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Ever wonder how the “World Wide Wait” became the World Wide Web? The answer lies
in the advancements made by Broadband Technology Innovations, LLC; a Washington,
DC based Company that has an exclusive license to a substantial portfolio of patents
defining the “splitterless” ADSL system. By discovering new uses for existing telephone
infrastructure, the splitterless technology revolutionized how consumers and businesses
adopted broadband internet access, enabling rapid and widespread uptake of the
technology, and setting the stage for “Triple and Quad Plays” via the telephone network.
A pioneer in the area of broadband communication services, BBTI continues to innovate
while finding new ways of leveraging the splitterless technology for the benefit of
consumers and businesses alike.
Visit the homepage to download a white paper detailing BBTI’s licensed patent
technology, and how that technology has revolutionized broadband internet access.

The art of “what’s possible” is the lynchpin of innovation. BBTI saw untapped
possibilities in the existing legacy telephone system and in the process created the
modern-day DSL technology millions of consumers and businesses rely on today.

BBTI’s licensed patents detail the process for separating voice from higher speed video
and data on traditional phone lines, which enables broadband access to the internet
through the telephone network.

In addition to facilitating DSL access through traditional phone lines, BBTI’s technology
also sets the stage for a host of additional innovations, including Internet Protocol TV,
which is the foundation for the “Triple Play” offered by the telephone companies.

ADSL – Broadband Internet Access

The most successful use of BBTI’s technology is defining the process for what is
commonly known as broadband internet access. Initially, the telephone companies routed
the information and voice signals to a splitter outside the home, requiring a professional
technician visit. The voice and information signals were separated at the network
interface device, ignoring the configuration of inside wiring in the home. The result was
service difficulties and costly visits to establish service.

BBTI’s licensed patents provide for a significantly less expensive method. Through
BBTI’s technology, a filter is placed between each telephone and the corresponding jack
by the consumer. “Splitterless ADSL,” the enabling technology for broadband access
through the traditional phone system, is born.

Splitterless ADSL is dramatically less expensive than the alternative because it almost
always saves the expense of a visit by specially trained technician. By removing the need
for professional installation, splitterless ADSL is much more efficient and reliable than
the splittered approach, resulting in rapid growth and setting the stage for future

Consumers want communications experiences to be faster and more integrated. They
want their TV, Internet, e-mail, IM, and personal voice services to find them, on
whichever device they use, wherever they are, whether at home, at work or on the go.

They want simple sign-on and billing. They want personalized, intelligent and seamless
HDTV quality interactive features that can enhance and simplify their lifestyles.

The major telephone companies have announced plans to spend billions of construction
dollars in pursuit of this goal, under a suite of new service offerings called the Triple Play
and the Quad Play. Triple Play encompasses the convergence of three communications
technologies: video, voice telephony and data in the wire line network, and the Quad Play
defines moving the Triple Play broadband services to wireless devices.

BBTI’s licensed patents define the enabling system for ADSL 2+ required to deliver
IPTV through the existing telephone distribution network without having to extend fiber
optic cables all the way to the home, resulting in much quicker availability of the new
services at significantly less cost.

Broadband Technology Innovations, LLC is an advanced communications technology
company committed to a simple mission: developing technology that leverages speed,
reliability, and communication to empower the consumer. The Company’s commitment
to the world’s existing telephone infrastructure to achieve this objective has been – and
continues to be – its key differentiating advantage.

The foundation of our technology is splitterless ADSL, which is the enabling technology
that has driven the rapid uptake of broadband internet access over existing telephone

We are always striving to build upon this core technology to provide consumers with
quick access to the global community and increasingly viable communications

Philip A. Wilkinson – President and Chief Operating Officer

For over 15 years, Phil Wilkinson has been at the forefront of some of the most important
breakthroughs in broadband communications services and the convergence of telephony,
computing and video into a single network. In his current capacity as President and Chief
Operating Officer of Broadband Technology Innovations, LLC, Phil oversees the
portfolio of patents that constitute the key enablers for ADSL systems being deployed by
service providers. These patents define interactive broadband services delivered from the
internet; hence enabling the “Triple Play” via the telephone network.

Phil began his career at AT&T, where he worked for over 20 years, holding positions of
increasing responsibility. During his career there, he was responsible for planning the
introduction of new technologies into the AT&T network, including fiber optics, which
created broadband transmission in the telephone trunk network in the 1980’s. As Vice
President of Strategy – AT&T Network Systems, he developed AT&T’s entry strategy
into the Japanese market in 1988 as a member of the CEO’s task force. The result was
AT&T becoming the largest US network equipment supplier to NTT – Japan, deploying
the first broadband ATM switch fabric. His responsibilities also included management of
Bell Telephone Laboratories’ Intellectual Property portfolio as a profit center, while
directing $2 billion annually for Bell Lab’s development and research budgets.

Subsequently, at Digital Switch Corporation (DSC) in the mid 90’s, Phil was EVP (US)
and President (Denmark), Broadband - Transport and Access Products. Under his
leadership, the $1 billion a year global equipment business generated $100 million a year
in profits.

Phil received his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Southern Methodist University.
David Ehreth – Chief Technical Officer

David Ehreth has been involved in nearly all aspects of the telecommunications industry
for 30 years. As a founding member of Optilink Corporation, David developed the
preeminent fiber to remote terminal product, Litespan, still dominant in the US market
today. Digital Switch Corporation acquired Optilink and Litespan became their flagship
broadband access product. As the Chief Technical Officer at Broadband Technology
Innovations, LLC, David utilizes his expertise in the field of broadband loop access.

Prior to joining BBTI, David was the founder and CEO of Westwave Communications,
later acquired by Alcatel, where he developed a distributed call control engine.

David holds three patents as the sole inventor in the areas of broadband, wireless, and
video communications.

David studied engineering at California State Polytechnic University and College of
Robert H. Domnitz – Member of Technical Staff

Robert Domnitz is a Member of Technical Staff at Broadband Technology Innovation’s.
Robert is also President and Principle Engineer at Technical Collaborative, Inc.,
providing design and consulting services in electronic communications and
instrumentation. Prior to Technical Collaborative, Robert served as a
telecommunications industry specialist in the Massachusetts’ Governor’s Executive
Office of Economic Affairs. Robert was positioned as an industry ombudsman in the
Weld Administration. He started his career with Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Lincoln Laboratory as a staff engineer.

He holds four patents in the fields of broadband technology, video transmissions and

Robert attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he received his B.S., M.S.
and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering. He also holds a J.D. from Boston College Law

Broadband Technology Innovations, LLC
1875 K Street, NW Suite 700
Washington, DC 20006

TEL: 202.719.1066
FAX: 202.719.1069

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