoning, Drawing An Irrelevant Line In The Sand) and                                                                                                                                           CONTACT DANCE@RAVEMAGAZINE.COM.AU
subtle dynamics (Clean Wealthy Graves). Of jarring tech                                                                                                DANCE & ELECTRO WITH ALASDAIR DUNCAN & SCOTT HARMS

                                                                                                                                                      bAsEMENt RAVER
metal rhythms and a tantalising promise of melody hid-         GRAVEYARD TRAIN – The Drink The Devil
ing in Jan Nicholas Bloom’s arresting vocal delivery (think    And The Dance
Devin Townsend in Strapping Young Lad). Of thumping            (Spooky)
bass and driving kick drum rhythms oscillating around          Beasts Of Moonshine
Helmet-flavoured guitar tones, abrasive and crunchy on             Graveyard Train take the Violent Femmes’ Country
tracks like Dead Pan Stare. Of aggressive heavy metal,         Death Song and make an entire genre out of it. There’s              NEWs                                                             be with Qdup Foundation (USA), Slynk and Paul
equal parts head-banging and beard-stroking intellec-          always been a morbid undercurrent to country music,                 ACID WAsHED GEt REMIXED                                          Master.
tualism, done with a clarity and conviction rarely seen in     but Graveyard Train bring it to the surface with songs                  Music and fashion have long intersected, but French
bands so new to the scene. Dreamscape Measurement is           of misery, misfortune and monsters. The latter subjects             duo Acid Washed take the connection very seriously –             CoMING UP
one hell of a yardstick for these five dudes.                  make for two highlights: Even Witches Like To Go Out                the duo, who released their acclaimed debut earlier this          Godskitchen with Andy Moor, John O’Callaghan,
                                                TOM HERSEY     Dancing and Mummy, in which the titular undead be-                  year on the Record Makers label, insist that a love of sar-      Marcel Woods and Wippenberg is at Electric Play-
                                                               comes trapped in the tomb of the workaday world.                    torial elegance is the key ingredient of their sound. Giv-       ground on Saturday Oct 2.
NAZATRON – Fork In The Road                                    You’ve never heard, “My boss says I’m gonna go far,” sung           en that the pair soundtracked a Jenny Packham catwalk             Gregor Thresher drops into Luna Loca on Friday
(Rees Street Records/Independent)                              with such despair. All this is accompanied by plenty of             show at this year’s London Fashion Week, cite ‘80s Ralph         Oct 15.
Melbourne can haz good bedroom-produced                        acoustic twang and fiddling and the burly, all-male har-            Lauren and Cacherel as inspirations, and are friends with         Timo Mass plays BarSoma on Sunday Oct 17.
alternative-electro                                            monies they call their ‘wall of man’ sound. It may seem             Agnès B, one can only assume that’s true. This would all          Surgeon takes on Step Inn on Thursday Oct 21.
    I guess it was inevitable that the sub-genres of metal     like the soundtrack to an execution, but it’s one you can           amount to very little unless their music was any good,            Superpitcher appears at BarSoma on Friday Oct 29.
and electronica should eventually meet, mingle and in-         snap your fingers and shuffle your feet to.                         which, fortunately, it is. This month, the band release a
spire a whole wealth of bad music and bad spelling (I’m                                              JODY MACGREGOR                new, self-titled 12-inch (having a track named after your        FEstIVAl tRAIN
looking at you, Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park). Fortunately,                                                                         band itself is très chic), and it’s an elegant, analogue          Next: Stereosonic is at RNA Showgrounds on Sun-
there are actually some genuinely talented people out          KOOII – Beads On A String                                           disco cut that comes complete with remixes from The              day Dec 5. Third and final release tickets are $130+bf.
there who make music that can be slotted into the alter-       (Independent)                                                       Hacker, Daniel Haaksman, Mickey Moonlight, Digikid 84             New: One festival exits, another enters: Blah Blah
native-electro genre, and it would seem Nazatron is one        Aussie ska jazz                                                     and more. Look for it soon.                                      Blah @ Riverlife makes its sophomore appearance on
of them. Recorded in and out of Nazatron’s Melbourne                Brisbane-based Kooii have made quite a splash with                                                                              Saturday Dec 28 at... well, you already know where! The
bedroom studio, Fork In The Road may be a few years too        this album. Each track highlights a different music genre           EVERYoNE loVEs WE loVE                                           initial line-up includes Digitalism, The Funkoars, The
late to cash in the peak of the great electro-metal scare of   rolling through jazz, reggae, afro-beat and folk. Vibrant               Italian electronic duo We Love release their debut,          Freestylers, Horror Show, Soul Of Man, Excision,
2003, but it remains a pretty good and very well-produced      waves of brass, quick drum beats and lengthy tracks really          self-titled album this month on the BPitch Control la-           Beardyman, Freq Nasty, The Cuban Brothers, Far
record nonetheless. It’s an interesting listen, and although   bring out an impressive jazz sound, which incorporates              bel. The pair make fuzzed-out, hypnotic synth pop with           Too Loud, Rico Tubbs, Koolism, Netsky and Atomic
some of the songs lack a hook or catchy melody to make         the head-bobbing effect of ska. A tribal beat keeps the             alternating male/female vocals, and sound rather like            Hooligan. Tickets are on sale as of Tuesday.
them really stick in your memory, the quality of produc-       energy, but the vocal sound is a humble Australian, albeit          The XX, but with a greater emphasis on the beats and              Summafieldayze is at Doug Jennings Park on Satur-
tion lifts it well above many other average metal-electro      a little on the Jamaican side. Atop all that, the music stays       bleeps, with touches of minimal techno, dubstep and              day Jan 2, 2011. Second release tickets are $129+bf.
fusion projects.                                               light enough to maintain a flowing folksy air. The skill and        even breaks in the mix. The opening track is called Ice           Good Vibrations is back, hitting Gold Coast Park-
                                            CHRIS PICKERING    versatility of each band member is evident as they weave            Lips, so that should tell you roughly what to expect             lands on Sunday Feb 20, 2011. First release tickets are
                                                               a tapestry of different sounds with every musician in tune          – other highlights include Hide Me and Escape Desti-             $139+bf.
                                                               with the next.                                                      nation, the closest the album gets to having an actual
                                                                                                        BONNIE GARDINER            dance pop moment.

                                                               PHIL SMITH AND THE LIGHTS – Second Hand                             GRANt sMIllIE lAUNCHEs NEoN CoMPIlAtIoN
                                                               Heart                                                                   For the past year or so, TV Rock dude Grant Smillie
                                                               (Independent)                                                       has been on the Nova airwaves, plugging the biggest
                                                               Culturally confused country                                         club tracks of the week on his show Neon Essential 10.
                                                                    Country really isn’t my thing; especially generic coun-        This month sees the launch of the first Neon Essential
                                                               try performed by an Australian, imitating an American               CD compilation, mixed by Smillie – the man himself
                                                               ... poorly. Phil Smith And The Lights have some all right           will launch the disc at The Met on Oct 8, at the first in
                                                               tracks, but where one thing works, another does not.                a series of bi-monthly NEON club nights. If you’re not
                                                               Where lyrics are poetic, instrumentation is lacklustre, and         quite Smillie’d out yet, you can head onto iTunes and
                                                               vice versa. However, things pick up a little with Highway           Beatport, where, from this month, tracks featured on
                                                               Song # 1 – a chilling intro, female guest vocals that com-          his show will be available for download.
                                                               pliment Phil Smith’s rustic tone and a wave of strings cre-
                                                               ates a great ethereal melodic flow. White Lines is likeable         toURs
                                                               but begins to overuse the highway trope. Shitsville is pret-        FRIDAY sEPtEMbER 24
                                                               ty meh, but is quite short, and Electric Hearts randomly             Today is opening day for Manifest, a weekend fes-
THE MANDELAS – Audio Riot EP                                   swings into heavier rock. Favourites Josephine and Pawn-            tival out at Tregony, near Lake Moogerah. There are
(Independent)                                                  shop Girl incorporate harmonica and vocals that actually            around 100 acts on the bill including Tobias Becker
Promising debut EP                                             suit the broken-down demeanour of the tracks, which is              (Kompakt/DE), Kiato (Kompakt/DE), Sun Drop (IN),                   tHE GUEstlIst PAUl AbAD
    The title of Audio Riot is a misnomer. The EP lacks that   very Bob Dylan. Let’s Ride has an intriguing melody but a           Rowan (UK), Propatings (UK), Mr Mirra (UK), Organ-
inferred tumult of noise instead revelling in an inoffensive   lame chorus, and now we’re really overdoing the driving/            ic Hybrid (UK), Electric Mirror (UK), Simiantic (UK),               PAUl AbAD, who rocks manifest this weekend,
brand of catchy pop influenced by reggae and roots. Audio      highway theme. Lucky Wheels provides one more down-                 The Bird, Hermitude, Schwa, Fuzion, Suspekt, Paul                   picks five killer tracks to get your week started.
Riot begins strong, I Scream using a ska-inspired rhythm       trodden track for the road. Yes, more roads.                        Abad – and yeah, about 85 others. Final release tick-

and an addictive singalong melody to describe the shock                                                BONNIE GARDINER             ets are $90+bf.                                                          ASCION – Root Root (Audio Injection remix)
of summer thunderstorms. So The Story Goes is similarly                                                                             There’s a special DJ set by Holy Ghost! (DFA/USA) at                   (Small Room Music): Rolling futuristic tech
catchy, though this might have much to do the verse riff       SABRINA – Mirror Mirror EP                                          BarSoma tonight, supported by Flight Facilities.                    soundscapes. This is a huge subversive dance floor
being reminiscent of Weezer’s seminal El Scorcho. The          (MGM)                                                                Pistol Whipped moves to The Step Inn and features                 mover. Always impressed by Ascion’s tracks.

remaining tracks are a mixed bag, XYZ being a tongue-          Canadians cry, Melburnians have thicker skin                        Defkids, Cell, Minor Delay, DayJaVu, Luke Electrik                       JASON FERNANDES – Assassin (The Advent
twisting exploration of the alphabet that screams novelty,          Sabrina Orwin has a towering soul voice that justifies         and Mr Alex.                                                             rmx) (Skyline Type Grooves): Jason Fernandes
whereas Concrete is a competent jazz-inspired evaluation       her ambition. The four tracks in Mirror Mirror, her debut            The Family mainroom hosts German hard trance                      has really impressed me this year, consistently re-
of modern urban life. Ironically, the title track happens to   EP, are a short showcase of her range with want-you-well            legend Scot Project with residents.                                 leasing great tracks, somehow keeping his sound
be the least appealing, being a simple run-of-the-mill rock    melodies well-accented by Rhodes piano keyboard ef-                                                                                     driving but super wonky at the same time. Remixed
song. With Audio Riot, The Mandelas show that they are         fects and plucky electric strings that bobble one’s head            sAtURDAY sEPtEMbER 25                                               by techno legends The Advent, this one’s made for
well able to write catchy pop tunes, but need a bit more       right into rhythm. Mirror Mirror, the opening track, remi-           Parklife is at Riverstage and the Botanical Gardens               the big rig.

development in order to truly find their niche.                nisces of randomly bumping into oneself at, basically,              today! Here’s the line-up once more if you aren’t on-                    WEEKEND HEROES – Fear Factor (Open
                                         DARRAGH MURRAY        the age of eight or 80 (not as awkward as bumping into              board - Groove Armada, Missy Elliott, Soulwax, Holy                      Records): Huge track off the recent Open
                                                               your ex, apparently). Shutting Their Eyes has a close re-           Ghost!, The Dandy Warhols, Kele, Busy P, Memory                     Records double CD release, Expansions Pack. Week-
DESMOND CHEESE – Fame And Fortune                              semblance to Alanis Morissette’s early rock ballads, with           Tapes, Cut Copy, New Young Pony Club, Midnight                      end Heroes have been bringing the goods this year.

(Independent)                                                  a twirling guitar loop bridging the gap between Sabrina’s           Juggernauts, Uffie, Classixx, The Wombats, Dan                           THE SPACE APE – Is This Insanity (Ben Klock
Electro beats fit for an elevator                              husky intro and the exploding “We’re making them cry”               Black, Jack Beats, Delorean, Darwin Deez, The Glitch                     rmx) (3024): Somehow mashing up the sensi-
     Desmond Cheese are here to confound the stereo-           chorus. Downtempo Corner relives the bloopy glory of                Mob, Mix Master Mike, The Swiss, Wolf Gang, Sinden,                 bilities of tribal techno, dub tech and dubstep with
types. These two St Lucia fellows go by the pseudonyms of      Rhodes piano solos as Sabrina puts her best brass pipes             DJ Mehdi, Jesse Rose, Washington, Bag Raiders, AC                   The Space Ape’s signature vocals ... awesome track,
Makcheese and Desmond Bagely, and their album shows            to use, though with high pitch comes the odd accidental             Slater, Grum, Gypsy And The Cat, Ajax, Yolanda Be                   super deep Berliner gear.

that they’re not afraid to think/play outside the box. Fame    shrill. Big Feet, the EP’s most introspective track, has Alanis     Cool vs D-Cup and a stack of talented locals. Tickets are                PERC – Tension (Stroboscopic Artefacts): Glassy
And Fortune is an interesting cross between hip hop, elec-     coming out of the frets again, though Sabrina has a sun-            still going for $138+bf.                                                 textures make for a tense atmosphere and futur-
tronica and the type of songs you’d hear on a world music      nier, romantic sound and less of the Canadian heartache,                                                                                istic vibe in this track, backed up by Perc’s typically
compilation. Dope Remix Edit uses the intoned vocal style      which wins brownie points.                                          sUNDAY sEPtEMbER 26                                                 chunky tech groove.
of the meditation CD. Gilbert’s Groove specifically reminded                                                 ALICE REZENDE          If you like your funky breaks, X&Y is the place to

26                                                                                                                                                                                                                               ISSuE 959

                                                                                       tHE stUDIo
                                              NEURosIs to HEAD bACK IN
                                                                                                                 are plan-
                                                                               legends Neurosis (pictured)
                                               Post-metal/doom/whatever                      Kelly confirmed in an inter-
                                                                                  list Scott
                                               ning to enter the studio. Voca                                  ic now. The
                                                                                the six-piece are writing mus th
                                               view with LA Music Blog that                                  r 10 record,
                                               frontman offered that the     band are finishing writing thei
                                                                                                                ing to get
                                                                                n To The Rising, and are look
                                               the follow-up to 2007’s Give                    . However, Kelly suggested
                                                                                    of the year
                                                back in to the studio by the end                                    before
                                                                                   Neurosis wouldn’t be available
                                                that a new studio album from                               k out their new
                                                late next year. If you can’t wait for the new album, chec
                                                live album, Live At Roadburn

                                                              CONTACT METAL@RAVEMAGAZINE.COM.AU

               HEll AWAIts
NEWs                                                           Integrity, Headkase, Happy Camper, Headwound
                                                               The Pony, The Pretty Boys, Tropical Vampirates,
                                                               F.U.C., Nudge From Hey Dad, The Wrath, Black
                                                               Mask, Nobody Heroes, Kill The Apprentice, The
                                                               Go-Go Haunters, In Death, Rad Rockets Are Go,
                                                               Rekoil and Grey Matter. All proceeds from the show
                                                               will go to ovarian cancer research.
                                                                Doomsday Festival hits The Step Inn Friday Oct 1
                                                               with Acid King, Clagg, Looking Glass, Summonus,
                                                               Sons Of The Ionian Sea, Fattura Della Morte, Fear
                                                               The Setting Sun, Agonhymn and Adrift For Days.
                                                                Exodus, Nefaria and Subtract are playing The Hi-
                                                               Fi Monday Oct 4.
                                                                Metallica play at the Entertainment Centre Satur-
                                                               day Oct 16, Monday Oct 18 and Tuesday Oct 19. The
                                                               band that really requires no support bands will be
tHE GENEsIs oF tHE NEXt tEstAMENt RECoRD                       supported by Baroness and Lamb Of God.
    Did you catch Bay Area thrashers Testament (pic-            Baroness play their own show at The Zoo, Sunday
tured) tear through The Hi-Fi a while back? If you did,        Oct 17.
you’ll realise how terribly exciting it is that the band        Soilwork play The Hi-Fi Thursday Oct 21.
are planning to record the follow-up to 2008’s The              The Jubilee Hotel is hosting a massive Hallow-
Formation Of Damnation. Testament vocalist Chuck               een bash this year that will see a massive line-up
Billy has stated that the band “have studio time               of metal and rock bands converging on the pub.
booked at the end of this year, and we’re shooting             The Saturday Oct 30 show will see 32 bands take
for a mid-2011 release.” The gregarious frontman of-           over three stages, playing all afternoon and night.
fered that the new material will serve as “a culmina-          Leading the charge are local crossover institution
tion of The Gathering and The Formation of Damna-              Dreamkillers, reactivated extremists Post Life Dis-
tion, but we’re definitely not going to forget who we          order, death metal mainstays Defamer, prog metal
are or our roots. I think we’ve found a comfortable            outfit Dreamscape Measurement alongside the
spot in our writing style.”                                    likes of The Poor, The Mercy Beat, Kunst, Humon-
                                                               ic, Spitfireliar, Laceration Mantra, Adriatic, Bane
PHobIA to RElEAsE bURst-GRIND EP                               Of Bedlam, Mad Machine, Valkere, Wornaway,
    Phobia, the Californian grind four-piece who               Eden Must Burn, Symbolic Weapon, Irukandji,
pretty much sound exactly like Napalm Death (which             Nuclear Buddha, Blackwater Fever, Rekoil, Iron-
is a compliment), have announced plans to release              bird, F1-Elevens, Speedracer, Dead End Kings,
a new EP before the year is out. Unrelenting is due            Hate Disciple, King Jester, Fall Of The Populace,
out late November, and is promising to be pretty,              Kinoath and Cranktank.
well, unrelenting. The EP will offer 17 tracks over 14          Lord play Rosie’s Friday Nov 26.
minutes. One of the new tracks, Out Of Control, is              No Sleep Til… Brisbane will see a slew of punk
streaming now from the band’s MySpace, so go and               and hardcore acts take over The RNA Showgrounds
check it out if you like having your face ground off.          Sunday Dec 19. Christmas comes early, as we’ll get to
                                                               catch sets from GWAR, Megadeth, Katatonia and 3
DoWN WItH tHE MADNEss                                          Inches Of Blood.
     Southern rock supergroup/heavy metal legends               Soundwave hits The RNA Showgrounds Saturday
in their own right Down have announced that their              Feb 26, flying the flag for the metal on the bill is Iron
first ever DVD/live CD package will be available               Maiden, Slayer, The Melvins, Monster Magnet,
in early October. Diary Of A Mad Band will consist             High On Fire, The Sword, Kylesa and more. Tickets
of two CDs, a full Down show recorded in London                for Soundwave are available now. Get one before
during the band’s first ever European tour and a               they sell out.
DVD documenting the band’s journey from hiatus                  Brisbane stoner metal crew Shellfin have made
to rehearsal space to stage. Down guitarist Pepper             their groove heavy, Kyussian debut album, Second-
Keenan summarised the DVD as a look at “what five              hand Family, available for download with fans select-
boys from the wrong side of the tracks can achieve             ing what they want to pay, if at all. So sure, you could
when motivated by the will to escape hard times and            download it for free, but then you’d be a tight arse
fuelled by an unexplainable quest to destroy live.”            and it’s not like these dudes are Radiohead. The band
                                                               have set up a page on Band Camp, so head over and
tHE REtURN oF MoRbID ANGEl?                                    check out the new tunes.
     Florida death metal icons Morbid Angel have
entered Erik Rutan’s St. Petersburg studio to work             MEtAl GIG PICK oF tHE FoRtNIGHt
on their new, long-rumoured-but-never-delivered                Exodus, Nefaria and subtract @ the Hi-Fi, Monday oct 4
album. While everyone is getting excited to hear the           There’s no denying Exodus’s amazing 30-year contri-
first record to feature vocalist David Vincent since           bution to heavy metal. The Bay Area thrashers helped
1995’s Domination, the album will be the first to not          define what would become thrash metal and after all
feature drummer Pete Sandoval, who has been side-              the years, break-ups and line-up changes, they can
lined recovering from back surgery. Whether another            still do it better than most others, as evidenced on
Morbid Angel record without the classic core trio of           their ninth full-length, Exhibit B: The Human Condi-
the band will suffer (Gateways To Annihilation any-            tion, which was released earlier this year. What more
one?) is yet to be heard. The album is due out later           excuse do you need to go out, drink beers and head-
this year or early next year. Or so they tell us. Hell         bang on a weeknight?
Awaits will believe it when we see it.
                                                               bAttlE HYMNs
toURs                                                          MONICA: Tool – Lateralus, Electric Wizard – Dope-
 Overkill and Mortal Sin bring the thrash to The              throne
Hi-Fi Thursday Sep 23.                                         TOM: Sleep – Jerusalem, Butthole Surfers – Hump-
 Mayhem play The Hi-Fi Saturday Sep 25 with As-               ty Dumpty LSD
triaal and Mogrels Cross.
 The second coming of Toddfest will hit The Ju-               CoNtACt
bilee Hotel on Saturday Sep 25 and will feature sets           If you’re doing something cool, heavy or loud, tell us
from Lynchmada, KCaveman, Spitfireliar, State Of               about it at

SEPTEmBER 21 2010                                                                                                   27
lIVEREVIEWs                                                                                                                                                                                                 CHECK tHE RAVE WEbsItE FoR
                                                                                                                                                                                                            MoRE GIG REVIEWs & PHotos

ED KUEPPER                                                                                                                                                                                       from a Bruce Lee movie, Black Bugs to a montage of
spiegeltent - Wed sep 15                                                                                                                                                                         ‘game over’ screens and new song Miranda July to pix-
                                                                                                                                                                   bUCK 65

                                                                                                                                                                               PHOTO:JUSTIN MA
    It has been a while since I’ve seen a SOLD OUT sign                                                                                                          SPIEGELTENT                     ellated images of the titular performance artist who
outside a gig in Brisbane on a Wednesday night, and                                                                                                                                              Quan (and at least one member of the audience) has a
encouragingly tonight it’s prolific local artist Ed Kuep-                                                                                                                                        crush on. This and two other new songs from Distrac-
per who fills the Spiegeltent to its glorious capacity.                                                                                                                                          tions are noticeably a bit rougher and looser, but it’s
Playing with Violinist Linda Neil and multi-instrumen-                                                                                                                                           nice to have some new songs in the set list alongside
talist John Willsteed, Kuepper is in vintage, acerbic                                                                                                                                            classics like Track One, I Will Lick Your Arsehole, Eve-
form and prefers to sit throughout the 90-minute set.                                                                                                                                            ryday Formula, Polyester Girl and Hullabaloo, which
    Predominantly choosing tracks from his vast solo                                                                                                                                             has Quan and Ben turning into a rap crew that con-
catalogue, Car Headlights is an up-beat early number                                                                                                                                             sists solely of hype men. They even play Fat Cop, now
prior to an almost melancholic passage capped with a                                                                                                                                             that they’re proudly independent again and free from
spirited rendition of La Di Doh from the Character As-                                                                                                                                           label interference that made them change the song
sassination release, complete with five female backing                                                                                                                                           until they were sick of it. For the encore, climaxing
singers. Returning fire with his quick wit, it seems no                                                                                                                                          with (!) The Song Formerly Known As, Quan and Ben
Kuepper set is complete without a few good natured                                                                                                                                               emerge in Mexican wrestler masks (Pete wears a wig),
jibes from the crowd and the feisty, muffled audience                                                                                                                                            while explaining that this is the real Regurgitator and
banter only adds charm to the meandering set.                                                                                                                                                    we’ve been watching fakes for the last hour. “Those
    Seeming at ease with his current line-up, he de-                                                                                                                                             guys sucked!” Ben growls in an accurate wrestler voice
buts a reflective track featuring Willsteed’s banjo and                                                                                                                                          that suggests he’s getting a little too bit into this. He’s
Neil’s finger picking violin called You Must Endure                                                                                                                                              wrong, though. Those guys rocked as much as ever.
What You Cannot Cure before bidding a temporary                                                                                                                                                                                        JODY MACGREGOR
farewell. They return to the stage to encore with the
folksy I’m With You, before we are abruptly ushered                                                                                                                                              RobERt FoRstER: 15 soNGs AboUt bRIsbANE
out of the venue for the 9pm performance.                                                                                                                                                        Powerhouse - sat sep 18
                                       JAMES STAFFORD                                                                                                                                                 A mammoth steel amphitheatre has been con-
                                                                                                                                                                                                 structed to house various activities during the Bris-
DJ KRUsH                                                                                                                                                                                         bane Festival. As Robert Forster casually paces
GoMA - Fri sep 17                                                                                                                                                                                around the stage as his greying fans find seats, it feels
    I remember the first ever Up Late gig at GoMA. The                                                                                                                                           as though the entire construct was designed spe-
band was awesome, but the night became a quick                                                                                                                                                   cifically for this icon of Brisbane indie pop. Tonight’s
lesson of what cavernous concrete does to acoustics,                                                                                                                                             performance is entitled 15 Songs About Brisbane, al-
and the subtle mix was lost in karaoke-like reverb.                                                                                                                                              though the packed house soon learn that it’s a very
Times have changed, and DJ Krush’s decks are poised                                                                                                                                              loose definition of ‘about’. These are songs that were
to minimise the damage: aimed across the gallery un-                                                                                                                                             written in Brisbane (Forster kicks off with early single
derneath a massive photograph of models draped in                                                                                                                                                Lee Remick), connected to the early Go-Betweens
red Valentino. There are two crowds at tonight’s gig;                                                                                                                                            days in Brisbane (Snakeskin Lady, dedicated to enig-
those who are actually here to see the exhibition, and                                                                                                                                           matic drummer Lindy Morrison) and all things in be-
a group of gig-goers who can’t believe that Krush is                                                                                                                                             tween. Forster’s stumbling explanations bring equal
actually playing for only $20. The price is right, but it’s                                                                                                                                      parts giggles and nostalgic sighs from the crowd, re-
not a Krush gig the way his solo shows are; there’s little                                                                                                                                       living a 30-year career – highs and lows, births and
of the magic-pulled-from-mayhem he would dish out                                                                                                                                                deaths, clashes and reunions – through a cherished
in a darkened room. This is a DJ Krush club set, with                                                                                                                                            songbook. Mostly accompanied by his acoustic gui-
Code 4109 accessibility and well-loved tracks pulled                                                                                                                                             tar, Forster seems more relaxed and lively when sup-
out, scratched up and presented with aplomb. He sails                                                                                                                                            ported by old friends, prone to vocal hiccups with old
through Safe From Harm, tempts the bass from Dub                                                                                                                                                 CoW (Country or Western) bandmates Adelle Pick-
Be Good To Me, pushes the sub woofer for Witness                                                                                                                                                 vance and Glenn Thompson. Elsewhere, he stretched
The Fitness, and slams out ‘70s rock riffs before easing                                                                                                                                         out with joyous falsettos for a brief nod to new pals
back into a little of the subtle wonder that might be                                                                                                                                            The John Steel Singers and their infectious Straw-
had in his forthcoming Tivoli gig. The punters are lov-                                                                                                                                          berry Wine. The grey cloud cover threatens but never
ing it and the gallery is a glorious flow of well-heeled                                                                                                                                         follows through, even when baited with songs like
fashionistas and triple-striped hip hop heads. Every                                                                                                                                             When The Rain Comes or finale sing-along Head Full
Friday night should be like this.                                                                                                                                                                Of Steam. That’s right, Robert Forster can even control
                                            JANEWORLD                                                                                                                                            the weather.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      MITCH ALEXANDER
bUCK 65
spiegeltent - Fri sep 17                                                                                                                                                                         RE:ENACtMENt / HUNZ / toY bAllooN
     There is a moment during this evening’s show (the                                                                                                                                           the troubadour - sat sep 18
first of two gigs in the Spielgeltent at this year’s Bris-                                                                                                                                           It’s difficult not to sense something of a mis-match
bane Festival for Canada’s self-proclaimed “Tits Magee                                                                                                                                           between the venue and the line-up tonight – after all,
of hip hop”) when the strange melange of contorted            pare the crowd for the headliners.                           howl) and a clutch of delay-heavy newer tracks. For a                 The Troubadour is best-known as the de facto venue
influences that make up Buck 65 seems to balance                  When Japanese doom trio Coffins address the              bunch of Brissie kids, they’re pretty damn sharp.                     for Brisbane’s gentle folk scene, and not for electro-
perfectly with the serenity of his surroundings. “I’m         crowd in between songs, they excitedly speak in re-              One of Australia’s hardest-working live bands, The                pop. Fortunately, Toy Balloon’s set dispels my con-
feeling a bit sleazy,” he announces before launching          served, broken English. Contradicting their onstage          Mess Hall are in their element tonight (small rock &                  cerns that the sound system might not be suited for
into Wicked And Weird, an itchy vision of sexless neu-        manner, when Coffins play, they are transformed              roll venue, inebriated fans) and duly make sure eve-                  tonight’s bill. Unfortunately, Toy Balloon’s set is cut
rosis and travel fatigue, upon which a seated and stoic       into an unrelenting, inescapable force and The Hi-           ryone leaves the building with a smile on their face.                 very short, with only a handful of tracks from début
audience collectively joins him on the same wave-             Fi speakers can only groan under the girth of the            Opening with Devils Elbow’s throbbing Pulse, the                      Toy Division (and one new, unnamed one) before they
length. It’s taken a while: dressed in an all white suit,     sludge-pushing three-piece. Charged by the dynam-            Sydney two-piece command the crowd with a lot                         take a bow.
you could mistake him for some kind of early impe-            ic of the band’s catalogue, tonight Coffins deftly ma-       more assertion than in the blazing Splendour sun                          Hans Van Vliet, better known as Hunz, is a fixture
rialist explorer, but the slacker stubble and baseball        noeuvre between gnarled, charred death metal and             several weeks ago. Human dynamo Cec Condon ham-                       of the Brisbane live electronica scene, and his per-
cap resembles more the way that rich alcoholics dress         their genre-defining take on glacial, slow-motion            mers his drum kit with a primal force while Jed Kurzel                formance tonight demonstrates why: his fine tenor
to go to the pub. While his boy band good looks are           doom. Wasting no time finding their sound, the low-          – who at one point wields a dead-cool retro “depart-                  vocals are as precise and smooth in the live environ-
seemingly at odds with dance moves that only en-              end bleeding from the amplifier of bassist Takuya            ment store” guitar – riffs and hollers like the natural               ment as they are on record.
courage his white-boy, hobo shtick, all wobbling legs         Koreeda is unbelievably heavy. Each note feels like a        garage-blues frontman he is. With the tour organist                       Where Hunz uses honey to trap flies, Re:Enactment
and shoulders. It’s part dancing, part paralysis.             slow-motion bludgeoning. Knees and necks turn to             making sporadic cameos, cuts from recent album For                    use vinegar – their sound has a degree of grittiness
     Yet Buck 65 is anything if not absorbing, playing        jelly, lolling up and down in a mosh-pit screaming for       The Birds pack plenty of crunch and old chestnuts Pills               and abrasiveness that neither of the preceding bands
bleak and acerbic tales which tell of a morbid, post-         more. Drummer Ryo Yamada locks into the muddy,               and Keep Walking chug with the same familiar power.                   has (this, I should add, is a good thing). It’s hard not to
apocalyptic survival, and although he relies solely on        down-tuned groove. Symbols crash like thunder                Excellent overall value – even if signature stomper                   get carried away with vocalist Jacob Hick’s punk fal-
backing tracks and turn-tabling skills, it’s still a cap-     through Bungo Uchino’s riffs, which hang in the air,         Lock & Load is omitted.                                               setto yelp on new single Problematic (from the Talent
tivating, intimate and crowd-pleasing performance.            hefty with gore, distortion and reverb. The heaviness                                            DENIS SEMCHENKO                   For Retail EP they’re launching tonight), and it’s even
“I’m having trouble getting pumped,” he says by way           the band brings to efforts like Slaughter Of Gods and                                                                              harder to walk out of the Troubadour without looking
of introducing John Farnham’s The Voice which, al-            Mortification To Ruin is a thing of bowel shattering         REGURGItAtoR / DJ KRUsH / lANEoUs & tHE                               forward to their soon-to-be-released début album.
though not completely necessary, never fails to lift an       splendour. The Hi-Fi’s patrons exit the venue tonight,       FAMIlY YAH                                                                                                    CHAD PARKHILL
Australian crowd (“arguably a bit too much,” he later         ears ringing and minds buzzing with the knowledge            the tivoli - sat sep 18
admits), while a spoken word ode to Mad Max and a             of heaviness not likely to be encountered again; at              The genre-mashing West End hipster kids of Lane-                  DANNY WIDDICoMbE / RAttlEHAND
final anecdote which runs for nearly a third of his set       least not for a long time.                                   ous & The Family Yah keep sinking into these slinky                   Powerhouse - sun sep 19
hints at the affable ease of a great comedic orator. He                                                 TOM HERSEY         grooves that I’m sure would sound great if I could                         There isn’t a better way to spend an overcast
is intermittently joined by pianist Valery Gore who                                                                        hear them through all the distortion. I Am Dog is a                   Sunday afternoon than watching some quality local
further confounds the running order, adding Regina            tHE MEss HAll / tHE CAIRos / RoCKEtsMItHs                    highlight of their set, as is when they let the girl in               music. Rattlehand are up first playing to an intimate
Spektor-style ballads and telling the rapper off when         the Zoo - Fri sep 17                                         the leopard-print tights rap, but it’s hard to see much               crowd of about 100 people. Although boasting much
he stands in front of her smoke machine. Endearingly              It’s only 9pm and the crowd numbers haven’t yet          that stands out over that sheer vertical wall of high-                experience in other individual projects this is their
awkward, he is hip hop’s thinking man’s clown.                started to amass, but the good old Zoo is already            volume fuzz.                                                          first show together and the seven-piece is one tight
                                          KEVIN MCGEE         shaking from dense reverberations. An oft-ramshack-              I have a stack of DJ Krush albums, but I’ve never                 country outfit. The three guitars play catchy country
                                                              le proposition earlier on (I remember a particularly         seen him live. Is the guy without whom trip-hop                       riffs with fitting support from the lap steel and har-
CoFFINs / CAUlDRoN blACK RAM / VoMItoR /                      shambolic, badly-mixed gig a couple years ago), lo-          wouldn’t exist going to make concessions to a rock                    monica. Their opening number, Fire In Flight is a stand
lACERAtIoN MANtRA                                             cals Rocketsmiths are a well-oiled live machine these        show audience? Is he fuck. From behind his array of                   out and demonstrates the talent these guys have. A
the Hi-Fi - Fri sep 17                                        days. With the bulk of the set drawing from debut LP         turntables, monitors and pads he plays a set that’s                   quick 45-minute set is not long enough as Rattlehand
    Brisbane’s Laceration Mantra help set the tone            The Bones, Dom Miller screams his way through or-            heavy on loops of piano, Japanese pipes, saxophone                    are a pleasure to listen to.
for tonight’s headliners. The band’s love of Ameri-           gan-laced, cabaret-influenced rockers Underground,           and heavily treated vocals all drifting past each other                    As Danny Widdicombe and his band step on
can death metal shines through, buzzing tones and             Dennis and Doctor as the band power on with Stran-           like floating islands lazily hovering around in the fog.              stage it’s easy to tell they are as relaxed as the atmos-
chunky riffs comprising their set of hefty, mid-tempo         glers’-like menace.                                          Toward the end the beats per minute pick up and it                    phere here at the Powerhouse, and we are treated
death metal.                                                      Still fresh from the previous week’s Big Sound Live      goes a bit acid classical for a brief mini-rave, but then             to more great music throughout their set. Widdi-
    Vintage black metal disciples Vomitor step up             showcases, neo-post-punkers The Cairos bring at              he ends with some more of his sublime downtempo.                      combe’s songwriting seems deep, the performance
next. The bullet belts and battle helmets are the per-        least a hundred people with them. The “buzz band”                Fresh from performing a live score to a screening                 is simple and pure; with a somewhat smooth sound
fect embodiment of their piss and vinegar approach            tag may be several months old now, however the               of Akira at the Opera House, Regurgitator are obvi-                   about it. That said, Widdicombe’s guitar playing
to marrying vintage black metal with Motörhead-               youthful quartet are remarkably tight and display im-        ously in the mood for some visuals. They open with                    keeps his rootsy sound prominent, as a mixture of
flavoured rock & roll.                                        pressive chops – particularly bassist Reuben Schafer,        a version of the Star Wars music – if you ever heard                  folk, roots and blues connects with the audience
    Underground legends Cauldron Black Ram are                whose command of the instrument is rather enviable.          the cover of the Transformers theme tune they did for                 well, and with the crowd being so personal it is easy
tonight’s main support. Finding their sound quickly,          Sporting a laser-perfect fringe, singer Alistair Rich-       the PlayStation game, you know how good they are                      to see the amount of bopping heads and tapping
cheers and horns rise for the band’s blackened thrash         ardson leads the charge on established numbers like          at this sort of thing – accompanied by crawling text                  feet (of which there are plenty).
metal. The feral guitar tones and fiery intensity pre-        Whales (replete with the pained “I could die, I could die”   just like the movies. Kong Foo Sing is played to a clip                                                      RICHARD COOMBS

28                                                                                                                                                                                                                         ISSuE 959
                                                                                                                                  Riverstage & Botanic Gardens, Brisbane

                    12:00      Elke                             12:00   Last Dinosaurs              12:00   Teleprompter (Unearthed)    12:00   Mitzi                                                          12:00 Mumbles               12:00    Kaardon                    12:00 Tropics
                    12:45      Stafford Brothers                12:45   Surecut Kids                12:45   Anna Lunoe                  1:00    Flight Facilities ft. Gisele                                   12:45 CC The Cat            12:45    Brett Sellwood + LT 80     12:45 Rubber Johnson
                    1:30       Gypsy & The Cat                  2:00    Darwin Deez                 1:45    Washington                  2:00    The Swiss                                                      1:15 Kieron C               1:30    Dluxx                       1:30 Gavin Boyd
                    2:10      Sinden                            3:00    The Wombats                 2:40    Wolf Gang                   2:45    Yolanda Be Cool vs. Dcup                                       1:30 Pam Pam Pam!           2:15    Down N Dirty DJs            2:15 Majikbox
                    3:05      Midnight Juggernauts              3:50    AC Slater                   3:35    Dan Black                   3:45    Memory Tapes                                                   2:00 Kieron C               3:00    Morgan Baker + Benibee      2:30 Cutloose
                    3:50      Jack Beats                        4:50    Kele                        4:30    Uffie                       4:30    Classixx                                                       2:15   Bambini              3:45    Ember                       3:15   Majikbox
                    4:45       Soulwax                          5:40    Mix Master Mike             5:15    Chiddy Bang                 5:30    Holy Ghost!                                                    2:45   Maggie Collins       4:30    Wongo                       3:30   Aydos
                    5:40       Busy P                           6:40    The Dandy Warhols           6:00    Brodinski                   6:15    Grum                                                           3:00   Brothers             5:15    Daniel Webber & Deegs       4:15   Wolfie
                    6:40       Missy Elliott                    7:55    2manydjs                    7:00    New Young Pony Club         7:15    Delorean                                                       3:30   Maggie Collins       6:00    Noy + Keen                  5:00   Siclone
                    7:25      Ajax                              8:55    Cut Copy                    8:00    DJ Mehdi                    8:00    Jesse Rose                                                     3:45   Dead Beat Band       6:45    Nick Galea                  5:45   Tom Thum
                    8:40       Groove Armada                                                        9:05    Bag Raiders                 9:00    The Glitch Mob                                                 4:15   Charlie Hustle       7:30    Brett J + Jimmy Vegas       6:00   Danny T
                                                                                                                                                                                                               4:35   The Coalition Crew   8:15    Gerry Morales + Joey Mojo   6:45   Tom Thum
                                                                                                                                                                                                               5:20 Charlie Hustle         9:00    Baby Gee + Habebe           7:00   Dank Morass DJs
                                                                                                                                                                                                               5:40 The Resin Dogs ft.                                         7:45   Sangers & Ra ft. MC Kitch
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Abstract Rude                                                   8:30   Audun + GIV
                             Do                                                              Don’t                                                                                                             6:30 Van Miert                                                  9:15   Stretch + Thomas J
                            - Remember to bring your          recycling facilities,         - Bring any alcohol, drugs,                                                                                        6:50 Misere
                              ticket and photo ID.            Parklife’s in a beautiful       weapons or audio/video
                            - Bring sun/rain protection       venue. Please keep it that      recording equipment.
                                                                                                                                                                                                               7:40 Van Miert
                              we party rain, hail or          way!                                                                                                                                             8:00 The Cairos
                              shine.                        - Party safe and have a         - Bring a bad attitude – Park                                                                                      8:50 Fans
                            - Use public transport.            great day                      life is about having fun.
                            - Use the rubbish and                                                                                                                                                              9:10 DZ

                    Full terms and conditions at
                                                                                                                                                                      Photography by Cris Cordeiro
                                                                                                                                                                      Creative by M&a -

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SEPTEmBER 21 2010                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      29
        GEARED                                           MUSIC INDUSTRY ADVICE :: UNDERSTANDING OF MUSIC SEMINAR

                                                         Of The Soul
                                                         GEARED talks to renowned music educator DUNCAN
                                                         LORIEN on the eve of his return to Brisbane – which will
                                                         see him lead another revolutionary UNDERSTANDING OF
                                                         MUSIC SEMINAR.

                                                                                                                                                             ...even a complete beginner will have their hands
             MUSICIAN'S GUIDE SEPTEMBER 21 2010

                                                                                                                                                           on the keyboard playing Bach after three days.
                                                              A self-confessed music demystifier, researcher, re-       complex? I think because I started researching the subject       DL: ...too good to be true? [laughs]
                                                         cording artist, composer and teacher who turns com-            at a very early age, I came at a second approach. To me, it      G: …like a gigantic task to turn people with minimal
                                                         plete novices into able musicians, the London-born,            was always simple and it always fascinated me how eve-           knowledge of music into musicians.
                                                         Boston-based Duncan Lorien travels in excess of 200,000        ryone got to such stress with this subject. I started to re-     DL: It was a kid originally coming up with this stuff, and the
                                                         kilometres every year to bring his knowledge to world-         search music subjects and became very fascinated by the          best way is to look at it through the eyes of a kid. I never
                                                         wide audiences. This month sees him bring his ground-          fact that music was so simple – every kid could do it. It was    stopped looking at it through the eyes of a kid – I refuse to
                                                         breaking Understanding of Music Seminar to Australia           common practice for a kid to play at least a couple instru-      say “at a certain point, it’s going to get complicated.”
                                                         for the 13th time – landing in Brisbane this week.             ments by the time they were, say, 10 or 11 at school; now        G: That’s a great point – especially if you’re dealing
                                                                                                                        today, not even one child in a hundred can play one. So          with grown-up people with their own perceptions
                                                         GEARED: With the amount of travelling that you do,             my whole area of research was based on what changed.             of music.
                                                         how did you manage to fit the Brisbane visit into              For all these years of the books I’ve read and the things I’ve   DL: Just because there’s something you’ve read in a
                                                         your schedule?                                                 studied, I’ve never had anyone else who really tackled that      book or somebody told you, it does not necessarily
                                                         DUNCAN LORIEN: I go where the demand is – and I usually        subject – it was almost like the whole world had shrugged        mean it has to be true – I think that’s the wonderful
                                                         get to take a day off when I can walk around. Last time I      and said “Well, it just happened that way.” And because          thing about the Aussie public and why it’s been so in-
                                                         came here, I had great fun – I went down to the river, to      I’ve taken it that that way, I’ve broken it into a step-by-      credibly well-received here. The Australians go “crikey –
                                                         the city centre and a few restaurants. It’s a nice atmos-      step approach – so it’s not “how do I make it simple?” but       I wish somebody told me that when I was five!” [laughs]
 100% Live & Local                                       phere in Brisbane; it’s got a unique character to it. Now,
                                                         what do you need to learn about what I do, my friend?
                                                                                                                        “what shall remain complex?” It doesn’t matter what your
                                                                                                                        background is; you could be a beginner or you could be
                                                                                                                                                                                         The whole approach is saying “don’t make somebody
                                                                                                                                                                                         wrong for not having learned the traditional way –
 Following a successful launch in late July, Bris-       G: Basically, I’d love to find out more about the sem-         a complete professional and still go “goodness me – I’ve         make them right for having held on for so long until
 bane’s newest live local talent showcase The 100        inar itself.                                                   had that question for years!”                                    the right day!” The thing I hear most often when people
 Club returns this Fri Sep 24, with local acts The       DL: All right, here we go: I started teaching when I was       G: [intrigued] Hmmm...                                           come to the seminar is “I’m so glad I’ve waited, but fi-
 Bloodpoets and The Deschanels (the first-ever           about eight years old.                                         DL: Over the course of the weekend, people will learn            nally got it in the right sequence!”
 band named after Hollywood’s “indie” starlet? –         G: Wow.                                                        all the notes on their instruments, all scales on the key-
 Geared Ed.) providing the sonic goods. The event        DL: [laughs] By the time I was 14, I was teaching about 35     board of the guitar. It’s not meticulous and hands-on             Supported by Yamaha and Allans Music, the
 takes place at The Legions Club at 24 Church St,        students a week – and I have been teaching ever since.         – it’s actually funny! They’ll learn simple improvisation,       UNDERSTANDING OF MUSIC SEMINAR runs Sep
 Fortitude Valley and the tickets are $10+BF from        I’ve been able to do what I do successfully and I came at      they’ll learn to read [music] and even a complete be-            24–26 at the Comissariat Stores Building, 155
 Oztix. For more info head to www.brisbane-              20,000 people now through the seminar. There’s two ways        ginner will have their hands on the keyboard playing             William St. For more info and booking head to                                to look at a subject: it’s a complex subject, but we make it   Bach after three days. So it’s not bad for three days!  or call
                                                         simple – but then, if it’s a simple subject, how did it get    G: It seems...                                                   0417 038 741.

30 /// GEaRED muSIcIaN'S GuIDE                                                                                                                                                                                        ISSuE 959
SEPTEmBER 21 2010   GEaRED muSIcIaN'S GuIDE /// 31

In Red
During his regular pilgrimage to Guitar
Brothers, the now-local GEARED checks
out the brand-new GIBSON ES-339 –
which looks and plays as beautiful as a
semi-hollowbody electric guitar can get.

      Gibson guitars: it’s a lifelong affair. While being         sludgiest, messiest-sounding power and barre chords.             dream come true (after the Jimmy Page signature Les             more sleek, compact body – however, a mere 335-lite
a (mostly) dedicated Fender man, I’m still a fervent              Having rolled the treble off, I had a go at JJ Cale’s Sensi-     Paul). Everything about the 339 is aesthetically pleas-         it’s certainly not. Aside from the size, another crucial
Gibson admirer/Les Paul player and you don’t have to              tive Kind (based around a D minor lick and one of the            ing and its wide, spacious sound and remarkable play-           difference is the location of the output jack – on the
ask me twice or try and convince me to play a Gibson,             few blues numbers I can play from start to finish due to         ability would satisfy even the staunchest ES-335 devo-          339, it’s mounted on the side of the body instead of the
especially a new one – it’s a natural habit. That said,           its wonderful simplicity) and again awed at how sensi-           tee. With that in mind, let’s get a little bit of background    traditional top to keep the lead out of the way. And it
where does one get to play a brand-spanking-new                   tive the 339 was. Creamy sustain, outstanding note def-          info, draw some comparisons and define the differenc-           goes without saying that the instrument itself is a fair
guitar if such a need arises? At your nearest guitar              inition, phenomenal response, minimal feedback – the             es between the two guitars.                                     bit lighter than its predecessor.
shop, of course! So – Guitar Brothers in Red Hill, here           thing was a total dreamboat, as its makers proudly say.              A revolutionary hybrid-design instrument when                    The 339 comes in two neck varieties: a rounded ‘59
I come again.                                                     Almost as enjoyable as a vintage Les Paul ... actually,          it was introduced in 1958, the Gibson ES-335 has be-            profile (common for the hefty late ‘50s Les Pauls and ES-
      Pretty much immediately after I made a (previously          just as enjoyable. I was going to hand the guitar back           come an ultimate semi-hollowbody electric guitar and            335s) and a new 30/60 profile (akin to the thin necks of
unplanned, but then how do you plan these things?)                to Craig when one of the shop assistants urged me to             an instrument most commonly associated with players             the early ‘60s and with an added .030-inches of depth for
stop at the Red Hill landmark, Guitar Bro Craig sug-              “keep playing – it’s beautiful!” Naturally, several more         ranging from Chuck Berry to Bernard Butler. Visually as         increased hand comfort). The neck itself is constructed
gested I have a strum on a guitar that had literally just                                                                                                                                          from one piece of quarter-sawn, lightweight mahogany
arrived from the Gibson Custom Shop. I would ‘love it’,                                                                                                                                            and the rosewood fingerboard carries 22 jumbo frets
he added. Following my eager nod, Craig proceeded to                                                                                                                                               and mother-of-pearl dot inlays, while the headstock
unpack a new Gibson case that was hardly wider than
the regular Les Paul one, yet wouldn’t quite fit an ES-
                                                                          ... the Gibson ES-335 has become an ultimate semi-hollowbody                                                             wears the period mother-of-pearl inlay Gibson logo and
                                                                                                                                                                                                   traditional “tuliphead” Kluson tuners. Electronics-wise,
335... All right, I’m not going to keep you guessing fur-
                                                                       electric guitar and an instrument most commonly associated with                                                             the guitar carries Gibson’s patented Memphis Tone Cir-
ther – a gorgeous, shining red Gibson Custom Shop                             players ranging from Chuck Berry to Bernard Butler.                                                                  cuit, which preserves the high frequencies no matter
ES-339 emerged from the case like a Phoenix. Sooner                                                                                                                                                where you adjust the volume control.
than I could say “wow!”, my host plugged the guitar                                                                                                                                                     The rest is pretty much the same old deal: separate
into an Orange Rockerverb combo (the rich reverb of                                                                                                                                                Volume and Tone controls for each humbuckers, ABR-
which I could sing a separate ode to), gave it a test run         minutes of noodling couldn’t have seemed sweeter.                iconic as a Strat or a Les Paul, it retains both the reso-      1 bridge, stop tailpiece, nickel hardware ... Can’t go
by playing a quick series of complex, Robben Ford-like                 Handcrafted at the Gibson Custom Shop in Mem-               nance of an archtop and the chunkiness of a solidbody,          wrong anywhere.
jazz/blues progressions and left in my grabbing, con-             phis, Tennessee, the 339 is a guitar that both plays and         thus appealing to guitarists who want to attain both                 Crafted to absolute perfection, the Custom Shop folks’
siderably less technical hands.                                   feels like butter – I could say it practically plays itself,     the “chime” and the “meat” in their sound. A stone-cold         attention to detail cannot be brought into question on
      Following a brief visual appraisal, I tried a minor         but that description would probably sound a tad trivial;         classic axe with a huge tone, it’s nevertheless quite           the ES-339. It’s one semi-hollow guitar to cherish.
pentatonic blues lick, then a half-arsed jazzy progres-           it’s most definitely made to be played with love. Like-          generous-sized and weighty – and therefore not en-                   As I was leaving the shop, I cast one last “one-day-
sion, then flicked the pickup switch to ‘Treble’ and the          wise, I don’t think I’ve heard any six-stringer sound so         tirely comfortable to play for some. So which guitar            you-will-be-mine” gaze at the guitar – by now back in
amp switch to ‘Dirty’, tried a few ham-fisted riffs and           deliciously jangly, yet thick, rich and warm with the            could possibly capture the same mojo while featuring            the case. We’ll meet again – don’t know where, don’t
went back to the cleans – all the while marvelling at             pickup selector switch in any of the three (bridge, mid-         the same iconic f-holes and killer sound? The ES-339,           know when.
how excellent the guitar sounded. The amp overdrive               dle, neck) positions. Fitted out with a pair of ‘57 Classic      debuted in 2007 and made in limited numbers since.
seemed to effortlessly bounce off the humbuckers and              humbuckers – which are basically as close as you can             Designed with a solidbody player in mind, the Custom             RRP $4,299. Check out and
fill the air, while not a single note was lost even in the        get to the PAF sound – the axe is another Gibson fan             Shop ES-339 most closely resembles an ES-335 with a    for more information.

 INDUSTRY NEWS :: WITH CHRISTIE ElIEzER                                                                                                                                                               News, submissions and industry scuttlebutt for

  Signal Noise
                                                                                                                                                                                                      consideration in this column should be sent to
                                                                                                                                                                                              no later than 5pm
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Fridays. Check for
                                                                                                                                                                                                           more SIGNAL NOISE Industry news.

 DEADLINE FOR CONTROL                                              shows, but only for camping for 800 people.                      Sued: LA punk band The Vandals, by the publishers of         YAQ members). More info,; deadline to
      Applications for Control: The Business of Music Man-          The Music Network revealed that seven staffers were           entertainment magazine Daily Variety for allegedly using       apply is Friday Oct 1. More info, call 07 3252 5115 or email
 agement close on Friday Sep 24. Control is the five-stage         axed by Warner Music Australia last week.                       its stylized logo font on the cover of their album. The band
 program to equip mid career music managers from around             UK dance label Renaissance has gone into adminis-             hired an attorney, Joe Escalante, who happens to be their
 the country with crucial business skills. It is presented by      tration.                                                        bassplayer.                                                    GIGPAL HITS THE CHORDS
 the Australian Music Industry Network (AMIN), and                  Britney Spears could be in charge of her finances              Died: Highly decorated indigenous country singer Gus              Roger Corbett, a member of the Bushwackers who
 supported by the Association of Artist Managers. Under            again by the end of the year.                                   Ntjalka Williams from the Northern Territory, aged in his      runs his own Valley Studios in the Blue Mountains has
 the guidance of top managers as Keith Harris, Michael Mc-                                                                         early ‘70s.                                                    invented a new app called Gigpal (
 Martin and Keith Welsh and entertainment lawyer Shane             MOOR TO HEAD KOBALT                                              Died: Sydney club DJ and event promoter Mandy Rol-           It allows musicians, songwriters and students to create
 Simpson, the program covers an online tutorial, a residen-            Simon Moor, who resigned as head of A&R/crea-               lins, apparent suicide.                                        chord charts for any song they play, make arrangements
 tial workshop to be held near Sydney from Nov 14–17, the          tive at Sony/ATV Music Publishing Australia, will now            Died: Queensland country music songwriter Tony               and listen to the actual guitar chords while they play
 preparation of a business plan to be delivered late Feb-          be Managing Director of the newly launched Australian           Brooks, 83, cancer.                                            along in real time. It seems to be the only one of its kind
 ruary, a one-to-one feedback on the submitted Business            and New Zealand operations of America’s Kobalt Music             Died: NSW radio executive Tom Crozier after a series         in the 200,000 items on the iTunes App Store. Stage two
 Plan a month after, and a two-day residential program in          Publishing. Kobalt was previously represented locally by        of strokes.                                                    will allow players to upload chords to use at shows when
 the Fundamentals of Financial Modelling to be held near           Mushroom Music. Its roster includes No Doubt, DJ Tiesto,         Died: Alphonsus “Arrow” Cassell, best known                  people request songs. Corbett invented it in association
 Adelaide in August 2011. See                     Busta Rhymes, Kelly Clarkson and Kid Cudi.                      exponent of Caribbean-born soca (derived from soul and         with the Brisk Mobile team in Toronto.
                                                                                                                                   calypso), 60, complications from brain cancer. His best
 NEW SIGNING #1: BELLIGERENTS WITH MAJOR                           BIG EARS AUDIO LAUNCHES B.E.A.M.                                known song was the 1982 club hit Hot Hot Hot.                  TIMBA!
 LABEL                                                                 Big Ears Audio are launching B.E.A.M (Big Ears Audio                                                                            US hip hop performer Timbaland won the first round
      Brisbane indie/pop group The Belligerents are one of         Music) in the coming months as part of their new site that      LEGAL ADVICE CLINICS                                           of lawsuits over the Australian tour he cancelled at the last
 three new acts signed by clothing company General Pants           launched last week. They want songs and music submis-               The next two sessions of the IPTLC (Intellectual           minute in 2008. Queensland-based promoter Showtime
 Co.’s Sydney-based singles-only indie record company Ma-          sions of all styles for possible placements in ads, films and   Property and Technology Law Clinic) are held 5.30 pm           Touring Group filed a $1 million breach of contract suit
 jor Label. It will release their single These Hands shortly.      TV shows. Send submissions to bigearsaudio@yahoo.               to 8.30 pm on Sep 23 and Oct 14. The clinics provide free      in the NSW Supreme Court. He counter-sued in New York,
 The other two acts were US-born Wollongong-based        , attention Tony.                                         legal advice and legal services to those in the arts and       alleging that Showtime had not paid him the $1.26 mil-
 Brian Joseph Hugelmeyer and Melbourne garage-soul                                                                                 technology communities who cannot otherwise afford             lion fee for his five shows, and arranged sponsorships and
 six-piece Money For Rope. Bands interested in becoming            JACKSON’S MUM SUES AEG LIVE                                     to consult a lawyer. These are an initiative of the Qld Uni-   commercial tie-ins without his permission. Showground
 a Major Label artist should contact Henry Roberts at (02)             Michael Jackson’s mother is suing AEG Live, the pro-        versity of Technology Faculty of Law in conjunction with       retaliated that it had paid him half the fees upfront. The
 9552 6333 or                             moter who organized what were to be the singer’s come-          QPILCH (Qld Public Interest Law Clearing House). The           Australian court said that Showtime had to pay Tim-
                                                                   back concerts. The lawsuit contends that AEG Live failed        lawyers can give advice in relation to copyright, record-      baland’s legal fees. Moving forward, Showground’s Sire
 NEW SIGNING #2: BLEEDING KNEES GET IOU                            to provide life-saving equipment and oversee the doctor it      ing and publishing agreements, media rights, trademarks,       Kailahi has teamed with Kevin Jacobsen to bring out the
     Gold Coast surf punkers Bleeding Knees Club have              hired to look after Jackson as he rehearsed for the shows.      digital distribution as well as other intellectual property    Usher-headlined six-act Urban Music tour in November.
 joined the roster of Indie dance label I Oh You. Jordan           Dr. Conrad Murray was paid US$150,000 a month to look           and technology legal issues. Those in Brisbane get a face-
 Malane and Alex Wall played a friend’s warehouse party in         after Jackson. “AEG’s representations to Jackson were false,”   to-face session at the QUT office; IPTLC conducts an advice    AUSTEREO REJECTS H&A BLACK HOLE
 March, cut a demo called Have Fun which was picked up             said the lawsuit, which as also filed on behalf of the three    session specifically for clients in rural and regional areas       Austereo has rejected as “wrong” a report by Morgan
 by Triple J and community radio. A five-track EP is out next      Jackson kids. Jackson died before he signed the agreement.      via phone on Oct 31. Advice is by appointment only. To         Stanley’s media analysts that the broadcaster stands to lose
 month and they tour nationally with Yacht Club DJs.               AEG’s response: don’t blame us for Conrad Murray!               make an appointment, contact Cheryl Foong. Phone: 07           advertising revenue of between $30 million and $40 mil-
                                                                                                                                   3138 2046 or email                    lion after the departure of Hamish Blake and Andy Lee’s
 NEW SIGNING #3: HARD ROCK CAFE REVS UP                            LIFELINES                                                                                                                      high rating drivetime show in December. This constituted
      Hard Rock Cafe Surfers Paradise struck a deal                 Expecting: British singer and pianist Jamie Cullum and        CREATING IMPACT                                                up to 17% of Austereo earnings in 2009/10. But Austereo
 with Armor All Gold Coast 600 motoring spectacular to             model, author and TV presenter Sophie Dahl have their                Are you an arts practitioner 30 years of age or under     CEO Guy Dobson told the Australian Financial Review that
 present a three-night music festival Fri Oct 22 to Sun Oct        first kid in February. They married this year.                  who initiate ideas, create opportunities and successfully      the ads on the show were booked for other shows as well,
 24. Gold Coast 600 replaces the event known as the Su-             Marrying: 50 Cent has proposed to R&B singer Clara,           run arts projects in your local community?                     and that “very few ads (were) booked specifically in the pro-
 perGP and Indy. The music festival, 600 Sounds, will fea-         whose 2007 single Can’t Leave Them Alone he produced.                YAQ will explore your leadership potential through        gram”. The broadcaster is about to announce its new driv-
 ture 16 acts including Ian Carey, the Beach Boys, Empire           Ill: illness by a Grinspoon member caused the band to         their two-day Creating Impact training program. It will        etime program shortly, Dobson told the paper.
 Of The Sun and Sneaky Sound System at the Broadwater              blow out shows for the first time in their career.              map your personal strengths and leadership capacities;
 Parklands. Hard Rock owner Lennie Huntly said he saw the           In Court: the Brisbane District Court has ordered Alan        discover different leadership models and styles; discuss       START ME UP
 live music as an “essential and unique part of this event         William Braden to pay $75,000 in compensation to a              practical strategies around creating impact; enhance your          Submissions have opened for the latest round of appli-
 for the public,” and the festival would “(forge) an ongoing       16-year old boy he bashed at a party at Innisfail in April      skills in group facilitation, decision making, planning and    cations for the Australia Council’s ArtStart grants to help
 relationship with Supercars.”                                     2007 because he dressed like an emo. The victim now has         generating ideas; and explore ways to extend the reach         emerging artists. More than 100 grants worth $10,000
                                                                   permanent brain injury.                                         of your projects within and beyond local communities.          each are available for those who’ve graduated from an
 THINGS WE HEAR                                                     Sued: the estate of the late New York-based DJ AM (aka        They are facilitated by Mark Creyton, Manager Education,       accredited artist training course in the last three years, or
  The inaugural Sun Beach Camping & Music Festival                Adam Goldstein) is being hit with a US$88,000 claim for         Policy and Research, Volunteering Qld and Caro Jende,          about to. Applicants can use the grants to develop skills,
 near Byron Bay over the October long weekend faces an             unpaid taxes. Last month one of the DJ’s neighbours sued        Marketing Manager, Youth Arts Queensland. They are held        rent studio space, get business advice and mentors, or
 injunction by local council. It says the organizers, who          him for $25,000 in damages over a “gaseous foul odor            at Metro Arts (109 Edward Street) on Saturday Nov 13 and       market their work. To apply go to www.artstrartgrant.
 have booked 12 acts for it, didn’t apply for a licence for the    and/or smell” emitting from Goldstein’s property.               Sunday Nov 14 between 9am – 4pm. It costs $50 ($40 for; deadline is Oct 5.

32 /// GEaRED muSIcIaN'S GuIDE                                                                                                                                                                                                  ISSuE 959
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Free classifieds are only available to private advertisers in the Musicians Wanted, Musicians
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                                                                                                                                                                                                         charged at a flat rate of $8.50 per week and must be paid for prior to publication. To place
                                                                                                                                                                                                         your classified, go to and follow the links. All ads submitted online
                                                                                                                                                                                                         also appear on the Rave Magazine website. Free classifieds can currently only be run for ONE
                                                                                                                                                                                                         week per submission, however can be resubmitted for as many weeks as you like. Ads must
                                     FREE CLASSIFIEDS THANKS TO WWW.GUITARBROTHERS.COM.AU                                                                                                                be submitted before 12 noon Mondays to be published in Tuesday's magazine.

                                                                                 ELECTRIC DRUM KIT - ROLAND TD3 Roland TD3 for sale, excellent con-               LINE 6 QUAD STACK Line 6 Spider IV 150W Amp head & Celestion Powered                ROLAND PD8 Dual-zone rubber drum pad in perfect condition. Bargain
MUSICAL EQUIPMENT                                                                dition, pearl kick pedal, pearl “Roadhouse” stool, Vic firth sticks, 2 cymbals   Speaker Slanted Quad Stack Box & FBV Express Mkii Pedal. Only 6 months              at $75
                                                                                 with 2 sounds on each, mesh snare drum, 4 Tom drums, one as Hugh                 old, barely used, in new condition only $1100! 0413              ROLAND VS2480 RECORDING DESK 24-track digital recorder, great for
                                                                                 hats, a bass drum $1300 0416 405 228                     076 381                                                                             recording live gigs or for home studio. CD/burner, firewire output. Best
                                                                                 E-MU AUTITY 2000 RACKMOUNT SYNTHESISER Very cool synth. High-                    LINE 6 SPIDER II GUITAR AMP Line 6 Spider II modelling guitar amp. 150              of its kind! Retailed at $8000, sell for $2500 or swap for mic of similar
                                                                                 est-quality sounds with six separate outputs. FX and arpeggiator. Mint           watts (2x 75 watt celestion). v good condition, FBV2 pedal included, $500           value nwar-
                                                                                 condition. $399 0402 510 444                                                     ono. Inspection welcome 0411 386 138         0410 070 064
                                                                                 ENGL FIREBALL 100 W HEAD Engl Fireball 100-watt all tube head for                LINE 6 Vetta 2 head 2.5 great condition, sounds awesome, too many options           SAMICK LA 20 AMPLIFER 20 WATTS Good condition, cabinet unmarked.
                                                                                 sale. Only 3 months old. Perfect condition, regretful sale. Amazing tone,        to list. $2000 0415 656 361                             Dirty/clean/reverb channels headphone, line out, send & return sockets.
                                                                                 huge amounts of gain, built in noise suppressor, red LEDs inside amp,            LUDWIG ACCENT ZEP SET Good condition w/full set of Ludwig hardware.                 Roland foot control channel switch included $200 John 0413 235 893
                                                                                 looks awesome $2900 no swaps 0433 330 090- txt                Pedal 3 cymbal stands cowbell & drum stool. Full set of Zildjian cymbals ar-        SEAGULL MJM6 SOLID TOP ACOUSTIC/ELECTRIC Mini-jumbo guitar
                                                                                 EPIPHONE 1958 KORINA EXPLORER Epiphone 1958 Korina Explorer                      mand ride & hi hats 2 crash cymbals. Regretful sale $2000 ono deform13@             made in Canada. Big, natural sound. Good condition except for slight
                                                                                 for sale w/hardcase. Black w/white plate, mint condition. Rarely        0405 180 456                                                            crack on soundboard. New RRP is $1200. Was purchased new in late
                                                                                 played, never gigged. Sounds great $499 ono deform13@hotmail.                    MAPEX M BIRCH - 7 PIECE Only used in the recording studio as the house              2006, quick reluctant sale for $600 0413 889 122
                                                                                 com 0405 180 456                                                                 drum kit, in perfect condition! Also comes with softcases, Mapex 550A series        SENNHEISER HEADPHONES Brand new HD 280 PRO closed-back, circu-
                                                                                 EPIPHONE ELACTRIC GUITAR Epiphone electric guitar signed by The                  hardware, Sabian cymbals mapex stool. $1800 email for me details www.               maural headphones designed for professional monitoring applications.
                                                                                 Angels. 6-string in a presentation glass case. Brand new, unwanted prize                                           Full warranty. Only $150.
                                                                                 $600 3395 1489                                          MARSHALL 30TH ANNIVERSARY COMBO Marshall 30th Anniversary all                       SNARE DRUM Dixon 14”x6” 10 lug Steel Shell Snare $150 0414 533 454
                                                                                 EPIPHONE LES PAUL (BLACK BEAUTY) for sale. Few knocks and bruises                valve combo, model, 6101LM, the power is 25w/50w/100w, switchable. It is            STUDIOSETUP HP 2510p laptop with most latest software for Studio setup:
                                                                                 well-loved played lots of gigs, still sounds great. Good beginners guitar        a 3-channel amp, footswitch inc. orig celestion speaker -8.5 condition out of       Sonar, FL Studio, Pro-toolsMP, Nuendo, Ableton, Reason, SoundForge, Sam-
                                                                                 $200 ono 0405 180 456                                       10 $1950 ono 0409 626 886                                                           plitude, GuitarRig, GuitarPro, Deckdance, Poizone & lots of samples, plugins
                                                                                 EPIPHONE LES PAUL 2009 Epiphone LP Standard-Plus Top in Trans Am-                MARSHALL HDFX 100W HEAD WITH CAB $650! The MG100HDFX head                           etc. & with Ghost BACKUP. $999 0421 33 1514
                                                                                 ber finish. Right-handed. Great looking & sounding. Never gigged with.           w/matching cab Delivers a dynamic yet toneful punch 100W power 2 chan-              SX LAP STEEL As new, hardly used with hardcase and chrome lap steel
                                                                                 Was an ebay impulse buy. Comes w/plush, hardcase. Happy to email pics.           nels (footswitchable) Digital effects including reverb, delay, chorus & flange      bar $250 0413 502 755
                                                                                 $450 ono 0413 180 710                                     CD ins, plus emulated line out & emulated headphone jacks petersilk295@             TC ELECTRONIC G SYSTEM G-System is the world’s best high-quality
                                                                                 ESP EDWARDS E-RV-148 ELECTRIC GUITAR Black w/gold hardware.             0415 701 069                                                            floor based Guitar System. Delivering an uncompromised package of ef-
                                                                                 Ebony fretboard, dual EMG 81 pickups & original Floyd Rose tremolo.              MARSHALL MODE FOUR 350W HEAD Great sounding versatile amp head.                     fects, control & integration, no other product will match it for flexibility
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                                                                                 Floyd Rose, 24 XJ frets. Selling to go overseas $1000 clarke.michael@            fect condition $1500 0421 806 626                                 witchable Master Volumes. Reverb. Effects loop, output damping, Triode/
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                                                                                 FENDER Fender Stratocaster 1976 Hardtail. Mint Con. Restored & setup             MATON EA80C AUSTRALIAN SERIES New Maton acoustic with cutaway,                      TUBE GUITAR AMP SALE Koch Studiotone as new with F/switch and op-
                                                                                 by John Youngberg (“I won’t sell my hardtail for $1 mill” Walter Trout)          AP5 pickup. AA solid Sitka Spruce top. Australian solid black wood back and         tional cover $1400. Koch Powertone 120 watt 6550 with Footswitch Good
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1000S OF BASS KEYBOARD GUITAR CHARTS All 10 cents each. Email for       0413 180 710                                                   MESA 4X12 RECTIFIER SLANT GUITAR CABINET. Like New, Barely                          VHT/ FRYETTE 2X12 RARE VERTICAL SPEAKER CAB Oversized 2x12
list, Donna Lee - Wasted Years 0424 812 460           FENDER HOT ROD DEVILLE 410 It’s three years old & in great condi-                used, never gigged. Mesa, say no more. RRP $2300, selling for $1800 ono.            Slanted front w/wheels. Looks like a slanted 4x12 but a bit smaller with
1984 FENDER SQUIER STRAT C/W FITTED CASE Japanese Fender Squier                  tion, barely been used. Sounds great & the tubes are working fine. Asking 0413 034 031                                                 measures 66cm wide. Has 2x12” Eminecne USA speakers in it. Very rare,
Stratocaster produced in 1984. Original metallic blue. Comes w/original fit-     $1200 0432 347 641                                   MESA BOOGIE DUAL RECTIFIER HEAD 100-watt mesa boogie dual recti-                    perfect condition $800 0410 576 257
ted hardcase. Guitar just refurbished using genuine Fender parts. Serial no.     FENDER JAGUAR Sunburst Fender Jaguar. Made in Japan. Approx 10                   fier for sale good condition only a couple of scratches on it selling for $2000     VINTAGE ACETONE (PRE ROLAND) EARLY 70S Solid state guitar amp.
E657288. Superb guitar 0403 839 645                            years old. Excellent condition w/a few chips in finish. Mustang bridge. 0404 870 045                                                   Tilt back legs, footswitchable vibrato & spring reverb. Original Acetone
4-WAY DMX BLINDER DMX Blinder 4 x 650watt lamps. Black finish. Has               Great looking & playing guitar $1100                         MESA DUAL REC HEAD & MARSHALL 1960 CAB. Mesa Boogie Dual Recti-                     dust cover. Super cool (logo glows in dark!) totally original & great tone.
an internal dimmer so you no longer clutter up your dimmers with rows            FENDER JAPAN 62 REISSUE JAZZ BASS Q Serial Black J Bass rare active              fier Solo Head 3-channel model. Excellent condition, only 3 years old. Mostly       Very rare. Ex. cond. $375 3342 6820
of blinder lamps. Each bank of 2 lamps is individually dimmed. 2 channel         Circuit Alder body Mapleneck rosewood fretboard 2 volume 1 tone 1                bedroom use $3200. Marshall 1960a 4x12 speaker cabinet. Excellent condi-            WANTED: LES PAUL COPY GUITAR AND BASS Looking to trade musical
DMX. Comes w/lamps $220 each. Dan                  boost control vintage bridge EC $1100 ono               tion $700. Will sell as a package for $3600 0408          equipment or other items for les paul shape electric guitar and les paul
au 0403 596 625                                                                  au 0432 178 423                                                                  854 953                                                                             shape bass. 0421 690 000
4X10 AMPEG CLASSIC BASS CAB 4X10 Ampeg classic bass cab for sale                 FENDER JAPAN STRATOCASTER ST62 Fender O serial 3 Tone Sunburst                   MESA MARK V HEAD & 2X12 VERTICAL CAB As new only months old                         WARWICK 115 PRO BASS CAB FOR SALE Brand new 15 inch speaker
perfect condition 1 year old selling for $850 0404 870 045                       finish w/3ply white pickguard. US ST-Vintagepickups & rosewood fret-             never gigged Mesa Boogie Mark V head RRP $5999 & matching 2x12 ver-                 in cab rated at 400 watts. Priced for quick sale $400 metalntatts@yahoo.
8 TRK DIGITAL RECORDER BUILT-IN CD BURNER Tascam 8 Track Dig-                    board EC $1100ono 0432 178 423                        tical Mesa Cab RRP $1699. Comes w/manual footswitch & padded covers        07 3311 4587
ital Recorder/Portastudio with built-in CD burner. Built-in tuner, effects for   FENDER JAZZ BASS CHEAP! Brand new (mex) Fender jazz bass, sun-                   all as new! Priced to sell $4300 for both or $3400 for head on its own 0410         YAMAHA TELECASTER CUSTOM Telecaster guitar for sale. Custom ma-
drums, guitar, bass & vocals. USB compatible. Only 6 months old in new           burst color, white pickguard. W/1 year warranty $950 danlechmere@                576 257                                                                             ple neck and pickups: Seymour Duncan Hot rails and Fender Cool rails
condition! only $550 0413 076 381                    0420 879 626                                                             MESA ROAD KING & MATCHING 4X12 CAB This is the king of amps for                     Awesome tone, very smooth player. Guitar must go, contact me for pics
8-STRING GUITAR PARTS - LUTHIER OR CUSTOM 2 bridges - 1 Kahler                   FENDER JAZZMASTER J MASCIS SIGNATURE EX! Almost mint condi-                      any genre. 4 channels of Mesa tone with of course that huge, full & warm            or demo. 0407 701 671
floating trem and 1 fixed bridge. 4 pickups 2 EMG 808s 2 Ibanez active           tion. Plays & sounds great. No issues. No case. Sure to be collectable           Mesa rectifier wall of sound. Aus 240V. Immaculate condition. Head $3400            ZILDJIAN K/Z HI-HATS Zildjian 13” K/Z combo Hi-hats. In great condi-
humbuckers and 2 Passive Humbuckers. Price depends on how many                   $1200 ono 0428 176 517                                 ono, Quad $1200 ono OR both for $4000. Comes with RK foot switch Leon.              tion $320 0414 533 454
parts you buy. Please call for more info 0410 576 257                            FENDER STRAT PINK PAISLEY Guitar. Genuine ‘80s Pete Townshend           0408 072 979
AMP FENDER Showman twin 1969 200watt Loud and clean. “This amp fell              replica. All original in case. Very rare collectors item. Plays great. Nice      MICROPHONES (2) JTS - NX8 Suit vocals & acoustic instruments. Extended              MUSICIANS AVAILABLE
out of Heaven” (Harmony Central quote) $1550 3216 2628                           patina. EXCELLENT CONDITION. $2500 ono                     frequency & shock mount for clearer sound & extreme low handling noise,
BASS EPIPHONE LES PAUL BODY Sunburst, Rare, Almost New Condition,                0428 744 963                                                                     carry case. Cost $130 each, unused in P/C. $80 each or $140 pair bron55@            BASS PLAYER AVAILABLE
Barely used due to work commitments. Comes with Bonus Case. $1200                FENDER STRATOCASTER 50s series Mexican strat, great-looking surf        3341 0027                                                           BASS PLAYER AVAILABLE ALL STYLES Professional, reliable, commit-
ONO Will Swap. 0421 690 000                                   green body, maple neck, VGC, as new, inc gig bag $900 ono 0410 811               MIXING DESK 12 CHANEL Alto PM12 Dragonfly, powered desk with digital                ted, pro gear, own transport, over 20 years experience. Also available
BASS GUITAR 6 STRING EMGS Pickups 24 fret flight case inc PC, $499               457                                                                              effects, 2 x 300 watt output, has never left the practice room. RP $1399 sell       for session work, live or recording. Influences, funk, groove, soul, R&B, 0424 812 460                                          FENDER TELECASTER 50s Roadworn series. As new condition. Profes-                 $600 3264 3106                                            Motown, and blues.
BASS GUITAR STRINGS Medium Heavy Gauge 045-105 $15 per set. Gold                 sionally set up. Great Tele tone. Retails at around $2000, selling for $1400     MIXING DESK Alto L12 desk with 8 channels. Four subgroubs & 4 auxiliaries.          BASS PLAYER Bass player with vocals, 50-something seeks band playing
Coast Rick 0423 233 998                         0403 548 927                                            Graphic & parametric EQs, built-in effects as well. Still in great condition $300   rock/blues/country type stuff, many years exp but had a break for a few
BASS RIG G.K. micro head USA compact, digital, loud. 1x 2ten cab,1x15cab.        FOLDBACK MONITOR Sound king 250-watt self powered wedge, 12             0417 749 919                                                 years & want to get back into it, also available for sessions/recording etc
both cabs unused loaded w/custom E.tones. Awesome sounding rig, ur-              inch horn, very nice sounding in perfect condition, never been out of            MODERN DRUMMER MAGAZINES - ISSUES SINCE 1999 These magazines               0413 745 781
gent sale 0430 368 404                                   room $400 3264 3106                                    are now a collectors dream. Every issue from 1999 - current. More than 120          BASS PLAYER POST-HARDCORE Looking for band to join. My influences
BEHRINGER Composer pro-xl mdx2600. Brand new in box. $100 anthard-               FS DEAN USA REDWOOD ML For sale: Dean USA Redwood ml amazing                     magazines total. To purchase a Modern Drummer at magazine store, book               are stuff like TDWP and Underoath. Have pro-level gear and transport. 0415 656 361                                                condition. Price $2400             store or music shop will cost about $20/issue and I am offering all for $199. 0403 983 214
BLACKSTAR HT-DIST PEDAL Blackstar pure valve distortion pedal. Qual-             12&t=12801&p=201221#p201221                                                                            BASSIST 50-something bass guitarist looking to get back into it. Working
ity unit. Bought on a whim and never used. Still in original box with all        0412 080 523                                                                     MUSIC EQUIPMENT 1 Fender BXR 100 bass amp with graphic eq. 1nd ef-                  band preferred. Blues, Motown, soul, Mayer, covers, all styles considered
paperwork. Over 300 new. $199                    FURMAN power conditioner awesome condition. $150 antharding-                     fects loop with custom built hard case. $600. OLP license by Ernie Ball bass        from mid-60s to current. I don’t read dots btw
0437 929 089                                                            0415 656 361                                                   guitar with custom built hard case, leads, strap & spares $400 or the pair for
BOSS 1982 VINTAGE BF-2 FLANGER PEDAL JAPAN Manual, Depth, Rate                   GEAR FOR TRADE/SALE ESP Horizon (MIJ) Custom shop, Ibanez RG570                  $900. 07 3341 8307                                         BASSIST AVAILABLE to join/form band. Own gear & transport. Inf:
& Res, Original Purple Finish, Rare & Collectable, SN 154400, Perfect Work-      (MIJ), Boss FZ-2 rare hyperfuzz, EMG81/SA/EMG85 active pickups. Trade            MUSIC EQUIPMENT Kustom duel 30RC guitar amp with cover $200. 1                      White Zombie, Static-x, Korn, Gojira. Call Chris chris_ya_man@hotmail.
ing Order, $90 0414 065 531                            for electronic drum gear, acoustic cymbals, electro/acoustic guitar or PA/       speaker $30. 1 Zoom bass effects pedal new B1 $200. jimbass1@optusnet.              com 0424 240 906
BOSS BR 1200 DIGITAL STUDIO Boss BR 1200 digital studio CD recorder,             recording equipment 0415 665 300                  07 3341 8307                                                                 BASSIST LOOKING FOR EASYCORE BAND NFG, ADTR, Four Year Strong
perfect condition, used in box with Sony headphones/manual $700 con-             GIBSON EPIPHONE LES PAUL CUSTOM Black Beauty Triple Alnico Clas-                 MUSIC EQUIPMENT music stands x 4 $10ea 1 Kustom 12 guage 15w guitar                 etc. Have gear and transport.
tact Paul 0409 498 121                                        sic Humbuckers, Mahogany rosewood Fingerboard, Block Inlays, Herit-              amp with a custom fitted road case $150. 07                CONTEMPORARY/SMOOTH JAZZ BASS PLAYER My style of playing is
BOSS GT-8 GUITAR MULTI EFFECTS PROCESSOR A multi effects proc-                   age Black Ebony Finish. All gold hardware, brand new. Never played.              3341 8307                                                                           influenced by smooth/contemporary jazz artist like Melvin Davies, Nathan
essor perfect for gigging & recording guitarists alike. A couple of nicks        Absolutely Unmarked $760 ono email for pics beeches304@optusnet.                 MUSICMAN BFR Luke model. Tobacco burst colour over bookmatched                      East, Marcus Miller & the like. If there are Lee Ritenours, Earl Klughs, David
& scratches, but otherwise in perfect working condition just as the day I 0432 178 423                                                              quilt top. Birdseye maple neck with rosewood fretboard. Mahogany tone               Benoits out there drop me an email
bought it. $270 or nearest offer 0404 510 416              GIBSON LES PAUL 2004 Les Paul Standard, vintage sunburst, nickel                 block. Looks incredible, sounds fantastic & amazingly comfortable to play.          PROFICIENT BASS PLAYER AVAILABLE Currently looking for work with
BRUNETTI PIRATA - 130W GUITAR AMP (HEAD) 2-channel high gain                     hardware with a 50s neck profile, AA flamed top, great looking guitar,           Bargain at more than 50 off RRP $3000                other professionally minded musos, performing anything from jazz to
head with an aggressive & powerful sound. Strong clean & versatile gain          Original Burst Bucker pro pickups, Gibson case, VGC $2550 neg darryn-            0433 239 351                                                                        alternative rock. Current member of Brisbane band the Wells. Please call
channel. This Italian-made high end quality amp retails at $5399. Will sell 0417 648 840                                                      MUSICMAN HD130 2X12 GUITAR AMPLIFIER Musicman HD130 combo                           for more info. Andrew 0466 488 398
for $1800 ono. Comes with cover, footswith & manual. Grab a bargain              GIBSON LES PAUL BFG (BLACK) & PEDALS Gibson Les Paul BFG guitar                  2x12 Hybrid Guitar Amplifier. Highly collectable amp designed & made by 0408 072 979                                       in perfect condition for sale. Full set up by Octecho in Brisbane a few          Leo Fender in 1975. JBL speakers, Natural Wood finish with wicker-cane grill        DRUMMER AVAILABLE
CDS DVDS PS2 XBOX GAMES FOR SALE & SWAP Plenty of CDs DVDs &                     months ago. Black finish. Comes with hard case. Will sell for $1600 ono.         cloth. Case included $2000                                 COVER BAND DRUMMER Professional, reliable, experienced cover band
games available in many genres and styles. Will sell or trade for any items      Boss Metal Core pedal $140 ono. Boss Equaliser pedal $140 ono Leon.              MUSICMAN Morse model. The Caramel Delight is a shifting colour that                 drummer available for fill-in gig or band, cover & corporate. I have good
of use. 0421 690 000                                 0408 072 979                                            looks awesome under lights. Custom DiMarzio pickups. Locking tuners, Bird-          gear, including mics and lighting and reliable transport. Able to gig
CHORUS PEDAL TC Electronic SCF. 3 FX in 1 stompbox - stereo chorus,              GIBSON LES PAUL STANDARD 2OO4 Les Paul standard 2004 black with                  seye maple neck. Ebony fretboard. White pearl/paua abalone inlays. Only 1           wherever necessary. Call anytime. Scott
flanger & pitchshifter. High quality, true bypass, as new condition with         original hardcase 60’s neck burstbucker pickups excellent condition ur-          in Aus. Awesome guitar & very rare $2600 debbie.centrepoint@bigpond.       0432 030 278
original box & manual. Retails $799 sell $500.             gent sale $2199 ONO 0421 045 878                                  com 0433 239 351                                                                    DRUMMER AVAILBLE for session, fill in and covers work. BMus. Toured
0408 274 172                                                                     GIBSON SG CLASSIC WITH P90’S Heritage cherry with white binding,                 MUSICMAN STINGRAY BASS GUITAR 2008 HH 4-string double hum-                          originals internationally. Recently returned from 6 months percussion
CHORUS PEDAL TC ELECTRONICS T.C. Electronics Chorus Pitch Modu-                  3-ply large black pickguard with two black P90 single coil soap bar pick-        bucker. Vintage sunburst colour. Near mint condition. Comes w/musicman              study in India. I have a beautiful Sleishman kit, great feel, tpt, and heaps
lator & Flanger pedal, excellent clean sounding chorus effects. Power            ups & nickle hardware in absolute mint condition. Hardcase with all case         hardcase $1800 0422 315 984                                   of experience. Dave Bell. 0403 977 394
straight to mains so no need to worry about batteries. VGC with box. $295        candy included. Very nice! $1599 0402 510 444                                    ORANGE ROCKERVERB 100 HEAD - NEW New in box, with all tags and pro-                 DRUMMER FOR GIGGING COVER BAND (ANY NIGHTS) I’m looking for 0416 166 064                                                GUITAR AMP Vox Pathfinder R.15w, clean & boost channels, reverb,                 tective wrap intact. Suit new buyer - grab a bargain. Apartment move forces         a cover band for gigs any night of the week around the sunshine coast
CUSTOM MATON EAJ85C-JUMBO ACOUSTIC/ELECTRIC Special features                     tremolo, EQ. Inputs for phones, ext spkr, line out. Vintage styling, manual,     sale. $2000 firm. No swaps. 0408 062 005                          area. Will travel if it’s worth it. Listen to a quick warmup demo on Face-
from their custom shop ie cutaway, lighter top, smaller bracing (more            retail $299 as new $150 firm 3341 0027                    P. Phonic powerpod 615 150 watt powered mixer w/2 speaker cabinets.                 book & click on “matty & eddie warm up” Cheers, Matt
sustain/ louder), smaller/thinner neck all up cost price is $4500, must          GUITAR ELECTRIC Paul Stanley (Kiss) designed, signed, COA, 2007 LTD              Good condition $490 ono 0415 789 368                         mattyraybell 0434 195 941
sell $2990-regretful sale serious buyers only-thx           Edit, 741 of 1344, new, Lyon by Washburn, Model LK60PPS, twin hum-               PA POWERED MIXER Ross PC110. 4 channel with EQ/reverb. 100 watt rms.                DRUMMER LOOKING FOR WORKING COVERS BAND Drummer/lead
stories/acoustics/EAJ85_large.jpg 3166           buckers. Blows Gibsons away $5700 3216 2628                                      CD input. Cube style. Great PA for small band/duo or jamming. Very good             vocalist 40 looking for working covers band. Live drumming demo w/my
8706/0427 103 582                                                                GUITAR GIBSON EPIPHONE SG New strings pots toggle input case,                    condition. $300 ono 0428 744 963                              covers band y-not here: Vocal/guitar demos
CYMBAL Sabian 18-inch B8 Thin Crash cymbal in perfect condition $150             $350 0424 812 460                                     PAUL STANLEY (KISS) APOCALYPSE SPECIAL Signature Electric guitar, a                 here: Be great to hear from you. Cheers,
0414 533 454                                                                     GUITAR MAGAZINES & BOOKS Computer music magazines, heaps of                      Paul Stanley Special. I bought this guitar in America. Not a single mark on it.     Antz
DANELECTRO DE-1 DAN-ECHO DELAY Fantastic delay options. Comes                    guitar books & magazines. Australian & overseas Guitar mags featuring            Like brand new only used a couple of times as I bought it as a collector item.      DRUMMER/COVER BANDS Drummer, pro gear, very experienced drum-
with setting booklet. $85 0439 672 074                     John Butler, Silverchair’s Daniel Johns, Tommy Emmanuel & many others.           Asking $1100. Way below cost 0450 545 004                       mer available for cover bands, I have good gear, including mics and reli-
DDRUM KIT WITH CASES $1100 Ddrum Dominion Series Ash shell drum                  contact for more titles 0416 166 064                        PEARL HIHAT STAND Pearl H-1000 Hi Hat stand. In Great Condition. Direct             able transport, been in the music industry for over 30 years, 60s, 70s rock,
kit great condition. Comes w/pearl hardware, Gator Cases for all drums &         HEADPHONES Beyerdynamic DT770 PRO, brand new, unopened. Pro-                     drive. Incredibly solid piece of hardware $180 0414 533 454                         blues and country rock 5428 1293
some sticks. There are some very small chips in the paint & no stool. Bass &     fessional headphones ideal for musicians/DJs (80 ohm version with extra          PEAVEY 5150 (ORIGINAL SERIES) HEAD AND QUAD Sought after original                   FUNK-ORIENTED DRUMMER AVAILABLE Experienced, dynamic drummer
snare custom size. Pink/red/black 0421 764 691          bass). 8m straight cable, gold-plated mini jack with adaptor. Sells for          series Peavey 5150 head and matching quad for sale. You know what this              able to do backing vox, nice gear, relaxed attitude. Looking for funk, groove,
DEARMOND GUITAR Les Paul Style with setin neck, mahogany body and                $400-plus - asking $300 ono. 0411 238 456                head can do. Just a beast. Some minor cosmetic wear to head. Regretful              dance, soul band. I have a day job so I do this for fun. Inf: Massive Attack, Blue
twin humbuckers. Made in Korea. Burguny Red. In good condition. Comes            IBANEZ 4X12 GUITAR CAB FOR SALE In really good condition. Great                  sale. Head $1750, Quad $600 or both for $2000. Will consider fair offers Leon.      Six, Portishead, Jamiroquai 0411 436 648
with a worn hardcase $360 0410 418 028                        overall sounding cab. $400 07 3311 4587        0408 072 979                                               MATURE DRUMMER/FRUSTRATED Tried of being given the run around.
DIDGEERIDOO Didgeeridoo totally authentic, not a “souvenir stick” made           IBANEZ 7620 1997 rg body with pick ups and trem. Broken headstock.               PEAVEY FOLDBACK AMP & WEDGES Peavey 300 Series 150 Watt Foldback                    Drummer, pro gear, very experienced drummer available for cover
& freshly painted (Serpent Dreaming) by Indigenous Men. Perfect con.             Good project guitar. $350 0415 656 361               amp with 9 band E.Q. & 2 Peavey 12” horn monitors/wedges. Clear & loud              bands, I have good gear, including mics and reliable transport, been in
$790 ONO 3216 2628                                       IBANEZ IBZ10 AMP, 10 WATTS, 6” SPEAKER Excellent amp, 10W power.                 enough have used in many Bris/GC venues $280                   the music industry for over 30 years, 60s, 70s rock, blues and country rock
DIGIDESIGN 96I/O PRO TOOLS HD INTERFACE Get real Pro Tools! Near                 Delivers a tone which can be adjusted with the 3-band EQ for fine-tuning         0416 166 064                                                               5428 1293
new condition, very clean & sounds great! $1250             your treble/mid/bass. Features a switchable boost, headphone output &            PEAVEY WINDSOR GUITAR AMP 100 watt. All tube head. HUGE hardcore                    PRO DRUMMER AVAILABLE Endorsed drummer available for session
0414 487 127                                                                     reverb $30 0432 881 809                                  tone. EL34 power valves. Has been professionally modified to 2 separate             work, studio work, covers, band or duo work. Pro gear, committed, reli-
DOUBLE BASS - ROCKABILLY $850 Giordano, white w/black finish.                    IBANEZ RG PRESTIGE IN NEW CONDITION RG prestige 2570z made in                    footswitchable channels. MINT CONDITION! Sell $650              able, transport
Comes with bow, pickup & softcase. Owned for 2 yrs but barely used. De-          Japan (in dark space finish) great condition w/hardcase, worth around            au 0428 744 963                                                                     PRO DRUMMER AVAILABLE Professional endorsed player available for
serves to be dusted off & played. I paid about $950 for it wilkins.lindsay@      2400 new, selling for 1200, only a few months old. Only selling because          PEAVEY XRD 680 PA Peavey XRD 680 PA - Powered Mixer 800W & built in                 session work, working covers band or duo, fill-in work. Committed, reli- 0406 514 308                                                           I’m moving overseas 0421 783 802                      FX. 8-channel easy to use portable mixing console with road case - comp             able, pro gear & transport
DOUBLE KICK PEDALS P-2002C PowerShifter double chain Eliminator                  IBANEZ RG7321 7 STRING FOR SALE in black mint condition 2 years old              with leads, 2 X 250 W 12 inch & horn, 2 X 400 W per side 15 inch and horn           PROFESSIONAL DRUMMER ANY Cowboys out there in need of a very
Double Kick pedals. Beautiful smooth action. Red cams only $300 0414             $400 ono 0421 507 155                                    FOH and stands. VGC $1200 Don 0402 027 588                 experienced mature-aged country/country-rock/ Blues drummer? Prefer a
533 454                                                                          KUSTOM 100W HALF STACK Fantastic-sounding half stack Amp in as-                  PICK ONE OR BUNDLE YAMAHA Gr8Power-Rock Guitar. $500. Boss ZOOM                     band that’s working, can travel. Please no part time amateurs or pranksters
DREAMING OF CYMBALS AND DRUMS $255 for a cast, hand-hammered                     new condition. Only used a handful of times at home & has never been             1010. $150. BOSS PW-10 COSM Wah Pedal. $300. M-AUDIO Fast Track. $250.              -Professionals only. 0416 479 980
20” Ride cymbal that sounds like a K? A 16” crash for $160? If you are not       gigged. Quad box with 4 celestial speakers & 100w head. Feel free to give        EDIROL MA-15D: Digital Stereo Micro Monitors. $250. Contact or email for            PROFESSIONAL DRUMMER Very exp drummer,30 yrs. looking 4 work-
“Dreaming” already, go to Dream Cymbals, Metro              me a call for more info or to come & test drive, $550 kt_mix@internode.          pictures or comments 0421 331 514                             ing band w reg gigs. Pref covers. All styles exc jazz. Lge repoitre. 50’s/90’s.
Drums plus more. Hear it, believe it. bryn@cymbal-  0409 297 970                                                              PRACTICE DRUMKIT Quiet practice. Incl 1 large snare pad on single stand,            Have excellent gear & rel trans. Able 2 rehearse. Percussion as well. Gotta 0406 531 577                                                           LEEM WAM290 MICRO MIXER 4 CHANNEL WAM290: LEEM 4-chan-                           soft kickpad & 2 pads on double braced stand with double tom pad mount,             b fun. Graham. 0415 406 052
DRUM KIT MAPEX Orion series 6 piece all mapel 8” 10” 12” 14” 16” toms            nel lightweight Micro Mixer with volume controls on each channel and             plus 2 extra pads on stands. In good sturdy condition $160 0414 533 454             PROGRESSIVE ROCK/EXPERIMENTAL DRUMMER 26y/o drummer
14x4 1/2” snare 22x18 kick all hardware included. This kit is brand new, has     master volume on the output $50 ono 0432                 QUALITY GEAR FOR QUICK SALE All items are in excellent condition. Fend-             seeking complete band (prefer 3-piece). Trained by the drummers from
never been played. Cost $7,995 sell for $3,800.         881 809                                                                          er Deville $950, Radial Tonebone Plexitube $350, Tech 21 Boost RVB (Reverb)         DLC & Cog. High quality gear, own transport, massive kit, massive sound.
0418 986 939                                                                     LEFT-HAND ACOUSTIC For sale left hand Maton EM 225 Perfect condi-                $250, TC Electronics Nova Delay $300, Carl Martin Plexitone $350, Line 6 DL4        Professional yet relaxed. No covers, no timewasters please, would like to
DRUM KIT Tama Starclassic 5-piece Birch, 10”12”14” toms. 4 1/2 x 14”             tion unmarked. Electrics not working $550 ono 0419              $275, Boss GT6 $275, Ibanez JS100 $300                         gig asap 0407 796 269
snare, 22”/18 bass drum Plus 16” pearl maple floor tom. No cymbals. Great-       689 136                                                                          RANDALL G3 RH150 PLUS Randall G3 RH150 plus head & 320 watt cab.                    YOUNG DRUMMER LOOKING FOR ESTABLISHED BAND Hey my name
sounding kit. Full rack mounted. Drums in good condition. $2,600 hoffse-         LEFT-HAND GUITARS FOR SALE 6-string Takamine Acoustic $300.                      Celestion speakers. Never gigged. 6 months old. hasn’t been played for the          is Scott & I’m 20. Looking for an established band. Inf are alternative 0418 986 939                                                  6-string Jackson Kelly (made in Japan) with hardcase $800. 7-string              last 2 months. $800 ono. Gold Coast 0431 999 082/5665            rock/punk. Been playing for 4 years & this is my passion! Please contact
DRUM KIT: YAMAHA MAPLE CUSTOM Professional drum kit in great                     Schecter Hellraiser FR Brand New $1200. 8-string Agile Intrepid Pro with         6463                                                                       0451 667 085
condition. 20x16, 10x9, 12x10, 14x12, 14x4 snare. Yamaha double-                 hardcase $1200. 8-string Agile Intrepid Standard with hardcase $1100             RIVERA 4X12 SLANT CAB W/ RIVERA SLIP COVER Rivera 4x12 Speaker
braced hardware. Tuxedo bags for all drums except HARDCASE (brand)               0410 576 257                                                                     cabinet loaded with Celestion G12T-55 Speakers. Has Diamond Mesh Grille             GUITARIST AVAILABLE
case for bass drum. $4350 (new price $8500)                LINE 6 AMP SALE! Line 6 Vetta head $1200. Line 6 Spider II 2x10” speaker         & a fitted Rivera Slip cover. Great sounding cab that looking to go to a great      18 YEAR OLD ELECTRIC LEAD GUITARIST Looking for a band, many
0403 980 258                                                                     combo $400. Line 6 Shortboard $200 0410 576 257                                  home where it will be appreciated. Urgent Sale $1000 ONO Contact Paul               influences. Mainly into 60s (CCR, Iron Butterfly, Iggy & the Stooges) 70s
EGYPTIAN DOUMBEK DRUM Black Drum, Comes with Bonus Spare Skin                    LINE 6 HD100 VALVE AMP 100w Bogner designed valve head Line 6           0423 662 897                                             (Aerosmith, Boston, Alice Cooper) & 80s (David Lee Roth, Dokken, RATT)
and Black Carry Case. Great for Beginners to Semi-Pros. Will Consider Swap       slant cab & FBV foot controller. 12 months old. Worth over $2500 new,            ROAD CASE - KEYBOARD Road case for sale, suit keyboard or similar.                  & also enjoy of Duran Duran, The Stone Roses & the Libertines roz_lun-
for any items of use. 0421 690 000                            selling for $1250 neg.                                          Good condition $150                        0437 815 456

SEPTEmBER 21 2010                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            GEaRED muSIcIaN'S GuIDE /// 33
  robben ford MASTerCLASS
                                                                                                                                                    noT To
                                                                                                                                                   be MISSed                                                                                                      95 MUSGRAVE RD, RED HILL
  WED 29TH SEPT - 7.00PM - 9.30PM @ QUT KELVIN GROVE CAMPUS                                                                                                                                                                                                         (07) 3367 3558
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  OPEN 7 DAYS
  COST $79+BF & STUDENT $59+BF - TICKETS ON SALE NOW                                                                                                                                                                                                               GUITAR BROTHERS CONSTANTLY LOOKING
  @ WWW.OZTIx.COM.AU & OZTIx RETAIL OUTLETS                                                                                                                                                                                                                         FOR PERFECTION IN TONE AND QUALITY.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     LET US HELP YOU INTO SOME QUALITY
  FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT WWW.GUITARBROTHERS.COM.AU                                                                                                                                                                                                                       EQUIPMENT TODAY.


                                                                                   BALLSY BASS PLAYER NEEDED We are planning an 80s rock show! &               BOOM...BOOM BOOM...CHI! We’re seeking someone with spirit to                       BAND NEEDS SINGER/GUITARIST We are looking for a singer/gui-
MUSICIANS AVAILABLE                                            CONTINUED           need a badass bassist to lock-in w/a Steven Adler. All the best 80s rock    complete their rhythm section. Technical brilliance is not a necessity but         tarist (male or female) around 22ish. we play primarily rock music.
                                                                                   covers. Interested? 0434 373 602                  creativity & a solid commitment to the beat philosophy is. Call Tad or Dan         Inf: Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Queen, Offspring, Metallica,
GUITARIST AVAILABLE                                                                BAND SEEKS BASS PLAYER Newly formed young band with 6-track EP     0423 599 620/0431 552 010                           ACDC. Looking to gig & write own stuff call email or sms if keen hy-
A1 GUITARIST AVAILABLE Lead/rhythm guitarist available for paid gigs.              ready for release w/30 other originals on the go, seeks bass player 18-     CHRISTIAN METAL DRUMMER Wanted Christian metal drummer to join            0430 153 211
Most styles. Pro gear and transport. Call Pat.          30. Contact Matt mattyrpowell@hotmail.              metal band. Must be able to do doublekick drums. Must have own trans-              CHRISTIAN RHYTHM GUITARIST WANTED for near established 0400 633 136                                                com 0434392809 or 33590017                                                  port & kit 0402 207 610                                     originals some covs band. Exp R/Guitarist, God 1st, team player. Our
GUITARIST AVAILABLE 20yo guitarist, 8 years experience. Very capable               BASS Chasing a solid bass player for new fun, energetic rock/pop            DRUMMER FOR DISTAUDIO Electro post-punk artist requires live drum-                 Influences, Traffic, A.W.B, Billy Preston, Eli, etc. Our style is ballads to
player, especially live. Own equipment & transport, creative & dedicated.          project. Emphasis on hi-energy live shows. Gear, transport, commit-         mer to bring their flavour & aggressive interpretation to already writen ma-       Jazz etc. Play Christian & secular Vens pay or no pay. davidrandolph@
Some of my influences include: Zeppelin, Queen, Jeff Buckley, Mars Volta,          ment essential. Contact for more info, demos available robw2583@            terial. Lookin to tour OS. Professionalism, equipment & stage presence req. 0403752475 or 07 32932114
G’N’R, Hendrix, Muse, Pearl Jam - you get the idea. 0405 700 030          0432 849 382                                                    Ego is not. Album due soon. Call or email          DUO WANTED FOR COVERS BAND Rhythm section (bass & drums)
GUITARIST AVAILABLE 21 year old looking to start relaxing alternative              BASS PLAYER Wanted for 11-person covers/originals pop act with six-         html 0404 563 660                                          searching for established duo to form covers band. Looking to perform
rock band. Looking for same ages. Inf: Silversun Pickups, Radiohead, Arctic        ties influences. Immediate work for right person. Vocals great but not      DRUMMER NEEDED Hey, we’re a new originals band looking for a drum-                 popular & classic pop/rock covers at weddings, parties, functions etc.
Monkeys etc. Also into psych rock, Radio Moscow etc. bradleybain@hotmail.          essential. 3352 6937                               mer. Influences are a day to remember, senses fail, jimmy eat world, the  0421 651 901
com                                                                                BASS PLAYER WANTED for original roots rock band. Alt.blues to alt.          amity affliction etc.. Fun, awesome people please give us a call nikki.hunt@       EXP GUITARIST WNTD to join exp female vocalist & drummer for work
GUITARIST AVAILABLE Been playing for a year but have had lessons. Can              country - many different feels. Any age. 0407 155 556                                                           in pubs, club etc playing country/country rock/blues. Northside based.
play rhythm and bit of lead. Mainly interested in experimental rock music.         BASS PLAYER WANTED FOR ORIGINALS BAND Bass player (w/b-vox                  DRUMMER WANTED A competent drummer for 3-piece country rock/                       Call or email Shazz 0411 377 556
Infl incl Bowie, Nick Cave, Radiohead, QOTSA, Snowman, among many oth-             bonus) wanted for originals band. Folk rock, blues & roots influences.      blues band. Call Dave 0424 997 829                              FEMALE GUITARIST WANTED I’m a guy but looking to play music w/a
ers. Contact Andrew. 0413 264 573                              Rehearse weekly (preferably available Wed night). Play quality over         DRUMMER WANTED Doesn’t need to be a superstar, just needs to serve                 girl for something different. I sing and play guitar. Tons of originals
GUITARIST NEEDS A GODDAMN BAND! 15 years old, been playing for only                quantity venues. Songs written. WE JUST NEED YOU!          the songs. Age 18-30. Soft rock originals inf City and Colour, Jimmy Eat           recorded. Mainly punk music but there’s exceptions. Inf. Green Day,
two years and I’m fairly persistent with my playing. I need other people my        riehenschell                                    World, the Shins. Call or email for demos 0415 927             Blink-182, Offspring, Nirvana, Anti Flag, Rancid. 15-18 yrs myspace.
age to jam with. Inf: Marilyn Manson, KISS, Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath,          BASS PLAYER WANTED FOR POP-PUNK BAND Bass player wanted                     712                                                                                com/sumofus94
Slayer, Pantera, NIN                                          to complete 4-piece lineup for Brisbane-based pop-punk band. Own            DRUMMER WANTED Drummer wanted to start something new. Sound                        FEMALE GUITARIST WANTED to complete the lineup for all girl AC/
HEAVY ROCK 21 year old guitarist wanting to start or join heavy rock/              gear & transport essential. Backup vocals are a bonus but not required.     is heavy rock/alternative, inf: Joy Division, NIN, Alice In Chains, Queens Of      DC tribute show. All levels considered. 0417
grunge-like band. Inf: old heavy riff Pumpkins, Silversun Pickups, In Utero,       See website for music. Call Matt            The Stone Age, Placebo etc.                    631 807
the Vines, Black Sabbath, Queens. Looking for same ages. Thank you mr_    0419 655 477                                           DRUMMER WANTED FOR MELODIC HARDCORE BAND Drummer want-                             GUITAR SLINGER Guitar slinger wanted for new casual project. Look-                                                              BASS PLAYER WANTED Guitarist & drummer looking for a tight, crea-           ed to start a melodic hardcore band eg the Ghost Inside, Counterparts, For         ing to write & record for fun, not too bothered about gigs at this stage
KEEN TO PLAY I play guitar w/all my own professional stuff. I play anything        tive bass player, who can really play. Looking to write/gig record as       The Fallen Dreams. Keen to start jamming asap               as GC venues suck. Audioslave, Foos style. No egos please d7kop@
from Bon Jovi to Powderfinger just really keen to get out there & play music       soon as we can. Into rock/alternative/anything that sounds good. Hit        DRUMMER WANTED FOR OLD SCHOOL PROG BAND 2 guitarists, 1                  
if you are looking for some one that will put in. Give me a ms or call thanks      us up for a jam. Johnny 0402 692 928                keyboardist, all young, looking to play w/other musicians, collaborate on          GUITARIST NEEDED with some lead ability. Soft rock originals project
Adam 0431 276 412                                         BASS PLAYER WANTED Hey, we’re a new originals band looking for a            originals & start gigging. I have basic recordings to send you. If you can         pref age 18-30. Inf City and Colour, Jimmy Eat World, The Shins. Call or
LEAD/RHYTHM GUITARIST available for covers band or similar. Very expe-             bass player. Inf: A Day To Remember, Senses Fail, Jimmy Eat World, The      sing as well that’s great because we can’t                  email for demos 0415 927 712
rienced (live, studio) in many styles, reliable, easygoing, quick learner. Good    Amity Affliction etc. Fun, awesome people please give us a call nikki.      DRUMMER WANTED for rootsy band, various influences. Age open, expe-                GUITARIST WANTED Christian rock band seeking dedicated guitarist
gear,trans. Very large rep. Vox. Over 30s thx                                       rienced capable player.                                     (18-30) to complete line up. Industry contacts. Inf: Saosin, Funeral For A
LEAD/RHYTHM GUITARIST available, very exp, able to play many styles.               BASS PLAYER WANTED I’m a guitar/voc (26) starting original band,            DRUMMER WANTED FOR SERIOUS POP/ROCK BAND! Dirtywings need                          Friend, Paramore
Large rep. Able to learn songs quickly. Professional, reliable back vox, over      some of my influences are Muse, Silverchair, Placebo, Deftones, Green       a drummer! (previous applicants needn’t apply). Must b able 2 play 2 click         GUITARIST WANTED Prog/rock/metal band Feed seek a guitarist. In-
30 0412 773 758                                            Day. I have some songs ready to work on          track. Around our ages (20s-30s @ latest) with a decent look. We R seri-           fluences, Isis, Mogwai, Floater, Clutch, A Perfect Circle, and more. EP
LOOKING TO START DUO/BAND, JAM! 33 y/o guitarist wanting to start fun              0451 963 202                                                                ous about music & will need u 4 gigs, videos & recording. Pls call or email        recorded. Are you a committed musician willing to learn current tracks
covers! Into U2, Crowded House, CCR, Powderfinger, the Beatles, Cold Chisel,       BASS PLAYER WANTED We’re looking for a bassist to join our rock/pop         Bec 0431                   and contribute to writing. Ph. Mike for audition mp3s www.myspace.
Jet etc. Ask for Pete 0457 720 092                            originals band (Brisbane innercity/north). We’re all about fun music        461 769                                                                            com/thebandfeed 0415 680 023
RHYTHM GUITARIST SEEKS ROCK BAND I am a mature rhythm guitarist/                   that people will enjoy if you’ve got the ability please contact us mad-     DRUMMER WANTED I’m a guitar/voc (26) starting original band, some of               GUITARIST/SINGER WANTED I’m looking to form a Beatles tribute
backing vocalist looking to join a classic rock covers band. Have pro gear 0416 358 180                                              my influences are Muse, Silverchair, Placebo, Deftones, Green Day. I have          band, I do Paul McCartney, I’m looking for a John & George, I’m mid
& transport. Have past gigging experience. Located Brisbane northside              BASS PLAYER WITH HIGH VOCALS Wanted for award winning, local,               some songs ready to work on 0451 963 202                50s. If you feel you can sing & play like John or George (or even Ringo) 0403 839 645                                                     high-profile vocal band. Experience not necessary. Talent is. darren_j_     DRUMMER WANTED Professional, reliable, backup vocals, transport,                   please get in touch. Kevin 0413 745 781
RHYTHM GUITARIST TO JAM & PLAY METAL Looking to start a metal band        3352 6937                                                   good timing & equipment motivated w/a desire to achieve set goals. Style           HARD ROCK GUITARIST WANTED Founding members of Brisbane
along the sounds of Metallica, Megadeth I’m 26 & a rhythm guitarist/bud-           BASS/GUITARIST WANTED Hey, looking for a bassist/guitarist (vocals          is originals, pop/punk/rock, band is playing live, have material recorded          band The LadyKillers looking to establish a new direction, hard rock
ding vocalist. Determined & wanting to succeed. Inf. Avenged Sevenfold,            an added bonus) to form band with 2 guitarists so far. Punk/metal mix,      & moving towards release & national gigs                sound, name & future. Go to the website for all the details! theladykill-
Metallica, Bullet For My Valentine etc.                       Iron maiden-influenced big time. have some originals, keen to get the       0425 480 290                                                             
RUPEN 27 yo Brisbane guitarist available for band and/or studio work.              ball rolling. Age 22-30. Cheers                     DRUMMER WANTED We play 70s & 80s rock, rock n roll & rock n Chicago                I NEED A PUNK GUITARIST! I write lyrics. I can’t play an instrument & I
Contact me through MySpace Greatdzer@                    BASSIST NEEDED FOR ORIGINAL BAND Looking for a dedicated &                  blues. Brisbane-based band - practice at Eagle Farm duck-pond@bigpond.             can’t sing but I’m great with words. Want to write songs with me? Me- 0421 33 1514                                                           talented young bassist. Have rehearsal space to tighten up & gig by         com 0408 980 103                                                                   lodic punk influences Buzzcocks especially. Interested? Contact Alison
                                                                                   December. MUST HAVE INITIATIVE & BE COMMITED & willing to travel.           DRUMMER WITH VOCALS Wanted for successful local band. Preferably         
KEYBOARD PLAYER AVAILABLE                                                          Sounds like ATDI, Kings Of Leon, Sonic Youth, Drones, Sigur Ros etc.        male under 30. Must have commitment. No rock gods please. darren_j_                INTERMEDIATE GUITARIST Can you play old favourites 60s, 70s, 80s
NEED KEYS? Keyboardist looking to join originals band. Inf. range any-             Contact Joel 0423 842 742         0407 644 350                                                       but have very little experience in a band or in front of an audience.
where from indie to melodic hardcore. 21, have own gear & transport bec_           BASSIST NEEDED for soft rock originals project. Age 18-30. Inf City         DRUMMER, RELIABLE, TALENTED 1st EP is currently getting mastered &                 Contact us. Brisbane South 0406 974 629                                                   and Colour, Jimmy Eat World, the Shins. Call or email for demos tcmu-       2nd is being written. Are you a talented drummer with a good attitude?             LEAD GUITARIST HARD ROCK/BLUES ROCK Specialist lead guitarist
                                                                          0415 927 712                                                If so & you’re interested in a music career, check out           needed for original hard rock band. Inf: AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, GnR,
OTHER MUSICIANS AVAILABLE                                                          BASSIST WANTED ALT/ROCK Brisbane band The Ninjas are currently              jevoRoseMusic & shoot us an email. We’ll rehearse for live shows ASAP!             RHCP. Have quality songs, management, production deal, gigs in
CONGA PLAYER AVAILABLE. Great for DJs, bands, session work. Has variety            seeking a bassist to join in November. 18-24yo only. Must have trans-                                                        pipeline. No attitudes
of percussion instruments including congas, bongos, djembes etc. Profes-           portation, good gear, learn quick & be switched on musically. The           DRUMMER/PERCUSSIONIST WANTED We are an original acoustic folk/                     LEAD GUITARIST WANTED by Central Coast band “The No Such
sional, reliable, reads music. Can sing backing vocals. Call Tom. tomsch-          Hives, Strokes, Libertines etc. theninjas@       indie/roots duo called Elbury. We are looking to expand our sound by               Things” infl: 60s power pop/garage/psych e.g. Standells, early Who, 0414 733 819                                            0420 541 025                                                    adding drums/percussion. Please visit our MySpace to hear tracks, then             Nuggets, Pebbles, Love, Kinks etc. Gigs waiting when ready. Phone
FEMALE R/B/SOUL VOCALIST AVAILABLE Female semi-pro R/B soul singer                 BASSIST WANTED Bass guitarist wanted for rock covers power trio.            Ph Edward or email if Elbury is for you. elbury-           Rob 0423 014 819 or Paul 0408 429 280.
available for trio/duo or other. Also very interested in recording & or Jingles    It’s a startup so rehearsal will be required. You’ll be working w/expe- 0411 496 792                                                       LEAD GUITARIST WANTED New Intermediate band of 40-something
Seeking pros only. I’ve had a wealth of experience 3299        rienced pros & there’s always work waiting for a hot act. Call Ben ben.     DYNAMIC DRUMMER New alt rock/pop/punk band seeks dedicated, pas-                   drums, bass, rhythm/vox. Looking for lead guitarist who can repro-
5571/0421 002 108                                                         0412 115 570                                              sionate, solid drummer. You love to hit hard but know when to shut up. You         duce covers but also interested in producing own licks & riffs theguy-
ITALIAN MUSICIANS FOR HIRE Trio for hire: classical guitar, percussion,            BASSIST WANTED FOR PROGRESSIVE ROCK BAND We are looking                     like bands such as Gyroscope, TGP, Mayday Parade, RJA. Plenty of material,
male & female vocals. Contemporary Italian as well as traditional Neapolitan       for a dedicated bassist w/own gear & transport for an originals act,        won’t disappoint 0432 849 382                                 LEAD GUITARIST WITH VOCALS Wanted for popular local band
stuff                                                           creativity would be a bonus, as would vocal ability. We would like to       EXP. ROCK DRUMMER WANTED Pro drummer wanted for 3-piece origi-                     with pop sensibilities. Many gigs, good money. Covers and originals.
PROFESSIONAL CORPORATE BAND AVAILABLE Everything from designer                     get back to gigging asap so we eagerly await your response myspace.         nals rock band. Just finished an album produced by member of Radio                 Ideally male, ambitious, presentable & professional, great player.
background music to jazz to pop covers on request. Specialising in reading         com/truedepths 0405 359 739                       Birdman. Mixed at Alberts. Just have to consider yourself a good drummer, 0407 644 350
your crowd and creating the perfect vibe. Resume includes gigs at Parlia-          BASSIST WANTED We are an original acoustic folk/indie/roots duo             need to have time for practise & gigs. Leave ego at home Call ASAP jeffix@         METAL GUITARIST WANTED We’re a very & serious band. If you have
ment House for the Premier. All band members hold Bmus. inventionsmu-              called Elbury. We are looking to expand our sound by adding bass.  07 3411 3012/0416 783 270                                              the skills, equipment, car & a job then have a listen. We prac 2 a week 0403 977 394                                                         Please visit our MySpace to hear tracks, then Ph Mike or email if El-       EXPERIENCED METAL DRUMMER WANTED Looking for an experienced                        and have signed w/management EP due for release very soon. We do
VOICE OVER ARTISTE Voice-over artiste available. Irish, British, American,         bury is for you               drummer for death metal band. Preferably have good gear & fast hands/              not f@#k around. Search Never Plead Guilty on fbook
European accents for recorded or live performances. Will work pro bono.            0415 680 023                                                                feet. Main inf. include Whitechapel, The Acacia Strain, Behemoth, Despised         npgneverpleadguilty 0439 340 308
Ralph. 0402 557 122                                          BASSIST, RELIABLE, TALENTED 1st EP is currently getting mastered            Icon, Ion Dissonan, Hate Eternal etc. 0450 901 189                NEED GUITARIST FOR HARDCORE/METALCORE BAND Needed to
                                                                                   & 2nd is being written. We’re seeking a bassist w/talent & great stage      FAST & HARD-HITTING DRUMMER WANTED Searching for someone                           complete lineup, have songs written. Must have transport & must be
SINGER AVAILABLE                                                                   presence. Backup vox a bonus. We’ll jump straight into rehearsals for       who can beat the skins fast & hard for some grindy thrashy hardcore. Inf:          able to practice Sunday afternoons. Ages 15-19 years. Inf: Architects, In
AWESOME FEM/VOX SEEKS EST BAND/MUSICIAN Exp fem vox wanting                        our live show once we find the right person! Thanks            INFEST, Spazz, Napalm Death, Repulsion, Siege, Neanderthal, Extortion,             Flames (their metalcore stuff ) 0435 447 832
to join est band/musician w/view to live gigs reg basis. Prefer classic pub        SarajevoRoseMusic                               Iron Lung etc. Txt or call if keen, ready to record debut 7” boganthrash@          POP PUNK GUITARIST/SINGER WANTED We are looking for a new
rock but willing to explore all avenues. Good looks, great voice, mid 30s. Seri-   BLUES-ROCK BASS PLAYER WANTED 16 y/o guitarist & drummer           0408 641 231                                                             guitarist for our band Hey! Lights Out. Main inf include the likes of
ous about my music                                      seeking bass player for original band in Ipswich area. Inf: Jack White,     FEMALE DRUMMER WANTED I’m a guy but looking to play music w/a girl                 Blink-182, Greenday, Good Charlotte etc. Prefer guitarist to have vocal
BAND WANTED! Lead vocalist/songwriter/frontman looking 2 work with                 Led Zeppelin, etc. Contact Tyler             for different experience. I play guitar & sing. Tons of originals recorded. Inf.   ability but not a necessity. Age 18-25. Gigging experience essential ri-
other musos (drums, guitar, bass, synth, DJ) 2 form a exp dance/rock band. 0458 317 025                              Green Day, Nirvana, Anti Flag, Rancid, Offspring. Mainly punk music but  
Think prodigy, Pendulum, Potbelleez, Dead Letter Circus. Am 21/10 years            FEMALE BASS PLAYER WANTED I’m actually a guy but looking to                 there’s exceptions                 POP-PUNK GUITARIST NEEDED Pop-punk band seeking another
exp. performing live. Contact Matt 4 demos                 play music w/a girl for different experience. Must be motivated to          GOT DRUMS? Putting a band together. Inf: Spacemen 3, Rolling Stones,               guitarist. Inf: Hit The lights, Fireworks, the Wonder Years, Fight Fair.
0422 368 128                                                                       play music. Tons of originals already recorded. Punk rock mainly Inf.       Brian Jonestown Massacre, etc. Must have own transport & gear colonel_             Positive attitude a must. 18plus preferred. Serious enquiries only. Re-
CHRISTIAN ROCK SINGER/GUITARIST CHRISTIAN ROCKER (NOT worship).                    Green Day, Anti Flag, Rancid, Nirvana, Blink-182, Offspring. Age 15-18                                                              hearse 10mins from Bris CBD
80s infl. Would drop the guitar if it’s not required. Cover band experience                             HARDCORE DRUMMER NEEDED Looking for a hardcore drummer, must                       0413 811 648
also. 40 year old but still fit & willing to sweat blood. Long term myspace.       GOT BASS? Putting a band together. Inf: Spacemen 3, Rolling Stones,         have good gear/transport. Have guitar & bass/vocals. Songs written, ready          POST-HARDCORE BAND SEEKS GUITARIST! Post-hardcore/rock
com/darrengrantrocks 0413 573 291                           Brian Jonestown Massacre, etc. Backing vocals are good but not essen-       to go. Inf: Terror, First blood, Earth crisis, Madball, Agnostic front. Cheers     band seeking guitarist who is committed & able to write. Inf: Of Ma-
CHRISTIAN ROCKER (SINGER OR SINGER/GUITARIST) CHRISTIAN ROCKER                     tial. Must have own transport & gear 0414 915 465                                              chines, Oceana, Underoath, We Came As Romans etc. Must be able to
(NOT worship). 80s infl. Would drop the guitar if it’s not required. Cover band    GRUNGE Bassist wanted to jam w/established grunge rock band, in-            HEAVY METAL DRUMMER WANTED Heavy metal band seeks talented,                        jam twice a week
experience also. 40 year old but still fit & willing to sweat blood. Long term     fluenced by Nirvana, Foos & the Seattle sound in general. Contact Jim       experienced drummer aged 20-25. Inf: Metallica, Judas Priest, Black Sab-           PUNK ROCK Hey need a FEMALE guitarist. All girl punk band Harming 0413 573 291          0424 068 979                                          bath etc. Brisbane area only. Demo tracks are at            Monica. Rhythm. Fast. If you can sing that’d be awesome. If not, you
                                                                                   LOOKING FOR BASSIST Originals band looking for permanent bass-              metal                                                       can just rock out.
EXPERIENCED DEATH METAL VOCALIST Seeking band, influences in-
                                                                                   ist. Please visit website for relevant details fallingou-    IN NEED OF DRUMMER Seeking drummer to join guitarist & bassist for                 RHYTHM GUITARIST NEEDED FOR PUNK BAND Looking for a
clude Deicide, Cannibal Corpse, Gorefest etc. petermcintyre1@hotmail.
                                                                                                                      mathrock-influenced hardcore band. Think Norma Jean, perhaps Dillinger             rhythm guitarist for a punk band, needs to be good with chords &
com 0419 821 863
                                                                                   METAL BASSIST WANTED We are looking for an enthusiastic bass                & Drop Dead Gorgeous. Already have a deal of original material, needs              some lead parts. Need someone serious, inf: Strung Out, Nofx, Pen-
FEMALE SINGER- ROCK I’m 21 & at uni, want to play shows & in time
                                                                                   player for our band. We sound along the lines of The Agony Scene, As        collaboration though. Give me a bell if keen 0448               nywise, A Wilhelm Scream, Prapagandhi
record. I have a few songs but would be keen to write w/others too. Inf:
                                                                                   I Lay Dying, Parkway Drive. Inf: Slipknot, Avenged Sevenfold, Devil-        913 070                                                                            0425 011 729
the Dead Weather, Jack White, The Kills, Nirvana. This is the kind of sound
                                                                                   Driver Enemyofthecrown@hotmail.                 INDIE/ALT ROCK DRUMMER I’m after a drummer (duh) male or female                    ROCK/POP GUITARIST WANTED I am a rock/pop singer songwriter,
I want, keen to keep it simple gard.tess@
                                                                                   com 0401 420 405                                                            25 & under. Inf: Pavement, Flaming Lips, White Stripes, old Modest Mouse.          looking to collaborate w/a guitarist w/the intention of forming a 0434 247 032                                                             METAL/ROCK BASSIST Looking for a dirty grunge bassist. Ready to gig         Listen to us on Unearthed & contact me Ya mean!              band. Have over 50 songs & looking to gig ASAP. Dedication, passion
FEMALE SOUL REGGAE SINGER AVAILABLE Female soul reggae, hip                        & record                them-humm                                                    & image are important qualities. Have rehearsal space
hop singer/songwriter young but keen with heaps of soul vloitile_chik@             MULTI INSTRUMENTALIST NEEDED Are you inventive? Dedicated?                  LIKE PUNK? We’re a female fronted pop-punk/post-hardcore outfit                    kobstarlee 0423 051 475                                                           {KENNIGO} are after their final member - we have shows. We have             looking for a serious drummer w/own gear/transport & an appreciation               SOLID RHY GUITARIST FOR EXP ORIGINALS BAND We are looking
OCEANA-STYLE BAND WANTED Singer/guitarist seeking band to jam                      recorded. Bass/samples/vox needed. Other instruments a plus. 20-27          for Four Year Strong, Set Your Goals, Paramore, Man Overboard, The Red             for a solid rhyth guitarist in originals rock style band. Good music gear
with on weekends & potentially go somewhere w/it. Ages 16-18. Looking              no timewasters 0431 313 817                    Jumpsuit Apparatus etc.                                     would be good & that loves to go nuts on stage. We are professional
to take the direction Oceana did on their EP Clean Head cammeronn@                 NEED BASS PLAYER FOR OLD SCHOOL PROG BAND 2 guitarists, 1                   METALCORE PUNK DRUMMER WANTED Hey we are looking for a                             about the way we go about our band. Unreliable druggies need not                                                                      keyboardist, all young, looking to play w/other musicians, collaborate      metalcore/punk drummer. We have songs ready for drums & looking                    apply
VOCALIST FOR TECH/DEATH BAND Want to do something Tech/death/                      on originals & start gigging. I have basic recordings to send you. If       to play gigs. Have a listen to us at & see             TEEN MALE GUITARIST Looking for serious teen guitarist for original
djent with some prog. Think Veil Of Maya, Within The Ruins & BTBAM rolled          you can sing as well that’s great because we can’t jack.r.dylan@gmail.      what ya think. Anyone welcome. Thanks shadowoffeeling@hotmail.                     band. Tons of originals already recorded. Punk songs but also pop rock
into 1. My vocal influences are E Butcher, J Leach. I’m committed & eager to       com                                                                         com 0439 747 590                                                                   etc. Inf Green Day, Anti Flag, Rancid, Blink-182, Paramore. 15-18yrs.
get going                                                   NEW BAND NEEDS BASSIST New alternative band seeks new bassist               MUSOS NEEDED New band needs drummer and singer to add to lineup.                   Check us out
VOCALIST/GUITARIST LOOKING FOR DUO/BAND 30 yr old vocalist guitar-                 to complete lineup. Currently writing material. Inf: Kashmir, Bluebot-      Inspired by Metallica, Pantera, Slipknot etc. Aged 16-20 preferably, but           TEENAGE GUITARIST (14 TO 20 YEARS OLD) Need creative guitar-
ist looking for cover duo/band to start gigging asap. Have transport and all       tle Kiss, Pink Floyd. Call Sam for more details fender_133@hotmail.         open to anyone 0408 764 792                                  ist doing original music. We have all the equipment necessary for a
my own gear                                              com 0430 388 286                                                            NEED A RHYTHM SECTION... for experimental rock act, infl are diverse.              band, just need the members. Enjoy alt rock & heavy rock. We play
                                                                                   PROGRESSIVE MELODIC BASSIST NEEDED OFF-TIME bassist needed                  Prefer 20’s. No exp neccessary, just as long as you can play. Contact An-          as a hobby, but plan on recording & doing gigs in the near future.
MUSICIANS WANTED                                                                   for prog/melodic/rock band, must be experienced in time signatures,         drew. 0413 264 573                                             Contact Daniel 0450 545 004
                                                                                   must be able to contribute in the writing process, want to create a         POST-HARDCORE BAND SEEKS DRUMMER No Mercy Marg is in search
                                                                                   different sound, no timewasters, 18-32 yrs of age call for audition.        of a drummer. Must be professional, reliable, have transport, good equip-          KEYBOARD PLAYER WANTED
                                                                                   Inf: Tool/Deftones drummersince05@hotmail.             ment & be Christian. Pref 17-20 years old                   BAND SEEKS KEYBOARDIST Newly formed young band with 6-track
                                                                                   com 0414 590 946/0422 295 451                                                                                                 EP ready for release w/another 30 originals on the go, seeks key-
                                                                                   REALLY NEED SOMEONE VERSATILE for experimental rock act, infl               PROG-BLACKMETAL DRUMMER WANTED Established local metal band                        boardist 18-30 contact Matt mattyrpow-
                                                                                   are diverse, prefer 20’s. No exp necessary, just as long as you can play.   w/strong prog & folk influences similar to Opeth, Ensiferum, Anathema,    0434 392 809/3359 0017
                                                                                   Contact Andrew. 0413 264 573                            etc. Need decent gear, transport, motivation & be over 20. Also need to be         CHRISTIAN KEYBOARDIST WANTED OVER 30 M/f keyboardist B/
                                                                                   SINGER, DRUMER, BASS AND GUITARIST WANTED I’m a lead gui-                   very proficient w/fast double bass & blastbeats. Rehearse 1/week myspace.          Vs? asap for Christian originals band. Christ-centred d.t.e. Jazz rock to
                                                                                   tarist, I play metal, Megadeth, Escape The Fate but I wanna singer          com/prosofwar                                            Ballads. Filmier in Hammond, Wurlitzer, Rodes, sympath etc, effects,
                                                                                   like Blink-182 & a pretty decent drummer & bass & guitarist 15-18           PROGRESSIVE METAL/ROCK DRUMMER Rhythm guitarist looking to                         improvise, instrumentals. Willing to play pay or no-pay venues. Gigs
                                                                                                                             start band, double kick metal with rock changes, progressive at times.             coming soon 0403 752 475/3293
                                                                                   STRAIGHT EDGE BAND Singer & guitarist looking for bass player &             Influences anything from Mastadon to Meshuggah.                2114
                                                                                   drummer to start heavy straight edge hardcore band. Inf: Terror, Mad-       STRAIGHT EDGE BAND Singer & guitarist looking for bass player & drum-              CHRISTIAN KEYBOARDIST WANTED With integrity & commitment
                                                                                   ball, Casey Jones, Champion, Bishop, Death Before Dishonor, Hoods.          mer to start heavy straight edge hardcore band. Inf: Terror, Madball, Casey        for song arrangements & writing collaboration w/like-minded multi-
                                                                                   Good gear & transport. No metalcore please             Jones, Champion, Bishop, Death Before Dishonor, Hoods. Good gear &                 skilled musician-writer. Have songs ready for arranging. Vocals an as-
                                                                                   THE METHOD NEEDS A BASS PLAYER NOW Originals band The                       transport. No metalcore please                                set. Age over 20. Phone Kerri after 11am daily 0411 447 298
                                                                                   Method is looking for a bassist. The tracks are almost on iTunes & gigs     TEEN FEMALE DRUMMER Looking for serious teen girl drummer for                      KEYBOARD PLAYER WANTED 35 yr old bass looking for a keyboard
                                                                                   are waiting. Check out the tracks on Facebook themethodband@hot-            original band. Tons of originals already recorded. Punk songs, but also pop        player to jam with & maybe start a group. Miles Davis, Stevie Wonder
                                                                          0432 588 532                                                       rock etc. Inf Green Day, Anti Flag, Rancid, Blink-182, Paramore. 15-18yrs          etc
                                                                                   TIGHT ENERGETIC BASSIST Brisbane alternative band Pink Bullet are                                     KEYBOARD PLAYER WANTED FOR ROCK’N’ROLL GROUP Check out
                                                                                   looking for a tight & energetic bassist with varied musical tastes &        TEEN MALE DRUMMER Serious male drummer for original band. Tonnes                   Buffalo Brown’s music on MySpace & if you dig call or email myspace.
                                                                                   ability to play different styles. Songs written, new EP ready to launch     of originals already recorded. Inf Green Day, Anti Flag, Rancid, Blink-182,        com/buffalo-brown 0401 518 951
                                                                                   soon, long-term applications only please            Paramore. 15-18yrs. Check our stuff out punk.                KEYBOARD/SYNTH FOR PROG ROCK BAND Progressive rock 4-piece
                                                                                   band 0419 174 138                                                                                     looking for a creative keyboard/ synth player who has a taste for ex-
BASS PLAYER WANTED                                                                                                                                                                                                                                perimental rock. Long-term project & must be able to practice at least
                                                                                   DRUMMER WANTED                                                              GUITARIST WANTED                                                                   twice a week. Ideally you can also provide backing vocals ajwoulfe@
AWESOME BASSIST NEEDED! Vocalist wanting to do something Tech/                     AWESOME DRUMMER NEEDED! Vocalist wanting to do something                    AWESOME GUITARIST NEEDED! Vocalist wanting to do something tech/         
death/djent w/some prog. Think Veil Of Maya, Within The Ruins & BTBAM              tech/death/djent w/some prog. Think Veil Of Maya, Within The Ruins          death/djent with some prog. Think Veil Of Maya, Within The Ruins & BT-             KEYBOARDIST Wanted for established popular band. Must be bril-
rolled into 1. My vocal influences are E Butcher, J Leach. I’m committed &         & BTBAM rolled into 1. My vocal influences are E Butcher, J Leach. I’m      BAM rolled into 1. My vocal influences are E Butcher, J Leach. I’m commit-         liant musician, have all the sounds & be able to play them. darren_j_
eager to get going                                          committed & eager to get going                       ted & eager to get going                           3352 6937

34 /// GEaRED muSIcIaN'S GuIDE                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             ISSuE 959
                                                                                                                                                             $ $$
                                                                                                                                                              TALL POPPY
KEYBOARDIST WANTED FOR ROCK/POP ORIGINALS I am a rock/                           FEMALE VOCALIST/ACOUSTIC GUITARIST Keyboard player looking                                                                                                  WORX STUDIOS Best rehearsal rates in Bris, from $40/session. Ses-
pop singer songwriter, looking to collaborate w/a keyboardist w/                 for female vocalist/acoustic guitarist to form crossover country covers                                                                                     sion times 10am/4pm, 4pm/10pm, flat loadin, air con, good PA’s, $33/
the intention of forming a band. Have over 50 songs & looking to gig             band – Lady Antebellum, The McClymonts, Carrie Underwood, Jetty                                                                                             hr multi track demo recording (established customers only) PA/light-
ASAP. Dedication, passion & image are important qualities. Have re-
hearsal space
                                                                                 Road, Taylor Swift
                                                                                 FRONTMAN SINGER FOR EXP ORIGINALS BAND We are looking for
                                                                                                                                                                             YOUR BANDS’ ONE STOP SHOP                                       ing Driveway hire, prefer bookings by text please, contact FOG. 0412
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             700 889
KEYS/SYNTH New alt rock/pop/punk band looking to experiment                      a lead singer in originals rock style band. Good vocal range would
with some keys & sounds. Think RJA, Gyroscope, Mayday Parade, TGP,               be good & that loves to go nuts on stage. We are professional about                                                                                         TUITION
Kisschasy. Quality gear, dedication etc. Guitar, back/vox preferable             the way we go about our band. Unrealiable druggies need not apply 0432 849 382                                       0449 252 427
KEYS/SYNTH WANTED I’m a guitar/voc (26) starting original band,                  I AM A HEADING Singer/guitarist wanted for unique modern ‘hip’ &

                                                                                                                                                               Finance Now
some of my influences are Muse, Silverchair, Placebo, Deftones, Green            slightly electronic band. We like Radiohead, Cure, Smiths, Interpol,
Day. I have some songs ready to work on lukesletterbox01@yahoo.                  Bloc Party, Grizzly Bear, Crystal Castles, m83. Must have good gear &
com 0451 963 202                                                                 be ready to gig once tight. Email for songs
MATURE FEMALE KEYBOARD PLAYER For southside band. We re-                         IN A TAXI You hate that band anyway. I don’t see why you just don’t
hearse 2 days a week and aim to perform live. We have female lead                quit. Because I want to fit in. Singer/guitarist wanted.                                                                                                   Unique,�self�paced�courses.

vocals & play 60s onwards & some original material. We want some-                thewolfgangalibi                                                                                                                                                      Flexible�payment,�flexible�hours.
one who’s keen, so don’t hesitate                 INTO SPIRITUAL STUFF? $50 for 3 songs. Sunday morning 10 to
MULTI-INSTRUMENTALIST NEEDED Are you inventive? Dedicated?                       11am. We are a spiritual centre (Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, etc.) no reli-                                                                                                We�are�the�only�course�to�offer�you:
{KENNIGO} are after their final member - we have shows. We have                  gious songs, just uplifting material. Interested? Check our website &
recorded. Bass/samples/vox needed. Other instruments a plus. 20-27               call 0422 220 499                                                                                 Condtions apply          One-on-one�teaching,�hands-on�experience
no timewasters 0431 313 817
                                                                                 LEAD SINGER REQUIRED The Smoking Gun Rock Covers Band re-
                                                                                 quires lead singer to get the crowd rocking. We have gigs lined up           On EPs & Albums @ Tall                                                                 “I�learned�more�in�three�hours�than�I�did
                                                                                                                                                               Call Today
rate-style metal band who take what we do seriously & are looking for            and more on the way hopefully. Anything from Cream to Hendrix,                                                                                                     in�three�months�at�Uni.”:�M�R�Gold�Coast
the perfect keyboard player to add epicness to our material. Must be             Pearl Jam to Greenday, Jet to Angels. Pls visit our website as well.
dedicated & have own gear. This is your chance to plunder! myspace.     0438 635 950                      0431 016 445 42 Neon Street, Sumner Park                                 Phone: 07�3343�9221
com/scuurvy 0433 859 851                                  LOOKING FOR FEMALE SINGER/SONGWRITER Guitarist/keyboard-
THE MOLOTOV SEEK KEYBOARDIST Originals hybrid band looking                       ist/producer looking for a female singer/songwriter/lyricist to collab-
for fem/male keyboardist to add melodic piano, dirty electro synth/              orate with. Looking to do something a bit different, ethereal & ambi-                                                                                       BLUES GUITAR & HARMONICA Tuition with multi-award-winning Mojo
moog, samples, industrial etc. Songs range from soft to heavy so                 ent. Nothing too serious, just a bit of fun                                                                                            Webb. Beginner to pro. mojoplaysblues@hotmail.
someone happy w/ diversity & strong lyrics. Back-up vocals a bonus               MALE OR FEMALE BLUES/ROCK SINGER REQUIRED Classic blues/                                                                                                    com 0410 696 173
but not a necessity scart69@gmail.                   rock band seeks a dynamic singer/frontperson. Gritty voice & attitude                                                                                       FREE YOUR VOICE! Singing tuition in Wilston by professional vocalist
com 0404 061 699                                                                 a must. IE: Buddy Guy, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Etta James, Angela Strehli.                                                                                       with 20 years national and international experience. Private lessons and
                                                                                 No folk singers or diva types. Must be committed & reliable triplej@                                                                                                                Ad�1:�School
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             group classes available. Contact Sally. sally-
OTHER MUSICIANS WANTED                                                  0425 564 828                                                              Not�just�a�school,�but�also�a�working�studio.                  0416 934 554
ALAN CASEY ENTERTAINMENT AUSTRALIA is looking for quality                        METALCORE VOCALIST WANTED Looking for a metalcore vocalist                                    Sessions�available�now.                                       GET SERIOUS Get Lessons. Get Good. Vocals, Drums, Percussion, Guitar,
bands, duos, solo entertainers, DJs, specialty acts etc. Call to regis-          around 16-18 w/influences such as The Devil Wears Prada, As I Lay                                                                                           Bass Guitar, Keyboard, Strings and Wind.
ter office@alancaseyentertainment.                 Dying, Parkway Drive, August Burns Red etc.                  Record�professionally�&�take�the�files�with�you                          au 3852 1116 1300 666 286                                                              au 0408 690 136                                                                                           or                                                KEYBOARD TUITION, STYLE DEVELOPMENT For beginners who want
CALLING ALL GOTHS/POST-PUNKS Singer/lyricist wants keyboards,                    MULTI INSTRUMENTALIST NEEDED Are you inventive? Dedicated?                                                                                                  to learn to play keys or amateur to professionals who want to develop
drums etc to form band like The Cure, PIL, Throbbing Gristle, Bauhaus            {KENNIGO} are after their final member - we have shows. We have                            We�can�mix�it�for�you�as�well.                                   style & learn performance techniques. Voice coaching is also available.
or Joy Division. Will move in whereever you are to make a long-held              recorded. Bass/samples/vox needed. Other instruments a plus. 20-27                 Around�since�1994,�we’ll�still�be�here�tomorrow.                         Tuition by a professional with over 20 years music & industry experience.
dream a reality 0415 366 512                             no timewasters 0431 313 817                                                                                           0417 639 096
CELLIST WANTED We are an original acoustic folk/indie/roots duo                  MUSOS WANTED New band needs drummer and singer to add to                                  Call�for�a�quote�or�appointment.                                  PRO VOCAL LESSONS Develop the singing skill required at the PRO Vo-
called Elbury. We are looking to expand our sound by adding Cello.               lineup. Inspired by Metallica, Pantera, Slipknot etc. Aged 16-20 prefer-               Good�rates�available�for�large�projects.                             cal level. With over 15yrs of singing teaching experience, lessons with
Please visit our MySpace to hear tracks, then Ph Mike or email if El-            ably, but open to anyone 0408 764 792                                                                                                 Daniel Kay will have you singing stronger, longer and healthier. Call Dan-
bury is for you                    NU METAL SINGER WANTED for metal band w/a wide range of music                                                                                               iel to book your vocal session NOW! singing@djarts.
0415 680 023                                                                     tastes, must be able to scream but also sing must have own transport
                                                                                                                                                      Phone: 07�3343�9221
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    3398 6758
CHRISTIAN MUSICIANS WANTED Youth church in city wants Chris-                     & reliable. Inf: Slipknot, Korn, BFMV, Disturbed, SOAD, RATM & many                                                                                         UNEARTH YOUR PASSION - PERSONAL DRUM LESSONS Want to play
tian musicians, bass & drummers to join Hillsong style worship team.             more 5502 1510/0435 378 292                            ALCHEMIX RECORDING STUDIOS Established 1998, superb facilities,                 congas, bongos, djembe or other percussion? With over 20 years experi-
Unity in praise! 0412                 ORIGINAL ALT ROCK VOX 3-piece all 20yrs, playing for 2.5 yrs, play-         best of digital and custom analogue gear, in house team who know the            ence (here & overseas) Tom will have you creating amazing rhythms with
255 269                                                                          ing gigs for 1.5 yrs, guitarist’s voice isn’t up to chops. Looking for a    set up back to front, world-class album releases to cost effective live         fervour and style. Ask for your FREE lesson! www.FreePercussionLesson.
COVER BAND FORMING 40PLUS All your classic rock, intermediate                    singer to round out our sound. Guitar ability is a plus but not essen-      demos. Producers to suit all styles of music. 5mins from Brisbane CBD.          com 0414 733 819
level 45y/o guitarist seeks similar people (reliable, drug-free & sane)          tial. Alt rock with some funk & early metal       3391 2814
to start a covers band. Weekly practice gig down the track once we’re            PIRATE METAL BAND SEEKS SINGER We are a fun pirate-style metal                                      Ad�1:�Recording
                                                                                                                                                             EMPIRE STUDIOS Quality EP, demo and album recordings on a budg-                 VARIOUS SERVICES
ready                                                           band who take what we do seriously & are looking for the perfect            et. Pro Tools setup, experienced and qualified engineers that care. All
DISCO MANIA REQUIRES BRASS SECTION DISCO MANIA Australia’s                       singer/frontman to sing our sea shantys & swab the deck! Must be            styles, from heavy to rock to pop. Friendly and professional. www.
newest 70s show is looking for trumpet/saxophone/trombone play-                  dedicated & energetic w/vocal ability danil-   07 3892
ers. Reading & improv skills required. Professional gigs. Auditions-    0433 859 851                                              3292
Broncos Leagues, Oct 24, 1-4pm                     POP-PUNK VOCALIST NEEDED Brisbane pop-punk band seeking                     INCREMENTAL RECORDS DIY attitude with a professional sound. Low
0401 728 981                                                                     vocalist. Inf: Hit The lights, Fireworks, the Wonder Years, Fight Fair.     daily cost. The band is the boss. Recorded releases for DZ, Little Scout,
DJS WANTED FOR PARTIES & EVENTS Experienced operators with                       Positive attitude a must. 18plus preferred. Serious enquiries only. Re-     No Anchor, Lion Island, Velociraptor and more. www.incremental-
your own music, vehicle & gear preferred - if not we have gear avail-            hearse 10mins from Bris CBD      0409 830 607
able. Good money for mobile DJ work at parties, events, weddings                 0413 811 648                                                                MATT TAYLOR PRODUCER/ENGINEER Specializing in the production
etc. Weekend work. Call us office@                 PROGRESSIVE MELODIC SINGER NEEDED Powerful male vocals                      of heavier genres of music, has years of experience in studios and has 1300 666 286                                          needed, NO TIMEWASTERS, prog/melodic/rock, custom to offtime/&              studied under some of the countries premier producers. Working from
EXP CHRISTIAN SAXOPHONIST - SOME KEYBOARDS or conga exp                          dynamic music, serious band, so only serious people apply 18-32 yrs         an established facility with proven results. Recording, mixing and edit-
for near estab originals few covs band. A God 1st, & team player. Our            of age. Inf: Tool/Deftones. Call for audition          ing. burntrecordings@gmail.
Influences, Traffic, AWB, Billy Preston, Eli, etc. Style, Jazz to Ballads etc. 0414 590 946/0422 295 451                        com 0405 986 471
Church & secular Vens. Take $ as comes. davidrandolph@optusnet.                  PUNK VOCALIST NEEDED Looking for a vocalist for a punk band, inf:           ONLINE MASTERING $99 PER SONG (PLUS GST) Everyone is talking 0403752475 or 07 32932114                                                 Nofx, Pennywise, Strung Out, A Wilhelm Scream. Looking for someone          about Matthew Gray Mastering! Internationally recognized, Matthew
FEMALE MUSICIANS WANTED Local band seeks bassist, lead guitar-                   serious who can sing in key 0425 011 729            Gray Mastering is your best choice for mastering right here in Brisbane.
ist, woodwind player, lead & backing vocalists. Wide variety of inf.             SCREAMER NEEDED TO FRONT METALCORE BAND Practice at Bo-                     Online rates or hourly rates available. www.matthewgraymastering.
Must be over 18, reliable & focused, have own transport & based in               wen Hills twice/week, Play shows nationally, Inf. from power to death       com 0412 741 677
Brisbane 0437 428 859                                    metal. Please bring good attitude              SCREAM AHEAD STUDIOS 47 Bunya Street Eagle Farm. Release quality
GUITARIST LOOKING TO START ROCK BAND 30 y/o guitarist looking           0413 803 469                                         at a demo price. Full info at 3868 2633
to start an originals rock/heavy rock band. Inf: Faith No More, Evans            SINGER & FRONTPERSON WANTED Rock cover band looking for an                  STAND OUT FROM THE REST. Quality as good as anywhere in the
Blue, Red, Seether, Shihad thesixthwin-               experienced singer/frontperson. We are a 4-piece band, looking for          world. Great deals for fixed price EP & Albums. Classic SSL console.                                                                    that elusive link. Keen to play more gigs, into everything from AC/DC       Great mixing and recording facilities. Visit us and bring your record-
MALE VOCALISTS/DANCERS & MUSOS WANTED Musicians wanted                           to ZZ Top. Age open, rehearse weekly on southside & looking to gig          ings and compare. Guaranteed great sound to your satisafaction. www.
to form male dance rock act similar to E-17, Human Nature, Take That,            monthly 0448 859 803                                               0404
Four Tops, NKOTB. Over 18s only, must be focused & serious reality-              SINGER WANTED FOR COVER BAND Singer wanted for marture                      066 645 0437 428 859                                                    cover band. Some guitar backing would be handy but not essential.           STAR AUDIO STUDIO Flexible recording & production packages that
MULTI INSTRUMENTALIST NEEDED Are you inventive? Dedicated?                       Weekly practice and hopefully gigging by the end of the year. All your      will suit most budgets, we offer some of the cheapest studio rates in
{KENNIGO} are after their final member - we have shows. We have                  classic pub type songs. 40 plus.                           Brisbane, real quality at realistic prices. Capable of outstanding results
recorded. Bass/samples/vox needed. Other instruments a plus. 20-27               SINGER WANTED Guitarist & drummer looking for a creative singer,            using quality analogue & digital gear info@
no timewasters 0431 313 817                         w/a good voice. Looking to write/gig record as soon as we can. Into 0431 796 397
MUSICIAN/SONGWRITER I am a lyricist looking for a musician and/                  rock/alternative/anything that sounds good. Hit us up for a jam. John-      THE WHITE ROOM Mt. Nebo. 35 minutes from the city. Excellence,
or songwriter to collaborate with and put some music to my lyrics. My            ny 0402 692 928                                     Atmosphere, Great Rates. 2” Analog Tape and Pro Tools HD3 system.
lyrics are mainly rock and ballads. Anyone interested can contact me             SINGER/PLAYER FOR OLD SCHOOL PROG BAND 2 guitarists, 1 key-                 Clients include The Go-Betweens, The Grates, Little Scout, The Scare,
by email.                                                     boardist, all young, looking to play w/other musicians, collaborate on      The John Steel Singers and Yves Klein Blue. www.whiteroomstudio.
PERCUSSIONIST Sly’jack, folk /roots groove-based. Guitarist, har-                originals & start gigging. I have basic recordings to send you.If you can   com 3289 8185
monica, vocalist & kickdrum. Seeking percussionist or Jimbe player               sing as well that’s great because we can’t
for gigs & recording slyjack@virginbroad-              SUNSHINECOAST SINGERS Drums, bass, guitar looking for a singer              REHEARSAL ROOMS 0408 206 545                                                         to complete our band, working on covers at the mo but want to be an
SAX OR HARP/VOCALIST REQUIRED We’re searching for a vocalist                     originals band. Inf: Blink-182, Sex Pistols, Foo Fighters, Hendrix, many
who can play sax or harp & sing. Blues rock covers/originals band.               more 0415 357 042
IE: Allman Bros, Albert Collins, Black Crowes, etc.            TEENAGE VOCALIST (14 TO 20 YEARS OLD) Creative singer doing
0425 564 828                                                                     original music. We have all the equipment necessary for a band, just
SEEKING IMPROVISORS Experienced jazz/fusion drummer & percus-                    need the members. Enjoy alt rock & heavy rock. We play as a hobby,
sionist wants to form an improvisational fusion band. Check the blog             but plan on recording & doing gigs in the near future. Contact Daniel
at my website for more info             0450 545 004 0414 355 091                                            THE HARMONY CHOIR Acapella music and still singing with gusto
SEEKING MUSOS 26 y/o guitarist (12 years)/songwriter. Grunge/met-                each members welcome! Thursdays 7 to 8.30pm under
al/punk. Song structures: Drop D, fast, intricate & melodic with inter-          St Andrews, cnr Creek and Ann Sts. Non-religious. 2010 concert Sun
esting time changes, but still concise with not too much unnecessary             Dec 12.                    6 clean and spacious rooms
                                                                                                                                                                SECURE Parking
noodling. Loads of material. No egoists.                  3391 1514
THE GRASS IS MUCH GREENER Exp Drummer is looking for like                        TONEFULVOX 3pc with 2 harmony need a frontperson, gen X
minded Musicians to form Country/Blues Band to work overseas-
Canada/US. Australian Music Scene non-existent for older musos.
                                                                        0407 970 424
                                                                                 VOCALIST FOR COVERBAND Have you got pitch & time? Can you
                                                                                                                                                                Easy Load in 07 3315 6562 / 0416 479 980                       learn songs quickly? Would you like to front a coverband doing a cool          Loud PA’s
TRILIAN Need to collaborate with a Trilian user in Brisbane, could be
to mutual benefit. Cheers Kiff 3254 4926
                                                                                 set (not tired ol’ pub rock)? The band is waiting w/classic to current
                                                                                 funk, blues & rock. Auditioning now              Air conditioned
                                                                                 0409 727 910
                                                                                 VOCALIST/FRONTMAN WANTED Founding members of Brisbane
                                                                                                                                                                Great vibe
CHRISTIAN PRODUCTION PERSONNEL WANTED Yes we need                                band The LadyKillers looking to establish a new direction, hard rock           Recording Available
some techies for Sundays! Contact Jason                     sound, name & future. Go to the website for all the details! theladykill-

                                                                                                                                                               Call Craig on 3319 0827 0412 255 269                                     
SINGER WANTED                                                                    RECORDING STUDIOS
3-PIECE BAND NEEDS SINGER We are looking for a singer (male or
female) around 22ish. We play primarily rock music. Inf: Chili Peppers,
Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Queen, Offspring, Metallica, ACDC anything
rock looking to gig & write own stuff call email or sms if keen hy- 0430 153 211
90S-INFLUENCED FRONTMAN WANTED Originals band w/vintage
sound of funk, grunge, heavy, experimental looking for UNIQUE
frontman w/energetic stagecraft, lyrics, crooning, singing, rapping &
aggressive capabilities. 8 songs written. Very serious. Must have PA/
Gear. Ages 18-27 0423 378 506                            BRISBANE’S FAVOURITE REHEARSAL ROOMS
ACOUSTIC GUITARIST SEEKS SINGER I’m looking for a singer with                                            371 MONTAGUE RD WEST END
some acoustic guitar ability for a cover duo to play Crowded House,                                 07-3846 0111 / 0414-369 286
U2, Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, Powderfinger, etc. to work towards get-                                     (all messages replied to promptly)

ting some gigs                                                            
ALWAYS TAKEN NEED SINGER South Brisbane band Always Taken                                    
need vocals to complete their lineup. Originals & covers, looking to
gig in the future. Inf: Foo Fighters, Blink-182, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin,
                                                                                         OPEN EVERY DAY (with booking)
                                                                                                       Huge air-conditioned rooms (6m x 6m)
Muse, Pink Floyd. Pref. age 15-19 0431 258                                                 Quality PA systems
830                                                                                               Hire equipment available (guitars, amps, drums)
                                                                                                  Off-street parking (with undercover, flat load-in)
CHRIS CORNELL? Vocals wanted for new casual project. Looking                                     Supplies (strings, leads, sticks, picks, Drinks, snacks)
to write & record for fun, not too bothered about gigs at this stage                                      EFTPOS and Credit Card Facilities
as GC venues suck. Audioslave, Foos style. No egos please d7kop@
COVERBAND FRONTMAN - VOCALIST You’ll need good ears, good
attitude, & a great voice. We’ve got a cool set of classic-to-current
rock, funk, & blues (not same ol, same ol’ stuff ) & musicians who like                                                                                      EMPIRE STUDIOS Quality rehearsal rooms with solid soundproofing,
to rock & entertain. Hurry up, we’re auditioning now therecklessal-                                                                                          air-con, 500w PA’s, secure storage, drum and amp hire. Flat loading, off 0409 727 910                                                                                                                                street parking, clean and friendly environment!
COVERBAND REQUIRES SINGER Mature singer needed for covers                                                                                                    empirestudiosbrisbane 07 3892 3292
band. Think Cream, Rolling stones, Doobie Brothers etc. Weekly prac-                                                                                         LUNA AUDIO REHEARSALS High-quality rehearsals in Varsity Lakes.
tice w/the aim to gig by the end of the year. We want to have a good                                                                                         Acoustically designed, air-conditioned rooms with powerful, high qual-
time & make some music                                                                                                                      ity PAs. Up to 70dB of isolation between rooms, means you are able to
DISCO MANIA REQUIRES M&F LEAD VOCALISTS DISCO MANIA                                                                                                          focus on enhancing the art of YOUR craft and not the band next door.
Australia’s newest 70s show is looking for soul style male & female                                                                                 0430 294 878
lead vocalists. Harmony & dance skills required. Professional gigs.                                                                                          MAV PRODUCTIONS - REHEARSAL ROOM High Quality Rehearsal in
Auditions-Broncos Leagues, Oct 24, 1-4pm leightonmusic@optusnet.                                                                                             Arana Hills. One 25sqm airconditioned room with no noise from other 0401 72 8981                                                                                                                                          bands. 450w/side PA with sub, 32ch Yamaha mixer. 5 piece drum kit
FEMALE ROCKSTAR WANTED! We’re looking for a female singer to                                                                                                 (BYO sticks, kick pedal, snare and cymbals) included in fee. www.mav-
front our rock/pop originals band. We’re all about fun music that peo-                                                                              0421 862 044
ple will enjoy so if you’ve got a great voice & can engage the audience                                                                                      PERMANENT REHEARSAL ROOM AVAILABLE Northside location,
then please contact 0416 358 180                                                                                                        large-sized room, alarmed, competitive rates, call russell@sound-fu-
FEMALE SINGER WANTED for exciting new pop band. The person we                                                                                       0422 135 068                                                        AFFORDABLE CARS WITH SAFETY CERTIFICATES/RWC Wagons,
are looking for is needed to complete a line up consisting of bass,                                                                                          SCREAM AHEAD STUDIOS Acoustically designed, air con, fully                      sedans, hatchbacks. Inspection by Appointment. Phone Cameron 42
drums, quality backing tracks & another female vocalist. We are cur-                                                                                         equipped, cheap rates. Brisbane’s best rooms. 47 Bunya Street Eagle             Thompson Street Bowen Hills 0447 222 222
rently in rehearsals 0409 724 206                                                                                                    Farm. 3868 2633                                          SHOP AVAILABLE IN MUSGRAVE RD MUSIC PRECINCT Find your base!
FEMALE SINGER WANTED for Random Event. Work pending. Blues/                                                                                                  URBAN HUMM STUDIO, WEST END. Rehearsal Rooms, Recording Stu-                    Amplify your business in 20-50m2 of prime retail space fronting Red Hill’s
rock classic pub rock call Steve ran-                                                                                            dio & P.A. Hire. Off street undercover parking, flat loading, aircond., P.A.    busy Musgrave Road, home to a string of specialty music stores mus- 0400 110 495/3823 2258                                                                                                                 provided. Open 6.00pm to 11.00pm. Weekend and day slots available.     0412 679 285
FEMALE SINGER Wanted for successful band/harmony group. Must                                                                                                 Phone Andy. Permanent monthly room hire available. Special weekend              HOW TO PLACE YOUR FREE CLASSIFIED: Free classifieds are only avail-
have talent, good looks, harmony knowledge and dancing ability.                                                                                              rates. 0411 632 023                                                             able to private advertisers in the Musicians Wanted, Musicians Available,
Aged 14-22.                                                                                                                         VIA STUDIOS HAS A NEW HOME Come see what the fuss is all about!10               Equipment For Sale, and Accommodation categories. All other catego-
FEMALE SINGER WANTED Mature female singer wanted to form a                                                                                                   spacious, high quality air-conditioned rehearsal studios. Great rates,          ries are charged at a flat rate of $8.50 per week and must be paid for prior
duo. All styles of music guitar ability preferable but not essential.                                                                                        backline available for hire, lockable storage. Call now to secure a spot        to publication. To place your classified, go to
View to regular gigs. 0404 136 106                                                                                   07 3252 1127                     au and follow the links.

SEPTEmBER 21 2010                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   GEaRED muSIcIaN'S GuIDE /// 35
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           PHOTO:KnuT KOivisTO
                                                                    INFORMER CINEMA :: THE GIRL WHO PLAYED WITH FIRE

                                                                    Director DANIEL ALFREDSON tells GREG KING
                                                                    about making THE GIRL WHO PLAYED WITH
                                                                    FIRE, the second in the Swedish film adaptations
                                                                    of Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         DANIEL ALFREDSON

                                                                    “   My idea was not to be in the film business, but I
                                                                        couldn’t find anything more enjoyable or better
                                                                    so I’m still there,” film director Daniel Alfredson jokes
                                                                                                                                 sort of combination makes her very intriguing.”
                                                                                                                                      Alfredson is full of praise for actress Noomi Rapace,
                                                                                                                                 who brings Lisbeth to life on the screen and totally in-
                                                                                                                                                                                                director and actor who also worked at Sveriges Radio,
                                                                                                                                                                                                and started making films after working as a playwright
                                                                                                                                                                                                in the ‘50s. His brother Thomas is best known as the
                                                                    over the phone from his native Sweden. He is speaking        habits the character. The pair would have long discus-         director of the chilling horror film Let The Right One
                                                                    about directing The Girl Who Played With Fire, the sec-      sions about the character and her motivations, and she         In. Daniel virtually grew up in a film environment,
                                                                    ond film in the hugely popular Millennium series from        was very protective of the character. “I think she’s essen-    spending all his summers on film sets.
                                                                    Swedish author Stieg Larsson, following the gripping         tial for the success of the films because you want to see          “We try to help each other,” he says of Thomas.
                                                                    thriller The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. The novels         more of her. She’s a really good actress, and also very into   “There has never been a rivalry between us. I don’t
                                                                    depict the adventures of security analyst and cyber-         her character. She had read the novels so many times           know why, but we have always been doing our own
                                                                    punk computer hacker Lisbeth Salander and crusading          she felt she knew Lisbeth the most. She was protecting         projects. I have read some of his scripts. Sometimes
                                                                    journalist Mikael Blomkvist as they tackle corruption        her character all the time. I think she’s always very fear-    Thomas will come to me and ask for an opinion.
                                                                    and murder in Stockholm. Although Larsson died be-           less. And whatever she does as an actress she goes into it     Sometimes I let him in the editing room, and I get
                                                                    fore publication, they have become some of the most          100% – as she did for this project, being Lisbeth Salander     his ideas on what could be better and what could be
                                                                    popular novels of the 21st century.                          all the time in front of the camera.”                          done to the film.”
                                                                         This second film in the trilogy concentrates on
                                                                    some of the backstory for Salander’s character and is
                                                                    a much more personal journey for her that brings her

                                                                    into conflict with her father. And like the first film, it
                                                                    ventures into some dark and disturbing territory.
                                                                                                                                    ...she’s vulnerable, but she’s also very strong, and
                                                                                                                                  that sort of combination makes her very intriguing.
  Yes We Can                                                             When the books were first optioned by Yellow Bird
                                                                    productions, the original idea was to have a different
  You Can is a fundraising initiative whereby                       director tackle each book. However, as Alfredson
  you get rid of your old mobile phone and                          explains, that idea quickly changed. “When they first
  in the process provide much-needed funds                          started out, there hadn’t been any big success for the
  for Youth Off The Streets, Sony Founda-                           novels,” he says. “The first one had just been published.        The other major character in the series is the jour-            When asked what he thinks of the planned Holly-
  tion’s Children’s Holiday Camp Program                            The idea was to finance the project as a TV movie from       nalist Mikael Blomkvist, who is played by veteran ac-          wood remakes, Alfredson replies in diplomatic fashion.
  and CanTeen. There’s a few places you can                         Scandinavia and Germany. Later on the success of the         tor Michael Nyqvist. In the first film, the character of       “Sweden is such a small country, and the books have
  donate: by posting in a You Can pre-paid                          books made it possible to make them as feature films.        Blomkvist was in the centre of the drama, but here             been very successful in the States. I think that’s the way
  yellow envelope, dropping them in You                             When we were discussing it we realised that book             he plays a more passive role. “That was the idea of            it is. They have to have their remakes in English. They
  Can bins located in Sony Centres or placing them in a             number two and book number three are actually the            Stieg Larsson,” Alfredson elaborates, “because he was          will have a huge market for their films. But I am still very
  collection bin at Doomben Race Course on Saturday                 same story, so we kept them together and actually            a journalist himself. He didn’t want to make him into          happy because they will be shooting in Sweden for five
  Oct 23 (there’s a polo fundraiser on the day). Hit up
                                                                    filmed them back to back.”                                   a superhero. That wouldn’t fit the story. Lisbeth is the       or six weeks. It will still be a Swedish story, and that is for details.
                                                                         Alfredson puts their enormous popularity down to        hero. Mikael was supposed to be the guy beside her,            important.”
                                                                    the character of Lisbeth Salander. “She is intriguing and    trying to help her.”
                                                                    I hadn’t seen her before. In a way she’s a very awkward          Born in Stockholm in 1959, Alfredson hails from             THE GIRL WHO PLAYED WITH FIRE opens in
    Contact The Informer on (07) 3397 2760 or
                                                                    character. She’s fearless and she’s a sort of a child, and   a family of filmmakers and has been working in film            cinemas on Thursday Sep 23, rated [MA15+] Check
                                                                    she’s vulnerable, but she’s also very strong, and that       and television for 20 years. His father Hans is a writer,      out for more info.

36 /// INFoRmER LIFESTYLE + cuLTuRE GuIDE                                                                                                                                                                                  ISSuE 959

                                                                                                                 EASY A

EASY A                                                       Sam (Charlie Tahan), whose perpetual adolescence and           INFORMER CINEMA :: DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS

                                                                                                                            My Dinner With Steve
In cinemas now [M]                                           refusal to accept the hard facts of his own death may
Director: Will Gluck                                         well mirror these qualities in Charlie himself (spoiler
Runtime: 85 mins.                                            alert: they do). One day, Tess (Amanda Crew), a pretty
     It’s been almost six years since Tina Fey introduced    girl and former sailing rival of Charlie’s arrives back in
us to that mystical world of high school that turned         his world, but will his growing affection for her pull him     ROSA GAMAZO-ROBBINS talks to funnyman STEVE CARELL, star of DINNER FOR
your little girls into bitches and your boys into sex        back into the land of the living? (Spoiler alert: you know     SCHMUCKS.
crazed misanthropes in the widely acclaimed Mean             how this works by now...).
Girls. So then, it’s a nice surprise to note that even
now nothing has particularly changed – and in fact, as
                                                                  To be fair, Charlie St. Cloud does have a bit to rec-
                                                             ommend it – the New England setting and the super-             B    efore starring side by side in Jay Roach’s new com-
                                                                                                                                 edy, Dinner For Schmucks, Steve Carell and Paul
                                                                                                                            Rudd had worked together on The 40 Year Old Virgin.
                                                                                                                                                                                                other actors. There are a lot of funny people involved, so
                                                                                                                                                                                                you try to take everyone’s opinion into account.”
                                                                                                                                                                                                     There certainly are a lot of funny people involved,
Easy A is keen to remind us, things are getting much,        natural story at the heart of the film have the feel of a
much worse.                                                  Stephen King story (I haven’t read the book on which           Having Rudd standing inches away while he had his                   with comedians like Zack Galifianakis from The Hango-
     When Olive (Emma Stone) lies about losing her           it’s based, but I can only assume it’s better). Likewise,      chest waxed must have been a bonding experience.                    ver, Jemaine Clement from Flight Of The Conchords and
virginity she soon finds herself faced with the possi-       the dialogue between the brothers feels funny and un-          “There is even more love between us than at first sight,            David Walliams from Little Britain. Even so, the main
bility of finding popularity and social standing via the     forced, and the scenes surrounding Charlie’s work at the       says Carell. “We did not have much time to rehearse, so             draw is clearly Steve Carell who, at 47, has somehow
rumour mill at her Californian high school. Soon after       cemetery were are very well done. It’s hard to believe,        the fact that we are friends and that we have worked                quietly become Hollywood’s most beloved comedic ac-
helping bullied classmate Brandon to fabricate a liaison     though, that Burr Steers, who debuted so strongly with         before was very helpful. We would come right in and                 tor. “I can’t determine whether it is better to be famous
to gain credibility among his tormentors, Olive begins       the caustic 2002 comedy Igby Goes Down could direct            start working and trust one another.”                               now than being in your twenties. I am just thankful that
to exchange money for fake safe sex and a rapidly de-        something as treacly as this barely a decade later.                 Dinner For Schmucks is a re-imagining of the                   it happened, that I got this degree of success. I never
clining reputation. Amanda Bynes (She’s The Man) plays            HH                              ALASDAIR DUNCAN           French movie Le Dîner De Cons, which was both writ-                 dreamt of this, I never aspired to it. I just wanted to be
resident bible basher Marianne who helps perpetuate                                                                         ten and directed by Francis Veber, the man responsi-                a working actor, to make a living out of it. So this is all
the rumours of Olive’s promiscuity with a gentle nod                                                                        ble for such classics of French comedy as La Cage Aux
to Mandy Moore’s titular evangelical travesty in Saved.                                                                     Follies and Les Fugitifs. Was it hard adapting some-
Soon enough though, Olive finds herself embracing                                                                           thing so beloved? “For me” says Carell, “the objective                 The goal was to make
the role of the school harlot by wearing the letter A on                                                                    was not to improve upon the original, because that
                                                                                                                            would be impossible. It is the same attitude I took on
                                                                                                                                                                                                something interesting and
her clothing to relate to the lead character in the novel
                                                                                                                            the American version of The Office. The goal was to                 enjoyable without attempting
The Scarlet Letter, who was also ostracised through idle
gossip, but not because she pretended to be a slut.                                                                         make something interesting and enjoyable without                    to live up to the original.
     On the surface Easy A could have been any teen                                                                         attempting to live up to the original.”
movie of the month, however it finds footing in some-                                                                            One of the hardest things for an actor in a comedy
what fresh territory with turns from its supporting                                                                         is repeating funny scenes over and over while trying to             a surprise for me. Obviously being famous at my age
players in the form of Olive’s parents, played superbly                                                                     keep whatever it is that makes them funny. According to             is different than being famous in your twenties. I now
by Stanley Tucci and Patricia Clarkson, who trigger the                                                                     Carell, the truth of it is that you’re never really sure what       have my priorities pretty firmly in place, and they are
most riotous laughs of the film. Lisa Kudrow’s perform-                                                                     that ingredient is. “You have your barometer while you              my family and, you know, my home life is what’s really
ance as school counsellor remains one of her strongest                                                                      are filming that tells you that something may be funny,             important to me. So all this came as a surprise. Had it
to date, while her delivery of the line, “Who are they go-                                                                  but you just don’t really know until you ultimately sit             happened earlier in life, I might not have had the sense
                                                                                     WALL STREET: MONEY NEVER SLEEPS        down in the theatre and watch it with a bunch of other              or maturity to cope with it, as I think you do later on.”
ing to believe?” helps us to remember that even grown
ups never really leave high school behind. Of course                                                                        people. Being funny in a movie is completely different
credit should be given most to Emma Stone, who han-          WALL STREET: MONEY NEVER SLEEPS                                from being funny at a live performance where you get                DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS is in cinemas from
dles this film with such comedic timing that we forget       In cinemas Thursday [M]                                        that immediate response from people. We sort of gauge               Thursday Sep 30. See www.dinnerforschmucks.
she was birthed in Apatow country. Her resilience in         Director: Oliver Stone                                         off each other, off Jay [Roach] and off of the crew and             com for more information.
the more restrained scenes ensures that her star will        Runtime: 133 mins.
                                                                                                                                                                   SACHA BARON COHEN                                                         THE JUDY DOLLS
only continue to rise. With such promise it’s a shame             At one point in Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps,
then that Easy A takes the easy way out with scenes          Michael Douglas’s character Gordon Gekko tells a lec-
that are littered with failed attempts at laughs, and        ture audience that there are no more than a handful of
trendy dialogue that falls on the deaf ears of an audi-      people in the world who truly understand the machi-
ence who didn’t pay to see the next Juno.                    nations at the highest level of finance, and that every-
     HHH        	                      NICOLE HARRISON       one else is essentially just along for the ride. The movie
                                                             takes place against a backdrop of money, and it’s con-
                                                             stantly changing hands – between individuals, banks
                                                             and governments. Wisely, though, Oliver Stone leaves
                                                             the finer points of these transactions ambiguous – his
                                                             movie is not about the whys and wherefores of money,
                                                             it’s about people, the things they do to get it and keep
                                                             it, and the ways it defines and corrupts their relation-
                                                                                                                            SCREEN GRABS :: CINEMA NEWS                                           INFORMER QUICK NEWS
                                                             ships, business and personal.
                                                                  The morality of Money Never Sleeps is fairly black         This weekend sees the Brisbane Anime Show                            BEMAC is launching its inaugural Women In
                                                             and white. The hero of the tale is Jacob Moore (Shia           (BASH) take over Tribal Theatre, featuring screen-                    Arts Program, a week-long series of panel discus-
                                                             LaBeouf ), an idealistic young trader who lets his con-        ings of Death Note, Gurren Lagan, Ikki Tousen and                     sions and workshops running Monday Sep 27 to
                                                             science drive; the villain is Bretton James (Josh Brolin),     more on Saturday Sep 25 and Sunday Sep 26. There’s                    Saturday Oct 2. It’s a new initiative focussing on
                                                             a shark-like hedge fund manager whose dirty dealings,          also a cosplay competition on Sunday. See www.                        the development of women from culturally di-
                                                             Jacob suspects, led to the collapse of his bank and the for more information.                           verse backgrounds in the arts and music sector.
                                                             death of his mentor (Frank Langella). The wildcard is           The Gold Coast’s Screen Theatre And wRriters                        The launch is 9am Monday at the Powerhouse, with
                                        CHARLIE ST. CLOUD
                                                             Gordon Gekko (Douglas); jailed for insider trading at          Studio (S.T.A.R.S.) will host Ian and Luke Sparke                     Tuesday – Friday activities taking place at The Edge
                                                             the end of the first film, he is out, and attempting to        from Sparke & Sons Films at an event in the Arts                      (State Library). Artists wishing to register their at-
                                                             warn Wall Street of the crash to come. Gordon wants            Centre Gold Coast Basement on Wednesday Sep 29.                       tendance should contact BEMAC on 3391 4433 or
CHARLIE ST. CLOUD                                            back in with his estranged daughter (Carey Mulligan),          The curators of one of Australia’s largest military cos-    
In cinemas Thursday [M]                                      who happens to be Jacob’s fiancé; Jacob wants revenge          tume houses, the Sparkes will talk about their expe-                   On Friday Oct 1 the Gold Coast Art Centre is host-
Director: Burr Steers                                        on Bretton, and Gordon knows how.                              riences filming such movies and series as Beneath                     ing Best Of British, a stand-up show featuring co-
Runtime: 99 mins.                                                 Money Never Sleeps does a beautiful job portray-          Hill 60, The Pacific, Kokoda and X-Men Origins: Wol-                  medians and familiar telly faces Jeff Green and Bob
     Critics everywhere have condemned Charlie St.           ing the trappings of material wealth. The opening              verine. See for bookings.                             Franklin. If you’d like a dose of Brit wit, book seats
Cloud with gleeful vigour, and it’s not so hard to see       credit sequence comprises sweeping, optimistic aerial           Still on the southern beaches, the Gold Coast Film                  at
why – this Hallmark card of a movie is so syrupy and         shots of Manhattan skyscrapers, the kind that you re-          Festival has been announced to take place Nov 10–16                    Also on Friday Oct 1, Carousel begins at BarSoma –
sentimental, it makes High School Musical look like a        ally haven’t seen since the 1980s; from there, it moves        at Southport’s Australia Fair BCC cinemas, running un-                a monthly event featuring bands, burlesque and cock-
Pasolini film. A good deal of the snark has been direct-     through a series of boardrooms, restaurants, pent-             der the theme Unexpected Treasures. The full program                  tails, brought to you The Judy Dolls (pictured) and
ed at star Zac Efron, he of the doe eyes and so-whole-       house apartments and private offices, each one stuffed         will be up on shortly.                         more. There will be sit-down show packages available
some-they-make-you-sick good looks, for whom Char-           with expensive artworks and humming with privilege.             Sacha Baron Cohen (pictured, Ali G, Borat) has                      including champagne and tapas, with booking details
lie St. Cloud represents a transition between tween idol     Numbers flicker by on computer screens and stock tick-         signed on to star as Freddie Mercury in an upcoming                   soon. Keep an eye on the BarSoma website and www.
status and (theoretically) more grown-up roles. Maybe        ers, and the city skyline becomes a graph displaying           biopic about the colourful, hard-partying Queen sing-        for updates.
it’s because people have been so mean to this movie          economic downturn.                                             er. Peter Morgan (The Queen, Frost/Nixon) is writing                   Brisbane artists Damian Smith and Daniel
that I feel the perverse need to stick up for it – not be-        The stage is set for epic confrontations, and Money       the script, with a director to be announced soon.                     Watts launch a new exhibition at Bleeding Hearts
cause it’s a great piece of cinema or anything (it’s not),   Never Sleeps delivers them. The cast are all first-rate, es-    The weird fallout from Casey Affleck’s revelation                   Gallery on Friday Oct 1 (busy night!). Running under
but because it delivers on every promise it makes. You       pecially Josh Brolin, who has the gruff alpha-male thing       that the just-released Joaquin Phoenix “biopic” I’m                   the title Of The Night, it features bold animation-
want a maudlin, sentimental coming-of-age movie?             locked down, and Michael Douglas, whose sinister cha-          Still Here was a hoax continues, now with David                       styled and spooky, narrative-infused paintings.
Then boy, do we have one for you.                            risma makes Gekko a genuine enigma. In the midst               Letterman’s joke writer Bill Scheft admitting in an                   Local musician Karla will be playing some tunes,
     The film takes place in a picturesque CGI village on    of all these Wall Street insiders, Susan Sarandon gives        interview with website Nuvo that Letterman was in on                  and the exhibition runs for one week. See www.
the New England coast. The Charlie of the title, played      a fantastic performance as Jacob’s mother, a chain-            the joke during Phoenix’s initial unhinged appearance        for more in-
by Efron, is a young man so consumed with guilt at the       smoking New Jersey-ite caught up in the allure of real         on the show. “He had a ball,” said Scheft of Letterman.               formation.
death of his younger brother several years before that       estate investing and sinking perilously into debt. The         “He likes anything that’s good television, and he knew                 The Design Week Brisbane conference is com-
he has given up a promising sailing career to take a         film does have a very clear-cut sense of good and bad,         that’s good television.” As for Casey Affleck, he’s not               ing up soon, running Oct 11 to 17 and including
job as a gardener at the town cemetery. He wonders           and does, at times, feel a little like a personal jeremiad     rushing to direct again, instead working with Ridley                  the AGDA Awards for 2010. Described by Tiny Ro-
around under a cumulus of gloom, ignoring the local          on Oliver Stone’s behalf, but that doesn’t detract from        Scott on a 1930s LA-based noir and reteaming with                     bot Monkey’s Susan Milanovic as “like Semi-Per-
girls, who are all head-over-heels for his brooding, trou-   the enjoyment of what’s basically a great, dramatic            Chopper and Assasination Of Jesse James… director                     manent on crack”, you can find out more about the
bled persona. Also, Charlie talks to dead people. Well,      piece of cinema.                                               Andrew Dominik for an upcoming crime flick. Maybe                     program and registration at www.designweek-
one dead person really – his adoring younger brother              HHHH                              ALASDAIR DUNCAN         The Killer Inside Me went to his head?                      

SEPTEmBER 21 2010                                                                                                                                                                           INFoRmER LIFESTYLE + cuLTuRE GuIDE /// 37

                                                                    INFORMER COMICS :: CHRIS RYALL
                                                                                                                                                                   I was never entirely

                                                                    Hail To The Chief
                                                                                                                                                              sure at the start, ‘Why is
                                                                                                                                                              Kevin Smith bothering to
                                                                                                                                                              email some schlub about
                                                                                                                                                              a review that ran online?’
                                                                    JODY MACGREGOR talks to CHRIS RYALL who has the dream job                                   It went back forth for a
                                                                    of being chief creative officer of a comics company – IDW Publishing.                        number of weeks...

                                                                    J  ODY MACGREGOR: What’s a typical day like for a
                                                                       chief creative officer?
                                                                    CHRIS RYALL: It starts with me going through emails and
                                                                                                                                     fended my point. I was never entirely sure at the start,
                                                                                                                                     ‘Why is Kevin Smith bothering to email some schlub
                                                                                                                                     about a review that ran online?’ It went back forth for a
                                                                    stuff in the morning before I head in and when I get in to       number of weeks and it went from this combative thing
                                                                    the office we have a production meeting where we run             of us defending our point and him telling me why I was
                                                                    through the day’s books that we need to work on and              wrong and me telling him why I didn’t think I was wrong
                                                                    the week’s books, basically the status of everything. We         and then it started getting amicable. It developed into
                                                                    try and approve the same number of books every week              this thing where I spent some time with him up in LA
                                                                    so we’ve got an equal number of comics in stores every           when I was living there and from there he offered me a
                                                                    week and then inevitably other things come up and get            job running the website for him.
                                                                    in the way of that or there’s typical production delays          JM: That was
                                                                    like an artist is running late or colouring, lettering. You’re   CR: He had that website, kind of a goofy name. It was a
                                                                    working on the current books that you’re trying to get           site that he used in one of his movies as a parody site
                                                                    out for that week but at the same time you’re working            to Ain’t It Cool News and then he still owned the name
                                                                    on books that are already in the works for later months,         afterwards and he wanted to turn it from a goofy movie
                                                                    but also I’m working to develop future projects.                 parody into this one-stop pop culture portal where he
                                                                    JM: You got your start in the industry an odd way.               could come for comic news and movie news and TV
                                                                    You reviewed one of Kevin Smith’s comics and he                  news and music news so he hired me to take it from
                                                                    got in touch?                                                    what it was in the movie and make it this legitimate
                                                                    CR: Right, and I not only reviewed it, but I reviewed it         site, which with that sort of a name working against it...
                                                                    negatively. It was funny at the time. I didn’t know where        [laughs] It was a hard battle for legitimacy but I think we
                                                                    he was going with the story and I didn’t really like it – my     did some nice things there.
                                                                    review was negative but not Internet negative. I didn’t
                                                                    slam it, I didn’t take unfair shots, I just pointed out, ‘Here    IDW are the publishers of books like 30
                                                                    are the reasons why I didn’t like it.’ I don’t know if it was    Days Of Night, True Blood, Doctor Who and Kill
                                                                    just the fact I was trying to be fair about my opinion that      Shakespeare, which are printed in Australia by
                                                                    he responded. He dropped me a line and said, ‘I respect          Wilkinson Publishing. See www.idwpublishing.
                                                                    your review but you’re wrong and here’s why’ and I de-           com for more info.

                                                                     HEY KIDS!

                                                                                                                                                                                 MUST READ

                                                                    INFORMER COMICS :: 100 COMICS TO READ BEFORE YOU DIE (OR GROW OUT OF THEM)                        WITH JODY MACGREGOR

                                                                                  SEVEN SOLDIERS                                                  avoids that clash by being the work of a
                                                                                  OF VICTORY– Grant                                               single writer and by having most of its
                                                                                  Morrison, J. H. Williams                                        main characters never meet.
                                                                    III, Frazer Irving, Yanick Paquette,                                              Seven Soldiers is seven different mini-
                                                                    Doug Mahnke, Cameron                                                          series about seven different characters
                                                                    Stewart, Simone Bianchi, Ryan                                                 whose stories overlap, but never actually
                                                                    Sook, Pasqual Ferry                                                           get together to say, “Let’s go fight off that
                                                                    (DC)                                                                          invasion!” and then pose for a dramatic
                                                                    Stories of how human beings make                                              double-page spread. They do fight off
                                                                    culture and meaning for ourselves,                                            that invasion, though. The invaders are
                                                                    even down there in the garbage.”                                              the Sheeda, and rather than being aliens
                                                                          A musical fugue contains multiple                                       or interdimensional monstrosities they’re
                                                                    voices all clamouring at once in what                                         our descendants from the distant future,
                                                                    would seem like a chaotic mess if the                                         a decadent Earth at the end of days called
                                                                    themes hadn’t been highlighted at the                                         Summer’s End. Bored and jaded, they romp
                                                                    start, picked out of the din so that the listener can            through time stealing past innovations to rejuvenate
                                                                    makes sense of the whole by focussing on one part                their own debauched and listless culture. They’ve
                                                                    at a time. Seven Soldiers is a fugue in comics form. It’s        come from the end of time to steal our trends. That’s an
                                                                    also a crossover.                                                apt summary of where mainstream comics are in the
                                                                          Comic-book crossovers rarely work well. They sell a        21st century: pillaging the back catalogue for concepts
                                                                    lot of copies because the more characters are involved           to revive for another round of nostalgic adventures.
                                                                    in a story the more chances somebody will be invest-             Amusingly, the Seven disconnected Soldiers who are
                                                                    ed in some of those characters – Pride And Prejudice             our only defence against the Sheeda are all denizens of
                                                                    And Zombies appeals to people who like Mr Darcy                  the back catalogue themselves, reimagined versions of
                                                                    and people who like shambling corpses, right? – but              old characters and legacy heroes. The only protection
                                                                    they’re a mess of creators working at cross purposes,            against a future that wants to steal our ideas is a col-
                                                                    jarring changes in tone and style, plot holes and the            lection of old ideas revamped and freshened up, made
                                                                    inevitable deus ex machina ending. Seven Soldiers                relevant again with a new coat of paint.

38 /// INFoRmER LIFESTYLE + cuLTuRE GuIDE                                                                                                                        ISSuE 959
              control freak
                                                                                            THIS DOG MAKES YOUR
                         S                                                                  LABRADOODLE LOOK RUBBISH

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    THE FORT

                                                                                                                           INFORMER ARTS :: BARI FESTIVAL

                                                                                                                           Raise The BARI
 ROBOT DOG? MONEY DOWN                                       ISP Internode announced that the Gameservers soft-
     Developers Obsidian have revealed the potential         ware would be running on their servers, hopefully
 companions available in Fallout: New Vegas. They            giving us a much less laggy experience when Black
 include a mutant Mexican gunslinger voiced by Dan-          Ops is released on Nov 9.                                                                                                                                           SPECIA
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           L FEATU
 ny Trejo, a floating eyebot and a robot dog. Players
 will be able to choose two sidekicks to accompany           EVERYTHING IS 3D NOW
 them, and will be able to issue a wide variety of com-          PlayStation 2 classics Ico and Shadow Of The Co-          The upcoming 2010 BARI FESTIVAL seeks to expose Brisbane’s many Artist Run Initiatives, bringing
 mands to them, hopefully preventing them from get-          lossus will be re-released as a single-disc compilation       to light the city’s diverse art spaces and practitioners via a host of special events and showcases.
 ting shot up as frequently as they did in Fallout 3.        in shiny new hi-definition 3D versions for the PlaySta-       Throughout September INFORMER’s ZENOBIA FROST will profile three of the supporting ARIs each
                                                             tion 3 next year. Their developer, Team Ico, also has         week in preparation for the main event, which runs throughout the month of October.
 FREE PIRATES                                                a brand new game called The Last Guardian coming
     Another online game has shifted from paid sub-          out on PS3 somewhere between March and May. It’s                      PROFILE #10                                                 A. All artists in the festival will feature in IP Issue 2, with
                                                             about a boy and his pet dog, where the dog happens
                                                                                                                           The Fort
 scriptions to a free-to-play model where only the bo-                                                                                                                                         over 40 pages devoted to BARI. Each ARI has contrib-
 nus content has to be paid for. Pirates Of The Burn-        to be a giant flying chicken-legged monster.                                                                                      uted self-generated critical and creative responses to
 ing Sea, designed by Flying Lab Software, lets you                                                                                                                                            their own programs.
                                                                 IN BRIEF                                                  What: The Fort is an independent, artist-run
 choose between playing as a privateer or a pirate,                                                                                                                                            Q. How will the community be able get hold of cop-
                                                                   The latest in the unstoppable shambling                centre for the arts, established to help protect and
 captain of your own ship on the high seas of in-                                                                                                                                              ies of IP?
                                                                   plague of games adding zombies out of no-               promote Brisbane’s vibrant arts culture.
 ternational finance. It’s worth trying out just for                                                                                                                                           A. 3000 copies of the newspaper are available from each
                                                                   where is Yakuza: Of The End. Admittedly, we             Where: 57 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley
 the glorious ship-to-ship combat, though the                                                                                                                                                  ARI as well as local favorites like Jamie’s Espresso and The
                                                                  have always wanted the undead to show up in              Web:
 hand-to-hand swashbuckling is a bit rubbish.                                                                                                                                                  Outpost for FREE, as well as for download from our blog.
                                                                    a Grand Theft Auto game and this is probably           Q. What is The Fort’s manifesto?                                    Q. Why did IP get involved with BARI Festival?
 BLACK OPS NOT ON A GO-                                                 the closest we’ll get.                             A. The Fort provides an innovative, community ap-                   A. We wanted to participate and contribute and en-
 SLOW                                                                        The new version of classic first-person      proach to the creation and presentation of art. The Fort            courage others to do the same. There’s a lack of con-
     Earlier this month it was an-                                            shooter GoldenEye coming out on              is managed by artists, for artists and aims to grow many            temporary arts writing platforms in Brisbane and we
 nounced that                                                 the Wii will feature an option in the        artistic endeavours drawing on collective resources,                wanted to address this.
 had won the exclusive rights to                                              multiplayer mode to automatically            skills and networks, with a special focus on environ-               Q. Why is BARI Festival important to Brisbane arts
 host online games of the upcom-                                              detonate any player who remains still        mental and community sustainability.                                and Brisbanites?
 ing Call Of Duty: Black Ops. While                                           for longer than three seconds.               Q. What’s going on at The Fort during BARI Festival?                A. It’s important to take time out to look at the huge effort
 they’re one of the USA’s biggest In-                                         In a recent interview a mem-                A. The Fort comprises artist studios; art galleries; a fash-        that artists make to run these initiatives – artist self-organ-
 ternet providers, they only have one                                     ber of NetherRealm Studios, who                  ion design space; a large, purpose designed function,               isation is a growing phenomenon in Brisbane. It’s ambigu-
 data centre in Australia at their Sydney                                are working on a reboot of the Mortal             rehearsals and performance space; project manage-                   ous but exciting future leaves much to be discussed over
 branch. Speculation that one data cen-                                   Kombat series, accidentally let slip             ment and event co-ordination services; music pro-                   some choc chip biscuits and a good cup of tea.
 tre would have to handle the load                                        that they’ve been sent a PSP2 to test.           duction and rehearsal studios; music and art supplies
 for all of Australia’s players (and                                      Sony have yet to make any announce-              (Rehab Records); a photography and film suite; web,
 potentially South East Asia’s as                                           ments about a new iteration of their           media, graphic design and illustration offices; and
 well), ended when Australian                                                 handheld PSP console.                        more. All of The Fort’s vibrant spaces (nine in total) will
                                                                                                                           be operational and open to engage with the broader
                                                                                                                           community throughout BARI.
                                                                                                                           Q. How will the community be able to engage with
                                                                                                                           Fort artists during BARI?
                                                                                                                           A. The Brooklyn-Queensland Expressway Exhibition opens
                                                                                                                           on Oct 28 at 6pm and will run at The Fort Arts Hub as part
                                                                                                                           of BARI until Nov 11, open daily from 1 – 6pm.
                                                                                                                           Q. Why is BARI Festival important to Brisbane arts
                                                                                                                           and Brisbanites?
                                                                                                                           A. Artist-run initiatives nurture their own. Government
                                                                                                                           and operationally funded arts bodies and organisa-                          PROFILE #12
                                                                                                                           tions often overlook the raw, undercurrent culture of a
                                                                                                                           city that encourages great artistic endeavour. ARIs pro-            Disembraining Machine
                                                                                                                           vide supportive, understanding environments, and a                  What: Disembraining Machine is a monthly
                                                                                                                           platform for creative collaboration. BARI Festival brings           event showcasing experimental noise, music,
                                                                                                                           these independent groups and spaces together, pro-                  film and art from the local underground scene.
                                                                                                                           viding a voice for these varied, but ultimately united by           Disembraining Machine is organised by Joel
                                                                                                                           purpose, culturally significant initiatives.                        Stern and Marly Luske and takes place at The
                                                                                                                                                                                               Tidy at Alchemix.
                                                                                                                                                                                               Where: The Tidy, Logan Rd, Wooloongabba

                                                                                         "LOOKS LIKE YOU WILL BE                                                                               Q. What’s Disembraining Machine’s manifesto?
                                                                                         SLEEPING WITH THE FISHES, SEE?"                                                                       A. To stage aberrant shindigs showcasing experiments
                                                                                                                                                                                               in noise, improvised, popular and unpopular, new and
 CONTROL FREAK :: GAME REVIEW                                                                                                                                                                  old music from Brisbane’s thriving underground scene.
                                                                                                                                                                                               To record the experiments and unleash them on an un-
 MAFIA II [MA]                                                            oozes atmosphere. You’ll get to experi-                                                                              suspecting global public.
 Developer: 2K Czech                                                      ence winter in the 1940s and summer                                                                                  Q. What programs will your ARI run during the fes-
 Platforms: 360 / PS3 / PC                                                in the 1950s, with music on the radio                                                                                tival?
 A game you can’t refuse                                                  to match. Most missions involve some                                                                                 A. Disembraining Machine’s 13th event will be a special
      Though 2K Czech’s mob epic is a sand-                               combination of driving and shooting.                     PROFILE #11                                                 BARI edition held on Oct 10.
 box game in terms of having a large city                                 Steering classic old cars around is fun,                                                                             Q. Which artists will your BARI program engage?
 as its setting, it bears little similarity to the
 likes of GTA in terms of extra-curricular
                                                                          and you can tinker with the number-
                                                                          plates, colour and engine. The shooting
                                                                                                                           Independent Press                                                   A. Four amazing acts with the goal of increasing pulse
                                                                                                                                                                                               rates: Pastel Blaze – all girl glitter punk action (www.
                                                                          elements of the game are pretty solid.           What: Independent Press is a free arts
 activities. Outside of some collectables,                                                                                                                                           ; Gerald Keaney and the Ger-
                                                                          There’s a strong emphasis on cover, and          newspaper published in Brisbane.
 your activities in Mafia II are largely con-                                                                                                                                                  ald Keaneys – avant-garde praxis, punk, Marxism, push
                                                                          since it only takes two or three bullets         Where: Find Independent Press at Brisbane ARIs
 fined to following the game’s linear story.                                                                                                                                                   biking, dressing funny and sci-fi (
                                                                          to die, you’ll be keen to stick behind           and The Outpost
 Though the freedom to explore is nearly                                                                                                                                                       geraldkeaney); KEMIALLISET YSTÄVÄT – impossible, en-
                                                                          cover as much as possible. Thankfully            Web:
 always there, you’ll more or less be fun-                                                                                                                                                     trancing noises from Finland (www.kemiallisetystavat.
 nelled from one story mission to the next.                               health regenerates to an extent, mean-           Q. What’s Independent Press’ Manifesto?                             com); and Sam Hamilton – avant-pop ecstacy from
 This isn’t a bad thing, merely different. The                            ing patience on the player’s part usually        A. IP was established as an annual publication to docu-             Auckland, NZ (
 player takes on the role of Vito Scaletta, who is back on   prevents cheap deaths. You’ll also be taking part in          ment exhibitions by local emerging and early career                 Q. How will the community be able to engage with
 American shores after copping a bullet and winning a        some simple but well-executed stealth sequences               artists as an alternative to mainstream arts publica-               your program?
 Purple Heart in World War II. While Vito has been           and the occasional melee fight.                               tions. We’d pimp our nanas to make it happen if we                  A. It’s great, weird, and provocative music offered for free.
 gone, lifelong pal Joe Barbaro has been busy                   Mafia II has its flaws, but overall it’s an enjoyable      had to. Luckily, it’s not that hard. People in the local arts       The audience has everything to gain and nothing to lose.
 establishing connections within Empire City’s               game. Keep in mind that the single player is quite short,     scene want dialogue to chew on.                                     Q. Why did your ARI get involved with BARI Festival?
 mafia families. When Scaletta gets back and                 though there is some DLC available called Jimmy’s Ven-        Q. What programs will IP run during BARI Festival?                  A. It’s an awesome opportunity to freak out punters in
 learns he needs to whip up some quick cash                  detta that features a bunch of extra missions and will        A. Along with publishing Issue 2 and hosting a launch               King George Square.
 to wipe his family’s debt, he naturally be-                             set you back a few extra bucks. In pure           party at King George Square on Saturday Oct 9 from
 comes entangled in a life of crime.                                        game terms Mafia II is merely compe-           6pm, we’ll be blogging what’s on during the festival
      The facial animations in cutscenes                                     tent, but the beautifully rendered set-       throughout October, with behind-the-scenes photos                      The BARI (Brisbane Artist Run
 are excellent, and naturally the pres-                                       ting and enjoyable story make it a           and as much gossip as possible!                                       Initiatives) Festival runs from Oct 1 – 30.
 entation is highly cinematic. It’s a                                           worthwhile experience.                     Q. Which BARI artists will feature in Independent                     See for more info.
 great-looking game and the city                                                        HHH           TOASTFARMER          Press?

SEPTEmBER 21 2010                                                                                                                                                                          INFoRmER LIFESTYLE + cuLTuRE GuIDE /// 39
   win stuff              GIVEAWAYS
                                                                    arts                                                        ARTS LISTINGS
                                                                                                                                                                                           SEND ALL ARTS LISTINGS TO ZENOBIA FROST
                                                                                                                                                                                           ARTS@RAVEMAGAzINE.COM.AU OR PO BOx 802
                                                                                                                                                                                           STONES CORNER 4120 BY 12PM THURSDAYS

                                                                                                                               Arts Curious
                                                                                                                               Brisbane Festival: For the month of September,
                                                                                                                               Brisbane comes alive in celebration of its creative
                                                                                                                               communities. This week’s picks: The Dark Party,
                                                                                                                               physical comedy at its best and most bizarre; In
                                                                                                                               The Light Of A Moon, a curious outdoor project;
                                                                                                                               Art From The Margins, by Queenslanders liv-
                                                                                                                               ing on the streets; Die Winterreise, a modern
                                                                                                                               take on Schubert’s song cycle; and if you loved
                                                                                                                               Wunderkammer last week, check out Circa Zoo’s
                                                                                                                               Strange Familiar Angel. All running through
                                                                                                                               BrisFest’s final week, until September 25. www.

                                                   THE TREE                                                                                                                                                                         THE DARK PARTY

THE TREE TICKETS                                                    INFORMER ARTS :: FONTEYN REMEMBERED                       FILM, FESTIVALS, ETC.

                                                                                                                                                                                           Arts Theatre. October 13 to 17. Ph: 3369 2344
    Opening in cinemas Sep 30 and based on Judy                                                                               BIFF in the Burbs: Presented by Screen Queensland,          [title of show]: Based on true events, the show chroni-
Pascoe’s novel Our Father Who Art In The Tree, The                                                                            this five-day event is an entrée to the Brisbane             cles the journey of two nobodies in New York as they set
Tree is a joint Australian and French production that                                                                         International Film Festival. Until September 25. www.        themselves the unenviable task of creating an original

was filmed in Boonah. It tells the story of a young girl                                                                                                    musical, bound for Broadway. Powerhouse. October 6 to
(Morgana Davies) who confides in her mother (Char-                                                                            Video Void: Three dynamic screening programs                16. Ph: 3358 8600 /
lotte Gainsbourg) that she hears her late father (Aden                                                                        that include some of the earliest Australian video and       Aida: Graeme Murphy directs this stunning new
Young) communicating through the leaves of a tree in                                                                          performance art by pioneers of the genre. QUT’s Parer        production of Giuseppe Verdi’s grand opera. Lyric
their yard. We’ve got 10 double in-season passes to the             DAVID WALTERS lights up the ballet in                     Place Urban Screens. Until September 30. Ph: 3138            Theatre, QPAC. October 16 to 30. Ph: 136 246 / www.
movie to give away. For your chance to win one, head                conversation with ZENOBIA FROST.                          5495 /                   
to WIN STUFF at WWW.RAVEMAGAZINE.COM.AU.                                                                                      Fashion and Film: To coincide with Valentino, Retro-        Synecdoche 3 Sisters: Trapped in a nowhere time

BIRDS OF TOKYO PRIZE PACK                                           “   There is a joke in the industry: for drama, you
                                                                        light the face; for dance, you light the feet; and
                                                                    opera you light the set,” says David Walter, lighting
                                                                                                                              spective: Past/Present/Future, the Australian Cinémath-
                                                                                                                              èque presents a three part program featuring films
                                                                                                                                                                                           and place, three sisters search for love and meaning in
                                                                                                                                                                                           a new, daring, and contemporary adaptation of Chek-
    Birds Of Tokyo is the third album from Perth alt-                                                                         and exploring fashion and its relationship to cinema.        hov’s classic tale about the irony of hope. The Studio,
rockers Birds Of Tokyo. They’re currently touring the               director for upcoming ballet, Fonteyn Remem-                                                                           Metro Arts. October 26 to November 6. Ph: 3103 7437
                                                                                                                              Australian Cinémathèque. Until November 14. Ph: 3840
country in support of it, including a show at the Brisbane          bered. “But as with most jokes, there is a grain of                                                                    /
                                                                                                                              7303 /
Convention Centre on Friday Sep 24 where they’ll be                 truth to be found.” With several decades’ experience
                                                                                                                              Brisbane Jazz Festival: Brisbane celebrates the
supported by Silversun Pickups and The Chemist. We’ve               under his belt, Walter should know. For him, light-                                                                    VISUAL ARTS, ARCHITECTURE
                                                                                                                              voices of jazz in 2010 with some of the world’s most
got a double pass to the show as well as a vinyl copy of            ing dance is liberating: “You don’t have to single out                                                                 Rolling Stone – The Covers: artisan presents an ex-
                                                                                                                              influential and acclaimed jazz musicians and emerging
the album and a Birds Of Tokyo tote bag to give away to             faces, but can sculpt entire bodies.”                                                                                  hibition of 300 of the greatest Rolling Stone Australia
                                                                                                                              artists. Brisbane Powerhouse. October 21 to 24. Ph:
one lucky winner. For your chance to win it, head to WIN                 Fonteyn Remembered is a major project for                                                                         covers, spanning four decades. artisan. Until October 2.
                                                                                                                              3358 8600 /
STUFF at WWW.RAVEMAGAZINE.COM.AU.                                   Queensland Ballet that has been in the works – in the                                                                  Ph: 3215 0800 /
                                                                    hands of choreographers, scriptwriters, composers,
                                                                                                                              THEATRE, DANCE, CIRCUS, ETC. – NOW                           Tracey Moffat – Narratives: The three photographic
                                                                    and audio and visual technicians – since 2007. It has                                                                  series in this exhibition explore Moffatt’s use of images
                                                                                                                               Cantina: Set in the seediest of drinking holes, torn
                                                                    been a particular (if joyous) challenge for its light-                                                                 to build non-linear and open-ended stories based on
                                                                                                                              between the past, present and future, Cantina explores
                                                                    ing director, with its cross-media approach meaning                                                                    Australian history, mythology, childhood and memory.
                                                                                                                              the rapture and torture of desire, and the tension be-
                                                                    face, feet and set must shine in harmony.                                                                              Redland Art Gallery. Until October 2. Ph: 3829 8899 /
                                                                                                                              tween harsh reality and escapist fantasy. Spiegeltent,
                                                                         Accordingly, Walter has spent the past two years                                                        
                                                                                                                              King George Square. Until September 25. Ph: 1300 438
                                                                    illuminating the vision of producer Des Power. “Like                                                                   Local Eyes: This exhibition offers a voice to those yet
                                                                                                                              849 /
                                                                    all art forms,” Walter says, “classical ballet is look-                                                                to be heard. Eighteen young storytellers from United
                                                                                                                              42a: 42a is at the nexus of visual art, media and
                                                                    ing for ways to remain relevant in a contemporary                                                                      Way Queensland’s community groups have taken up
                                                                                                                              performance utilising elements of dance, sculpture,
                                                                    world. Classical ballet dancers, actors, live musi-                                                                    the camera to allow others a glimpse into their lives.
                                                                                                                              video and new media to explore concepts relating to
                                                                    cians, and projection will work together to weave                                                                      Brisbane Powerhouse. Until October 3. www.bris-
                                                                                                                              house and home. MetroArts. Until September 25. Ph:
FLYING SCRIBBLE TICKETS                                             the story.”                                                                                                  
                                                                                                                              3002 7100 /
    Melbourne multi-instrumentalist duo Flying Scrib-                    Fonteyn Remembered celebrates the life of bal-                                                                    Of The Night: Many artists are at their most creative
                                                                                                                              First Love: The Gare St. Lazare Players present a
ble (pictured) have a new album called We’re A Chame-               lerina Dame Margot Fonteyn, a ballet belle of the                                                                      after dark. Through story-telling elements with bold,
                                                                                                                              story about a young man, a misanthrope who prefers
leon full of appropriately chameleonic shifts, offbeat              1940s and ‘50s. “One of the more telling quotes                                                                        animation-styled imagery, this exhibition features the
                                                                                                                              his own company, who takes refuge on a bench by a
rhythms and a touch of the carnival ready to go. They’ll            from Margot’s autobiography states, ‘Life offstage                                                                     things that go bump in the night and keep us awake.
                                                                                                                              canal and there meets a woman – a prostitute – who
be launching it with a gig at Lofly Hangar on Saturday                                                                        takes him home. Powerhouse. Until September 25. Ph:          Bleeding Heart Gallery, 166 Ann Street. October 1 to 7.
Oct 9 and we’ve got two double passes to give away.                                                                           3358 8600 /             
For your chance to win one, head to WIN STUFF at
                                                                       Like all art forms, classical                          Often I Find That I Am Naked: Anyone who’s ever             Prejudice and Pride: This MoB exhibition recog-
                                                                                                                                                                                           nises lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender lives in
                                                                                                                              dreamt of perfect love but woken up hung over and
                                                                      ballet is looking for ways                              naked in a stranger’s bed is invited to laugh along          Brisbane. Featuring stories and donated objects from
LISA MILLER CDS                                                        to remain relevant in a                                with this new Australian comedy. The Arts Centre             hundreds of Brisbane residents, the exhibition breaks
    Melbourne singer-songwriter Lisa Miller recorded                    contemporary world.                                   Gold Coast. September 21 to 25. Ph: 5581 6500 / www.         down myths and stereotypes and celebrates the
a collection of cover songs called Car Tape that was so                                                                                                                                    achievements of GLBT communities in Brisbane. Until
popular it’s led to a sequel. Car Tape 2 features Miller
                                                                      Classical ballet dancers,                     
                                                                                                                              Drags Aloud: Direct from the Edinburgh Fringe               October 17. Museum of Brisbane, 157 Ann Street. Ph:
doing her country pop versions of songs by Neil Young,               actors, live musicians, and                              Festival, these fabulous divas with a difference have been   3403 8888 /
Ryan Adams, Curtis Mayfield and David Crosby. She                   projection will work together                             called “supreme movement artists and dancers who             WindWells – channelling + divining: An extraor-
even offers her own take on Shirley Bassey’s James Bond
theme, Moonraker. We’ve got three copies of Car Tape 2
                                                                       to weave the story.                                    entertain with masterful playing of gorgeous women           dinary assemblage of windmill, strange moving parts
                                                                                                                                                                                           and projections guaranteed to spark imaginations.
                                                                                                                              in splendid dresses.” Touring around Queensland from
to give away. For your chance to win one, head to WIN                                                                         Until September 25.                       Local artists Pat Hoffie and Stefan Purcell have delved
STUFF at WWW.RAVEMAGAZINE.COM.AU.                                                                                             The Pride: This Side Pony production maps the               into some of the curiosities of Queensland’s past State
                                                                    has sometimes been a wilderness of unpredicta-            social patterns of a lion’s life onto human characters       Library of Queensland Gallery, Level 2. Until October
                                                                    bles in an unchoreographed world,’” Walter tells me.      dressed as lions. MetroArts. September 23 to 25. Ph:         17.
                                                                    “Her life offstage was every bit as extraordinary as      3002 7100 /                             Simryn Gill – Gathering: The exhibition highlights
                                                                    her time in the limelight – from a childhood in Chi-      Gwen in Purgatory: Gwen is 90. She woke up to dis-          Gill’s pursuit of meaning through materials and art-
                                                                    na to fleeing enemy bullets escaping from Holland         cover that purgatory is sitting in a new house in a new      making processes. It includes photographs, collections,
                                                                    during the Second World War, to being arrested for        subdivision. La Boite Roundhouse Theatre. September          books and jewellery made from paper and found ob-
                                                                    gun running in Panama.” Fonteyn’s life story sounds       29 to October 24. Ph: 3007 8600 /         jects. Until October 17. GoMA.
                                                                    like the stuff of adventure novels, “but onstage was      Betrayal: Harold Pinter’s tale of a passionate love         Douglas Kirkland – A Life in Pictures: The first major
                                                                    where the world fell into place for her.”                 affair, starring Sibylla Budd (The Secret Life of Us), the   retrospective of Kirkland’s photojournalism, celebrity
                                                                         Des Power, the ballet’s creator, initially planned   story unfolds in reverse, allowing audiences to continue     portraiture and film photography. Features some of the
                                                                    for Fonteyn Remembered to have a strong film              questioning how the affair started – but knowing how         some of the world’s most enduring public figures and en-
DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS TICKETS                                         component. The good fortune of a sponsorship              it ends. Cremorne Theatre, QPAC. Until October 9. Ph:        tertainers. GoMA. Until October 24.
    In cinemas Sep 30, Dinner For Schmucks is the                   from Haycom enabled the Fonteyn team to employ            136 246 /                            Zen to Kawaii – The Japanese Effect: Japan has long
latest comedy directed by Jay Roach, responsible for                large-format projections, meaning they can fill the                                                                    played muse to artists – providing inspiration and influ-
both the Austin Powers and Meet The Parents movies.                 whole Playhouse stage with vivid imagery. “Because        THEATRE, DANCE, CIRCUS, ETC. – SOON                          encing major artists and art movements since the 19th
The dinner in question is a challenge to bring the big-             of the kinetic nature of dance we have moved away         Fonteyn Remembered: This world première stage               Century. A rich artistic exchange remains as strong today
gest weirdo as a guest, which a young executive (Paul               from video projection, but have concentrated on           production uses a unique partnership of drama and            as it did in the past. QUT Art Museum. Until December
Rudd) enters by bringing a tax agent (Steve Carell)                 static images that can be gently animated through         dance to tell the extraordinary story of one of the 20th     19. Ph: 3138 5370 /
whose hobby is creating artwork out of dead mice.                   digital technology,” says Walter. “In their simplest      century’s most famous ballerinas, Dame Margot Fon-
We’ve got 25 double passes to a preview screening on                form they can assist fluid storytelling as a substitute   teyn. Playhouse Theatre, QPAC. October 2 to 16. Ph: 136      MIXED BAG
Wednesday Sep 29 at BCC Myer Centre at 6.30pm. For                  for painted cloths or backdrops to a scene. The im-       246 /                                        Viennese Masters: The Australian Chamber Or-
your chance to win one, head to WIN STUFF at WWW.                   ages also allow us to investigate the emotional or        Red Sky Morning: Tom Holloway’s award-winning               chestra performs masterpieces by the three greatest
RAVEMAGAZINE.COM.AU.                                                psychological aspects of a scene.                         play examining isolation in regional Australia. A moth-      composers of 19th century Vienna: Beethoven, Brahms
                                                                         “The latest in lighting software and all the pro-    er, father and teenage daughter stand behind venetian        and Schubert – the pinnacle of chamber music. QPAC.
SKITZ MIX CDS                                                       jection will be controlled by QPAC’s lighting board,”     blinds to deliver their internal monologues that inter-      October 4. Ph: 1800 444 444 /
    Nick Skitz is back once again with the latest Skitz             adds Walter. “The Cultural Centre has even procured       sect and weave the characters’ thoughts and perspec-         nesemasters
Mix CD, which is volume 35 in the series. It’s another              extra hardware to make this possible.” This support       tives. Judith Wright Centre. October 5 to 9. Ph: 3872        DJ While You Sleep: The hit of last year’s Brisbane
collection of high NRG hard dance remixes of the likes              for the project means that Queensland Ballet can          9000 /                            Festival Under the Radar program, DJ While You Sleep
of Spankers, Yolanda Be Cool & D Cup, Pandora, Style-               make a rather dazzling tribute to a dancer whose          Catholic School Girls: A delicious coming-of-age            invites audiences to slumber to a live soundscape by
rockerz, Jason Born, Venus Jones and Brooklyn Bounce                life had a major impact on British and Australian         comedy about the childhood ties that bind, the stripes       internationally renowned sound artists. Judith Wright
as well as the patented Nick Skitz megamixes. We’ve                 ballet. “She had that rare ability to play to a crowd-    that hurt, and sex education: Catholic style. Metro Arts.    Centre. October 1 to 2. Ph: 3872 9000 / www.judith-
got five copies of Skitz Mix Volume 35 to give away. For            ed auditorium and make each person feel as if she         October 5 to 24. Ph: 3002 7100 /
your chance to win one, head to WIN STUFF at WWW.                   was performing just for them. She burned an indel-        Vempire – The Vampire Empire: Brisbane Youth                Tim Minchin Versus The Orchestra: Tickets on sale
RAVEMAGAZINE.COM.AU.                                                ible mark on the world of ballet.”                        Drama Ensemble presents the story of a group of vam-         now for this comedy rock superstar’s national tour,
                                                                                                                              pires posing as teachers who lure a group of students        complete with 55-piece orchestra poised to respond
To enter a competition simply head to the WIN                        FONTEYN REMEMBERED plays at the                         to Haxthorne Academy, only to pick them off one by           to Minchin’s every musical whim. Brisbane Convention
STUFF section of the Rave Magazine website                          Playhouse, QPAC, from Oct 2 to 16. Ph: 136                one. A comedy with as many woeful B-grade horror cli-        Centre. March 18, 2011. Ph: 132 849 / www.ticketek. Good luck!                                 246 /                                     chés as possible, live music and evil laughter. Brisbane

40 /// INFoRmER LIFESTYLE + cuLTuRE GuIDE                                                                                                                                                                           ISSuE 959

  GIG                                                                                                                                                                                                                  GREEN GRAss oF HoME
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       With a return to the familiar stomping grounds of Brisbane Riverstage and Bo-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       tanic Gardens, the time has come for Parklife to kick off the 2010 Spring festival

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       season. With Groove Armada, Missy Elliott, Soulwax (pictured), AKA 2Man-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       yDJs, The Dandy Warhols, Kele and a vast array of others, bring your sun-
                                                                              GIG                                                                                                                                      screen, dancing shoes and remain clothed (no, we’re really serious, no one wants
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       to see your sweaty skin in public – Live Ed.) for the Saturday Sep 25 festivities!
                                                                              oF                                                                                                                                       @ bRIsbANE RIVERstAGE & botANIC GARDENs,
                                                                              tHE                                                                                                                                      sAtURDAY sEP 25
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       LooK FoR aNY REmaINING TIcKETS aT WWW.tICKEtMAstER.CoM.AU $141.95+BF

PREsENtED bY                                                                   WEEK
                                                            Alderley Arms Hotel: After Glow                               The JOYnt, South Brisbane: Chocolate Strings                 Swell Tavern, Burleigh Heads: Misdirection / Preston
tUEsDAY sEPtEMbER 21                                        BarSoma, Fortitude Valley: Lick It: DJ Holy Ghost (NYC)       The Patch Lounge, Coolangatta: Emotions                      Fight
Elephant & Wheelbarrow, Fortitude Valley: Platform          / Flight Facilities / Tim Fuchs / Jad & The Ladyboy / Youth   Tivoli, The, Fortitude Valley: Angus & Julia Stone / Luluc   Tempo Hotel (Main Room), Fortitude Valley: Brooksy
Judith Wright Centre, Fortitude Valley: Shop Front: The     / Rio Lobotomy                                                Troubadour, The, Fortitude Valley: The Honey Month           & Co
Mute Canary Project                                         Beetle Bar, Cloud 9: D Rouser / 50 Bags / Main Street         (launch) / Guineafowl (SYD) / Mosman Alder / DJ Sean         Tempo Hotel (Stage Door), Fortitude Valley: Club
LocknLoad, West End: Peter Hunt Band                        Brats / The Pretty Boys                                       Cool                                                         House: Augustus
Music Kafe, West End: Rhythm Express / Sunday Smith         Brisbane Convention Centre, South Brisbane: Birds Of          Victory Hotel, Brisbane: Benjam                              The Alley, Elizabeth Street: Batteries Not Included: Lion
/ Luna Junction                                             Tokyo / Silversun Pickups / The Chemist (AA)                  Zoo, The, Fortitude Valley: The Mercy Beat / Sparrows        Island / Sulphur Lights
Spiegeltent, King George Square: Harry James Angus          Brisbane Powerhouse (Turbine Platform), New Farm:             (SYD) / 100 Bad Guys With Swords / Cat Rapes Bat             The Hangar, Red Hill: Flying Scribble / Axxonn / Scraps
Project & Dheeraj Shrestha (7pm)                            The Residents: Mr Rascal                                                                                                   The Hi Fi, West End: Mayhem (NOR) / Astriaal / Mongrels
Step Inn, Fortitude Valley: Surgeon (Anthony Child)         Broadbeach Tavern: Viper Room                                 sAtURDAY sEPtEMbER 25                                        Cross
Tempo Hotel (Main Room), Fortitude Valley: Escalate:        Burleigh Heads Hotel: 8 Ball Duo                              Albion Hotel: Chris Talbot                                   The Hive (Valley PCYC), Fortitude Valley: Places,
Michael Hoad / Gina Horswood Duo / Anna Weatherup           Cartel Coffee Bar: The Lyrical                                Alderley Arms Hotel: Dennis Dean                             People (SYD)
Band / The Horse Darkly / The Windup Dolls                  Caxton Hotel, Paddington: Little Brisbane                     Blue Pacific Hotel, Bribie Island: Rob Brown / Mad Mike      The J, Noosa: Drags Aloud
The Events Centre, Caloundra: Drags Aloud                   Coolangatta Hotel: Grinspoon                                  Bennett / Damien Power                                       The Squealing Pig Hotel, Ipswich: 1.1.1 / Celebrity
The Hi Fi, West End: Enter Shikari / House Vs Hurricane     Edinburgh Castle Hotel, Kedron: The Front                     Brewhouse, Brisbane City: Adrian Keys                        Stalkers / Fun With Explosives / Gud Fierce
(U18)                                                       Elephant & Wheelbarrow, Fortitude Valley: Jason               Brisbane Powerhouse, New Farm: Popalicious: Fornika          Tivoli, The, Fortitude Valley: Angus & Julia Stone / Luluc
Woodford Hotel: Mark Sheils                                 Bull / Jabba                                                  Brisbane Riverstage & City Gardens: Parklife: Groove         Transcontinental Hotel, Brisbane City: Anne Ferguson-
X&Y, Valley: Son Of Sea / Steve Case Band                   Elsewhere, Gold Coast: Rhys Bynon / Audun                     Armada / Missy Elliott / Soulwax / Holy Ghost! / The         Howe / Matt Elsbury / Baz McAlister / James OConnell /
                                                            Empire Theatre, Toowoomba: The John Butler Trio /             Dandy Warhols / Kele / 2ManyDJs / Busy P / Memory            Open Mic Guys
WEDNEsDAY sEPtEMbER 22                                      Blue King Brown (AA)
                                                            Fiddlers Green, Surfers Paradise: Tyson Faulkner
                                                                                                                          Tapes / Cut Copy / Midnight Juggernauts / Uffie / Classixx   Troubadour, The, Fortitude Valley: The Snowdroppers /
                                                                                                                                                                                       The Blackwater Fever / Buick Six
Birdee Num Num, Fortitude Valley: Squark: Open Mic Night                                                                  / The Wombats / Dan Black / Jack Beats / Delorean / Dar-
                                                            Fitzy’s, Loganholme: Misdirection                                                                                          Verrierdale Hall, Sunshine Coast: Chocolate Strings
Brisbane Riverstage: Parkway Drive / The Devil Wears
Prada / The Ghost Inside / 50 Lions (AA)
                                                            Four Mile Creek Hotel, Strathpine: C4
                                                                                                                          win Deez / Chiddy Bang / The Glitch Mob / New Young
                                                                                                                          Pony Club / Ou Est Le Swimming Pool / Mix Master Mike        / Paua                                                       bUttoN DoWN bUtlER
                                                            Fusion Villa, Noosa: Monkey Business                          / Brodinski / The Swiss / Wolf Gang / Sinden / DJ Mehdi /    Victory Hotel, Brisbane: Contagious
Club 299, Fortitude Valley: Pink Services / Cobwebbs        Gallery of Modern Art, (GoMA), Southbank: Up Late:                                                                         X&Y, Valley: Calling All Cars / Numbers Radio / Young
/ Cannon                                                    Bang Gang DJs (Doom & Hoodrat)
                                                                                                                          Jesse Rose / Washington / Bag Raiders / AC Slater / Grum
                                                                                                                                                                                       Revelry                                                       The incredibly popular John Butler (pictured)
Fiddlers Green, Surfers Paradise: Tyson Faulkner                                                                          / Gypsy & The Cat / Ajax / Yolanda Be Cool vs Dcup
Music Kafe, West End: Jesse Morris & the 3 Beans
                                                            Gilhooleys, Albert St: Red Thursday                           Broadbeach Tavern: Downlode                                  Zoo, The, Fortitude Valley: Waterpark (launch) / RVLR        brings his Trio to Brisbane and Toowomba this
                                                            Gilhooleys, Chermside: DJ House                               Burst City, South Brisbane: Between The Devil &              / Triplickit
O’Malley’s Irish Pub, Brisbane: Abby Skye                   Gilhooleys, Loganholme: DJ Danny B                            The Deep / Army of Champions! / The Blasted Heath /
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    week. Snaking his way south after an appearance
QPAC Cascade Court: Havana Club: Cuban Groove Collec-
tive / DJ Cubanito
                                                            Gilhooleys, Strathpine: DJ House                              Hellcrown (AA)                                               sUNDAY sEPtEMbER 26                                          at the impressive Reggaetown festival in Cairns,
                                                            Grand Central Hotel, Brisbane: Stiflers Mum                   Club 299, Fortitude Valley: Hot Gossip                       4ZzZ Car Park, Fortitude Valley: Running Guns / Geese
Regatta Hotel, Toowong: Nurse Marky Mark Z / Dr Disko       Hamilton Hotel : Jeff Carter Duo                              Club Envy, Maroochydore: Legless                             / The Fricken Hecks.                                         JBT hold court at The Riverstage on Thursday Sep
Diva / Pete Smith MD                                        Hinterland Hotel Highway Bar, Nerang: Vertigo
Ric’s Bar, Fortitude Valley: Dan Webb                       Hotel LA, Petrie Terrace: Andrew Campbell
                                                                                                                          Elephant & Wheelbarrow, Fortitude Valley: Venus Envy         Albion Hotel: Peter Cupples                                  23 and Toowoomba’s Empire Theatre on Friday Sep
Royal George Hotel, Fortitude Valley: Mark Sheils                                                                         Elsewhere, Gold Coast: Oshione / Stretch Paper Cranes        Booroodabin Bowls Club (The Boo), Newstead: Toni
Spiegeltent, King George Square: Lisa Miller (7pm)
                                                            Jazbar Restaurant Wine Bar, Toowong: Chi-Cachi-Ca             / Thomas J                                                   Pollard & The Rhythm Method                                  24. Both shows are licensed and all ages, with the
                                                            Jazz Duo
Step Inn, Fortitude Valley: The Riot / Vayer / The Green    Jimboomba Country Tavern: Goran Sedlar Duo
                                                                                                                          Fat Louie’s Pool Hall, Albert St: Between The Devil &        Boundary Hotel, West End: Mojo Webb & Band                   pumping Blue King Brown playing in support. If
Whistle / Temple Mount                                                                                                    The Deep / The Quickening / Headaches / Marathon             Brisbane Powerhouse (Powerhouse Theatre), New
Tempo Hotel (Main Room), Fortitude Valley: Alex Jones
                                                            Kedron Park Hotel: The Green Sinatras                         Fox Hotel, South Brisbane: Mark Sheils                       Farm: Livewired                                              tickets are left, you’ll find them at Ticketmaster, Oz-
                                                            Kings Beach Tavern, Caloundra: Rumjacks / Kombi Kill-         Gilhooleys, Chermside: Kung Pow Cats                         Brisbane Powerhouse (Turbine Platform), New Farm:
Troubadour, The, Fortitude Valley: Katie Wighton            ers / Dementia 13 / Myrtle Place / Shape Shifters             Gilhooleys, Loganholme: Seductive Soul                       Live Spark: Princess One Point Five / Seja
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Tix or
(launch) / Claire Whiting / Dance Hall Paradiso             Lennox Point Hotel: Pacha Mamma
X&Y, Valley: Spitfireliar                                                                                                 Gilhooleys, Strathpine: Dachunga                             Broadbeach Tavern: Hodads
                                                            LocknLoad, West End: Gaffa                                    Globe, The, Fortitude Valley: Playjerise / Adventure         Brook Hotel, Mitchelton: Leon
Zoo, The, Fortitude Valley: JMC Academy: Red Leather        Lonestar Tavern: Babba
Yellow Leather / The Irish Wristwatch / Murphys Law                                                                       Land / Candice Long                                          Burleigh Heads Hotel: Nick Muir
                                                            Masonic Hall, Stradbroke Island: Mojo Webb & Band             Grand Central Hotel, Brisbane: Fretless Delay                Club 299, Fortitude Valley: Death To The Witness / A
                                                            Merrimac Tavern, Gold Coast: Goldie & The Bear
tHURsDAY sEPtEMbER 23                                       Met, The (Bamboo Bar) Fortitude Valley: Bossy / Mr
                                                                                                                          Hamilton Hotel : Stewie
                                                                                                                          Hamilton Hotel : Benjam
                                                                                                                                                                                       Farewell Momento / Facepalm A Pinata / Where I Stand
                                                                                                                                                                                       Dublin Docks Tavern: The Mustard Duo
Bond Uni O Week Festival: Bondstock: The Moderns            Sparkle                                                       House With No Walls, Eumundi : Phyllis Sinclair (CAN)
Brisbane Riverstage: The John Butler Trio / Blue King       Met, The, (Coco) Fortitude Valley: Malcolm / Jason                                                                         Elephant & Wheelbarrow, Fortitude Valley: Berst & Locky
                                                                                                                          Jubilee Hotel, Fortitude Valley: Toddfest 2010:              Elsewhere, Gold Coast: Giv
Brown (AA)                                                  Rouse & Sharif D / Niko                                       Lynchmada / Headkase / State Of Integrity / Cavemen
Byron Bay High School: Parkway Drive / The Devil Wears      Met, The, Fortitude Valley: Andee / Pete Smith / Murray                                                                    Envy Hotel, Broadbeach: Bud
                                                                                                                          / In Death / Spitfireliar / The Wrath / Happy Camper /       Ferny Grove Tavern: Nathan Pursey
Prada / The Ghost Inside / 50 Lions (AA)                    Brown / Nick Galea                                            Headwound The Pony / Kill The Apprentice / The Go Go
Elephant & Wheelbarrow, Fortitude Valley: August            Miami Shark Bar, Miami Tavern: Between The Devil &                                                                         Finnegan’s Chin, Keperra: Adrian Keys
                                                                                                                          Haunters / Rekoil / Grey Matter / Rad Rockets Are Go /       Gilhooleys, Loganholme: Brad Wild
Platform Winner Week 4                                      The Deep / The Matador / Oceans Away / K2 Duo                 The Pretty Boys / Nobodys Heroes / Tropical Vampirates /
Garuva Lounge, Fortitude Valley: Jesse Morris & The         Music Kafe, West End: Panacea / The Brickfields / The                                                                      Great Northern Hotel, Byron Bay: Calling All Cars /
                                                                                                                          Black Mask / Nudge From Hey Dad / F.U.C.                     Numbers Radio / Young Revelry
3 Beans                                                     Figures / Gonzalo Rodino                                      Kallangur Tavern: Babba
Gilhooleys, Chermside: DJ House                             Mystique (The Old Arena), Fortitude Valley: MC Shorti                                                                      Jubilee Hotel, Fortitude Valley: Mojo Webb & Band
                                                                                                                          Kings Beach Tavern, Caloundra: Jimmi Beavis                  LocknLoad, West End: Yemanja
Gilhooleys, Loganholme: Funku / Kris JAY / KAYLI /          The Kid & Tuini / Masta D / Blaze                             LocknLoad, West End: The Mick McCombe Band
Andy Ski                                                    Neverland, Coolangatta: Calling All Cars / Numbers                                                                         Luna Loca, Surfers Paradise: Mason Rack Band
                                                                                                                          Logan Diggers: Vicky OKeefe Tribute To Johnny OKeefe         Miami Tavern Malibu Bar: Downlode
Gilhooleys, Strathpine: DJ Pine                             Radio / Young Revelry                                         Met, The (Bamboo Bar) Fortitude Valley: Murray Lotz
Gold Coast Arts Centre: Basement: Susanna Carman /          Norfolk Tavern, Ormeau: Josh Henry                                                                                         Music Kafe, West End: Jam Night / Anthony J Cox / Sean
                                                                                                                          / Roman                                                      & Laura / Jim Gold / Blue Magic Jazz Fundraiser
Francesca de Valence / Sarah Archer                         Northshore Tavern, Pacific Paradise: Jahbutu Carib-           Met, The, (Coco) Fortitude Valley: Shannon Marshall /
Irish Club, Toowoomba: Treva Scobie                         bean Afro Latin Spectacular                                                                                                Neverland, Coolangatta: The Moderns
                                                                                                                          Malcolm / Jeremy Broughton / Bass Kartel                     QPAC Cascade Court: Havana Club: Vocal Sampling / DJ
Kitty O’Shea’s, Petrie Terrace: Songwriters Network Of      Prince Of Wales Hotel, Nundah: Test Pattern                   Met, The, Fortitude Valley: Disko Diva & Sharif D /
Qld Presents...                                             Princess Theatre, Woolloongabba: Fatis Valour / Adven-                                                                     Dwight ‘Chocolate’ Escobar
                                                                                                                          Andee / Nick Galea / Paul Ison
LocknLoad, West End: Leah Flanagan                          ture Land / Laura Bamford                                                                                                  Queen Street Mall: Katia Demeester
                                                                                                                          Miami Shark Bar, Miami Tavern: Dollarosa / Burning
Miami Shark Bar, Miami Tavern: MM9 / Felinedown /           QPAC Cascade Court: Havana Club: Vocal Sampling / DJ          Brooklyn / Averice / Finders Keepers / C4                    Queens Arms Hotel, New Farm: Di Clark & Zoe Knight
End To Chivalry                                             Dwight ‘Chocolate’ Escobar                                    Music Kafe, West End: Anything For Now / Royal Artillery     Redland Bay Hotel: The Green Sinatras
Muddy Farmer Hotel, Annerley: Out Of Abingdon               Queen Street Mall: Simon Asquith / Loren / Bang Bang
                                                            Boss Kelly
                                                                                                                          / Spruce Moose / The Pugs / Dami Jay / WheeleR / Denzil      Sit Down Comedy Club, Paddington Tavern: Mark
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    PARKlIFE sIDEsHoWs
Music Kafe, West End: Matt Powell / Macho Grande / To                                                                     Mystique (The Old Arena), Fortitude Valley: DJs Blaze /
Real Eyes / Steph Rainsford                                 Ric’s Bar, Fortitude Valley: Danny Widdicombe                                                                              Sunnybank Hotel: Brett Hitchcock
                                                                                                                          Metal Jacket / Masta D / Mareko                                                                                            If you’ve been near a radio in the past few months
QPAC Cascade Court: Havana Club: Cuban Groove Collec-       Rosies (Upstairs), Brisbane City: Monstrothic: Fall Of                                                                     The Glenn Hotel, Eight Miles Plains: Jahbutu Caribbean
                                                                                                                          Nerang RSL, Gold Coast: Bud
                                                            The Populace / Dirty Sirkus (MEL) / Face Of Mutiny                                                                         Afro Latin Spectactular
tive / DJ Cubanito
                                                            Sit Down Comedy Club, Paddington Tavern: Tommy
                                                                                                                          Neverland, Coolangatta: Bounce Crew DJs
                                                                                                                                                                                       Tivoli, The, Fortitude Valley: Angus & Julia Stone /
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    – or indeed were an early riser at the recent Splendour
Sit Down Comedy Club, Paddington Tavern: Tommy                                                                            Pacific Hotel, Yamba: Mason Rack Band
Dean / Chris Wainhouse / Casey Talbot                       Dean / Chris Wainhouse / Casey Talbot
                                                                                                                          Prince Of Wales Hotel, Nundah: Last Call / Upsize /          Luluc (U18s)                                                 In The Grass weekend – you’d be familiar with Time
                                                            Sofitel Hotel, Brisbane: Roger Gonzalez & Rohan                                                                            Tivoli, The, Fortitude Valley: Angus & Julia Stone / Luluc
Spiegeltent, King George Square: The Gin Club (7pm)                                                                       Chickflick / The Snatch / Ephemeris                                                                                       To Wander, a catchy little ditty written and performed
                                                            Somasekaran Trio                                                                                                           Troubadour, The, Fortitude Valley: Joel Edmondson /
Step Inn, Fortitude Valley: Dirtybird / Girl With Cake      SoundLounge, Currumbin RSL: The Saruzu Quartet &              QPAC Cascade Court: Havana Club: Vocal Sampling / DJ
/ Chun                                                      Kacey Patrick (Stringmansassy)                                Dwight ‘Chocolate’ Escobar                                   McKisko / Flying Scribble (MEL)                              by Melbourne duo Gypsy & The Cat (pictured). Of-
Story Bridge Hotel: Abby Skye                                                                                             QPAC Concert Hall, South Brisbane: Last Night Of             Victory Hotel, Brisbane: Bounce
Tempo Hotel (Main Room), Fortitude Valley: Rokeby
                                                            Spiegeltent, King George Square: H’Sao (7pm)
                                                                                                                          The Proms                                                    Waterfront Hotel: Clark Brick                                ten spending time in London, the lads have a run of
                                                            Springfield Tavern: Rob Brown / Katrina Davidson /
Venus / Who Is John                                         Matt Marr                                                     Queen Street Mall: Bernie Carson / Phil Smith & The
                                                                                                                                                                                       MoNDAY sEPtEMbER 27                                          hometown dates complimenting their Parklife ap-
Tempo Hotel (Stage Door), Fortitude Valley: Club            St Pauls Hotel, Spring Hill: Anne Ferguson-Howe /             Lights
House: Angelas Dish                                         Matt Elsbury / Baz McAlister / James OConnell / Open          Redland Bay Hotel: Fast Lane                                 Family Basement, Fortitude Valley: Scott Project (GER)       pearances, including The Globe on Friday Sep 24.
The Fort, Fortitude Valley: You Me At Six / Kids In Glass   Mic Guys                                                      Royal Mail Hotel, Goodna: PoP Stanton / Marshall             / Dynasty / F&E / Karma                                      Tickets are $18.40+bf though OzTix.
Houses (AA)                                                 St Pauls Hotel, Spring Hill: Lab 57                           Sit Down Comedy Club, Paddington Tavern: Tommy               Family Top Floor, Fortitude Valley: Jordan Who? / Dr
The Hi Fi, West End: Overkill / Mortal Sin                  Step Inn, Fortitude Valley: MM9 / Felinedown / Arctic         Dean / Chris Wainhouse / Casey Talbot                        Rob / Danny T / Kayli                                         After a slew of festival appearances (and a post-
The Loft, Chevron Island: The Honey Month (launch)                                                                        Spiegeltent, King George Square: H’Sao (7pm)               Jugglers Art Space, Fortitude Valley: Open Mic Night
Tin Billy’s, Brisbane City: Adrian Keys
                                                            / Perspectiv
                                                                                                                          Springwood Hotel: Rawr Vanity / Amygdala / Jupiter           LocknLoad, West End: Taste Of Teeth                          poned tour earlier this year) Brooklyn duo Holy Ghost!
                                                            Stones Corner Hotel: Kaos
Troubadour, The, Fortitude Valley: The Lingerers / The      Surfers Paradise Beergarden: Venus Envy                       Revival                                                      Music Kafe, West End: Nothing But Trouble / Pilots Of        play a DJ set for Lick It on the eve of their Parklife gig
Ride / Moses Gunn Collective                                Tallai Country Club: Bud                                      Step Inn, Fortitude Valley: One Year Later / The Initia-     Now / Frozen Face Of Polar Bear / Charlie Korianis
Victory Hotel, Brisbane: Benjam                             Tempo Hotel (Main Room), Fortitude Valley: Space              tion (NSW) / Silveira / Nine Sons Of Dan                     Newmarket Hotel: Open Mic Night: Andrew Nason                this weekend. Alex Frankel and Nick Millhiser (aka
X&Y, Valley: The David Flower Band / Pacha Mamma            Cadett                                                        Surfers Paradise Beergarden: Space Cadett                    Tivoli, The, Fortitude Valley: Peter Hook (Joy Division)     Holy Ghost!) bring their DFA-approved talents to Bar-
Zoo, The, Fortitude Valley: QUT Music Event: Elly Dear /    Tempo Hotel (Stage Door), Fortitude Valley: Club
Dana Graham / Ivy May Dillon / Indigo Kids                  House: Lewis OLeary & The Cucumbers (launch)                                                                                                                                            Soma on Friday Sep 24; support comes from Flight
FRIDAY sEPtEMbER 24                                         The Hi Fi, West End: You Me At Six / The Audition / Kids
                                                            In Glass Houses                                                  GIG GUIDE lIstINGs ARE FREE                                                                                            Facilities, Tim Fuchs, Jad & The Ladyboy, Youth and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Rio Lobotomy.
Albany Creek Tavern: Gigahertz
Albion Hotel: Flying Blind
                                                            The International Hotel, Spring Hill: Adrian Keys
                                                            The J, Noosa: Battle Of The Bands
                                                                                                                             SuBmIT YouR GIGS oNLINE aT

SEPTEmBER 21 2010                                                                                                               FoLLow RaVE maGaZINE Now oN                                                                                   GIG GuIDE /// 41
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     GIG GuIDE /// 41
 CoNCERt                                                                                                                                                                                                      WAREHoUsE WEEKENDs
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Whitelight/Blacklight is a two-night warehouse party happen-
                                                                                                                                                                                                              ing next weekend on Friday Oct 1 and Saturday Oct 2. Each night
                                                                                                                                                                                                              features an array of acts – including The Jezabels (pictured), Oh

                                                                                                                                                                                                              Ye Denver Birds, The Medics and more on Whitelight Friday,
                                                                                                                                                                                                              plus Dappled Cities, The Boat People and Teleprompter and
                                                                                                                                                                                                              more on Blacklight Saturday. Tickets are at OzTix for $18+bf (sin-
                                                                                                                                                                                                              gle night) or $34+bf (two-nights), and Lightspace is at 30 Light
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Street (Cnr Scanlan), Fortitude Valley.

                                                                                                                toUR                                                                                          @ lIGHtsPACE, FRIDAY oCt 1 & sAtURDAY oCt 2
                                                                                                                                                                                                              TIcKETS oN SaLE Now THRouGH WWW.oZtIX.CoM.AU aND WWW.
VIsIt WWW.RAVEMAGAZINE.CoM.AU FoR tHE EXtENDED CoNCERt CAlENDAR                                                 ANNoUNCEMENt                                                                                  sCENElEss.CoM.AU

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Bag Raiders Coolangatta Hotel
                                                            sEPtEMbER                                                                                                                                                                             Mama Kin / Jackie Marshall Globe, The, Fortitude
                                                            30 Basement: Pensive Penguin (launch) / Frankie &                                                                                                                                     Valley
                                                               The Moon Gold Coast Arts Centre                                                                                                                                                    Island Vibe: Darky Roots / Zennith / Kooii /
                                                               Boy & Bear / Passenger Great Northern Hotel,                                                                                                                                       Rhythm Hunters / Impossible Odds / Paua /
                                                               Byron Bay                                                                                                                                                                          Djambouki / 20,000 Leagues / Ali Baba & Greg
                                                               Richard In Your Mind / Pikelet / Mace Spotted                                                                                                                                      Sheehan / Mr Percival / Spacifix / Saritah / The
                                                               Cow, Toowoomba                                                                                                                                                                     Nomad / Cheap Fakes / Raz Bin Sam & The Lion I
                                                               Hungry Kids Of Hungary / Big Scary / Ball Park                                                                                                                                     Band & many more Home Beach, Stradbroke Island
                                                               Music The Hi Fi, West End                                                                                                                                                          (Minjerribah)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  The Audreys Joe’s Waterhole, Eumundi
                                                            oCtobER                                                                                                                                                                               Hypa Hip Hop Festival: Jess Stokes / Karizmatik
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Crew / Drake Crew Lake Kawana Centre, Bokarina
                                                            1   Bellingen Global Carnival: Baaba Maal / Mulatu                                                                                                                                    Ska Masters (UK) / The Meaniacs Prince Of Wales
 sUPPoRt sQUAD                                                  Astatke / Lulo Reinhardt / Gyuto Monks & more
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Hotel, Nundah
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Guttermouth The Hi Fi, West End
                                                                Simply Red / Marcia Hines Brisbane Entertain-                                                                                                                                     Ice Cube / Scorcher (UK) Tivoli, The, Fortitude Valley
   Ex-lead-singer of Love Outside Andromeda,                   ment Centre, Boondall
                                                                Emilie Simon & Melanie Pain (FRA) Brisbane                                                                                                                                     31 The Audreys Brisbane Powerhouse, New Farm
  Sianna Lee supports Paradise Motel (pictured) on              Powerhouse (Powerhouse Theatre), New Farm                                                                                                                                         Sausagefest: Burning Brooklyn / Caulfield / Per-
  Friday Oct 1 at The Troubadour.                               Richard In Your Mind / Pikelet / Toy Balloon                                                                                                                                      fect Fit / I Am Villain / Badgers Club 299, Fortitude

                                                                                                                           boY & bEAR
                                                                Coolangatta Hotel                                                                                                                                                                 Valley
   Little Scout step up to support ‘90s indie favour-          The Holidays / Papa vs Pretty / PamPamPam /                                                                                                                                       Island Vibe: Rhythm Collision Sound / De La Haye
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  / DJ Mustaphaa / Andy Dub / Landsoaken / Bobby
  ites Smudge at The Troubadour on Saturday Oct 9.              Edson & Tropics Elsewhere, Gold Coast
                                                                Up Late: Nick Galea Gallery of Modern Art,                 @ GREAt NoRtHERN HotEl, tHURsDAY sEP 30                                                                                Alu / Erther / Resteteser / Juddah / The Flumes /
   It seems producer Bjorn Thorsrud is the connection          (GoMA), Southbank
                                                                                                                           @ soUNDloUNGE, FRIDAY oCt 1
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Anarchist Duck / One Rude Ape & Sunny Dread /
                                                                Ash Grunwald / The Dead Beat Band Great                                                                                                                                           DJ Catkid & many more Home Beach, Stradbroke
  leading to Adelaide’s City Riots scoring the national         Northern Hotel, Byron Bay                                  @ tHE Zoo, sAtURDAY oCt 2                                                                                              Island (Minjerribah)
  support slot for Smashing Pumpkins. Get down to               Whitelight: The Jezabels / Oh Ye Denver Birds /                                                                                                                                   Hypa Hip Hop Festival: Travers / Lamb / Gaz /
                                                                                                                           TIcKETS aT WWW.oZtIX.CoM.AU & VENuE ouTLETS                                                                            Ilona Lake Kawana Centre, Bokarina
                                                                The Medics / Dance Hall Paradiso / Lunch Tapes
  The Tivoli early on Sunday Oct 17 to check them out.          Lightspace, Fortitude Valley                                                                                                                                                      Torn Asunder / Burn Down Hollywood / The End-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  less Pandemic / Ashes Of December / Caulfield /
   American-born, Canadian-bred bluesman Jus-                  Boy & Bear / Passenger SoundLounge, Currumbin                Scott Spark / BigStrongBrute / Inland Sea Zoo,          Paul Weller Tivoli, The, Fortitude Valley
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Crossroads / A Farewell Momento / Rampage! /
                                                                RSL                                                          The, Fortitude Valley                                21 Lior / Farryl Purkiss / Gossling A&I Hall, Bangalow
  tin Nozuka supports Xavier Rudd at Caloundra’s                Miles Away (AA) The Fort, Fortitude Valley             9     Caloundra Music Festival Kings Beach, Caloun-           Cloud Control / Seekae / Deep Sea Arcade Beach
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Where I Stand / Decades Away The Fort, Fortitude
                                                                Laneous & The Family-Yah / Tin Can Radio / The                                                                                                                                    Valley
  Lake Kawana Centre on Sunday Dec 12.                                                                                       dra                                                     Hotel, Broadbeach
                                                                Rude The Hi Fi, West End                                     Diesel Logan Diggers
                                                                Cypress Hill / Spit Syndicate Tivoli, The, Fortitude         Cell (NZ) Step Inn, Fortitude Valley
                                                                                                                                                                                     Brisbane Jazz Festival Brisbane Powerhouse, New
                                                                                                                                                                                     Farm                                                      NoVEMbER
                                                                Valley                                                       The Opitmen / Rainman / Vegas Aces The Hi Fi,           Eagle & The Worm Great Northern Hotel, Byron Bay          2  Ed Kowalczyk The Hi Fi, West End
                                                                Paradise Motel / Sianna Lee Troubadour, The,                 West End                                                Sarah Blasko / Seja QPAC Concert Hall, South                 Diesel Zoo, The, Fortitude Valley
                                                                Fortitude Valley                                             Smudge / Little Scout Troubadour, The, Fortitude        Brisbane                                                  3  Celtic Woman Brisbane Entertainment Centre,
                                                                Shine A Light Fundraiser Uber, West End                      Valley                                                  Soilwork / Wish For Wings / Arcane The Hi Fi, West           Boondall
                                                                Amy Meredith Zoo, The, Fortitude Valley                      Powderfinger / Jet / John Steel Singers Univer-         End                                                          Dan Sultan Byron Bay Community Centre
                                                            2   Bottin (ITA) BarSoma, Fortitude Valley                       sity Of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba               22 Brisbane Jazz Festival Brisbane Powerhouse, New              Pendulum Tivoli, The, Fortitude Valley
                                                                Bellingen Global Carnival: Ego Lemos / Ash             10    Diesel Joe’s Waterhole, Eumundi                         Farm                                                         Andy Bull Troubadour, The, Fortitude Valley
                                                                Grunwald / The Bamboos / Public Opinion Afro                 Caloundra Music Festival: Pink Martini / Elliot         600 Sounds: Ian Carey / Static Revenger &                 4  Robin Williams Brisbane Entertainment Centre,
                                                                Orchestra & more Bellingen                                   Brood Kings Beach, Caloundra                            Luciana / The Potbelleez / Kid Kenobe & MC                   Boondall
                                                                Amy Meredith Coolangatta Hotel                               Clare Bowditch & The New Slang / Glenn Rich-            Shureshock / Hook N Sling / The Only Broadwater              Diesel Caboolture RSL
                                                                Stan Walker Gold Coast Convention Centre                     ards The Irish Club, Toowoomba                          Parklands                                                    Dick Dynamite & The Doppelgangers (NZ) / The
                                                                Blacklight: Dappled Cities / The Boat People           11    Paul Kelly: How To Make Gravy Book Launch               Up Late: B6 Gallery of Modern Art, (GoMA), South-            Vampers Shed 5, Gold Coast
                                                                / Teleprompter / The Belligerents / Moonjog                  The Hi Fi, West End                                     bank                                                         Hungry Kids Of Hungary / Big Scary / Ball Park
                                                                Lightspace, Fortitude Valley                           13    GBH / The Rumjacks Zoo, The, Fortitude Valley           Lior / Farryl Purkiss / Gossling SoundLounge, Cur-           Music Spotted Cow, The, Toowoomba
                                                                Nimbin Music Festival: Regurgitator / Bob Log III                                                                    rumbin RSL                                                   Pendulum Tivoli, The, Fortitude Valley
                                                                / Diana Anaid / Graeme Walmsley & The Agents           14    Die! Die! Die! Alhambra Lounge, Fortitude Valley
                                                                                                                             Angie Hart & Mathew Barber Beach Hotel,                 Sarah Blasko / Seja Stereo, Southport                        Dan Sultan & Archie Roach Troubadour, The,
                                                                Of Peace / Transvaal Diamond Syndicate Nimbin
 NEW ADDItIoNs                                                  Showgrounds                                                  Broadbeach
                                                                                                                             Little Red / Sparkadia / Kimbra Joe’s Waterhole,
                                                                                                                                                                                     Mirah The Hangar, Red Hill
                                                                                                                                                                                     Adam Lambert Tivoli, The, Fortitude Valley                5
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Fortitude Valley
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Robin Williams Brisbane Entertainment Centre,
                                                                Miles Away Rosies, Brisbane City                                                                                     Eagle & The Worm Troubadour, The, Fortitude Val-             Boondall
                                                                Katapolt Festival: My Polaroid Holiday /                     Eumundi
   With the very excellent Soulwax on the bill it              Drawcard / Sleepers / The Mercy Beat & more                  The Black Seeds (NZ) / Kingfisha The Hi Fi, West        ley                                                          Diesel Coolangatta Hotel
                                                                                                                             End                                                     Cloud Control / Seekae / Deep Sea Arcade Zoo,                Up Late: Rio Lobotomy Gallery of Modern Art,
  surprises no one that their alter egos 2ManyDJs               Springwood AFL Club
                                                                                                                       15    Ernest Ellis / Parades Elsewhere, Gold Coast            The, Fortitude Valley                                        (GoMA), Southbank
                                                                Sydonia Step Inn, Fortitude Valley                                                                                                                                                Hungry Kids Of Hungary / Big Scary / Ball Park
  step up for a set at Parklife on Saturday at Brisbane’s       Club House: Richard In Your Mind / Pikelet / Toy             Up Late: Digital Primate Gallery of Modern Art,      23 Brisbane Jazz Festival Brisbane Powerhouse, New
                                                                                                                             (GoMA), Southbank                                       Farm                                                         Music Great Northern Hotel, Byron Bay
  Riverstage & Botanic Gardens.                                 Balloon / Epithets Tempo Hotel (Stage Door),
                                                                                                                             Dead Meadow Globe, The, Fortitude Valley                600 Sounds: The Beach Boys / The Baby Animals                Dick Dynamite & The Doppelgangers (NZ) / The
                                                                Fortitude Valley                                                                                                     / Noiseworks / The Angels / Mondo Rock / James               Flangipanis / The Vampers Lennox Heads Hotel
   Brisbane fans of Bone, Thugs N Harmony may                  Laneous & The Family-Yah The Brewery, Byron                  Die! Die! Die! Miami Shark Bar, Miami Tavern
                                                                                                                                                                                     Reyne / Richard Clapton Broadwater Parklands                 Dan Sultan & Archie Roach Troubadour, The,
                                                                Bay                                                          Rufus Wainwright QPAC Concert Hall, South
  not get a local date, but the hip hoppers will grace          Aslan (IRE) / Grayson The Hi Fi, West End                    Brisbane                                                Cloud Control / Seekae / Deep Sea Arcade Coolan-             Fortitude Valley
                                                                                                                             Angie Hart & Matthew Barber / Gabrielle &               gatta Hotel                                               6  Leonard Cohen / Clare Bowditch Brisbane
  Cairns’ Brothers Leagues Club on Saturday Nov 20.             The Holidays / Papa Vs Pretty Troubadour, The,
                                                                                                                             Cameron SoundLounge, Currumbin RSL                      The Winnie Coopers / The Optimen /The Coalition
                                                                Fortitude Valley                                                                                                                                                                  Entertainment Centre, Boondall
  Look for tickets at Moshtix.                                  Boy & Bear / Passenger / The Chemist Zoo, The,               Little Red / Sparkadia / Kimbra The Hi Fi, West         Crew Fitzy’s, Loganholme                                     Dan Sultan & Archie Roach Joe’s Waterhole,
                                                                                                                             End                                                     Club House: Howl (launch) / The Parties of                   Eumundi
   More acts are headed to Soundwave at Bris-                  Fortitude Valley
                                                                                                                             Rhys Darby Tivoli, The, Fortitude Valley                Interzone / Velociraptor Tempo Hotel (Stage Door),           Hungry Kids Of Hungary / Ball Park Music Kings
  bane’s RNA Showgrounds on Saturday Sep 26,                3   Bellingen Global Carnival: Vulgargrad / The                  Bedouin Soundclash / King Cannons Zoo, The,             Fortitude Valley                                             Beach Tavern, Caloundra
                                                                Bombay Royale / Grrilla Step & DJ Dexter &                   Fortitude Valley                                        Airbourne / Mammoth Mammoth The Hi Fi, West                  Live To Shine: Tin Can Radio / Rhiannon Hart
  2011: One Day As A Lion, Bring Me The Horizon,                more Bellingen                                         16    Sarah McLachlan / Court Yard Hounds / Kate              End                                                          & The Umm-Ahhs / Alan Boyle / Julia Rose /
                                                                Amy Meredith Great Northern Hotel, Byron Bay                                                                         On The Pulse: Finabah / Flicks / The Monstor Goes
  The Murderdolls, Millencolin (pictured), Coheed               Nimbin Music Festival: Regurgitator / Bob Log III
                                                                                                                             Miller-Heidke / The Verses Brisbane Convention
                                                                                                                                                                                     Rawrr / Burning Brooklyn / Words Versing Verses
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Autumn Sun / The Ninth Chapter / The Jane
                                                                                                                             Centre, South Brisbane                                                                                               Austen Argument / A Beggar’s Second Old
  & Cambria, The Amity Affliction, Silverstein,                 / Diana Anaid / Graeme Walmsley & The Agents                 Metallica / Baroness / Lamb Of God Brisbane             / Drawcard & more (AA) The Hive (Valley PCYC),               Museum, Spring Hill
                                                                Of Peace Nimbin Showgrounds                                                                                          Fortitude Valley
  Fucked Up, We The Kings and many more!                        Miles Away (AA) YAC, Byron Bay
                                                                                                                             Entertainment Centre, Boondall
                                                                                                                                                                                     Final Flash (USA) The JOYnt, South Brisbane
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Club House: Institut Polaire Tempo Hotel (Stage
                                                                                                                             Little Red / Sparkadia / Kimbra Coolangatta Hotel                                                                    Door), Fortitude Valley
                                                            4   Jonathan ‘Sugarfoot’ Moffett Princess Theatre,               Rhys Darby Gold Coast Arts Centre                       Lior / Farryl Purkiss / Gossling Zoo, The, Fortitude         Groundnation (USA) / FyahWalk / The Upstep-
                                                                Woolloongabba                                                Equinox Rocks Festival: Angry Anderson / Dallas         Valley                                                       pers / One Rude Ape The Hi Fi, West End
                                                                Exodus (USA) / Nefaria / Subtract (NZ) The Hi Fi,            Frasca & Her Gentleman / Legless / Robert            24 Live Spark: Hannah Macklin & The Maxwells
                                                                West End                                                                                                                                                                       7  Dick Dynamite & The Doppelgangers (NZ) /
                                                                                                                             Carl Blank / L.U.S.T / Truth Serum / Arado (AA)         Brisbane Powerhouse (Turbine Platform), New Farm
                                                                                                                                                                                     Brisbane Jazz Festival Brisbane Powerhouse, New              The Flangipanis / The Vampers Brews Brothers,
                                                            5   Ben Kweller / Delta Spirit (USA) The Hi Fi, West             Ramblers Drop Zone, Toogoolawah
                                                                                                                                                                                     Farm                                                         Woollongabba
                                                                End                                                          Vilward: Namarrkon / Moista Cloista / mIDium /
                                                                                                                             Adrian Keys / The Floating Bridges / Brickfields /      600 Sounds: Empire Of The Sun / Sneaky Sound                 James Galway (IRE) QPAC Concert Hall, South
                                                            6   Open Frame: Grouper (USA) / Sun Araw (USA) /                                                                                                                                      Brisbane
                                                                Nadja (CA) /Aidan Baker (CA) / Lawrence English              Preference / Danog & The Goon Boys / Mitchell           System / The Funkoars Broadwater Parklands
                                                                                                                             Kings / Apple Fat / Mr Brisbane RNA Show-               DJ Spinderella (Salt n Pepa) Cloudland, Fortitude            Diesel Redland Multi Sports Club, Redlands
                                                                / Pimmon Brisbane Powerhouse, New Farm
                                                                Inferno: Bane Of Bedlam / Subtract (NZ) / Deso-              grounds, Bowen Hills                                    Valley                                                    9  Crowded House Brisbane Convention Centre,
                                                                lution / Eternal Rest Step Inn, Fortitude Valley             Sage Francis / B. Dolan (USA) Step Inn, Fortitude       Final Flash (USA) Spotted Cow, The, Toowoomba                South Brisbane
                                                                                                                             Valley                                               25 Final Flash (USA) The Shire, West End                        Engelbert Humperdinck QPAC Concert Hall,
                                                            7   Open Frame: Grouper (USA) / Sun Araw (USA) /                                                                                                                                      South Brisbane
                                                                Nadja (CA) /Aidan Baker (CA) / Lawrence English              Die! Die! Die! (AA) The Fort, Fortitude Valley       27 Guttermouth Surfers Paradise Beergarden
                                                                                                                             Tame Impala / John Steel Singers / Felecity             Mouse On Mars Zoo, The, Fortitude Valley                     The New Pornographers Zoo, The, Fortitude
                                                                / Pimmon Brisbane Powerhouse, New Farm                                                                                                                                            Valley
                                                                Diesel City Golf Club, Toowoomba                             Groom Tivoli, The, Fortitude Valley                  28 Bag Raiders Great Northern Hotel, Byron Bay
                                                                Petula Clarke QPAC Concert Hall, South Brisbane              Angie Hart & Mathew Barber Troubadour, The,             The Audreys SoundLounge, Currumbin RSL                    10 Crowded House Brisbane Convention Centre,
                                                                Dead Letter Circus Shamrock Hotel, Toowoomba                 Fortitude Valley                                                                                                     South Brisbane
                                                                                                                                                                                  29 The Audreys A&I Hall, Bangalow
 CHANGEs!                                                       Clare Bowditch & The New Slang / Glenn Rich-
                                                                                                                             Ernest Ellis / Parades Zoo, The, Fortitude Valley
                                                                                                                             Timo Maas BarSoma, Fortitude Valley
                                                                                                                                                                                     Robin Gibb / Bonnie Tyler Brisbane Entertainment             Engelbert Humperdinck QPAC Concert Hall,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  South Brisbane
                                                                ards / Little Scout Surfers Paradise Beergarden                                                                      Centre, Boondall
                                                                Against Me! / An Horse / Dead Riot The Hi Fi, West           Paramore (AA) / Relient K / The Jury & The              Guttermouth Fusion Villa, Noosa                              The Charlatans / Deep Sea Arcade The Hi Fi,
   Excellent two-thirds Kiwi, one-third Brissie act            End                                                          Saints Brisbane Riverstage                              Up Late: Dexter Gallery of Modern Art, (GoMA),               West End
                                                                                                                             Smashing Pumpkins / City Riots Tivoli, The,                                                                       11 Jason Derulo Brisbane Convention Centre, South
  Die! Die! Die! (pictured) have had a venue change             Alexisonfire / Break Even Tivoli, The, Fortitude
                                                                                                                             Fortitude Valley
                                                                Valley                                                                                                               Island Vibe: King Kapisi (NZ) / Mista Savona /
  and an all ages date addition. No longer playing              Jonneine Zapata Zoo, The, Fortitude Valley                   Baroness / Akaname Zoo, The, Fortitude Valley           Bunna Lawrie / Ladi 6 (NZ) / Groundation (US)                Three Dog Night / The Turtles The Events Centre,
                                                                                                                       18    Metallica / Baroness / Lamb Of God Brisbane             / Paula Fuga (USA) / Opiuo & many more Home                  Caloundra
  Club House, the trio decamp to Lambda on Thurs-           8   Up Late: Kid Kenobi Gallery of Modern Art,
                                                                                                                             Entertainment Centre, Boondall                          Beach, Stradbroke Island (Minjerribah)                       You Am I / The Fuss / Mace & The Motor The Irish
                                                                (GoMA), Southbank
  day Oct 14 at Alhambra, their Friday Oct 15 date at           Diesel Kedron Wavell Services Club                     19    Metallica / Baroness / Lamb Of God Brisbane             Bag Raiders / Flight Facilities / Mitzi The Hi Fi, West      Club, Toowoomba
                                                                Caloundra Music Festival: Powderfinger / Jet /               Entertainment Centre, Boondall                          End                                                          Cancer Bats Zoo, The, Fortitude Valley
  Miami Tavern remains unchanged, with a new all                                                                             Concrete Blonde / Graveyard Train The Hi Fi,            Pensive Penguin (launch) / Lion Island / Kennigo          12 David Campbell Empire Theatre, Toowoomba
                                                                Jud Campbell Kings Beach, Caloundra
  ages, afternoon addition on Saturday Oct 16 at The            Clare Bowditch & The New Slang / Glenn Rich-                 West End                                                Zoo, The, Fortitude Valley                                   Up Late: Van She Tech Gallery of Modern Art,
                                                                ards / Little Scout The Hi Fi, West End                      Paul Weller Tivoli, The, Fortitude Valley            30 Rory Phillips Alhambra Lounge, Fortitude Valley              (GoMA), Southbank
  Fort’s Room 8. Tickets are at OzTix.                          Petula Clarke Twin Towns Services Club, Tweed          20    Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo / The Bangles Bris-          America / Chicago / Peter Frampton Brisbane                  B!G (Brendan Gallagher & John Boy Bliss) Joe’s
                                                                Heads                                                        bane Convention Centre, South Brisbane                  Riverstage                                                   Waterhole, Eumundi

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