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									YWCA MONTREAL   2007 - 2008 ANNUAL REPORT
Table of Contents
YWCA MONTREAL                                                                WOMEN’S Y FOUNDATION
History and Mission ..................................................2      Word from the President..........................................19
Word from the President............................................3         Word from the Director ............................................19
Word from the Executive Director ...............................4            Board of Directors ...................................................20
Social Results .......................................................5, 6   2007-2008 Annual Campaign ................................20
YWCA Montreal Programs ................................... 7-15              2007-2008 Donors...........................................20, 21
Board of Directors ...................................................16     Women of Distinction Gala ................................21, 22
Board Committees ..................................................16        Financial Statements ........................................23, 24
Management Committee.........................................16              Note: Throughout this report the use of the feminine is
Financial Statements ........................................17, 18          meant to denote both genders where appropriate.

History and Mission
Founded in 1875, the YWCA Montreal is a                                      1875: First residence for women in difficulty
non-profit organization focused on its mission                                1885: First job placement program
of helping women achieve their goals. The                                    1893: First free nursery
Women’s Y is a portal leading to made-to-                                    1902: First fitness centre for women
measure programs that support women’s                                        1920: Camp Oolahwan begins its activities
personal, economic, social and leadership                                    1921: Training course for auxiliary nurses, first of its kind in Canada
development.                                                                 1972: First women’s centre in Montreal
                                                                             1975: Opening of Auberge Transition for victims of conjugal violence
Thanks to the exceptional commitment of                                      1985: Legal Information Clinic opens
its many volunteers who work closely with a                                  1992: Creation of the Literacy Centre
dynamic team of professional employees, the                                  1993: Creation of Orientation and Services for Employment OSE
Women’s Y can offer innovative programs                                      1995: Creation of Jump Start program and the Women’s Y Foundation
and services to a diverse community of                                       1998: Creation of a workforce integration enterprise for women, Fringues & Cie;
women in an atmosphere of mutual support                                           the first of its kind in Canada
and solidarity. For more than 130 years, the                                 2000: Creation of Leadership in Action and Movement and Change
Women’s Y has offered quality services in                                    2001: Rejuvenation project begins
response to the emerging needs of women.                                     2002: Creation of Dishes from Near and Far and At the Top of their Voices
                                                                             2002: Modernization and renovation of infrastructure begins.
Community services, employment and                                           2003: Women and Municipal Participation and Women Decide
entrepreneurship services, a residence and                                   2004: After a proud 87 year history, Camp Oolahwan closes its doors
hotel, a volunteer centre – the Women’s Y is                                 2004-2005: Phase 4 of the renovations begin
all this and more. It’s a place for women to                                 2005: Renovation work is completed
develop their strengths and their autonomy.                                  2005: The Women’s Y is 130 years old!
                                                                             2007: Closing of the YWCA Montreal Health and Fitness Centre
                                                                             2007: Launch of the film Sexy Inc. : Our Children Under Influence
                                                                             2007: Opening of the YWCA Montreal Entrepreneurship Centre
                                                                             2008: Closing of the Aquatic Activities Centre
                                                                             2008: Expansion of Early Sexualization projects

1355 RENÉ-LÉVESQUE BLVD. WEST, MONTREAL, QC H3G 1T3 | Tel.: 514.866.9941 Fax: 514.866.4866 | www.ydesfemmesmtl.org
                                                                                                             Y W C A M O N T REAL | 3

Word from the President
The year 2007-2008 has been an important one for the YWCA Montreal as the organization has gone through some very
significant changes.

In February, the YWCA inaugurated a brand new entrepreneurship centre dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs who
need assistance during the post start-up phase of their businesses. Supported by a dynamic advisory committee headed by
Ms. Sylvie Mercier, the Entrepreneurship Centre is up and running and occupying a place of growing importance in the world
of women’s entrepreneurship.

The YWCA Montreal also launched the film Sexy inc.: Our Children Under Influence which was produced in collaboration with
the NFB and the Service aux collectivités de l’UQAM, and directed by Ms. Sophie Bissonnette. The film, which exposes the
phenomenon of youth hypersexualization, has generated a great deal of reaction and a heightened awareness of this troubling
issue here in Quebec and throughout the rest of Canada. Ms. Lilia Goldfarb, head of Leadership Services at the YWCA, has
leant her vast expertise to this project, moderating the film’s screenings and encouraging audiences to find solutions to their

This past year saw the closing of the YWCA Montreal Health and Fitness Centre and Aquatic Activities Centre. For many years,
the Board of Directors studied different ways to turn around these deficit services. Committee’s were formed, consultations
undertaken and various initiatives implemented. In 1902, when the Health and Fitness Centre and its pool were opened, they
offered a unique service that responded to the needs of women who were looking for a place where they could get in shape
and take care of their health. During the past decade many other options have become available for women and we have seen
a sharp decline in our membership. Faced with this reality, the Health and Fitness Centre and the Aquatics Activities Centre
have had to close their doors as the drain on our resources was limiting our capacity to develop our other services. The Board
of Directors made this difficult decision with regret. We are, however, satisfied that the physical fitness needs of women are
very well met in our community. We can now concentrate on meeting the current and emerging needs of women with services
that are presently lacking, and developing our other programs.

During the course of the year, the YWCA Board of Directors revisited its 2005-2009 strategic plan, and will continue to develop
a long-term vision aligned with our mission: empowering women to achieve.

In closing, I would like to thank all those who use the YWCA services for their patience and for the encouragement they have
shown us during the past few months. Their observations and understanding in light of our difficult decisions have deeply
touched us and been a great source of comfort. I salute as well the work of the Board of Directors. They have diligently carried
out their duties and are a supportive presence on our many working committees. Lastly, I must thank the employees for their
many achievements throughout the year, and a special thank you to our executive director, Claudette Demers Godley, who has
once again held a steady course through calm and rough waters.

Mary-Ann Bell
President of the Board of Directors

Word from the Executive Director
An annual report is an exercise in reflection that reminds us of our achievements and the
challenges we faced over the course of the past year.

I would like to share with you some of the many different events that made the year
2007-2008 a memorable one at the YWCA Montreal.

    1. The opening of the Entrepreneurship Centre and a significant response from women
    2. The launch of the film Sexy inc.: Our Children Under Influence and its facilitation
        guide, in partnership with the NFB and UQAM.
    3. The women’s health forum organized by the YWCA Montreal and other women’s
    4. The recognition of Fringues & Cie, our workforce integration program, as a member
        of the Réseau des entreprises d’économie sociale et solidaire.
    5. The establishment of the Young Feminists Committee, which has been very active
        throughout the year.
    6. Recognition of the Green Committee’s activities by the Borough of Ville-Marie and
        Éco-quartier Peter McGill.

Difficult choices
     1. The closing of the Health and Fitness Centre.
     2. The closing of the Aquatics Activites Centre.

A Wonderful Surprise
    1. A grant from the Claire L’Heureux-Dubé Fund for Social Justice to the YWCA Montreal,
       the FFQ, the YWCA of Québec and other young feminist groups throughout Quebec
       to organize a pan-Canadian gathering of young feminists.

Trends for 2008
    1. More and more place given to young women at the YWCA and in the services
         dedicated to them, as they prepare to assume leadership positions.
    2. The ongoing development of YWCA community programs.
    3. A growing collaboration between the YWCA and other women’s groups.

All these endeavours are made possible thanks to a committed board of directors, dynamic
volunteers and a dedicated and professional staff.

My sincere thanks to each and everyone for supporting the YWCA mission.

Claudette Demers Godley
Executive Director
                                                                                                         Y W C A M O N T REAL | 5

Social Results
Services                                     Results
Volunteer Centre                                      346 volunteers, 9,922 volunteer hours
Referral Centre                                       1,000 requests
Legal Information Clinic                              3,500 calls, 1,628 appointments, 1,122 clients received
Income Tax Clinic                                     110 appointments
ABC en famille                                        28 families visited at home reaching 39 children aged 3 to 5 years;
                                                      105 families participated in group activities
Words for Women                                       56 women: 24 learning in French, 29 in English, and 3 learning in both
                                                      languages; 11 French conversation workshops were offered with 8
                                                      women participating; 56 tutors were paired with learners
Community Kitchen Dishes from Near and Far            54 participants, 55 cooking workshops
Leadership in Action                                  37 participants, 30 workshops, 5 partner organizations
Action Makes a Difference (Leadership in Action II)   8 participants, 12 workshops, 1 partner organization
Summer Splash                                         30 participants
Girls Speak Out                                       20 participants, 7 workshops, 1 partner organization
Week Without Violence                                 28 participants at the Power of Being a Girl conference;
                                                      17 participants in the bake sale;
                                                      17 participants at the social justice conference;
                                                       5 families participated in a reading workshop
Girls Naming Violence                                 72 participants, 61 workshops, 7 partner organizations
Peer Education pilot project                          15 participants, 25 workshops, 2 partner organizations
Diabetes prevention project                           19 participants, 42 workshops, 2 partner organizations
Movement and Change                                   7 French speaking participants and 8 sessions;
                                                      9 English speaking participants and 8 sessions
Artisane de sa réussite                               4 participants and 7 sessions
Combination of Movement and Change program and        11 participants and 17 sessions
Artisane de sa réussite
Workshops and discussion groups                       36 participants, 5 workshops

                                                                                                                                    Some programs of the YWCA Montreal are funded by Centraide of Greater Montreal.
(managing stress and emotions, etc.)
Research – Action project on early sexualization      43 conferences, presentations or debates following the release of the
of young girls                                        film Sexy Inc.: Our Children under influence reaching 2,819 people;
                                                      2 interviews with the written press; 8 television or radio interviews
OSE (Orientation and Services for Employment)          2,566 calls for information; 102 participants in job search groups;
                                                       192 total participants
Single Mothers program                                 48 participants; 59 women paired with peer helpers;
                                                       335 women registered in one of 37 information sessions
Fringues & Cie                                         80 participants at information sessions; 22 participants
Entrepreneurship Centre                                25 entrepreneurs received business counselling;
                                                       8 entrepreneurs participated in the Business Women’s Circle,
                                                      71 women participated in information sessions and had access to
                                                      referral, support and networking services; 10 business counsellors
Hotel and Auberge                                     14,051 night stays
Residence and Social Reintegration program            58 residents, 2,006 telephone interventions,
for women in difficulty                                2,280 direct interventions
Les Jardins du Y                                      21 affordable housing units, 22 tenants

•    Partnered with 4 community organizations for Maison Brin d’Elles which houses 22 tenants and Project
     St-Michel which houses 13 tenants.
•    Meeting space and technical support for Action des femmes handicapées (Montréal) and the Metropolitan Montreal
     Independent Living Resource Centre.
•    Support and collaboration with YWCA Canada in projects of international development.
•    Partnered with young feminist committees from various women groups (YWCA of Québec and the Fédération des
     femmes du Québec) to organize a pan-Canadian gathering of young feminists, “Waves of Resistance”.
•    Technical support and meeting space to various self-help and discussion groups (The Quebec Association for assistance
     to persons suffering from anorexia or boulimia, groupe de soutien pour le cancer de l’ovaire, Breast Cancer Action,
     60 million girls, Narcotics Anonymous, The Centre for AIDS Services of Montreal (Women), Kids Help Phone).
•    Numerous women are referred to the YWCA from other organizations for access to various support programs and
•    Participation in the March 8th collective activity, which gathered together more than 30 feminist and women’s groups
     from Montreal and Laval.

                                                   The Hotel        and the Auberge         offer hospitality to both
                                                   women and men, in the heart of downtown Montreal. Visitors can
                                                   expect comfortable, safe and affordable accommodations as well
                                                   as access to a shared kitchen and laundry facilities.

                                                   The profits from the Hotel and Auberge are reinvested in program
                                                   development at the YWCA Montreal.

                                                   The Centre de la petite enfance (CPE) de Mon Cœur has
                                                   found a home at the Women’s Y since 1971. Run by childcare
                                                   educators with the well-being of children at heart, today they
                                                   welcome children aged 6 months to 5 years. This CPE is following
                                                   a tradition begun in 1893, when the Women’s Y opened the
                                                   first nursery.

Each year, the YWCA directly assists 16,000 women and welcomes more than 50,000 people to its
                            diverse programs, services and activities.
                                                                                                                                                   Y W C A M O N T R E A L PR O G RAMS | 7

                DID YOU KNOW?

             More than three quarters of volunteers (79%) have said that volunteering allows them to develop their interpersonal
             skills, such as understanding and motivating others, and managing difficult situations.
             Source: Les avantages de l’engagement en qualité de bénévole, Centre canadien de philanthropie, www.donetbenevolat.ca

             34% of the Quebec population over 15 years of age, volunteer their time.
             Source: Canadiens dévoués, Canadiens engagés : points saillants de l’Enquête canadienne sur le don, le bénévolat et la participation, Statistique Canada, 2004., N˚71-542-XIF
             au catalogue, www.statcan.ca

             For 92% of the population, the main reason given for volunteering is to give back to their community.
             Source: Canadiens dévoués, Canadiens engagés : points saillants de l’Enquête canadienne sur le don, le bénévolat et la participation, Statistique Canada, N˚71-542-XIF au
             catalogue, www.statcan.ca

                                                                                               THIS IS WHAT THE YWCA MONTREAL OFFERS
                                                                                               Legal Information Clinic offers both women and men of
                                                                                               Greater Montreal individual information sessions given by
                                                                                               volunteer lawyers and notaries . An information service for
                                                                                               tenants is also offered on a regular basis.

                                                                                               Income Tax Clinic is a service offered in March and April by
                                                                                               trained volunteers to help low income Montreal women and
                                                                                               men prepare their income tax returns.

                                                                                               Volunteer Centre welcomes over 350 dedicated volunteers
                                                                                               whose talents and commitment contribute to the success of our
                                                                                               many programs at the Women’s Y.

                                                                                               Bahar, who has been volunteering at the Y since
                                                                                               December 2005, is originally from Turkey. She
                                                                                               has been in Montreal for several years and has
                                                                                               finished her studies in management. Now she is
                                                                                               looking for a full time position in a company where
                                                                                               she can use her skills and knowledge. She is
                                                                                               dependable, always smiling and cheerful.

                                                                                               This year, the demand for the Income Tax Clinic’s services rose
                                                                                               by 51% in comparison with last year. This service is offered free
                                                                                               of charge during the months of March and April to people and
                                                                                               families of low income.

           8 | YWCA MONTR E A L P R O GR A M S

                    DID YOU KNOW?

                800,000 to 1,000,000 Quebecers, between age 16 and 65, have low reading skills and cannot do simple mathematical
                Source: Enquête internationale sur l‘alphabétisation et les compétences des adultes (EIACA), 2003, www.bdaa.ca

           When I am on the metro, I have to make sure that the name of the station where I am looks the same
           as the name of the station where I have to get off, before leaving the metro car. It’s the only way I can
           get where I’m going. - A learner
                                                                                                 THIS IS WHAT THE YWCA MONTREAL OFFERS
                                                                                                 ABC en famille introduces the world of reading and writing
                                                                                                 to parents and their children with the help of a family literacy
                                                                                                 worker, in collaboration with local schools and community

                                                                                                 Words for Women is a literacy program designed for women
                                                                                                 wishing to improve their literacy skills (conversation, reading,
                                                                                                 writing and arithmetic), with the help of tutors.

                                                                                                 Sandra is an inspiring learner with Words for Women. She
                                                                                                 immigrated alone to Quebec from Nigeria in 2006 at the age
                                                                                                 of 18 and was referred to the YWCA from a women’s shelter
                                                                                                 that helps refugee women. She had hardly any schooling in her
                                                                                                 home country, but since beginning her tutoring here with us she
                                                                                                 has had two tutors, and always asks for more as she would like
                                                                                                 to have a session everyday if possible.

                                                                                                “This place is nice. I can read and spell better than
                                                                                                before. I want to learn how to read so I can go to school.
                                                                                                I would like to be a nurse, or maybe join the police
                                                                                                - Sandra

                                                                                                                         Yong Ho Lee, a Words for Women learner, has received
                                                                                                                         an Adult Literacy Award in the category English Second
                                                                                                                         Language from the Centre for Literacy. This prize,
                                                                                                                         awarded during the Semaine québécoise des adultes en
                                                                                                                         formation, recognizes courageous adults who realize that
                                                                                                                         it’s never too late to learn to read and write.
                                                                                                                                                          Y W C A M O N T R E A L PR O G R AMS | 9

                     DID YOU KNOW?

                More than 60% of families headed by sole support mothers who are less than 65 years of age and who have children
                less than 18 years old, live below the poverty line.
                Source : Statistiques sur les familles monoparentales, Fédération des associations de familles monoparentales et recomposées du Québec, www.fafmrq.org

                In Montreal, the unemployment rate among recent immigrants reached 18.1% in 2006, 3 times the rate
                for those born in Canada.
                Source: Étude : Les immigrants sur le marché du travail canadien, Le Quotidien, Statistique Canada, www.statcan.ca

                Approximately 70% of those who use the YWCA Montreal employment services come from outside North America.
                Source: Employability Services, YWCA Montreal

                                                                                                 THIS IS WHAT THE YWCA MONTREAL OFFERS
                                                                                                OSE offers women who are ready to return to the workforce an
                                                                                                array of services adapted to their specific needs. Whether it is
                                                                                                through individual orientation sessions or through employment
                                                                                                research, the dynamic OSE team of guidance counsellors offers
                                                                                                women effective support.

                                                                                                The Single Mothers program is a 19-week group program which
                                                                                                helps mothers integrate into the workforce by offering them
                                                                                                workshops in self-knowledge, career orientation and employment
                                                                                                research. The participants also benefit from an internship
                                                                                                opportunity in an area which interests them plus mentoring,
                                                                                                peer-helper and peer-linguistic services. A basic computer skills
                                                                                                course is also offerred.

                                                                                                Fringues & Cie is a workforce integration program in the domain
                                                                                                of retail sales and customer service. It provides participants with
                                                                                                professional training and 6-months of paid work experience in
                                                                                                Boutique Frinques & Cie. This école-entreprise contributes to the
                                                                                                socio-professional development of young women, 18 to 30 years
                                                                                                of age, and is a member of the Collectif des entreprises d’insertion
                                                                                                du Québec.

                                                                                                These three programs are offered in collaboration with Emploi-Québec.

                                                                                                   “I have found out a lot about myself and have
                                                                                                   achieved my goal, which was to return to school in
                                                                                                   the field which interested me the most.”
                                                                                                   - Clara

            10 | YWCA MONTR E A L P R O GR A M S

                     DID YOU KNOW?

                  Mental health risk factors for women are tied to their socioeconomic status and to their living conditions. Life events,
                  daily tensions, low self-esteem, an excess of work, problems with their children, harassment and violence also
                  contribute to weaken and test their mental health.
                  Source: Actions politiques gouvernementales en matière de santé des femmes. Partie 3 : Les politiques en matière de santé, Mimeault, Isabelle, RQASF, 2004, www.rqasf.qc.ca

                                                                                               “Science leads to progress, but compassion and
                                                                                               empathy make miracles. A heartfelt thanks to
                                                                                               Manon, my residence counsellor. ” - A resident
                                                                                              THIS IS WHAT THE YWCA MONTREAL OFFERS
                                                                                               The Residence, Social Reintegration program for women in difficulty
                                                                                               offers secure and affordable community living. During their stay,
                                                                                               participants benefit from a social reintegration program that is
                                                                                               composed of individual support and group activities.

                                                                                               Les Jardins du Y is an affordable housing project consisting of 21
                                                                                               apartments offered primarily to women who have participated in
                                                                                               the Residence Social Reintegration program. Tenants benefit from a
                                                                                               secure living environment with community support.

                                                                                               Maison Brin d’Elles and Project St-Michel are social housing
                                                                                               projects with 22 and 13 apartments respectively, of the Fonds
                                                                                               dédié à l’habitation communautaire de Montréal and are managed
                                                                                               in collaboration with Réseau Habitation Femmes, Centre Dollard-
                                                                                               Cormier, Auberge Madeleine and the YWCA Montreal.

                                                                                               “Having the chance to live at Les Jardins was a great
                                                                                               joy for me, a continuation. Having been surrounded
                                                                                               by people who cared was of great comfort to me.
                                                                                               Now, I’m standing on my own two feet and the power
                                                                                               to achieve is all mine.
                                                                                               I feel at home here, it’s peaceful and quiet.
                                                                                               I don’t know who created the YWCA but for me, it’s a
                                                                                               « coeur sur deux pattes.»
                                                                                               Yes, there are still caring people in this world. The
                                                                                               gratitude I share with you today will remain with me
                                                                                               Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
                                                                                               - Colette
The YWCA would like to thank Linda Szabad
Smith, professor at Concordia University,
and her team who shared their community
art project with us, making art accessible
to all. The objective of this project was to
allow participants to express their artistic
talents through various workshops. The
women had access to many different
creative possibilities: collage, drawing,
clay and mosaic tiles. A special thank you
to Martine Galarneau for her supportive
presence at the workshops.

                              1 2 | YWCA MONT R E A L P R O GR A M S

                                        DID YOU KNOW?
developing youth leadership

                                    People suffering from eating disorders often have mood, body image and behavioral problems. There can be marked
                                    feelings of low self-worth and depression and anxiety, obsessive attention to detail, impulsivity and recklessness, and
                                    sometimes problems with drugs or alcohol. It is estimated that at least 10% of young women (aged 12 – 30) in
                                    Quebec suffer from a significant eating disorder.
                                    Source: Douglas Mental Health University Institute, www.douglas.qc.ca

                                    Television is an important source of information about sex for teenagers. A 1997 survey by the Kaiser Family
                                    Foundation indicates that 61% of young teens in America (13 to 15 years old) point to the entertainment industry as
                                    their primary source of information about sexuality and sexual health. This result should worry parents since of the
                                    two thirds of television programs that have sexual content, only one in ten mention protected sex or the consequences
                                    of unprotected sex.
                                    Source: Jeunes Canadiens dans un monde branché – Vue d’ensemble de la Phase II, Réseau éducation-médias, www.media-awareness.ca

                                    According to a study led by Girlguiding UK (2007), almost all girls make a connection between happiness and physical
                                    attractiveness. This gives us an idea of how they form opinions of others.
                                    Source: Les jeunes au Canada: leur santé et leur bien-être, Santé Canada

                              THIS IS WHAT THE YWCA MONTREAL OFFERS
                              Leadership in Action promotes leadership and well-being                                 Summer Space nourishes solidarity, leadership and social
                              among girls and young women aged 12 to 25 through the                                   consciousness among girls aged 10 to 15. Participants are
                              pairing of physical activity (kickboxing, yoga, dance) and                              kept active through animated workshops, journal writing,
                              self-awareness workshops.                                                               artistic activities and a wide range of physical activities.
                                                                                                                      Offered in July and August.
                              Action Makes a Difference engages young women aged                                         NEW!
                              17 to 25 in a collective project based on issues they identify                          The Peer Education pilot project is an extension of Girls
                              as important in their communities. A follow-up activity to                              Naming Violence and is focused on issues of violence
                              Leadership in Action.                                                                    that participants are faced with in their communities.
                                                                                                                      This program is aimed at guiding, supporting and teaching
                              Girls Speak Out provides space for girls aged 9 to 15 to                                teenage girls how to become peer educators. Through
                              develop their self-awareness and capacity for self-expression.                          connecting to values, issues and challenges, peer educators
                              Personal reflection and cooperation are encouraged through                              develop and facilitate violence awareness activities for their
                              art activities, discussions and the creation of a talk show.                            peers.
                              Girls Naming Violence inspires collective learning, critical                            The Girls Group for Feeling Awesome aims to promote good
                              thinking and self-expression around issues of interpersonal                             eating habits and healthy lifestyles for girls. It also hopes
                              and systemic violence in the lives of girls aged 12 to                                  to counter the negative media messages and stereotypes
                              18. Learning tools include games, role-plays, drawing and                               that girls receive about their bodies. This project explores
                              debate.                                                                                 the connections between the individual and their social and
                                                                                                                      physical environment and promotes solidarity among girls
                              Early Sexualization Research Project is an action                                       and girls’ leadership capacities.
                              research project in cooperation with UQAM, currently in the
                              research phase, which seeks to develop pedagogical tools
                              and training programs to respond to this phenomenon. One
                              of these tools, A Guide for Parents of Preteens is available for
                              free on our website: www.ydesfemmesmtl.org
“What I liked about the Summer Space program was the
fact that it combined leadership, violence prevention
and self-esteem training into one. These are
problems young girls face and it was great that
the program addressed them as a package. I
also liked the fact that the program combined
physical activity with the workshop and art
activities. Personally as a facilitator, I also
gained a lot of leadership skills through
my role as a facilitator. I was being
aware of the style in which I facilitated
the workshops and became exposed
to new ways of leading as well
as participating. I also gained
in-depth knowledge on topics
I knew little about such as
bullying and violence prevention
training.” - Sinmi, age 20

“I decided to participate in this program
because there was only girls and plus you
got to talk about important subjects and
let out your feelings.
What I like about the camp is going to
the pool and La Ronde and also the part
that there is only girls. I like the subjects
that we talk about and it makes me
feel comfortable taking part in them! Its
GREAT. I gained a lot, like sometimes I
didn’t know what I was saying and I’d say
something mean but now I know what it
feels like to be bullied you could say!!!”
- Sahar, age 12

                              1 4 | YWCA MON TR E A L P R O GR A M S

                                       DID YOU KNOW?
developing adult leadership

                                 An important part of an individual’s state of health depends on the degree of their integration in their community.
                                 Source: L’impact de l’organisation du travail sur l’isolement social, Michel Vézina, Francis Derriennic, Christine Monfort, www.cairn.info

                                 Social isolation has a greater effect on people of low socio-economic means, and a correspondingly negative impact on
                                 their morale.
                                 Source: Réflexion sur la solitude, Isabelle Delisle, www.acsm-ca.qc.ca

                                 Communication and exchange are important remedies for loneliness at any age. It allows people to express their emotions,
                                 sharing with others the difficulties they encounter and the joys of life.
                                 Source: Réflexion sur la solitude, Isabelle Delisle, www.acsm-ca.qc.ca

                                                                                                                     THIS IS WHAT THE YWCA MONTREAL OFFERS
                                                                                                                     Dishes from Near and Far offers a community kitchen experience
                                                                                                                     where women of all ages and backgrounds learn to prepare
                                                                                                                     balanced and nutritious meals at low cost, and explore food
                                                                                                                     from many cultures. This program allows women to share their
                                                                                                                     knowledge and lessen their isolation.

                                                                                                                     Artisane de sa réussite is designed for women aged 25 to 44 and
                                                                                                                     offers a place for discussion and sharing on subjects that concern
                                                                                                                     women’s lives such as reconciling various roles, self-confidence
                                                                                                                     and finding balance.

                                                                                                                     Movement and Change offers workshops for women aged 45 to
                                                                                                                     64, providing a place for reflection and sharing while addressing
                                                                                                                     subjects such as health and well-being, security and life choices.
                                                                                                                     Workshops and discussion groups designed for women of all
                                                                                                                     ages, consisting of 2 hour meetings with a precise theme; such as
                                                                                                                     managing stress, helping my child succeed, etc. These workshops
                                                                                                                     are offered at our partner organizations to meet the needs of their
                                                                                                                     clientele. They are greatly appreciated by the participants as well
                                                                                                                     as by the organizations that benefit from these activities.
                                                                                                                      “I have been going to the community kitchen for 2 years now.
                                                                                                                      It’s a place where I can relax, take a break from my regular
                                                                                                                      schedule and share my passion for cooking with women
                                                                                                                      from all over the world. Once or twice a month, we prepare
                                                                                                                      3 or 4 dishes and also make a meal to take home. We learn
                                                                                                                      to prepare dishes from many different countries. I was able
                                                                                                                      to show the other women how to prepare a Colombo (the
                                                                                                                      national dish of Martinique), and I have learned how to make
                                                                                                                      sushi and mole…
                                                                                                                      Once a year, we get together with all the women who part-
                                                                                                                      icipate in the community kitchen and have a party. It’s a
                                                                                                                      time of sharing and joy. It has allowed me to make wonderful
                                                                                                                      - Marie-Claude
                                                                                                                                                       Y W C A M O N T R E A L PR O G R A M S | 1 5

                           DID YOU KNOW?

                       Women entrepreneurs are leading the way in small business growth. Canada is now home to more than 800,000
                       women entrepreneurs and this figure has been growing at an average annual rate of 3.3% since 1989, which is 60%
                       faster than the growth in the number of small businesses run by men during the same period.
                       Source: Tal, Benjamin. For Love or Money? A study of entrepreneurship in Canada. http://www.cibc.com/ca/pdf/etude-entrepreneuriat.pdf

                       Between 2001 and 2004, entrepreneurs who, on a regular basis, use the advice of professional advisors experienced
                       their revenues rising 76% more than small firms without such advice (44% versus 25%).
                       Source: CIBC BANK. Secrets to small business success. http://www.cibc.com/ca/small-business/business-reports-fr.html

                                                               Connie, La Brigarde
                                                                                                             THIS IS WHAT THE YWCA MONTREAL OFFERS
                                                               des Hurluberlus                               Entrepreneurship Centre offers five main services:
                                                               Theatre and
                                                               Francization                                  counselling for small and medium sized businesses, network-
                                                                                                             ing services, documentation services, support programs and
                                                                                                             referral services. Recognizing the growing role of women in the
                                                                                                             business sector, our services are designed to help women
                                                                                                             meet their goals.

                                                                                                             “There’s always a follow-up. When you are alone
                                                                                                             with your business, it’s always nice to get a call
                                                                                                             asking how things are going. You feel supported!”
                                                                                                             - Connie

                                               Lucia & Silvia, Comunicatus                   Marcella, B&B Advisors Inc.                        Brigitte, Saveurs éclatées                   Louisette, Cung &
                                               Linguistic Services for                       Etiquette and                                      Private Chef and                             associés
                                               Aeronautics                                   Protocol Services                                  Party Planner                                Career Counselling and

                   A special thank you to Jasmine Bakalarz and Keren Epstein, arts students at Concordia University, for having contributed to the
                   Entrepreneurship Centre’s promotional material by doing a photo shoot with this year’s women entrepreneurs. Thank you, as well, to Marie-
                   Ève Deguire, makeup artist, and finally thank you to these women entrepreneurs for participating in this project!


YWCA Montreal Board of Directors
Mary-Ann Bell, President                       Madeleine Roy, Secretary                      Me Sacha Haque, Director
Chief Operating Officer, Québec                 Senior Executive Consultant                   Legal Counsel
Bell Aliant                                    CGI Group inc.                                Power Corporation of Canada

Sylvie Mercier, Vice President                 Rachel Auger, Director                        Patricia Lemaire, Director
Managing Partner                               Lecturer, corporate finance                    Public Affairs Director
MASIA Consulting                                                                             Cascades
                                               Me Mathilde Carrière, Director
Jocelyne Boivin, Vice President                Partner, Business Law                         Anna Mainella, Director
Business Development                           Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP                    Architect
Consultant                                                                                   Lemay Michaud architecture Design
                                               Marie Desroches, Director
Miriam Pozza, CA, CBV, MBA, Treasurer          Vice-president, Administratives Services      Brigitte Simard, Director
Partner, Transaction Services                  Fédération des caisses Desjardins du          Director, Relationship Management
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP                     Québec                                        RBC Dexia Investor Services Trust

YWCA Montreal Board Committees
Executive Committee: Mary-Ann Bell, Jocelyne   Government Relations Committee: Sylvie        Hotel Committee: Jocelyne Boivin,
Boivin, Sylvie Mercier, Miriam Pozza,          Mercier, Mary-Ann Bell, Claudette Demers      Mary-Ann Bell, Marie Côté, Katherine
Madeleine Roy.                                 Godley.                                       Gaik, Marie-Josée Neveu, Linda D’Angelo,
                                                                                             Claudette Demers Godley.
Finance Committee: Miriam Pozza, Mary-Ann      Entrepreneurship Committee: Sylvie Mercier,
Bell, Rachel Auger, Chantal Laberge, Madhavi   Mary-Ann Bell, Danielle Desbiens, Sacha       Development Committee: Arlene Steiger,
Mantha, Marie-Josée Neveu, Bert Bergman,       Haque, Vivian Hudson, Gaston Trépanier,       Mary-Ann Bell, Jocelyne Boivin, Anna
Claudette Demers Godley.                       Esther Youte, Claudette Demers Godley.        Mainella, Valérie Rivard, Lilia Goldfarb,
                                                                                             Claudette Demers Godley.
Governance and Nominations Committee:          Human Resources and Customer Service
Mathilde Carrière, Mary-Ann Bell,              Committee: Madeleine Roy, Mary-Ann Bell,      Delegation to the Board of Directors of
Madeleine Roy.                                 geneviève bich, Jocelyne Boivin, Claude       the Women’s Y Foundation: Mary-Ann
                                               Gaudreault, Claudette Demers Godley.          Bell, Marie Desroches, Madeleine Roy,
Communications Committee:                                                                    Claudette Demers Godley.
Madeleine Roy, Mary-Ann Bell, Geneviève        Space Management Committee:
Déry, Pascale Grignon, Patricia Lemaire,       Anna Mainella, Mary-Ann Bell,
Monica Ruffo, Dawn Williams, Corinne Landry,   Marie Desroches, Sacha Haque,
Claudette Demers Godley.                       Shawn Letourneau, Linda D’Angelo,
                                               Claudette Demers Godley.

Management Committee
Claudette Demers Godley                        Lilia Goldfarb                                Diana Pizzuti
Executive Director                             Head of Leadership Services                   Head of Housing Services

Bert Bergman                                   Eve Kinsey                                    Mélissa Roy
Director of Finance, Administrative Services   Interim Coordinator                           Coordinator, Fringues et Cie
and Building Management                        Single Mothers program
                                                                                             Esther Youte
France-Line Carbonneau                         Corinne Landry                                Director of Entrepreneurship Services
Head of Community Services                     Coordinator of Communications                 for Women

Linda D’Angelo                                 Catherine Leonard                             Isabelle Baril
Director of Hotel and Housing Services         Coordinator, OSE                              Director of the Women’s Y Foundation

Karine Désy-Lalonde                            Raymonde Lévesque
Executive Assistant                            Director of Community and Employability
                                                                                                              Y W C A M O N T R E AL | 17

Financial Statements

The accompanying summarized balance sheet and statements of cash flows, operations and changes in net assets are derived
from the complete financial statements of MONTREAL YOUNG WOMEN’S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION (WOMEN’S Y) as at March 31,
2008 and for the year then ended on which we expressed an opinion without reservation in our report dated May 21, 2008. The
fair summarization of the complete financial statements is the responsibility of management. Our responsibility, in accordance with
the applicable Assurance Guideline of The Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants, is to report on the summarized financial
statements. In our opinion, the accompanying financial statements fairly summarize, in all material respects, the related complete
financial statements in accordance with the criteria described in the Guideline referred to above. These summarized financial
statements do not contain all the disclosures required by Canadian generally accepted accounting principles. Readers are cautioned
that these statements may not be appropriate for their purposes. For more information on the entity’s financial position, results of
operations and cash flows, reference should be made to the related complete financial statements.
Montreal, May 21, 2008                                                                                    Gosselin & Associés inc.
                                                                                                           Chartered accountants

SUMMARIZED BALANCE SHEET AS AT MARCH 31, 2008                                                        2008                        2007
                                                                                                        $                           $
CURRENT ASSETS                                                                                   576,153                  601,549
SUBSIDIES RECEIVABLE                                                                           1,609,697                1,838,099
CAPITAL ASSETS                                                                                13,161,570               13,615,618
                                                                                              15,347,420               16,055,266
CURRENT LIABILITIES                                                                            2,290,180                2,546,385
DEFERRED CONTRIBUTIONS RELATED TO CAPITAL ASSETS                                               9,363,149                9,562,461
LONG-TERM DEBT                                                                                 1,609,697                1,838,099
                                                                                              13,263,026               13,946,945
INVESTED IN CAPITAL ASSETS                                                                      3,798,421                4,053,157
EXTERNALLY RESTRICTED                                                                              25,286                   27,009
INTERNALLY RESTRICTED                                                                              33,690                   17,976
UNRESTRICTED (DEFICIT)                                                                        (1,773,003)              (1,989,821)
                                                                                               2,084,394                 2,108,321
                                                                                              15,347,420               16,055,266
FOR THE YEAR ENDED MARCH 31, 2008                                                                   2008                       2007
                                                                                                        $                         $
OPERATING ACTIVITIES                                                                               61,986                   284,611
INVESTING ACTIVITIES                                                                             143,233                     63,540
FINANCING ACTIVITIES                                                                            (276,213)                 (571,753)
DECREASE OF CASH                                                                                 (70,994)                 (223,602)
CASH BEGINNING                                                                                   165,920                    389,522
CASH ENDING                                                                                        94,926                   165,920

                                                                          2008         2007
                                                                             $            $

   Self-financing                                                      1,781,828    1,950,596
   Contributions from YWCA foundation of Montreal                       346,166      272,272
                                                                      2,127,994    2,222,868

       Centraide                                                        415,735      385,735
       Government of Quebec                                           1,488,578    1,503,801
       Government of Canada                                             229,761       95,379
       City of Montreal                                                  27,875       27,875
                                                                      4,289,943    4,235,658

   Expenses related to services and programs                          3,407,494    3,324,263
   Expenses related to buildings                                        199,794      181,315
   Expenses related to communications and awareness programs            100,016      152,040
   Administrative expenses                                              421,383      343,358
                                                                      4,128,687    4,000,976

   Interest charges                                                     (73,680)     (87,762)
   Depreciation of capital assets                                     (485,815)    (521,183)
   Amortization of deferred contributions related to capital assets     374,312     402,294
                                                                      (185,183)    (206,651)

EXCESS (DEFICIENCY) OF REVENUES OVER EXPENSES                           (23,927)      28,031
NET ASSETS BEGINNING                                                  2,108,321    2,080,290
NET ASSETS ENDING                                                     2,084,394    2,108,321
                                                                                                 W O M E N ’ S Y F O U N DAT I ON | 19

Word from the President
I am very pleased to present the Women’s Y Foundation 2007-2008 Annual Report. This past year has marked the
implementation of our 2007-2010 strategic plan and the formation of a committee to solicit major gifts from individuals. I
would like to thank the co-chairs of this committee, Ms. Josée Goulet and Mr. Pierre Brochu, for their enthusiastic work. The
committee’s results are already very impressive having surpassed the first year’s objective, thanks to generous donors.
The new foundation director, Ms. Isabelle Baril, began her duties in January 2008. Her philanthropic experience is essential
to the realization of our strategic plan and the members of the Board of Directors join me in assuring her our wholehearted
In the course of the past year, four administrators have finished their mandates: Ms. Louise Patry, Ms. Edmée Métivier,
Ms. Anièle Lecoq and Mr. Claude Michaud. I would like to sincerely thank them for their contributions and I am sure that
they will remain good friends of the Foundation. Ms. Sylvie L’Écuyer, Ms. Monica Ruffo, Ms. Madeleine Roy and Mr. Daniel
Bellemare have agreed to use their energies and their networks for the benefit of the thousands of women who use the Y’s
services and have been a welcome addition to our board since June 2007.
A foundation like ours could not achieve such outstanding results without the strong commitment of many people who believe
in the YWCA Montreal’s mission. I would like to thank the administrators, the members of our committees, the Foundation
team and all the donors for their devotion, their generosity and their loyalty to the YWCA Montreal.
On September 24, 2008, the Foundation will mark the 15th anniversary of the Women of Distinction Gala which has
honoured more than 160 women over the past 14 years. These are exceptional women who by their courage, their
determination and their commitment, demonstrate the importance of women’s roles in all spheres of society and make our
world a better place. It is our great hope that many of these “Women of Distinction” will become actively involved with the
YWCA Montreal and its foundation!

Christine Marchildon
President, Board of Directors

Word from the Director
Ever since arriving at the YWCA, I have been very impressed by the dynamic team and the diversity of programs offered to
women. Whatever their particular path, here, women can find the power to achieve their goals.
Many donors feel strongly about the value of our programs and contribute generously to help finance them. Thanks to their
contributions, the Foundation has given a total of $528,666 to the YWCA Montreal over the course of 2007-2008. The
Foundation is proud to count on the support of the George Hogg Family Foundation and the Birks Family Foundation who
have been among our most loyal allies for many years. We sincerely thank them along with all of our other donors for their
In an effort to further support existing programs and to encourage the creation of innovative programs at the YWCA, the
Foundation must diversify its solicitation strategies, develop the Women of Distinction Gala and cultivate relationships with
our donors and the “Women of Distinction”. I am confident that we can meet these challenges, as the Foundation is sur-
rounded by extremely generous and devoted administrators and volunteers. It can also count on the professionalism of
Ms. Sonia Wong Pow Fa, who joined the Foundation in June 2007.

My profound thanks to all of them and to our generous donors!

Isabelle Baril
Board of Directors, Women’s Y
Foundation                                 2007-2008 Annual Campaign
Christine Marchildon, President            There was an outpouring of generosity during the 2007-2008 annual campaign. The Foundation
Senior Vice-President, Quebec Region       raised $135,564 from individuals, companies and foundations, solicited by direct mail or by the
TD Canada Trust                            YWCA and the Women’s Y Foundation administrators. The employees of the YWCA doubled their
Louise Dostie, Vice-President              last year’s contribution and surpassed their $5,000 objective by organizing many imaginative and
Director of Communications                 sporting events and by their generous giving. The members of the boards of directors of the YWCA
Quebec’s Casinos                           Montreal and the Women’s Y Foundation have not been idle, demonstrating a 100% participation
Kostia Pantazis, Vice-President            rate. Large foundations and businesses also showed their support to the Y’s programs by giving a sum
President                                  total of $157,000 which represents a vital contribution towards the Y’s mission. Overall, this year’s
Pantazis & Associates Insurance Brokers    campaign surpassed last year’s total by 28%.
Carol-Ann Tetrault Sirsly, CA, Treasurer
Ph.D. Candidate
John Molson School of Business             2007-2008 Donors
Concordia University
Me Hélène Lévesque, Secretary              The Foundation thanks the         Helen Goulet                   Susan Pinker
Lawyer, President                          2007-2008 generous donors         Fabienne Grou                  Valérie Pisano
Corporation Experlead                                                        Diane Hamel                    Diana Pizzuti
                                           INDIVIDUALS CONTRIBUTING          Sacha Haque                    Luc Poirier
                                           $250 AND MORE IN 2007-2008        Louis-François Hogue           France Poulin
Members :                                  2 anonymous donors                Isabelle Hudon                 Miriam Pozza
Mary-Ann Bell                              Catherine Aboumrad                Viviane Hudson                 Martine Quintal
Chief Operating Officer, Quebec             Mary-Leslie Aitken                Lucie Jean                     Christine Regimbal
Bell Aliant                                Rosalia Arnaoutelis               Cathy Keslin                   Micheline Renault
                                           Nicky Lynn Ayoub                  Nicolette Kost de Sevres       Eve Richard
Me Daniel Bellemare, Q.C.                                                                                   Vicky Robert
                                           Lina Beaulé Laberge               Andrée Labrie
Barrister and Sollicitor                                                                                    Christine Robillard
                                           Margaret R. Becklake              Daniel Lalonde
Donati Maisonneuve                         Daniel Bellemare                                                 Madeleine Roy
                                                                             Sylvie Larose
Pierre Brochu, FCA                         Claude Benoit                     Andrea Leber                   Monica Ruffo
Senior Vice-President,                     Louise P. Bernier                 Diane Leboeuf                  Danielle Savoie
                                           geneviève bich                    Richard Leclerc                Brigitte Simard
Shared Services
                                           Jocelyne Boivin                                                  Lucie Tanguay
CGI Group Inc.                                                               Anièle Lecoq
                                           Ruxandra Botez                                                   Carol-Ann Tetrault Sirsly
                                                                             Sylvie L’Écuyer
Marie Desroches                            Merlaine Brutus                                                  Anne Marie Trahan
                                                                             Claire Léger
Vice-president, Administratives Services   Gilles Carli                                                     Anne Usher
                                                                             Normand Lepine                 Suzanne Vachon
Fédération des caisses Desjardins          Laurent Carrière                  Hélène Lévesque
                                           Ricardo L. Castro                                                Lynn Verge
du Québec                                                                    Lisa Limosani                  Bilkis Vissandjée
                                           Gretta Chambers                   Françoise Lyon
Sylvie L’Écuyer                            Laurette Champigny-Robillard
                                                                                                            Lois Walter
                                                                             Louise Macdonald               Judith Webster
Director                                   Carmela Ciccia                    Lyse Mailhot                   Dawn Williams
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP                 Andrea Courey                     Anna Mainella                  Sonia Wong Pow Fa
Martine Quintal, CA                        Léa Cousineau                     Monette Malewski               Lea Zeppetelli
Partner                                    Martha Crago                      Christine Marchildon
Ernst & Young LLP                          Michel De la Chenelière           Xeno C. Martis                 FOUNDATIONS CONTRIBUTING $1,000
                                           Niquette Delage                   Vera McMillan                  AND MORE IN 2007-2008
Madeleine Roy                              Claudette Demers Godley           Mario Ménard                   Birks Family Foundation
Senior Executive Consultant                Danielle Desbiens                 Sylvie Mercier                 Fondation J. Armand Bombardier
CGI Group Inc.                             Marie-José Deschamps              Robert Metcalfe                Fondation Jeunesse-Vie
                                           Sophie-Barbara Désilets           Edmée Métivier                 George Hogg Family Foundation
Monica Ruffo                               Luc Desjardins                    Helen Munson
President                                                                                                   Hay Foundation
                                           Marie Desroches                   Sandra Neill                   John Dobson Foundation
Agence Amuse                               Karine Désy-Lalonde               Marie-Josée Neveu              Richard and Edith Strauss
                                           Louise Dostie                     Saulina Oliveira               Canada Foundation
Claudette Demers Godley                    Suzanne Dubois                    Lucille Panet-Raymond
Executive Director                         Simon Dupéré                      Robert Paré                    ORGANIZATIONS CONTRIBUTING
YWCA                                       Lina Frattasio                    Louise Patry                   $1,000 AND MORE IN 2007-2008
Isabelle Baril                             Guy Fréchette                     Donald Pelletier               Air Transat A.T. inc.
Director                                   Francine Ruel Héroux              Marie-Claude Pelletier         Aldo Group
Women’s Y Foundation                       Christiane Germain                Roslyn Pinker                  Autodesk Canada Co.
                                                                                                            W O M E N ’ S Y F O U N DAT I O N | 21

Finance Committee                      AXA Assurance inc.                     Avaya Canada Corp                          Médias Transcontinental S.E.N.C
Carol-Ann Tetrault Sirsly, CA, Chair   Bell Canada                            Banque CIBC                                MERCER Consultation en
                                       BMO Groupe Financier                   Banque de Montréal                         ressources humaines
Marie Desroches                        Bristol-Myers Squibb Canada Inc.       Banque Nationale du Canada                 Nortel Networks
Sylvie L’Écuyer                        Canadelle                              BCF s.e.n.c.r.l/LLP                        Pantazis et associés Courtiers
Martine Quintal                        Cogeco inc.                            Bell Aliant                                d’assurance inc.
Miriam Pozza, CA, CBV, MBA             Confédération des syndicats            Bell Canada                                Pratt & Whitney Canada
                                       nationaux Ernst & Young                Bell Mobilité                              PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Bert Bergman                           Gestion Première Moisson inc.          Bell Solutions d’impartition en TIC        RBC Dexia Services aux Investis-
Claudette Demers Godley                Groupe CGI inc.                        Borden Ladner Gervais srl, sencrl          seurs
Isabelle Baril                         Groupe financier Banque TD              CLIPP                                      Reader’s Digest
                                       Guillevin International                Concordia University                       Reliance Protectron
                                       ING Canada                             Confédération des syndicats nationaux      Samson Bélair/Deloitte & Touche
Nominating Committee                   Organon Canada Ltd.                    Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg            Service d’entretien Distinction Inc.
Louise Dostie, Chair                   Pantazis et associés Courtiers         Ecole de technologie supérieure            Services de cartes Desjardins
Me Hélène Lévesque                     d’assurance inc.                       Fasken Martineau DuMoulin                  Sirius développement stratégique
                                       Province Notre-Dame                    S.E.N.C.R.L., s.r.l.                       SNC-Lavalin Capital inc.
Christine Marchildon
                                       Reitmans Canada inc.                   Fraser Milner Casgrain s.r.l.              SSA Solutions
Kostia Pantazis                        Rôtisseries St-Hubert ltée             Global Quebec                              Stikeman Elliott
Robert Nadeau                          SOMAK International inc.               Groupe CGI inc.                            Tandem événements spéciaux inc.
                                       TD Canada Trust                        Groupe Cossette                            TD Canada Trust
                                       Wyeth Canada                           Groupe Dynamite                            Towers Perrin
Major Gifts Committee                                                         Groupe Germain                             Transat A.T. inc.
Josée Goulet, co-chair                 ORGANIZATIONS CONTRIBUTING             Groupe St-Hubert                           Valeurs mobilières Desjardins
Pierre Brochu, co-chair                $1,000 AND MORE AT THE                 Groupe TD Meloche Monnex                   YMCA du Grand Montréal
                                       WOMEN OF DISTINCTION GALA              Gryphon Investment Counsel Inc.
Christine Marchildon                   Administration Portuaire de Montréal   IBM Canada ltée
Lucille Panet-Raymond                  Agropur coopérative                    McGill University
Susan Reitz                            Aliments Medina Inc.                   Médias transcontinental
Claudette Demers Godley
Isabelle Baril

Women of Distinction Gala
Organizing Committee
                                       Women of Distinction Gala
(as of September 2007)
France Poulin, President               The Gala has two main objectives: to recognize the
Montreal Port Authority                contribution of exceptional women who advance
                                       the cause of women and to raise funds for YWCA
Selection Committee                    Montreal programs. It represents an important
Vicky Robert, Chair                    source of financing for the YWCA Montreal and its
Career Women Interaction
                                       foundation, and therefore its continuing success
Aline Bélanger-L.                      is essential. Happily, the Foundation can count on
EnGlobe Corp.                          the support of a solid team of volunteers and on
geneviève bich                         the loyalty of its sponsors.
Bell Canada
                                       The 14th annual gala was held on September
Carmela Ciccia                         25, 2007 with more than 850 people attending.
Consultant                             Eleven Women of Distinction were honoured                  From left to right; Ms. France Poulin, chair of the
                                       and $247,675 was raised after expenses. The                Organizing Committee and honorary president of
Caroline Codsi
                                       Foundation is pleased to present its 2007 Award            the 2007 Women of Distinction Gala, presents a
KWA Group
                                                                                                  check for $247,675 to Ms. Mary-Ann Bell, president
                                       Recipients as well as our wonderful sponsors and
Dominique Décarie                                                                                 of the YWCA Montreal Board of Directors, and
Korn Ferry International               volunteers.                                                Ms. Christine Marchildon, president of the Women’s
                                                                                                  Y Foundation. These funds will support the YWCA
Lynne B.Gervais                                                                                   mission.
McGill University
                                                                                         Pioneer                               Highest Distinction
                                                                                                                               of Women
Wanda Kaluzny
Montreal Chamber Orchestra                 Winners 2007                                  Ms. Laurette
                                                                                         Champigny-Robillard                   Ms. Diane Matte
Dora Koop                                                                                                                      Secretariate,
McGill International Executive Institute                                                                                       World March of Women

Suzanne Vachon
Interior Designer                                     Arts and Culture                   Communications                        Education
                                                      Ms. Lorraine Pintal                Ms. Pascale Navarro                   Ms. Mireille Mathieu
Lynn Verge                                            Executive and Artistic Director,   Journalist, SRC, and Writer           President and Executive Director,
Atwater Library and                                   Théâtre du Nouveau Monde                                                 Centre de liaison sur l’intervention
                                                                                                                               et la prévention psychosociales
Computer Centre

Sponsorship Committee
France Desharnais, Chair
Ernst & Young                                          Young Woman of                    Health and Science                    Community Service
                                                                                         Ms. Bilkis Vissandjée                 Ms. Evelyn Brook
Lina Frattasio                                         Ms. Ariane Moffatt                Full Professor, Faculté des           Volunteer
                                                       Author, songwriter and singer     sciences infirmières
Louise Girouard                                                                          Université de Montréal

Suzanne Rancourt
Groupe CGI inc.

Ticket Sales Committee                                Business and Professions           Entrepreneurship                      Sports and Wellness
Judy Gallo, Chair                                     Ms. Andrea Martin                  Ms. Andrea Courey                     Ms. Sylvie Fréchette
                                                                                         President, Grandma Emily’s            Olympic Champion, Synchronized
Bell Canada                                           President and CEO
                                                                                         Granola                               Swimming
                                                      Reader’s Digest
Dominique Lévesque
Sylvie Bourdeau
Fasken Martineau
Marie-Andrée Beaudry
Stikeman Elliott
                                           2007 Partners & Sponsors
Jury Committee
Louise Macdonald, Chair                    GALA EVENT PARTNER:                                            PLATINUM SPONSORS
Knightsbridge                                                                                             Ministère de la Culture, des Communications
Lili De Grandpré                                                                                          et de la Condition féminine, Laboratoire du
CenCEO Conseil                                                                                            Dr Renaud, Change
Monette Malewski                           FINALISTS EVENING PRESENTER:                                   GOLD SPONSOR
Agences d’assurance                                                                                       Xerox
M. Bacal inc.                                                                                             SILVER SPONSORS
Robert Nadeau                                                                                             Hilton Montréal Bonaventure,
SpencerStuart                                                                                             Verger Lamarche, Vins Philippe Dandurand
                                           CATEGORY PARTNERS:                                             BRONZE SPONSORS
Veronica Noble
Royal Bank of Canada                                                                                      Aeroplan, Club St-James, Msiamo by Marisa
                                                                                                          Minicucci, Georges Laoun, Importation
Louise Patry                                                                                              épicurienne RA Fortin, Cosmétiques Lise
Davies Ward Phillips &
                                                                                                          Watier, Protectron, Saint-Justin
                                                                                                          COPPER SPONSORS
Madeleine Poulin                                                                                          CNW, Daveluy Vins Yves Michaud, Fleuriste
                                                                                                          Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, Ludique
Honor Robertson                                                                                           MEDIA PARTNERS
Volunteer                                                                                                 La Presse, Les Affaires, The Gazette,
Melissa Sonberg                                                                                           Le Devoir
                                                                                                      W O M E N ’ S Y F O U N DAT I O N | 23

Financial Statements

The accompanying summarized balance sheet and statements of cash flows, operations and changes in net assets are derived from
the complete financial statements of YWCA FOUNDATION OF MONTREAL as at March 31, 2008 and for the year then ended on which
we expressed an opinion without reservation in our report dated May 15, 2008. The fair summarization of the complete financial
statements is the responsibility of management. Our responsibility, in accordance with the applicable Assurance Guideline of The
Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants, is to report on the summarized financial statements. In our opinion, the accompanying
financial statements fairly summarize, in all material respects, the related complete financial statements in accordance with the
criteria described in the Guideline referred to above. These summarized financial statements do not contain all the disclosures
required by Canadian generally accepted accounting principles. Readers are cautioned that these statements may not be appropriate
for their purposes. For more information on the entity’s financial position, results of operations and cash flows, reference should be
made to the related complete financial statements.
Montreal, May 15, 2008                                                                                     Gosselin & Associés inc.
                                                                                                            Chartered accountants

SUMMARIZED BALANCE SHEET AS AT MARCH 31, 2008                                                          2008                          2007
                                                                                                          $                             $
INVESTMENTS AT FAIR VALUE                                                                        1,443,546                            -
INVESTMENTS AT COST                                                                                       -                  1,126,184
CASH                                                                                                 9,390                      92,167
ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLES                                                                                19,647                      21,707
PREPAID EXPENSES – WOMEN OF DISTINCTION GALA                                                         9,000                       5,279
                                                                                                 1,481,583                   1,245,337
ACCOUNTS PAYABLE AND ACCRUED LIABILITIES                                                            12,673                       10,731
PAYABLE TO THE WOMEN’S Y                                                                            36,969                       10,808
DEFERRED CONTRIBUTIONS – WOMEN OF DISTINCTION GALA                                                        -                      22,500
DEFERRED CONTRIBUTIONS – MAJOR FUND RAISING CAMPAIGN                                                28,982                      138,699
                                                                                                    78,624                      182,738
RESTRICTED FOR ENDOWMENT PURPOSES                                                                  215,431                     215,431
INTERNALLY RESTRICTED                                                                              999,517                     904,129
UNRESTRICTED (DEFICIT)                                                                             188,011                     (56,961)
                                                                                                 1,402,959                   1,062,599
                                                                                                 1,481,583                   1,245,337
FOR THE YEAR ENDED MARCH 31, 2008                                                                      2008                        2007
                                                                                                          $                            $
OPERATING ACTIVITIES                                                                               (35,710)                   (238,981)
FINANCING AND INVESTING ACTIVITIES                                                                 (47,067)                     361,764
INCREASE (DECREASE) OF CASH                                                                        (82,777)                    122,783
CASH (BANK OVERDRAFT) BEGINNING                                                                     92,167                      (30,616)
CASH ENDING                                                                                           9,390                       92,167

FOR THE YEAR ENDED MARCH 31, 2008                                                       2008       2007
                                                                                           $          $
   Deferred contributions – Major fund raising campaign                              175,000      550,000
   Women of distinction gala – Net amount                                            247,675      257,512
   Contributions from corporations and individuals – Annual fund raising campaign    118,898       76,283
   Restricted to specific purposes contributions                                      173,666      152,272
   Other contributions                                                                 3,581        3,627
   Net investment income                                                               6,815      111,559
                                                                                     725,635    1,151,253
   Operating expenses                                                                169,029      161,164
   Portfolio management fees                                                          10,672       10,616
                                                                                     179,701      171,780
BEFORE THE FOLLOWING ITEMS:                                                          545,934      979,473
   Donations to Women’s Y
      Major fund raising campaign                                                   (175,000)   (500,000)
      Dedicated to specific purposes                                                 (173,666)   (152,272)
      Women’s Y programs                                                            (180,000)   (190,000)
                                                                                    (528,666)   (842,272)
EXCESS OF REVENUES OVER EXPENSES                                                      17,268      137,201
– FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS                                                               323,092            -
NET ASSETS BEGINNING                                                                1,062,599     925,398
NET ASSETS ENDING                                                                   1,402,959   1,062,599

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