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									   Competitor      Competitor Cat#            Siemens Cat#            Secondary Cat#      Notes
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-11BE208         3SB3922-0AV + 3SB3902-1EL
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-11BE212         3SB3922-0AV + 3SB3902-1EK
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-11RE100         3SB3922-0AV + P30LP1BR
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-11RE165         3SB3922-0AV + P30LP1BR-ZK**
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-11WE127         3SB3922-0AV + 3SB3902-1BA
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-11WE128K        3SB3922-0AV + 3SB3902-1BE
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-11WE165         3SB3922-0AV + 3SB3902-1EA
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-11WE208         3SB3922-0AV + 3SB3902-1EL
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-11WE212         3SB3922-0AV + 3SB3902-1EK

ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-11WE253         3SB3922-0AV + 3SB3902-1AA-ZK**
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-12WE100         3SB3923-0AX + 3SB3903-1AA
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-13WE211         3SB3922-0AV + 3SB3902-1BC
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-14WE211         3SB3923-0AX + 3SB3903-1BC
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-1M              3SB3801-0AA
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-1MY             3SB3801-0BA
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-1P              3SB3801-0AA
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-1PY             3SB3801-0BA
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-2DL0            3SB3400-1A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-2DL3            3SB3400-1A + 3SB0A-BLA
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-2DL3A           3SB3400-1A + 3SB0A-LCA
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-2DL3G           3SB3400-1A + 3SB0A-LCG
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-2DL3R           3SB3400-1A + 3SB0A-LCR
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-2DL5            3SB3400-1B
                                                                                       NOT WIRED
                                     3SB3400-1A + 3SB3400-0A +                         FOR TEST
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800E-2DLT0X11          3SB3901-0AB                                       FUNCTION
                                                                                       NOT WIRED
                                     3SB3400-1A + 3SB3400-0A +                         FOR TEST
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800E-2DLT3AX11         3SB3400-LCA + 3SB3901-0AB                         FUNCTION
                                                                                       NOT WIRED
                                     3SB3400-1A + 3SB3400-0A +                         FOR TEST
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800E-2DLT3GX11         3SB3400-LCG + 3SB3901-0AB                         FUNCTION
                                                                                       NOT WIRED
                                     3SB3400-1A + 3SB3400-0A +                         FOR TEST
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800E-2DLT3RX11         3SB3400-LCR + 3SB3901-0AB                         FUNCTION
                                                                                       NOT WIRED
                                     3SB3400-1D + 3SB3400-0A +                         FOR TEST
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800E-2DLT3X11          3SB3901-0AB                                       FUNCTION
                                                                                       NOT WIRED
                                     3SB3400-1B + 3SB3400-0A +                         FOR TEST
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-2DLT5X11        3SB3901-0AB                                       FUNCTION
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-2LX01           3SB3400-0C
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-2LX01V          3SB3400-0C
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-2LX02           3SB3400-0E
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-2LX10           3SB3400-0B
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-2LX10V          3SB3400-0B
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-2LX11           3SB3400-0A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-2LX11V          3SB3400-0A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-2LX20           3SB3400-0D
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-2M              3SB3802-0AA
   Competitor    Competitor Cat#             Siemens Cat#      Secondary Cat#      Notes
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800E-2P              3SB3802-0AA
                                   3SB3400-3M + 3SB3400-1A +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800E-2TL5            3SB0A-BL1
                                   3SB3400-3M + 3SB3400-1A +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800E-2TL5            3SB0A-BL1
                                   3SB3400-3M + 3SB0A-L1A +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800E-2TL5A           3SB3400-1A
                                   3SB3400-3M + 3SB0A-L1G +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800E-2TL5G           3SB3400-1A
                                   3SB3400-3M + 3SB0A-L1R +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800E-2TL5R           3SB3400-1A
                                   3SB3400-3M + 3SB3400-0B +
                                   3SB3400-0C + 3SB3400-1A +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800E-2TL5X11         3SB3400-BL1
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800E-2TL7            3SB3400-3P
                                   3SB3400-3P + 3SB0A-L1A +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800E-2TL7A           3SB3400-1A
                                   3SB3400-3P + 3SB0A-L1G +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800E-2TL7G           3SB3400-1A
                                   3SB3400-3P + 3SB0A-L1R +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800E-2TL7R           3SB3400-1A
                                   3SB3400-3M + 3SB3400-0B +                    NOT WIRED
                                   3SB3400-0C + 3SB0A-L1A +                     FOR TEST
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800E-2TLT5AX11       3SB3400-1A                                   FUNCTION
                                   3SB3400-3M + 3SB3400-0B +                    NOT WIRED
                                   3SB3400-0C + 3SB0A-L1G +                     FOR TEST
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800E-2TLT5GX11       3SB3400-1A                                   FUNCTION
                                   3SB3400-3M + 3SB3400-0B +                    NOT WIRED
                                   3SB3400-0C + 3SB0A-L1R +                     FOR TEST
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800E-2TLT5RX11       3SB3400-1A                                   FUNCTION
                                                                                NOT WIRED
                                   3SB3400-3M + 3SB3400-0B +                    FOR TEST
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800E-2TLT5X11        3SB3400-0C + 3SB3400-1A                      FUNCTION
                                   3SB3400-3P + 3SB3400-0B +                    NOT WIRED
                                   3SB3400-0C +3SB0A-L1A +                      FOR TEST
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800E-2TLT7AX11       3SB3400-1A                                   FUNCTION
                                   3SB3400-3P + 3SB3400-0B +                    NOT WIRED
                                   3SB3400-0C +3SB0A-L1G +                      FOR TEST
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800E-2TLT7GX11       3SB3400-1A                                   FUNCTION
                                   3SB3400-3P + 3SB3400-0B +                    NOT WIRED
                                   3SB3400-0C +3SB0A-L1R +                      FOR TEST
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800E-2TLT7RX11       3SB3400-1A                                   FUNCTION
                                                                                NOT WIRED
                                   3SB3400-3P + 3SB3400-0B +                    FOR TEST
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-2TLT7X11      3SB3400-0C + 3SB3400-1A                      FUNCTION
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-2X01          3SB3400-0C
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-2X01L         3SB3400-0H
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-2X01V         3SB3400-0C
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-2X10          3SB3400-0B
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-2X10E         3SB3400-0H
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-2X10V         3SB3400-0B
   Competitor      Competitor Cat#            Siemens Cat#       Secondary Cat#      Notes
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-2X11L           3SB3400-0H
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-34BE100         3SB3922-0AV + 3SB3901-1AA
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-3DL0            3SB3400-1A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-3DL3            3SB3400-1D
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-3DL3A           3SB3400-1A + 3SB0A-LCA
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-3DL3G           3SB3400-1A + 3SB0A-LCG
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-3DL3R           3SB3400-1A + 3SB0A-LCR
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-3DL5            3SB3400-1B
                                     3SB3400-1B + 3SB3400-0A +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800E-3DL5X11           3SB3901-0AB
                                                                                  NOT WIRED
                                     3SB3400-1A + 3SB3400-0A +                    FOR TEST
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800E-3DLT0X11          3SB3901-0AB                                  FUNCTION
                                                                                  NOT WIRED
                                     3SB3400-1A + 3SB3400-0A +                    FOR TEST
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800E-3DLT3AX11         3SB0A-LCA + 3SB3901-0AB                      FUNCTION
                                                                                  NOT WIRED
                                     3SB3400-1A + 3SB3400-0A +                    FOR TEST
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800E-3DLT3GX11         3SB0A-LCG + 3SB3901-0AB                      FUNCTION
                                                                                  NOT WIRED
                                     3SB3400-1A + 3SB3400-0A +                    FOR TEST
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800E-3DLT3RX11         3SB0A-LCR + 3SB3901-0AB                      FUNCTION
                                                                                  NOT WIRED
                                     3SB3400-1D + 3SB3400-0A +                    FOR TEST
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800E-3DLT3X11          3SB3901-0AB                                  FUNCTION
                                                                                  NOT WIRED
                                                                                  FOR TEST
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-3DLT5X11        3SB3400-1B + 3SB3400-0A                      FUNCTION
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-3LX01           3SB3400-0C
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-3LX01V          3SB3400-0C
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-3LX02           3SB3400-0E
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-3LX10           3SB3400-0B
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-3LX10V          3SB3400-0B
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-3LX11           3SB3400-0A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-3LX11V          3SB3400-0A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-3LX20           3SB3400-0D
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-3M              3SB3803-0AA
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-3P              3SB3803-0AA
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-3TL5            3SB3400-3M
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-3TL5A           3SB3400-3M + 3SB0A-L1A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-3TL5G           3SB3400-3M + 3SB0A-L1G
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-3TL5R           3SB3400-3M + 3SB0A-L1R
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-3TL7            3SB3400-3P
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-3TL7A           3SB3400-3P + 3SB0A-L1A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-3TL7G           3SB3400-3P + 3SB0A-L1G
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-3TL7R           3SB3400-3P + 3SB0A-L1R
                                     3SB3400-3M + 3SB3400-0B +                    NOT WIRED
                                     3SB3400-0C + 3SB0A-L1A +                     FOR TEST
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800E-3TLT5AX11         3SB3901-0AB                                  FUNCTION
   Competitor      Competitor Cat#            Siemens Cat#                 Secondary Cat#      Notes
                                     3SB3400-3M + 3SB3400-0B +                              NOT WIRED
                                     3SB3400-0C + 3SB0A-L1G +                               FOR TEST
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800E-3TLT5GX11         3SB3901-0AB                                            FUNCTION
                                     3SB3400-3M + 3SB3400-0B +                              NOT WIRED
                                     3SB3400-0C + 3SB0A-L1R +                               FOR TEST
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800E-3TLT5RX11         3SB3901-0AB                                            FUNCTION
                                                                                            NOT WIRED
                                     3SB3400-3M + 3SB3400-0B +                              FOR TEST
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800E-3TLT5X11          3SB3400-0C + 3SB3901-0AB                               FUNCTION
                                     3SB3400-3P + 3SB3400-0B +                              NOT WIRED
                                     3SB3400-0C + 3SB0A-L1A +                               FOR TEST
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800E-3TLT7AX11         3SB3901-0AB                                            FUNCTION
                                     3SB3400-3P + 3SB3400-0B +                              NOT WIRED
                                     3SB3400-0C + 3SB0A-L1G +                               FOR TEST
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800E-3TLT7GX11         3SB3901-0AB                                            FUNCTION
                                     3SB3400-3P + 3SB3400-0B +                              NOT WIRED
                                     3SB3400-0C + 3SB0A-L1R +                               FOR TEST
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800E-3TLT7RX11         3SB3901-0AB                                            FUNCTION
                                                                                            NOT WIRED
                                     3SB3400-3P + 3SB3400-0B +                              FOR TEST
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-3TLT7X11        3SB3400-0C + 3SB3901-0AB                               FUNCTION
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-3X01            3SB3400-0C
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-3X01L           3SB3400-0H
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-3X01V           3SB3400-0C
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-3X10            3SB3400-0B
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-3X10V           3SB3400-0B
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-3X11L           3SB3400-0A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-4DL0            3SB3400-1A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-4DL3            3SB3400-1D
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-4DL5            3SB3400-1B
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-4LX01           3SB3400-0C
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-4LX10           3SB3400-0B
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-4LX11           3SB3400-0A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-4LX20           3SB3400-0D
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-4LX22           (2) 3SB3400-0A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-4TL5            3SB3400-3M
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-4TL7            3SB3400-3P
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-4X01            3SB3400-0C
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-4X10            3SB3400-0B
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-A2L             Not required with 3SB3 product line
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-A3L             Not required with 3SB3 product line
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-A4L             Not required with 3SB3 product line
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-ABZ1            3SB3921-0AU
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-AHA1            3SB1902-0AV
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-ALR1            3SBB0A-ABBT + 3SB3921-0BC
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-AP3             3SB3930-6BB7
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-AP4             3SB3930-6BB6
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-AP7             3SB3930-6BA7
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800E-AW1             3SB3921-0BC
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-E1             3SB3500-0BA61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-E2             3SB3500-0BA11
   Competitor      Competitor Cat#            Siemens Cat#   Secondary Cat#   Notes
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-E4             3SB3500-0BB61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-E402B          3SB3500-0BB61-ZEK
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-E404B          3SB3500-0BB61-ZEC
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-E43LX01        3SB3603-0BB61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-E5             3SB3500-0BA31
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-E6             3SB3500-0BA51
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-F1             3SB3500-0AA61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-F13LX10        3SB3602-0AA61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-F13LX11        3SB3601-0AA61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-F2             3SB3500-0AA11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-F209W          3SB3500-0AA11-ZEF
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-F210W          3SB3500-0AA11-ZEG
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-F213W          3SB3500-0AA11-ZED
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-F214W          3SB3500-0AA11-ZEE
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-F23LX01        3SB3603-0AA11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-F23LX10        3SB3602-0AA11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-F23LX11        3SB3601-0AA11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-F3             3SB3500-0AB71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-F301B          3SB3500-0AB71-ZEL
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-F303B          3SB3500-0AB71-ZEB
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-F33LX10        3SB3602-0AB71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-F33LX11        3SB3601-0AB71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-F4             3SB3500-0AB61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-F43LX01        3SB3603-0AB61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-F43LX11        3SB3601-0AB61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-F5             3SB3500-0AA31
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-F53LX10        3SB3602-0AA31
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-F53LX11        3SB3601-0AA31
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-F6             3SB3500-0AA51
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-F607B          3SB3500-0AA51-ZEM
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-F63LX10        3SB3602-0AA51
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-F63LX11        3SB3601-0AA51
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-FA1            3SB3500-0DA61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-FA2            3SB3500-0DA11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-FA3            3SB3500-0DB71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-FA4            3SB3500-0DB61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-FA5            3SB3500-0DA31
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-FA6            3SB3500-0DA51
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-G1             3SB3500-0AA62
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-G2             3SB3500-0AA12
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-G3             3SB3500-0AB72
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-G4             3SB3500-0AB62
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-G5             3SB3500-0AA32
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-G6             3SB3500-0AA52
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-HB31           3SB3500-3TA61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-HB32           3SB3500-3TA11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-HB33           3SB3500-3TB71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-HB34           3SB3500-3TB61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-HL31           3SB3500-3VA61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-HL32           3SB3500-3VA11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-HL33           3SB3500-3VB71
   Competitor      Competitor Cat#            Siemens Cat#       Secondary Cat#   Notes
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-HL34           3SB3500-3VB61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-HM21           3SB3500-3PA61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-HM22           3SB3500-3PA11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-HM23           3SB3500-3PB71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-HM24           3SB3500-3PB61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-HM31           3SB3500-3SA61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-HM32           3SB3500-3SA11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-HM33           3SB3500-3SB71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-HM34           3SB3500-3SB61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-HR21           3SB3500-3QA61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-HR22           3SB3500-3QA11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-HR23           3SB3500-3QB71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-HR24           3SB3500-3QB61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-HR31           3SB3500-3UA61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-HR32           3SB3500-3UA11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-HR33           3SB3500-3UB71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-HR34           3SB3500-3UB61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-KB3R4          3SB3500-4ED01
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-KL3R2          3SB3500-4GD31
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-KL3R4          3SB3500-4GD01
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-KL3R7          3SB3500-4GD61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-KM2R1          3SB3500-4AD01
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-KM2R2          3SB3500-4AD21
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-KM2R3          3SB3500-4AD11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-KM2R33LX10     3SB3602-4AD11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-KM2R33LX11     3SB3601-4AD11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-KM3R1          3SB3500-4DD21
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-KM3R2          3SB3500-4DD31
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-KM3R3          3SB3500-4DD11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-KM3R4          3SB3500-4DD01
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-KM3R5          3SB3500-4DD51
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-KM3R6          3SB3500-4DD41
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-KR2R1          3SB3500-4BD01
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-KR3R1          3SB3500-4FD21
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-KR3R4          3SB3500-4FD01
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-KR3R5          3SB3500-4FD51
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LE3            3SB3501-0BB71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LE4            3SB3501-0BB61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LE43DL0X11     3SB3605-0BB61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LE43DL3X01     3SB3607-0BB61 + 3SB0A-BLC
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LE6            3SB3501-0BA51
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LE7            3SB3501-0BA71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LF3            3SB3501-0AB71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LF33DL0X10     3SB3606-0AB71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LF33DL0X11     3SB3605-0AB71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LF33DL3X10     3SB3620-0AB71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LF33DL3X11     3SB3621-0AB71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LF33DL5X10     3SB3624-0AB71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LF33DL5X11     3SB3626-0AB71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LF33RL7X10     3SB3614-0AB71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LF33RL7X11     3SB3613-0AB71
   Competitor      Competitor Cat#            Siemens Cat#          Secondary Cat#   Notes
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LF4            3SB3501-0AB61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LF43DL0X01     3SB3607-0AB61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LF43DL0X11     3SB3605-0AB61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LF43DL3X01     3SB3618-0AB61
                                     3SB3501-0AB61 + 3SB3400-1D +
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LF43DL3X10     3SB3400-0B
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LF43DL3X11     3SB3621-0AB61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LF43DL5X01     3SB3625-0AB61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LF43DL5X11     3SB3626-0AB61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LF43RL7X01     3SB3616-0AB61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LF43RL7X11     3SB3613-0AB61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LF5            3SB3501-0AA01
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LF53DL0X10     3SB3606-0AA01
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LF53DL0X11     3SB3605-0AA01
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LF53DL3X10     3SB3620-0AA01
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LF53DL3X11     3SB3621-0AA31
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LF53DL5X10     3SB3624-0AA01
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LF53DL5X11     3SB3626-0AA01
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LF53RL7X10     3SB3614-0AA01
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LF53RL7X11     3SB3613-0AA01
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LF6            3SB3501-0AA51
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LF63DL0X10     3SB3606-0AA51
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LF63DL0X11     3SB3605-0AA51
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LF63DL3X10     3SB3620-0AA51
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LF63DL3X11     3SB3621-0AA51
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LF63DL5X10     3SB3624-0AA51
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LF63DL5X11     3SB3626-0AA51
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LF63RL7X10     3SB3614-0AA51
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LF63RL7X11     3SB3613-0AA51
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LF7            3SB3501-0AA71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LF73DL0X10     3SB3606-0AA71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LF73DL0X11     3SB3605-0AA71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LF73DL3X10     3SB3620-0AA71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LF73DL3X11     3SB3621-0AA71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LF73DL5X10     3SB3624-0AA71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LF73DL5X11     3SB3626-0AA71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LF73RL7X10     3SB3614-0AA71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LF73RL7X11     3SB3613-0AA71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LFA3           3SB3501-0DB71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LFA4           3SB3501-0DB61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LFA5           3SB3501-0DA01
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LFA6           3SB3501-0DA51
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LFA7           3SB3501-0DA71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LHB33          3SB3501-3TB71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LHB34          3SB3501-3TB61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LHB35          3SB3501-3TA01
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LHB36          3SB3501-3TA51
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LHB37          3SB3501-3TA71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LHL33          3SB3501-3VB71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LHL34          3SB3501-3VB61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LHL35          3SB3501-3VA01
   Competitor      Competitor Cat#        Siemens Cat#          Secondary Cat#   Notes
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LHL36      3SB3501-3VA51
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LHL37      3SB3501-3VA71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LHM23      3SB3501-3PB71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LHM24      3SB3501-3PB61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LHM25      3SB3501-3PA01
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LHM26      3SB3501-3PA51
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LHM27      3SB3501-3PA71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LHM33      3SB3501-3SB71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LHM34      3SB3501-3SB61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LHM35      3SB3501-3SA01
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LHM36      3SB3501-3SA51
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LHM37      3SB3501-3SA71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LHR23      3SB3501-3QB71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LHR24      3SB3501-3QB61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LHR25      3SB3501-3QA01
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LHR26      3SB3501-3QA51
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LHR27      3SB3501-3QA71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LHR33      3SB3501-3UB71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LHR34      3SB3501-3UB61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LHR35      3SB3501-3UA01
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LHR36      3SB3501-3UA51
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LHR37      3SB3501-3UA71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LM1        3SB3501-1GA61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LM3        3SB3501-1GB71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LM4        3SB3501-1GB61
                                 3SB3501-1GB61 + 3SB3400-2A +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800EM-LM5          3SB3501-1GA01
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800EM-LMJ1         3SB3501-1QA61
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800EM-LMJ3         3SB3501-1QB71
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800EM-LMJ4         3SB3501-1QB61
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800EM-LMJ5         3SB3501-1QA31
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800EM-LMJP23       3SB3501-1RB71
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800EM-LMJP24       3SB3501-1RB61
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800EM-LMJP25       3SB3501-1RA01
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800EM-LMJP26       3SB3501-1RA51
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800EM-LMJP27       3SB3501-1RA71
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800EM-LMJP3R3      3SB3501-7WB61
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800EM-LMJP3R4      3SB3501-7WB71
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800EM-LMJP3S3      3SB3501-1WB61
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800EM-LMJP3S4      3SB3501-1WB71
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800EM-LMP23        3SB3501-1CB71
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800EM-LMP24        3SB3501-1CB61
                                 3SB3501-1CB61 + 3SB3400-2A +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800EM-LMP25        3SB3501-1CA01
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800EM-LMP26        3SB3501-1CA51
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800EM-LMP27        3SB3501-1CA71
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800EM-LMP3R3       3SB3501-7SB71
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800EM-LMP3R4       3SB3501-7SB61
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800EM-LMP3S3       3SB3501-1SB71
   Competitor      Competitor Cat#            Siemens Cat#        Secondary Cat#   Notes
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LMP3S4         3SB3501-1SB61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LSB33          3SB3501-2TB71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LSB34          3SB3501-2TB61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LSB35          3SB3501-2TA01
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LSB36          3SB3501-2TA51
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LSB37          3SB3501-2TA71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LSL33          3SB3501-2VB71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LSL34          3SB3501-2VB61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LSL35          3SB3501-2VA01
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LSL36          3SB3501-2VA51
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LSL37          3SB3501-2VA71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LSM23          3SB3501-2PB71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LSM24          3SB3501-2PB61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LSM25          3SB3501-2PA01
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LSM26          3SB3501-2PA51
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LSM27          3SB3501-2PA71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LSM33          3SB3501-2SB71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LSM34          3SB3501-2SB61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LSM35          3SB3501-2SA01
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LSM36          3SB3501-2SA51
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LSM37          3SB3501-2SA71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LSR23          3SB3501-2QB71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LSR24          3SB3501-2QB61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LSR25          3SB3501-2QA01
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LSR26          3SB3501-2QA51
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LSR27          3SB3501-2QA71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LSR33          3SB3501-2UB71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LSR34          3SB3501-2UB61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LSR35          3SB3501-2UA01
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LSR36          3SB3501-2UA51
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-LSR37          3SB3501-2UA71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-M2             3SB3500-1GA11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-M3             3SB3500-1GB71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-M4             3SB3500-1GB61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-M5             3SB3500-1GA31
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-MJ2            3SB3500-1QA11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-MJ3            3SB3500-1QB71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-MJ4            3SB3500-1QB61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-MJ5            3SB3500-1QA31
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-MJP22          3SB3500-1RA11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-MJP24          3SB3500-1RB61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-MJP3R2         3SB3500-7WA11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-MJP3R4         3SB3500-7WB61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-MJT4           3SB3500-1HB60
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-MKR44          3SB3500-1BB60
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-MP22           3SB3500-1CA11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-MP24           3SB3500-1CB61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-MP243LX01      3SB3500-1CB61 + 3SB3400-0C
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-MP3R2          3SB3500-7SA11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-MP3R4          3SB3500-7SB61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-MP3S2          3SB3500-1SA11
   Competitor      Competitor Cat#            Siemens Cat#   Secondary Cat#   Notes
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-MP3S4          3SB3500-1SB61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-MT4            3SB3500-1HB60
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-MT4            3SB3500-1HB60
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-MTS44          3SB3500-1HB60
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-MTS443LX01     3SB3603-1HB60
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-P1             3SB3501-6AA60
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-P13DL0         3SB3604-6AA60
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-P13DL3         3SB3617-6AA60
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-P13DL5         3SB3623-BAA60
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-P13RL7         3SB3612-6AA60
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-P3             3SB3501-6AB70
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-P33DL0         3SB3604-6AB70
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-P33DL3         3SB3617-6AB70
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-P33DL5         3SB3623-BAB70
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-P33RL7         3SB3612-6AB70
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-P4             3SB3501-6AB60
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-P43DL0         3SB3604-6AB60
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-P43DL3         3SB3617-6AB60
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-P43DL5         3SB3623-BAB60
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-P43RL7         3SB3612-6AB60
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-P5             3SB3501-6AA00
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-P53DL0         3SB3604-6AA00
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-P53DL3         3SB3617-6AA00
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-P53DL5         3SB3623-6AA00
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-P53RL7         3SB3612-6AA00
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-P6             3SB3501-6AA50
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-P63DL0         3SB3604-6AA50
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-P63DL3         3SB3617-6AA50
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-P63DL5         3SB3623-BAA50
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-P63RL7         3SB3612-6AA50
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-P7             3SB3501-6AA70
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-P73DL0         3SB3604-6AA70
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-P73DL3         3SB3617-6AA70
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-P73DL5         3SB3623-BAA70
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-P73RL7         3SB3612-6AA70
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-PL1            3SB3501-6BA60
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-PL3            3SB3501-6BB70
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-PL4            3SB3501-6BB60
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-PL5            3SB3501-6BA00
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-PL6            3SB3501-6BA50
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-PL7            3SB3501-6BA70
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-SB31           3SB3500-2TA61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-SB32           3SB3500-2TA11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-SB323LX11      3SB3610-2TA11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-SB33           3SB3500-2TB71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-SB34           3SB3500-2TB61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-SL31           3SB3500-2VA61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-SL32           3SB3500-2VA11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-SL33           3SB3500-2VB71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-SL34           3SB3500-2VB61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-SM21           3SB3500-2PA61
   Competitor      Competitor Cat#            Siemens Cat#   Secondary Cat#   Notes
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-SM22           3SB3500-2PA11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-SM223LX10      3SB3602-2PA11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-SM223LX11      3SB3601-2PA11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-SM23           3SB3500-2PB71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-SM24           3SB3500-2PB61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-SM31           3SB3500-2SA61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-SM32           3SB3500-2SA11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-SM323LX11      3SB3610-2SA11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-SM33           3SB3500-2SB71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-SM34           3SB3500-2SB61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-SR21           3SB3500-2QA61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-SR22           3SB3500-2QA11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-SR23           3SB3500-2QB71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-SR24           3SB3500-2QB61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-SR31           3SB3500-2UA61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-SR32           3SB3500-2UA11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-SR33           3SB3500-2UB71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-SR34           3SB3500-2UB61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EM-W4             3SB3500-7CB61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-E1             3SB3000-0BA61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-E13LX10        3SB3202-0BA61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-E13LX11        3SB3201-0BA61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-E2             3SB3000-0BA11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-E23LX01        3SB3203-0BA11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-E23LX10        3SB3202-0BA11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-E23LX11        3SB3201-0BA11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-E3             NO EQUAL
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-E4             3SB3000-0BA21
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-E402B          3SB3000-0BA21-ZEK
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-E404B          3SB3000-0BA21-ZEC
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-E43LX01        3SB3203-0BA21
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-E43LX11        3SB3201-0BA21
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-E5             3SB3000-0BA31
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-E53LX10        3SB3202-0BA31
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-E53LX11        3SB3201-0BA31
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-E6             3SB3000-0BA51
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-E63LX10        3SB3202-0BA51
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-E63LX11        3SB3201-0BA51
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-F1             3SB3000-0AA61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-F105W          3SB3000-0AA61-Z99
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-F106W          3SB3000-0AA61-Z99
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-F13LX10        3SB3202-0AA61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-F13LX11        3SB3201-0AA61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-F2             3SB3000-0AA11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-F209W          3SB3000-0AA11-ZEF
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-F210W          3SB3000-0AA11-ZEG
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-F213W          3SB3000-0AA11-ZED
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-F214W          3SB3000-0AA11-ZEE
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-F23LX01        3SB3203-0AA11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-F23LX10        3SB3202-0AA11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-F23LX11        3SB3201-0AA11
   Competitor      Competitor Cat#             Siemens Cat#   Secondary Cat#   Notes
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-F3             3SB3000-0AA41
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-F301B          3SB3000-0AA41-ZEL
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-F303B          3SB3000-0AA41-ZEB
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-F305W          3SB3000-0AB01
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-F306W          3SB3000-0AA81
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-F33LX10        3SB3202-0AA41
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-F33LX11        3SB3201-0AA41
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-F4             3SB3000-0AA21
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-F43LX01        3SB3203-0AA21
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-F43LX11        3SB3201-0AA21
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-F5             3SB3000-0AA31
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-F53LX10        3SB3202-0AA31
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-F53LX11        3SB3201-0AA31
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-F6             3SB3000-0AA51
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-F607B          3SB3000-0AA51-ZEM
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-F63LX10        3SB3202-0AA51
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-F63LX11        3SB3201-0AA51
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-F9             NO EQUAL
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-FA1            3SB3000-0DA61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-FA2            3SB3000-0DA11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-FA3            3SB3000-0DA41
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-FA4            3SB3000-0DA21
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-FA5            3SB3000-0DA31
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-FA6            3SB3000-0DA51
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-G1             3SB3000-0AA62
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-G2             3SB3000-0AA12
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-G3             3SB3000-0AA42
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-G4             3SB3000-0AA22
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-G5             3SB3000-0AA32
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-G6             3SB3000-0AA52
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-HB31           3SB3000-2EA61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-HB32           3SB3000-2EA11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-HB33           3SB3000-2EA41
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-HB34           3SB3000-2EA21
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-HL31           3SB3000-2GA61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-HL32           3SB3000-2GA11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-HL33           3SB3000-2GA41
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-HL34           3SB3000-2GA21
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-HM21           3SB3000-2KA61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-HM22           3SB3000-2KA11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-HM23           3SB3000-2KA41
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-HM24           3SB3000-2KA21
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-HM31           3SB3000-2DA61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-HM32           3SB3000-2DA11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-HM33           3SB3000-2DA41
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-HM34           3SB3000-2DA21
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-HR21           3SB3000-2LA61
   Competitor      Competitor Cat#             Siemens Cat#   Secondary Cat#   Notes
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-HR22           3SB3000-2LA11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-HR23           3SB3000-2LA41
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-HR24           3SB3000-2LA21
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-HR31           3SB3000-2FA61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-HR32           3SB3000-2FA11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-HR33           3SB3000-2FA41
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-HR34           3SB3000-2FA21
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-KB34           3SB3000-3EJ01
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-KB3R4          3SB3000-4ED01
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-KL32           3SB3000-3GJ31
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-KL3R2          3SB3000-4GD31
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-KL3R4          3SB3000-4GD01
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-KL3R7          3SB3000-4GD61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-KM21           3SB3000-3AJ01
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-KM23           3SB3000-3AJ11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-KM2R1          3SB3000-4AD01
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-KM2R2          3SB3000-4AD21
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-KM2R3          3SB3000-4AD11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-KM2R33LX10     3SB3202-4AD11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-KM2R33LX11     3SB3201-4AD11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-KM33           3SB3000-3DJ11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-KM3R1          3SB3000-4DD21
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-KM3R2          3SB3000-4DD31
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-KM3R3          3SB3000-4DD11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-KM3R4          3SB3000-4DD01
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-KM3R5          3SB3000-4DD51
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-KM3R6          3SB3000-4DD41
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-KR21           3SB3000-3BJ01
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-KR2R1          3SB3000-4BD01
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-KR31           3SB3000-3FK21
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-KR3R1          3SB3000-4FD21
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-KR3R4          3SB3000-4FD01
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-KR3R5          3SB3000-4FD51
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LE3            3SB3001-0BA41
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LE4            3SB3001-0BA21
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LE5            3SB3001-0BA31
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LE6            3SB3001-0BA51
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LE7            3SB3001-0BA71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LF1            3SB3001-0AA61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LF13DL0X10     3SB3206-0AA61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LF13DL0X11     3SB3205-0AA61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LF13RL7X10     3SB3214-0AA61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LF13RL7X11     3SB3213-0AA61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LF3            3SB3001-0AA41
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LF33DL0X10     3SB3206-0AA41
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LF33DL0X11     3SB3205-0AA41
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LF33DL3X10     3SB3220-0AA41
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LF33DL3X11     3SB3221-0AA41
   Competitor      Competitor Cat#            Siemens Cat#         Secondary Cat#   Notes
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LF33DL5GX10    3SB3224-0AA41
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LF33DL5GX10    3SB3225-0AA41
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LF33RL7X10     3SB3214-0AA41
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LF33RL7X11     3SB3213-0AA41
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LF4            3SB3001-0AA21
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LF43DL0X01     3SB3207-0AA21
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LF43DL0X11     3SB3205-0AA21
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LF43DL3X01     3SB3218-0AA21
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LF43DL3X11     3SB3221-0AA21
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LF43DL5X01     3SB3225-0AA21
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LF43DL5X11     3SB3226-0AA21
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LF43RL7X01     3SB3216-0AA21
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LF43RL7X11     3SB3213-0AA21
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LF5            3SB3001-0AA31
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LF6            3SB3001-0AA51
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LF63DL0X10     3SB3206-0AA51
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LF63DL0X11     3SB3205-0AA51
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LF63DL3X10     3SB3220-0AA51
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LF63DL3X11     3SB3221-0AA51
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LF63DL5X10     3SB3224-0AA51
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LF63DL5X11     3SB3226-0AA51
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LF63RL7X10     3SB3214-0AA51
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LF63RL7X11     3SB3213-0AA51
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LF7            3SB3001-0AA71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LF73DL0X10     3SB3206-0AA71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LF73DL0X11     3SB3205-0AA71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LF73DL3X10     3SB3220-0AA71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LF73DL3X11     3SB3221-0AA71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LF73DL5X10     3SB3224-0AA71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LF73DL5X11     3SB3226-0AA71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LF73RL7X10     3SB3214-0AA71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LF73RL7X11     3SB3213-0AA71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LFA1           3SB3001-0DA61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LFA3           3SB3001-0DA41
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LFA4           3SB3001-0DA21
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LFA5           3SB3001-0DA31
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LFA6           3SB3001-0DA51
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LFA7           3SB3001-0DA71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LG3            3SB3001-0AA41 + 3SB3921-0BF
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LG4            3SB3001-0AA21 + 3SB3921-0BF
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LG5            3SB3001-0AA31 + 3SB3921-0BF
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LHB34          3SB3001-2EA21
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LHL33          3SB3001-2GA41
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LHL34          3SB3001-2GA21
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LHL35          3SB3001-2GA31
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LHL36          3SB3001-2GA51
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LHL37          3SB3001-2GA71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LHM23          3SB3001-2KA41
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LHM24          3SB3001-2KA21
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LHM25          3SB3001-2KA31
   Competitor      Competitor Cat#             Siemens Cat#   Secondary Cat#   Notes
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LHM26          3SB3001-2KA51
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LHM27          3SB3001-2KA71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LHM33          3SB3001-2DA41
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LHM34          3SB3001-2DA21
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LHM35          3SB3001-2DA31
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LHM36          3SB3001-2DA51
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LHM37          3SB3001-2DA71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LHR23          3SB3001-2LA41
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LHR24          3SB3001-2LA21
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LHR25          3SB3001-2LA31
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LHR26          3SB3001-2LA51
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LHR27          3SB3001-2LA71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LHR33          3SB3001-2FA41
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LHR34          3SB3001-2FA21
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LHR35          3SB3001-2FA31
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LHR36          3SB3001-2FA51
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LHR37          3SB3001-2FA71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LSB33          3SB3001-2EA41
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LSB34          3SB3001-2EA21
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LSB35          3SB3001-2EA31
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LSB36          3SB3001-2EA51
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LSB37          3SB3001-2EA71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LSL33          3SB3001-2GA41
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LSL34          3SB3001-2GA21
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LSL35          3SB3001-2GA31
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LSL36          3SB3001-2GA51
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LSL37          3SB3001-2GA71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LSM23          3SB3001-2KA41
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LSM24          3SB3001-2KA21
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LSM25          3SB3001-2KA31
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LSM26          3SB3001-2KA51
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LSM27          3SB3001-2KA71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LSM33          3SB3001-2DA41
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LSM34          3SB3001-2DA21
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LSM35          3SB3001-2DA31
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LSM36          3SB3001-2DA51
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LSM37          3SB3001-2DA71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LSN23          3SB3001-2HA41
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LSN24          3SB3001-2HA21
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LSN26          3SB3001-2HA51
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LSN27          3SB3001-2HA71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LSR23          3SB3001-2LA41
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LSR24          3SB3001-2LA21
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LSR25          3SB3001-2LA31
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LSR26          3SB3001-2LA51
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LSR27          3SB3001-2LA71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LSR33          3SB3001-2FA41
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LSR34          3SB3001-2FA21
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LSR35          3SB3001-2FA31
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LSR36          3SB3001-2FA51
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LSR37          3SB3001-2FA71
   Competitor      Competitor Cat#             Siemens Cat#         Secondary Cat#   Notes
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LU2B21         3SB3101-8BC21
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-LU2C21         3SB3101-8DC21
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-M2             3SB3000-1GA11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-M3             3SB3000-1GA41
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-M4             3SB3000-1GA21
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-M5             3SB3000-1GA31
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-MJ2            3SB3000-1GA11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-MJ4            3SB3000-1GA21
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-MK4            3SB3000-1BA20
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-MKR44          3SB3000-1BA20
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-MT4            3SB3000-1HA20
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-MTS42          3SB3000-1HA10
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-MTS44          3SB3000-1HA20
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-MTS443LX01     3SB3203-1HA20
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-P1             3SB3001-6CA60
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-P13DL0         3SB3001-6CA60 + 3SB3400-1A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-P13DL3         3SB3001-6CA60 + 3SB3400-1D
                                     3SB3001-6CA60 + 3SB3400-1A +
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-P13DL5         3SB0A-BL1
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-P13RL7         3SB3001-6CA60 + 3SB3400-1C
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-P3             3SB3001-6CA40
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-P33DL0         3SB3001-6CA40 + 3SB3400-1A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-P33DL3         3SB3001-6CA40 + 3SB3400-1D
                                     3SB3001-6CA40 + 3SB3400-1A +
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-P33DL5         3SB0A-BL1
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-P33RL7         3SB3001-6CA40 + 3SB3400-1C
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-P4             3SB3001-6CA20
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-P43DL0         3SB3001-6CA20 + 3SB3400-1A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-P43DL3         3SB3001-6CA20 + 3SB3400-1D
                                     3SB3001-6CA20 + 3SB3400-1A +
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-P43DL5         3SB0A-BL1
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-P43RL7         3SB3001-6CA20 + 3SB3400-1C
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-P5             3SB3001-6CA00
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-P53DL0         3SB3001-6CA00 + 3SB3400-1A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-P53DL3         3SB3001-6CA00 + 3SB3400-1D
                                     3SB3001-6CA00 + 3SB3400-1A +
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-P53DL5         3SB0A-BL1
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-P53RL7         3SB3001-6CA00 + 3SB3400-1C
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-P6             3SB3001-6CA50
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-P63DL0         3SB3001-6CA50 + 3SB3400-1A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-P63DL3         3SB3001-6CA50 + 3SB3400-1D
                                     3SB3001-6CA50 + 3SB3400-1A +
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-P63DL5         3SB0A-BL1
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-P63RL7         3SB3001-6CA50 + 3SB3400-1C
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-P7             3SB3001-6CA70
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-P73DL0         3SB3001-6CA70 + 3SB3400-1A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-P73DL3         3SB3001-6CA70 + 3SB3400-1D
                                     3SB3001-6CA70 + 3SB3400-1A +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800EP-P73DL5           3SB0A-BL1
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800EP-P73RL7           3SB3001-6CA70 + 3SB3400-1C
  Competitor       Competitor Cat#            Siemens Cat#        Secondary Cat#       Notes
                                                                                   PILOT LIGHT
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-P9             NO EQUAL                                      LENS
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-PL1            3SB3001-6BA60
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-PL13DL0        3SB3204-6BA60
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-PL13DL3        3SB3001-6BA60 + 3SB3400-1D
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-PL13DL5        3SB3223-6BA60
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-PL3            3SB3001-6BA40
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-PL33DL0        3SB3204-6BA40
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-PL33DL3        3SB3001-6BA40 + 3SB3400-1D
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-PL33DL5        3SB3223-6BA40
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-PL4            3SB3001-6BA20
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-PL43DL0        3SB3204-6BA20
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-PL43DL3        3SB3001-6BA20 + 3SB3400-1D
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-PL43DL5        3SB3223-6BA20
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-PL5            3SB3001-6BA50
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-PL53DL0        3SB3204-6BA50
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-PL53DL3        3SB3001-6BA50 + 3SB3400-1D
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-PL53DL5        3SB3223-6BA50
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-PL6            3SB3001-6BA50
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-PL63DL0        3SB3204-6BA50
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-PL63DL3        3SB3001-6BA50 + 3SB3400-1D
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-PL63DL5        3SB3223-6BA50
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-PL7            3SB3001-6BA70
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-PL73DL0        3SB3204-6BA70
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-PL73DL3        3SB3001-6BA70 + 3SB3400-1D
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-PL73DL5        3SB3223-6BA70
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-POT            3SB1000-7CJ07
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-SB31           3SB3000-2EA61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-SB32           3SB3000-2EA11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-SB33           3SB3000-2EA41
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-SB34           3SB3000-2EA21
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-SL31           3SB3000-2GA61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-SL32           3SB3000-2GA11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-SL33           3SB3000-2GA41
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-SL34           3SB3000-2GA21
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-SM21           3SB3000-2KA61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-SM22           3SB3000-2KA11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-SM23           3SB3000-2KA41
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-SM24           3SB3000-2KA21
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-SM31           3SB3000-2DA61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-SM32           3SB3000-2DA11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-SM33           3SB3000-2DA41
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-SM34           3SB3000-2DA21
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-SN21           3SB3000-2HA61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-SN22           3SB3000-2HA11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-SN23           3SB3000-2HA41
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-SN24           3SB3000-2HA21
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-SR21           3SB3000-2LA61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-SR22           3SB3000-2LA11
   Competitor      Competitor Cat#             Siemens Cat#   Secondary Cat#   Notes
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-SR23           3SB3000-2LA41
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-SR24           3SB3000-2LA21
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-SR31           3SB3000-2FA61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-SR32           3SB3000-2FA11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-SR33           3SB3000-2FA41
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-SR34           3SB3000-2FA21
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800EP-U2B21          3SB3100-8AC21
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800ES-KB34           3SB3000-4ED01
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800ES-KL32           3SB3000-4GD01
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800ES-KM21           3SB3000-4AD11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800ES-KR21           3SB3000-4BD01
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800ES-KR31           3SB3000-4DD11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800ES-LE3            3SB3001-0BA41
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800ES-LE4            3SB3001-0BA21
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800ES-LE7            3SB3001-0BA71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800ES-LM1            3SB3001-1GA61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800ES-LM3            3SB3001-1GA41
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800ES-LM4            3SB3001-1GA21
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800ES-LM5            3SB3001-1GA31
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800ES-LMP23          3SB3001-1CA41
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800ES-LMP24          3SB3001-1CA21
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800ES-LMP25          3SB3001-1CA31
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800ES-LMP26          3SB3001-1CA51
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800ES-LMP27          3SB3001-1CA71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800ES-MP22           3SB3000-1CA11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800ES-MP24           3SB3000-1CA21
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800ES-MP243LX01      3SB3203-1CA21
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800ES-MP243LX11      3SB3201-1CA21
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800ES-SM21           3SB3000-2KA61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-2HZ             3SB0302
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-2HZ4            P30EMS024
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-2HZ4M1          P30EMS024
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-2HZ4M2          P30EMS024
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-2HZ4R           P30EMS02X
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-2HZ4RM1         P30EMS02X
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-2HZ4RM2         P30EMS02X
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-3HZ             3SB0303
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-3HZ4            P30EMS034
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-3HZ4M1          P30EMS034
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-3HZ4R           P30EMS03X
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-3HZ4RM1         P30EMS03X
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-4HZ4            P30EMS044
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-4HZ4M1          P30EMS044
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-4HZ4R           P30EMS04X
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-4HZ4RM1         P30EMS04X
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-6HZ4            P30EMS064
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-6HZ4R           P30EMS06X
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-AR1             52PX8A3
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-AR1A            52PX8A3A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-AR1A2           52PX8A3F
   Competitor      Competitor Cat#              Siemens Cat#   Secondary Cat#   Notes
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-AR1A4           52PX8A3G
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-AR1B            52PX8A3B
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-AR1C            52PX8A3D
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-AR1D1           52PX8A3K
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-AR1D2           52PX8A3J
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-AR1H            52PX8A3C
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-AR2             52PX8A1
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-AR2A            52PX8A1A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-AR2A2           52PX8A1F
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-AR2A4           52PX8A1G
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-AR2B            52PX8A1B
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-AR2C            52PX8A1D
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-AR2D1           52PX8A1K
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-AR2D2           52PX8A1J
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-AR2H            52PX8A1C
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-AR6             52PX8A2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-AR6A            52PX8A2A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-AR6A2           52PX8A2F
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-AR6A4           52PX8A2G
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-AR6B            52PX8A2B
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-AR6C            52PX8A2D
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-AR6D1           52PX8A2K
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-AR6D2           52PX8A2J
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-AR6H            52PX8A2C
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-BR1             52PX8B3
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-BR1A            52PX8B3A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-BR1A2           52PX8B3F
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-BR1A4           52PX8B3G
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-BR1B            52PX8B3B
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-BR1C            52PX8B3D
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-BR1D1           52PX8B3K
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-BR1D2           52PX8B3J
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-BR1H            52PX8B3C
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-BR2             52PX8B1
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-BR2A            52PX8B1A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-BR2A2           52PX8B1F
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-BR2A4           52PX8B1G
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-BR2B            52PX8B1B
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-BR2C            52PX8B1D
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-BR2D1           52PX8B1K
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-BR2D2           52PX8B1J
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-BR2H            52PX8B1C
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-BR6             52PX8B2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-BR6A            52PX8B2A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-BR6A2           52PX8B2F
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-BR6A4           52PX8B2G
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-BR6B            52PX8B2B
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-BR6C            52PX8B2D
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-BR6D1           52PX8B2K
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-BR6D2           52PX8B2J
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-BR6H            52PX8B2C
   Competitor      Competitor Cat#             Siemens Cat#   Secondary Cat#   Notes
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-DR1             52PX9D3
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-DR1A            52PX9D3A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-DR1A2           52PX9D3F
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-DR1A4           52PX9D3G
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-DR1B            52PX9D3B
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-DR1C            52PX9D3D
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-DR1D1           52PX9D3K
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-DR1D2           52PX9D3J
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-DR1H            52PX9D3C
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-DR2             52PX9D1
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-DR2A            52PX9D1A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-DR2A2           52PX9D1F
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-DR2A4           52PX9D1G
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-DR2B            52PX9D1B
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-DR2C            52PX9D1D
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-DR2D1           52PX9D1K
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-DR2D2           52PX9D1J
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-DR2H            52PX9D1C
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-DR2J            52PX9E1
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-DR2JA           52PX9E1A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-DR2JA2          52PX9E1F
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-DR2JA4          52PX9E1G
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-DR2JB           52PX9E1B
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-DR2JC           52PX9E1D
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-DR2JD1          52PX9E1K
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-DR2JD2          52PX9E1J
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-DR2JH           52PX9E1C
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-DR6             52PX9D2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-DR6A            52PX9D2A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-DR6A2           52PX9D2F
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-DR6A4           52PX9D2G
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-DR6B            52PX9D2B
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-DR6C            52PX9D2D
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-DR6D1           52PX9D2K
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-DR6D2           52PX9D2J
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-DR6H            52PX9D2C
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-DR6J            52PX9E2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-DR6JA           52PX9E2A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-DR6JA2          52PX9E2F
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-DR6JA4          52PX9E2G
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-DR6JB           52PX9E2B
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-DR6JC           52PX9E2D
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-DR6JD1          52PX9E2K
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-DR6JD2          52PX9E2J
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-DR6JH           52PX9E2D
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-GR1             52PX8A3 + 52AXGP
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-GR1A            52PX8A3A + 52AXGP
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-GR1A2           52PX8A3F + 52AXGP
   Competitor      Competitor Cat#             Siemens Cat#   Secondary Cat#   Notes
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-GR1A4           52PX8A3G + 52AXGP
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-GR1B            52PX8A3B + 52AXGP
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-GR1C            52PX8A3D + 52AXGP
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-GR1D1           52PX8A3K + 52AXGP
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-GR1D2           52PX8A3J + 52AXGP
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-GR1H            52PX8A3C + 52AXGP
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-GR2             52PX8A1 + 52AXGP
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-GR2A            52PX8A1A + 52AXGP
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-GR2A2           52PX8A1F + 52AXGP
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-GR2A4           52PX8A1G + 52AXGP
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-GR2B            52PX8A1B + 52AXGP
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-GR2C            52PX8A1D + 52AXGP
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-GR2D1           52PX8A1K + 52AXGP
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-GR2D2           52PX8A1J + 52AXGP
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-GR2H            52PX8A1C + 52AXGP
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-GR6             52PX8A2 + 52AXGP
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-GR6A            52PX8A2A + 52AXGP
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-GR6A2           52PX8A2F + 52AXGP
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-GR6A4           52PX8A2G + 52AXGP
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-GR6B            52PX8A2B + 52AXGP
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-GR6C            52PX8A2D + 52AXGP
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-GR6D1           52PX8A2K + 52AXGP
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-GR6D2           52PX8A2J + 52AXGP
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-GR6H            52PX8A2C + 52AXGP
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-HR2             52SX2AAB
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-HR2A            52SX2AABA1
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-HR2B            52SX2AABA2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-HR2D1           52SX2AABK1
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-HR2D2           52SX2AABJ1
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-HR5             52SX2ACB
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-HR5A            52SX2ACBA1
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-HR5B            52SX2ACBA2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-HR5D1           52SX2ACBK1
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-HR5D2           52SX2ACBJ1
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-JR2             52SX2CAB
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-JR2A            52SX2CABA1
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-JR2B            52SX2CABA2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-JR4             52SX2CBB
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-JR4A            52SX2CBBA1
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-JR4B            52SX2CBBA2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-JR5             52SX2CCB
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-JR5A            52SX2CCBA1
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-JR5B            52SX2CCBA2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-JR91            52SX2CDB
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-JR91A           52SX2CDBA1
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-JR91B           52SX2CDBA2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-N114A           52RB3D2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-N114H           52RB3D1
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-N5A             52AXBA
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-N5B             52AXBA
   Competitor      Competitor Cat#             Siemens Cat#   Secondary Cat#   Notes
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-N5H             52AXBA
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-PR16            52PX4GN
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-PR16A           52PX4G9
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-PR16B           52PX4G5
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-PR16C           52PX4GA
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-PR16G           52PX4G3
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-PR16R           52PX4G2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-PR16W           52PX4GB
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-PR26            52PX4HN
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-PR26*           52PX4H*
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-PR46*           52PX4H*
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-PR56*           52PX4J*
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-PRA16A          52PX6G9A + 52AXGL
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-PRA16B          52PX6G5A + 52AXGL
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-PRA16C          52PX6GAA + 52AXGL
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-PRA16G          52PX6G3A + 52AXGL
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-PRA16R          52PX6G2A + 52AXGL
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-PRA16W          52PX6GBA + 52AXGL
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-PRA26*          52PX6H*A + 52AXGL
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-PRA46*          52PX6J*A + 52AXGL
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-PRA56*          52PX6K*A + 52AXGL
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-PRB16A          52PX6G9A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-PRB16B          52PX6G5A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-PRB16C          52PX6GAA
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-PRB16G          52PX6G3A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-PRB16R          52PX6G2A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-PRB16W          52PX6GBA
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-PRB26*          52PX6H*A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-PRB46*          52PX6J*A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-PRB56*          52PX6K*A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-PRL16A          52PX4G9Y
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-PRL16G          52PX4G3Y
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-PRL16R          52PX4G2Y
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-PRL26*          52PX4H*Y
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-PRL46*          52PX4J*Y
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-PRL56*          52PX4K*Y

                                                              + 3SB1400-0A
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800H-PRM16A            NO EQUAL                 + 3SB1910-0KD

                                                              + 3SB1400-0A
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800H-PRM16B            NO EQUAL                 + 3SB1910-0KF

                                                              + 3SB1400-0A
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800H-PRM16C            NO EQUAL                 + 3SB1910-0KH
   Competitor      Competitor Cat#              Siemens Cat#   Secondary Cat#   Notes

                                                               + 3SB1400-0A
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800H-PRM16G            NO EQUAL                  + 3SB1910-0KE

                                                               + 3SB1400-0A
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800H-PRM16R            NO EQUAL                  + 3SB1910-0KC

                                                               + 3SB1400-0A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-PRM16W          NO EQUAL                  + 3SB1910-0KG
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-PRT16A          52PX6G9A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-PRT16B          52PX6G5A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-PRT16C          52PX6GAA
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-PRT16G          52PX6G3A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-PRT16R          52PX6G2A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-PRT16W          52PX6GBA
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-PRT26*          52PX6H*A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-PRT46*          52PX6J*A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-PRT56*          52PX6K*A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-PRTL16A         52PX6G9A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-PRTL16G         52PX6G3A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-PRTL16R         52PX6G2A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-PRTL26*         52PX6H*A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-PRTL46*         52PX6J*A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-PRTL56*         52PX6K*A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-QR06*           52PA4B*
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-QR10A           52PX4E9
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-QR10B           52PX4E5
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-QR10C           52PX4EA
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-QR10G           52PX4E3
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-QR10R           52PX4E2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-QR10W           52PX4EB
                                                               3SB03-LR1 +
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-QR11*           NO EQUAL                  3SB1910-1J*
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-QR12*           52PX4N*
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-QR24A           52PX4D9
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-QR24B           52PX4D5
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-QR24C           52PX4DA
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-QR24G           52PX4D3
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-QR24R           52PX4D2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800H-QR24W           52PX4DB
                                                               3SB06-UPF1 +
                                                               3SB1400-0A +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800H-QRA10A            NO EQUAL                  + 3SB03-ACIS
   Competitor      Competitor Cat#              Siemens Cat#      Secondary Cat#   Notes
                                                                  3SB06-UPF1 +
                                                                  3SB1400-0A +
                                                                  3SB1910-0DF +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800H-QRA10B            NO EQUAL                     3SB03-ACIS
                                                                  3SB06-UPF1 +
                                                                  3SB1400-0A +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800H-QRA10C            NO EQUAL                     + 3SB03-ACIS
                                                                  3SB06-UPF1 +
                                                                  3SB1400-0A +
                                                                  3SB1910-0DE +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800H-QRA10G            NO EQUAL                     3SB03-ACIS
                                                                  3SB06-UPF1 +
                                                                  3SB1400-0A +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800H-QRA10R            NO EQUAL                     + 3SB03-ACIS
                                                                  3SB06-UPF1 +
                                                                  3SB1400-0A +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800H-QRA10W            NO EQUAL                     + 3SB03-ACIS
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800H-UR24/ 5000OHM     52MA3B12
                                     INCLUDED WITH
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-A1A            3SB3601-0AB71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-A1B            3SB3601-0AB71 + 3SB3400-0A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-A1D1           3SB3602-0AB71
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-A1D2           3SB3500-0AB71 + 3SB3400-0C
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-A2A            3SB3601-0AA11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-A2B            3SB3601-0AA11 + 3SB3400-0A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-A2D1           3SB3602-0AA11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-A2D2           3SB3603-0AA11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-A6A            3SB3601-0AB61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-A6B            3SB3601-0AB61 + 3SB3400-0A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-A6D1           3SB3601-0AB61 + 3SB3400-0B
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-A6D2           3SB3603-0AB61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-A7A            3SB3601-0AA51
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-A9A            3SB3601-0AA31
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-A9B            3SB3601-0AA31
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-A9D1           3SB3602-0AA31
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-A9D2           3SB3500-0AA31 + 3SB3400-0C
                                                                  3SB02-PEG +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-B1A              NO EQUAL                     3SB1400-0A
                                                                  3SB02-PEG +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-B1B              NO EQUAL                     (2) 3SB1400-0A
                                                                  3SB02-PEG +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-B1D1             NO EQUAL                     3SB1400-0B
                                                                  3SB02-PEG +
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-B1D2           NO EQUAL                     3SB1400-0C
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-B2A            3SB3601-0BA11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-B2B            3SB3601-0BA11 + 3SB3400-0A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-B2D1           3SB3602-0BA11
   Competitor      Competitor Cat#            Siemens Cat#            Secondary Cat#   Notes
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-B2D2           3SB3603-0BA11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-B6A            3SB3601-0B611
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-B6B            3SB3601-0B611 + 3SB3400-0A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-B6D1           3SB3500-0BB61 + 3SB3400-0B
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-B6D2           3SB3603-0B611
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-B9A            3SB3601-0BA31
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-B9B            3SB3601-0BA31
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-B9D1           3SB3602-0BA31
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-B9D2           3SB3500-0BA31 + 3SB3400-0C
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-D1A            3SB3500-1DB71 + 3SB3400-0A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-D1B            3SB3500-1DB71 + (2) 3SB3400-0A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-D1D1           3SB3500-1DB71 + 3SB3400-0B
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-D1D2           3SB3500-1DB71 + 3SB3400-0C
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-D2A            3SB3500-1DA11 + 3SB3400-0A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-D2B            3SB3500-1DA11 + (2) 3SB3400-0A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-D2D1           3SB3500-1DA11 + 3SB3400-0B
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-D2D2           3SB3500-1DA11 + 3SB3400-0C
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-D6A            3SB3500-1DB61 + 3SB3400-0A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-D6B            3SB3500-1DB61 + (2) 3SB3400-0A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-D6D1           3SB3500-1DB61 + 3SB3400-0B
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-D6D2           3SB3500-1DB61 + 3SB3400-0C
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-D9A            3SB3500-1DA31 + 3SB3400-0A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-D9B            3SB3500-1DA31 + (2) 3SB3400-0A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-D9D1           3SB3500-1DA31 + 3SB3400-0B
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-D9D2           3SB3500-1DA31 + 3SB3400-0C
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-FX2A           3SB3500-1EA11 + 3SB3400-0A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-FX6            3SB3500-1EB61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-FX6A           3SB3500-1EB61 + 3SB3400-0A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-FX6A4          3SB3500-1EB61 + 3SB3400-0E
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-FX6D1          3SB3500-1EB61 + 3SB3400-0B
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-FX6D2          3SB3500-1EB61 + 3SB3400-0C
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-FXT6           3SB3500-1HB61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-FXT6A          3SB3601-1HB61
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-FXT6A4         3SB3500-1HB61 + 3SB3400-0E
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-FXT6D1         3SB3500-1HB61 + 3SB3400-0B
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-FXT6D2         3SB3603-1HB60
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-H31BB          3SB3500-4AD01 + (2) 3SB3400-0A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-H31BLA         3SB3500-4AD01 + 3SB3400-0A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-H32BB          3SB3500-4AD21 + (2) 3SB3400-0A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-H32BLA         3SB3500-4AD21 + 3SB3400-0A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-H33BB          3SB3601-4AD11 + 3SB3400-0A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-H33BLA         3SB3601-4AD11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-H48BB          3SB3500-4BD01 + (2) 3SB3400-0A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-H48BLA         3SB3500-4BD01 + 3SB3400-0A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-HH2BB          3SB3601-2PA11 + 3SB3400-0A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-HH2BLA         3SB3601-2PA11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-HH5BB          3SB3500-2QA11 + (2) 3SB3400-0A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-HH5BLA         3SB3500-2QA11 + 3SB3400-0A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-HK2BB          3SB3500-3PA11 + (2) 3SB3400-0A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-HK2BLA         3SB3500-3PA11 + 3SB3400-0A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-HK5BB          3SB3500-3QA11 + (2) 3SB3400-0A
   Competitor    Competitor Cat#             Siemens Cat#           Secondary Cat#   Notes
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-HK5BLA         3SB3500-3QA11 + 3SB3400-0A
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-J38BB          3SB3500-4FD01 + (2) 3SB3400-0D
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-J38BLA         3SB3500-4FD01 + (2) 3SB3400-0B
                                   3SB3500-4FD01 + (2) 3SB3400-0B
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-J38KB          + 3SB3400-0D + 3SB3901-0AC
                                   3SB3500-4FD01 + 3SB3400-0B +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-J38KLA         3SB3400-0C + 3SB3901-0AC
                                   3SB3500-4FD01 + 3SB3400-0B +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-J38KRA         3SB3400-0C + 3SB3901-0AC
                                   3SB3500-4FD01 + 3SB3400-0B +
                                   3SB3400-0C + 3SB3400-0D +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-J38PB          3SB3901-0AC
                                   3SB3500-4FD01 + 3SB3400-0B +
                                   3SB3400-0C + 3SB3400-0D +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-J38RB          3SB3901-0AC
                                   3SB3500-4FD01 + 3SB3400-0B +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-J38URA         3SB3400-0C + 3SB3901-0AC
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-J42BB          3SB3500-4DD01 + (2) 3SB3400-0D
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-J42BLA         3SB3500-4DD01 + (2) 3SB3400-0B
                                   3SB3500-4DD01 + (2) 3SB3400-0B
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-J42KB          + 3SB3400-0D + 3SB3901-0AC
                                   3SB3500-4DD01 + 3SB3400-0B +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-J42KLA         3SB3400-0C + 3SB3901-0AC
                                   3SB3500-4DD01 + 3SB3400-0B +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-J42KRA         3SB3400-0C + 3SB3901-0AC
                                   3SB3500-4DD01 + 3SB3400-0B +
                                   3SB3400-0C + 3SB3400-0D +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-J42PB          3SB3901-0AC
                                   3SB3500-4DD01 + 3SB3400-0B +
                                   3SB3400-0C + 3SB3400-0D +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-J42RB          3SB3901-0AC
                                   3SB3500-4DD01 + 3SB3400-0B +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-J42URA         3SB3400-0C + 3SB3901-0AC
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-J44BB          3SB3500-4DD11 + (2) 3SB3400-0D
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-J44BLA         3SB3500-4DD11 + (2) 3SB3400-0B
                                   3SB3500-4DD11 + 3SB3400-0B +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-J44KLA         3SB3400-0C + 3SB3901-0AC
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-J50BB          3SB3500-4DG01 + (2) 3SB3400-0D
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-J50BLA         3SB3500-4DG01 + (2) 3SB3400-0B
                                   3SB3500-4DG01 + (2) 3SB3400-0B
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-J50KB          + 3SB3400-0D + 3SB3901-0AC
                                   3SB3500-4DG01 + 3SB3400-0B +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-J50KLA         3SB3400-0C + 3SB3901-0AC
                                   3SB3500-4DG01 + 3SB3400-0B +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-J50KRA         3SB3400-0C + 3SB3901-0AC
                                   3SB3500-4DG01 + 3SB3400-0B +
                                   3SB3400-0C + 3SB3400-0D +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-J50PB          3SB3901-0AC
                                   3SB3500-4DG01 + 3SB3400-0B +
                                   3SB3400-0C + 3SB3400-0D +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-J50RB          3SB3901-0AC
   Competitor    Competitor Cat#             Siemens Cat#           Secondary Cat#   Notes
                                   3SB3500-4DG01 + 3SB3400-0B +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-J50URA         3SB3400-0C + 3SB3901-0AC
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-J631BB         3SB3500-4ED01 + (2) 3SB3400-0D
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-J631BLA        3SB3500-4ED01 + (2) 3SB3400-0B
                                   3SB3500-4ED01 + (2) 3SB3400-0B
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-J631KB         + 3SB3400-0D + 3SB3901-0AC
                                   3SB3500-4ED01 + 3SB3400-0B +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-J631KLA        3SB3400-0C + 3SB3901-0AC
                                   3SB3500-4ED01 + 3SB3400-0B +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-J631KRA        3SB3400-0C + 3SB3901-0AC
                                   3SB3500-4ED01 + 3SB3400-0B +
                                   3SB3400-0C + 3SB3400-0D +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-J631PB         3SB3901-0AC
                                   3SB3500-4ED01 + 3SB3400-0B +
                                   3SB3400-0C + 3SB3400-0D +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-J631RB         3SB3901-0AC
                                   3SB3500-4ED01 + 3SB3400-0B +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-J631URA        3SB3400-0C + 3SB3901-0AC
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-JH2BB          3SB3500-2SA11 + (2) 3SB3400-0D
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-JH2BLA         3SB3610-2SA11
                                   3SB3500-2SA11 + (2) 3SB3400-0B
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-JH2KB          + 3SB3400-0D + 3SB3901-0AC
                                   3SB3500-2SA11 + 3SB3400-0B +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-JH2KLA         3SB3400-0C + 3SB3901-0AC
                                   3SB3500-2SA11 + 3SB3400-0B +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-JH2KRA         3SB3400-0C + 3SB3901-0AC
                                   3SB3500-2SA11 + 3SB3400-0B +
                                   3SB3400-0C + 3SB3400-0D +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-JH2PB          3SB3901-0AC
                                   3SB3500-2SA11 + 3SB3400-0B +
                                   3SB3400-0C + 3SB3400-0D +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-JH2RB          3SB3901-0AC
                                   3SB3500-2SA11 + 3SB3400-0B +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-JH2URA         3SB3400-0C + 3SB3901-0AC
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-JH4BB          3SB3500-2VA11 + (2) 3SB3400-0D
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-JH4BLA         3SB3500-2VA11 + (2) 3SB3400-0B
                                   3SB3500-2VA11 + (2) 3SB3400-0B
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-JH4KB          + 3SB3400-0D + 3SB3901-0AC
                                   3SB3500-2VA11 + 3SB3400-0B +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-JH4KLA         3SB3400-0C + 3SB3901-0AC
                                   3SB3500-2VA11 + 3SB3400-0B +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-JH4KRA         3SB3400-0C + 3SB3901-0AC
                                   3SB3500-2VA11 + 3SB3400-0B +
                                   3SB3400-0C + 3SB3400-0D +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-JH4PB          3SB3901-0AC
                                   3SB3500-2VA11 + 3SB3400-0B +
                                   3SB3400-0C + 3SB3400-0D +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-JH4RB          3SB3901-0AC
                                   3SB3500-2VA11 + 3SB3400-0B +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-JH4URA         3SB3400-0C + 3SB3901-0AC
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-JH5BB          3SB3500-2UA11 + (2) 3SB3400-0D
   Competitor    Competitor Cat#             Siemens Cat#           Secondary Cat#   Notes
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-JH5BLA         3SB3500-2UA11 + (2) 3SB3400-0B
                                   3SB3500-2UA11 + (2) 3SB3400-0B
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-JH5KB          + 3SB3400-0D + 3SB3901-0AC
                                   3SB3500-2UA11 + 3SB3400-0B +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-JH5KLA         3SB3400-0C + 3SB3901-0AC
                                   3SB3500-2UA11 + 3SB3400-0B +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-JH5KRA         3SB3400-0C + 3SB3901-0AC
                                   3SB3500-2UA11 + 3SB3400-0B +
                                   3SB3400-0C + 3SB3400-0D +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-JH5PB          3SB3901-0AC
                                   3SB3500-2UA11 + 3SB3400-0B +
                                   3SB3400-0C + 3SB3400-0D +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-JH5RB          3SB3901-0AC
                                   3SB3500-2UA11 + 3SB3400-0B +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-JH5URA         3SB3400-0C + 3SB3901-0AC
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-JH9BB          3SB3500-2TA11 + (2) 3SB3400-0D
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-JH9BLA         3SB3500-2TA11 + (2) 3SB3400-0B
                                   3SB3500-2TA11 + (2) 3SB3400-0B +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-JH9KB          3SB3400-0D + 3SB3901-0AC
                                   3SB3500-2TA11 + 3SB3400-0B +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-JH9KLA         3SB3400-0C + 3SB3901-0AC
                                   3SB3500-2TA11 + 3SB3400-0B +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-JH9KRA         3SB3400-0C + 3SB3901-0AC
                                   3SB3500-2TA11 + 3SB3400-0B +
                                   3SB3400-0C + 3SB3400-0D +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-JH9PB          3SB3901-0AC
                                   3SB3500-2TA11 + 3SB3400-0B +
                                   3SB3400-0C + 3SB3400-0D +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-JH9RB          3SB3901-0AC
                                   3SB3500-2TA11 + 3SB3400-0B +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-JH9URA         3SB3400-0C + 3SB3901-0AC
                                   3SB3500-2TA11 + 3SB3400-0B +
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-JH9VLAK      3SB3400-0C + 3SB3901-0AC
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-JK2BB        3SB3500-3PA11 + (2) 3SB3400-0D
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-JK2BLA       3SB3500-3PA11 + (2) 3SB3400-0B
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-JK4BB        3SB3500-3VA11 + (2) 3SB3400-0D
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-JK4BLA       3SB3500-3VA11 + (2) 3SB3400-0B
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-JK5BB        3SB3500-3UA11 + (2) 3SB3400-0D
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-JK5BLA       3SB3500-3UA11 + (2) 3SB3400-0B
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-JK9BB        3SB3500-3TA11 + (2) 3SB3400-0D
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-JK9BLA       3SB3500-3TA11 + (2) 3SB3400-0B
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-M1A          3SB3500-7CB61 + 3SB3400-0A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-M1B          3SB3500-7CB61 + (2) 3SB3400-0A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-N37          3SB1000-7CJ07
                                   3SB3604-6BA00 + 3SB3400-3M +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-P16A           3SB0A-BLA
                                   3SB3604-6BA50 + 3SB3400-3M +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-P16B           3SB0A-BLA
                                   3SB3604-6BA70 + 3SB3400-3M +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-P16C           3SB0A-BLA
   Competitor    Competitor Cat#             Siemens Cat#         Secondary Cat#   Notes
                                   3SB3604-6BB70 + 3SB3400-3M +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-P16G           3SB0A-BLA
                                   3SB3604-6BB60 + 3SB3400-3M +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-P16R           3SB0A-BLA
                                   3SB3604-6BA60 + 3SB3400-3M +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-P16W           3SB0A-BLA
                                   3SB3604-6B**0 + 3SB3400-3P +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-P26*           3SB0A-BLA
                                   3SB3605-0AA01 + 3SB3400-3M +
                                   3SB3605-0AA51 + 3SB3400-3M +
                                   3SB3605-0AA71 + 3SB3400-3M +
                                   3SB3605-0AB71 + 3SB3400-3M +
                                   3SB3605-0AB61 + 3SB3400-3M +
                                   3SB3605-0AA61 + 3SB3400-3M +
                                   3SB3605-0AA01 + 3SB3400-3M +
                                   3SB3605-0AB71 + 3SB3400-3M +
                                   3SB3605-0AB61 + 3SB3400-3M +
                                   3SB3501-0BA01 + 3SB3400-1A +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-PB16AA         3SB3400-3M + 3SB0A-BLA
                                   3SB3501-0BA51 + 3SB3400-1A +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-PB16BA         3SB3400-3M + 3SB0A-BLA
                                   3SB3501-0BA71 + 3SB3400-1A +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-PB16CA         3SB3400-3M + 3SB0A-BLA
                                   3SB3501-0BB71 + 3SB3400-1A +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-PB16GA         3SB3400-3M + 3SB0A-BLA
                                   3SB3501-0BB61 + 3SB3400-1A +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-PB16RA         3SB3400-3M + 3SB0A-BLA
                                   3SB3501-0B**1 + 3SB3400-1A +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-PB26*A         3SB3400-3P + 3SB0A-BLA
                                   3SB3501-0BA01 + 3SB3400-1A +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-PBL16AA        3SB3400-3P + 3SB0A-L1A
                                   3SB3501-0BB71 + 3SB3400-1A +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-PBL16GA        3SB3400-3P + 3SB0A-L1G
                                   3SB3501-0BB61 + 3SB3400-1A +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-PBL16RA        3SB3400-3P + 3SB0A-L1R
                                   3SB3604-6BA00 + 3SB3400-3M +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-PL16A          3SB0A-L1A
                                   3SB3604-6BB70 + 3SB3400-3M +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-PL16G          3SB0A-L1G
                                   3SB3604-6BB60 + 3SB3400-3M +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-PL16R          3SB0A-L1R
   Competitor      Competitor Cat#            Siemens Cat#          Secondary Cat#   Notes
                                     3SB3501-1DA01 + 3SB3400-1A +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-PMB16AA          3SB3400-3M + 3SB0A-BLA
                                     3SB3501-1DB71 + 3SB3400-1A +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-PMB16GA          3SB3400-3M + 3SB0A-BLA
                                     3SB3501-1DB61 + 3SB3400-1A +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-PMB16RA          3SB3400-3M + 3SB0A-BLA
                                     3SB3501-1DA61 + 3SB3400-1A +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-PMB16WA          3SB3400-3M + 3SB0A-BLA
                                     3SB3501-1D**1 + 3SB3400-1A +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-PMB26*A          3SB3400-3P + 3SB0A-BLA
                                     3SB3501-1DA01 + 3SB3400-1A +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-PMBL16AA         3SB3400-3P + 3SB0A-L1A
                                     3SB3501-1DB71 + 3SB3400-1A +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-PMBL16GA         3SB3400-3P + 3SB0A-L1G
                                     3SB3501-1DB61 + 3SB3400-1A +
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800MR-PMBL16RA       3SB3400-3P + 3SB0A-L1R
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-12TJZ           P30EMS12
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-12TZ            P30EMS12
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-16TJZ           P30EMS16
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-16TZ            P30EMS16
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-1TZ             P30EMS01
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-2TZ             P30EMS02
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-3TZ             P30EMS03
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-4TZ             P30EMS04
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-6THZ            P30EMS06
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-6TJZ            P30EMS06
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-9TJZ            P30EMS09
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-9TZ             P30EMS09
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-A1              52PA8A3
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-A1A             52PA8A3A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-A1A2            52PA8A3F
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-A1A4            52PA8A3G
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-A1B             52PA8A2B
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-A1C             52PA8A2D
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-A1D1            52PA8A3K
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-A1D2            52PA8A3J
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-A1H             52PA8A3C
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-A2              52PA8A1
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-A2A             52PA8A1A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-A2A2            52PA8A1F
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-A2A4            52PA8A1G
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-A2B             52PA8A1B
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-A2C             52PA8A1D
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-A2D1            52PA8A1K
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-A2D2            52PA8A1J
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-A2H             52PA8A1C
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-A5D1            NO EQUAL
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-A6              52PA8A2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-A6A             52PA8A2A
   Competitor      Competitor Cat#              Siemens Cat#   Secondary Cat#   Notes
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-A6A2            52PA8A2F
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-A6A4            52PA8A2G
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-A6B             52PA8A2B
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-A6C             52PA8A2D
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-A6D1            52PA8A2K
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-A6D2            52PA8A2J
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-A6H             52PA8A2C
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-A7A             52PA8A5A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-A7D1            52PA8A5K
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-A9A             52PA8A4A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-A9B             52PA8A4B
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-A9D1            52PA8A4K
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-A9H             52PA8A4C
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-B1              52PA8B3
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-B1A             52PA8B3A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-B1A2            52PA8B3F
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-B1A4            52PA8B3G
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-B1B             52PA8B3B
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-B1C             52PA8B3D
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-B1D1            52PA8B3K
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-B1D2            52PA8B3J
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-B1H             52PA8B3C
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-B2              52PA8B1
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-B2A             52PA8B1A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-B2A2            52PA8B1F
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-B2A4            52PA8B1G
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-B2B             52PA8B1B
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-B2C             52PA8B1D
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-B2D1            52PA8B1K
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-B2D2            52PA8B1J
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-B2H             52PA8B1C
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-B6              52PA8B2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-B6A             52PA8B2A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-B6A2            52PA8B2F
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-B6A4            52PA8B2G
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-B6B             52PA8B2B
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-B6C             52PA8B2D
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-B6D1            52PA8B2K
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-B6D2            52PA8B2J
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-B6H             52PA8B2C
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-B7A             52PA8B5A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-D1              52PB9D3
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-D1A             52PB9D3A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-D1A2            52PB9D3F
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-D1A4            52PB9D3G
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-D1B             52PB9D3B
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-D1C             52PB9D3D
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-D1D1            52PB9D3K
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-D1D2            52PB9D3J
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-D1H             52PB9D3C
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-D2              52PB9D1
   Competitor      Competitor Cat#             Siemens Cat#    Secondary Cat#      Notes
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-D2A             52PB9D1A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-D2A2            52PB9D1F
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-D2B             52PB9D1B
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-D2C             52PB9D1D
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-D2D1            52PB9D1K
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-D2D2            52PB9D1J
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-D2H             52PB9D1C
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-D2JA            52PB9E1A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-D2JA2           52PB9E1F
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-D2JA4           52PB9E1G
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-D2JB            52PB9E1B
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-D2JC            52PB9E1D
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-D2JD1           52PB9E1K
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-D2JD2           52PB9E1J
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-D6              52PB9D2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-D6A             52PB9D2A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-D6A2            52PB9D2F
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-D6A4            52PB9D2G
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-D6B             5SPB9D2B
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-D6C             5SPB9D2D
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-D6D1            52PB9D2K
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-D6D2            52PB9D2J
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-D6H             52PB9D2C
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-D6JA            52PB9E2A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-D6JA2           52PB9E2F
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-D6JA4           52PB9E2G
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-D6JB            52PB9E2B
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-D6JC            52PB9E2D
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-D6JD1           52PB9E2K
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-D6JD2           52PB9E2J
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-D6JH            52PB9E2C
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-D9A             52PA9D4A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-FX2A1           52PA2A + 52BAK + 52BAE
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-FX2A5           52PA2A + (2) 52BAE
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-FX2D4           52PA2A + 52BAE
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-FX6A1           52PA2W2 + 52BAK + 52BAE
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-FX6A5           52PA2W2 + (2) 52BAE
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-FX6D4           52PA2W2 + 52BAE
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-FXM6A7          52PA3W2U
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-FXQH10RA5       52PA2G2 + (2) 52BAE
                                                               3SB03-K4R +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800T-FXT6A1            NO EQUAL                  (2) 3SB1400-0S
                                                               3SB03-K4R +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800T-FXT6A5            NO EQUAL                  3SB1400-0S
                                                                                NOT TWIST
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800T-FXT6D4            52PA2W2A                                   RELEASE
                                                               3SB03-K4R +
                                                               3SB1400-0B +
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800T-FXT6D4            NO EQUAL                  3SB1400-0S
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800T-H17               52SB2AAB
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800T-H17A              52SB2AABA1
   Competitor      Competitor Cat#            Siemens Cat#   Secondary Cat#   Notes
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-H17A2           52SB2AABH2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-H17A4           52SB2AABJ2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-H17B            52SB2AABA2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-H17C            52SB2AABA7
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-H17D1           52SB2AABK1
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-H17D2           52SB2AABJ1
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-H17H            52SB2AABA5
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-H19A            52SB2ACBA1
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-H19A2           52SB2ACBH2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-H19A4           52SB2ACBJ2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-H19B            52SB2ACBA2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-H19C            52SB2ACBA7
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-H19D1           52SB2ACBK1
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-H19D2           52SB2ACBJ1
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-H19H            52SB2ACBA5
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-H2              52SA2AAB
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-H2A             52SA2AABA1
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-H2A2            52SA2AABH2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-H2A4            52SA2AABJ2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-H2B             52SA2AABA2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-H2C             52SA2AABA7
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-H2D1            52SA2AABK1
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-H2D2            52SA2AABJ1
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-H2H             52SA2AABA5
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-H31             52SC6AF
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-H31A            52SC6AFA1
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-H31A2           52SC6AFH2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-H31A4           52SC6AFJ2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-H31B            52SC6AFA2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-H31C            52SC6AFA7
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-H31D1           52SC6AFK1
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-H31D2           52SC6AFJ1
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-H31H            52SC6AFA5
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-H32             NO EQUAL
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800T-H32A              NO EQUAL                + 3SB1400-0A
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800T-H32A2             NO EQUAL                + 3SB1400-0G
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800T-H32A4             NO EQUAL                + 3SB1400-0H
                                                             + (2) 3SB1400-
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800T-H32B              NO EQUAL                0A
                                                             + (4) 3SB1400-
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800T-H32C              NO EQUAL                0A
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800T-H32D1             NO EQUAL                + 3SB1400-0B
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800T-H32D2             NO EQUAL                + 3SB1400-0C
   Competitor      Competitor Cat#           Siemens Cat#   Secondary Cat#      Notes
                                                            + (2)3SB1400-
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-H32H            NO EQUAL               0A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-H33             52SC6AE
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-H33A            52SC6AEA1
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-H33A2           52SC6AEH2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-H33A4           52SC6AEJ2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-H33B            52SC6AEA2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-H33C            52SC6AEA7
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-H33D1           52SC6AEK1
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-H33D2           52SC6AEJ1
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-H33H            52SC6AEA5
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-H48             52SC6AX
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-H48A            52SC6AXA1
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-H48A2           52SC6AXH2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-H48A4           52SC6AXJ2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-H48B            52SC6AXA2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-H48C            52SC6AXA7
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-H48D1           52SC6AXK1
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-H48D2           52SC6AXJ1
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-H48H            52SC6AXA5
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-H5A             52SA2ACBA1
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-H5A2            52SA2ACBH2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-H5A4            52SA2ACBJ2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-H5B             52SA2ACBA2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-H5C             52SA2ACBA7
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-H5D1            52SA2ACBK1
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-H5D2            52SA2ACBJ1
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-H5H             52SA2ACBA5
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-J17             52SB2CAB
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-J17A            52SB2CABA1
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-J17B            52SB2CABA2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-J17C            52SB2CABA7
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-J17H            52SB2CABA5
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-J17KA1B         52SB2EABA2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-J17KA7B         52SB2DABA2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-J17KC1          52SA2GAB
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-J17KC7B         52SB2GABA1J2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-J17KD7B         52SB2GABK0J6
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-J17KE7B         52SB2BABA2

                                                                             MAY NEED
                                                                             TO BE WIRED
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800T-J17KQ1B           52SB2GABA0K1J2*                         IN PARALLEL

                                                                             MAY NEED
                                                                             TO BE WIRED
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800T-J17KQ7B           52SB2GABA0J6*                           IN PARALLEL
   Competitor      Competitor Cat#           Siemens Cat#   Secondary Cat#      Notes

                                                                             MAY NEED
                                                                             TO BE WIRED
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800T-J17KR1B           52SB2GABA0K0J6*                         IN PARALLEL

                                                                             MAY NEED
                                                                             TO BE WIRED
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800T-J17KR7B           52SB2GABA2J2*                           IN PARALLEL

                                                                             MAY NEED
                                                                             TO BE WIRED
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800T-J17KT1B           52SB2BABK5J0*                           IN PARALLEL

                                                                             MAY NEED
                                                                             TO BE WIRED
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800T-J17KT7B           52SB2BABK6J1*                           IN PARALLEL

                                                                             MAY NEED
                                                                             TO BE WIRED
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-J17KU7B         52SB2GABK1J7*                           IN PARALLEL
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-J18             52SB2CBB
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-J18A            52SB2CBBA1
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-J18B            52SB2CBBA2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-J18C            52SB2CBBA7
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-J18H            52SB2CBBA5
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-J18KA1B         52SB2EBBA2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-J18KA7B         52SB2DBBA2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-J18KC1B         52SB2GBBK2J2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-J18KC7B         52SB2GBBA1J2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-J18KD7B         52SB2GBBK0J6
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-J18KE7B         52SB2BBBA2

                                                                             MAY NEED
                                                                             TO BE WIRED
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800T-J18KQ1B           52SB2GBBA0K1J2*                         IN PARALLEL

                                                                             MAY NEED
                                                                             TO BE WIRED
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800T-J18KQ7B           52SB2GBBA0J6*                           IN PARALLEL

                                                                             MAY NEED
                                                                             TO BE WIRED
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800T-J18KR1B           52SB2GBBA0K0J6*                         IN PARALLEL
   Competitor      Competitor Cat#           Siemens Cat#   Secondary Cat#      Notes

                                                                             MAY NEED
                                                                             TO BE WIRED
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800T-J18KR7B           52SB2GBBA2J2*                           IN PARALLEL

                                                                             MAY NEED
                                                                             TO BE WIRED
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800T-J18KT1B           52SB2BBBK5J0*                           IN PARALLEL

                                                                             MAY NEED
                                                                             TO BE WIRED
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800T-J18KT7B           52SB2BBBK6J1*                           IN PARALLEL

                                                                             MAY NEED
                                                                             TO BE WIRED
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-J18KU7B         52SB2GBBK1J7*                           IN PARALLEL
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-J19             52SB2CCB
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-J19A            52SB2CCBA1
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-J19B            52SB2CCBA2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-J19C            52SB2CCBA7
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-J19H            52SB2CCBA5
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-J19KA1B         52SB2ECBA2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-J19KA7B         52SB2DCBA2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-J19KC1B         52SB2GCBK2J2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-J19KC7B         52SB2GCBA1J2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-J19KD7B         52SB2GCBK0J6
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-J19KE7B         52SB2BCBA2

                                                                             MAY NEED
                                                                             TO BE WIRED
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800T-J19KQ1B           52SB2GCBA0K1J2*                         IN PARALLEL

                                                                             MAY NEED
                                                                             TO BE WIRED
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800T-J19KQ7B           52SB2GCBA0J6*                           IN PARALLEL

                                                                             MAY NEED
                                                                             TO BE WIRED
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800T-J19KR1B           52SB2GCBA0K0J6*                         IN PARALLEL

                                                                             MAY NEED
                                                                             TO BE WIRED
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800T-J19KR7B           52SB2GCBA2J2*                           IN PARALLEL
   Competitor      Competitor Cat#           Siemens Cat#   Secondary Cat#      Notes

                                                                             MAY NEED
                                                                             TO BE WIRED
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800T-J19KT1B           52SB2BCBK5J0*                           IN PARALLEL

                                                                             MAY NEED
                                                                             TO BE WIRED
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800T-J19KT7B           52SB2BCBK6J1*                           IN PARALLEL

                                                                             MAY NEED
                                                                             TO BE WIRED
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-J19KU7B         52SB2GCBK1J7*                           IN PARALLEL
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-J2              52SA2CAB
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-J20             52SB2CDB
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-J20A            52SB2CDBA1
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-J20B            52SB2CDBA2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-J20C            52SB2CDBA7
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-J20H            52SB2CDBA5
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-J20KA1B         52SB2EDBA2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-J20KA7B         52SB2DDBA2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-J20KC1B         52SB2GDBK2J2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-J20KC7B         52SB2GDBA1J2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-J20KD7B         52SB2GDBK0J6
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-J20KE7B         52SB2BDBA2

                                                                             MAY NEED
                                                                             TO BE WIRED
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800T-J20KQ1B           52SB2GDBA0K1J2*                         IN PARALLEL

                                                                             MAY NEED
                                                                             TO BE WIRED
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800T-J20KQ7B           52SB2GDBA0J6*                           IN PARALLEL

                                                                             MAY NEED
                                                                             TO BE WIRED
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800T-J20KR1B           52SB2GDBA0K0J6*                         IN PARALLEL

                                                                             MAY NEED
                                                                             TO BE WIRED
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800T-J20KR7B           52SB2GDBA2J2*                           IN PARALLEL
   Competitor      Competitor Cat#           Siemens Cat#   Secondary Cat#      Notes

                                                                             MAY NEED
                                                                             TO BE WIRED
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800T-J20KT1B           52SB2BDBK5J0*                           IN PARALLEL

                                                                             MAY NEED
                                                                             TO BE WIRED
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800T-J20KT7B           52SB2BDBK6J1*                           IN PARALLEL

                                                                             MAY NEED
                                                                             TO BE WIRED
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-J20KU7B         52SB2GDBK1J7*                           IN PARALLEL
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-J2A             52SA2CABA1
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-J2B             52SA2CABA2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-J2C             52SA2CABA7
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-J2H             52SA2CABA5
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-J2KA1B          52SA2EABA2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-J2KA7B          52SA2DABA2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-J2KC1B          52SA2GABK2J2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-J2KC7B          52SA2GABA1J2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-J2KD7B          52SA2GABK0J6
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-J2KE7B          52SA2BABA2

                                                                             MAY NEED
                                                                             TO BE WIRED
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800T-J2KQ1B            52SA2GABA0K1J2*                         IN PARALLEL

                                                                             MAY NEED
                                                                             TO BE WIRED
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800T-J2KQ7B            52SA2GABA0J6*                           IN PARALLEL

                                                                             MAY NEED
                                                                             TO BE WIRED
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800T-J2KR1B            52SA2GABA0K0J6*                         IN PARALLEL

                                                                             MAY NEED
                                                                             TO BE WIRED
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800T-J2KR7B            52SA2GABA2J2*                           IN PARALLEL

                                                                             MAY NEED
                                                                             TO BE WIRED
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800T-J2KT1B            52SA2BABK5J0*                           IN PARALLEL
   Competitor      Competitor Cat#             Siemens Cat#           Secondary Cat#      Notes

                                                                                       MAY NEED
                                                                                       TO BE WIRED
ALLEN-BRADLEY 800T-J2KT7B            52SA2BABK6J1*                                     IN PARALLEL

                                                                                       MAY NEED
                                                                                       TO BE WIRED
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-J2KU7B          52SA2GABK1J7*                                     IN PARALLEL
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-M1              52ABW6
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-M1A             52ABW6 + 52BAK + 52BAJ
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-M1B             52ABW6 + (2) 52BAK + (2) 52BAJ
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-M1D1            52ABW6 + 52BAK
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-M1D2            52ABW6 + 52BAJ
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-M1D4            52ABW6 + 52BAE
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-N2KF4B          52SA2HABJ2K2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-P16             52PA4GN
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-P16A            52PA4G9
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-P16B            52PA4G5
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-P16C            52PA4GA
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-P16G            52PA4G3
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-P16R            52PA4G2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-P16W            52PA4GB
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-P26             52PA4HN
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-P26A            52PA4H9
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-P26B            52PA4H5
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-P26C            52PA4HA
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-P26G            52PA4H3
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-P26R            52PA4H2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-P26W            52PA4HB
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-P46             52PA4JN
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-P46A            52PA4J9
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-P46B            52PA4J5
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-P46C            52PA4JA
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-P46G            52PA4J3
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-P46R            52PA4J2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-P46W            52PA4JB
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-P56             52PA4KN
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-P56A            52PA4K9
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-P56B            52PA4K5
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-P56C            52PA4KA
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-P56G            52PA4K3
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-P56R            52PA4K2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-P56W            52PA4KR
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PA16            52PA6GNA + 52AAGL
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PA16A           52PA6G9A + 52AAGL
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PA16B           52PA6G5A + 52AAGL
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PA16G           52PA6G3A + 52AAGL
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PA16R           52PA6G2A + 52AAGL
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PA26            52PA6HNA + 52AAGL
   Competitor      Competitor Cat#            Siemens Cat#   Secondary Cat#   Notes
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PA26A           52PA6H9A + 52AAGL
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PA26B           52PA6H5A + 52AAGL
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PA26G           52PA6H3A + 52AAGL
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PA26R           52PA6H2A + 52AAGL
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PA46            52PA6JNA + 52AAGL
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PA46A           52PA6J9A + 52AAGL
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PA46B           52PA6J5A + 52AAGL
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PA46G           52PA6J3A + 52AAGL
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PA46R           52PA6J2A + 52AAGL
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PB16            52PA6GNA
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PB16A           52PA6G9A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PB16B           52PA6G5A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PB16C           52PA6GAA
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PB16G           52PA6G3A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PB16R           52PA6G2A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PB16W           52PA6GBA
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PB26            52PA6HNA
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PB26A           52PA6H9A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PB26B           52PA6H5A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PB26G           52PA6H3A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PB26R           52PA6H2A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PB46            52PA6JNA
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PB46A           52PA6J9A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PB46B           52PA6J5A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PB46G           52PA6J3A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PB46R           52PA6J2A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PB56            52PA6KNA
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PB56A           52PA6K9A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PB56B           52PA6K5A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PB56G           52PA6K3A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PB56R           52PA6K2A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PL16A           52PE4G9
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PL16G           52PE4G3
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PL16R           52PE4G2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PM16A           52PA6GNA + 52RB3H9
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PM16G           52PA6GNA + 52RB3H3
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PM16R           52PA6GNA + 52RB3H2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PM26A           52PA6HNA + 52RB3H9
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PM26G           52PA6HNA + 52RB3H3
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PM26R           52PA6HNA + 52RB3H2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PM46A           52PA6JNA + 52RB3H9
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PM46G           52PA6JNA + 52RB3H3
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PM46R           52PA6JNA + 52RB3H2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PM56A           52PA6KNA + 52RB3H9
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PM56G           52PA6KNA + 52RB3H3
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PM56R           52PA6KNA + 52RB3H2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PT16            52PA6GNA
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PT16A           52PA6G9A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PT16B           52PA6G5A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PT16C           52PA6GAA
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PT16G           52PA6G3A
   Competitor      Competitor Cat#            Siemens Cat#   Secondary Cat#   Notes
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PT16R           52PA6G2A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PT16W           52PA6GBA
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PT26            52PA6HNA
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PT26A           52PA6H9A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PT26G           52PA6H3A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PT26R           52PA6H2A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PT46            52PA6JNA
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PT46A           52PA6J9A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PT46G           52PA6J3A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PT46R           52PA6J2A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PT56            52PA6KNA
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PT56A           52PA6K9A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PT56G           52PA6K3A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-PT56R           52PA6K2A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-Q06             52PA4BN
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-Q06A            52PA4B9
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-Q06B            52PA4B5
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-Q06C            52PA4BC
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-Q06G            52PA4B3
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-Q06R            52PA4B2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-Q06W            52PA4BB
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-Q10             52PA4EN
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-Q10A            52PA4E9
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-Q10B            52PA4E5
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-Q10C            52PA4EA
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-Q10G            52PA4E3
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-Q10R            52PA4E2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-Q10W            52PA4EB
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-Q11             NO EQUAL
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-Q11*            NO EQUAL
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-Q12             52PA4CN
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-Q12A            52PA4C9
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-Q12B            52PA4C5
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-Q12C            52PA4CA
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-Q12G            52PA4C3
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-Q12R            52PA4C2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-Q12W            52PA4CB
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-Q24             52PA4DN
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-Q24A            52PA4D9
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-Q24B            52PA4D5
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-Q24C            52PA4DA
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-Q24G            52PA4D3
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-Q24R            52PA4D2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-Q24W            52PA4DB
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QA06            52PA6BNA + 52AAGL
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QA06A           52PA6B9A + 52AAGL
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QA06G           52PA6B3A + 52AAGL
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QA06R           52PA6B2A + 52AAGL
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QA10            52PA6MNA + 52AAGL
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QA10A           52PA6M9A + 52AAGL
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QA10G           52PA6M3A + 52AAGL
   Competitor      Competitor Cat#            Siemens Cat#   Secondary Cat#   Notes
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QA10R           52PA6M2A + 52AAGL
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QA12*           52PA6C*A + 52AAGL
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QA24            52PA6DNA + 52AAGL
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QA24A           52PA6D9A + 52AAGL
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QA24B           52PA6D5A + 52AAGL
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QA24G           52PA6D3A + 52AAGL
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QA24R           52PA6D2A + 52AAGL
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QB06            52PA6BNA
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QB06A           52PA6B9A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QB06G           52PA6B3A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QB06R           52PA6B2A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QB10            52PA6MNA
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QB10A           52PA6M9A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QB10G           52PA6M3A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QB10G           52PA6M3A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QB10R           52PA6M2A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QB10R           52PA6M2A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QB11*           52PA6M*A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QB12*           52PA6C*A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QB24            52PA6DNA
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QB24A           52PA6D9A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QB24B           52PA6D5A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QB24G           52PA6D3A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QB24R           52PA6D2A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QB24W           52PA6DBA
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QH24A           52PE6D9A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QH24G           52PE6D3A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QH24R           52PE6D2A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QL10A           52PE4E9
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QL10G           52PE4E3
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QL10R           52PE4E2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QL24A           52PE4D9
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QL24G           52PE4D3
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QL24R           52PE4D2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QM06*           52PA6BNA + 52RB3H*
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QM10A           52PA6MNA + 52RB3H9
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QM10G           52PA6MNA + 52RB3H3
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QM10R           52PA6MNA + 52RB3H2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QM11*           52PA6MNA + 52RB3H*
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QM12*           52PA6CNA + 52RB3H*
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QM24A           52PA6BNA + 52RB3H9
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QM24G           52PA6BNA + 52RB3H3
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QM24R           52PA6BNA + 52RB3H2
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QT06            52PA6BNA
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QT06A           52PA6B9A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QT06G           52PA6B3A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QT06R           52PA6B2A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QT10            52PA6MNA
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QT10A           52PA6M9A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QT10B           52PA6M5A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QT10C           52PA6MAA
   Competitor      Competitor Cat#             Siemens Cat#   Secondary Cat#   Notes
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QT10G           52PA6M3A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QT10R           52PA6M2A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QT10W           52PA6MBA
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QT11*           52PA6M*A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QT12*           52PA6C*A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QT24            52PA6DNA
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QT24A           52PA6D9A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QT24B           52PA6D5A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QT24C           52PA6DAA
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QT24G           52PA6D3A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QT24R           52PA6D2A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QT24W           52PA6DBA
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QTH24A          52PE6D9A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QTH24G          52PE6D3A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-QTH24R          52PE6D2A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-R3TA            52C156A
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-R3TX            52EA11A + 52SA2CAB
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-X501            52NL02E
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-X502            52NL18
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-X503            52NL10
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-X504            52NL16R
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-X504J           52NA16R
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-X505            52NL02E
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-X506            52NL31
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-X507            52NL38
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-X508            52NL05
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-X510            52NL02E
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-X511            52NL37
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-X512            52NL07
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-X512J           52NA02E
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-X513            52NL30
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-X515            52NL21
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-X517            52NL13
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-X518            52NL24
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-X519            52NL25
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-X520            52NL02E
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-X521            52NL02E
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-X523            52NL02E
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-X524            52NL08
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-X524J           52NA02E
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-X526            52NL20
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-X527            52NL12
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-X528            52NL02E
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-X529            52NL26
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-X530            52NL11
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-X531            52NL17
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-X532            52NL34
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-X533            52NL41
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-X534            52NL22
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-X535            52NL19
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-X536            52NL36
   Competitor      Competitor Cat#             Siemens Cat#   Secondary Cat#   Notes
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-X538            52NL14
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-X539            52NL06
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-X540            52NL23
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-X541            52NL29
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-X544            52NL02E
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-X546            52NL39
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-X547            52NL03
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-X547J           52NA03
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-X549            52NL32
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-X550            52NL04R
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-X550J           52NA04R
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-X551            52NL02E
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-X554            52NL02E
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-X556            52NL09
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-X557            52NL49
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-X558            52NL42
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-X559            52NL02
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-X559E           52NL02E
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-X559J           52NA02
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-X562            52NL02E
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-X608            NO EQUAL
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-X618            52NL47
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-X619            NO EQUAL
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-X621            52NL02R
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-X621J           52NA02R
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-X622            52NL02E
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-X639            52NL02E
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-XA              52BJK
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-XA1             52BAE + 52BAK
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-XA2             (2) 52BAK
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-XA4             (2) 52BAJ
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-XA7             52BAE + 52BAJ
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-XD1             52BAK
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-XD2             52BAJ
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-XD3             52BAH
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-XD4             52BAE
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-XD5             52BAK
ALLEN-BRADLEY   800T-XD6             52BAJ

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