Partnership 101 by YIMO682


									                            Partnership 101
       Special Note from Marna Sharpe

Building a Partners Organization                   Page   1-5
Tiphanie Rutherford, Karma Alonzo, Dannene Perry

Building Personal Relationships                    Page    6
Bonnie Masten

Communication/Public Speaking                      Page   7-10
Lupe Resendiz

Contests / Recognition                             Page    11
Susan Carreon

Entertaining                                       Page   12-13
Angela Jones

Event Planning                                     Page    14
Connie Walker

Male Partnership Perspective                       Page   15-17
Ramon Lopez, Art Carreon, Octavio Vargas

Marriage and Family in PFS                         Page   18-20
Jan Stauf, Sandra Pyeatt, Donna Joiner

Money Management                                   Page   21-22
Jacquelyn McClinton, Jerri Hewitt, Susan Bald

Office Procedures/Commissions/Opp Mtg              Page   23-26
Christina Perales, Monica Lopez, Edith Puente,

Prospecting                                        Page   27-30
Terri Cardona

Recruiting                                         Page   31-32
Rekha Patel

Stages of Partnership                              Page   33-38
Donna Martinez, Arlene Silvera,

*Personal Goals & Dreams in your Partnership       Page   39-40
Marna Sharpe – Special Luncheon speakers & notes
March 8th, 2008

Dear Partner,

       Thank you for taking time to be with us today! We’re confident that you
will walk away with plenty to think about and consider. Primerica is uniquely
set up to not only encourage, but welcome Partners as a fabulous component of
our business.

       We have found, in our nearly 30 years with Primerica, that two ARE
better than one! Uniting and conquering is the name of the game here. Though
Michael and I are polar opposites in many ways, we found we were a perfect
team when it came to building the business together. Through trial and error, I
discovered the areas where I could work and benefit Michael the most and he
found the areas that he instinctively knew were made for him! Consequently
our working together to achieve our goals led to Primerica awarding and
recognizing us as a team for all our efforts.

      You see, this is a company where you can explore your abilities, utilize
your talents, and try new avenues. Your agent partner, your upline, your team
ALL want you to WIN! There’s no one holding you back from growing as a
partner but YOU.

       So to you, my wonderful new friend, I say RISE UP! Breathe it in! How
do you want to make a difference in your partnership? YOU could be the
biggest reason you two win! Countless others in Primerica have discovered this
recipe for success and have mastered the fine art of partnership in their
business. I encourage you to do the same, starting today. Take lots of notes,
listen well, and find a role that you and your partner think will be helpful to
fulfill your dreams together.

         Never forget, your involvement does make all the difference!

Yours in Partnership,

Marna Sharpe

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