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									Education Bachelor in Systems Analysis, University of Umeå, 1994, Sweden 140 University points (3.5 years university studies). Professional experience 2002 1999 1998 1995 1994 Year – present – 2002 – 1999 – 1998 – 1995 Company IBM Business Consulting Services, Consultant PricewaterhouseCoopers, Consultant Coopers & Lybrand Consulting, Consultant Forum SQL, Consultant Cap programator, Consultant

Professional and Business History Experience within IT-industry since 1994. Experience with Oracle and Oracle E-Business Suit since 1999 in several areas such as; Pilot testing, application development, customisation, conversion, system support and maintenance in the following Oracle e-Business suite modules; GL, AP, AR, PA, FA, HR. My roles has been development, support and maintenance, providing advice and guidance to the client regarding system administration, development, tuning, error search, supervising users, documentation and changes in the manual work processes and quality. My personality is characteristic of deep technical and functional systems skills, very good holistic view of the assignment, flexible and easy to adapt to changes and a very good team player/co-worker. In my last Oracle assignment I built a prototype showing a solution to integrate between Oracle E-Business Suite and the client’s intranet. This solution was built to provide an improved user experience when accessing the Oracle E-Business Suite. Currently working with development and maintenance with java/j2ee system providing expert support and developing new functionality. My personality is characteristic of deep technical and functional systems skills, very good holistic view of the assignment, flexible and easy to adapt to changes and a very good team player/co-worker.

Experience - Projects Duration Aug 2005-Present Role Stockholm Congestion Tax Program Client Name: Vägverket, Stockholm, Sweden, Swedish Road Authorities. Project Description: IBM was awarded the contract to develop, deliver and operate the entire solution for Vägverket’s Stockholm Congestion Tax Program (SCTP). Vägverket will evaluate the use of congestion tax charging for one year, from 3rd January 2006 to 31st July 2006. Project Contribution: Application maintenance, expert support and enhancements in the development and operation phase. Techniques used: Linux, Unix, Java, Hibernate, Spring, Struts, JSF, Ant, RAS. Mar 2005-Jun 2005 Proof of Concept Oracle/HR Interface Portal Client Name: Reuters, London, UK, Global information company. Project Description: The project purpose was to provide an employee portal prototype to assess the capabilities of Oracle Portal in addressing client needs to provide a simple intuitive, secure and role driven portal to perform a number of employee focused activities. The portal demonstrated a simple interface between the client's IWEB and the Oracle Business Applications. Project Contribution: My role was initially to build and implement Oracle Portlets and customize these to fit the client's IWEB. The installation of the Oracle Portal was delayed and my role became building customized web user interfaces to access certain functionality within the Oracle E-Business Suite. The purpose was to gain complete control over and to be able to customize the look and feel of the user interface. I provided various solutions for logging in and access chosen functionality from the Oracle EBS and a method of building the HTML-forms to separate the static HTML from the dynamic logic within PLSQL-programs. Jul 2004 – Present Project description: is a Spanish trading site. The main purpose of the site is to provide a free service for buying and selling artefacts and services. The site is expanding to include more countries. My contribution: Everything from idea, database design to graphic design, HTML, ASP, JavaScript and business logic. Administering & development Oracle 9iAS Portal Client Name: Skanska Sverige AB, Stockholm, Sweden, Engineering & Construction. Project Description: Developing-administering, Oracle 9iAS Portal. Project Contribution: I was initially hired to create new portals, developing new functionality, supporting and administering an Oracle 9iAS Portal system. I was soon also appointed to guide the client with organizing the project and making the support function work. I also advised the client in restructuring the work process of ordering new functionality in order to gain more control and keeping track of the costs. Maintaining & support of the operation of Oracle e-Business Suite Client Name: Skanska Sverige AB, Stockholm, Sweden, Engineering & Construction. Project Description: The project concern supporting 5000 users in the following Oracle eBusiness Suite modules: Project Administration, Account Receivables, Account Payables, General Ledger, Fixed Assets, Human Resources, Payroll and Purchase Order. Project Contribution: I provide advice and guidance to the client and to end users about support questions, technical assistance in Oracle, SQL, PL/SQL, Reporting, OracleEnterpriseManager. I work as a problem solver and give advice about changes in the manual work process. I am working with maintaining the operation of Oracle e-Business Suite modules: • General ledger • Accounts payable

Aug 2003-Nov 2004

May 2002-Nov 2004

• • • •

Accounts receivable Project Administration Fixed assets Human resources

Jan 2000-Oct 2001

The assignment involved DBA work, system administration, support, implementation, development, tuning, searching for errors and supervising, documenting and direct changes in the manual work processes. Planning and carrying out periods and year-end closings Oracle Applications HR conversion Client Name: Skanska Sverige AB, Stockholm, Sweden, Engineering & Construction. Project Description: Conversion of human resource- and payables information 30000 employees Project Contribution: My role and responsibility in this project was the conversion of human resource- and payables information from 30000 employees. The data had to be extracted from an older system and updated in Oracle eBusiness Suite. To assure a correct result the conversion hade to be updateable. The work involved not only technical issues but much investigation and coordination to get hold of correct data. The role included responsibility for defining the requirements, the quality of the deliverables and ensuring quality and secrecy of the converted data. The deadline of the conversion was depending on the go live date of the system, therefore the whole process had to be tested very thoroughly

Aug 1999 – Apr 2002

Oracle Applications Implementation Client Name: Skanska Sverige AB, Stockholm, Sweden, Engineering & Construction. Project Description: The project at, which went live in October 2001, is the largest Oracle Application implementation in Northern Europe. The implementation and post-live phase consists among other things of supporting 5000 users in the following modules: PA, AR, AP, GL, FA, HR, Payroll and PO. The project has consisted of approx. 20 PwC consultants (FTEs) during three years (1999-2002). All together have more than 80 consultants been involved in this project. Project Contribution: My role in this project started with collecting data from around the organisation in order to be able to carry out a pilot implementation. The reason for making a pilot implementation was to help the client decide if Oracle eBusiness Suite would serve as there new ERP system and support their business processes. The pilot implementation led to the decision of changing the old systems and implementing Oracle eBusiness Suite. During the implementation phase my responsibility was construction of customizations and report construction in Accounts payable, Project Administration and Human Resources modules. Implementing SAP R/3 Client Name: Wasabröd AB, Sweden. Project Description: Implementing SAP R/3. Project Contribution: analysis-, training, realization- and documentation phases mainly within the financial modules. Setting up and customization of payment programs. System development Client Name: Teachers union. Project Description: Development of system for administering members.

Aug 1998-Jun 1999

Jun 1997-Jun 1998

May 1996-Dec 1996

Project Contribution: Programming SQLWindows, Datamodelling, testing. System development Client Name: The National Tax Board, Sweden. Project Description: Development of system for administering and sales of public procurement.

Jan 1996-Apr 1996

Project Contribution: Programming SQLWindows, Datamodelling, testing. System development Client Name: Skandia - Insurance company in Stockholm.

Project Description: The project developed a system for administering travels and visits. Jan 1995-Dec 1995 Project Contribution: Programming SQLWindows, Datamodelling, testing. Gotabanken – Nordbanken, Fusion-project Client Name: Gotabanken Project Description: Converting project for the integration of the systems of two Swedish banks. Apr 1994-Dec 1994 Project Contribution: Worked with analyzing, construction, converting and testing. System development Client Name: Statens löne- & pensionsverk. System development and maintenance of administrative systems, mostly PC/Oracle and mainframe/DB2, Cics. Project Contribution: Programming Cobol using JSP-tool. Language skills Native speaker Fluent Business/Technical Fluent spoken/written Details, University courses Weeks 5 5 3 3 4 4 3 4 6 3 5 5 10 Computer Science Introduction Course ADB PASCAL, Programming 1 Computer System Architecture, A PASCAL, Programming 2 Systems Theory and System Design Computer System Architecture, B Man-Machine System interaction Theoretical Design of Info. Systems Practical Design of Info. Systems COBOL, Programming with SQL Relational databases (Ingres) Programming in UNIX-environment (C, C-shell) Exam Work 2 (Essay, Creativity and dev. tools) Weeks Mathematics 5 Discrete Mathematics 5 Mathematics, Analyses Business Administration Accounting Analysis techniques Marketing Production Systems Info and Mgmt in companies Organizations Budgeting Taxes Swedish, Communication Skills Exam Work 1 Essay Small business economy 1 Small business economy 2 Swedish English English, Spanish

10 Statistics

5 5 5 3 2 5 3 2 5 5 10 10 70

70 Total 140 weeks, 3.5 years

Education Employment Role Consultant Consultant Consultant Studies, Language Consultant Consultant Consultant Economy assistant Studies, Economy Studies, Systems Analysis Military Service Senior high school 9 year mandatory school Company/Location IBM, Business Consulting Services, Stockholm PricewaterhouseCoopers, Stockholm ForumSQL, Stockholm El Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain ForumSQL, Stockholm Cap Gemini, Stockholm Cap Gemini, Sundsvall Dagab, Skellefteå University of Umeå University of Umeå Boden Skellefteå Skellefteå From 10-OCT-02 01-JUN-98 24-MAY-97 07-JAN-97 01-NOV-95 01-JAN-95 01-APR-94 01-JUL-93 01-JAN-93 01-JAN-90 01-JUN-89 21-AUG-87 16-AUG-77 To present 09-OCT-02 31-MAY-98 23-MAY-97 31-DEC-97 31-OCT-95 31-DEC-95 01-FEB-94 01-JUN-93 13-MAY-93 31-DEC-89 31-MAY-89 11-JUN-86

Training and Experience Oracle Training Course Oracle 9iAS: Basic Administration Oracle 9iAS Portal: Build Corporate Portals Oracle9i Database Administration Fundamentals I Oracle Workflow R11 PL/SQL and PL/SQL in the Database Developer Build Reports Oracle General Ledger Oracle Payables Other training Course Developing Java Applications using WebSphere Studio – JA34SE EJB Development for WebSphere using WSAD V5 WF35SE Java Programming Communication Interface Programming ABAP ABAP DW Reporting Intro ABAP Development Workbench Innu Overhead Cost Cont Invest Asset Mgmt & IF ASAP Accelerated SAP SAP R/3 IF/CO SQLWindows SQA Teamtest Erwin SQLWindows Snowball Graphical User Interface, System development II Program development Visual Basic for programmers Graphical User Interface, System development I DB2 programming workshop Subject Java WebSphere J2EE WebSphere Java SAP SAP SAP SAP SAP SAP SAP C/S Development tool Automated Test Tool Datamodelling C/S Development tool Method GUI Visual Basic GUI DB2 From 07-MAR-05 31-JAN-05 30-OCT-00 08-MAR-99 25-JAN-99 18-JAN-99 21-SEP-98 10-SEP-98 27-AUG-98 08-JUN-98 14-DEC-95 06-DEC-95 27-NOV-95 30-OCT-95 25-SEP-95 22-MAY-95 07-FEB-95 06-FEB-95 30-MAY-94 To 11-MAR-05 04-FEB-05 01-NOV-00 10-MAR-99 29-JAN-99 22-JAN-99 21-SEP-98 10-SEP-98 28-AUG-98 03-JUL-98 16-DEC-95 08-DEC-95 28-NOV-95 01-NOV-95 29-SEP-95 23-MAY-95 10-FEB-95 07-FEB-95 03-JUN-94 Subject Oracle 9iAS Oracle 9iAS Portal Oracle DBA Oracle Oracle Oracle Oracle eBusiness Suite Oracle eBusiness Suite From 09-SEP-03 24-JUN-03 22-APR-02 10-APR-00 01-FEB-00 01-JAN-00 01-NOV-99 18-OCT-99 To 10-SEP-03 25-JUN-03 26-APR-02 11-APR-00 05-FEB-00 04-JAN-00 05-NOV-99 19-OCT-99

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