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                    Pregnancy Interview Paper
1.  EXCUSED absences/ illnesses/                                  1. Choose a man or woman who was present for
    emergencies DO NOT EXCUSE YOU                                    a. 9 months of pregnancy
    FROM THIS SCHEDULE!                                              b. Labor & Delivery (or a C-section)
2.  Due Thursday 4/2/09                                              c. 6 months of infancy
3.  Hand in hard copy in class before quiz
                                                                  2. Be sure to include:
4.  If you email the paper
                                                                     a. Side Effects the woman had while pregnant +
    1.  I must receive it by 11:59 pm 4/2/09
                                                                       tests & procedures
    2.  Put “PREG PAPER” and your name in subject
        line                                                         b. What was labor & delivery like? (or C-section,
    3.  If you send it and I do not receive it, it is NOT “in”,        and what was recovery like?) + tests &
        so be sure you do it right!                                    procedures
    4.  Don’t forget the attachment! I can read Word                 c. Describe life of parents and child during
        documents and AppleWorks 6 documents and                       infancy.
        pdf documents. If you do not have one of those
        formats, just paste the body of the paper to the             d. YOUR interests; a good story from the mom/
        email message.                                                 dad; best/worst; etc.

                                                                  3. Counts as TWO assignments.
                                                                     a. Must be typed, double spaced (font size 12),
5.  SEE Coversheet/Rubric                                              2-5 pages, spell checked, correct grammar.
                                                                     b. Must have sentences and descriptions - NOT
                                                                     c. May be in Question/Answer format, OR
                                                                       paragraph form - your choice.
            A. Pregnancy Side Effects
Digestive & senses
          Skin and sizes

 *morning sickness
          feet grow
                  Hormones / emotional

 heartburn & indigestion
          skin “glows”/dry/oily

 heightened sense of smell
          big belly

 change in tastes
          enlarged breasts
 low self-esteem

          tender breasts
 change in sexual desire

          saggy breasts

 vision changes, eye shape 
           stretch marks
 hot flashes. sweating

          linea nigra
 no period

High blood volume
          weight gain

 tooth & gum problems
          large belly

                                                                    Other aches and pains

 retain water (bloating)
          hair loss / growth


 feet swell
          hair won’t hold perm

 pain in round ligament

          can’t tie shoes

 joint pain

          belly button “pops out”

 *varicose veins
 kicked ribs

                             Embarrassments & inconveniences

 frequent urination
 split abdominal muscles

          *water breaks

          mucus plug & bloody show
 back ache

          ugly maternity clothes
 leg cramps

 hard to sleep
          no drugs! (medicine, 

 baby kicks, hiccups
          caffeine, alcohol)

 sleep on left side only

  B. Stages of Labor and Delivery
1.  Effacement & Dilation
   (thinning and opening of the cervix)
   a.  Early labor (0-4 cm) 5-20 min apart
   b.  Active phase (5-7 cm) 3-5 min apart
   c.  Transition phase (8-10 cm) 1-2 min apart
          REALLY HURTS!!!
          “Hitting the Wall”
2.  Delivery
   a.  Pushing
   b.  Birth
4.  Separation & expulsion
  (afterbirth - delivery of placenta)
          C. More On Giving Birth
1.  Breech -                               6.  “Breathing”
  •    Born buttocks or feet first           •    oxygen to baby
2.  Back Labor                               •    oxygen to mom
                                             •    concentrate on something
3.  Drugs                                         other than pain
  •    terbutylene (stops labor)
                                             •    helps relax
  •    ptocin (starts/intensifies labor)
  •    general anesthesia                    •    no hyperventilation
  •    epidural anesthesia
  •    nubain
                                           7.  Amniocentesis
                                             •    procedure to take fluid from
4.  Episiotomy                                    amniotic sac
  •    perineum cut to avoid tearing
                                             •    Then… may be tested
  •    faster birth

5.  C-Section                              8.  Kegel Exercises
  •    Incision in abdomen & uterus          •    strengthens muscles to
  •    Baby lifted out                            avoid urinary incontinence
              D. Problems
During Pregnancy
1.  Pregnancy-induced diabetes
2.  Carpel-tunnel syndrome
3.  Pre-eclampsia (high BP)
4.  Toxemia (extreme water retention leading to
    kidney failure)
5.  Bed rest
6.  Erythroblastosis fetalis
                     D. Problems
After Pregnancy
1.  Meconium
      •    digested amniotic fluid in fetus’s digestive tract.
      •    Normally the baby’s first BM, after birth.
      •    If fetus has “BM” in amniotic sac, it may “breathe
           in” meconium – dangerous!
2.     Jaundice & “the lights”
3.     Post-partum depression
4.     Milk let-down
5.     Mastitis
6.     Engorged breasts
       What is it?
•  Placenta: temporary organ
   in placental mammals
   through which nutrients,
   oxygen, carbon dioxide, and
   wastes are exchanged
   between embryo and mother

•  Corpus Luteum: (structure
   on the ovary) When a
   woman ovulates the egg will
   burst from the follicle. Then
   what is left of the follicle will
   become the corpus luteum,
   producing progesterone.
   Lasts only 2 weeks, unless
   woman is pregnant.
                  E. Hormones
Hormone            Produced by…                   Effect

                   Corpus Luteum
Progesterone       & Placenta               Maintains uterine lining

 Prolactin         Placenta                  Milk production

                                         Stimulates uterine contraction
 Oxytocin          Posterior Pituitary
                                         Milk “let-down”

Human Chorionic
                      Embryo                   Maintains CL

Relaxin            Corpus Luteum         Inhibits smooth muscle contraction
                                         Loosening of ligaments
      1.  Embryo makes HCG.
HCG   2.  HCG maintains the CL.
      3.  The CL keeps making
      4.  Progesterone maintains
          the uterine lining (no
      5.  No period, so embryo not
          lost with lining.

      •    Lost in urine, used for
           pregnancy test
      •    High in 1st trimester -
           probably the cause of
           morning sickness
1.  Inhibits smooth muscle contraction
    (+) inhibits uterine contractions (less
     chance of premature labor)
    (-) slows digestive system (causes
     constipation and indigestion)
2.  Loosening of ligaments
    (+) helps enlarged birth canal
    (-) joint pain

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