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									                        Admissions Ambassador Program
Vision and Purpose
The Smith Ambassadors are an active part of the admissions process. The fundamental mission
of ambassadors is to serve as the “face” of Smith. Ambassadors volunteer to represent the
diversity of the Smith graduate community and serve as liaisons between prospective students,
admitted students and Smith staff members. Ambassadors are involved in the entire admissions
cycle (identification, information gathering, cultivation, decision making, courting, and
enrollment). They are essential to the recruiting and admissions operation as they enhance the
experience for prospective students by providing a valuable touchpoint. The Admissions
Ambassador Program is not a separate student-run organization. It is a branch of the MBA/MS
Admissions Office and operates under the auspices of that office.

Roles and Responsibilities of Ambassadors
Ambassador responsibilities include development, coordination and participation in a variety of
Smith-sponsored activities. Ambassadors serve as volunteers for the MBA/MS Admissions
Office. Attendance at the Ambassador Training Session is mandatory.

Mission Summary
    Represent Smith at recruiting events and activities both on and off campus
    Create new relationships/programs for identifying and contacting prospective MBA
    Provide opportunities for prospective students (applicants as well as admits) to interact
      with current Smith MBA students
    Enhance the quality and amount of communication from the MBA/MS Admissions

Current 1st and 2nd year MBA students are invited to apply for membership in the Ambassador
Program. Students who are selected to be Ambassadors will be provided with training to
establish roles, responsibilities and expectations.

A Graduate Assistant for the MBA/MS Admissions Office will serve as the Chair of the
Ambassador Program. In this role, he/she is responsible for coordinating the 2011-2012
Ambassador Calendar. Dustin Hodgson, Assistant Director, serves as the official advisor to the
Time Commitment
Ambassadors volunteer approximately 1-2 hours per week. During this time, activities include
responding to e-mails, working on specific projects (outlined below), touring prospective
students and/or assisting the Admissions team in answering questions of prospective students.
Additionally, Ambassadors are expected to participate in Admitted Student Weekend as well as
other fairs and/or forums, information sessions, and Visitor/Host Programs.

Activities and Projects

   I. Visitor Program
        Each Ambassador will be expected to participate in this program (rotating sessions as
           needed). The duties will include hosting during lunch, participation in presenting the
           Smith MBA experience, tour of Van Munching Hall, escorting prospective students
           to class, and answering questions about the program.

   II. Admitted Student Weekend (Spring 2012) and Other Signature Smith Events
        These events will be planned, coordinated and facilitated by the Admissions Office
          and the Ambassadors. Ambassadors will assist with designing the itinerary, securing
          speakers, as well as coordinating with student leaders and volunteers for activities,
          workshops and events.

   III. Host Program
        Provide assistance with “hosting” visiting students (escorting them to class and taking
          them to lunch) as needed.

   IV. Communication
        Call Program: Participate in calling newly admitted students (domestic and
         international) during calling campaigns
        Online Chats: Moderate and participate in online chats
        Admissions Tips: Provide admissions advice on the ambassadors’ blog and in e-mail

   V. MBA Forum and Local Off-Site Events
       Ambassadors may be invited to attend and participate in various fairs and forums.

What’s in it for you?
   Opportunity to build the legacy of Smith and shape the Class of 2013 and future classes
   Opportunity to interact/participate in high profile events sponsored by the Smith School
   Opportunity to increase and develop your communication, leadership and project
      management skills

Program Policy
    Ambassadors must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 each semester. Ambassadors who
      are not in good academic standing will be asked to resign from the program.
    The term for each Ambassador position is one academic year.


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