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Notes 8

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									Episode #: 608

“Come Together”


An UNKNOWN OBSERVER watches the goings-on of RICHARD ALPERT'S camp. Many of the OTHERS move about cautiously, trying to go about their morning routines. At one end of the camp, Richard and ILANA stand at the base of the statue, chatting idly. At another, JACK SHEPHARD and KATE AUSTEN converse with SUN KWON and JIN KWON. CLAIRE LITTELON walks slowly along the beach. In the center of the camp sits HUGO “HURLEY” REYES, alone, thinking to himself. And now we JUMP CUT TO: Hurley, who sighs, bored, even depressed. Claire catches his eye, and she walks over towards him, smiling warmly. Hey, Hurley. OK. CLAIRE How you doing?

HURLEY Just . . . bored, I guess.

CLAIRE You should have come with me and Kate. Hurley laughs to himself, and Claire takes a seat, staring out at the beach. She looks over at Hurley, whose expression still remains pensive. CLAIRE (CONT'D) What's troubling you? HURLEY I don't know. It's like, I thought we all had a destiny here and that was why we were coming back. (CONTINUED)

2. 1 CONTINUED: HURLEY (CONT'D) But now . . . I don't know what I'm supposed to do. CLAIRE I know what you mean. I thought that getting Jack back here would send me wherever I'm supposed to go . . . but here I am. HURLEY I'm just glad everyone else can see you. (Off Claire's look:) Never mind. Hurley turns around, absentmindedly looking towards the jungle only to find the observer who has been looking at the camp this whole time: HURLEY (CONT'D) Vincent? VINCENT the dog, much to Hurley's shock, stands at the back of the camp, his tail wagging happily. Hurley motions him to come over, and he does so, jumping up on Hurley and licking his face. HURLEY (CONT'D) Hey, Vincent. How you doing? The rest of the camp now notices Vincent's presence, coming over to see what's going on. Jack and Kate are first, staring at Vincent in amazement. Jin and Sun are right behind them. Vincent? JACK How did he get here? 1

JIN Maybe he was touched. (CONTINUED)

3. 1 CONTINUED: Who knows? lucky. HURLEY Guess he was just 1

Hurley smiles, petting Vincent on the head as the flashback WHOOSH starts up, bringing us to: 2 INT. BOARDWALK RESTAURANT – NIGHT – FLASHBACK Hurley finishes up a large plate of ribs, wiping his mouth as the final one clatters to the large pile. In front of him, his mother CARMEN REYES grimaces to herself. CARMEN Pace yourself, Hugo. They're not going to run out of ribs. HURLEY I'm having dinner, mom. It's fine. 2

CARMEN I'm having dinner, too, but you don't see me sitting in front of a plate that goes up to my chin. Hurley looks up at his mother exasperatedly, leaning forward as he speaks to her quietly. HURLEY Why did you bring me here if you're just gonna criticize me? CARMEN I just don't want to have to hold your hair back when you toss God only knows what over the side of the boardwalk. Hurley throws down his napkin, getting up from the table and moving towards the door. (CONTINUED)

4. 2 CONTINUED: HURLEY You won't. (Off Carmen's look:) I'm taking a walk. And without another word, Hurley heads out of the restaurant, leaving Carmen sitting alone. 3 EXT. BOARDWALK - FOLLOWING – FLASHBACK 3 2

Hurley quickly walks away from the restaurant, emerging on a small, cramped boardwalk, shifting through the sea of PEOPLE to reach the edge. As he reaches the side, he turns to an OLDER WOMAN, nodding to her and smiling. HURLEY Nice night. OLDER WOMAN Guess so, yeah. Hurley turns away from the woman as the deck begins to shift, buckling under the weight of the people. Hurley looks around in confusion, as does everyone else. The deck is silent for a moment. Suddenly, the boardwalk buckles once more, only this time it is ever harder as the poles holding it up begin to snap apart, causing the boardwalk to slide into the water. Hurley grabs onto the handrails as the wood holding the small platform over the water to the rest of the boardwalk snap apart, the pieces flying up into the air. Suddenly, the platform loses all support, falling into the water and taking all 24 people with it. 4 EXT. SHORELINE – CONITNUOUS – FLASHBACK Hurley breaks the surface of the shallows, taking a deep breath as he tries to swim back to shore with the rest of the people in the accident. (CONTINUED) 4

5. 4 CONTINUED: On the boardwalk, countless PASSERBY stop and at the scene in front of them, trying to help the water by walking down some rocks adjacent boardwalk. People shout out for those in the one voice is heard over the rest: Hugo! CARMEN (O.S.) Hugo! 4 stare in shock people from to the water, but

Hurley looks up to see Carmen running out from the restaurant, staring down at her son, terrified. Hurley keeps trying to swim towards her, but he is suddenly distracted by the older woman he was talking to before, standing up on the rocks. Fat ass! OLDER WOMAN Look what you've done!

Hurley stares at the woman in confusion, but she walks down the rocks haphazardly, screaming at Hurley. No one else seems to notice her. OLDER WOMAN (CONT'D) You've killed us! You've killed us! Hurley now notices something floating next to him: the body of the older woman, floating dead in the water, one of the wooden boards jammed straight through her chest. Hurley looks back at the specter of the woman, terrified and guilt-stricken, but she is gone, replaced by the swiftly oncoming figure of Carmen Reyes. CARMEN Hugo, give me your hand! Hurley swims numbly over to his mother, offering her his hand and allowing her to help him from the water. And off Hurley's shock at the apparition that just blamed him for her death, the WHOOSH returns, taking us back to: (CONTINUED)

6. 5 EXT. TAWARET STATUE – BEACH EXTERIOR – DAY Richard and Ilana have now approached Hurley and Vincent. Richard reaches out for the dog, examining him closely. ILANA No sign of where he came from? CLAIRE No, he just walked right out of the jungle. RICHARD Someone should probably go see if they can find a trail. Kate steps forward, already on her way towards the jungle. KATE I'll go. HURLEY I'll come, too. Kate nods, waving Hurley to follow her. away from the camp, heading to: 6 The two tromp off 6 5


Kate and Hurley reach the entrance of the jungle. Kate sees some paw prints in the sand, bending down to check on them. KATE I didn't know you knew much about tracking. I don't. my legs. HURLEY Figured I'd just stretch

KATE Well, I could use another person. Looks like Vincent's been all over the place. (CONTINUED)

7. 6 CONTINUED: Kate directs Hurley's gaze to a set of paw prints leading one way into the jungle. KATE (CONT'D) You think you can follow those? HURLEY They're pretty clear, yeah. KATE Good. I'll go one way, you go another. Hurley nods, leaving Kate and heading into the jungle. 7 EXT. JUNGLE – PATHWAYS – FOLLOWING Hurley follows Vincent's trail through the jungle, keeping his eyes on the ground. He is suddenly interrupted by the presence of another: WOMAN'S VOICE (O.S.) You've got more important things to do than follow tracks. Hurley looks up in shock to see HURLEY Libby? ELIZABETH “LIBBY” SMITH stands in front of Hurley, smiling to him as she steps forward. LIBBY Hey, Hurley. (A beat, then:) I need you to come with me. And off of Hurley's shocked, nervous, and even slightly excited face END OF TEASER 7 6


DESMOND HUME walks slowly across the beach, looking around for a way off the Island, when suddenly he hears a rustling from the bushes. Desmond spins around towards the jungle, raising a rifle and pointing it straight at the tree line. DESMOND Oy! Come out! VOICE (O.S.) Don't shoot! DESMOND Come out with your hands up! BENJAMIN LINUS emerges from the jungle, his hands raised lazily over his head. Desmond stares at him in shock, then raises his rifle once more. DESMOND (CONT'D) Give me one good reason why I shouldn't put one between your eyes. BEN Because I can help you. Help me? brother. DESMOND You've helped me enough,

Desmond gets ready to pull the trigger, but Ben starts panicking, spitting out an apology. BEN Desmond, I'm sorry for what I did! DESMOND Sorry? You're sorry for shooting me and putting me in the hospital?! (CONTINUED)

9. 8 CONTINUED: DESMOND (CONT'D) Sorry for threating my wife?! For frightening my child?! You really expect me to forgive you? BEN No, I don't. But I want you to let me make up for it. I want you let me help you. DESMOND How can you help me? BEN By telling you why it is you're here. And by reuniting you with your wife and son. Desmond lowers his gun, now starting to listen to what Ben has to say, reconsidering shooting him in spite of his hatred. DESMOND You could really do that? BEN It's what I'm supposed to do. (A beat, then:) Please, Desmond. Let me help you. Desmond still doubts Ben's offer, looking down the beach, still thinking of walking away from Ben. DESMOND Why should I believe you? BEN When you were in the Hatch and Daniel Faraday spoke to you, what did he say? (CONTINUED) 8

10. 8 CONTINUED: DESMOND He said the rules don't apply to me. You know what he meant? BEN I do. (A beat, then:) You're special, Desmond, in a way that very few people in this world are. DESMOND So, now you're gonna tell me I have superpowers? BEN That's exactly what I'm going to tell you. Desmond stares at Ben in shock, then laughs to himself, turning around and shouldering his rifle. DESMOND You're crazy. Desmond starts walking down the beach, but Ben remains still, speaking to him as he walks away. BEN You can see the future! Your memory can change sporadically, you mind jumps through time and still survive, and now you've remained on the Island when you should have just disappeared. Desmond slowly turns around, once more shocked by Ben's knowledge of his seemingly unexplainable abilities. 8


11. 8 CONTINUED: BEN (CONT'D) You can do all this because you were chosen by the Island for a purpose. The Island brought you back here, but when history was corrected, when you should have gone back to where you were, the rules were broken to allow you to remain. DESMOND Why? BEN Because the Island's not done with you yet. And now Desmond is reminded of Eloise Hawking's words to him, of all that has happened to him since then, since he walked away from his destiny. And so he steps back towards Ben, relenting to his plea. DESMOND All right. The Island's not done with me, so now I'm back. (A beat, then:) What do I do? BEN You follow me. DESMOND Where? BEN To the Temple. Desmond looks at Ben curiously, but nods, agreeing to follow him. Ben heads back into the jungle, Desmond at his heels. And off of the pair slipping past the trees, the flashback WHOOSH begins again, taking us to: (CONTINUED) 8


Desmond, now dressed in military uniform, sits in front of a court of HIGH-RANKING OFFICERS, awaiting his verdict. The CHIEF OFFICER looks towards Desmond as he opens up a file. CHIEF OFFICER Desmond David Hume, you have been called to this court on the charge of disobeying a direct order that resulted in the death of a fellow officer. We have reviewed your case, and are now prepared to hear your defense. Please, in you own words, tell us what happened. The chief officer nods, allowing Desmond to start speaking. DESMOND I was working in the ammunitions lab, studying the wiring in one of the more advanced explosives, when . . . something went wrong. I don't know what it was, must have been a faulty wire. The bomb was supposed to be inactive, but I guess they put too much trust in me. CHIEF OFFICER Get to the point. DESMOND My commanding officer was with me, he was telling me what to do. He said he knew how to fix it, but . . . I panicked. Said he didn't know anything. And by then it was too late. I was able to make it out, but . . . you know the rest. CHIEF OFFICER Well, to be frank, your explanation (CONTINUED)

13. 9 CONTINUED: CHIEF OFFICER (CONT'D) doesn't seem to fault anyone but you. DESMOND I know. He was right and I did something wrong, I know that. That's why I plead guilty. The chief officer raises his eyebrow in surprise, then nods, commencing immediately with Desmond's sentencing. 10 INT. ROYAL SCOTS BASE – HOLDING CELL – LATER – FLASHBACK Desmond is led in handcuffs to a cell by another SOLDIER, who stares at him curiously. SOLDIER Didn't think I'd have to lock anyone up during peacetime. DESMOND Guess I'm just special that way. SOLDIER Guess so. You left your possessions at the main gate? DESMOND Aye. The two men reach Desmond's cell as the soldier opens it for him, leading him inside. After he removes Desmond's handcuffs, the soldier closes the door, remaining for a moment to ask: SOLDIER Why didn't you listen to him if you knew he was right? DESMOND Cowardice. (CONTINUED) 10 9

14. 10 CONTINUED: SOLDIER If you're a coward, why did you enlist? DESMOND Guess I wanted responsibility. Sacrifice. Maybe I wasn't ready for that. SOLDIER No, I suppose you weren't. (A beat, then:) Well, when you get out of here, you'll have a dishonorable discharge and you'll be able to find something to does suit you. DESMOND Thanks. The soldier nods, leaving Desmond alone in his cell. Desmond looks over to the poor mattress, taking a seat on it as the WHOOSH returns, taking us to: 11 EXT. JUNGLE – PATHWAYS – DAY Libby leads Hurley through the jungle, speaking to him as she heads forward purposefully. HURLEY So, you're a ghost like the others? LIBBY Yeah, we've got a club. Libby turns around, smiling warmly at Hurley. LIBBY (CONT'D) It's really me. I swear. And Hurley knows that Libby's telling the truth – this is definitely her. (CONTINUED) 11 10

15. 11 CONTINUED: HURLEY So, why are you here? LIBBY I'm here for the same reason most of the other ghosts are here. To guide people to their destiny. HURLEY What, like Obi-Wan Kenobi? LIBBY Sure. Libby turns around, looking at Hurley, who still remains superstitious of the whole situation. LIBBY (CONT'D) You're not crazy, Hurley. You have a power that very few people have. HURLEY I can talk to dead people, right. (A beat, then:) Can you tell me why that is? LIBBY It's not really science so much as it is faith. You were chosen. You've faced death and survived. (Off Hurley's look:) The deck that collapsed? Isn't that when it started? Hurley nods slowly, finally getting the answers he's been looking for. HURLEY So . . . everything that's happened to me . . . there's been a reason behind it? (CONTINUED) 11

16. 11 CONTINUED: LIBBY Some of it. But some things can't be controlled. (A beat, then:) You were supposed to come here. You were supposed to speak to the dead. You've been given everything you need. Now the choice is yours. HURLEY What choice do I have to make? LIBBY The Island will need you soon. You'll have to accept the responsibility you've been given. Hurley nods, ready to accept what's coming his way, ready to find his purpose. OK. HURLEY I can do that. LIBBY Are you sure? Yeah. HURLEY I'm sure. 11

LIBBY Then you need to go back to your camp, find Jack, Kate, and Richard, and bring them out into the jungle. HURLEY Where? LIBBY Kate should know where it is. It's a Dharma station called the Staff. (CONTINUED)

17. 11 CONTINUED: HURLEY What's there? LIBBY It's a medical station. HURLEY Why do I need to take people to a medical station? LIBBY Because someone's life is now in your hands. Hurley stares at Libby, completely shocked at her sudden revelation. And off of his expression END OF ACT ONE 11


JAMES “SAWYER” FORD kneels on the ground, his hands tied, one of FLOCKE'S OTHERS behind him with a gun to his head. Elsewhere in the camp, FLOCKE sits, staring at Sawyer and thinking to himself. Sawyer notices Flocke's gaze, nodding towards him and smirking. SAWYER You got something you want to tell me, John boy? Flocke gets up, heading over to Sawyer, motioning for his henchman to move away. Flocke, now alone with Sawyer, kneels in front of him, sitting down in the dirt. FLOCKE I want to continue the conversation we were having before. SAWYER About Juliet? FLOCKE That's the one. SAWYER Why is she so important to you? FLOCKE There's an anomaly in what happened that I believe needs correcting. And it seems as though she's the key. (Off Sawyer's look:) She was supposed to return here with the rest of you. Jacob and I both selected followers to bring back here, and I know she was one of his. (A beat, then:) So, what happened to her? (CONTINUED)

19. 12 CONTINUED: Sawyer pauses, his standoffish exterior breaking from Flocke's questioning. SAWYER She got pulled into the construction site. Loose chains wrapped around her legs . . . must have been forty feet. That's what happened to her. FLOCKE No, I don't think it is. SAWYER Well, that's all that happened. She drops in, and then next thing I know I'm in Sydney, getting back on that damn plane. FLOCKE What? (Off Sawyer's look:) You went to Sydney? SAWYER Yeah. Flocke nods his head in confusion, then slowly rises, stumbling away from Sawyer. SAWYER (CONT'D) There a problem? FLOCKE You should have just come here. Flocke blurts out the confession before he can stop himself from it, shutting up as soon as he says it. But Sawyer has heard enough to know: SAWYER Things aren't going to plan, huh? (CONTINUED) 12

20. 12 CONTINUED: FLOCKE Stop talking. SAWYER Is that why you've been picking off people left and right? (Off Flocke's look:) You're losing, and you don't like it. Flocke glares at Sawyer, then nods to Sawyer's captor, motioning for him to return to his post. Sawyer's captor returns, hitting Sawyer across the face with the butt of his rifle and sending Sawyer falling to the ground. 13 EXT. JUNGLE – PATHWAYS – SIMULTANEOUSLY Ben leads Desmond through the jungle, keeping his eyes forward. DESMOND So, you're taking us to the Temple? BEN That's right. DESMOND You mind telling me what the Temple is? BEN It's a lot of things, but we're going to use it to harness your powers. DESMOND My powers? This place is gonna make me have flashes again? BEN No, this is going to help you do something else. (CONTINUED) 13 12

21. 13 CONTINUED: Desmond grabs Ben, stopping him and turning around. DESMOND Look, I don't want to hear any more clues or hints. I want answers. OK. BEN What do you want to know? 12

DESMOND I want to know what it is I'm doing at that Temple. BEN Let's keep walking. Desmond nods, and he and Ben keep walking. BEN (CONT'D) Three years ago, we captured one of the survivors from Flight 815. His name was Walt, and he could see into the future, too. We ran a few tests on him, and got some interesting results. (A beat, then:) You see, it became clear that he could do other things as well. (Off Desmond's look:) He could project himself in places where he shouldn't have been, even jump through space if necessary. The one conclusion we could reach is that all of his powers were interconnected. DESMOND What does that have to do with me? BEN It has everything to do with you because you have that same ability. (CONTINUED)

22. 13 CONTINUED: DESMOND If I have it, why have I never been able to use it? BEN Because you've never been to the Temple. (A beat, then:) We're here. 14 EXT. THE TEMPLE – OUTER WALL – CONTINUOUS Desmond and Ben same wall where at it in shock, stopping at the turning back to 14 13

emerge at the outer wall of the Temple, the Richard brought Ben in 1977. Desmond stares but Ben strides forward purposefully, edge of the wall and pushing it open, Desmond as he steps inside.

BEN Desmond? Come on, we don't have much time. Desmond nods, following Ben past the wall and into the Temple's inner courtyard. 15 EXT. THE TEMPLE – INNER COURTYARD – A LITTLE LATER Desmond follows Ben closer to the Temple, thinking about what he said. Eventually, he pipes up with: DESMOND All right. So, I can jump through space. You're telling me that if I go to the Temple, I can just jump off the Island? BEN That's the idea. DESMOND Sounds impossible. (CONTINUED) 15

23. 15 CONTINUED: BEN So did time travel, but you managed to accomplish that. DESMOND Aye. (A beat, then:) Well, if there's a chance I can find my family. Desmond nods to himself, accepting what's to come. Ben, however, looks around guiltily as he slows down, moving some branches aside to reveal: 16 EXT. THE TEMPLE – FRONT EXTERIOR – CONTINUOUS 16 15

The TEMPLE. A gargantuan stone structure, with broken steps and giant pillars rising up to the roof. The Temple is in the style of Ancient Egypt, with two giant statues flanking the front entrance. Inside, much of the interior is an open area, with several small enclosed areas just barely visible from the front entrance. Desmond stares forward in awe as he steps forward slowly, but Ben walks purposefully towards the Temple, heading towards the steps before turning around to Desmond. BEN Now, I have to ask you. sure about this? DESMOND I am. It would seem as though Ben is testing Desmond, but he seems slightly disappointed by Desmond's answer, though he tries to hide it. BEN Because if you have any doubts, we can turn around. Walk away. (CONTINUED) Are you

24. 16 CONTINUED: 16

Desmond shakes his head, determined to leave the Island at whatever cost. So Ben nods reluctantly, leading Desmond into the Temple. 17 INT. THE TEMPLE – MAIN CHAMBER – CONTINUOUS 17

Ben and Desmond walk quickly though the cavernous main chamber, where hieroglyphs line the walls and statues are randomly placed along the sides, many with moss growing up them. BEN Our chamber is the last one on the right. . . here. Ben and Desmond reach the entrance to a small off-chamber, heading in quickly. 18 INT. THE TEMPLE – TRANSPORTATION CHAMBER – CONTINUOUS Desmond walks into the room in shock: the chamber is completely empty. DESMOND Where is everything? BEN It isn't about what's in here, Desmond. It's about where this room is. (Off Desmond's look:) The whole Island is a pocket of electromagnetic energy, but this room is over one of the strongest areas. DESMOND So, what am I supposed to do? BEN Just think of who you want to see, who's important to you, and if (CONTINUED) 18

25. 18 CONTINUED: BEN (CONT'D) everything works, you'll be with them. Desmond nods slowly, moving to the center of the room, closing his eyes, and thinking about those who are important to him: Penny and Charlie. BEN (CONT'D) Everyone in your life who's important to you, think about them. Try to imagine what they're doing, being with them now. Desmond continues to do so, keeping his mind focused on his family. Behind him, however, Ben starts looking around the room nervously, clearly feeling guilty about what he is about to do. And then, suddenly BEN (CONT'D) Desmond, stop. Desmond opens his eyes, turning around and looking at Ben, frustrated. DESMOND What is it? BEN I've been lying to you. What you're about to do . . . it might not bring you to them. It might bring them to you. It might do something worse. DESMOND Are you serious? BEN I'm sorry I brought you here. It wasn't my choice. But please. I'm telling you the truth now. (CONTINUED) 18

26. 18 CONTINUED: Desmond studies Ben for a good long moment before shaking his head. DESMOND I get what you're doing. You're lying to me. You don't want me to do this, so you're trying to manipulate me. Ben's eyes widen in shock, now shaking his head as he steps forward quickly. BEN No, Desmond, I swear that's not what IDESMOND Well, I'm done playing your little head games, so unless you want to help me leave this Island, you can get out. Ben stares at Desmond for a moment, trying to think of a way to convince him not to use his power. But instead, he shakes his head in defeat, turning around and leaving the room. BEN Then I'll leave you be. Ben closes the door on his way out, clearly leaving the Temple entirely. Desmond breathes a sigh of relief as he leaves, turning around and closing his eyes once more. DESMOND Come on . . . Penny and Charlie . . . come on . . . After a few moments of muttered whispering, Desmond is beset by a major headache, and he sinks to his knees, crying out in pain. After a few moments, however, it subsides, and Desmond is left lying on the floor. (CONTINUED) 18

27. 18 CONTINUED: DESMOND (CONT'D) (To himself) What just happened? Desmond slowly gets up, heading out of the room. 19 INT. THE TEMPLE – MAIN CHAMBER – CONTINUOUS 19 18

Desmond leaves the small chamber and starts walking numbly out of the Temple, looking for a clue as to what happened. As he reaches the front entrance, however, he is met by CHARLIE HUME, his son. Charlie comes running up the front steps, holding a compass and heading right for his father. Daddy! LITTLE CHARLIE Daddy! DESMOND Charlie . . . Desmond smiles in joy as his son jumps into his arms, embracing him tightly. LITTLE CHARLIE You have to help mommy. Desmond stares at Charlie in confusion. 20 EXT. THE TEMPLE – FRONT ENTRANCE – FOLLOWING Desmond and Charlie walk out of the Temple, Desmond searching around for his wife. DESMOND Charlie, where's mom? LITTLE CHARLIE Over there. Charlie points over to a clump of trees with bamboo stalks around them. PENELOPE HUME lies in front of them, not moving. (CONTINUED) 20

28. 20 CONTINUED: DESMOND Penny! Desmond runs over to Penny, placing Charlie on the ground as he lifts her up. Penny opens her eyes blearily, staring at Desmond as they drift in and out of focus. PENNY Desmond . . . Penny closes her eyes, slipping out of consciousness. Penny. DESMOND Penny? Penny! 20

Desmond lifts Penny up further to reveal a stalk of bamboo lodged in her back, creating a deep wound. Desmond stares in shock at the wound, then looks up into the jungle, tears welling in his eyes at his mistake, unsure of what to do next, and knowing that he is losing precious time with every moment. END OF ACT TWO

29. ACT THREE 21 EXT. JUNGLE – PATHWAYS – DAY Desmond runs through the jungle, a wounded Penny in his arms, Charlie right behind him. 22 EXT. TAWARET STATUE – BEACH EXTERIOR – SIMULTANEOUS Jack, Kate, and Richard all stand in front of Hurley, confused. RICHARD The medical station? Why would we have to go there? HURLEY I don't know. But Libby said it was important. JACK Libby said that. HURLEY Come on, dude. There's ghosts all over this Island. (To Kate:) It's not that far from here, right? KATE Maybe an hour's walk. Hurley looks at Jack pleadingly, wearing him down. All right. Me, too. Hurley now looks at Richard, who nods as well. smiles, leading the three into the jungle. Hurley (CONTINUED) JACK I'll go. KATE 22 21


MILES STRAUME sits alone at the edge of the camp, watching as Flocke drags another BODY into the middle of the camp, throwing it on the ground for the others to see. FLOCKE As you can see, Eli here tried to escape this morning. He faced the consequences. (To Adam:) Adam. Bury him. ADAM, one of the Others, nods, quickly heading over to drag the body off and find a suitable grave for it. Miles looks at the scene, truly scared for his life, then over at Sawyer, who looks over at Flocke. SAWYER Hey, boss! Flocke turns around cautiously. SAWYER (CONT'D) I've gotta take a leak. FLOCKE Someone go with him. MILES I'll do it. Miles rises, volunteering quickly. Flocke nods, allowing Miles and Sawyer to head out of the camp. 24 EXT. JUNGLE – CAMP OUTSKIRTS – FOLLOWING Sawyer stands up against a tree, pretending to pee. other side, Miles breathes heavily. MILES There's no way we can pull this off. He'll find us, and then(CONTINUED) 24 On the

31. 24 CONTINUED: SAWYER He'll kill us, just like he would if we stayed. Your people are all too scared to say anything, but he's losing it. MILES So, what, we rebel against him? SAWYER They're too scared to do that, too. It's Lord of the Flies back there, no one trusts anyone else. Besides, I can't believe killing him is as easy as firing off a gun. Miles nods, agreeing with Sawyer's assessment of the situation. He then steps around the tree, approaching Sawyer nervously. MILES So, what do we do? SAWYER Wait until nightfall. Sneak out. You've got one of the guns, you can take a couple down if you need to. MILES So, that's it? Just run out and hope we can make it back? SAWYER You got a better idea? Miles shakes his head, shouldering his gun reluctantly and heading back into camp. MILES Why don't we just go now? (CONTINUED) 24

32. 24 CONTINUED: SAWYER I got some business to take care of. Gotta talk to your friend about something. Mile nods, taking Sawyer back into camp. 25 EXT. JUNGLE – FLOCKE'S CAMP – FOLLOWING 25 24

Miles leads Sawyer back into the camp, heading by Flocke on the way. As they pass by, Sawyer nods towards Flocke. SAWYER If you're ready to talk, Hoss, then I am. Flocke nods, getting up and following Sawyer back to his place. He shoos Miles away, now standing alone with some distance from the rest of the camp. FLOCKE You're ready to help me find Juliet? SAWYER Yeah. I've just got one question: how are we gonna get to her? FLOCKE (Re: Miles) He's going to help us. (Off Sawyer's look:) He can speak to the dead. It's a gift that very few people have. Come morning, the three of us are going to go into the jungle. And we're going to find her. Sawyer nods, glancing towards Miles, wheels turning in his head. Flocke smiles, heading back to his place as he motions for Miles to return to his post. (CONTINUED)

33. 26 EXT. THE STAFF – HATCH ENTRANCE – SIMULTANEOUS Kate brings Hurley, Jack, and Richard to the Staff site, stopping as she reaches the front entrance. OK. KATE We're here. Now what? 26

Everyone looks at Hurley, but he shrugs, unable to give any answers. HURLEY Libby just said to bring you here. I don't know what . . . Hurley is interrupted by a rustling coming from the bushes. Richard and Kate immediately raise their guns, pointing them right at the bushes, only to find DESMOND. He runs out from the jungle, Penny still in his arms, Charlie right behind him. KATE Oh, my God . . . DESMOND Jack! Everyone stares in shock at Penny, but Desmond steps forward, panicking as he approaches Jack. DESMOND (CONT'D) She's hurt. I need you to help her. And now Jack snaps out of his shock, going right into doctor mode as he tries to get a look at Penny's injury. JACK What happened? DESMOND There's something in her back. I think it's some kind of bamboo. (CONTINUED)

34. 26 CONTINUED: Jack nods, turning around and heading right for the door. He opens it, then turns back to Richard. JACK You've been here before, right? (Richard nods, so:) You think you can get us prepped for surgery? RICHARD Yeah, just give me two minutes. Richard ducks into the Staff, running to get medical supplies. Jack motions for Desmond to come in with him, Kate and Charlie at their heels. Jack turns back to Hurley before he goes in. JACK You wanna stay out here? HURLEY Yeah . . . that whole blood thing. Jack nods, going right into the station, leaving Hurley alone. 27 INT. THE STAFF – OPERATING ROOM – FOLLOWING 27 26

Richard runs back and forth across the room, setting it up for surgery by taking out various instruments and setting them down in their proper places. Desmond brings an unconscious Penny into the room, placing her on the operating table, her back facing upwards. A moment later, Jack comes into the room, washing his hands as he looks over at Penny. JACK (To Desmond:) That's good, right there. (CONTINUED)

35. 27 CONTINUED: DESMOND Is there anything else I can do? JACK Just give us some space. your son. Go to 27

Desmond nods, leaving the room. As he heads out, Jack looks over at the sparse equipment that Richard has set out. JACK (CONT'D) No monitors? Surgical masks? RICHARD We haven't had to use this place in a while. (A beat, then:) You do have what you need? Jack examines Penny's wound closely, then turns back to Richard, shaking his head as he starts to panic. JACK No. 28 INT. THE STAFF – MAIN HALLWAY – SIMULTANEOUS Kate and Desmond sit together, Charlie on Desmond's lap. KATE How did you find this place? DESMOND Charlie has a compass he likes to play with. Thought I'd just follow North. KATE I thought compasses didn't work here. (CONTINUED) 28

36. 28 CONTINUED: DESMOND They don't. Kate smiles faintly, trying to distract Desmond, but it doesn't work. Desmond's eyes are still locked on the operating room ahead. 29 EXT. THE STAFF – HATCH ENTRANCE – FOLLOWING 29 28

Hurley still remains just outside the Staff, sitting quietly and waiting for news from inside. MALE VOICE (O.S.) You've done well, Hugo. Hurley jumps, turning around in shock to find CHRISTIAN SHEPHARD. Wearing the suit he wore in his coffin. Standing right at the edge of the clearing, walking in slowly. HURLEY You're Jack's dad. (Christian nods, so:) So, you're here to talk to me? CHRISTIAN Actually, I'm here to talk to my son. But you have to bring me to him. HURLEY Why do you need to talk to him? CHRISTIAN He needs me. (A beat, then:) I'm sorry, but this can't wait. HURLEY Yeah, OK. Hurley ushers Christian into the Staff station. (CONTINUED)

37. 30 INT. THE STAFF – MAIN HALLWAY – FOLLOWING Hurley leads Christian down the hallway towards Desmond, Charlie and Kate. Hey, guys! HURLEY I need to talk to Jack. 30

Kate looks over at Hurley and Christian, then immediately jumps up, pointing her gun right at Christian's head. KATE Don't move! Christian stops, holding his hands up in shock as Hurley jumps away. HURLEY What are you doing?! That's Jack's dad! KATE That's the Monster! He's the one that Claire saw, it's the Monster! Richard suddenly comes out of the operating room, looking at Kate, then over at Christian. RICHARD Who are you? CHRISTIAN My name is Christian Shephard, I'm here to see my son. KATE He's lying! He's the one who took Claire to the cabin andCHRISTIAN What cabin? Christian genuinely doesn't know what Kate's talking about, and she looks back over at him in shock. (CONTINUED)

38. 30 CONTINUED: KATE You really don't know what happened with Claire? CHRISTIAN No. Kate slowly lowers her gun, accepting that she is speaking with the actual Christian Shephard, albeit a ghost. Christian slowly lowers his hands, turning to Richard. CHRISTIAN (CONT'D) All I want is five minutes with him. Richard nods, allowing Christian into the room. As he enters, he turns back to Hurley, placing a hand on his shoulder. CHRISTIAN (CONT'D) Thank you, Hugo. Hurley nods as Christian enters the operating room. END OF ACT THREE 30


Once more, Hurley sits outside the Staff, lost in thought. After a moment, Desmond emerges from the station, turning towards Hurley and smiling. HURLEY Is she OK? DESMOND She'll live, yeah. Jack fixed her up. Hurley smiles, getting up and hugging Desmond tightly. they break apart, Desmond laughs to himself. DESMOND (CONT'D) I was thanking him over and over again, but he said you're the one who saved her. (Off Hurley's look:) He was panicking. Thought he didn't have what he needed. But then . . . you brought in his father, and they started talking, and he walked him through the whole thing. Hurley stares at Desmond in shock, unable to believe that he was able to help save someone's life with his powers. DESMOND (CONT'D) So, if it wasn't for you . . . well, thank you. You gave me my family. HURLEY No problem. Desmond smiles at Hurley, then looks out towards the jungle, tearing up as he thinks about what happened. (CONTINUED) As

40. 31 CONTINUED: DESMOND It's my fault. If I hadn't brought them here, she wouldn't . . . Desmond wipes his eyes as Hurley looks on sympathetically. Desmond then looks at Hurley. DESMOND (CONT'D) I've had these . . . powers for years, and I always seem to make the wrong choices about them, you know? I thought I saw Claire getting on a helicopter, and that's what made Charlie do what he did. Well, that never happened, did it? (A beat, then:) And now this . . . I just wanted to see them again. HURLEY It all worked out, dude. She's OK. She's here. 31

DESMOND Yeah, well, she might not have been! (A beat, then:) I wasn't thinking. I wanted them, and that was it. But you . . . you went out on a limb for us. (A beat, then:) You're a good man, Hurley. Hurley smiles in gratitude, patting Desmond on the back. HURLEY You're a good man, too, Desmond. Desmond shrugs to himself, looking back towards the tree line and sighing in relief.



Jack and Christian are alone as Jack finishes cleaning up. CHRISTIAN You did good, kiddo. Better than I would have. Jack finishes cleaning up, turning around and walking back to Christian. JACK You saved my ass. CHRISTIAN You've earned it. Jack smiles, sighing as his eyes glance towards the door. JACK So, now you have to leave? CHRISTIAN I wouldn't be much of a ghost if I stayed forever. JACK Can I ask you something? (Christian nods, then:) Why'd you wait till now to come find me? CHRISTIAN Because you changed things, Jack. (Off Jack's look:) If I had come before, you wouldn't have listened to what I had to say. There would have been too much distance between us. But now . . . we said what needed to be said. Jack nods, tears welling in his eyes as Christian walks over, embracing his son for several moments before leaving the room. (CONTINUED)


All of Flocke's camp is asleep, save for Sawyer and Miles, who stand together, Miles standing guard over Sawyer. Another GUARD stands at the other edge of the camp. SAWYER (Whispered:) You ready to run? Miles nods, bending down and quietly cutting Sawyer's bindings. Sawyer slowly rises, staring at the other guard, who doesn't look over to Miles and Sawyer. SAWYER (CONT'D) On three, you run as quietly as you can for the other edge ofThe guard looks over. Hey! Stop! GUARD Stop!

Miles raises his gun, firing a shot into the other guard's shoulder and sending him falling to the ground. Sawyer and Miles take off into the jungle as the entire camp, including Flocke, awakes. Flocke grabs a rifle and takes off after them. 34 EXT. JUNGLE – PATHWAYS – CONTINUOUS 34

Miles and Sawyer barrel through the jungle, Flocke and several Others at their heels. Shots ring out in the night as the escapees dash through the jungle, cutting past trees as they try to make it out. Sawyer is ahead of Miles, turning around and yelling: SAWYER Miles, come on! Come on! Miles tries to charge forward as quickly as he can, but not quickly enough. Flocke fires off a shot . . . AND MILES IS HIT STRAIGHT IN THE CHEST. (CONTINUED)

43. 34 CONTINUED: SAWYER (CONT'D) Miles! Sawyer runs back, grabbing Miles as he collapses into Sawyer's arms. Go. MILES They're gonna find you. 34

SAWYER I'm not leaving without you. I'm no good. Don't do this. MILES Go! Miles uses the last of his strength to push Sawyer off of him, falling in the grass as he does so. Sawyer looks down at Miles for a moment, but his concentration is broken by the bullets coming from the jungle. After a moment's hesitation, Sawyer decides to follows Miles' request, taking off into the jungle. Miles is left alone, gasping for air as he looks down at his wound. FLOCKE (O.S.) Are you happy, Miles? Flocke emerges from the jungle, walking angrily towards Miles, gun in hand. FLOCKE (CONT'D) You got him out at the cost of your own life. Miles looks up at Flocke, laughing to himself as he coughs up a bit of blood. (CONTINUED) MILES Leave me. SAWYER

44. 34 CONTINUED: MILES It was worth it. (Off Flocke's look:) I just ruined your plans, didn't I? You've got nothing left to do now but wait for the end. (A beat, then:) I made the wrong choice going with you. But this is my payback. Miles smiles to himself, finding redemption for what he has done, ready to let go. But Flocke stares daggers at Miles, then raises his gun, pointing it right at Miles' head. FLOCKE Then consider this mine. BOOM. END OF ACT FOUR 34


Kate picks a few fresh apples off of one of the trees nearby the Staff, bringing them back to Jack. JACK I thought this was supposed to keep the doctor away. Kate smiles, handing an apple to Jack as she sits down with him. The two are interrupted, however, by the sudden appearance of SAWYER, who emerges from the jungle, out of breath and in shock. KATE Sawyer . . . Sawyer looks up at Kate and Jack, nodding slowly as he sits down. SAWYER Hey, Freckles. Jack and Kate go over to help Sawyer. 36 INT. THE STAFF – MAIN HALLWAY – SIMULTANEOUS Hurley and Libby sit together, discussing Hurley's abilities. LIBBY I know there's a girl like you in Australia. Charlotte Malkin, we actually met once. HURLEY Does she have some big destiny, too? LIBBY I don't know. (CONTINUED) 36

46. 36 CONTINUED: HURLEY So, I guess . . . everything that happened to me was supposed to get me here. This was the good I was supposed to do. LIBBY This is just the start of it. Libby smiles warmly, but Hurley nods, remaining unsure of something. After a moment, he starts to tear up, looking at Libby seriously. HURLEY So . . . when you were . . . that was supposed to happen? LIBBY Hurley . . . Libby embraces Hurley tightly, allowing him the release he has been looking for, the chance to say everything he wanted to say to her. LIBBY (CONT'D) It wasn't because of anything you did. These things . . . they just happen. HURLEY Why did it have to happen to you? LIBBY I don't know. (A beat, then:) But I'm here now. Just think about now. Hurley nods, rocking back and forth in his embrace with Libby. (CONTINUED) 36


Penny lies in a soft bed, heavily bandaged, Desmond at her side. Charlie sleeps softly on a nearby chair. DESMOND I'm sorry this happened to you, Penny. I'm so sorry. PENNY Well . . . we're all together now. That's what matters. Desmond nods, smiling as he embraces Penny warmly. 38 EXT. THE STAFF – HATCH ENTRANCE – A WHILE LATER 38

Hurley walks out of the Staff alone to find Jack, Kate, and Sawyer. HURLEY Sawyer! Hurley runs over to Sawyer, giving him a big bear hug. Sawyer smiles, patting Hurley on the back. SAWYER Hey, Hurley. JUMP CUT TO: 39 EXT. THE STAFF – HATCH ENTRANCE – A WHILE LATER 39

Hurley and Sawyer now sit alone together, talking about what happened. HURLEY Dude, you did everything you could. At least Miles died helping someone. Sawyer nods, looking over at Hurley, debating whether or not to ask him what's been on his mind. After a moment, he decides to go forward with: (CONTINUED)

48. 39 CONTINUED: SAWYER Jack tells me you can see dead people. (Hurley nods, so:) You, uh, you seen Juliet? HURLEY No. (Off Sawyer's look:) Maybe it means she's still out there. Sawyer smiles to himself as he looks out towards the jungle. 40 EXT. JUNGLE – PATHWAY – DAWN 40 39

As the morning sun peeks through the trees Ben walks alone through the jungle when he is suddenly met by Christian, dressed in his outfit from the cabin. CHRISTIAN You did well. BEN I didn't do it for you. to stop him. I tried

CHRISTIAN Well, he still brought them back. I suppose that makes you the boy who cried wolf. BEN So, how is Penelope? I'm not sure. yet. CHRISTIAN I haven't seen her

And now we know – this isn't the actual ghost of Christian Shephard. This is the Monster. (CONTINUED)

49. 40 CONTINUED: CHRISTIAN (CONT'D) So, if you didn't do it for us, why did you tell Desmond about the Temple in the first place? BEN I did it to finish up some business of mine. And once I do that, I'm done with this Island. CHRISTIAN I'll believe it when I see it. The Monster walks off into the jungle, and the faint sounds of the black smoke are heard as it heads somewhere else, leaving Ben alone. After a moment, Ben continues onward, raising his gun as he comes to: 41 EXT. JUNGLE – SMALL CLEARING – CONTINUOUS 41 40

Ben emerges in a small clearing to find a LONE FIGURE lying on the ground. Ben approaches him, gun level with his head, as the figure turns around and rises to face him. BEN Hello, Charles. CHARLES WIDMORE stands in front of Ben, dressed in his best business suit, looking as if he just stepped out of his office. He looks at Ben, confused, but on his guard nonetheless. WIDMORE Hello, Benjamin. And off of this pair, somehow locked in combat in the middle of the jungle CUT TO BLACK: END OF EPISODE

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