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As per UniReg 580, Rev. 1, Section 3ai (4) Any of the above requirements can be waived for uniquely qualified individuals upon petition to the Graduate Council and acceptance by the Council of such a petition however modified by the Council. The Graduate Council shall then make recommendations regarding such membership to the Dean of the Graduate School.
This form AND a copy of the nominees’ vita must be returned to the Graduate School

Date: To: From: Re: Nominee: W# I am pleased to nominate

Status: for membership in the Graduate Faculty of the University of Wyoming.

is Extended Term AP or other
(Nominee) (Department)

in the _


has served as the co-chair of the following committee(s):

(Student’s name, masters or doctorate, name of thesis/dissertation, semester.)

earned a earned a
(Nominee) (Degree)

from from

_ in _ _ in _
(Institution) (Year)

. .

In addition, _

has met the following department requirements:

This nominee has expertise in the areas of: (List only four)

Provide evidence of the nominee’s graduate level mentoring experience:


Provide evidence of the nominee’s graduate level teaching experience:

Provide evidence of the nominee’s role in the department’s graduate education:

Provide explanation of why graduate faculty status is necessary for this nominee:

The nominator should be prepared to attend the Graduate Council meeting when this nomination is discussed to support this nomination. Both the nominator and nominee will be notified of the decision by letter. ’s curriculum vita.

In support of what is described above, I have attached _


Thank you for considering this nomination. Please let me know if there is anything else I should provide. I can be reached at: Phone Number UW Address E-Mail Address