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       Shipping Containers: Storage Containers Modifications

                                              Interport offer several services
to make the new / used shipping container as well as for steel storage
containers you purchase more suitable to your needs.

NJ Shipping Container modifications by Interport: New / used shipping
containers with customization, paint & refurbishing services.

Modification Services

                           Customization Options –

                            •   Specializes in modifying new / used shipping
                           •   Installing Roll Up doors for easy access.

                           •   Creating non- standard container sizes.

                           •   Installing Lockboxes for protected entry

                         Paint & Refurbishing Options –

                           •   Custom paint or logos

                           •   Stock paint colors

                           •   Rust removal with prepping and painting

Range of Stock Colors Available –

Request a quote from our knowledge staff or call (973) 589-2329 today.

For More Details –

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Interport Maintenance Co., Inc

635 Delancy St

Newark, NJ

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