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									Fall 2004                                                                                                    Edition1

Welcome to the first newsletter for the Arvada High
School Alumni Association. Every month you will receive
the latest news around upcoming activities, information
about your fellow Arvada High School classmates and a
fun activity center with games such as crosswords and
word search.

We are constantly looking for new ideas and information
for our newsletter so please feel free to contact our
suggestion box.

  Alumni Hosts First Annual Golf                                   1st Annual Alumni Weekend
            Tourney                                                              The first annual alumni
                                                                                           weekend was August 27, 28
                                                                                           and 29th starting with an
                              The alumni committee                                         open house at Arvada High
                              hosted the first annual golf                                 School.
                              tournament at Indian Tree
                              Golf Course on Saturday,                                       The class of ’64 was there
                              August 28th.                   for the festivities and donated $1040 that night! There’s a
                                                             challenge for the other classes!
The turnout was wonderful as over
40 people attended the tournament.                           The committee set up a very nice welcoming table as well
                                                             as appealing refreshment spread.
   Arvada Alumni Participates in                                 Arvada Almost Sneaks by
     Arvada Harvest Festival                                 Mountain View at Homecoming
                                 The Arvada alumni          Arvada remained
                                group participated in the   strong against
                                Arvada Harvest Festival     Mountain View,
                                parade with pride.          however, Mountain
                                Arvada High school          View held off Arvada
                                Principal, Robert Lopez     to a 16-14 loss at our
                                drove the float with        homecoming game on
children of the alumni. Other alumni members handed         Friday, September 24.
out information and magnets to the crowd to try to
generate membership.                                        A 7 yard pass from Mike Rosales to Kyle Rice in the
                                                            4th quarter held Arvada’s hopes high, but a 24 yard
The crowds cheered for the alumni group as they             field goal from Mountain View sewed up the victory
participated in the first of many festival parades. The     for them.
alumni group hopes to set                                                                       Homecoming
up a booth next year at                                                                         royalty adorned the
the festival so that                                                                            field at halftime
members can come by                                                                             and the
and talk and sign the guest                                                                     cheerleaders and
book.                                                                                           pon pon girls led
                                                                                                by retired teacher
                                                                                                Tom McCormick

                                                            The class of ’94
                                                            shared their reunion
                                                            weekend at the game
                                                            and cheered on our

                                                            The alumni committee
                                                            set up a table to hand
                                                            out flyers, magnets sell t-shirts. Alumni of all ages came
                                                            by to visit and sign our guestbook.

                                                            The homecoming dance was held on Saturday,
                                                            September 25 and was attended by over 1000 students.
                                                              Bill Johnson, Volunteer Extraordinaire
             Alumni News                                      Bill Johnson was born in Denver, Colorado in 1934. His
                                                              family was poor and his parents were out of work when
Rick Durant, class of '82, recently coached the State         they moved to Arvada. It was the Great Depression and
Cross Country Champion, Steven Weeks. Steven is a             the family lived in a chicken house with a dirt floor.
sophomore at Arvada. Rick is the Technology guru at           Later they moved to Englewood and lived in a converted
Arvada High School. He is married to Lisa                     corrugated grain bin. The family later moved back to
Bronk and they have 2 children.                               Arvada and Bill attended Arvada High School and
                                                              graduated in 1952. Bill can list 292 people who helped
Robert Lopez, '86, is in his 4th year as principal of         him in some way by making a positive impact on his life
Arvada High School, and is married to Abby Edwards,           up to that time. One such person was Ray S. Fitzmorris,
also '86. They have three elementary aged children.           (Fitzmorris Elementary School), who was Bill’s math
Robert was recently featured in "A Million Stories" on Ch.    teacher and the principal of Arvada High School. Mr.
8.                                                            Fitzmorris was instrumental in helping Bill obtain a half
                                                              tuition scholarship to the University of Denver. Bill took
Jeff Wasinger, '77, teaches business at Arvada High           time out from college to serve in the Army for three
School and coaches golf and track. He reports that "all       years, and then returned to DU on the GI Bill to earn a
those rumors are definately unfounded!"                       bachelor’s degree in 1960.

Robert Ludwig, '69, retired from Arvada High School in        Bill’s educational career spanned thirty years and several
'03, after teaching both English and Social Studies for 26    schools. He taught social studies and math, and later
years,                                                                                                became assistant
                                                                                                      principal at Arvada
Craig Wilkie, '69, retired from Arvada in '03 after                                                   Junior High. He
teaching Social Studies for 30 years.                                                                 retired in 1992 and
                                                                                                      then began his
Suzanne Scaglione Cauble, '74, has been the reigning                                                  volunteer career
campus security guard at Arvada for over 20 years. Suz                                                doing what he
reports that her centerfold spread will be in the next                                                loves—working
Alumni News.                                                                                          with young people.
                                                                                                      Bill is the primary
Dianne Schneider Maxfield, '69, and Jack Maxfield,            creator of the Read to Me program, which puts books in
'66, own an American Family insurance business in             the hands of Arvada elementary students, and encourages
Arvada. Their sons, Joel, '01, and Jonathon, 03, are both     their parents to read to them 15 minutes each night. In
college students. Joel spent nearly a year in Hollywood       addition, Bill helped form the Arvada/Wheat Ridge
exploring acting options.                                     Service Ambassadors for Youth, a program through the
                                                              Optimist Club which raises money and gives scholarships
Angela Vaiana, '01, is in Hollywood and working toward        to students who have overcome hard times. Bill
an acting/singing career.                                     currently volunteers in the Arvada High School
                                                              Counseling Center helping seniors look for scholarships.
Lynn Davenport, '71, owns LHP Flooring in Arvada.
                                                              Bill was named Arvada Man of the Year two years ago and
Judy Head Schneider, '71 and Doug Schneider, '71, are         this year was chosen as one of three volunteers to receive
the grandparents of six little ones. Judy is an Arvada Fire   the American Institute for Public Service Jefferson Award.
Department dispatcher and Doug is a fireman. He was           He will travel to Washington D.C. to be honored later this
recently "Mr. August" in the annual Firemen's Calendar.       month in a national ceremony.
        Fun and Games                 Alumni Scholarship

                                   Arvada Alumni and Friends
                                   Several months ago we sent out a letter
                                   to all of the alumni who are registered
                                   on the alumni page. The letter
                                   generated interest from several alumni
                                   and there are now ten committee
                                   members of various classes serving on
                                   the newly formed Alumni Committee.
                                   The primary function of the committee
                                   is to raise money for the Arvada High
                                   School Alumni Scholarship program.
                                   Thanks to the generous contributions
                                   of two family members, we were
                                   happy to be able to award the first
                                   alumni scholarship to Ms. Stephanie
                                   Webb at the May 5th awards night.
                                   Our ultimate scholarship goal is to
                                   collect enough money for self-
                                   sustaining scholarships (approximately
                                   $20,000 per award) and for that we
                                   need your help. On May 24, 2004,
                                   Arvada High School celebrated its
                                   100th graduation, and what better way
                                   to celebrate than to offer the next
                                   generation college financial aide. If
                                   you are able to give financial support
                                   in any way, please mail your tax-
                                   deductible checks to the Jefferson
                                   Foundation, with Arvada HS Alumni
                                   on the memo line to:
                                         Arvada Alumni Association
                                                    c/o AHS
                                               7951 W. 65th Ave
                                               Arvada, CO 80004

                                            Arvada Alumni Association
                                   Questions? Contact 303-982-0113 or email us
                                    at info@arvadaalumni.com. Please visit our
                                      website at http://www.arvadaalumni.com

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