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Dana Ward Bishopric


									    Dana Ward Bishopric
                                               tendency for us in our prayers-in our
                                               pleadings with the Lord-to ask for
                                               additional blessings. Sometimes I
Bishop           Richard Hale       834-3041
                                               feel we need to devote more of our
1 Counselor      Dwight Morris      962-8221   prayers to expressions of gratitude
2 Counselor       Haskel Reynolds   615-1628   and thanksgiving for blessings
Exec Secretary   Anthony Kaberry    835-5149   already received. Of course we need
                                               the daily blessings of the Lord. But
Dear Dana Ward Family,                         if we sin in the matter of prayer, I
                                               think it is in our lack of the
As we quickly approach the                     expressions of thanksgiving for daily
Thanksgiving holiday, I ponder on how          blessings. We’re so inclined to take
fast the year has passed. It seems             our blessings for granted. Most of
like just yesterday, I was visiting            us haven’t known anything else. I
with most of you at Tithing                    haven’t. I was born in the Church,
Settlement (Hint Hint!!) This is the           under the covenant. I received the
time of year we seem to emphasize              priesthood as a boy 12 years of age.
gratitude and thanks. I am grateful            It came so easy to me. I don’t
to all of the people in our past who           believe I fully appreciated it. We
helped to institute Thanksgiving day           live in this wonderful land where
as a national holiday. After                   we’ve enjoyed freedom and a high
pondering many personal and national           standard of living. Most of us have
current events, Pres. Lincoln issued           never seen the suffering and the
a Thanksgiving Proclamation in 1863            stress and the shortage of everything
following the infamous Battle of               necessary for civilized living.
Gettysburg which resulted in the loss
of 60,000 American lives.                      We need to be more grateful. I think
                                               there’s no true character without
I would like to share some thoughts            gratitude. It’s one of the marks of a
from a talk given by Pres. Ezra Taft           real strong character, to have a
Benson on Thankfulness in 1976:                feeling of thanksgiving and gratitude
                                               for blessings that are ours. We need
“During the Thanksgiving season, I             more of that spirit in our homes, in
presume it is only natural that our            our daily associations, in church,
thoughts should turn to our                    everywhere. It doesn’t cost
blessings. In the 59th section of              anything. It’s so easy to cultivate
the Doctrine and Covenants, we have a          the spirit of appreciation and
very significant statement: ‘Thou              gratitude. And it’s so easy, also,
shalt thank the Lord thy God in all            to be dissatisfied and to be envious
Things.                                        of other people.

‘Thou shalt offer a sacrifice unto             I hope we can be happy where we are,
the Lord thy God in righteousness,             be grateful for our blessings-now-
even that of a broken heart and a              here, accept the challenge that is
contrite spirit.’(D&C 59:7-8)                  ours and make the most of it, and not
                                               be envious of others.
The Prophet Joseph is reported to
have said at one time that one of the          God help us to be grateful. Someone
greatest sins for which the Latter-            has said that an ungrateful man is
day Saints would be guilty would be            like a hog under a tree eating apples
the sin of ingratitude. I presume              and never looking up to see where
most of us have not thought of that            they come from. Do we look up to see
as a serious sin. There’s a great              where our blessings are coming from?
We all have our reverses. Whom the      Hey! We are hearing GREAT reports on
Lord loveth, he chasteneth. It is in    the Book of Mormon reading project!
the depths of despair where men and     We can do this! FOLLOW THE PROPHET!
women learn the lessons that help
make them stronger and not at the
pinnacle of success. The hour of our    MISSIONARY MAILBOX
success is when we are at risk of the
greatest danger. It sometimes takes
reverses to make us appreciate our                                    Elder Josh Bowman
blessings and to shape us into                            Australia Melbourne West Mission
strong, courageous characters. We                                              P.O. Box 354
can meet every reverse that can                                       Niddrie, Victoria 3042
possibly come with the help of the                                                 Australia
Lord and the blessings of God. Every    Elder Josh Bowman is experiencing a really wonderful
reverse can be turned to our benefit    opportunity. He has been assigned to Geelong, the
and blessing and will make us           home ward of our own Brother Anthony Kaberry.
stronger, more courageous, more         Anthony contacted his parents and they have been
godlike. God help us to be grateful     instrumental in providing several home cooked meals
for our blessings and never to be       to two very grateful missionaries! It is so “cool” to find
                                        a friendly face and some distant connections with his
guilty of the sin of ingratitude.
                                        Dana Ward home. (I guess that blows the rumor that
                                        Bro. Kaberry was raised by kangaroos in the
 ‘And he who receiveth all things       Outback!) The senior Kaberrys are very gracious
with thankfulness shall be made         people and have provided support and love to Elder
glorious; and the things of this        Bowman and his companion as they work to teach and
earth shall be added unto him, even     share the gospel in Australia. Elder Bowman writes;
an hundred fold, yea, more.’ (D&C       “We are teaching 2 African families and they are
78:19)”                                 progressing well. We are also working with a small
                                        group of 20 year old guys. They need the gospel so
I hope that we will all pray to our     much. Even though they aren’t making all the changes
Father in Heaven to help us to be       we and the Lord would like them to make, they feel the
humble and more grateful for the        Spirit and realize God does love them and has a plan
                                        for them. For some people – that knowledge can make
blessings he has given us. As we do
                                        the biggest difference in their lives. I don’t know why
this, he will bless us with more        but it seems I’ve always been more comfortable
blessings. I am reminded of the         working with the people nobody else wants to work
address of King Benjamin in Mosiah      with. It just seems to be the way it is.
2:20-24. Please be grateful for all
the blessings you have, not only at     We did some painting as a service, on our last P-Day.
this time but throughout the year.      It was at a maritime village living history sort of place,
                                        like Australia 100 years ago. They have old boats, a
I am especially grateful for the        blacksmith shop, church, Masonic lodge, etc. We
members of the Dana Ward and the        worked all day and then Mick, the head honcho, invited
service you render to those around      us all over for a BBQ. It wasn’t just fun though – we
you, both members and not yet           actually set a baptism date for one of our investigators
                                        and held a District Meeting. We have 2 more baptisms
members. We have a special Ward, and
                                        scheduled as well. Things are really going good!
the Lord has seen fit to bless us
with very special blessings. I pray     There is a rock formation near here that is called the
that we will be worthy of them. I       12 apostles. They are singular columns of rock that
love each and every one of you and      stand out in the ocean, just off the coastline. They
pray for your welfare. May you keep     were formed by erosion and the erosion continues.
the commandments and be happy.          Several have fallen in the past and one fell this week,
Love,                                   leaving only 8 of the 12 “apostles” still standing. “We”
Bishop Richard Hale                     think it might be an “apostasy” thing! Soon there won’t
                                        be anything left but the folk tales relating to them.
How’s everyone doing with the challenge to read the
Book of Mormon by the end of the year? I had an                                      Elder Rusty Hunt
awesome experience this week reading 1 Nephi 20. It                        ( Brazil, Salvador Mission)
is so Isaiah. That day – it just made sense. I’ve been                                     Pouch Mail
having some really cool experiences during study time
                                                                                       P.O. Box 30150
for a few weeks. Keep Reading! You can do it too!”
                                                                     Salt Lake City, Utah 84130-0150
Elder Richard Stradling                                  Elder Hunt has completed his two months
Michigan, Lansing Mission                                training in the Brazilian MTC and is now
1500 Abbot Rd. Suite 110                                 serving in a town called Coite’, which
East Lansing, Mi. 48823                                  is about 4 and a half hours west of the
                                                         city of Salvador which is about 1,000
                                                         miles north of Sao Paulo. Rusty found
We are excited about teaching two sisters, age 13
                                                         the MTC to be an “awesome” experience.
and 14, the past few weeks. Interestingly, they were
                                                         Along with tons of hard work in the MTC,
found by some Elders from another area who were          the young elders also found time for a
doing “trade-offs” in our area. The girls seem to        few humorous moments. About 3 weeks
have an amazing understanding of the concepts we         before completing his studies there, he
have been teaching them. Their parents seem fine         and another anglo elder were assigned to
with us teaching them and we are hoping in the           switch room mates and bunk with native
future that we will be able to find a way to begin       elders, to help accelerate their
teaching the entire family. One of the girls told us     language skills. Their DL and his comp
that she had been praying for quite some time that       were on another assignment at the time
she would receive some kind of comfort for some          and were not aware of the switch, so the
issues she had been dealing with. When the Elders        entire district decided to play a little
knocked, she let them in and immediately had a           trick on them. The DL was told these 2
good feeling about what they shared and felt like        elders had been given “emergency
they had come in answer to her prayers. It was such      transfers” and would be leaving the MTC
a positive highlight for us for the week and we have     for the field the next morning. During
                                                         their tenure at the MTC, elders from all
hopes both of them will go far in the gospel.
                                                         over the world are thrown together and
                                                         as they struggle to acquire a new
We participated in a fun ward “Trunk or Treat”           language and learn new customs and
party at the church Sat. night. There was a pot          teaching skills, they become very close
luck with lots of good food. We were disappointed        to each other and rely heavily on each
that none of our investigators showed up, but we         other for support and friendship. They
had the best trunk in the parking lot. We had            were a close unit and worked well
forgotten to bring any decorations, so we stuffed my     together and had become very good
companion in the trunk and covered him up with a         friends. When word spread about them
dark trench-coat. In the dark, you couldn’t see          leaving the MTC, the DL and his comp
anything. When the kids reached in to get some           came to their rooms and began helping
candy, he would growl and grab their hand which          them pack, doing their laundry, doing
was good for screams, even from some parents. I          the traditional trading of ties among
think we were tolerated quite well by all of our         parting friends and it was becoming a
victims!                                                 rather emotional experience. Elder Hunt
                                                         and Elder Malan were actually only
                                                         moving 4 doors down the hall. The ruse
It is cooling off a lot now and we’ve even had to
                                                         worked for about 30 minutes before the
scrape frost off the windshield a few mornings. The
                                                         two “transferees” closed their suitcases
trees are changing and are beautiful with all their      for a final time and started down the
different colors. Snow can’t be far ahead! Oh well!      hall among hugs and handshakes, only
One of our other contacts is doing well. He has quit     they were going the wrong way. As they
smoking and he proudly showed us his motorcycle          entered their new rooms, laughter and
he is going to drive all the way to Florida in a few     chuckles began to break out among the
weeks. It is fun for us to see the progress he is        “informed” and the two victims suddenly
making in his spiritual journey as well.                 realized they had been “HAD”! They were
                                                         good sports about the joke on them but
Elder Hunt will have to watch his back                 feeling he had a need for the milk, but having
for the next 2 years as both those                     persistent feelings, he finally did stop and buy a
elders have vowed that somewhere,                      gallon of milk. Then he was impressed to turn down
somehow, they WILL get even! (Rusty also               7th street, but it was not on his way home. However,
had to return his traded ties!) His new                he obeyed the promptings and was impressed to stop
companion is Elder Flint, from Layton,                 in front of a certain house which was totally
Utah. He is 6’ 4” and very enthusiastic
                                                       unfamiliar to him. The house was dark and it was
about missionary work. He is getting
                                                       rather late and he was sure everyone inside must
used to his name (Hunt) which is
pronounced in Portuguese as “Hunchee”.                 already be asleep. He was thinking how foolish he
They are looking forward to some earnest               would feel if he woke them up to tell them he had
missionary work. Life is GOOD!                         brought them some milk. However, the feelings
                                                       were strong, so he did knock, determined he would
                                                       make a quick escape back to his car if no one came
                                                       to the door after one knock. The door did open and
     19th/Barkley Ward Flashback!                      the man at the door did not look very happy. The
Bishop Duane and Lois Loveland                         young man quickly explained that he had been
Athens, Greece Mission                                 prompted to purchase a gallon of milk and to leave it
E-mail:                            at their house, but had no idea why. The young man
                                                       could hear a baby crying from within the house. The
The weather here in Greece is cooling off so nice      man, with tears in his eyes, told the young man that
now. We got to watch General Conference here.          they were completely without funds and they
Because of the difference in the time zones, they      desperately needed milk for their young baby and
taped the Saturday sessions and the members got to     had no idea where they were going to get the money.
watch that on Sunday. Sunday’s sessions were           They had been praying that an angel might bring
taped and we will get to watch those on the 5th        them some milk. The young man also gave the
Sunday of October. We attended a Young Singles         young couple all the money he had in his pocket and
Party this past week which had been organized by       drove away knowing that God had talked to him
Elder Jansen from Denmark. He is very good at          that night. The teacher reminded him that it
organizing parties and keeping them going. It was a    doesn’t do any good for God to talk to us if no one is
Karaoke theme and when they ran out of younger         listening. Small miracles happen, even here in
talent, they pulled the two senior couples in for a    Greece.
contribution and we ended up teaching them the         Note of Interest: It was recently
song, “You Are My Sunshine”, which was new to all      announced that the Church has
of them. Elder Jansen then taught us the National      pulled all missionaries out of
Anthem of Denmark so we could appropriately root       Venezuela and is reassigning them
for the Danish soccer team that was playing Greece
                                                       to other countries. The decision
a few days later. Three others then taught us the
Greek National Anthem and then it was suggested        comes from the government’s
that we hold the “War of the Anthems” and we           temporarily suspending the
created quite a bit of chaos by all singing our        granting of visas for foreign
National Anthems at the top of our lungs, all at the   missionaries and two weeks after
same time. It sounded very much like a war chant!      Hugo Chavez, Pres of Venezuela,
I don’t know about how patriotic it was but those      expelled another religious group
kids sure did have fun!                                based in the U.S., accusing them
Elder Lars, a return missionary from Germany,
                                                       of being linked to the CIA.
shared a neat story from his New Testament class       Foreign missionaries must renew
this week. One of the young men in the class said he   their visas every 6 months to be
had been thinking during class, about ancient and      able to stay and work in
modern prophets and how many examples we know          Venezuela.
of their prayers being answered by God. He was
wondering if his prayers could be answered and on
the way home, prayed that God would speak to him.
As he drove home, he had a strong impression he
                                                                    Relief Society
should stop and buy a gallon of milk. Not really            Pres. Dodie Bowman             834-6052
    1 Couns Janet Hassell 969-4276                                    Jacob Standage Nov 16th
    2 Couns Yvonne Molina 797-0598                                     Sister Tiffany Nov 17th
    Sec Audrey Burklund 649-3006                                      Spencer Nichols Nov 25th
                                                            The Primary Children and their leaders and
Dear Sisters, The end of the year is quickly
approaching. Have you been marking your                     teachers have certainly earned a huge
accomplishments in your “Oil in Your Lamp” folder?          THANK YOU for the beautiful program they
Our enrichment committee has worked very hard to            presented Oct. 23rd. The children spoke
meet the needs of the sisters in the Dana Ward, and
we hope that all of you have been able to participate       clearly and slowly so they could be heard
and benefit from the activities.                            and understood. They presented some
                                                            powerful messages for us. The music was
We will be introducing a new enrichment and activity
program starting in January and we are very excited.        wonderful featuring special numbers with
We will soon be giving each of you an interest survey       instruments and even a vocal solo. We
to help in our planning. Please put your “thinking caps”    appreciated so much, this inspirational
on and be ready to make suggestions.
                                                            program and all the hard work that everyone
The needs in our ward are ever present, but it seems        contributed to make it such a polished
that never is a need expressed but that someone is          presentation. It is very obvious that the
there to fill it. In the scriptures, we read “When ye are
in the service of your fellow being, ye are only in the     Dana Ward has an excellent Primary
service of your God.” What a great privilege we have to     organization of talented and articulate
be able to assist our brothers and sisters just as Christ   children as well as dedicated teachers and
would do if he were here on the earth today.
                                                            leaders. Thank You So much!
As we approach this season of sharing, may we all
open our hearts and our homes to those around us that       Our Focus for November: I can share the
they may feel of the love of our Savior, through our
actions.                                                    gospel so that others can follow Heavenly
                                                            Father’s plan.
The Acacia Ward has invited the Dana
Ward sisters to join them for a
Christmas Musical Presentation by                                  Elder’s Quorum
“THE NOTIONS”, Tuesday, Nov 8th at 7                                   Pres. David Morales 218-5887
pm at the Ward Bldg.                                                 1st Couns. Dustin Redd 834-7788
                                                                   2nd Couns. Aaron Lindsay 699-2694

       YOUNG MEN
                                                                         Sec Kerwin Blau 969-4478
                                                            Brother Morales would greatly
             Pres. Darren Eyring 835-1799                   appreciate a call from you
            1st Couns. Pat Rogers 464-5348                  offering you and your family’s
           2nd Couns. Kyle Hassell 969-4276
                Sec. Jon Nichols 610-1223
                                                            help on any of the November
                                                            Service Projects listed here:
Happy Birthday to the following Young Men:                  Nov 9 and/or 10th - 6 to 9 pm-
Kyle Halls Nov 16          Arden Miller Nov 17              helping string lights at the
Jay McKinnon Nov 21        Conner Morgan Nov 28                  temple. (ground level work)
                                                            Nov 19th - 8 am to Noon – helping
      Primary News                                          with temple grounds maintenance
  .President  Nancy Tiffany 834-8494                        (pulling weeds, etc.)
   1 Couns Linette Morris 962-8221                          We’re “sprucing up” for the
      2 Couns Tima Hird 282-8479                            Christmas Temple Lights!
     Sec Rebecca Lindsay 699-2694
         Happy November Birthday to:
      High Priests                                              NEW FACES
                                                           IN DANA WARD PLACES
     Group Leader Marden Pace 835-5015
                                                        Kimberli Coller and her son Brady
         1st Asst. Bob Millican 969-5291
                                                        Hamby. are living at 1956 E. Mahoney
        2nd Asst. John Barnum 962-5962
           Sec. Alfred Berry 964-2602
                                                        Kimberly Joyce Christensen is a
  (See above for Service Project Opportunities!)
                                                        single sister living in a back
               Happy Birthday to:                       apartment at 2460 E. Alpine, which is
            Walter Johnson Nov. 14                      the Whetsel/ Martinez home.
             John Barnum Nov. 23
         Bishop Richard Hale Nov. 29
                                                               DANA WARD NEWS
Arlo Farnsworth was a man we all loved as a             Congratulations are in order for
brother in the gospel. He was a devout member           Andra Mayville (dau of Jeanne Dungy)
of the Church who stood true for what he                and Robert Mahoney who were married
believed was right. He was a man who loved his
                                                        Friday, Nov. 4th. They will be
family and his country even enough to put his life
                                                        living in Virginia Beach, Va. where
on the line several times in far away places. He
                                                        Robert is stationed with the US Navy
was a decorated veteran of more than one war.
                                                        as an electrician. Andra plans to
His life was spared under miraculous
                                                        finish her final year of college at
circumstances more than once. He was a
                                                        Old Dominion University. They have
compassionate man for those in need. He loved
                                                        “sort of” promised they will move
the great outdoors and spent many happy hours
                                                        back to the Dana Ward when Robert
camping and fishing with his family. He was a
great scouter, serving many years in various
                                                        completes his Navy service.
leadership positions in the Scouting program.
Many scouts in our ward benefited from his
                                                        Best Wishes to Jessica Latham and Matt Keyser who were
experience and help with advancement over the
                                                        married Oct. 24th. They will be living in an apt. in back of
years, especially those who achieved the rank of
                                                        Karen Latham’s house at 2245 E. Balsam Cir. A social in
Eagle Scout. At age 74, Arlo was still actively
                                                        their honor is planned for Nov. 17th, 6 to 8 pm in the ward
working in his career as a CPA.
                                                        cultural hall. The ward is invited to attend.
Years ago on July 24, 1947, he and I stood with a       
large assembly of Boy Scouts our age, at the site       We want to welcome four brand new “little”
of “This is the Place” Monument for the dedication
                                                        members to our ward family:
of the statue of Brigham Young. We may have             Kerwin and Heidi Blau have a new little boy, Ronan
stood close or spoken to each other. I didn’t
                                                        Arthur, born Oct 13th, at 8# 3 oz . He has had a bit
realize he had been there until someone
mentioned it at his funeral. Although I was a           of a rough start in life with some heart rhythm
Home Teacher to the Farnsworth family for several       problems which we hope will soon be fixed and he can
years before my wife and I left for our mission, that   join his family at home.
particular event never came up though we had
many conversations about scouting.                      
                                                        Larry and Megan Chlarson have a new
Arlo passed away unexpectedly on Friday, Oct.           little boy, Connor, born Oct. 24th.
21st from a massive heart attack. He was buried in      The hospital staff was a little
West Jordan, Utah, next to their young daughter         concerned about some breathing
Lori, who died many years ago. We extend our            difficulties he seemed to be having
love to Darlene and their children who grew up in       at birth, but he refused to leave the
the 19th ward.                                          oxygen mask on, so they sent him home
                                                        and said he is a very determined
                                                        little guy and should be just fine!
                              While they were gone, their 93 year
                                                  old brother passed away in Rexburg
 Jess and Cami Root had a                         on Sept 9th and their 78 year old
little girl on Oct 28th.                          sister died in Orem, Utah on Oct.
                                                  9th. It was a sad summer for them
Elena Diane Root arrived 5                        and we extend our love and sympathy
weeks early at 4 lbs 14 oz.                       to them.
Because of her diminutive
size and early arrival, she                       Bert’s son, Scott, was injured by an
                                                  exploding spring on his garage door
will stay in the hospital for                     while they were visiting in his home.
at least an extra week for                        His hand was badly cut and a finger
some TLC.                                         broken in the accident.

                              We are amazed that these two little
Chad and Randee Gardiner also had a little girl   active sisters (ages 86 and 88) drove
born on Oct 28thwhich they have named Katelyn     the entire way home from Idaho, all
                                                  by themselves. Bert says they didn’t
Bryana . Katelyn and Mom are doing great!
                                                  get lost once and they even outfoxed
                                                  a slick tire salesman they ran into
The ghost and goblin sightings in the             in Kingman. As they were getting
Church parking lot Friday, Oct. 28th              gas, the salesman came from his
came to us courtesy of Joe O’Barr                 business next door and offered to
and his social committee (his                     help them. He checked the tire
extended family). We offer a special              pressure and pronounced one tire was
Thank You to them for good food, lots             dangerously low on air, but Bert said
of family activities and a very                   she could see it didn’t even look
successful “Trunk er Treat”                       low. He put the car up on his rack
experience. Brother O’Barr pulled in              and wanted to sell them first one
favors from lots of folks to make it              tire, and then an entire set of 4.
a successful and fun evening with our             Bert drove her car to another
own and our Dana Ward Family!                     facility where they added more air to
Thanks Bunches!!                                  replace the air the scoundrel had let
                                                  out of their tires and came on home.
                                                  You’ve got to get up pretty early in
Sister Chris Martin is asking for                 the morning to outfox our own beloved
a favor. She is looking for a                     “Bobbsy Twins”! Meanwhile, Bert and
picture of Sister Virginia                        Leora could probably service your car
Cavendar, {a much loved former                    for you if someone suggests you might
member of the 19th Ward} for a                    have a problem!
personal project. If you have
such a picture, please call Sister
Martin (835-6396).
                                                  With all the recent hurricane activities in our
By way of announcement, Pat Whetzel               Southern States, we thought you might enjoy
and Johnny Martinez plan to be                    a few personal notes related to the recent
married Nov. 19th. Brother Martinez               storms and our ward. Brother Jarvis Carter’s
will be baptized after the wedding                parents live in Beaumont, Texas which was
ceremony. Best Wishes!                            hard hit by Hurricane Rita. Their home is still
We are also happy to have Bert Charon             standing with minimal damage, but every
and her sister Leora Dutson, safely               single 100-year-old oak tree in the wooded
home from their summer in Idaho.                  area that surrounds their home is down,
blocking access to their house and all local      hopefully move belongings back into their
roads. The trees are all tangled in the power     home. They are hoping power will have been
lines and as the utility companies work to        restored by then. Meanwhile, Josie Carter has
restore power, it is dangerous to try to clear    been staying with the Borden’s in Huntsville,
out the downed trees for fear the power lines     as babysitter, to allow Felicia and Kit the
tangled in them may suddenly become “live”        freedom to render service wherever their ward
with power. Grandma and Grandpa Carter            is assigned to help and to be able to render
evacuated to a cousin’s home 150 miles NW of      service to the Carter grandparents in
Beaumont. When there still was no power or        Beaumont. We wish the Carters well as they
fuel for their vehicle after a week, they moved   struggle to help loved ones regain their
to a daughter’s home in Magnolia, Tex. and        normal lives. Aren’t we grateful for the
have been staying with them. They live 15         Church programs that are so well organized,
miles from their ward building and with the       they can provide needed supplies rapidly
gas rationing, it is difficult to reach even      when and where they are needed?
supply centers. Each week-end, family
members struggle to get back into the               No act of kindness, no matter how
Beaumont home to repair damage. There still               small, is ever wasted.
are no utilities, only one operating radio                    Aesop 550 B.C.
station (no TV stations are broadcasting), no
stores or medical facilities are open and gas
has to be purchased from tankers out on the        Make a list of things you can do to
highways and purchases are strictly limited to               be happy, such as:
5 gal. Grandpa says it is mighty bad as even       Ponder the scriptures to understand
the Golden Corral is closed! They were                     the plan of happiness.
allowed into the area a few weeks ago and            Pray with faith in Jesus Christ.
took a rental truck and removed belongings                 Love and serve others.
to a rental facility to guard against vandalism       Receive the temple ordinances.
which has been prevalent in the area. The LDS             Return to bless others.
Humanitarian Service trucks reached the             Listen to the prophet and obey his
Beaumont Ward building with water and                             counsel.
emergency rations within 24 hours of the
storm. The Beaumont Ward building is still
serving as an emergency shelter and central
site for supplies. The Mesa LDS Welfare
Center is still furnishing three 18-wheelers of
emergency food supplies every third day to
the Beaumont ward building, so many of our
efforts here at the storehouse, are benefiting
loved ones of our very own ward family.

The Carter’s daughter, Felicia, and her
husband Kit Borden, live in Huntsville, Ala.
and have spent many hours doing service in
the southern Alabama area hard hit by Katrina.
Two different week-ends in Oct. have been
dedicated to their own personal service
project for Grandpa Carter’s property in
Beaumont, as they cut up and remove downed
trees, so the property is once again
accessible. Jarvis Carter has made
arrangements to spend the first week of
November helping restore the property and

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