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									World History Humanities

     Heather Schwagmeier
 2nd Semester– May 20, 2005
      Greetings and welcome to this, the final portfolio of my
sophomore year in AE21 Distributed Education. In the
following presentation, you will find a basic overview of what
I have gained from the World History Humanities class over
the course of this semester. This will be formatted into
artifacts of actual work I‘ve produced, combined with
reflections, all organized into 10 essential goals called Journey
to Excellence.
               Table of Contents
1.    Acceptance of God
2.    Commitment to the Church
3.    Interpersonal Relationships
4.    Responsible Citizenship
5.    Healthy Balanced Living
6.    Intellectual Development
7.    Communication Skills
8.    Personal Management
9.    Aesthetic Appreciation
10.   Career and Service
                                        Artifact J2E #1
                                                 Acceptance of God
•      Heather Schwagmeier
•      Humanities
•      Journal CLQ
•      4/7/05

•      Courage lies in the eyes of the Japanese Samurai, who readily stands to face 12 foes and possibly his death in order to merely
       protect his lord. The lord doesn‘t have to be a personal friend; he doesn‘t have to owe him anything, yet the samurai stands
       to the challenge simply because it is his duty.

•      Courage lies in the eyes of Abraham, his knife raised high above the form of his precious child, the steel glinting in the sun
       and reflecting in his innocent eyes.

•      Courage lies in the eyes of Joseph, lying deserted by his own blood in the heathen prisons of a foreign land yet with a fire in
       his soul forcing him to continue to trust in his God, and to face another day.

•      All of these concepts come to mind when the thought of courage is mentioned… for both go perfectly along with the quote in
       this week‘s page by Ambrose Redmoon, ‗Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is
       more important than fear.‘
•      In the case of the samurai as well as that of every soldier for every army throughout the ages, loyalty and love for one‘s
       country or leader proved itself to be more important than the fear of dying, or being imprisoned, or being tortured.
•      In the case of Abraham, serving his God and being obedient to His words was what held the higher importance, even above
       sparing the life of the one thing that he loved more than anything on earth. That is courage in the greatest degree, in my
•      And lastly in the case of Joseph, even when all odds and all discernable forms of humanity were either against him or had
       forgotten him, he still remained true to El Shaddai-jireh, and maintained his courage to trust in His plan for his life.

Table of Contents
                                               Artifact J2E #1
                                                           Acceptance of God
•   Heather Schwagmeier
•   Humanities
•   Journal FREE
•   5/4/05

•   And now I was wondering if
•   I was wondering if
•   I was wondering if I might have been somebody other than myself
•   Could I have been…
•   Parking lot attendant
•   Could I have been…
•   Millionaire up there on 5th avenue
•   Could I have been…
•   Lost late at night in Central Park
•   Could I have been…
•   Your little sister
•   Could I have been…
•   Anyone other than me
•   (David J. Matthews)

•   Sometimes it‘s interesting to wonder about the what if‘s. What if I had been born into a different family? What if I had been born in another century? What if I had
    been more conventional growing up? What if my parents ran a different business? What if I hadn‘t become a part of AE21? What if I died tonight? And then of
    course… what if I had not been born at all?
•   Such a plethora of what if‘s; all intended to reach one of few conclusions.
•   One—to make you sit down and muse to yourself, ―Wow; so I am here for a reason.‖
•   Two—have I made any impact on my world thus far, and if so, is it the one I want?
•   Three—am I truly the person I want to be?
•   The method to finding the answer is obvious… it‘s the same as when you are having difficulty with your computer and don‘t know what to do to fix it. Who do you
    call? The manufacturer.
•   In the same way, when you are having difficulty discerning the road that you‘re on in life, and you can‘t see the guide marks through the fog.

•   You gotta talk to the One who made you
•   Talk to the One who understands
•   Talk to the One who gave you all the light in your eyes.
•   All the light in your eyes
•   (Sheryl Crow)
                                                      Artifact J2E #2
                                                    Commitment to the Church
Heather Schwagmeier
Retell Live Interview
        Good morning, once again this is Heather Schwagmeier reporting live from the streets of Avignon, France, in M edieval Europe, using the revolutionary Epoch Explorer
        to serve as your window to the past. Today we‘re focusing on the forming power of the Roman Catholic Church in this area, and it‘s new and different approach to
        worship. Just to give you a little background on this story, I‘ll share briefly with you the basic underlying premise of this movement: that is dependence upon human
        teachings and human authority to promote and enforce them. The priests serve as mediators for the people; they are the only way to convey prayers, repentances, or
        pleas to the M ost High God. Also promoted is the veneration of the saints who have passed on, and the dependence on supposed holy relics and figures for luck and
        surety of safety, healing, and protection from evil.
        Along with these practices comes an emphasized form of sin and punishment. Penance is necessary to pay for your sin, and to earn forgiveness. Ah wait, I see a man
        making his way to the chapel now.
        ―Sir, you seem to have a very heavy heart today…why the sad expression?‖
        ―I‘ve committed a terrible sin against God and against heaven. I am going to the chapel now to beg the priest to plead my case before God, so that perhaps I can earn
        forgiveness, for I haven‘t the money to purchase an indulgence.‖
        ―M y goodness, sir, you must have done something truly awful to be feeling like this. M ay I ask what crime you committed?‖
        ―I have been studying the Holy Scriptures in my home for two weeks now. I was given a copy of the Gospel of St. John by a young man in the marketplace. I know
        that I am not worthy to read the words of God, and yet I did anyway. I know that I am far out of my place, for a lowly farmer such as I should never have that privilege.
        I only hope that the Lord will have mercy on me.‖
        ―But sir…(pause)…well I wish you luck. Goodbye.‖
        As we just witnessed, the reading of God‘s word by commoners is forbidden in this day in age. The priests alone are allowed to read the Holy Scriptures. However
        lately, a group of mountain people that have come to be known as the Waldensies have been passing out hand written copies of scripture, which is most likely what this
        man had received. Actually, as I‘m watching the crowd, there appears to be someone handing out small sheets of paper in an alleyway across the street. Lets see who
        this person is.
        ―Excuse me miss, but what is it that you have on these pieces of paper?‖
        ―You don‘t appear as though you‘re from here…are you with the church?‖
        ―No miss, I report the news of happenings in your area to a country far away.‖
        ―Ah I see…well in that case I‘ll tell you. On these papers are copies that myself and my company have written in the mountains, away from all this oppression from
        the church. We feel that every child of God has the right to read His word and understand it for themselves. There are several of us here today, spreading the word to
        as many people as we can.‖
        ―So are you a part of the Waldensian company?‖
        ―Yes I am.‖
        ―Why do you feel that there is such a need for everyone to have access to the Scriptures?‖
        ―This is the only way to find the truth. M y friends and I have studied the scriptures thoroughly and have found the countless falsehoods that the priests are feeding to
        the people. Only when the people are able to read it for them will they know the true God, and His great merciful love for all of us.‖
        ―You are doing a great work, the best of luck to you and may God bless.‖
        ―Thank you, ma‘am, and may God bless you.‖
        Well I‘m afraid that‘s all we have time for today. Let what you have seen today show you how fortunate you are to have the freedom of a true intimate relationship
        with God, and what a blessing you can be to others by sharing His word. Reporting from Avignon, this is Heather Schwagmeier.
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                                Artifact J2E #3
                                 Interpersonal Relationships
•   Heather Schwagmeier
•   English
•   Journal CLQ
•   1/11/05
•   Of all religions, the Christian should of course inspire the most tolerance, but until now Christians
    have been the most intolerant of all men.
    ATTRIBUTION: Voltaire [François Marie Arouet] (1694–1778), French philosopher, author
•   I didn‘t really have a ‗favorite‘ per say of the FFT quotes this week… I just happened to agree with this one
    quite a bit. The funny part is that this statement was originally made nearly 400 years ago, and yet it is still
    true today.
•             In the SDA church and other ‗conservative‘ churches particularly, its often observed that we have
    little to no tolerance of other perhaps more liberal beliefs. It seems as though the outstanding line between
    tolerance and acceptance has been severely smudged in many people‘s minds. This results in dramatic
    reactions to the first changed idea or general procedure. This has been my experience locally as of late,
    anyway. I am by no means saying that this is true everywhere—however it is definitely true in some cases.
    It shouldn‘t be true anywhere.
•   A quote from someone infinitely wiser than I reads, ―Blessed are the peacemakers.‖ This should be the role
    of those on the middle ground in this issue.

•   Table of Contents
                            Artifact J2E #3
                             Interpersonal Relationships
•   Heather Schwagmeier
•   Humanities
•   Journal
•   2/2/05
•           In our relationships with each other, honesty is of great importance—as without it,
    other people will never really get a full grasp of who we truly are, if you want to get down to
    it. Without honesty, what is left to assess? For with honesty comes trust, and without trust,
    no one can find contentment in a relationship. This is common sense. However, honesty
    must be delivered in such a way as to not rub any fur the wrong way—and a lot of times, the
    truth will do so. So… here is where tact comes in. Sometimes, it is even necessary to
    withhold certain pieces of information in order to spare another person‘s feelings. All of
    these things are interwoven; locked in a delicate balance. There is no way to describe it, there
    is no way to write a guide for it—you just have to guide your thinking, and act in the moment.
•         Honesty and trust are the notes and the instrument—tact is the song, the melody, the
    rhythm—that makes the other two something beautiful.

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                                Artifact J2E #4
                                    Responsible Citizenship
•   Heather Schwagmeier
•   Humanities
•   Journal—Selfish/Unselfish
•   1/04/05
•            The event that dominated the news on television, the radio, the papers, and our minds over
    Christmas break was the horrible tale of macabre and tragedy that unwound on December 26th in Asia—the
    earthquake and subsequent tsunami that has cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. When things
    of this magnitude take place, billions of smaller stories and experiences take place as well—and it is these
    stories that collectively leave the legacy from each climatic event—whether it be joyful or sorrowful—that
    occurs in our earth.
•   Therefore, the two selfish or unselfish things that were most memorable to me from this Christmas break
    related to the Asian tsunami tragedy. It was amazing to see the outpouring of sympathy that came from
    each corner of the globe. Billions of dollars have been donated by both private and federal donors. It‘s
    times like these that remind us that the world hasn‘t totally lost its heart—there are still those out there who
    are willing to be the ones to give their own selfless love and resources during these times of hopelessness
    for our fellow man. Everywhere you can imagine, people are rallying together to collect supplies and
    financial donations that can be sent to aid the victims. This may not be one specific event, but it is what
    sticks out in my mind as an act of unselfishness right now.
•   The incidents related in this week‘s TIME article convey the cold, exact opposite. It was only a few hours
    after the tsunami devastated the coastal regions of India that looters ransacked the ritzy hotels that had been
    demolished by the waves. This, to me, is a heart wrenching act of selfishness. To take jewelry from the
    bodies of unfortunate people that simply couldn‘t find any way to make it—how heartless can one be?
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                           Artifact J2E #5&6
                                 Healthy Balanced Living
                               and Intellectual Development
•   Heather Schwagmeier
•   Humanities
•   Journal HOM
•   2/16/05
•           The rifleman steps to his mark, carefully loading shells into the chamber of his
    weathered Smith & Wesson as he walks. He scans the horizon, and then fixes his steady gaze
    on the target 300 yards away. With one swift movement the gun is at his shoulder and a shot
    shatters the midmorning silence. Off. The shooter mutters under his breath, analyzing his
    fault. Slightly off to the right. Again, he places the stock to his shoulder, pressing it close to
    his cheek and narrowly watching the lines on his sight. Instantaneously the axis of the two
    lines and the centre of the target meet and a second shot rings through the air. Much closer,
    but now left of centre.
•           Taking a deep breath, the rifleman once more fixed his eyes on the target and
    meticulously adjusted his position. Amidst his silver eyes his pupil suddenly dilates and in
    that instant he pulls the trigger and then points the barrel to the sky. He looks directly at the
    target. His face slowly forms a smile of satisfaction as he catches the safety on his gun and
    turns away.
•           The road to accuracy is one of undying determination.
•           To achieve accuracy is to defy yourself—your own natural tendency to failure and
    false assumption—and achieve that which is withheld from you.
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                                           Artifact J2E #7
                                                  Communication Skills
•   Heather Schwagmeier
•   Humanities
•   Gandhi Paper—Final Draft
•   3/11/05
•                 The air was eerily silent as the crowd stood mesmerized by the two stern men before them. Some warily eyed the British genda rmes a few
    hundred yards away, their hands on their clubs and whispering amongst themselves. The idea that had just been presented to t hem was so frightening,
    yet at the same time seemed the embodiment of everything they had ever hoped for here in South Africa. Each man matched the gaze of the two men,
    searching for their sincerity. It was found.
•                 The first man was small, but in his eyes there was a burning determination that was evident to any who looked upon him. They were told
    his name was Gandhi, and he had taken up the burden of this fight for freedom with the man situated at his side. His name wa s Carmen; a successful
    Muslim trader and shrewd businessman.
•                 ―Would you all please join me in burning your passes?‖ the voice of Mr. Carmen sliced through the silence.
•                 In that same instant, a gendarme shouted angrily and charged to him, firmly striking him in the back with his club and grasping the man‘s
•                 ―These passes are the property of the British Empire, and I will arrest the next bloody coon that tries to burn one!!‖ he roa red.
•                 Without hesitating, the trader looked intently into his face, and dropped his pass of tainted freedom into the blaze.
•    The gendarme tensed and stood motionless for a moment, then exploded furiously, ―Take him away! And may any who dare to try burning another
    pass enjoy the same fate!!!”
•   Gandhi knelt and picked up the box containing the rest of the passes. Without looking at the crowd or the gendarme, he strod e calmly to the fire and
    threw them in one by one. The face of the gendarme blackened, and he gratingly walked toward the small man, clenching his fist tightly around his
    club and raising it high over Gandhi‘s arm. The blow knocked the passes into the dust and sent Gandhi reeling. The officer watched menacingly, his
    club still raised, but Gandhi still proceeded to gather the scattered passes and place them solemnly into the fire.
•    Savagely, the gendarme beat him into the ground, raining blows down upon his back and head. Bleeding and barely able to brea the, the brown man
    still used his last ounce of strength to reach his hand out, grasp one final pass, and throw it into the blaze.
•   The smoke filled the nostrils of the watching crowd, the fire reflected on their eyes, and in their souls there was ignited b y this solitary man a raging
    inferno of the spirit of freedom. They were inspired, they were determined, and they were ready to fight.
•   Mahatma Karamchand Gandhi was a man of phenomenal wisdom and logic; he had an undeniable sense of justice, he knew how to win devoted
    loyalty, and he always had an answer—even when it was silence. He exercised all of these qualities throughout his life‘s work o f providing freedom
    and justice to the Indian people. (continued on next slide)
                                             Artifact J2E #7
                                                     Communication Skills
•   From his very first experience concerning the injustices inflicted on the Indians by the British Empire, Gandhi was a detonat ed man on a mission.
    Within the hour of being thrown off of a South African train because of his race, he was resolved without even the slightest doubt that this immoral
    inequality must be stopped. His ways were set, and he did not stop until he had reached his goal. More than once he found h imself at the threshold of
    death for the sake of his peoples‘ liberty. His knowledge prohibited him from giving an inch; from even wavering for a secon d.
•   There was never an instance when he held his tongue at the appearance of injustice —even in the faces of judges, prime ministers, and kings, this
    humble little man of no office at all spoke the truth and laid out the facts and plans that should be acted upon. About him there was an almost
    supernatural determination; there never appeared the slightest hint of doubt in the man‘s being. As promptly as he recognize d the situation, he took
•   This aura, this presence, was felt by every person to come in contact with Gandhi. Even his nemesis could not deny his shrewd way, sharp mind and
    kindly manner. There was certainly reasoning for his cause—there was deep passion and love that shined through in the way he ca rried himself and
    executed the situations that arose. This he demonstrated to the people, and for that they came to know him as ‗Bapu‘, or fat her. He truly loved his
    people, so much that he risked his life in fasting so that they would stop hurting one another. This feeling was certainly r eciprocated, for his plan
•   Gandhi‘s manner of speaking was such that it was firm and direct, yet the good intentions and appeal were what his listeners came away with and
    responded to. His reasoning was made simple and accurate, and related perfectly to his audience. His listeners were hooked from the first word, and
    his fiery passion and ambition was spread like an epidemic throughout the empire.
•   The man did not ever make an attempt to raise himself above his people; in fact he made efforts to humble himself to and belo w their level. They did
    not fear him in any way, and saw him as their equal. This strengthened their love and devotion to their universally claimed Bapu, and made them
    attentive to his logical promptings and directions in all that they dealt with during this revolution.
•   Each situation that arose was dealt with in the simplest manner, yet it was the simplicity of it that made it brilliant. Gan dhi‘s logic surpassed his
    enemies‘ expectations, and in this way he was able to blow them away with his responses to their obstacles. Even when stood before a judge and
    threatened with years of imprisonment, he spoke the truth and did not back down. When threats substantiated and he was throw n into jail, he still was
    not shaken, and continued to strategize and plan his attack on the British injustice. Under the revolt of the very people he was trying to save,
    immediately action was taken to end the usurpation of his command of non -violence. His methods were not anticipated, and were n ever forecasted,
    but were always potent to his purpose.
•   Gandhi‘s aim was the fall of stained liberty, and that he received through the giving of his life.
•   One man. One reason. One world. His soul became a model. His reason was fulfilled. And the world was forever changed.

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           Artifact J2E # 8
             Personal Management

• Heather Schwagmeier
• Humanities
• Research Paper FINAL DRAFT
                                      Artifact J2E #9
                                       Aesthetic Appreciation
•   Heather Schwagmeier
•   Humanities
•   Retell—Poetry
•   1/20/04

•   It charged the ages
•   It began the tide of new things
•   A river of luxury
•   A pool of tragic new ways
•   Before, steps were slow
•   Before, change wasn‘t a sunrise
•   A long process
•   An ebbing of stone concealing
•   In the heart stirred
•   In the centre it began
•   There was the pulse
•   There was the soul
•   On came advances
•   On came long strides
•   A wave of product
•   A soaring bird in the night
•   Adjusting is gradual
•   The rise and yet the fall
•   A dazzling new world
•   Fresh tracks in the snow
•   One man
•   M any thoughts
•   They say change the world
•   Who will hold out their hand

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                          Artifact J2E #10
                                   Career and Service

The above is a photograph of Marengo, Indiana– where I committed a great deal of my
    community service hours this year; volunteering after a devastating F5 tornado struck the area
    last Memorial Day weekend. More photos of the damage and relief work can be seen here.
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                             Reflection J2E #1
                                       Acceptance of God
             Little by little, acceptance of God is established over the vast amount of time that together
forms our lifetimes. It is my understanding that to fully accept something you have to first fully grasp
what it is, and friends we are nowhere close to trying to grasp who God really is. In my mind that is
simply stunning, and this is what drives me onward and forward toward understanding more about Him
and growing to know and accept Him more for Who He is and what He has done for me.
           This year has been a rollercoaster of learning processes, all of which I know have been
planned far in advance to rattle all my chains, push all my buttons, and turn absolutely everything upside
down in order for me to get a better glimpse of the reality that is my world, and realize the God that I
must depend on in it. I‘ve lost friends I thought would be here forever, and yet I‘ve gained ones that I
know without doubt will be. I have soared, I have plummeted to the depths of my being, and thus I
emerge with this– God is everlasting, and He and He alone is my Rock, Shelter, Fortress, Comfort and
            My only hope is that this realization will strengthen and multiply this summer and in the
years to come as I go through high school and college, and thusly pursue my career whatever it turns out
to be. This is the one truth that keeps shoving itself in my face no matter how many times I try to ignore
it; may I learn not to ignore it in the future, but to accept and learn from it, and to show others the profit
of allowing it to guide you in every day.

Table of Contents Artifact J2E #1 Acceptance of God Artifact J2E #1 Acceptance of God
                             Reflection J2E #2
                                    Commitment to the Church

             At the present moment, there is a lot I could say about the faults that I see personally within the
   attitude of the Seventh-day Adventist church and particularly their attitude on certain things. However, it
   goes without saying that every organization is not without downfalls or, you might say, ‗bad seeds‘, and I
   would much rather comment on the positive aspect of church commitment than grumble to no end of its
             Every bird has a nest. Every fox has a hole. In the same way, every Christian needs a community.
   This community is the Church. The church is the soil that enriches and solidifies the volatile young
   Christian, and provides a home and niche for the seasoned disciple of Christ seeking to save souls.
             The church also provides the Christian with a firm set of doctrines, a manifesto in which they can
   set their sites and place their goals. It is this church that is their embodiment of how to approach Christ.
   What is more paramount than this? It is this Church that is responsible for laying the foundation of the
   whole of their spirituality, as well as their salvation for eternity.
             This importance is the discovery that I‘ve made quite a while ago. The discovery that I‘ve made
   recently is that there are choices. The church is what you believe, not what you inherit. I‘d always thought
   that I had analyzed everything that went on in my church and believed them all on my own, but now my
   eyes are open to reveal my amusing ignorance that in turn reveals the fact that I have work to do. I firmly
   still believe that the Seventh-day Adventist doctrines are the truth, however it is their outlook and the way
   that they are currently being presented and the hundreds of variables all over the world that trouble me. It is
   this concern that is now my exhausted reflective thought.

Table of Contents Artifact J2E #2 Commitment to the Church
                            Reflection J2E #3
                                 Interpersonal Relationships
             Over the course of this year I‘ve come to the conclusion that there is one specific thing that is
    absolutely paramount to form and maintain lasting relationships, and that is trust. I‘m gradually learning to
    completely thrive upon it. However, though this sounds simple—and it is to a degree – there are a plethora
    of other qualities that tie into trust. These include things such as honesty, loyalty, devotedness,
    dependability, and a hundred other things that can make every friendship, romantic relationship or
    otherwise extremely complicated if you try to make note of it all.
             The point that I am trying to make is simply that it all seems to break down to trust, always. If you
    can trust, you know you have a friend. And also it seems, if you know without shadow of a doubt that you
    can trust, then you can love.
             In life, we are deemed a purpose before our eyes ever seen the rays of the sun. To fulfill this
    purpose, first and foremost we must establish a relationship with God, and then we must establish
    relationships with those whom He has planned for us to come in contact with along life‘s path. There are
    only a few tools we need– one is faith, one is direction, and the other is? Trust. So interesting how a world
    so complex can possibly be broken down into one simple principle…
             Perhaps it cannot. Perhaps I am merely a dreamer who fantasizes about the day when everyone will
    learn to trust one another, and this is a goal purely unreachable; a mere child‘s fairy story. But what if
    enough people had that idea? What if enough people wanted that badly enough? How interesting a
    thought that is… I wonder what might happen.
                                        Such is a dream… such is a wondering.

Table of Contents Artifact J2E #3 Interpersonal Relationships Artifact J2E #3 Interpersonal Relationships
                          Reflection J2E #4
                                  Responsible Citizenship

            To become a responsible citizen of the world is to become aware of the world. You must
become conscious of your surroundings; cognizant of those in it, and of their role in the world, for they
very well may affect you. There are a billion things all going on at once, and it is our responsibility as
human beings and more specifically as disciples of Christ to become observant of them. We must learn
everything possible about our world and its past for several reasons, but for one which is of greatest
importance– because it is our mission field.
              To quote one of my previous journals, this world is a big place, with a big past, and we have
only a small part in it, but we can make a gigantic difference with proper determination and tools. There
is no reason for anyone anywhere to deem themselves unimportant or cast out, because as I‘ve mentioned
before, there‘s a purpose for everyone! Our mission is simple– get out there and get your hands dirty.
             ‗Go ye into all the world.‘
              When going on a trip it‘s always a good idea to get a clue as to where you‘re going. You
study up on your destination; buy some guidebooks, consult an agent perhaps, and absolutely carry a map
with you. It‘s no different in our mission for Christ. We are to take His word to… where again? Yes, the
world. Ergo it seems logical that we should become responsible citizens. Study up on our world. Learn
about its past, find out what makes its people tick, what rouses their spirits, what gleams in their eyes
hearts minds souls most dear. What do they want?
            Where are you going? Where are you taking Christ‘s message dear Christian? Where are
you going with His word?
Table of Contents Artifact J2E #4 Responsible Citizenship
                      Reflection J2E #5
                              Healthy Balanced Living
              When the phrase ‗healthy balanced living‘ is mentioned, particularly in a Seventh-day
Adventist setting, it generally conjures up images of health seminars, vegetarian meat substitutes, and
lifestyle centers. All of these things are fine and good and have tremendous benefits to the physical well
being of humans, I have no doubt, however what seem to be of infinitely more importance are the matters
of spiritual and mental health. It is our mind and spirituality that form the person that we are; and in the
end determine our salvation and the impact we have on others.
             On the other hand, without physically maintaining ourselves, it is impossible to support our
minds, and without our minds we cannot support our spirituality. So in the end, the three of these things
are interwoven to form the essence of our character, which is obviously of the utmost importance. In order
to maintain these things, we much observe our input. Our food, our friends, the material we read or listen
to– everything– it must all be censored carefully until we know is something that we are genuinely sure we
want inputted into our character.
             Of course we don‘t want to become paranoid. It would be impossible to analyze absolutely
everything before having any exposure. Pretty soon you‘d be locked up in a flat white room with no
windows. Guards must be exercised. Hello judgment. To judge the things around you righteously is
extremely difficult, and its been proven that there‘s only one way to do it– with Christ‘s help. Again, it all
comes back to simply trusting Him.
             There‘s actually only one perfect Influence. Without it you quite literally would be all alone
in a white room. That Influence is Jesus. So what I am learning is that He is the rule to go by; He is who
you compare to every time you meet someone or every time you wonder to yourself, ―How am I really
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                            Reflection J2E #6
                                   Intellectual Development
              From day to day, it is the development of our minds and that in its capacity that allows us to look
    back upon the time we have spent and own a sense of accomplishment. For without having gained some
    intellect, what have we really gained? For if it was just money, that can be taken away by thieves.
    Freedom, by those unjust captors who have taken it so many times in the past from those who have died in
    prison. If one does not gain knowledge or skill from something, one does not gain anything at all.
              Therefore, it should be a goal to find things from which it is sure to gain such wisdom, skill, or
    thoughtful experience. For instance, I am (forgive me, but I can think of no better phrase) psyched out of
    my mind at the prospect of spending the summer working at Alaska Camps this year, for a number of
    reasons. First of all, there is of course the fact that it is Alaska, a gorgeous place that I have never been
    before and have always wanted to go. Secondly, this experience has proven itself time and time again in
    the past in the lives of others to be one of great spiritual development, and flat out life changing things have
    happened here. Now, it is sheer luck combined with some great friends and loving parents, and nothing
    else that has gained me this experience. However in the future, I am going to make it a goal to find more
    of these.
              My point in stating all of the above is this– what are we doing here? We go around from day today,
    fulfilling some sort of task that we seem to derive some sort of meaning from. But could we be gaining
    more? Could we be doing more elsewhere? What if we were trying harder? Such a thought… such what
    if‘s could go on into oblivion, and yet… what if?

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                             Reflection J2E #7
                                       Communication Skills
             As mentioned in previous reflections of this presentation, in this life we are given a mission by the
    King of the universe– that is to go into the entire world and give His message of eternal salvation to them in
    such a way that they will accept it, believe it, and learn to live it for the rest of their lives. A tall order, but
    it can most definitely be done with the right skills, the foremost of which being faith and trust in God, and
    the next being communication. Communication is absolutely essential to fulfill this mission ordained to
    we, the disciples of Christ.
             Not everyone is gifted with excellent communication, however, everyone is gifted with the ability
    to recognize it and adapt somewhat. It is this fact that has become key to the mission work of not only the
    Seventh-day Adventist but all Christian missions around the globe, inside the United States and abroad.
    This is how we maintain our church, and deeper yet, this is how we maintain ourselves as people within our
             What is a friendship without communication? What is a romance without it? What is a family?
    None of these can stand without open communication, in which all those involved understand one another
    and are in tune with each other‘s ideas. Such a setting seems so rare anymore, particularly in the family
    setting. And we wonder why the divorce rates are skyrocketing? No one talks anymore. If there‘s a
    problem, mouths are clamped shut, or worse, fingers are pointed and a yelling match is initiated. No, what
    is necessary is open discussion; both people earnestly trying to understand and perhaps compromise. Such a
    thought. Such a revolution.

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                           Reflection J2E #8
                                    Personal Management
            At the beginning of the year, the topic of personal management was not one that I
    excelled greatly in, and for that matter it is still not, because to put it quite bluntly, it is at this
    moment forty minutes until I must turn this portfolio in. I am truly deeply shamed to say that
    I am woefully behind in my manner of managing my time. This week was particularly
    stressed with computer problems, its true, but much of the time I can help my procrastination
    and don‘t. Much of the time I assume it hurts no one but me, but lately I am coming to realize
    it damages others too– and even if it was only me, think of the penalties for such idiotic and
    careless behavior. I am ashamed to say that I was not doing well in this department then, as I
    am not now.
            However, AE21 as a whole is without a doubt the place to teach you personal
    management the hard way. Without it you will sink, miserably sink. Self discipline is
    rampant, and before you know it you‘re finding yourself using planners and datebooks,
    scratching off time schedules and smiling in contentment as you do so. A very satisfying
    feeling; just keeping it up is the trick.
            The illustration of the puppy and a rolled up newspaper actually fits this scenario quite
    nicely. Mess up enough times and eventually you will learn. The slower of the litter will
    learn the most gradually. This is my second year at this, so I suppose that would be me. 
    So, as a plan to better myself in this area next year, I can only use this over-used cliche,
                                        ―Try, try, and try again.‖
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                     Reflection J2E #9
                             Aesthetic Appreciation
        To begin, I must give you a bit of background on me and the topic of myself and the
arts. The arts are what I am most passionate about– writing, music, and photography are my
top three career choices, and they are what I fill my spare time with while I‘m in school.
Their simplicity soothes me, while their complexity keeps my mind at work; I cannot get
        These things have always been my passion, with the possible exception of
photography– however this was the case at the beginning of this year, this hasn‗t changed
much over the duration of this course, though there have been some definite challenges and
joys in that realm during this class.
        To begin, Jane Austen was a very interesting experience that I admit was, at first, a bit
frustrating, but I was soon caught in the language and style of writing, as well as the period of
the book. This was soon reflected in my own writing, and I also caught myself using it in my
        My biggest challenge this year was writing organized papers. I‘ve never been
incredibly good at it, and this year was definitely no exception, though I do think I‘m starting
to get a much better understanding of what to do. All that‘s left now is doing it. The last
paper was the most eye-opening on this subject.

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                       Reflection J2E #10
                                   Career and Service
            This year my community service hours were largely contributed in Marengo, Indiana
    as a part of Indiana Disaster Relief after a horrific act of nature devastated the entire town.
    This was one of the most incredible experiences I‘ve ever been through. To see what can
    happen in an instant; to see how one‘s life can change over the matter of a few hours, and how
    picky mother nature can be– it boggles the mind and leaves you breathless.
            I worked in a food and supply distribution centre much of the time, while the rest of
    the time I followed a chainsaw crew, helping in the removal of trees and other debris. While
    my mind was filled with awe at the power of sin and nature, I remarkably was on an
    incredible high because I was able to help these people in such a time of need. I really loved
    the time I spent down there. My muscles ached, I got next to no sleep, there was no air
    conditioning and I was hot and sweaty, but I felt outstanding. I greeted everyone with a smile
    and it made me feel even more amazing when some of these people that had just lost their
    homes would smile back, just because they were seeing a friendly face.
            To me that‘s what service is all about. Giving someone that friendly face when they
    need it most; and being there when you don‘t have to be, but when someone else really needs
    you to. Its just a feeling unmatchable. That is what has changed me.
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