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Now We're Cooking_ Holly Bell at KWHS Election 2007 Stuff You by wulinqing


									Key West THE NEWSPAPER August 24, 2007 Page                                                                                                   

                                                               KEY WEST, FLORIDA • AUGUST 24, 2007

   Alleged Racial Slur At PROFILE
   Big Coppitt Fire House Now We’re Cooking!
   Leads To County Audit Holly Bell at KWHS
   BLACK FIREMAN GOES TO EEOC. FIRE                                                                    by Rhonda Linseman
                                                                                                    You may recognize Holly (Brozi)
   CHIEF APOLOGIZES                                                                           Bell from recent local coverage of her
                                                                                              efforts to continue her job as the Chef
            KWTN Team Report                    U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity             Instructor at Key West High School.
         Arvin Ramsey, 31, says he has          Commission (EEOC), Ramsey said he             Her contract was not renewed at the
   always wanted to be a firefighter, ever      has no explanation for Cassel’s alleged       end of the last school year , but teach-
   since he was a little boy. And he achieved   discrimination— other than he is the          ers, students, and the community at
   that goal last year, when he completed       only black fire fighter in the depart-        large rallied behind the former teacher
   the 160-hour Firefighter 1 course and        ment.                                         of the year.
   joined the Big Coppitt Volunteer Fire              Ramsey’s complaint also noted                 Holly graciously went through the
   Department.                                  that Cassel had used the word “nigger”        interview process with other candidates
         But Ramsey says that, almost from      during a training session last year. When     and earned her job back, and Key West
   the very beginning, Big Coppitt Fire         questioned about the incident by Attor-       High School couldn’t be luckier. But
   Chief Dan Cassel has discriminated           ney Calvin Allen, the Monroe County           there’s much more to Holly than her role
   against him, preventing him from at-         EEO Coordinator, Cassel explained             as poster girl for victims of politics . She’s
   tending advanced firefighting courses        that someone else had used the term           well known as an excellent teacher and
   and has affected his income by sending       and that it had caused some tension           mentor— the perfect candidate for our
   less-qualified firefighters on calls— in-    and in an effort to defuse the situation,     warm, fuzzy, happy profile spotlight as
   cluding Chief Cassel’s son— rather than      he had stated, “There are all kinds of        we begin the new school year.
   Ramsey.                                      niggers, white, black, Puerto Ricans                Holly Bell is beginning her sixth
         In a complaint to the Florida Com-     and so forth.”                                                     See HOLLY, page 4
   mission on Human Relations and the                              See AUDIT, page 8

                                                         page one commentary

                     Election 2007: Stuff You Need To Know
        by Dennis Reeves Cooper                 21 CANDIDATES VYING FOR 7 SEATS ON                                                                   Group 1. In what seemed like a
         Last Friday was the last day for
   candidates who want to be Mayor of           CITY COMMISSION AND UTILITY BOARD                                                              surprise move to some, longtime City
                                                                                                                                               Commissioner Harry Bethel is giving up
   Key West or a member of the Key West                Well, actually, we couldn’t wait       Nobody ever does that because the                his seat on the Commission to run for
   City Commission or to sit on the Utility     until the close of qualifying to talk about   contests for the seats on that board are         the Utility Board. This board oversees
   Board to sign up to run for election. So,    the mayoral race. We did that last week.      rarely very exciting. But this year, there       management of Keys Energy Services,
   now that everybody who is going to run       But here are some early thoughts about        may be plenty of excitement. Three of            formerly City Electric System (CES).
   has thrown their hats into the ring, it’s    the other races.                              the five seats on the board are up for           Bethel, who is now Customer Service
   time for us to give you our initial take                 UTILITY BOARD                     grabs and there are some very interest-          Director at the Florida Keys Aqueduct
   on the upcoming election.                           Let’s cover the Utility Board first.   ing candidates.                                                See ELECTION, page 6

Key West THE NEWSPAPER August 24, 2007 Page 2                                                                  


                                                    Jessie’s Girl on
                                                   Airway to Heaven
                                                    by Rhonda Linseman             ever. Rick Springfield turned 58
                                                      I was in a fight with God    yesterday. Yeah, holy crap. Who     “People of God” I mean the
                                                for a few years—twenty-three       knew? And while he still looks      chosen ones, of course. Yes,
                                                or so. It all started when my      great, the experience is a little   the Vatican has launched its
                                                mom wouldn’t let me go to a        like remembering your ador-         very own airline. The official
                                                Rick Springfield concert with      able high school sweetheart at      reason is that the Pope wants
                                                my four older brothers. Sure,      18 in his football uniform, and     to shuttle more of the chosen
                                                I was nine, but what kind of       then seeing him, bald, fat, and     to holy destinations, including
                                                God allows such interference       sweaty at your 20th reunion,        the shrine of Fatima in Portu-
                                                with destiny? Rick Springfield     realizing for the first time that   gal, the shrine of the Madonna
                                                and I were supposed to be          he’d been aging all along, too.     of Guadalupe in Mexico, and
                                                married—do you hear me?            Duh.                                possibly to the sacred home of
                                                And God let my mother get in             And now that God and I        Rosalie and Jerry Lawson of St.
                                                the way.                           are on speaking terms, I have       Petersburg, Florida, who found
                                                      We made up this week         one obvious question. Why the       a Lay’s sour cream and onion
                                                though, God and I, because         hell does the Catholic Church       potato chip bearing the image
                                                she aged Rick thirty years over    need a commercial airline? The      of Jesus Christ.
                                                night, and I do believe I can      People of God are on a Journey             I had a dream, however,
                                                finally let go of the dream for-   [Lumen Gentium 8]. And by           that God told his mayoral can-
                                                                                                                       didate, Sloan Bashinsky, to tell
                                                                                                                       Key West the Newspaper that
                                                                                                                       this airline venture is about
                                                                                                                       more than just holy pilgrimag-
                                                                                                                       es. It’s actually the Pope’s olive
                                                                                                                       branch to younger generations.
                                                                                                                       He’s well known as a conserva-
                                                                                                                       tive (Benedict, not Sloan), even
                                                                                                                       among high ranking Catholic
                                                                                                                       leaders, and perhaps he fears
                                                                                                                       his appeal with the under 90
                                                                                                                       crowd is waning. A new papal
                                                                                                                       image--that makes a lot more
                                                                                                                       sense to me.
                                                                                                                              The new airline is aptly
                                                                                                                       named “Mistral Air.” And while
                                                                                                                       you may first think of “mistral”
                                                                                                                       in the cold northerly wind sense
                                                                                                                       of the word, I’m more inclined
                                                                                                                       to bet on Merriam-Webster’s
                                                                                                                       etymology: French, from Oc-
                                                                                                                       citan, from minstral masterful,
                                                                                                                       from Late Latin magistralis of
                                                                                                                       a teacher. After all, the Pope
                                                                                                                       wouldn’t launch something as
                                                                                                                       21st century as an airline with-
                                                                                                                       out also reminding the world of
                                                                                                                       his supremacy. Remember, this
                                                                                                                       is the guy who decided dead,
                                                                                                                       unbaptized babies may go
                                                                                                                       straight to heaven without pass-
                                                                                                                       ing go and without stopping in
                                                                                                                       purgatory. That’s crazy power
                                                                                                                       for one earth-bound dude.
                                                                                                                                See RHONDA, page 5
Key West THE NEWSPAPER August 24, 2007 Page                   

                 neWS BrIeFS
   Candidate Forums
         Candidates for Key West Mayor and the Utility Board will
   be grilled at Hometown! Political Action Committee’s first official
   candidate forum of this election season, this Monday, August 27,
   at the Tropic Cinema. Doors will open at 5pm and the action gets
   underway at 5:30 with the questioning of the seven candidates
   running for the Utility Board. Questioning of candidates for
   Mayor will begin at or about 6:15.
         Hometown! PAC asked all candidayes for office this year to
   respond to a written questionnaire. See their responses at www.
         There will be another forum featuring candidates for Mayor
   on Thursday, September 6, at 5pm at Dante’s Restaurant. Steven
   Pribramsky will moderate this forum, with questions by Bill
   Hoebee. This event will be televised on Comcast Channel 19.
   the public is welcome.

   Nutcracker Auditions
         Auditions for the November 2007 production of Nutcracker
   Key West will be held on Saturday, September 8, at the Tennes-
   see Williams Theatre located on the FKCC campus on Stock
   Island.The show will run for eleven performances from Friday,
   November 23 through Sunday, December 2. This is a call for both
   children and adult dancers. Ages 4- 6 should report at 10:30 AM;
   ages, 7-10 should report at 12 noon; Ages 11-14 should come at
   2 PM, and Ages 15 and Adults at 6 PM. Children’s call backs
   will be at 4 PM.
         Girls and boys should wear ballet slippers, socks or jazz
   shoes together with leotards and tights for the girls and shorts
   for the boys. Adults should sear street dress with ballet slippers,
   socks or jazz shoes. Please, no sneakers.
         The goal is to establish two casts so that as many people
   will have a chance to participate in this gala production as is
   possible. Info: Joyce Stahl at 294-2943.
Key West THE NEWSPAPER August 24, 2007 Page 4                                                                                              

                                                                          Holly’s Back On the Job at KWHS
                                                                          HOLLY, from page 1                    Summa Cum Laude with a             County School District in 1999,
                                                                          year as the Chef Instructor at        degree in Culinary Arts. From      working in Adult Education.
                                                                          Key West High School. How-            there she spent two more years     She excelled, and in 2001, she
                                                                          ever, her love of everything          at the Johnson & Wales South       took the job as Chef Instructor
                                                                          culinary wasn’t something she         Carolina Campus, graduating        at KWHS.
                                                                          stumbled upon recently. When          Summa Cum Laude again,                   Three years ago, Holly
                                                                          she was just three years old, she     with a Bachelor of Arts in Food    was able to buy her own home,
                                                                          began making gnocchi with             Service Management.                thanks to lots of hard work,
                                                                          an Italian neighbor, and never              Holly lived and worked       planning, and some help from
                                                                          stopped. In fact, she began           in Kentucky and Nantucket          Habitat for Humanity.
                                                                          working in the food biz at age        Island, then planned a move              “For a single mom in the
                                                                          13 (is that legal?) at a local pro-   to St. Thomas, but her plans       Keys, that was a big thing for
                                                                          duction bakery, then at a small       were changed when a windy,         me” she said with typical Holly
                                                                          chain of local restaurants.           watery H Word devastated the       humility. “If not for that, I’d
                                                                                 In high school she spent       island.                            probably have had to move by
                                                                          half the school day develop-                So, instead of St. Thomas,   now, but I love it here.”
                                                                          ing her talents at A.W. Beattie       she moved to Key West— just              She loves the ocean, snor-
                                                                          Vo-Tech School in Pittsburgh,         for the season. And she didn’t     keling, the absence of cold
                                                                          then went on to ace her courses       work just anywhere— she            and snow, and the sense of
                                                                          at Johnson & Wales University         worked at Louie’s Backyard.        community she finds with her
                                                                          in Rhode Island, graduating                 After a short stint back     family and friends— including
                                                                                                                in Pennsylvania, Holly moved       her school family, friends, and
                                                                                                                again to Key West, this time       students.
                                          Spa Manicures & Pedicures                                             with her new baby boy, Andrew,           Something she finds dis-
                                                                                                                                                   turbing about island life is that
                                          CISSY @ HEADLINES
                                                                                                                then five months old— now a
                                                                                                                nine-year-old stellar student at   the isolation contributes to
                                                                                                                Gerald Adams Elementary, and       a permissible level of ethical
                                           Acrylics, Pink & Whites                                              an all around spectacular guy.     misconduct in all areas from
                                                                                                                                                   work to leisure. “I’m not a
                                           1075 Duval Street • 305-296-6373                                           She worked in very as-
                                                                                                                pects of the industry, beginning   prude,” she said “but I do think
                                                                                her career with the Monroe         we should all remember what
                                                                                                                                                   we’re exposing our youth to
                                                                                                                                                   by our actions. And I pity and

            OLD	TOWN Wine	&	Spirits
                                                                                                                                                   pray for those who worship
                                                                                                                                                   the dollar and material things
                                                                                                                                                   more than relationships and

        1029	Truman	Avenue		294-4123	                                                                                                                    See HOLLY, next page

         Hours	Mon-Sat	9am-10pm	•	Sun	Noon-9pm
             VODKA                                                                RUM
             Stoli	                                   1.75	 30.99                 Bacardi	Lite	&	Dark	                      1.75	 20.99
             Absolut	&	Citron	                        1.75	 33.99                 Capt.	Morgan																							1.75					21.99
             Smirnoff	&	Citrus	                       1.75	 20.99                 Mount	Gay																												1.75					22.99
             Skyy																																						1.75						27.99            Zaya																																							.750					29.99
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             Jagermeister	                            			Lit						27.99           BEER
                                                                                  Hollandia																														12	Pack			8.99
                                                                                  Miller	Lite																							Loose	Case			17.99
Key West THE NEWSPAPER August 24, 2007 Page                                                       

   Student to Holly: “I Have
   Learned a Lot About Cooking In
   Your Class, But What I Learned
   Most Is the Kind of Woman I
   Want to Be”
   HOLLY, from page 4                        “I do know that every-        constructive.
          What keeps her going at      thing happens for a reason                 Thanks, Holly, and all
   work? Her students. At any          and that all the obstacles I have   teachers who help us nurture
   school with such a program,         overcome are no less or no more,    and guide our kids for far less
   the culinary teacher becomes        just different than others.” She    than they could make in an-
   somewhat of a catch all. She        added that she is extremely         other field with the same level
   gets students who are genuinely     spiritual and knows that each       of education and student loan
   interested in the field, but also   day it is our choice to have a      debt. Who says the Blue Paper
   those who initially saw the         positive attitude or one less       isn’t touchy feely?
   class as a way to avoid some-
   thing they’d like even less. So,
   Holly often becomes a mentor
   to students, following their tri-
   als (figuratively) and successes    FROM page 2                              As I see it, though, the
   outside of school.
                                              Although she agrees, my      Pope should at least get a few
          One of her favorite tokens
                                       sister said it takes cojones to     sane points for trying some-
   of gratitude is a card from a
                                       pick on the Pope. But I do it       thing new. Hey, it was this
   student in which the student
                                       for my mother. This way she         or something really nuts like
   wrote, “I have learned a lot
                                       doesn’t have to say “Rhonda         condoning safe sex, allow-
   about cooking in your class but
                                       won’t go to church.” Instead,       ing femmes into heaven, or
   what I learned most is the kind
                                       she can say “Rhonda isn’t al-       permitting women— ever so
   of woman I want to be.” She
                                       lowed near church.” It’s a little   nearly worthy— into Catholic
   keeps that card on her desk to
                                       less like my choice that way.       leadership.
   remind her of how important
   the role of a teacher is.
          And since Holly was born
   on Christmas Day, why would
   she marry anybody except a
   man named Andrew Bell, to
   become Holly Bell? The fact
   that her new husband and her
   son share the same first name
   is another coincidence. Fluke
   or fate? You know what Holly
Key West THE NEWSPAPER August 24, 2007 Page                                                                                     

                              Bethel’s Record At City Electric: Reprimands
                              and Suspensions. He Even Got Fired and
                              Rehired. But He Kept Getting Promoted
                              ELECTIONS, from page 1              earlier this month that he and     Robert Padron (who is not run-      job of Monroe County Growth
                              Authority, was employed by          the other man were simply          ning for reelection), are Charles   Management Director (at a
                              City Electric for 29 years, until   waiting for a ride after report-   Lee, a Realtor and former           hefty pay raise), he took it. But
                              his retirement in 1988. But a       ing that their work truck had      chairman of the Citizen Review      eight months later, he resigned
                              look at Bethel’s CES personnel      broken down.                       Board, and former Key West          from that job, too, due to a rocky
                              file suggests that he was a “bad          The Career Service Coun-     City Planner Ty Symroski.           relationship with County Ad-
                              boy” employee, at least during      cil subsequently reversed the            Lee told Key West the         ministrator Tom Willi.
                              the early years.                    company’s decision to fire the     Newspaper this week about                 Group 4. Attorney Diane
                                     His file includes letters    men— but did recommend a           some baggage he has that he         Covan is challenging incum-
                              documenting poor work per-          two week suspension without        says will probably be used          bent Mona Clark for the Group
                              formance, insubordination and       pay.                               against him: He declared            4 seat. Clark, who has been
                              abuse of sick leave. In 1974,             Bethel was suspended         bankruptcy in 2001 after his        on the board since 2004, is as-
                              Bethel and another employee         again in 1978 for five days        company’s office manager            sistant principal at both Glynn
                              were fired after getting caught     for roughing up another em-        embezzled $70,000. He said he       Archer and Sigsbee elementary
                              playing pool in a Stock Island      ployee.                            was able to pay back all of the     schools.
                              bar during working hours.                 Also running for the         money that belonged to clients,           Covan is perhaps best
                              Bethel told the Key West Citizen    Group 1 seat, now occupied by      but the office manager had also     known in Key West as the con-
                                                                                                     stolen Lee’s identity and had       troversial City Attorney here in
                                                                                                     opened up lines of credit in        the mid-1990s. In October 1996,
                                                                                                     his name.                           she walked off the job after the
                                                                                                           Symroski was Key West         City Commission refused to
                                                                                                     City Planner for eight years, but   give her a pay raise, then she
                                                                                                     his relationship with then-City     attempted to sue the City for
                                                                                                     Manager Julio Avael deteriorat-     breach of contract and sexual
                                                                                                     ed and, when he was offered the      See ELECTIONS, next page
Key West THE NEWSPAPER August 24, 2007 Page 7                                                                                               

   Covan To City Commission: “Do You Want
   Me To Continue To Grind the Ducks Into the
   Dirt?” Now the City Owes the Ducks More
   Than $13 Million
   ELECTIONS, from page 6                lenged by Tom Milone, the           City Commission to complete          proposed amendment to the
   harassment.                           retired clerk of the New York       former Commissioner Merili           City Charter that would require
          She was also a key player      Supreme Court. He ran unsuc-        McCoy’s term after she died in       voter approval for the City to
   in running Duck Tours Seafaris        cessfully for the Key West City     April 2005. German was also a        annex any property.
   out of business here a decade         Commission in 2005.                 candidate for the seat, but after          • Attorney Richard Klit-
   ago. That led to a lawsuit, a trial          The Utility Board has five   several 3-3 votes, he withdrew,      enick, who chairs the Key West
   and, subsequently, a $13.5 mil-       elected members who serve           handing the seat to Rossi. Rossi     Planning Board. Like many
   lion judgment against the City.       four-year terms. Members are        was elected in November 2005         candidates, he brings to the race
   During the trial, a transcript of a   paid $906 per month and get         after a tough race against for-      some baggage he may have to
   1995 closed meeting of the City       free health insurance. Although     mer City Commissioner George         overcome: As a member of the
   Commission was read to the            Keys Energy Services serve          Halloran.                            Planning Board, he voted to
   jury in which Covan is asking         customers from Key West to                 Rossi supported the early     approve the infamous Water-
   if she should continue to “grind      the Seven Mile Bridge, only         removal of Julio Avael as City       mark condominium project.
   the Ducks into the dirt”. The         residents of Key West may run       Manager and he voted “no”            Later, a circuit judge ruled that
   transcript had become a public        for the Utility Board and only      on the proposed annexation of        the project violated City height
   record because City Attorney          Key West voters may vote in         Wisteria Island.                     restrictions.
   Covan had allowed people to           Utility Board elections.                  CITY COMMISSION                      Also, Klitenick has chosen
   attend who were not supposed               CITY COMMISSION                           DISTRICT 4                as his campaign manager a
   to be at a closed meeting.                      DISTRICT 2                       This is the seat that Harry   man who has been in the news
          Group 5. Incumbent                    Incumbent Mark Rossi,        Bethel has held since 1991. Ear-     more than Klitenick in recent
   Charlie Bradford was appointed        who owns two bars and a strip       lier this year, he announced that    months: Richard Tallmadge.
   to the Utility Board last year af-    joint on Duval Street, faces Todd   he would not run for reelection      Tallmadge is the chairman of
   ter the death of longtime board       German, a manager with Keys         for the City Commission but           See ELECTIONS, next page
   member Leonard Knowles. He            Federal Credit Union, former        would, instead, run for the Util-
   is vice president of Keys Federal     chairman of the Citizen Review      ity Board. Three candidates are
   Credit Union and former chair-        Board and former chairman of        running for the District 4 seat:
   man of the Key West Chamber           the Hometown Political Action              • Barry Gibson, a former
   of Commerce.                          committee.                          banker and, now, owner of
          Bradford is being chal-               Rossi was named by the       Shades of Key West. He is an
                                                                             announced supporter of the
Key West THE NEWSPAPER August 24, 2007 Page                                                                                   

                              Richard Tallmadge’s Last Big Adventure
                              Was Campaigning To Try To Get the Culinary
                              Arts Teacher Fired at the High School.
                              Now He’s the Campaign Manager For a City
                              Commission Candidate!
                              ELECTIONS, from page 7              missioner Jose Menendez, who       mission.                                Four other candidates
                              the now-infamous Culinary           is being challenged by two               He may also have trouble    have also qualified to run for
                              Advisory Committee, which           opponents:                         getting rid of the label, “TAM-   Mayor: Sloan Bashinsky, J.
                              worked to undermine Holly                 • Teri Johnston, president   POA’s boy”. In 2000, Jimmy        George Claing, Rolland Mon-
                              Brozi, the popular Chef Instruc-    of the grassroots organization     supported the controversial       tefalcon and Carie Noda.
                              tor (and former Teacher of the      Fair Insurance Rates for Monroe    agreement that would have               Bashinsky has become a
                              Year) at Key West High School.      (FAIR).                            given the Truman Annex Mas-       perennial candidate in Monroe
                              Brozi lost her job at the end of          • Vincent Mancini, a         ter Property Owners the right     County, running for County
                              the school year but has been        member of the City’s Historical    to put a gate at the Southard     Commission last year and for
                              re-hired for this year. Tallmadge   Architectural Review commis-       Street entrance to Truman an-     Mayor here in 2005. Half way
                              still refuses to discuss his role   sion and a former Code Enforce-    nex, the upscale residential      through his mayoral campaign
                              in this fiasco.                     ment officer.                      development. McPherson op-        two years ago, he announced
                                     • Retired attorney and                   MAYOR                  poses that agreement. Expect      that, in a dream, God had
                              community activist George                 We told you about the        a virtual block vote for Jimmy    told him to support Jimmy
                              Maurer is the third candidate       upcoming mayoral race last         by TAMPOA supporters.             Weekley.
                              in this race. He ran against        week— a virtual rerun of the
                              then-State Representative Ken       2005 election, which now-May-
                              Sorensen twice.
                                   CITY COMMISSION
                                                                  or Morgan McPherson defeated
                                                                  then-Mayor Jimmy Weekley by        Alleged Racial Slur
                                        DISTRICT 5
                                     The fumbling bumbling
                                                                  27 votes. We think that the only
                                                                  reason Jimmy is running is that    Leads To Audit
                              incumbent in this race is Com-      he is simply pissed off about
                                                                  losing last time.                  AUDIT, from page 1                concerning any statements that
                                                                        The big problem Jimmy             Cassel told Allen that his   I may have made during the
                                                                  may have in trying to get          choice of words may have been     Firefighter Class.”
                                                                  reelected is trying to explain     in poor taste and he later gave         In the meantime, Chief
                                                                  what he would do now that he       Ramsey a one-sentence letter of   Cassel was notified in April that
                                                                  couldn’t have done during the      apology: “I apologize for any     the Big Coppitt Fire Department
                                                                  20 years he was on the Com-        misunderstanding that you had     is now the subject of a major
                                                                                                                                       audit to determine if there has
                                                                                                                                       been any discrimination against
                                                                                                                                       any firefighter in terms of train-
                                                                                                                                       ing or fire calls.
                                                                                                                                             In a letter to Cassel last
                                                                                                                                       March, County Administrator
                                                                                                                                       Tom Willi said that the audit
                                                                                                                                       would cover all records, includ-
                                                                                                                                       ing volunteer member files,
                                                                                                                                       certifications, reimbursements,
                                                                                                                                       as well as an explanation of why
                                                                                                                                       certain members are utilized
                                                                                                                                       more than others.
Key West THE NEWSPAPER August 24, 2007 Page                                  


                        What’s On At the Tropic?
         Opens Friday!                 and without a whiff of sancti-
         TALK TO ME                    moniousness, to the heart of
         For a jump on the 2008        what being an American ought
   Oscar scene, don’t miss Don         to mean.”
   Cheadle’s electrifying perfer-            “Don Cheadle -- explosive
   mance. Director Kasi Lemmons        because you’ve never before
   (Eve’s Bayou) tells the powerful    seen this model of actorly
   real-life story of Ralph “Petey”    restraint -- is a one-man fire-
   Green (Cheadle), an outspoken       works show in Talk to Me, Kasi
   ex-con who talked his way into      Lemmons’ rollicking, resonant
   becoming an iconic radio per-       portrait of the real-life ex-con
   sonality in 1960s Washington,       who improbably became a civic
   D.C. Sparked by both the era’s      icon.” Phila. Inquirer
   vibrant soul music and explod-            Rated R. Runtime 1hr
   ing social consciousness, Petey     58min
   openly courted controversy at             Showtimes (in Carper):
   a white-owned station. Relying      Friday/Saturday/Sunday/
   on his producer Dewey Hughes        Tuesday/Wednesday at (3:00),
   (Chiwetel Ejiofor) to run inter-    5:30 and 8:00; Monday at (3:00)
   ference, Petey’s unprecedented      and 8:00; Thursday at (3:00)
   “tell it like it is” on-air style   and 5:30.
   gave voice and spirit to the              * * *
   black community during an                 Opens Friday... One Week
   exciting and turbulent period       Only!
   in American history. Co-star-             10 QUESTIONS FOR
   ring Martin Sheen. “Talk to Me      THE DALAI LAMA
   offers uplift without phoniness,          This fascinating docu-        TALK TO ME
   history without undue didacti-      mentary intertwines an in-
   cism and a fair number of funny,    terview with the Dalai Lama,
   dirty jokes,” says the New York     a look back at the history of
   Times. It’s “a vital entertain-     the spiritual leader and an
   ment that struts confidently        exploration of the culture of
   between comedy and drama.”          the small city of Dharamsala,
   Newsweek                            India, where His Holiness was
         “...a movie that perfectly    exiled 50 years ago. After email-
   captures the vibe of a person,      ing the Dalai Lama to set up an
   a place, a time and a way of        interview, filmmaker Rick Ray
   being, and even gets, indirectly            See TROPIC. page 21
Key West THE NEWSPAPER August 24, 2007 Page 0                                                                                            

                                               opInIon                                                                             hal o'Boyle

   Kat Watts’ Little Audit Report:      The
   Maybe There Really Is a New Greenspan Put
     Day Dawning At City Hall      Is Not Enough
                 by Dennis Reeves Cooper                      and fairly, and who may have even taken action against                          by Hal O’Boyle
         This week, at a special City Commission meeting,     friends and relatives of high-ranking City officials.             A “put” is a financial instrument that specula-
   Kat Watts, the City’s Internal Auditor, finally was able   But he certainly refined the procedure during his 10        tors or investors use to insure stock against declining
   to present the results of an audit of expenses associ-     years as City Manager. Here’s how it works:                 prices. An investor who buys a “put” buys the right,
   ated with an undercover investigation of an illegal              • Trump up some charges, even if you have to          but not the obligation, to sell a certain amount of stock
   transient rental operation. The report was hardly          do it after the fact to support the firing.                 at a certain price sometime in the future, regardless
   even newsworthy because Watts found everything                   • If the person being fired will not go quietly,      of market price. It’s like buying car insurance. When
   on the up and up. But we think it was important as         invent additional allegations to smear their reputa-        you insure your car you are essentially buying a “put”
   a symbol and, perhaps, as a signal.                        tion. Alleging that they are a thief or a scofflaw almost   from the insurance company. If you wreck your car
         It was symbolic because it revealed, once again,     always works. By the time anybody figures out that          you can exercise your put and sell your car to the
   the slimy pattern and practice of City government          the charge is false, the target employee will already       insurance company for what it was worth before
   under former City Manager Julio Avael. But the results     be gone.                                                    you hit the tree.
   of that audit may also signal that a new day may be              • If all else fails, just pay them off. The primary         The term “the Greenspan Put” came into use
   dawning at City Hall.                                      objective here is to get employees who just won’t play      in the financial world in 1998. That was the year the
         Julio may not have invented the proven proce-        the game out of the way. They are too dangerous.            math wizards at Long Term Capital Management
   dure for firing employees in “enforcement” jobs— like      If you have to pay them off, so what. It’s not your         nearly brought down the world’s financial system. A
   law enforcement and code enforcement— who have             money. It’s the taxpayers’ money-- and most taxpay-         long shot statistical anomaly put billions in the hopper
   dared to actually enforce laws and City codes equally                                        See REPORT, page 23       faster than you could say “irrational exuberance.”
                                                                                                                                Fed chairman Alan “Easy Money” Greenspan
                                                                                                                          opened a floodgate of credit to paper over the LTCM
    ON THE SONNY SIDE                                                                                                     debacle. Many believe he saved the world’s financial
                                                                                                                          system from destruction. Others, like this writer, be-

                              The Lighthouse                                                                              lieve he simply prolonged and worsened the inevitable
                                                                                                                          collapse of a financial house of cards.
         by Charles “Sonny” McCoy                             many other posts.                                                                         See O'BOYLE, page 22
              The lighthouse at the corner of Whitehead             Service in the lighthouses for the most part could

                                                                                                                              Key West
   and Truman streets is a great tourist attraction and       be very boring, except for the times when severe
   has been well photographed. Probably less known is
   the series of light- houses spaced along the reef, with
   one of them just south of Key West, called Sand Key
   Lighthouse. For most of the life of these lighthouses
                                                              storms, like a hurricane might be passing by. But in
                                                              the nineteenth century there was little warning and
                                                              an escape back to the relative safety of one of the Keys
                                                              became impossible. In the early days, the Islanders
                                                                                                                              Key West
                                                                                                                                T H E              N E W S P A P E R
   they were manned by people who led a secluded life         would watch for falling barometric pressures to warn
   in the lighthouse service and there were times when        them of an approaching storm and it was probably a             Key West The Newspaper is published every
   whole families had occupied the living quarters of         hard decision on whether to row back to the Islands              Friday, all year 'round, 52 weeks a year.
   these remote beacon outposts.                              or to weather the storm out in the lighthouse.                       Free distribution weekly: 9,000
         Many young boys, in the lighthouse service                 The present lighthouse on Whitehead Street is
                                                                                                                            News tips and letters to the editor are welcome.
   took on this sometimes dreary lifestyle to study and       Key West’s second. The first lighthouse was a few
                                                                                                                              Phone: (0) 22-20. Fax: (0) 22-2.
   ponder the many questions of this world and one such       blocks south at the waters edge and was destroyed
                                                                                                                                 Editorial and advertising office:
   individual was Jefferson Beal Browne, who at nineteen      by a hurricane in the nineteenth century. Position-
                                                                                                                                           422 Fleming Street
   years of age served as an assistant lighthouse keeper.     ing devices and other advances in navigation have
                                                                                                                                Mail: P.O. Box 7, Key West FL 04
   Here Jefferson Browne studied and prepared himself         reduced our long dependency on the lighthouse. But
   for a career in the legal profession and after fifteen     the history and romance of this light to guide and
                                                                                                                                 Subscriptions: $40 for six months
   months he enrolled in the University of Iowa Law           protect the seafarer goes back several millennia to the
   School and was able to receive his Law Degree in just      great Egyptian Lighthouse at the entrance to the Nile        Editor/Publisher Dennis Reeves Cooper, Ph.D.
   two years. Jefferson Browne soon caught the attention      River. With all the amazing advances in mummifica-                 Associate Editor Rhonda Linseman
   of the electorate and was elected to the Florida State     tion, medicine, architecture and many other sciences                Entertainment Valerie Ridenour
   Senate. As a freshmen senator he so impressed his          attributed to Egypt; the attention and awe generated               Photography Richard Watherwax
   colleagues that he was immediately elected President       by this lighthouse in the Mediterranean Sea stands out                Art Director Art Winstanley
   of the Florida Senate. Jeff Browne’s talents were so       with the other wonders of the ancient world.                         Advertising Darlene Ashcroft
   widely recognized that he also served as Postmaster,             Sonny McCoy is a Monroe County Commis-                    Contributors Michael Barnes, Bob Smith,
   Senator, Chairman of Florida’s Railroad Commission,        sioner and a former five-term Key West Mayor.                Hal O’Boyle, Sonny McCoy, Barbara Bowers,
   Chief Justice of the Florida Supreme Court, as well as                                                                        Meryl Berman, Harry Skevington
Key West THE NEWSPAPER August 24, 2007 Page                                                           


   Ted Garber Has                                                 Chris Case, Alphonse and
   Two Gigs Here                                                  Michael McCloud at
   This Week                                                      Guy Harvey’s Island Grille
                                                                                                              CHRIS CASE, left, is at the new
                                                                                                              Guy Harvey’s Island Grille this
                                                                                                              afternoon, Friday, August 24, 
                                                                                                              ‘til 7. Alphonse is in the house
                                                                                                              tomorrow afternoon, Saturday,.

   GUITAR WIZARD TED GARBER is at Finnegan’s Wake tonight
   and tomorrow night, Friday and Saturday, August 24-2. Catch
   him at the BottleCap Lounge Wednesday night from .

        Live Music On the
        Island! Complete
          Listings & Info
                                                                                Michael McCloud, right.
                                                                   entertains on Saturday night, 7 ‘til 0.

           Pages 11-20
Key West THE NEWSPAPER August 24, 2007 Page 2                                 

                                                                       more entertaInment
                                                                       more entertaInment
                                       $27.0 e              Cowboy Bill’s Has
                                       3 Cou ht           Patrick Gibson and a
                                       All N s
                                         & Tap
                                               a       Friday “Sound Check”, Too

                                                                                   PATRICK GIBSON & THE
                                                                                   FLORIDA CRACKER COUNTRY
                                                                                   BAND will be at Cowboy Bill’s to-
                                                                                   night and tomorrow night, Friday
                                                                                   and Saturday, August 24-2, from
                                                                                   0 pm— plus a special “sound
                                                                                   check” at  on Friday afternoon.

                                                         Sueno Tropical Back At
                                                          Schooner Wharf Bar
                                                    THE POPULAR SUENO
                                                       TROPICAL— Miguel
                                                       and Dayami— will be
                                                     back at Schooner Wharf
                                                             Bar tonight and
                                                     tomorrow night, Friday
                                                   and Saturday, August 24-
                                                          2, 7 ‘til midnight.
Key West THE NEWSPAPER August 24, 2007 Page                                                                     

                     more entertaInment                                                                OILY’S AUTO REPAIR
                                                                                                         MIKE YOUNG, CERTIFIED ASE TECHNICIAN
                                                                                                         5669 5th AVE, STOCK ISLAND• 296-6656

      Soul and Salsa At the
      Parrot This Weekend—
    Plus Two “Sound Checks”

   ROBERT ALBURY, above, Key West’s own King of Soul, will be at the Green Parrot Bar tonight,
   Friday, August 24, starting at 0 o’clock— plus a special “sound check” at  (note special time).
   The hot Latin dance band CARIBE will be in the house on Saturday night. A SPECIAL SUNDAY
   AFTERNOON “SOUND CHECK” is also scheduled at :0, featuring the TONY ROBERTS
Key West THE NEWSPAPER August 24, 2007 Page 4
Key West THE NEWSPAPER August 24, 2007 Page
Key West THE NEWSPAPER August 24, 2007 Page                                                                    

                                                                                    What’S hot

                                                                Marty and Heather                                                        RICHARD WATHERWAX

                                                      by Valerie Ridenour           which is a delight for new                 Heather sings and Marty
                                                       As I keep telling you we     manager Marvel Pinto. He is          plays all around her. His solos
                                                 have world class music in Key      Portugese! Heather says the          are delicious. Next we hear
                                                 West, and today’s review is        only thing she has not done in       one of my favorites, “Agua de
                                                 of two of the very best, Marty     Brazil is go to Carnivale. The       Beber”. This is followed by
                                                 Stonely and Heather Davis.         festival is often dangerous, but     “Desde Que Samba e Samba”.
                                                 Marty is a fabulous horn player    she tells me this year she’s go-     Marvelous. “Carnavalia” is
                                                 with Soprano, alto, and tenor      ing to risk it. She also lays fine   next, then “Berimball”, fol-
                                                 saxes at the ready. Marty also     rhythm guitar.                       lowed by “Velha Infanua”. If
                                                 plays ethereal flute. As if that         If you love the music of       Latin sounds thrill you, Head
                                                 isn’t enough, Marty also sings     Brazil’s Carlos Antonio Jobim,       for Bayside.
                                                 harmony. I can tell you he’s a     you are not alone. The fabulous            Marty and friends will be
                                                 real pleasure to work with.        duo gives us Jobim’s big hits,       there for your entertainment
                                                       Heather Davis has spent      “The Girl From Ipenema” and          Saturday night. Don’t miss it.
                                                 much of her musical life in        “Meditation”, which are lovely.      Stay cool.
                                                 Brazil. She sings in Portugese,    The crowd is thrilled.
Key West THE NEWSPAPER August 24, 2007 Page 7                                                         

                            rIDenoUr report
         by Valerie Ridenour
          Do you remember I spoke
   of Mountain Home, Arkansas
   in the last edition? Strange
   things happen sometimes. My
   pal Rich McKay just returned
   from his annual treck to the
   Rainbow Gathering, which
   was in the vicinity of Mountain
   Home, which he liked so much
   he stayed for an extra week.
   Mountain Home is earning the
   reputation of being the Folk
   Music Capitol of the country.
   There is a town square, where
   music is played every day, all by
   visitors, all unpaid, and not a tip
   jar in sight. These are folks who
   love to make music and do so
   when they pass through town.
          Imagine Rich’s surprise
   when he encountered a famous
   Key West musician playing.
   Alby Tellone, who was leader of
   the fabulous Solares Hill String
                                                                   DIN ALLEN
   Band lives there now, works in
   a music store one day a week,         this week’s schedule.               You can hear her solo at Par-
   and travels with his band, Saint            Din has played in David       rotdise, or with Injade, often at
   Vitus Dance. They play Klezmer        Tortolano’s fantastic new Cos-      Sloppy Joe’s, Looe Key Tiki Bar,
   and Eastern European Music            mo Studio, which is a state of      and other venues.
   and tour a lot. Another familiar      the art recording facility. David         Island Dog has country
   face, Joe Jewell was in the band.     plays with Injade and the Root      music Sunday with Patrick
   Alby sends love and greetings         Band. He and Adrienne gifted        Gibson and the Midnight Ride.
   to all of us. Ain’t coincidence       me with two treasures. They         They played Wednesday and
   wild?                                 are CDs. One is Root, “Live At      Thursday at Cowboy Bill’s.
          There’s another perfomer       the Foundry” recorded in the        Those are two great relatively
   in town who does Portugese            original Cosmo Studio in Ver-       new clubs that are bringing
   music and sings beautifully in        mont before David got too cold      us some excellent sounds.
   the language, Din Allen. Din is       and moved down here. All the        Thanks!
   one of our island stars. He was       songs are David’s except one he           My favorite singer/guitar
   one of the Survivors with his         co-wrote with his brother Eddie,    player, Bobby Donaldson is
   brother Woody, Quent Lange,           a fine keyboard player.             here this week at Hog’s Breath.
   and Marty Stonely. They were                The other is a vintage re-    Bobby lives in Charlotte, North
   our formost band and recorded         cording of a duo who kept us        Carolina. We haven’t seen him
   for Jimmy Buffet’s Margarita-         spellbound, “Aye”, who were
   ville Records. They were in           Adrienne Zolondick and her
   movie or two also. Din played         partner Marsia Shuron. These
   bass with the Survivors. He           were two of the lovliet voices
   plays acoustic guitar now, and        you’ll ever hear. They came
   there are few better on the plan-     very close to a record contract,
   et. His vocals are sensual perfec-    but fate intervened. Marsia en-
   tion. You can find him at Blue        countered some serious health
   Heaven, the Conch Republic            problems and went back to
   Seafood Restaurant, and other         Boston. Adrienne stayed here
   venues. Check Now Playing for         with partner David Tortolano.
Key West THE NEWSPAPER August 24, 2007 Page                                                                           

                                                                                  noW playIng
                                                       AQUA: theAquanettes                   PLEASE NOTE: Entertainment schedules are always sub-
                                                       BEAR BOTTOM BEACH              ject to last-minute changes and, sometimes, club schedules are
                                                 CLUB: FRI & SAT, 6 - 10, Randy
                                                 Mac; 10 - 2, Matt Avery * MON,
                                                                                      not available at press time. TBA stands for To Be Announced.
                                                 & TUBS, 5 - 9, Acoustic Johnson *    NAPT stands for Not Available At Press Time. Band times are
                                                 WED, 5-9, Taz ; 9-I, Matt Avery      noted before the names of the bands in each listing. Please alert
                                                       BLUE HEAVEN: FRI, Din          Valerie Ridenour to errors and/or schedule changes. 72-.
                                                 Allen * SAT, Mary Spear; SUN,
                                                 Mary Spear                  NOTE: Schedules are subject to change
                                                       B.O. ‘s FISH WAGON: FRI,       without notice. To be sure the band of your choice is playing,
                                                 6pm, Barry Cuda & the Sharks         you may want to call the venue before you go.
                                                       BOONDOCKS: FRI, pm, 40
                                                 ft Sharpie* SAT, 7p, Quintessense    6 - 12, Dawn Wilder; 10 - 2:30,           6 - 10, Melvin Newton * WED, 6
                                                 SUN, Mike Gillis & Gordy Michael     Caffeine Carl * SAT, I 5, Elvis; 6        - 10, Din Alien * THURS, 6 - 10
                                                 * MON, 7pm, Barry Cuda & Friends     - 12, Dawn Wilder; 10 - 2:30, 40 ft.      Chris Cook
                                                 * THURS, 7pm. Tropical Dreams        Sharpie * SUN, I - 5, Elvis; 8 - 12, 40          COWBOY BILL’S:FRI &
                                                       BOTTLECAP: THURS, Beef         ft. Sharpie * MON, I - 5, Elvis 8 - 12,   SAT, Patrick Gibson & the Florida
                                                 Chili & the Con Came Brothers        Baby T * TUES, I - 5, Dora; 8 - 12,       Cracker Country Boys * WED &
                                                       THE BULL: FRI, I - 5, Elvis;   Dawn Wilder * WED, I - 5, Elvis; 8        THURS, Tim Cooper & the Mid-
                                                                                      - 12 Dawn Wilder * THURS, I - 5,          night Ride
                                                                                      Dora; 8 - 12, Dawn Wilder                        DANTE’S: FRI, 3-6, The
                                                                                               CAPTAIN TONY’S: FRI &            Piano Man Band * SAT & SUN, 1:30
                                                                                      SAT, noon, Rob Swet; 4:30, Gary-          - 5:30, The Piano Man Band
                                                                                      Hempsey; 9 - 2, Carl Peachy Band *               DURTY HARRY’S: FRI &
                                                                                      SUN, noon, Ben Taddiken;4:30, Tim         SAT, 8:30, Durty Rita * MON &
                                                                                      Bender; 8”30 - 12, Gary Hempsey           TUES, Duo * WED & THURS, Duty
                                                                                      * MON, noon, Liz O’Connor; 4:30,          Rita EIGHT O’ONE: Drag Shows
                                                                                      ob Sweet; 8:30 - 12:30, Carl Peachy       Nightly
                                                                                      Band * TUES, noon, Rob Sweet;4:0,                FINNEGAN’S WAKE: FRI
                                                                                      Gary Hempsey; 8:30 - 12:30, Gary          & SAT, Ted Garber
                                                                                      Hempsey * WED, noon, Ben                         GARDEN OF EDEN: FRI
                                                                                      Taddiken; 4:30, Tim Bender; 8:30          - THURS, DJ’s Timber & Lars
                                                                                      - 12:30, Carl Peachy Band * THURS,               GRAND KEY: FRI, Bobby
                                                                                      noon Liz O’Connor; 4:30, Gary             Pazo * SAT, Donna Schaffer * week-
                                                                                      Hempsey; 8:30 - 12:30, Carl Peachy        ends on the deck Jim Wist
                                                                                      Band CHEESEBURGER: FRI, Nick                     GREEN PARROT: FRI &
                                                                                      Norman * SAT, Hershel Lester *            SAT, Sean Chambers, sound checks
                                                                                      SUN, Alphonse * TUES, Jim Wist *          5:30 Friday and Sunday
                                                                                      THURS, Jim Wist, Rob & Tom                       GUY HARVEY’S ISLAND
                                                                                               CONCH REPUBLIC SEA-              GRILL: FRI, 3-6, Alphonse; 6:30 -
                                                                                      FOOD RESTAURANT: FRI, 2 - 6,              9:30, Michael McCloud * SAT, 3-9,
                                                                                      Joel Nelson; 7 - II, Chris Cook* SAT,     Chris Case * TUES, 3 - 7 Alphonse
                                                                                      2 - 6, Joel Nelson; 7 - II, Zack Seemi-   * WED, 3 - 7, Chris Case
                                                                                      ller * SUN, 6 - 10, Melvin Newton *              HALF SHELL RAW BAR:
                                                                                      MON, 6 - 10, Zack Seemiler * TUES,        FRI & WED, 5 - 7, Caffeine Carl
                                                                                                                                       HOG’S BREATH: FRI.noon
                                                                                                                                - 4, Bong Hits For Geezers; 5 - 9,
                                                                                                                                Bruce & Red; 10 - 2, Chris Clifton
                                                                                                                                Band * SAT, noon - 4, Bong Hits
                                                                                                                                CONTINUED on next page
Key West THE NEWSPAPER August 24, 2007 Page                                                                      

                                       noW playIng
   FROM previous page                               LAZY GECKO: Fri, 7 - 11,               SCHOONER WHARF: FRI
   For geezers; 5 - 9, Gerd Rube; 10        Parachute Adams * SAT, 7 - 11,Nick      & SAT, noon - 5, Michael bMcCloud
   - 2, Chris Clifton Band * SUN, noon      Norman * 7 - 11, Zack Seemiller         & Friends;7 - 12, Sueno Tropical
   - 5, TBA; 5 - 9, Gerd Rube ; 10 - 2,     * WED, 7 - 11, Parachute Adams          9 -1, Magic of Frank Everhart *
   Chris Clifton Band * MON& TUBS,          * THURS, Nick NormanMAR-                SUN, noon - 5, Michael McCloud &
   noon - 5, Cory & Jeff; 5 - 9, Gerd       GARITAVILLE: FRI, - SUN, Bubba          Friends; 7-11, Calypso Latin Party;
   Rube; 10 - 2, Bobby Donaldson &          System * TUES -THURS, Necessary         9 -1, Magic of Frank Everhart *
   Friends* WED& THURS, noon - 5,           Brothers                                MON, noon - 5, Michael McCloud
   Joe Nelson; 5 - 9, Gerd Rube;; 10 - 2,           REDFISH/ BLUEFISH;              & Friends, 7 - II, Caffine & Pepper, 9
   Bobby Donaldson & Friends                SAT, Brian Paul * THURS, Tony           -1, Magic of Frank Everhart * TUES,
           HOGFISH: FRI, Loni* SAT,         Roberts on the back patio RICK’S:       noon - 5, Raven & Bubba; 7 - II,
   Rob Sweet* SUN, Dora                     FRI, II - 3, Pete Frazier; 4-8, Ben     Cory Heydon; 9 -1, Magic of Frank
           ISLA ND DOG: FRI & SAT,          Taddiken; 8 - 12, Uncle Bob * SAT,      Everhart * WED, Michael McCloud
   Brad & Sean * SUN, Patrick Gib-          12 - 4, Alphose; 4-8 Ben Taddiken;      & Friends; 7-11, Gary Hempsey;
   son & the Midnight Ride * TUES,          8 - 12, Uncle Bob * SUN, 8 - 12, Ben    9 - I, Magic of Frank Everhart *
   George Victory                           Taddiken * MON, II - 8, Pete Frazier;   THURS, noon - 5, Michael McCloud
           IRISH KEVIN’S: FRI, 11 - 3,      8 -12, Ben Taddiken * TUES II - 4,      & Friends; 7-11, Unpaid Bartabs, 9
   Dan Ligouri, 3 - 7, John Solinski;       Alphonse;4 - 8, Uncle Bob * WED,        -1, Magic of Frank Everhart SEA-
   7-11, Matt Quinton; 11 - close, N.Y.     8 -12, Uncle Bob * THURS, noon,         WEEDS: FRI, Brad Fresharra * SAT,
   Pauly * SAT, 11-3, George Victory;       Alphonse; 8 -12, Uncle Bob * Every      Marty Stonely & Friends * SUN,
   3 - 7, Nick Norman; 7-II, N.. Pauly;     night, Karoake                          Carlon Lyons
   II - close, Matt Quinton * SUN,                  RUM BARREL: NAPT                CONTINUED on next page
   12 - 3:30, Zack Seemiller; 3:30 - 7,
   Nick Norman; 7 - 10:30, N.Y.Pauly;
   10:30 - close, John Solinski * MON,
   10:30 - 2:30, TBA; 2:30 - 6:30, Nick
   Norman; 6:30 - 10:30, John Solin-
   ski; 10:30 - close, Matt Quenton *
   TUES, 10:30 - 2:30, Reddawg; 2:30
   - 6:30, Nick Norman; 6:30 - 10:30,
   N.Y . Pauly
           LA TE DA: Cabaret, FRI &
   SAT, Broadway Three Ways * Piano
   Bar, FRI - SUN, Pat & Debra * MON,
   Bbby Nesbitt * TUES & WED, Black
   & Skabuddah
Key West THE NEWSPAPER August 24, 2007 Page 20                                                                           

                                                 Behind Bars                                                RICHARD WATHERWAX

                                                                                                                                 OF THE WEEK
                                                                                                                                 LAURA is a bartender at the
                                                                                                                                 Half Shell Raw Bar.
                                                                                                                                 Her specialty drink is a
                                                                                                                                 Cruzan Mango Mojito.
                                                                                                                                 Tell us who your favorite
                                                                                                                                 drink server is. PO Box 7,
                                                                                                                                 KW 04. Fax 22-20.
                                                                                                                                 Email: TheBluePaper@kwtn.

                                                                                      noW playIng
                                                 FROM previous page                       Spitshine * WED, Terry Cassidy;        Victory 6:30 - 8:30, Robert Albury;
                                                                                          5:30 - 9:30, Chris Case; THURS,        8:30 10, Raven Cooper * MON, I
                                                         SLOPPY JOE’S: FRI, 12            Terry Cassidy; 5:30 - 9:30, Zack       - 5, George Victory; 6:30 - 8:30, Joel
                                                 - 4:45, Gary Hempsey; 5:30 - 9:30,       Seemiller Band; 10 - 2, Spitshine &    Nelson * TUES, 6:30 - 8:30, Rolando
                                                 Gerd Rube Duo; 10 - 2, Hip Kitty         FRI, 12 - 4:45, Terry Cassidy; 5:30    Rojas;8:30 - 10:30, Joel Nelson *
                                                 * SAT, 12 - 4:45, Zack Seemiller;        - 9:30, Zack Seemiller Band; 10 - 2,   WED, I - 5, George Victory; 6:30
                                                 5:30 - 9:30, Injade; 10 - 2, Hip Kitty   Spitshine                              - 8:30, Robert Albury;8:30 10:30,
                                                 * SUN, 12 - 4:45, Barry Cuda; 5:30              SUGARLOAF LODGE: Tiki           Raven Cooper * THURS, Robin
                                                 - 9:30, Bubba System; 10 - 2, Hip        Bar, SAT, Dave Aaron                   & James
                                                 Kitty * MON, 12 - 4:45 Barry Cuda;              SUNSET PIER: FRI, I - 5,               VIRGILIO’S: FRI, Caribe
                                                 5:30 - 9:30, Moose & the Bulletproof     George Victory; 6:30 - 8:30, Robert    * SAT, Caffeine Carl & the Buzz*
                                                 Blues Band; 10 - 2, Spitshine* TUES,     Albury; 8:30 -10, Raven Cooper         MON, TBA * TUES, TEA, WED,
                                                 12 - 4:45, Brian Roberts; 5:0 - 9:30,    * SAT, I - 4, Caribe; 6:30 -10:30,     Caffeine Carl * THURS, Caribe
                                                 Barry Cuda & the Sharks, 10 - 2,         raven Cooper * SUN, I - 5, George             WILLIE T’S: TBA
Key West THE NEWSPAPER August 24, 2007 Page 2                                                                   

   What’s On At the Tropic?
   FROM page 9
                                                                                                                   Local Favorites
   spends the three months until
   the promised meeting getting
   a firsthand view of the living
   conditions and economy in
   Dharamsala. It’s “a slam-dunk
   for history classes -- informative
   and challenging, touching on
   issues of free speech, modernity,
   democracy, and globalism,”
   says the Austin Chronicle.
          “One comes away from 10
   Questions emboldened, ener-
   gized, and sadder -- aware that
   peace remains so radical a con-
   cept that most of us aren’t yet
   worthy of it.” Boston Globe
          “There have been several
   documentaries about the Dalai
   Lama, but few have done a bet-
   ter job of packaging the Tibetan
   religious leader’s circumstanc-
   es, both historical and current,
   along with his philosophies.”
   San Francisco Chronicle
          Not Rated. Runtime
                                                     0 QUESTIONS FOR THE DALAI LAMA
          Showtimes (in Taylor):         exaggeration, some wish fulfill-            Wednesday, August 29
   Daily at (2:15), 4:15, 6:15, 8:15     ment, mix-and-match character         at 6:15pm
          * * *                          assembly,” notes the NY Post,               Emerging Pictures/New
          Second Great Week !            but all in service of a fine story.   York Times Undiscovered Gems
          BECOMING JANE                  It combines “the literary sensi-      Series Presents
          You’ve read the novels,        bility of Jane Austen with the          THE LAST COMMUNIST
   now see the back-story. This          fanciful imaginative license of             A semi-musical documen-
   wonderful biographical movie          “Shakespeare in Love.” A must         tary inspired by the early life
   takes us into the life of Jane Aus-   for anyone who enjoyed the re-        and legacy of Chin Peng, exiled
   ten, who clearly knew whereof         cent films of Austen’s novels.        leader of the banned Commu-
   she wrote. Anne Hathaway                    “The film seduces. Beauti-      nist Party of Malaya. Interviews
   (The Devil Wears Prada) stars         fully produced, from produc-          with the people in the towns he
   in this fresh and daring view         tion design and costumes to           lived in from birth to national
   of Jane Austen’s early years.         music and performances, it’s          independence are interspersed
   The romantic drama portrays           also faithful to the genteel spirit   with specially composed songs
   Austen’s encounters with              and repressed passions for            in the mould of old-fashioned
   the modern, roguish young             which she’s known.” Houston           propaganda films.
   Irishman Tom Lefroy (James            Chronicle                                   One Show Only. Regular
   McAvoy from The Last King                   “Anne Hathaway’s Jane is        Prices.
   of Scotland) and imagines             headstrong and clever, balanced             * * *
   how their romance could have          and true.” Boston Globe                     Thursday, August 30 at
   influenced some of her most fa-             Rated PG. Runtime 1hr           8:00pm
   mous novels that followed. This       53 min                                      Nancy’s Secret Garden
   fascinating period in Austen’s              Showtimes (in Taylor):          Presents A Billy Selznick Film
   life also shows the 20-year-old’s     Daily at 2:30, 5:00, 7:30               THE END OF THE ROAD
   determination to succeed in an              * * *                                 Tickets $40 for the benefit
   era when women’s choices were               SPECIAL EVENTS                  of the Secret Garden
   severely limited. Co-starring               Monday, August 27, 5:30-              (includes a DVD of the
   Maggie Smith, Julie Walters           7:30 pm                               movie)
   and James Cromwell. Directed                HOMETOWN! PAC                         * * *
   by Julian Jarrold (Kinky Boots)             Presents a Voter Educa-                 Free Matinee Movies
   Lushly filmed on location in          tion Forum with                                   for Kids!
   Ireland, it’s an “astute appre-             City of Key West Utility              Every Saturday at
   ciation of how Austen, or any         Board Candidates & Key West           12:30pm
   fiction writer, works. There’s a      Mayoral Candidates
   bit of stealing from life, lots of          * * *
Key West THE NEWSPAPER August 24, 2007 Page 22                                                                     

                                                 The Greenspan Put May Save the
                                                 Hides Of a Few Millionaires, But It
                                                 Will Only Make the Pain Worse For
                                                 the Rest Of Us
                                                 O’BOYLE, from page 10                 party was flagging to spike the     adjustable rate mortgages that
                                                        Easy credit is the hooch       punch bowl yet again.               will have their rates bumped
                                                 the Fed and other central                   Unfortunately, the Fed        up that month. Within a year
                                                 banks throughout the world            didn’t create the worldwide         after that another $500 bil-
                                                 keep sloshing into the finan-         asset bubble all by itself and it   lion in mortgages will adjust
                                                 cial derivative punch bowl.           has a good deal less control over   upward.
                                                 The party began when Nixon            it than it would like.                     Millions of borrowers
                                                 cut the dollar loose from gold              Banks all over the globe      face payments they simply will
                                                 in 1971. Through the 80s and          helped pump up the balloon          not be able to make. They will
                                                 90s it turned from a quiet            with easy consumer credit,          not be able to refinance either.
                                                 cocktail hour to a hellacious         easy investment credit, and,        The days of lending to anyone
                                                 bash thatmakes the destructive        perhaps most dangerous of all,      who could fog a mirror ended
                                                 soiree in Steinbeck’s /Cannery        easy mortgage money. Banks          shortly after the mass mirror-
                                                 Row/ look like a tea party. On        lent to people who never had        fogging of 2004-2006.
                                                 Wall Street today and in stock        a chance at paying the money               The leverage that caused
                                                 markets from London to Can-           back, against assets whose          prices to skyrocket in those
                                                 ton there are dancers on every        prices were already inflated to     years will work just as effec-
                                                 table, a lampshade on every           unrealistic levels by previous      tively to correct prices in the
                                                 head, fistfights in the kitchen,      reckless lending. They bundled      months ahead. Just as the entire
                                                 and furniture flying though the       up the shaky loans, repack-         neighborhood leaped in value
                                                 windows.                              aged and resold them to yield       each time a house sold at a new
                                                        That a few revelers are get-   hungry fund managers and            record high in 2005, the entire
                                                 ting woozy and a few more cool-       foreigners.                         neighborhood will sag in value
                                                 ing in the gutters outside should           Looking at a triple A,        as each home sets a new five-
                                                 surprise no one. The remaining        mortgage-backed bond paying         year-low in 2008.
                                                 party animals have consumed           8% you could never tell it relied          Only temporary insanity
                                                 so much of the Fed’s wonderful        for payment on thousands            can explain stock that trades
                                                 punch that they have become           of mortgages on overvalued          at 200 times earnings or tiny
                                                 delusional. The absurd idea that      houses occupied by battal-          Conch shacks that sell for a
                                                 central bankers can keep the          ions of overextended cashiers,      million dollars. There will be
                                                 party going forever has gained        burger flippers, and cash-free      pain and hardship involved in
                                                 near universal acceptance. And        speculators. The money from         recovering our senses.
                                                 the new Fed chairman, Mr.             the sale of bonds funded                   Like a hangover after a
                                                 Bernanke, is doing nothing to         another round of loans. This        binge, there’s no avoiding it.
                                                 dispel the idea.                      process repeated many times         It should be allowed to take its
                                                        Bailout is the name of the     forming a swaying skyscraper        course. Central bank or gov-
                                                 game. We need to keep those           of cards resting on the backs of    ernment interference will only
                                                 drunks upright and drunk. Too         consumers ill equipped to pay       prolong and worsen the pain.
                                                 many of them crowding finan-          and collateralized by fantasy              It was easy money and
                                                 cial district gutters will wreck      asset values.                       credit that got us plastered the
                                                 the whole neighborhood. In the              This coming October will      first place. The hair-of-the-dog
                                                 last few weeks the Fed has cut        bring with it a bumper crop         won’t do anything but delay
                                                 the discount rate and several         of mortgage resets. There is        the inevitable hangover. The
                                                 times shown up just when the          something like $50 billion in       Greenspan Put may save the
                                                                                                                           hides of a few millionaire Wall
                                                                                                                           Streetspeculators and invest-
                                                                                                                           ment bankers but it will only
                                                                                                                           make the pain longer and
                                                                                                                           harder for the rest of us.
                                                                                                                                  Hal O’Boyle writes from
                                                                                                                           the suburbs of San Jose, Costa
                                                                                                                           Rica. He answersemail at hal@
                                                                                                                           com. His articles are archived at
Key West THE NEWSPAPER August 24, 2007 Page 2                                                                                          

   Avael Refined the Procedure for Firing City “Enforcement”
   Employees For Daring to Actually Do the Job Honestly
   REPORT, from page 10                terson to retire with a lucrative   torney Michael Halpern, who        fessional audit. And she found    to yield to it.
   ers don’t usually pay enough        settlement and the full rank of     represented a hotel that had       no wrongdoing! Gasp!                    Her report was short
   attention to really know what’s     Police Chief.                       been cited, threatened to sue            When it became appar-       (only three pages) and to the
   going on.                                 Then there was Chief          the City for millions of dollars   ent that the audit was going      point: “There was no indication
          How about some specific      Building Official Catherine         and demanded that heads roll       to come out clean, there were     of waste, fraud, and/or abuse
   examples?                           Harding, who headed up the          in Code Enforcement.               two successful efforts to delay   of taxpayers’ monies . . .”
          Do you remember Police       Building Department and Code              And a few days later,        the presentation of the audit           What is the world com-
   Chief Ray Peterson? He got          Enforcement. When Julio got         Avael fired Young and moved        report to the City Commis-        ing to when a corrupt City
   fired because he dared to call      some complaints from some           the Chief Building Official to     sion— which kept the report       Manager can’t fire an employee
   in the FBI to investigate corrup-   well-connected lawyers that         Engineering. When asked at         from becoming a public record     for no good reason by simply
   tion in City government here.       Harding was going too closely       an employee meeting why he         and, in essence, delayed the      trumping up charges and, then,
   That investigation resulted in      “by the book”, he fired her.        fired Young, he reportedly said    clearing of Jim Young’s name.     with the help of a couple of cro-
   a federal indictment of then-             Then, when he learned         “because several City Commis-      During this period, if pressure   nies on the City Commission,
   Mayor Dennis Wardlow on             that she had some support on        sioners told me to.”               was put on Watts to report that   smearing his reputation?
   bribery charges. Although a         the City Commission, he sent              But when nobody on the       Young had done something                Maybe a new day really
   jury acquitted Wardlow, the         a memo to the Mayor and City        City Commission would pub-         wrong, she apparently refused     is dawning at City Hall.
   lawyer charged with paying          Commissioners, telling them         licly own up to telling him to
   the bribes was forced to give       that Harding had hired an un-       fire Young, Avael had to start
   up his license to practice law.     licensed electrical worker to do    making stuff up. He wrote an
   And Wardlow was later found         some wiring at her home. Al-        email to the Mayor and the
   guilty of the same charges by       though that charge was never        City Commissioners-- sort of
   the Florida Commission on           proven true, it was enough to       like he had done after he fired
   Ethics.                             undercut any support Harding        Catherine Harding— suggest-
          So, needless to say, when    had on the Commission-- and         ing that Young may have used
   Wardlow was able to move            she was outta there!                an undercover investigation
   back into the Mayor’s chair,              And then there was Chief      to somehow embezzle City
   he went after Peterson. Newly-      Code Enforcement Officer Jim        funds. And Bethel had already
   hired City Manager Avael was        Young. Young had dared to           asked Kat Watts for an audit of
   designated as the hatchet-          actually cite illegal activities    money spent on the undercover
   man.                                by some friends and relatives       investigation.
          First, he trumped up a       of Avael and some members                 The objective, of course,
   Blue Book of almost ridiculous      of the City Commission. So it       was to try to “get something”
   charges. And he even hired a        wasn’t long before both City        on Young to justify firing him
   retired judge to come down          Commissioners Harry Bethel          and to smear his reputation to
   from Miami, conduct a two-          and Danny Kolhage publicly          try to discredit any lawsuit he
   hour hearing and announce, “If      spoke out, calling Code En-         may try to file.
   true, the charges are sufficient    forcement officials “gestapo”             But something bad hap-
   to terminate the Chief.”            and claiming that they had          pened. Kat Watts wasn’t “in
          None of the charges were     received lots of complaints         on it”. She apparently didn’t
   ever proven true, of course, but    (which they have never been         know how to play the game
   they were enough to force Pe-       able to produce). Hotshot at-       either. She ran an honest, pro-
Key West THE NEWSPAPER August 24, 2007 Page 24                                                                     

                                                                            loW Key aDVIce

                                                                              Dear Chloe
                                                  by Chloe Barlow-L’Etoile
                                                                                              As an additional service to our readers, Key West The
                                                        Dear Chloe,
                                                                                       Newspaper welcomes Low Key Advice, an occasionally
                                                        I’m 38 and I live in my
                                                                                       weekly advice column for residents and friends of Key West.
                                                 mom’s lower enclosure on Big
                                                                                       Submit questions to to the wild popu-
                                                 Coppit. When women find this
                                                                                       larity of KWTN and consequent high volume of submissions,
                                                 out, they seem turned off and
                                                                                       many questions will go unanswered and unpublished. This
                                                 they stop taking my calls, if
                                                                                       endeavor is impulsive, arbitrary, and based solely on the
                                                 they ever took them. Why are
                                                                                       personal whims of the advisor with no regard to redundancy,
                                                 the women here such snobs?
                                                                                       quality, or submitter loyalty, whatsoever.
                                                 It’s not like the Midwest where
                                                 I can go out and buy a house
                                                 easily. I’m certainly not the       own, if you really believe that       horse country, only to realize
                                                 only guy in the same position       living in your mom’s lower            that getting a great deal on a
                                                 around here.                        enclosure at age 38 is akin to liv-   big house means you actually
                                                                                     ing in your mom’s basement up         have to live there. Unlike you,
                                                       Mama’s Boy,                   north. When was the last time         however, many will continue
                                                       The girls on these islands    you checked into renting in the       the charade, trying to convince
                                                 are extraordinarily fussy that      Lower Keys? Many monthly              the rest of us of their contented-
                                                 way— you’re right. If long-         rates have fallen as demand           ness. Misery loves company?
                                                 term love is your goal, disclose    has decreased.                        Perhaps. I ran into an obnox-
                                                 the information right away. I                                             ious sell-out who was back in
                                                 suggest having a word shirt               Dear Chloe,                     town visiting for the weekend,
                                                 made that reads “MY MOM                   I lived in the Lower Keys       from his horse farm (with no
                                                 WILL MAKE YOU BREAK-                for over twenty years but after       horses) in Groveland. By the
                                                 FAST.” That’s just the kind         Wilma I moved up to Ocoee. It         time I got away, my face and
                                                 of humor and honesty real           seemed like a dream come true         drink had been spackled with
                                                 women desire. But if one night      to get a beautiful house with a       beer spittle. The only thing
                                                 of passion is your goal, tell her   big yard that cost ½ what I made      he’d convinced me of was that
                                                 you’ve been thinking of buying      on my house in Summerland,            Groveland is the perfect place
                                                 a house (for cash, why not--it’s    even after Wilma. The problem         for people like him and that,
                                                 your lie) and you’ve been wait-     is that I regret it, terribly, and    under no circumstance, should
                                                 ing for the right woman to help     now some friends are consider-        he reproduce.
                                                 you pick it out.                    ing making the same mistake.                 Regarding your friends
                                                       Another option is to con-     How can I break the spell?            considering the ill-fated move:
                                                 sider renting a place of your       How can I convince them that          Invite them for a long, miser-
                                                                                     you get what you pay for and          able weekend in Ocoee. Work
                                                                                     that they’ll regret the move, too.    hard at making it the most hor-
                                                                                     Signed, Sorry Charlie                 rendous experience they’ve
                                                                                                                           ever had. You might lose them
                                                                                          Charlie,                         as friends, but you’ll feel good
                                                                                          First, it takes courage          knowing you did your part to
                                                                                     to admit your mistake. Like           preserve their long-term hap-
                                                                                     you, many people move up to           piness. That’s love.
Key West THE NEWSPAPER August 24, 2007 Page 2                                                                                                 

                                                BarneS laW: Q&a

                         Better Biking: Cycling Skills
          by Michael Barnes              Use bike paths when they are         pedestrians.                         children on your ride, consider
          Part 2 of a series             available. Keep as close to the             Also, think about these       using a trailer that is pulled be-
          Last week we talked            right edge of the road as you        important things. When rid-          hind your bike. This is the one of
   about bicycle accident statis-        can safely ride. Watch parked        ing with a group, ride single        safest ways to bike with young              Next week: Servicing
   tics, selecting the right size bike   cars for doors being opened.         file. Don’t wear headphones,         children. The trailers frame         Your Bike.
   and the use of safety equip-          Remember you are sharing             you need to hear what’s going        adds protection and its low                 Michael R. Barnes prac-
   ment. If you missed that issue,       the road.                            on around you. Avoid riding          profile helps to prevent spills.     tices law in Key West, Florida.
   you may want to see if you can              Use appropriate hand           at night on narrow roads and         The other option is a frame          His comments are provided as
   find last week’s Key West the         signals to communicate your          roads with speed limits that         mounted seat. Both of these          a pro bono community service
   Newspaper and catch up.               intention as a matter of law,        exceed 35 mph. If you must           are acceptable but remember          and are not offered as legal
          If you are a new rider or      courtesy, and of self protection.    ride at night be sure to use         to take into consideration the       advice for a particular set of
   plan to ride an unfamiliar bike,      Always use your left arm for         lights, which are required by        added width from the trailer         The law is constantly changing.
   practice riding before you get        all hand signals. To make a left     law, and put reflectors on your      and the weight from the seat.        This article was taken directly
   into a real-life traffic situation.   turn, hold your arm straight         bike and your clothing to alert      They will increase your brake        from the American Automobile
   Practice your balance, circling       out to the left. For a right turn,   motorists of your presence on        time and compromise your             Association pamphlet “Bike
   and braking skills. Practice          bend your elbow, holding your        the road.                            balance and handling.                Basics.” This article was materi-
   turning your head without             arm up in a “L” shape. And to               Stay alert at all times,            It is also wise to plan your   ally assisted by Tammy Miller.
   swerving to simulate looking          signal a stop, bend your elbow,      watch for potholes, cracks,          route before you leave home          If you believe that you would
   behind you for approaching            pointing your arm downward           wet leaves, drainage grates or       and let your family or friends       benefit from talking with a
   traffic. Some riders find rear        in an upside down “L” shape.         anything that could make you         know where you are going,            lawyer, you are encouraged to
   view mirrors helpful. You can         You can pick up a hand book          fall. Be especially careful in wet   leave a number where they can        contact one, regarding your le-
   also check with local organi-         containing these hand signals        weather. And never share your        reach you and when they can          gal rights and responsibilities,
   zations for training programs         at your local DMV.                   seat with a friend or ride on the    expect you back.                     and follow his or her advice for
   designed for new riders.                    It is also important to        handlebars both of which can               Make your biking expe-         your individual situation.
          If you are an accom-           obey all traffic laws. All traf-     make you lose your balance.          rience safe and enjoyable by
   plished rider, who hasn’t biked       fic signs and signals apply to              If you are taking young       following today’s tips.
   for sometime, its always a good       bicyclist, too.
   idea to take a refresher course             Cross at marked cross-
   to ensure you are observing           walks and follow pedestrian
   safe bicycling rules and current      crosswalk lights where avail-
   regulations.                          able. Always slow down and
          Avoid the mistakes that        yield to pedestrians. Walk
   cause preventable injury by           your bike through busy in-
   always wearing your helmet            tersections. Stop and look left
   and other safety gear. Never          and right before entering a
   ride on the sidewalk. Make sure       roadway. Remember that you
   you ride with the flow of traffic.    may not be seen by drivers or
Key West THE NEWSPAPER August 24, 2007 Page 2                                                                    

                                                     MILITARIA WANTED
                                                   Civil War, Spanish American,                 the commUnIty
                                                   WW1 & 2, swords, medals,
                                                   helmets, daggers, uniforms,
                                                   old guns, any country. Silver
                                                   dollars, too. Cash, Collector.
                                                   Contact John 296-9899.
                                                                                       If your club or organization has something
                                                                                       special happening, let us know:
                                                                                       • PO box 567, Key West FL 33041
                                                  Help Wanted For                      • Fax 305-292-1882
                                                   Busy Kitchen                        To help us help you, try to get the
                                                    Line Experience with               information to us by noon on Tuesday before
                                                                                       Friday publication.
                                                     Knowledge of Grill
                                                          & Sautee.
    OILY’S AUTO REPAIR                            Apply at Finnegan’s Wake
                                                                                           CHILD SAFETY AWARE-
                                                                                    NESS DAY--Sat., Aug. 25 at Bay-
                                                                                                                                 THE BOOT KEY BIV-
                                                                                                                          OUAC--Oct. 7, 10am-10pm at
           5669 5th AVE, STOCK ISLAND• 296-6656
                                                      320 Grinnell St.              view Park. 9am-4pm. Free.
                                                                                           HOMETOWN! PAC--6
                                                                                                                          the Marathon Community Park
                                                                                    mayoral candidates and 7 util-               WOMEN ON FILM FES-
                                                                                    ity board candidates will answer      TIVAL--Tropic Cinema Sept. 4,
                                                                                    questions asked by top political      5, 6. Ten films over three nights.
                                                                                    observers. Mon., Aug. 27, 5-7:30pm.   Opening reception 5:30pm on the
                                                                                    Tropic Cinema. Info: info@homew-      4th. Info: www.WomenOnFilm-
                                                                                           AUDITIONS FOR NUT-                    CRANE POINT TEACH-
                                                                                    CRACKER KEY WEST--Sat.,               ER OPEN HOUSE--Sat., Aug. 25,
                                                                                    Sept. 8, Tennessee Williams Theater   9am-1pm. Learn what Crane Point
                                                                                    at FKCC. Age 4-6 @ 10:30am, Age       can offer your class this year. Info:
                                                                                    7-10 @ noon, Age 11-14 @ 2pm, Age     Elizabeth 305-743-3900 or seasci-
                                                                                    15-Adult @ 6pm. More info: Joyce
                                                                                    305-294-2943                                 CRANE POINT SCIENCE
                                                                                           JUST 4 KIDS COLLECT-           SATURDAY CLASSES--every
                                                                                    ING SCHOOL SUPPLIES FOR               Sat. Sept. 8 through Mar. 8. 9-
                                                                                    AREA KIDS--In need backpacks,         11am for kids age 6-11. Members
                                                                                    colored pencils, calculators, bind-   $10, non-members $15. More info:
                                                                                    ers, ruled notebook paper, high-      Elizabeth 743-3900 or seascience@
                                                                                    lighers. All donations are tax
                                                                                    deductable. Monetary donations               15th ANNUAL JESSE
                                                                                    can be sent to: Just 4 Kids c/o HOB   HOBBS MEMORIAL GOLF
                                                                                    Middle School, 1105 Leon St., Key     TOURNAMENT--hosted by Mar-
                                                                                    West. or call 305-292-6873.           athon Jaycees. Sept. 8 at Sombrero
                                                                                                                          Country Club. 9:30 am. 4-person
                                                                                                                          scramble, $100 per person. Info:
                                                                                                                          Steven, 305-240-1102 or Joann,
                                                                                                                                 GOLF TOURNAMENT TO
                                                                                                                          BENEFIT WOMANKIND--An-
                                                                                                                          nual S.W.I.N.G. tournamentSept.
                                                                                                                          4-9. Info: Maggie 305-294-4004 or
                                                                                                                                 ADULT VOLUNTEERS
                                                                                                                          NEEDED FOR CHALLENGE
                                                                                                                          DAYS--Sept.17-20.Info: Mindy,
                                                                                                                          305-293-1549x422 or
                                                                                                                                 KEYS CHORALE LOOK-
                                                                                                                          ING FOR PEOPLE WHO LOVE
                                                                                                                          TO SING--Register through
                                                                                                                          CONTINUED on next page
Key West THE NEWSPAPER August 24, 2007 Page 27                                                                   

                                  the commUnIty
   FROM previous page                            BOATING COURSES--The              Free monthly meeting for preg-
   Florida Keys Community College,        U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary con-          nant and breastfeeding moms;
   either for credit or as Continuing     ducts boating courses throughout         mother to mother support with
   Education.                             the year. Info: 1-888-470-5566           accredited volunteers who give
           BIG BROTHERS/BIG SIS-                 LOW COST SPAY/NEU-                current information and encour-
   TERS--Mentor a child by becoming       TER CLINICS--The Florida Keys            agement in the art of breastfeeding.
   a Big Brother or Big Sister. With a    SPCA spay/neuter clinics are held        Non-denominational, non-profit.
   little spare time, you can make a      at the FKSPCA Animal Shelter,            Held 5 - 6 p.m. the second Tuesday
   big difference. Info: 305-294-9891     5230 College Road , Stock Island.        of the month in the auditorium at
   or             Microchips for $5 and $10 rabies         the Key West Library, 700 Fleming
           HOST FAMILIES NEEDED           vaccinations are available for all       Street . Info: Liz 294-4463 or Eva
   FOR EXCHANGE STUDENTS--                pets. Appointments are required          295-8597.
   Share your home and change the         for rabies and for spay/neuter. Call            VOLUNTEERS NEEDED-
   world. More info: 1-866-493-8872       292-4600 to register. The clinic is      -The local unit of the American
   or                    sponsored by Key West Critter Pa-        Cancer Society seeks volunteer
           SURVEY SEEKING                 trol and the Florida Keys SPCA.          drivers to provide transportation
   HEALTH CARE ANSWERS—                          VOLUNTEERS NEEDED-                for cancer patients to treatments
   WomanKind is seeking volunteer         -AIDS HELP, INC. needs volun-            and licensed cosmetologists, or
   to log on to www.womankindkey-         teers to help with transportation,       hairdressers, to help cancer patients to complete a brief survey    office work, special events, etc.        feel good about their appearance
   that will help determine ways to       Call 296-6196.                           while undergoing cancer treat-
   design diagnostic and wellness                THE YMCA of Key West              ment. Info: 292-2333 x 112.
   programs to benefit employees of       offers a variety of programs for chil-          GIVE THE GIFT OF LIFE--
   businesses and individuals without     dren, adults and families, including     To find out when the bloodmobile
   health insurance. Survey takers’       skating, bocce, computer classes         will be at a location near you, call
   identity will remain confidential.     and more: The YMCA Center is             your Community Blood Center at
           FLORIDA KEYS DRAGON            located at 1011 Virginia Street .        305-294-7668.
   BOAT CLUB--meets every Sun. at         Call for info: 305-295-YMCA.
   6pm. See www.floridakeysdragon-                 LA LECHE LEAGUE— Info: 305-304-5100.
   of operation. Flexible schedules,                                    Hat Trick
   free passes, pop-corn, and t-shirts.
   Info: Lori Reid, 305-433-4183 or
   -Literacy Volunteers offers free
   Citizenship classes for intermedi-
   ate English as a Second Language
   students. Info: 294-4352.
   West Wildlife Center has re-
   opened to accept injured animals.
   Volunteers and donations are
   needed. Questions and info: 305-
           WANT TO BE A LITER-
   ACY VOLUNTEER? More than
   100 students waiting to be tutored.
   You do not have to speak another
   language to be a tutor. Info: Mary
   at 305-294-4352.
   ACTORS, ARTISTS--Contact the
   Florida Keys Council of the Arts,
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