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					ILLINOIS STATE ADVISORY COUNCIL ON THE EDUCATION OF CHILDREN WITH DISABILITIES Illinois State Board of Education 100 North First Street Springfield, Illinois 62777

Business Meeting April 10, 2008 9:00 a.m.

I. Procedural Business ISAC Chair Susy Woods called the meeting to order at 9:05 a.m. A quorum was present. ISAC Members Present Marjorie Olson Mike Otte Kyle Packer Rahnee Patrick Heather Perkins Beth Purvis

Beth Conran Deb Fornoff Teresa Garate Carrie Janes Suzanne Lee Tracy Michelon Jennifer Naddeo

Rick Ramirez Kristine Stanley Marie Stiefel Jim Surber Stanley Valentine Susy Woods

Marva Campbell-Pruitt Nora Donahue Anel Gonzalez

ISAC Members Absent Brad Hedrick Eric King Cynthia Moreno ISBE Members Present Deb Kunz Scott Beever (presenter)

Janice Shallcross Sharon Slover

Jodi Fleck Melanie Fleenor

Kathy Stratton

Introductions Chair Woods welcomed ISAC members, staff and guests and asked that they introduce themselves. Adoption of Agenda Motion #1 – Beth Purvis moved to “adopt the agenda as presented.” Jim Surber seconded the motion. The motion carried. Approval of Business Meeting Minutes from February 7, 2008. Motion #2 – Marjorie Olson moved to “approve the minutes of February 7, 2008 as presented.” Rick Ramirez seconded the motion. The motion carried.

Public Participation There was no public participation at today’s meeting. III. ISBE Update – Beth Hanselman, Assistant Superintendent for Special Education HB 4642 – Amendment Regarding ISAC and Gifted and Talented Advisory Council Ms. Hanselman reviewed HB 4642 (emailed to ISAC members before the meeting) which “Amends the School Code. Requires the State Board of Education to compile information on (i) how to educate teachers and other providers about the unique needs of gifted and twice-exceptional children, (ii) how to train teachers in research-based methods for identifying and teaching gifted and twice-exceptional children, and (iii) research-based guidelines for unique programming for twice-exceptional children. Requires the State Board to provide this information to each school district.” The full text of the bill and amendments can be found at: ISAC members will be asked to support and make recommendations. 401 Rules – Emergency Amendments Ms. Hanselman apologized for not bringing these amendments to ISAC before she submitted them to the State Board last month. They are in public comment at this time. The emergency amendments address the use of abusive behavioral interventions – inflicting pain - as a form of behavior modification. Members were given a copy of the amended 401 Rules. Transition Subcommittee – HB 4822 The focus is of HB 4822 is Transition Services. The synopsis is “Amends the Children with Disabilities Article of the School Code. Makes changes to a Section concerning transition goals, supports, and services. Removes certain provisions concerning transition goals and supports. Provides instead that beginning no later than the first individualized education plan (IEP) in effect when the student turns age 14 1/2 (or younger if determined appropriate by the IEP Team) and updated annually thereafter, the IEP must include (i) measurable postsecondary goals based upon age-appropriate transition assessments and other information available regarding the student that are related to training, education, employment, and, where appropriate, independent living skills and (ii) the transition services needed to assist the student in reaching those goals, including courses of study. Makes changes concerning additional IEP Team members, the IEP identifying each person responsible for transition services, the involvement of a public or private entity outside of the school district in transition services, the limit on a public school's responsibility for delivering educational services, and submitting a summary to the local Transition Planning Committee. Effective immediately.” Please see for the amendments. Ms. Hanselman explained that this amendment includes benefit packages, writing the transition plans (and its details) and ensuring that you have representation by outside agencies. The amendment puts the responsibility on the district. Ms. Hanselman along with Sue Walter, ISBE’s Governmental Relations Division, and Phil Milsk have been discussing secondary transition. One question is how to strengthen the function of the Interagency Coordinating Council and provide that education/information to districts. In addition, Ms. Hanselman discussed adding external members to the ISAC Transition Subcommittee and bringing in members from other transition committees. ISAC members are very encouraged by this. Sharon Slover will be asked to work with Ms. Hanselman and Sue Walter to draw in these other agencies. 2

LEA Determinations Scott Beever distributed a document entitled “2006-2007 Illinois State Performance Plan Indicator 13: Secondary Transition Plans.” Indicator 14 information is available at ISBE’s special education website as part of the Annual Performance Report. The stakeholder group met March 28,, 2008. This group includes representatives from ROEs, ISAC, IAASE, IEA, and State Board staff. LEA determinations will be required for all of the compliance areas; Indicators 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, Timely and Adequate submissions, audit findings. Jodi Fleck will be bringing the criteria recommendations from the stakeholder group to the May 21st ISAC meeting. Focused Monitoring Update Focused monitoring visits will be finishing the week of May 12, 2008. The reports from these visits are on time and have been sent to the districts within the required timelines. Ms. Hanselman recognized the work that Jodi Fleck has done in facilitating and guiding the team leaders in both focused monitoring and LEA Determinations. Parent Survey Deb Kunz and Scott Beever updated the group on the parent surveys that were distributed. They discussed how the representative sampling is selected and carried out. They also shared timelines for the next round of surveys. It is anticipated that future surveys will be conducted during the spring. There is data regarding the Parent Survey reported in the 2005-2006 Annual State Report on Special Education Performance that was distributed to ISAC members today. Proposed Withdrawals Ms. Hanselman stated that there are two proposed withdrawals that will be coming before ISAC this spring. The scheduled withdrawal proposals are: May - Bradley Bourbonnais District 307; and June - Avoca District School District 37. Ms. Hanselman discussed with the group some of the reasons why there is an increase in the number of withdrawals. Other RTI: The district needs assessments were made available on the web site in the middle of March. A podcast will take place on April 11th for the districts. A PowerPoint for the podcast is available on website. The Q & A from the State Plan should also be available on the 11th. These can be found on the ISBE home page on the right side under “What’s New”. The first step is the district’s self assessment in identifying their status. ISBE will use this to see what technical assistance and resources can be given to districts. The district improvement plans are due on May 23rd. Districts can let ISBE know if an extension is necessary. SISEP (State Implementation & Scaling Up of Evidence-based Practices): Ms. Hanselman shared with the group that Illinois is one of eight states that will receive an onsite visit from the federal government to bring and integrate all initiatives at a state level. The focus is Reading First and PBIS along with RTI, bringing together all curriculums for all learners. The federal government is overwhelmed with what Illinois has in place and even wonders why Illinois wants to do more. They think Illinois has the best data system in the country. They are scheduled to visit ISBE on May 1, 2008. State Board Meetings / Future Meetings Chair Woods reviewed the list of State Board Meetings scheduled through June, 2008 and the ISAC members who have agreed to attend. Future scheduled attendance include: September – Springfield – Marjorie Olson; October – Bloomington – Deb Fornoff; 3

November – Springfield – Beth Conran. An updated list will be proved at the June meeting. December will be decided at a later date. II. Committee Reports Committee reports will be available in the next ISAC packet. Executive – There was no meeting so there is no report at this time. Access – Kyle Packer, Chair – Reviewed of goals. 1) look at the ISBE website 2) physical access to schools 3) assistive technology Bilingual – Tere Garate, Chair 1) ELL concerns 2) Rebecca Kolda chairs the ELL equivalent of ISAC’s bilingual subcommittee. She and Tere Garate sent a letter to Beth Hanselman and Chris Koch on the following issues: A – For 1½ years there has been an RFP calling for professional development modules regarding bilingual special education best practices. They have not heard anything at this point. B – The letter also asked for the reissuance of a CD that existed as a resource linked to the website. C – The letter in general asked for more support for ELL issues. Motion #3 – Tere Garate moved that “ISAC request that ISBE identify and appoint a consultant to complete the functions of providing support on bilingual special education and participation in the joint state bilingual special education community.” Rahnee Patrick seconded the motion. The motion carried. Comprehensive State Plan – Beth Conran, Chair – Motion #4 – Kyle Packer moved that “ISAC write a letter to ISBE advising ISBE to support the comprehensive plan for withdrawal of Somonauk School District 432 from DeKalb County Special Education Association Cooperative (DCSEA).” Rick Ramirez seconded the motion. The motion carried with three members abstaining due to connections with Somonauk or other entities involved in this withdrawal. Family Communications – Beth Purvis, Chair The goal of this committee is to better understand how ISBE monitors the communication between Illinois school district and parents/guardians of individuals with disabilities. Finance – Mike Otte, Chair – There was no meeting so there is no report at this time. General Supervision/Due Process – Sharon Slover, Chair – Rick Ramirez is reporting for this committee in Ms. Slover’s absence. The committee met with Andy Eulass from ISBE yesterday and discussed facilitated IEPs and program guidelines. Mr. Eulass asked ISAC to revisit the bylaws for this committee to see if they outline that the committee can look at the full dispute resolution system. The current by-laws do cover this. Mr. Ramirez suggested that ISAC may want to rename the committee to better describe the committee’s role. Mr. Eulass will be pulling together a statewide stakeholder committee to look at dispute resolution and the facilitated IEP. He believes ISAC should have a 4

place on this committee. Also, the Due Process Hearing Officers will be interviewed and the final list will be brought before ISAC at the May 21st special meeting. Legislation – Stan Valentine, Chair – The committee discussed SB 2379 and HB 4642. They discussed the Legislative Breakfast to be held on May 14th 8:00 am. – 10:00 a.m. in the Capitol Rotunda. Personnel Development – Marjorie Olson – Chair. The committee has not been able to meet. Ms. Olson would like to meet with Bob Bigham of ISBE for their next committee meeting. Ms. Olson will set up a telephone conference call. Rules and Regulations – Beth Conran, Chair – Ms. Conran and committee discussed the emergency Part 401 rules. These were discussed with Beth Hanselman earlier in the meeting. Motion #5 - Jennifer Naddeo moved that “ISAC send a letter of support to regarding the emergency changes to the Part 401 Rules as part of public comments to ISBE.” Tracy Michelon seconded the motion. The motion carried. Beth Conran will write the letter for ISAC. Transition – Sharon Slover, Chair – Beth Conran reported for this committee in Sharon Slover’s absence. Ms. Conran reviewed the telephone conference call that Ms. Slover had with Scott Beever of ISBE regarding Indicator 13. The committee reviewed the In Forum Summary of Performance report on the Survey that was conducted. They also discussed how no one is “captaining” the world of transition in the state. There needs to be more cohesiveness and communication among the stakeholder group. She discussed the concerns with Indicator 13 – stakeholder group opinions Data entry – fear the districts did not understand the data entry; is this getting down to the teacher level?; Motion #6 – Beth Conran moved that “the chair of the ISAC transition committee invite state agencies, the ICC, the Attorney Generals’ office, IAASE, and others to be determined to participate in the ISAC Transition Committee Meetings as external members.” Deb Fornoff seconded the motion. The motion carried. Ad hoc Communications Committee – Rick Ramirez and Tracy Michelon, Co-Chairs – Rick Ramirez stated that the newsletter is in the final draft and he will be forwarding it to Chair Woods for final approval. The newsletter will be handed out with the April 30th invitations to the legislative breakfast. The printing costs will be covered by the Illinois Assistive Technology Project. Stan Valentine, Beth Conran and Rick Ramirez will discuss the final details. Illinois Interagency Coordinating Council on Transition (ICC) – Marva Campbell-Pruitt – Deb Fornoff reported in Ms. Campbell-Pruitt’s absence. ICC met on March 26th. Some of the items discussed: - Strategic Plan – has been finalized, letter has been drafted and is waiting on signatures from Chris Koch and Carol Adams. The letter will be sent to agencies and be available online on the ISBE website. - Last year ICC scheduled a presentation to colleges regarding transition specialist certification. The response was very poor. They would like to revisit this again. - Data Collection – the latest legislation still calls upon IICC and districts to provide a report to the governor on transition status. They are not receiving FACTS data so they will be working with ISBE to get this information. ISAC may need to be involved with requesting this information.


III. Old Business Tere Garate wrote a letter regarding the testing of students in the light of the discontinuation of IMAGE. Chair Woods sent the letter to the Illinois State Board of Education. Mike Otte wrote a letter supporting the ISBE’s FY-09 Budget. Chair Woods has reviewed that letter and will send it to ISBE. At the last ISAC meeting, a letter from a grandparent concerning services for their grandchild was read. Chair Woods has spoken with the grandmother and gave her some suggestions and encouragement. IV. New Business Chair Woods appointed an Ad Hoc Nominating Committee. Marjorie Olson will chair this committee. Deb Fornoff and Heather Perkins are the members. They will nominate members for the positions of Chair and Vice Chair at the June 12th meeting. ISAC members wished Tracy Michelon well in her upcoming move. Ms. Stratton will send her personal email address to Council members. Ms. Michelon asks that everyone keep in touch. Good Luck, Tracy! May ISAC Meeting Kathy Stratton discussed plans for the special ISAC Meeting on May 21, 2008 which will be held in Normal. Ms. Stratton distributed the agenda with the location information. She will also email this information to ISAC members.


Adjournment The meeting was adjourned at 1:00 p.m.