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					                              NCURA Region VI & VII
                                 Spring Meeting
                                         April 17 - 20, 2005
                               San Marcos Resort and Conference Center
                              One San Marcos Place, Chandler, AZ 85225

Sunday, April 17
8:30-11:30 : Herbert Hoover            (W) Compliance Approach to Creating Integrity in the Research
                                         Track: Compliance/Legal
                                       The Office of Inspector General at the National Science Foundation is
                                       responsible for investigating allegations of wrongdoing and conducting audits
                                       associated with the NSF program, operations and entities receiving NSF funds.
                                       This workshop provides practical tips for administrators, researchers and
                                       students to ensure the integrity of the financial, administrative and research
                                       management of federally funded research. Participants will review methods for
                                       effective oversight of research efforts, mentoring, and handling allegations of
                                       wrongdoing (including fraud and research misconduct,) in addition to discussing
                                       elements of an effective compliance program and how to develop one. Case
                                       studies will be used to highlight the discussion. Learning Outcome: This session
                                       will give participants a greater understanding of effective compliance programs
                                       with ethical and practical considerations in ensuring integrity in research
                                       management. Intended Audience: All levels
                                       Presenter : Peggy Fischer, Associate Inspector General - Investigations, Office
                                       of the Inspector General, National Science Foundation
8:30-11:30 : Joan Crawford             (W) NSF FastLane Updates and Integration with
                                         Track: ERA
                                       In November 2003, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) mandated that
                                       all Federal grant-making agencies post competitive grant opportunities on
                              provides a centralized electronic distribution and
                                       collection point for grant application packages for each Federal grant-making
                                       agency. It also provides the ability to search for Federal government-wide
                                       opportunities as well as apply for a grant.

                                       This workshop will be a guided overview demonstrating the process of applying
                                       for grants using A broad overview of the application process will be
                                       discussed, the registration procedures, the FIND and APPLY features and a
                                       demonstration of how to fill out the electronic forms using the
                                       Presenter : Evelyn F. Baisey-Thomas, Computer Specialist, National Science
8:30-11:30 : Clark Gable               (W) Navigating the (Shark-Infested) Waters of Subawards
                                         Track: Pre/Post Award
                             This workshop will review the federal regulations governing subawards under
                             grants and contracts, and will discuss the key elements that need to be covered in
                             subaward agreements — including some typical provisions included in
                             subawards to foreign and for-profit subrecipients. Special attention will be paid
                             to subrecipient monitoring requirements, including audit oversight and corrective
                             action plans, successful review of invoices (and what to do when they can`t be
                             approved!), and managing subaward closeout.

                             This workshop assumes a basic familiarity with A-21 and A-133, but no detailed
                             knowledge of the FAR or ability to recite federal circulars from memory is
                             required. It will be of greatest value to sponsored projects administrators who are
                             currently, (or are interested in becoming,) responsible for the preparation and/or
                             oversight of subawards.

                             Learning Outcome: Attendees will have a better understanding of the basic
                             requirements underlying the area of preparation and oversight of subawards.
                             Intended Audience: Beginner and Intermediate Level
                             Prerequisites: None
                             Presenter : Anita "Nitzi" Gildea-Phillips, Associate Director, Office of
                             Sponsored Research, Stanford University
                             Presenter : Pamela A. Webb, Sr. Director, Office of Sponsored Research,
                             Stanford University
1:30-4:30 : Herbert Hoover   (W) Negotiating Federal Awards
                               Track: Pre/Post Award
                             This workshop will apply equally to administrators from state and private
                             universities, colleges, medical centers, and other non-profit institutions.

                             Topics include development of reasonable negotiating positions from the
                             applicable Federal Circulars and Policies (e.g. A-110, A-21, A-133, NSDD 189),
                             and some useful negotiating tips and strategies for dealing with our Federal
                             counterparts from award receipt through closing actions.

                             This workshop focuses on the pre-award negotiation process but post-award
                             administrators will appreciate the insights. At the conclusion, administrators will
                             better understand the complexities and challenges associated with negotiating
                             Federal grants and contracts.

                             Learning Outcome: The attendees will become familiar with a broad range of
                             topics related to the task of negotiating Federal awards.

                             Intended Audience: Beginners and Intermediate Level Administrators with less
                             than five years experience negotiating Federal grants and contracts.

                             Prerequisites: None
                             Presenter : Vincent A. Bogdanski, Assistant Director, Office of Sponsored
                             Projects, University of Utah
1:30-4:30 : Clark Gable      (W) Compliance in the Post Award World
                               Track: Compliance/Legal
                             This workshop will explore the current compliance environment, OMB Circular
                                       A-21, Federal Sentencing Guidelines and the proposed NIH Compliance
                                       Program Guidelines. We will discuss recent OIG audits and audit plans for 2005.
                                       Finally, we will set up a post award compliance program that you can use.
                                       Presenter : Jerry Fife, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research Finance,
                                       Vanderbilt University
                                       Presenter : Ted Mordhorst, Assistant Director for Compliance, University of
1:30-4:30 : Joan Crawford              (W) Export Controls 101
                                         Track: Compliance/Legal
                                       This workshop includes an introduction to the requirements of the export
                                       regulations: presentation of the essential elements of a campus compliance
                                       program, focusing on shipment of commodities into or out of the U.S., steps to
                                       assure that technical data qualifies as fundamental research, software, research in
                                       embargoed countries, and faculty and staff training. Also covers case study
                                       discussion of sample clauses and negotiation strategies for both research and
                                       confidentiality/proprietary data agreements. Participants are encouraged to bring
                                       sample clauses or problem situations to the workshop for discussion. Learning
                                       Outcome: Participants will gain a broad overview of the Export Control
                                       Regulations, understand the elements of a compliance plan, be able to assess the
                                       impact of various clauses contained in research and confidentiality/non-
                                       disclosure agreements, and learn how to modify problem clauses and negotiation
                                       strategies. Intended Audience: All Levels Prerequisites: None
                                       Presenter : Barbara Yoder, , University of California
6:00 - 8:00 P.M.                       RECEPTION
Monday, April 18
9:00 AM - 10:15 AM : Ball Room         PLENARY SESSION
                                       Dr. Paul Johnson, will provide introductary remarks. Dr. James Collins,
                                       Professor of Biology School of Life Sciences will discuss Integrated Research
                                       Challenges in Environmental Biology - an International Collaborative Research
                                       Presenter : James Collins, Ph.D, Professor of Biology, School of Life Sciences,
                                       Arizona State University
                                       : Paul Johnson, Ph.D, Associate Vice President for Research, Arizona State
10:45 AM - 12:00 PM : Gloria Swanson   (S) Financial Reporting Roundtable
                                       Moderator : Paul Sandoval, Sponsored Projects Administrator, University of
10:45AM - 12:00pm : Erroll Flynn       (S) Departmental Administrators Roundtable
                                       Moderator : Scott Gudger, Departmental Administrator, Oregon Health Sciences
10:45 AM - 12:00 PM : Clark Gable      (S) Preaward/Postaward Roundtable
                                       Moderator : Georgette Sakamoto, Administrative Officer, Office of Research
                                       Services, University of Hawaii
10:45 AM - 12:00 PM : Joan Crawford    (S) Compliance Roundtable
                                       Moderator : Lynette M. Schenkel, Director, Office for Responsible Conduct of
                                       Research, University of Oregon
10:45 AM - 12:00 PM : Herbert Hoover   (S) Information Technology Roundtable
                                       Moderator : Steve Shapiro, Technical Group Manager, Office of Research
                                     Services and Administration, University of Oregon
12:15 PM - 1:30 PM : Ball Room       LUNCH WITH SPEAKER: DR. CAROL JOHNSTON,
                                     PROFESSOR OF NUTRITION AT ASU EAST CAMPUS
                                     Diet tricks: resist the genetic tendency towards obesity
                                     Presenter : Dr. Carol Johnston, Ph.D, Professor of Nutrition, Arizona State
                                     University, East Campus
1:30 PM - 2:45 PM : Herbert Hoover   (S) National Science Foundation Update
                                       Track: Government
                                     New developments at NSF - programs, people, budgets, and policies. This
                                     session will be a comprehensive review of what is new and exciting at the
                                     National Science Foundation. Attendees will leave the session with the latest on:
                                     the NSF budget: new program initiatives: new and upcoming policy and
                                     procedural changes: recent and upcoming changes to the NSF FastLane system:
                                     and, NSF implementation of
                                     Presenter : Jean Feldman, Head, Policy Office, Division of Grants Agreements,
                                     National Science Foundation
                                     Presenter : Tom Cooley, Chief Financial Officer and Director, Office of Budget,
                                     Finance and Award Management, National Science Foundation
1:30 PM - 2:45 PM : Joan Crawford    (S) The FA Humpty Dumpty - Putting the Pieces Together for Departmental
                                       Track: Departmental
                                     This session will provide a general overview for non-accountants of the
                                     preparation process and components of a facilities and administrative cost rate.
                                     The discussion will include why most department and central administration
                                     personnel should be generally familiar with what an FA rate is, and how, perhaps
                                     without knowing it, they help or hinder the preparation of the rate proposal for
                                     their institution.
                                     Presenter : Gary Chaffins, Director, Office of Research Services and
                                     Administration, University of Oregon
                                     Presenter : Stuart Laing, Manager, Cost Analysis, Office of Research and
                                     Sponsored Projects Administration, Arizona State University
1:30 PM - 2:45 PM : Gloria Swanson   (S) The Research University`s Dilemma of Running the Risk of Export
                                     Control Non-Compliance
                                       Track: Compliance/Legal
                                     The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, and the mailing of life-threatening
                                     infectious agents shortly thereafter, left U.S. government officials with a sense of
                                     urgency concerning their duty to address potential terrorist issues, including
                                     issues arising from the “openness” of academic research. Both the scientific
                                     community and the federal government are becoming increasingly aware of the
                                     risks involved with publishing information in research journals or otherwise
                                     disclosing information that could end up in the hands of individuals who would
                                     use that information for terrorist activities. Federal agencies responsible for
                                     export control have developed expansive, yet informal, interpretations of the
                                     export prohibitions, many of which are not obvious from the regulatory

                                     Thus, research universities are left to sort through a multitude of complex
                                     regulatory requirements in order to develop export control and biosafety policies
                                     and procedures to ensure institutional compliance. This session will provide an
                                     overview and discussion of relevant information.
                                     Presenter : Diane Samuel, Contract Administrator II, Office of Grants Contracts,
                                     New Mexico State University
                                     Presenter : Michael Ferguson, Contract Administrator, Office of Grants and
                                     Contracts, New Mexico State University
1:30 PM - 2:45 PM : Clark Gable      (S) Best Practices in Electronic Research Administration (ERA)
                                       Track: ERA
                                     Electronic application systems at grantmaking agencies are rapidly coming
                                     online. is rapidly gaining momentum as the central application site
                                     for federal grants ($350 billion annually). Electronic grantmaking systems are
                                     exploding among non-profit foundations and public charities (over $12 billion
                                     annually). What do these changes mean for your own grant management system?
                                     What are recognized ERA leaders like MIT and Penn State doing to make their
                                     ERA implementations successful and to adapt to the changes at Grants.Gov and
                                     other grantmakers? Funded by an NIH SBIR grant, Research and Management
                                     Systems has interviewed the leaders in ERA systems to find out. Discuss the
                                     results with other participants and share your ideas on how to improve the
                                     success of ERA implementations.
                                     Presenter : James McKee, Vice President, e-Commerce, Research and
                                     Management Systems
1:30 PM - 2:45 PM : Erroll Flynn     (S) Discussion: How to Manage Change – an IT Perspective
                                       Track: IT
                                     With Electronic Proposal Processing at different stages of development, the IT
                                     professional is under constant change that affects their ability to properly support
                                     the Research Administrative office. What can the IT professional do to prepare
                                     for the eventual impact of operational, regulatory, policy and technological
                                     changes that affect the way the Research Administrative office and the campus
                                     are supported? This will be an informal discussion and brainstorming session.
                                     Moderator : Steve Shapiro, , University of Oregon
3:15 PM - 4:30 PM : Herbert Hoover   (S) Status and the Applicant System-to-System interface
                                       Track: Pre/Post Award
                            Status and the Applicant System-to-System interface. John joined the
                            PMO in October 2004 and manages the system
                                     operations and agency ramp-up.
                                     Presenter : John Etcheverry, Deputy Program Manager,
3:15 PM - 4:30 PM : Joan Crawford    (S) Conflict of Interest/Conflict of Commitment
                                       Track: Pre/Post Award
                                     This panel should provide an interesting contrast in perspectives as
                                     representatives of several major Universities use some of the vignettes taken
                                     from the Council on Governmental Relations (COGR) brochure on "Recognizing
                                     and Managing Personal Financial Conflicts of Interests" and other case studies as
                                     a point of departure to discuss issues related to conflict of interest and conflict of
                                      Moderator : Ann Pollack, Assistant Vice Chancellor - Research, University of
                                      California, Los Angeles
                                      Panelist : Anne Hannigan, Associate Vice President, Office of Research
                                      Administration, Stanford University
                                      Panelist : Christina K. Hansen, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research,
                                      University of California, Irvine
3:15 PM - 4:30 PM : Clark Gable       (S) Who’s on First? The Roles, Responsibilities and Reviews involved in
                                      Responsible Conduct of Research
                                        Track: Compliance
                                      Do you sometimes feel like Atlas, with the weight of your Institution’s entire
                                      compliance program groaning on your shoulders? Do compliance issues always
                                      seem to come to roost on your doorstep? Just who does have what responsibility
                                      in threading your Institution’s path through the entangled labyrinth of rules and
                                      regulations pouring out of the NIH, the NSF, OHRP, OSHA, etc?

                                      Join us for an overview of how several different programs distribute
                                      responsibility for compliance. We’ll also take a look at some of the guidelines
                                      being communicated by various sponsors. Do you have suggestions from your
                                      own Institution’s experience? Come prepared to share them. Materials will
                                      include hotlinks to helpful websites.
                                      Presenter : Lynette M. Schenkel, Director, Office for Responsible Conduct of
                                      Research, University of Oregon
3:15 PM - 4:30 PM : Gloria Swanson    (S) Financial Reporting the Central Office Perspective
                                        Track: Financial
                                      The role of Central Administration on financial status reporting. How to prepare
                                      financial status reports (sf 269) and common questions/mistakes on financial
                                      status reporting.
                                      Presenter : Lori Schultz, Sponsored Projects Administrator, Principle, University
                                      of Arizona
                                      Presenter : Paul Sandoval, Sponsored Projects Administrator, Principle,
                                      University of Arizona
3:15 PM - 4:30 PM : Erroll Flynn      (S) Activity Reporting - Why and How We Do It
                                        Track: Pre/Post Award
                                      Activity reporting continues to be a hot spot. Salaries and wages tend to be the
                                      largest component of sponsored projects and a favorite area for auditors. Join us
                                      in a discussion of activity reporting. We will provide an overview of the
                                      requirements. Review universities with recent findings and what these findings
                                      entail. And conclude with a discussion of systems Arizona State University,
                                      University of Washington and session attendee institutions use to avoid similar
                                      Presenter : Kenneth Felthouse, Manager, Grant and Contract Accounting,
                                      Arizona State University
                                      Presenter : Ted Mordhorst, Assistant Director for Compliance, University of

Tuesday, April 19
9:00 AM - 10:15 AM : Herbert Hoover   (S) National Institutes of Health Update
                                        Track: Government
                                      Presenter : Cynthia Dwyer, Assistant Grants Policy Officer, Office of Policy for
                                      Extramural Research Administration (OPERA), OER, NIH
                                      Presenter : Emily Linde, Grants Management Specialist, National Cancer
                                      Institute, NIH
                                      Presenter : Leo F. Buscher, Jr., Chief Grants Management Officer, National
                                      Cancer Institute, NIH
9:00 AM - 10:15 AM : Joan Crawford    (S) Financial Management - the Department Perspective
                                        Track: Professional Development
                                      A primary challenge for departmental administrators is developing and utilizing
                                      effective financial management tools. Frequently central administrative systems
                                      are of little use, so many departments have developed their own systems, either
                                      internally or using outside vendors, to manage sponsored project expenditures,
                                      department budgets, effort reporting, and compliance issues. This session will
                                      present different approaches toward managing this important task.
                                      Presenter : Lisa Laatsch, Arizona Research Laboratories, University of Arizona
                                      Presenter : Scot Gudger, Departmental Administrator, Oregon Health Sciences
9:00 AM - 10:15 AM : Gloria Swanson   (S) Ethics From a Faculty Point of View
                                        Track: Compliance/Legal
                                      Presenter : Dr. Stanley Korenman, , University of California, Los Angeles
9:00 AM - 10:15 AM : Clark Gable      (S) A-133 and DS-2 Audits and Issues
                                        Track: Financial
                                      This presentation will provide an overview of common audit procedures used by
                                      auditors when conducting A-133 audits. We will briefly review the audit process
                                      from entrance conference to final report, and then spend the remainder of the
                                      session discussing areas that auditors most frequently scrutinize during A-133
                                      audits including the allowability and allocation of expenditures, effort reporting,
                                      cost sharing and program income. We will review the common documents
                                      auditors are likely to request and the units or departments they are most likely to

                                      The second part of the presentation will provide an overview of the Disclosure
                                      Statement (DS 2) audit procedures conducted by the Department of Health and
                                      Human Services (DHHS) subcontractor, Defense Contract Audit Agency
                                      (DCAA). We will review the audit process from entrance interview to
                                      submission of DS 2 to DCAA and approval of the DS 2 by DHHS Division of
                                      Cost Allocation (DCA). The remainder of the session will be spent discussing
                                      selected areas the DCAA auditor may question in terms of the adequacy of the
                                      DS 2 and/or may ask for university response to potential noncompliance issues.
                                      A few "war stories" will be shared related to the DS 2 audit at Washington State
                                      Presenter : Lori Selby, Director, Sponsored Programs Services, Washington
                                      State University
                                      Presenter : Maureen Rhea, Director of Audits, University of Washington
9:00 AM - 10:15 AM : Erroll Flynn     (S) Technical Update
                                        Track: IT
                                       - Applicant System-to-System Status
                                       An overview of the development of the Applicant System-to-System
                                       capability from concept through implementation, including lessons learned and
                                       success stories.

                                       - XML Schema Update
                                       Presenter : John Etcheverry, Deputy Program Manager,
10:45 AM - 12:00 PM : Herbert Hoover   (S) National Science Foundation Update
                                         Track: Government
                                       See Monday @ 1:30 PM
10:45 AM - 12:00 PM : Joan Crawford    (S) Proposal Development Fundamentals
                                         Track: Pre/Post Award
                                       Everything the new administrator wanted to know about proposals but was afraid
                                       to find out! This primer session will cover the various sections of a typical grant
                                       proposal and give lots of useful tips on what to do as well as what to avoid.
                                       Presenter : Dennis J. Paffrath, Director, Sponsored Programs, Utah State
                                       Presenter : Vicki Krell, Sponsored Project Officer, Office for Research and
                                       Sponsored Projects Administration, Arizona State University
10:45 AM - 12:00 PM : Clark Gable      (S) Costsharing
                                         Track: Financial
                                       “But my program officer said I would get a better score if I provided cost
                                       sharing!” “It’s only funny money so why not?” Sound familiar? Once cost
                                       sharing has been quantified, whether it’s mandatory, voluntary or a third party
                                       contribution, the commitment has been made and it becomes your institution’s
                                       responsibility to document these costs. In this session we will cover ways in
                                       which CSU meets those commitments. Bring your questions, experiences and
                                       horror stories to help us make this an interactive session.
                                       Presenter : Betty Eckert, Associate Director and Principal Research
                                       Administrator, Sponsored Programs , Colorado State University
                                       Presenter : Candyce Jeffery, , Colorado State University
                                       Presenter : Carmen Morales, , Colorado State University
                                       Presenter : Mary Atella, , Colorado State University
10:45 AM - 12:00 PM : Gloria Swanson   (S) Database Fundamentals with MS Access
                                         Track: Professional Development
                                       Basic introduction to Microsoft Access Database Programming, we will briefly
                                       cover some of the fundamentals of creating, finding, and reporting information
                                       stored in a database. We`ll introduce the concept of storing information in a
                                       relational format.

                                       This workshop is intended for administrative professionals with no prior
                                       experience in databases. Participants are encouraged to bring samples of
                                       databases they are working on via a laptop or thumbdrive for advice and
                                     assistance during the session.
                                     Presenter : Steve Shapiro, Technical Group Manager, Office of Research
                                     Services and Administration, University of Oregon
                                     Panelist : Brian Christian, System Administrator: Office of Vice Provost for
                                     Research, University of New Mexico
10:45 AM - 12:00 PM : Erroll Flynn   (S) Compliance Information Systems
                                       Track: IT
                                     Processes often considered ancillary to grants management, compliance efforts
                                     can themselves be just as complex and just as difficult to automate. We will
                                     cover some current approaches being used in the areas of Human Subjects,
                                     Animal Subjects, Bio-Safety, Outside Activities for Compensation, Significant
                                     Financial Interest, and Clinical Research Billing.

                                     Of the concerns to manage when building compliance information systems, there
                                     are two that need to be addressed prior to expending any effort:
                                     Firstly, they should improve the business process of keeping your institution in
                                     compliance with regulatory requirements.
                                     Secondly, we need to make sure they are themselves in compliance with
                                     regulatory requirements.

                                     There are several schools of thought regarding proper implementation of a
                                     compliance system, especially when considering the actual level of effort
                                     required by faculty to interact with the system. We’ll explore online versus
                                     offline-and-upload solutions: active entry versus pre-populating data and using
                                     passive acknowledgement: appropriate use of delegating authority during
                                     preparation, review, or revision: and some lessons learned for achieving buy-in
                                     from the various constituents.
                                     Presenter : Chris Naslund, Systems Engineer, Office of Research, University of
                                     Presenter : Jim Kresl, Director, Research Information Systems, Office of
                                     Research, University of Washington
1:30 PM - 2:45 PM : Herbert Hoover   (S) National Institutes of Health Update
                                       Track: Government
                                     See Tuesday @ 9:00
1:30 PM - 2:45 PM : Joan Crawford    (S) OMB Circular A-21
                                       Track: Pre/Post Award
                                     OMB Circular A-21 establishes principles for determining costs chargeable to
                                     Federal grants, contract and cooperative agreements. We will discuss the
                                     principles in the light of actual application for beginners to intermediate research
                                     administrators. Focus will be given to the recent changes, basic principles and
                                     the perfunctory thou shall not passages in section J. Learning Objective: to
                                     acquire basic understanding of Federal policy as codified in this Circular.
                                     Presenter : Kenneth Felthouse, CPA, Manager, Grant and Contract Accounting,
                                     Arizona State University
                                     Presenter : Stuart Laing, Financial Analyst Principal, Sponsored Projects Fiscal
                                     Management, Arizona State University
1:30 PM - 2:45 PM : Gloria Swanson   (S) Humor in the Work Place
                                       Track: Professional Development
                                     Learn how to add humor to serious work for improved workplace performance.
                                     We will show how humor allows you to think creatively of alternatives and
                                     perhaps change the rules. Problem solving is a form of play in which humor is an
                                     important tool. Humor helps put things in new contexts and asking the unusual
                                     "what if?" questions leading to novel and innovative solutions. Good employee
                                     health and effectiveness is also more likely by using humor that can reduce stress
                                     and increase the desire to be at work.
                                     Presenter : Dorothy Yates, Interim Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research
                                     Administration, University of Colorado at Denver
                                     Presenter : Merritt Helfferich, Senior Consultant, Innovation Consulting, Inc
1:30 PM - 2:45 PM : Clark Gable      (S) Paperless Sponsored Research - Preparing for Organizational Change
                                       Track: ERA
                                     Electronic proposal submission is both exciting and confusing to research
                                     administrators. Two primary initiatives, and the NIH, are scheduled to
                                     go live with new paperless proposal systems in 2005. Come hear up-to-date
                                     information from service providers participating in the final phases of the NIH
                                     and pilot programs. Unscramble the features of these different
                                     systems and learn what each system can...and can` for your institution.
                                     Learn how to turn eGov technical terminology into language you can understand
                                     and use. Understand steps you can take in order to prepare your institution for
                                     the changes that will take place as paperless research moves from concept to


                                         1.   Learn what, FastLane, and eCGAP (NIH) can and can`t do.
                                         2.   Turn technical eGov jargon into vocabulary you can understand
                                         3.   Identify steps to prepare your institution for conversion to electronic
                                              research systems

                                     Presenter : Bruce Linn, Director of Database Development, ERA Software
1:30 PM - 2:45 PM : Erroll Flynn     (S) IT 101 for Research Professionals, Software and Peripherals used in a
                                     Small SRO
                                       Track: IT
                                     This session is aimed at the non-technical computer user. We will offer tools and
                                     techniques to assist day to-day productivity, get rid of annoyances (also called
                                     features) and discuss specific problems that participants are experiencing. we
                                     will also have an open discussion on software and peripherals used in one office
                                     to track proposals, advertise funding opportunities and support faculty, staff and
                                     students in the development of their proposals.
                                     Presenter : Brian Christian, System Administrator, Office of the VP for
                                     Research and Economic Development, University of New Mexico
                                     Presenter : Tracey Finch, Grant and Contract Specialist, Western Washington
3:15 PM - 4:30 PM : Herbert Hoover   (S) Office of Naval Research (ONR) Update
                                       Track: Government
                                     This session is an overview of the Office of Naval Research (ONR) and will
                                     provide information about ONR Field Office functions, ONR Map, websites,
                                     information on the payment system (Payweb) and the Top Ten Frequently Asked
                                     Questions. ONR regulations, policies and procedures which affect research
                                     programs will also be covered.
                                     Presenter : Karen Seward, Administrative Contracting Officer, Office of Naval
3:15 PM - 4:30 PM : Clark Gable      (S) Development of UC Effort Reporting System: Strengthening Compliance
                                     through Campus Partnerships
                                       Track: Financial
                                     Regulations concerning the use of federal funds require that universities certify
                                     effort on sponsored projects to support the salaries charged directly to a
                                     sponsored project and to substantiate any salary-related cost sharing
                                     commitments that may have been made in a project proposal. In recent years, the
                                     federal government and its auditors have become much more active in their
                                     review of effort reporting requirements and a number of universities have
                                     received large audit disallowances as a result. Current audit plans for federal
                                     auditors include effort reporting as a specific audit focus.

                                     This is an area of significance to the University of California since in FY03,
                                     federal awards represented approximately 67 of the total $3.53 billion in contract
                                     and grant award activity within the UC system and salary expense represented
                                     the largest direct cost component on these projects. Given the increased scrutiny
                                     on the adequacy of effort reporting systems and processes and the significance of
                                     these dollars, five campuses and the Office of the President have embarked on a
                                     joint project to develop a state-of-the-art web-based effort reporting system,
                                     which will interface with the UC Personnel/Payroll System and campus cost
                                     sharing systems, and will replace the current paper-based Personnel Activity
                                     Report (PAR) system.

                                     It is anticipated that the new UC Effort Reporting System will be completed and
                                     implemented in late 2006. This session will describe the partnership formed to
                                     jointly fund and develop this system and to address related compliance and
                                     policy issues.
                                     Presenter : Pixie Ogren, Project Manager/Specialist, University of California,
                                     Office of the President
                                     Presenter : Susan Abeles, Assistant Vice Chancellor/Controller, University of
                                     California, Los Angeles
3:15 PM - 4:30 PM : Gloria Swanson   (S) Biodefense and bioterrorism: Export restrictions and select agent
                                        Track: Compliance/Legal
                                     This session will cover some of the most difficult issues facing institutions
                                     working with infectious agents used in bioterrorism events: application of
                                     exports requirements to such materials: multiple permitting and packaging
                                     restrictions: public information obligations applicable to bioterrorism research:
                                     siting biodefense research facilities: and, perhaps most difficult of all, changing
                                     the institutional culture from defiance to compliance. The first part of the
                                      presentation will address requests by international research collaborators for
                                      biological agents and other research materials. Successful shipments of these
                                      materials require specific programs to ensure proper transportation and correct
                                      licensing. This session will describe the development of a comprehensive
                                      campus management plan to track and manage outgoing materials and how to
                                      construct a system to ensure compliance with shipping, packaging, and export
                                      controls. The second part of the presentation will cover increased public scrutiny
                                      of select agent research. The session will discuss the rights and obligations to
                                      release information under governmental regulations and recent litigation
                                      involving select agent laboratories. We will also discuss important
                                      considerations in negotiating agreements for biodefense research and recent
                                      amendments to the select agent regulations.
                                      Presenter : Caitlin Deck, Research Compliance Officer, University of California
                                      - Santa Cruz
                                      Presenter : Patrick Schlesinger, Director of Research Compliance, University of
                                      California - Office of the President
3:15 PM - 4:30 PM : Erroll Flynn      (S) Designing Web Forms and Developing a Reporting Environment
                                        Track: IT
                                      Designing Web Forms: A discussion of guidelines and resources for designing
                                      user-friendly and secure web forms. Although the focus is on forms, many of the
                                      concepts relate to web usability in general.

                                      Developing a Reporting Environment: A discussion about reporting from the
                                      database-side perspective, with a focus on design considerations, back-end
                                      technology, and applications of reporting technology.
                                      Presenter : Dave Dose, Programmer/Analyst, Office of Research Services and
                                      Administration, University of Oregon
                                      Presenter : Neil Maxwell , Director, Information Systems, Research
                                      Administration and Compliance Office , University of California, Berkley
6:00 PM : San Marcos Ballroom         HOSTED DINNER
Wednesday, April 20
9:00 AM - 10:15 AM : Herbert Hoover   (S) Pre-Award Issues Panel
                                        Track: Pre/Post Award
                                      Pre-Award Issues Discussion Forum: This roundtable session is comprised of
                                      four institutions (two large and two small) that will facilitate discussions
                                      regarding pre-award issues. The session is intended to explore how small and
                                      large institutions deal with and encounter different types of pre-award issues and
                                      how they have or are addressing them. Bring your knowledge and experiences to
                                      this session so we can share solutions, problems, and discuss current hot topics
                                      affecting pre-award administration. The panel invites you to come and share your
                                      experiences (positive and negative) with your colleagues.
                                      Moderator : Winnie Ennenga, Director, Office of Grant and Contract Services,
                                      Northern Arizona University
                                      Panelist : Georgette Sakumoto, Administrative Officer, Office of Research
                                      Services, University of Hawaii
                                      Panelist : Josie Jimenez, Assistant Director, Office of Grants Contracts, New
                                      Mexico State University
                                      Panelist : Julie Guggino, Sponsored Programs Research Administrator, Graduate
                                      Studies and Research, Central Washington University
9:00 AM - 10:15 AM : Joan Crawford    (S) How do they do it? The Challenges Facing Small Offices
                                        Track: Professional Development
                                      Small sponsored project offices are common at Predominately Undergraduate
                                      Institutions (PUIs). This session will focus upon the operation of two such
                                      offices, The University of San Francisco and Loyola Marymount University.
                                      Participants will gain insight into the advantages and special problems faced by
                                      small pre-award offices and discuss strategies for making the best use of
                                      available human and fiscal resources, planning and carrying out major projects,
                                      finding technological solutions to workload problems, and sharing results of
                                      working with a consultant to find ways to do more with less.
                                      Presenter : Birute Vileisis, Ph.d., Associate Academic Vice President, Academic
                                      Grants Office, Loyola Marymount University
                                      Presenter : Pamela Miller, Ph.D., Director, Office of Sponsored Projects,
                                      University of San Francisco
9:00 AM - 10:15 AM : Clark Gable      (S) Current FA Rate Negotiations Issues
                                        Track: Financial
                                      Working on your FA rate proposal, ready to send it to the DCA or just getting
                                      ready to negotiate a new FA rate? Wherever you are in the process, this session
                                      will be good for you. This discussion will focus on several FA rate negotiations
                                      that have occurred in the past year and the issues the DCA raised before and
                                      during the actual negotiations. From the space walk and use of rooms, to cost
                                      sharing to equipment useful lives will be discussed. If you are interested in
                                      learning what to expect during your next FA` rate review and negotiations,
                                      attend this session.
                                      Presenter : Paul Nacon, Director, MAXIMUS Higher Education Practice
9:00 AM - 10:15 AM : Gloria Swanson   (S) Career Ladders
                                        Track: Professional Development
                                      Is your office considering or implementing a career ladder? This interactive
                                      session will cover all aspects of implementing a career ladder in a sponsored
                                      programs office.
                                      Presenter : Dennis J. Paffrath, Director, Sponsored Programs Office, Utah State
9:00 AM - 10:15 AM : Erroll Flynn     (S) Database Fundamentals II with MS Access
                                        Track: Professional Development
                                      We`ll look at the use of Wizards to help you with Queries, Forms, Modules and
                                      Reports. We`ll also look at a few online resources available for help in learning
                                      MS Access.

                                      This session is intended for an administrator with some exposure to MS Access.
                                      We`ll leave plenty of time for questions, and feel free to bring your problems
                                      with you for (on thumbdrives or laptop) assistance.
                                      Presenter : Steve Shapiro, Technical Group Manager, Office of Research
                                      Services and Administration, University of Oregon
                                      Panelist : Dave Dose, Programmer Analyst, Office of Research Services and
                                      Administration, University of Oregon
10:45 AM - 12:00 PM : San Marcos Ballroom (S) Annual Meeting Forum
                                          This seasoned group of research administrators represents Pre and Post-Award
                                          offices, large, medium, and small programs, and public and private institutions.
                                          They are prepared to ask and answer questions covering the full breadth of
                                          research administration, but especially welcome your comments, questions and
                                          suggestions about the everyday management of research administration and the
                                          challenge of solving old and new problems. Please come prepared to discuss
                                          your "war stories" and how you survived, learned, and pressed forward!
                                          Moderator : Randy Draper, Director, Office of Contracts and Grants, University
                                          of Colorado at Boulder
                                          Panelist : Cheryl Conover, Director, Research Administration, Arizona State
                                          Panelist : Fran Solano Simpson, Director, Office of Sponsored Programs,
                                          University of Denver
                                          Panelist : Monte Sutton, IT Systems Specialist, Office of Grant and Research
                                          Development, Washington State University
                                          Panelist : Sid Kushner, Director, Office of Research and Sponsored Programs,
                                          California State University at San Bernardino
                                          Panelist : Susan Camber, Assistant Vice President, Research Accounting and
                                          Analysis, University of Washington
                                          Panelist : Vincent A. Bogdanski, Assistant Director, Office of Sponsored
                                          Projects, University of Utah

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