05 01 2010 MAIN Agenda PSC List GIA MWCD 05 01 2010 by Go3542


									S.N    Name and address of the     Name           Subject of the Proposal            Remarks
 o      organization & File No.
                                  of State

1     Awadh    Jan    Shikshan U.P           For generating awareness among      New case applied
      Sansthan, Faizabad, U.P.               women of backward and rural         for 2007-08
                                             areas through Mahila Chetana
      F.1-30/08/Inn./GIA                     Dals by organizing awareness        Budget        Rs.
                                             camps. workshops and drama          9,25,125/-

2     Shri    Guru      Govind Punjab        For construction of library and     New Proposal for
      Education          Trust,              computer centre, specially girls    2007-08
      Hoshiarpur, Punjab.                    and     women    belonging    to
                                             SC/ST/OBC and minorities of         Budget        Rs.
      F.18-5/08-CW/GIA                       rural area.                         3,21,000/-

3     Rehabilitation of flood Delhi          To provide rehabilitation      and Already
      victims of Bihar, CSWB,                assistance to flood victims.       sanctioned
      New Delhi.                                                                Rs.1,00,00,000/-

                                                                                 Addition required

4     Ghungru      Prashikshan U.P           Welfare of female to generate New case applied
      Sansthan, 160-A, Preetam               awareness      &     empowerment for 2008-09
      Nagar, Allahabad.                      through Nukkad Nataks and
                                             cultural activities in 60 villages. Budget
      F.18-16/08-CSWB/GIA                                                        Rs.15,21,400/-

5     Bharat     Jyoti,  At- Orissa          Social      action  promoting New case applied
      Mendhakhai,Ward   No.6                 reproductive health rights in for 2008-09
      P.O.Udala, Mayurbhanj,                 Udala block of Mayurbhanj
      Orissa.                                Distt. of Orissa.             Budget       Rs.

6     Nirbal  Samaj   Kalyan U.P             Innovative     Training  (I.T) New case applied
      Sansthan,     202A/39,                 including basic education for for 2008-09
      U.P,Lucknow.                           the age Sitapur. U.P.
                                                                            Budget       Rs.
      F.1-8/08-Inn/GIA                                                      22,94,100/-
7    Suchetana, 138/8,          West      Welfare of children of prostiutes.   New case applied
                                                                               for 2008-09
     Ghoradhara    Jhargram, Bengal
     Distt.Paschim Medinipur,                                                  Budget        Rs.
     West Bengal.                                                              4,61,700/-


8    Prerna   Shiksha    Samiti, U.P      Hostel for     50    children   of New case applied
     U.P.                                 Prisoners.                         for 2008-09

     1-34/08-Inn/GIA                                                           Budget        Rs.

9    Vimala        Community Kerala       For empowerment of women and New case applied
     Extension         Centre,            children.                    for 2008-09
     Thrissur, Kerala.
                                                                               Budget        Rs.
     F.1-31/08-Inn/GIA                                                         15,57,900/-

10   Council for development Manipu       For destitute children home for New case applied
     of poor and Labourers, r             HIV/AIDS, Orphan & Riot for 2008-09
     Lilong, Imphal West.                 victims     at  Imphal,  West-II
                                          District of Manipur.             Budget      Rs.
     F.1-35/08-Inn/GIA.                                                    21,46,860/-

11   Tribal     and      Rural Manipu     Training cum production unit for New case applied
     Development               r          SHG for ST women who are for 2008-09
     Organization,     Unopat,            living below poverty line.
     Distt. Chandel, Manipur.                                              Budget       Rs.

12   Institute for Community Manipu       Composite centre for parental New proposal for
     Action    and   Resource r           counseling,    child guidance, 2008-09
     Development, K.Thiamdwl              bridge education.
     Vill.    Saikul   Block,                                            Budget      Rs.
     Senapati Distt.                                                     12,51,800/-


13   Satyamev             Jayate Mahara   To support adolescent boys and New case applied
     Shikshan           Prasarak shtra    girls career guideline and life for 2008-09
     Mandal,             Nagpur,          education skill.
     Maharashtra.                                                         Budget
14   Gramin Mahila Shilp Kala U.P       Programme in support of gender New case applied
     Kendra, Barabanki, U.P.            issues   Ten  camps    100*10 for 2008-09
     F.18-44/08-CW/GIA                                                 Budget

15   Southern Manipur Rural Manipu      To provide rehabilitation of day San. for 2005-06
     Technology.            r           care services for HIV.           Rs.6,95,650/-

     Manipur.                                                              Rel. for 2005-06

16   Community Development Manipu       Rehabilitation     Centre    for   Sanc. for 2006-07
     Programme      Centre, r           Destitute Women and Children       Rs. 5,30,640/-
     Manipur.                           due     to     the    HIV/AIDS,
                                        Communal Riots and other           Rel. for 2006-07
     F.18-50/07/GIA                     Social Problem.                    Rs. (i) 2,65,320
                                                                           (ii) 2,65,320

                                                                           UC submitted by
                                                                           the Institution for

17   Sri   Matiri  Association Karnat   Child care home for the children sanction       for
     Sugar    Factory   Road, aka.      whose parents died due to 2006-07              Rs.
     Doddabathi, Davanagere             HIV/AIDS     and   by    natural 06,28,740/-
     Distt.Karnataka.                   disaster.
                                                                         UC sent for 06-07
                                                                           Applied for 2007-
                                                                           08            Rs.

18   The      Ningol    Sintha Manipu   Women empowerment through New case applied
     Weaving       Co-operative r       innovative handloom production. for 2008-09
     Society, Imphal East.
                                                                           Budget         Rs.
     F.1-21/08-CW/GIA                                                      5,95,200/-

19   Akhil Bhartiya Mahila Luckno       Service of Education vocational New case applied
     Evam Bal Kalyan Samiti, w          training nutrition psychological for 2008-09
     Siddarth Nagar, Gauri              counseling medical attention to
     Bazar, Sarojini   Nagar,           the children o prisoners & poor Budget         Rs.
     Lucknow.                           labours.                        13,92,400/-


20   The Rural Education and Manipu     To provide social welfare service New case applied
     Sport        Development r         to the destitute single women for 2008-09
     Association,     Thoubal           (Married/widow) backward &
     Distt. Manipur.                    under                             Rs. 19,43,100/-


21   Youth Career Guidance Manipu       Rehabilitation of   children   of New case applied
     Centre, Bishnapur Distt. r         HIV/AIDS victims.                 for 2008-09
                                                                          Rs. 22,60,980/-

22   United              Rural Manipu   Vocational Training for the New case applied
     Development      Service, r        victims of HIV/AIDS women.  for 2008-09
     Thoubai Distt. Manipur.
                                                                          Rs. 24,81,750/-

23   Rural Voluntary Services, Manipu   Composite centre for destitute New case applied
     Thoubal Distt. Manipur.   r        single women.                  for 2008-09

     F.20-4/09-CSWB(GIA)                                                  Rs. 16,83,000/-

24   Social      Development Manipu     HIV/AIDS victims and destitute New case applied
     Society, Thoubal Distt. r          women self help scheme.        for 2008-09
                                                                          Rs. 16,69,200/-

25   Rural    Area     Social Manipu    Socio Economic Empowerment New case applied
     Development Association, r         of the HIV Infected women for 2008-09
     Imphal West, Manipur.              belonging to low socio economic
                                        condition in senapati Distt.    Rs. 9,65,250/-

26   Women's           Income Manipu    Rehabilitation cum Resource New case applied
     Generation        Centre, r        centre of women & children in for 2008-09
     Thoubal Distt. Manipur.            the border area of manipur
                                        widows/divorcers  victim   of Rs. 16,92,000/-
     F.20-7/09-CSWB(GIA)                armed contract.
27   Akhil Bhartiya Pratbha U.P         Institution & Non Institution New case applied
     Samaj Sevi Sansthan,               with the help and cooperation for 2008-09
                                        of various Govt Agency.           Rs. 21,00,625/-

28   Women Development and A.P          Vocational Training Programme New case applied
     Child Welfare, Hyderabad,          in four State Homes, scheme for 2008-09
     A.P                                home and 23 Durga Bhai Mahila
                                        & Sisu uttan Kendra.          Rs. 06,15,000/-

29   Environment & Economic    Manipu   The Empowerment of HIV/AIDS New case applied
     Management Association,   r        infected and affected women's. for 2008-09,
     Keishampat Junction,
                                                                          Rs. 16,79,400/-
     P.O. Imphal, Manipur.


     State. Manipur.

30   People            Welfare Manipu   Rehabilitation     Centre     for New case applied
     Association,      Khurai r         Children addicted to drugs.       for 2008-09,
     Chinganbam         Leikai,
     Ayanapalli Road, Imphal                                              Rs. 10,30,800/-
     West East Distt-795010.


     State. Manipur.

31   The Rural Development     Manipu   Economic       Capacitating  and New case applied
     Association Taobungkhok   r        Strengthing      of   Rural Poor for 2008-09,
     Makha Leikal, P.O CRPF             women through the production
     Camp Langjing ,                    of traditional cloths.           Rs. 18,50,000/-

     Imphal West-795113.

     State. Manipur

32   Rural Service Agency,      Manipu   The Empowerment of HIV/AIDS New case applied
                                r        infected and affected women's. for 2008-09,
     Palace Compound,
                                                                           Rs. 18,66,000/-

     West Distt. Manipur.

     State. Manipur

33   Society for progressive    Manipu   Empowerment     of   HIV/AIDS New case applied
     Development Khurai         r        affected women through skill up for 2008-09,
     Nandeiban Leikai,                   gradation     and      income
     P.O.Lamlong-795010,                 generation.                     Rs. 601500/-
     Imphal East District,

     State. Manipur

34   Kha-Manipur Yoga &         Manipu   In     Manipur       there      are New case applied
     Nature Cure Association,   r        approximately more than 1500 for 2008-09,
     Machin-Manago Hills,                children       of       HIV/AIDS
     Chumnang, P.O & P.S                 infected/affected           orphan Rs. 25,98,480/-
     kakching Bazar, Manipur-            children need more attention for
     795103.                             these children in distress.

     State. Manipur

35   Community Welfare and      Manipu   HIV/AIDS has seriously affected New case applied
     Development Society,       r        poor women and children, for 2008-09,
     Ukhrul P.O.Ukrul                    women and girls disprotionately
     Manipur-795142.                     suffered the consequences of Rs. 12,06,900/-
                                         poor care and support services.
     State. Manipur.

36   Oriental Rural              Manipu   The organization has been noted New case applied
     Development                 r        for proper implementation of for 2008-09,
     Organization Tamei                   various    welfare    programmes
     Bazar, P.O. Tamei,                   specially for women and child, Rs. 12,51,800/-
     Tamenglong Distt.                    HIV/AIDS      inflicted    people.
     Manipur-795125.                      Hence, the NGO is found to be
                                          fully capable of implementing
                                          the project.

     State. Manipur.

37   Integrated Foundation for   Manipu   Empowerment     of   HIV/AIDS New case applied
     Rural Development,          r        affected women.               for 2008-09,
     Longmai Bazar, Noney,
     Tamenglong Distt.                                                   Rs. 11,10,150/-

     State. Manipur.

38   Evergreen          Women’s Manipu    Community    mobilization   on New case applied
     Asssociation         (EWA) r         HIV/AIDS and STDs.             for 2008-09,
     Sagolband       Sadokpam
     Leikai,    P.O.     Imphal                                          Rs. 22,05,000/-
     795001,      Dist.    West

     State. Manipur.

39   Urban            Welfare Manipu      Rehabilitation of Children by New case applied
     Association       (UWA), r           escaping from rag picking and for 2008-09,
     Lalamburg, Tekhellamban              vagrancy to sensitize them.
     Leikai,   West  Imphal-                                            Rs. 27,56,000/-

     State. Manipur.

40   B.P. Rural Development Meghal- The project is basically to New case applied
     Society,  Behind    R.K. aya   improve the socio economic for 2008-09,
     Dispensary, Lummawrie,         condition of the district and to
     Laitumkhrah,   Shillong-       improve social life of the women Rs. 46,53,000/-
     793003                              and children in the district of
                                         Zaintia Hills, Shillong.

     State. Meghalaya.

41   Citizens           Welfare Manipu   Rehabilitation of children of New case applied
     Association,          H.O. r        Prostitutes, RAG-pickers and for 2008-09,
     Mantritukhri,         East          Scavengers.
     Imphal Dist.,     Manipur-                                        Rs. 25,84,080/-

     State. Manipur.

42   Mother’s Hope, P.O. Box   Nagala    15 resident unwed pregnant           New case applied
     No. 327, Dimapur, Model   nd        girls/women trafficked               for 2008-09,
     Village, 7th Mile,                  women/children, widows and
     Chumukedima, Nagaland               women in difficult situtaiton.       Rs. 35,44,987/-

     State. Nagaland.

43   Tsohu Welfare Society,    Nagala    A large number of tribal women       New case applied
     Sepsuzou, Kohima,         nd        along with their children from       for 2008-09,
     Nagaland.                           village (rural areas) are
                                         migrating to kohima city looking     Rs. 30,00,000/-
                                         for greener pastures. These
                                         women group do not have the
                                         requisite educational
                                         qualifications to seek the
                                         government jobs nor do they
                                         have experience of city life. Also
                                         they do not have any basic
                                         training to take up any
                                         enterprise. Thus they finally find
                                         them selves at a loss and no
                                         where to go to earn their

     State. Nagaland.

44   Mobile Sporting Club,     Nagala    Vocational training centre for SC    New case applied
     Chukitong, Dist. Wokha,
     Nagaland                           nd        and OBC youth                                for 2008-09,

                                                                                               Rs. 13,08,000/-

     State. Nagaland.

45   Love One Another Society,          Manipu    Innovative project for women                 New case applied
     Gilgal Colony, Loktakh             r                                                      for 2008-09,
     H.E. Project,
                                                                                               Rs. 20,78,000/-
     Dist. Churachandpur

     State. Manipur.

46   Hangul United                      Manipu    Rehabilitation of children of New case applied
     Development Association,           r         prostitutes    Rag      pickers for 2008-09,
                                                  scavengers and poverty stricken
     (HUDA), Hangul P.O.                          families                        Rs. 28,92,000/-
     Mayang Imphal, Thoubal
     – 795132.

     State. Manipur.

47   Ekta Public Charitable             Manipu    To tackle of the problem in the              New case applied
     Trust, Taothong Khunou,            r         state have been infected with                for 2008-09,
     Lamsang, Distt. West                         Human Immuno Deficiency
     Imphal, Manipur-795146.                      virus (HIV) which cause Aids.                Rs. 09,29,084/-

48   No.F.20-17/2009-GIA                          Piggery farming unit to tackle to socio-
     Integrated People's Development              economic problem of tribal women those        New Proposal for
           Society,                     Manipur   who are living BPL to give the training on    Rs. 15,95,400 /-
     Paomei Colony,                               live stock development project for income    applied during the
     Chirameirong , Imphal East                   generating for local women.                  year 2008-09
     Distt. Manipur-795001.

49   No.F.18-17/2008-CW                           Training in computer, Canning, Sewing,
                                        Maharas   Leather articles making, Motor rewinding,     New Proposal for Rs.
     Patel Bahuuddeshiya Shikshan -     htra      Wire man and Beauty care.                        19,72,225 /-
     Sanstha, Kondhali, Distt.Nagpur,
                                                                                               Applied during the year
50   No.F.18-24/06-CW                              Dealing male-female ratio in India and
                                         Kanpur    female infanticide.                             New Proposal for Rs.
     D.N.Memorial Seva Samiti,                                                                         9,61,500/-
     76/338, Kuli Bazar (Naveen Park),
                                                                                                  Applied during the year

51   No.F.18-2/2008-CW                             Feet on the ground, eyes to the
                                          Delhi    skies is an Innovative programme
     Katha, A/3, Sarvodaya                         for children living in the streets of            New Proposal for
     Enclave, New Delhi-110017.                    Delhi. It is a unique and first time            Rs.47,10,600/-
                                                   in India “Katha Entrepreneurship               Applied during the year
                                                   School on Wheels” Programme. It                       2008-09
                                                   will reach out to 1000 migrant
                                                   children living in the
                                                   underprivileged communities of

52    No.F.20-26/2009-GIA                          In rural, Manipur females are counterpart
                                         Manipur   to males over and above the household           New Proposal for Rs.
     Rural Development Society,                    work and looking after children. They work
     RDS Bhawan, Wangjing Bazar.                                                                      16,45,500/-
                                                   in the field from plantation of paddy to
     P.O.Wargjing, Manipur.                                                                       Applied during the year
                                                   harvesting except plugging by the bullocks
                                                   being a social taboo. Inspite of these heavy
                                                   works, women in Manipur Society have no
                                                   right to the property of parents and
                                                   husband as well as decision making. The
                                                   project aims at enabling the poor
                                                   communities to lead a healthy life by
                                                   developing the women task force through
                                                   capacity building and providing capital cost
                                                   for income generating activities.

53   Manav Vikas Partik                            The project for taking social                   New Proposal for
     Swasthya Samaj, behind                        problems or meeting the needs of               Rs. 35,43,000 /-
     Station Bhawan, Near                Haryana   the girl children of Migrated                  applied during the
     Jharoo Factory, New Bharat                    laborers and to provide qualitative              year 2008-09
     Nagar, Bhiwani, HR-125027                     coaching to educated girl students /
                                                   women competitive examinations
                                                   for carious services.
54   Integrated Economic                           Rehabilitation of Children of HIV /               New Proposal for
     Development Society (IEDS),                   AIDS Victims                                     Rs. 44,52,300 /-
     Thongju Heijigang Super            Manipur                                                     applied during the
     Market, Imphal East Distt.,                                                                      year 2008-09
     Manipur – 795003

55       Ideal Mothers Association                 - Girl child life skill education,                New Proposal for
       Naoriya Pakhanglakpa Keisham     Manipur    - Girl child prostitution,                       Rs. 15,64,812 /-
                  Leikai,                          - Child sexual abuse,                            applied during the
     Imphal West Distt., (Manipur)                                                                    year 2008-09
                                                     - Child marriage

56   "Human Resources for Rural                    To undertake rehabilitation and                   New Proposal for
     Upliftment Organization",                     empowerment for women & child victims            Rs. 25,40,700 /-
       Thoubal sabaltongba, Thoubal     Manipur    due to anti-social activities and Ethnic riots   applied during the
        Distt., Manipur, Pin- 795138               through skill upgradation (Income                  year 2008-09
                                                   Generation Activities) Through the
                                                   vocational training programme cum
                                                   production programme.

57   Saint Janabai Mahila                          - To create awareness among the women             New Proposal for
     Mandal, At- Hanuman                           by                                               Rs. 13,79,500 /-
     Takali, Tal-Pathardi, Distt.-      Maharas      training,                                      applied during the
     Ahmednagar - 414105                htra       - To provide knowledge, Attitude, skill and        year 2008-09
                                                     habits for self-employment,
                                                   -To provide counseling support to the
                                                   women in
                                                     25 Villages of Ahmednagar. Taluka in
                                                     Ahmednagar Distt. of Maharashtra State.
                                                   - To promote economic activities both in
                                                      and non farm sectors.
58   "Malabar Hill Citizen's Forum,     Maharash   Priyadarshani taxi service for the               New case applied for
                                        tra        employment of the Urban women from                08-09 Budget Rs.
     A-204, Neelam Centre, Hind Cycle              schedule class and minorities and backward           7,68,000 /-
     Road, Worli.                                  class

     Mumbai - 400 030, (Maharashtra)

59   Centre for Community All Round      Manipur   Skill Development & Creation Employment      New case applied for
     Development,                                  of Women Victim of HIV/AIDS through           08-09 Budget Rs.
                                                   Vocationalisation                               21,25,000 /-
     C-Card, Heijigang Mkt. Complex,
     Canchipur, Imphal East Distt,


60   "Rural Service Agency (RUSA)",      Manipur   Innovative Project for women & child to be   New case applied for
                                                   emplemented at chandel district Manipur       08-09 Budget Rs.
     Palace Compound, Imphal -                                                                     18,46,000 /-
     795001, Manipur


61   United Development Association      Manipur   General disabilities among women for their   New case applied for
     (UDA)                                         right against social evils and                08-09 Budget Rs.
                                                   Vocationalisation.                              14,42,000 /-
     Thongju Konok-hongnang
     makhong, P.O. Canchipur-795003,
     Imphal East Distt., Manipur


62   Institute of Psychological and      Manipur   Project proposal for Building the voice of   New case applied for
     Educational Research (IPER). P-               women through green sea(C)s of challenge,     08-09 Budget Rs.
     39/1 Prince Anwar Shah Road, CIT              creativity and change                           24,63,000 /-
     Asch. 114 A Kolkatta 700045, West


63   "People Development                 Manipur   ST, HIV/AIDS Victims and Destitute Women     New case applied for
     Society(PDS), Wangjing Hodamba                at Nungba, Tamenglong District.               08-09 Budget Rs.
     Mayai Leikai, P.O. Wangjing, P.S.                                                             27,61,000 /-

64   "Integrated Social Upliftment          Manipur   General Grant-in-aid scheme for                New case applied for
     Organisation(ISUO),                              Rehabilitation of Children HIV/AIDS Victims     08-09 Budget Rs.
                                                      at Heijigan super market, Imphal East,            19,70,000 /-
     Kakwa Makha Nameirakpam Leikai,                  Manipur
     P.O. IPS.

     Singjamei-795008 Imphal East Manipur


65   Hrudayaram Psycho Centre               Kerala        Proposal for starting teen’s care         New case applied for
     Hrudayaram,Talap, P.O., Kannur –                                                               08-09 Budget Rs.
     670002, Kerala.                                      -   Counseling & psychotherapy            20,34,000 /-
                                                          -   Consultation
     F.18-1821/2009/GIA-MWCD                              -   Guidance
                                                          -   Referral Service for higher
                                                          -   Classes
                                                          -   Training

66   Ratnakar Rural & Urban Bikash          Orissa    The Project aims at community based           New case applied for
     Institution(RRUBI)                               rehabilitation and socio-economic             08-09 Budget Rs.
                                                      empowerment of 50 WPCPs (Women                21,41,400 /-
     At - Kabara, P.O. Kabara                         Physically challenged persons).
     Madhapur, Via - Mahimagadi,

     Distt. Dhenkanal, Pin-


67   Backward Development Service           Manipur   Rehabilitation and Development of             New case applied for
     (BDS), P.O. Wangjing- Bazar -                    child victims of Ethnic riots including       08-09 Budget Rs.
     795148, Thoubal Distt. Manipur                   HIV/AIDS infected children with special       24,42,000 /-
                                                      reference to Naga and Kuki
     F.18-1790/GIA-MWCD                               communities of Manipur in Chandel
68   Peoples Welfare Agency (PEWA) Manipur   There are more than 1570 adolescent       New case applied for
                                             girls around khurai Imphal Distt. Who     08-09 Budget Rs.
     Khurai Kongpal Chingangbam              are socially and economically             3,54,000 /-
     Leikai, Tinsid Road, Imphal East        backward and school drop out. These
     District, Manipur.                      adolescent girls are in difficult
     F.18-1791/2009/GIA-MWCD                 circumstance. These girl children are
                                             neglected in the family in all respect.
                                             This makes them to lad them a life of
                                             uncertainty without any vision for

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