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									Graduate Assistant-Office of Judicial Affairs

Job Description
Program Overview:
The College Judicial System resolves alleged violations of Oswego State University’s Code of Student Rights,
Responsibilities and Conduct (Code of Student Conduct) by a student or student organization. The Office of
Judicial Affairs is the clearinghouse for all judicial cases that are generated within the campus community,
including but not limited to, cases arising within the residence halls, academic units, and other locations including
off campus areas. The Office of Judicial Affairs also works with the Personal Safety Task Force, the Alcohol and
Other Drugs Task Force, the Sexual Harassment Task Force, as well as other administrative committees.

This office coordinates disciplinary hearings, maintains disciplinary records and oversees the selection and training
of judicial bodies. Another major responsibility includes the education of the campus community about the College
Judicial System, including expectations of student behavior, student rights and responsibilities, and notice of
judicial charges. The Office of Judicial Affairs also acts as a referral resource for students who may need additional
academic, personal, and career related support and assistance.

The Office of Judicial Affairs has working relationships with many offices, departments, and programs on campus
as well as within the community.

Graduate Assistant Responsibilities:

The Judicial Graduate Assistant will serve as a member of the Office of Judicial Affairs in all aspects of the College
Judicial System. The Graduate Assistant will participate in meetings with the Assistant Dean of Students and may
also participate in other meetings as deemed appropriate. The Graduate assistant will be an active team member and
is expected to provide input toward the work of the Office of Judicial Affairs including evaluation of the programs
and services provided to the campus community. The Graduate Assistant must possess the highest level of integrity
and confidentiality due to the nature of the work generated in the office.

The Graduate Assistant will be responsible for the following:

     Assist the Assistant Dean of Students for the Judicial Affairs with the implementation of the College
      Judicial System based on skills and areas of interest.
     Assist with the recruitment, training and advisement of the Peer Judicial Board.
     Act as Code Administrator for Peer Judicial Board hearings.
     Track the completion of judicial sanctions by students who were found responsible for a violation of the
      Code of Student Conduct.
     Work with students who are alleged to have violated the Code of Student Conduct and educate them of
      their rights and responsibilities within the College Judicial System.
     Conduct disciplinary conferences with students and provide follow-up sanction letters.
     Coordinate and participate in educational awareness campaigns with other departments and academic units
      on campus.
     Assist with other duties as assigned by the Assistant Dean of Students for Judicial Affairs, including
      clerical duties and statistical reporting.
Qualifications - The successful candidate will present evidence of the following:

     Strong desire to work within the College Judicial System to explain, enforce, and educate the campus
      community about the policies and procedures contained in the Student Handbook.
     Effectively counsel students of their rights and responsibilities and act as a referral agent to other resources
      on and off campus.
     Ability to resolve incidents with students through individual meeting from a student development
      perspective, which fosters personal growth, intellectual development, and civic responsibility.
     Use fairness and reasonable judgement based on facts presented.
     Work as an effective member of a professional team, with high levels of integrity, energy and
     Ability to use computer word-processing and other software programs.
     Possess organizational skills, effective time management skills, strong oral and written communication

Terms of Employment & Compensation:

     Twenty hours per week including stipend of $5,600 per academic year appointment, health benefits and 6
      credit hours per semester.
     Term of employment is for one academic year from August 2006 through May 2007. There is no obligation
      to work during the period of academic recess.
     Graduate Assistant must be a full time graduate student matriculated into a graduate program at SUNY
      Oswego by the start of employment.
     During each semester of employment, Graduate Assistant must maintain a B average and be enrolled in at
      least 6 graduate credit hours but no more than 9 credit hours.
     Internships or practicum experiences that require a substantial time commitment out of the Office of
      Judicial Affairs will be reviewed and may not be approved.
     Graduate Assistant must abide by the rules and regulations of the College, both on and off campus, as
      identified in the Student Handbook.

Supervision: Catherine Santos, M.S. in Counseling and Assistant Dean of Students for Judicial
Affairs will supervise Judicial Graduate Assistant.

Candidates must submit a cover letter to Catherine Santos, which includes:
   1. Graduate program of matriculation
   2. Describe how your professional and/or volunteer experiences qualify you for this position.
   3. Explain your understanding of the role of Judicial Affairs on College Campus.
   4. Resume
   5. Names and telephone numbers of three references

Catherine Santos
Assistant Dean of Students for Judicial Affairs
Oswego State University
Office of Judicial Affairs
503 Culkin Hall
Oswego, NY 13126
Tel. (315) 312-3378

                           Additional copies available at 503 Culkin Hall

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