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									Sigma Pi Recruitment
  Yesterday’s Stranger
    Today’s Friend
  Tomorrow’s Brother
          What is Recruitment?
• Recruitment is the process of replenishing or replacing a
  loss; a fresh or additional supply of quality men that will
  perpetuate the positive existence of Sigma Pi
• Rush is an act that is defined as acting in violent and
  rapid motion that takes an object by sudden assault…not
  what we want to do
• Recruitment will improve image, perpetuate the
  fraternity, solidify finances, and build on the
  brotherhood, which makes Sigma Pi the best
  organization on campus
    Why do we have to recruit?
• Image
  – Recruitment of quality men is necessary to maintain a
    positive image at the campus, community, and
    international level
• Perpetuation
  – In order to uphold the tradition of successful
    fraternity operation, the organization should
    consistently recruit quality men
    Why do we have to recruit?
• Finances
  – In order for the chapter to operate, financial growth
    and development are necessary
• Brotherhood
  – Having a strong group of brothers to share your
    experiences with strengthens the traditions of Sigma
              Recruitment Goals
• Goals should be achievable, yet challenging to the
• What kind of chapter do you want to be?
   – A solid recruitment plan will yield quality members
   – Determine what type of members you want-leaders, athletes,
     scholars…QUALITY MEN
   – Determine what size chapter you want to be, and set a solid
     ambitious number
      • It takes 20% of your chapter size in new members to maintain your
          Recruitment Goals
   • Determine what size chapter you want to be, and set a solid
     ambitious number
       – It takes 20% of your chapter size in new members to maintain
         your size
• You should pledge a number that is equal to 40% of
  your current chapter size
• Set your retention rate around 90% of your pledge
           Recruitment Goals
• Quality vs. Quantity
     • There are a large number of quality men that will
       join if they are approached in the correct manner
• Strive for Excellence
  • Set your goals, achieve your goals and then
    some, be the best and accept nothing less
  Sigma Pi Recruitment Philosophy
• Meet him
  –   Class
  –   Dorms
  –   Recreation center
  –   Student Union
  –   Orientation
  Sigma Pi Recruitment Philosophy
• Make him your friend
  –   Lunch
  –   Study sessions
  –   Recreation sports
  –   Call him
  –   Social events
  Sigma Pi Recruitment Philosophy
• Introduce him to your friends
  –   Pick up games
  –   Social events
  –   Sporting events
  –   Study groups
  –   Weekend gatherings
  Sigma Pi Recruitment Philosophy
• Introduce him to the fraternity
  –   Invite him to the house
  –   Escort him to social events
  –   Interaction with other brothers
  –   Community service
  –   Fund raising events
Sigma Pi Recruitment Philosophy
• Ask him to join
  –   Ask if he is interested
  –   Tell him why you want him
  –   Tell him why the chapter would be good for him
  –   Talk to him about his fears and reservations
  –   Common interests
  –   Explain financial obligations
   The Four Bones of a Chapter
• Jaw Bone- All talk and no action, may come up with
  good ideas but doesn’t act on them
• Wish Bone- Members who wish things get done but
  don’t contribute
• Knuckle Bone- A member that doesn’t come up with any
  ideas and is critical of others who do have ideas
• Back Bone- The workers of the chapter, it may not be
  their idea, but the back bone makes sure the work gets
       Recruitment Committee
• Recruitment Chair
  – Coordinates and oversees all brothers of the
  – attends all IFC recruitment meetings and recruitment
  – Develops the recruitment budget
       Recruitment Committee
• Public Relations Chair
  – Develop and disburses recruitment information such
    as flyers, pamphlets, posters and press releases
  – Maintain records of recruitment themes of previous
  – Maintain communication with IFC and sororities
    about recruitment events
         Recruitment Committee
• Activity Coordinator
   – Organize times and locations of recruitment events
   – Organize transportation for potential members to and from
• Contact Chair
   – Responsible for contacting brothers to attend recruitment events
   – Responsible for assigning active brothers to keep in contact with
     prospective new members
           Knowing your role
• Chapter participation is essential to a successful
  recruitment campaign
• Determine what each member will be doing
  during recruitment events
             Knowing your role
  – Friendly, popular; men who are admired by others
  – Can be shy or out going, but will be the first person a potential
    member will see
  – Projects an image that people want to be associated with
  – Brothers who are prominent figures on campus and in the
    community…collegiate athletes, student government, etc..
           Knowing your role
  – Can talk to anyone, great personality
  – Can also be a face man
  – Can strike up a conversation with potential new
  – Able to initiate conversation and move potential new
    members to brothers that they may feel more
    comfortable with or have some commonality with
           Knowing your role
  – Slightly shy, average guy that can conduct a good
    conversation when the initiator introduces the
    potential new member
  – They gather the information we need and then pass
    the potential new member to the closer
           Knowing your role
  – Very persuasive personality, slightly dramatic when
    he talks about the chapter and the individual benefits
    of being a brother
  – These guys seal the deal, they get the new members
    to commit to Sigma Pi
          Knowing your role
 – Can contribute just as much as the aforementioned
 – Set up events…cooks, cleans, take care of the small
   but important tasks
 – Men who might not be the most out spoken or the
   best conversationalists
 – Their attendance is necessary to ensure a strong
   projected image
           Knowing your role
• Other than team players
  – Ladies- show that your chapter is social, fun and an
    organization that others want to hang out with
  – Alumni-talk to potential new members to help them
    understand how the fraternity can be beneficial
  – Organization, teamwork, and effort will yield a
    successful recruitment period
Where do you meet potential new members?
   –   Recreation sports
   –   High School buddies
   –   Hometown acquaintances
   –   Volunteer to give campus tours
   –   Help freshmen move onto campus
   –   Encourage sororities to help with recruitment
    Nonverbal Communication
• Always use a good firm handshake
• Make eye contact both when speaking and
• Do not crowd a potential new member, allow
  enough room for personal space
• Look as if you care about the conversation
• Dress appropriate
  – The first impression is the KEY in this situation
    Verbal Communication Tips
• Always introduce yourself, use English
• When introducing someone to another brother
  introduce the brother by his real name, NO
• Don’t dominate the conversation, be a listener
• Ask open ended questions
• Know the traditions and history of Sigma Pi
• Dress Impressively if you want impressive
• Set up classy and commanding events
• Offer to pick up and drop off potential members
• Keep in constant contact with potential members
• Always respect the obligations of Sigma Pi
  Handling the Tough Questions
• Never make negative comments about other
  organizations on campus
• Answer questions honestly
• Know the facts about the chapter’s finances
   – (initiation & pledge fees, social dues, housing cost)
• Remind them the days of hazing are over
• Why join?
   –   Common interest
   –   Place of belonging
   –   Social activities
   –   Leadership opportunities
              If He Declines
• Don’t be afraid to ask him “Why”
  – Take care of the “Why”
  – Get him to sign
• Convince him to reconsider the idea of joining
  any fraternity
• Don’t dwell on one guy
• Recruitment is 365 days a year
• Always be looking for men who could be a quality
• Find creative ways to meet new people
• Every event is a recruitment event
• Recruitment is every brothers responsibility, not just the
  Recruitment Chair
• In order to recruit quality men, you have to present
  yourself as a quality organization
• Emphasize your chapter qualities
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