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By Ulas Bardak

P   H   G   U   Y   A   N   A   E   M   R   M
A   A   N   C   O   R   W   T   O   E   Z   V
S   E   R   I   A   S   O   N   E   U   B   S
A   A   E   A   N   I   T   N   E   G   R   A
N   L   C   I   M   E   E   B   R   E   P   I
T   E   U   L   V   A   G   O   C   A   A   B
I   U   A   I   Z   U   R   L   U   T   R   M
A   Z   D   S   A   R   O   I   S   O   A   O
G   E   O   A   P   E   E   V   B   G   G   L
O   N   R   R   A   P   G   I   M   O   U   O
P   E   I   B   L   I   Z   A   R   B   A   C
R   V   N   O   I   C   N   U   S   A   Y   E

[Guyana – Georgetown], Paramaribo, [Paraguay – Asunción], [Colombia –
Bogotá], Ecuador, Venezuela, Peru, Togo, [Brazil – Brasilia], Montevideo,
[Bolivia – Sucre], La Paz, [Argentina – Buenos Aires], Santiago,

Herman Cortez vs Empire: AZTEC
By Craig Austin

Holiday Travel Forecast for April 11, 2004
Avg. high 29
Avg. low 11

Unseasonably warm…high 39…low 21

Fair…high 30…low 12

Rain…high 31…low 13

Sunny…high 29…low 11

Arid…high 32…low 14

Windy…high 31…low 13

The offset of each day’s high from average (29) may be used as an index into
the weather description (i.e. arid, fair) to get the word “island”. The holiday
referenced at the top, April 11, 2004, is Easter and EASTER ISLAND is a
territory of Chile.
By Jim Bai

The numbers are in base 12. In decimal, the numbers correspond to years.
Based on years, find the corresponding animal of the Chinese zodiac. The
numbers finally index into the word, with 0 as the first letter.

0 11a9   2001   Sheep
0 115a   1942   Horse
0 1145   1925   Ox
0 11a7   1999   Rabbit
0 1146   1926   Tiger

0 11a1 1993 Rooster
1 11a7 1999 rAbbit
0 11a3 1995 Pig
0 1193 1983 Pig
2 11ab 2003 shEep
0 11b1 2005 Rooster

After finding the anagrams, the solution becomes:
SHORT Dynasty and RAPPER = JIN
By Derek Leung

Find six countries.
As the title suggests, the goal is to make a cube. For each square, one of the
bottom letters is to be folded under the other letter as to form a corner of a
cube. The resulting cube forms the 6 four-lettered countries:

                       Cuba, Fiji, Iraq, Laos, Mali, Peru

The highlighted letters above are the ones to be folded under, and those can
be anagrammed to form the word NOVEMBER.
By Ulas Bardak




                   United Kingdom

                 C Y P R U S + mountain 
By Joel Donovan

The image is overlaid with this woven pattern:

This pattern corresponds to a sequence of 22 bytes. Each column is a byte that
can be read from bottom to top, where column-on-top is a 0 and row-on-top is
a 1. For example, the byte on the far left is 01010111. The string of bytes is
read left to right. Converting these values to ASCII characters, the result is in
the following table.
                                          By the first 6 characters, it could be
  Puzz. Byte Ch        Real Byte    Ch inferred that the string is supposed to
    01010111 W          01010111 W        read, “Walk like an Egyptian.”
    01100001 a          01100001 a        However, not all the characters are
    01101100 l          01101100     l    correct. The bits that differ between
    01101011 k          01101011 k        the two strings are presented in
    00100000            00100000          boldface.
    01101100 l          01101100     l
    00001001 TAB        01101001     i    If the positions of these bits are
    01011011 [          01101011 k        overlaid on the original puzzle, you
    01001101 M          01100101 e        get the following pattern:
   01011100 \           00100000
    01100001 a          01100001 a
   00010010 ↕           01101110 n
    00110100      4     00100000
    01001101 M          01000101 E
    01000011 C          01100111 g
   01000101 E           01111001 y
    01010100      T     01110000 p        As such, the answer to the puzzle is
   00101100 ,           01110100 t        APIS, sacred bull of the Egyptians.
   00111101 =           01101001     i
   01010101 U           01100001 a
    01101110      n     01101110 n
    00101110 .          00101110 .
By Craig Austin

   1.     hayes (president)             6.    11"x17" (ledger)
          buchanan                            accounting
          arthur                              59456

   2.     string theory (unification)   7.    packt (sardines)
          italy, 1861                         san mazina
          join, or die                        (913) 451-1040

   3.     11/2/1988 (worm)              8.    silicon (valley)
          ring                                41°18'N, 96°20'W
          blaster                             napa

   4.     mini (series)                 9.    chris anderson (bloggers)
          Vtotal = V1 + V2                    jason kottke
          taylor                              don box

   5.     dock (osx)                    10.   (817) (fort)
          jaguar                              sumter
          quartz                              14 day

                   1.        president
                   2.        unification
                   3.        worm
                   4.        series
                   5.        osx
                   6.        ledger
                   7.        sardines
                   8.        valley
                   9.        bloggers
                   10.       fort
Answer: SEINE
By Joel Donovan

The letters in the blog
are row- and column-shifting operations for the matrix given as the puzzle, as
indicated by the lettered arrows around the grid. Following all the shifts
correctly yields this final matrix:

                  T     H     E          P     I     E   C   E

                        Y    O     U          S      E   E   K

                        I     S          T    H      A   T

                   1    S     T         W     O      R   D

                  B     E    G      I    N    N      I   N   G

                        T    A     S     T    E          O   F

                        I     N    D     I    A          B   Y

                  A     E    R     O     S    M      I   T   H

The first line of Aerosmith’s “Taste of India” is:

      God I love the sweet taste of India.

As such, the solution to the puzzle is GOD.
By Derek Leung

Tom Hanks is sleepless here             One who pays the postage
  Seattle                                 Sender

More valuable than straw                National bus company
   Gold (From Rumplestiltskin)            Greyhound

The Speaker for the Dead                A teacher of the gospel
   Ender Wiggin                           Apostle

Danish brick                            Olympic competitors
   Lego                                   Athletes

Iraqi war supporter                     Ceremony at the cemetery
    Blair                                 Burial

Fuel of the future                      First part of a Canadian newspaper
   Hydrogen                                The Globe and Mail

End of death row                        He shot the sheriff
   The [Electric] Chair                   Bob Marley

Metal fastener                          Iraqi war detractor
   Staple                                  Jacques Chirac

He thinks that something’s better       One of White or Black varieties in a
   on the other side                      David Lynch series
   John Mayer                             Lodge (From Twin Peaks)

Each word on the right can be anagrammed to form a word on the left minus
one letter. The extra letters can be combined and anagram to form the word
By Joel Donovan

01.   The weird sisters in MacBeth.
02.   Doherty attended Satan's School for Girls.
03.   Psyche was the mythological object of Cupid's affection.
04.   Most of the Super Best Friends are founders of a religion.
05.   Distortion Wells directed Phallus in Wonderland.
07.   Williams taught the Dead Poet's Society.
08.   A story of wild women, wild fists and wild rumors.
09.   C3PO's primary function was as a Protocol Droid.
10.   Trinity resurrected Neo with her love.
12.   11 x 8½ is landscape.
13.   The ego was Freud's conscious mind.

The answers are names of Layers (episodes) of the Japanese animated series,
Serial Experiments lain, listed above in the order of the episodes. On the
lines, #11 (“Infornography”) is indicated as <not the answer>, so the remaining
episode name, KIDS, is the correct answer to the puzzle.
By Jim Bai

Currency is meant to be traded and converted. Since US is the major country
missing from this set, convert the values given to USD. Notice there is a date
(1/24/04) in the upper left. If you find the exact conversion on that date, you
will get:

3.93 Dollar = $3
10.90 Peso = $1
7.87 Dollar = $6
43.60 Peso = $4
6.56 Dollar = $5

Using the dollar values to index into the currency, you get: LPROA which
anagrams to POLAR.
By Joel Donovan

While the overt clues are not misleading, they are not very helpful. All of the
information is in the second letter of each word.

If five clues amount to ignorance, try taking apart the hypothesis:

   1. Starting the fervor, a valuable affiliate promoted his acting career and a
      squiffy surname we certainly know.
   2. Assumptions garble the rational, true facts.
   3. Assigning passages obligatory order will end badly.
   4. Acquaintance throws many distractions, and a sleuth might ignore the
      attractive answers hidden in ugliness.
   5. Its whole meaning, a second inspection affirms, comes from scarcely
      few graphemes.

   1. The African Queen
   2. Sahara
   3. Sabrina
   4. Chain Lightning
   5. The Enforcer

The actor that appears in all five films is Humphrey BOGART
The Netherlands
By Craig Austin

Paris Hilton – “The Simple Life” – FOX (15, U)
Jesse James – “Monster Garage” – TLC (37, N) / Discovery (81, N)
Team Cobi – “Beg, Borrow, and Deal” – ESPN (27, O)
LA, Boston, London, Miami, Seattle got real – “The Real World” – MTV (24, F)
CNN 360 degrees (previously) – “The Mole” – ABC (4, F)
12 East 22nd Street – “The Restaurant” – NBC (11, I)
Jim Cantore – “Storm Stories” – The Weather Channel (21, C)
Marquesas – “Survivor” – CBS (2, I)
“But offstage things were falling apart” – “Behind the Music” – VH1 (44, A)
New York's HLE – “Animal Precinct” – Animal Planet (50, L)
Matchmaker: Lodge – “Blind Date” – UPN (19, L)
Edwardian style manor – “Manor House” – PBS (12, Y)

The letters were obtained from the table in the puzzle.

The letters spell “unofficially” and the Netherlands is unofficially HOLLAND.
New Zealand
By Derek Leung

This was the metapuzzle. The message is in morse code where i's were dots and
t’s were dashes. The message converts to 128214483/ANDREW, or more clearly:


This takes you to the A.C.M.E. Phone System international dialing page with
four text boxes. The correct dialing numbers were obtained by grouping the
titles of the puzzles by continent, and then to enter in at least 3 of the 4
correct answers of those puzzles.

The following word was returned for each country:
North America - Computers
South America - Baker
Europe - Couches
Africa - CD
Asia – La Prima

Incorrect entries returned a deterministic jumble of letters.

The stolen treasure turned out to be 3 CD’s inside the CD drives of 3 computers
in the Baker E-mail Kiosk next to some small couches, and La Prima in the
basement of the new wing.

On the CD’s were written the 3 prizes (Xbox, Intellimouse, Microsoft Flight
Simulator 2004). The first team to find a CD at around 5:45, Revenge of the
Nerds, got the 3rd prize CD, which when they realized what they had, prompted
a frantic but ultimately successful search for the Xbox CD. The second team,
I-95, found the 2nd CD just 10 minutes before the end of the game at 6:20.
By Derek Leung

Hidden words have been bolded in the letter.

From: The Desk of Dr. Darius Luhkwoha

     I, Dr. Darius Luhkwoha, beG for help in a Great matter of
importance. I acquired, from an Associate, your E-mail and name
and was assured of your trustworThiness and reliAbility. I assure
you that there will be a large rEward waiting foR you once the
transaction is completed.

     I am the accountant and conFidant of the lAte Kunle Latila,
a successful maker of toys, puzzLes, and other Sporting goods,
until his death in a motor accidEnt in 2002. He Passed away
without a beneficiary to his monEy and other assEts. In 2000, he
deposited a sizeable amount of Currency and preCious gems into a
bank deposit box. No person excEpt me knows of This, and I am
contacting you to transfer those funds abroad so to avoid a
Nigerian inheritance tax.

     For your part, I wish that you would claim The funds as the
bona fide beneficiary of his estate. If you are Willing to help
in receiving these funds, I will give you forty One percent of
the Fifty Four Million Two HundRed Swiss Francs: this can be
exchanged into a currency of yoUr choosing. I hOpe you find this
a fair arrangement, and you wilL consider helpiNg in this
endeavor; this will please me vEry much. Your rEsponse is
greatly appreciated.

Truly yours,
Dr. Darius Luhkwoha

Reading down the two columns from above, you will obtain two sets of three
words. The ones on the left are: gear, fleece and rule suggest the common
word “golden”, while the ones on the right, gear, aspect and two:one suggest
the word “ratio”, yielding the final answer GOLDEN RATIO.
By Ulas Bardak

Find 9 titles of songs and take the first letter of the performer or band.

… it was raining like crazy. A crazy night in 1795. I had no one to turn to, no
one to trust. I went outside, I couldn’t stay inside, it was no use. I went out.
That was the end of my stay at the heartbreak hotel. I tried not looking into
her eyes before I left. Those eyes were going to be my demise, I knew it. She
thought I just didn’t look back because I was angry. May be she was right but
she should’ve known that I don’t look back in anger. I knew looking at her
would bring back memories, how we met, how I took her to Scarborough Fair
on our first date… I even took her to meet my parents once. “The girl’s
alright with me” said my dad, little did he know the day would come when I
would just leave and my greatest respite would be knowing that she would not
be with me anymore. She took me for an all day sucker for so long and it
seemed like I finally brought myself to the realization of just that. It was as
though the rain was awakening my brain. I wasn’t going to care when doves
cry. I wasn’t going to treat her like my wonderwall anymore. With the rain,
all of that was washed away. All that was left on my mind was whether I
remembered to take my blue suede shoes from the shoe cabinet…

                                                            from Sparky’s Dream

heartbreak hotel – Elvis
don’t look back in anger – Oasis
Scarborough Fair – Paul Simon
The girl is alright with me – Temptations
All day sucker – Stevie Wonder
When doves cry – Prince
Wonderwall – Oasis
Blue suede shoes – Elvis
Sparky’s Dream – Teenage Fanclub

Poet’s Poet + initial reference to 1795  KEATS
By Jim Bai

User Name: USER, but let it be proclaimed, the title and the user name,
should be about the same.

Answer: The user name is: USSR. Going to blog as indicated
on your pen, you will see a digital image of a poem. The image is digital for a
reason. Opening up the image in any editor and bucket filling the background
with white reveals “The Greatest General”. Based on the title, Russia, one
would search for the very subjective greatest Russian general, who is General
WINTER. The text in the poem hint at freezing and cold, which is how General
Winter stopped invading countries into Russia.
By Jim Bai

1,2,3,...  
            1 x  A
 f A ( x)              
            0 otherwise
  e  f (t )dt  L
          st

  x  p( x )  E
Each function has a standard letter associated with it. The functions and
notations are:
   1. Naturals
   2. Indicator Function
   3. Laplace Transform
   4. Expected value

Answer: NILE
By Craig Austin

 Volume in drive C is WHOIS.
 Volume Serial Number is 92-52-8E-5A

 Directory of C:\Games_n_Movies

3/1/1982     3:05 PM      <DIR>   Tron               (Lisberger)
7/2/1974     6:07 PM      <DIR>   Zelda              (Cavallone)
2/6/1991     5:07 PM      <DIR>   Solitaire          (Damberger)
5/6/1999     4:05 PM      <DIR>   BlackAndWhite      (Toback)
1/5/1917     2:03 PM      <DIR>   Cleopatra          (Edwards)
4/10/1955    1:00 PM      <DIR>   SoldierOfFortune   (Dmytryk)
6/5/1975     7:04 PM      <DIR>   Breakout           (Gries)

Spoke ID: patfake
First order by month, index day into game title => patfake
The blog for patfake on the Spoke mentions hints at getting the directors’
name from imdb (year matches movie year) and order by hour, then index
minute into directors last name (surname) to obtain DARKENS.
By Ulas Bardak

Blake, first run: (11886) 1:58:86 or one minute and 58.86 seconds
Blake, second run: (12054) 2:00:54 or two minutes and 0.54 seconds
Total Time: (23940) three minutes and 59.40 seconds

Bauer, first run: (11841) 1:58:41 or one minute and 58.41 seconds
Bauer, second run: (12176) 2:01:76 or two minutes and 1.76 seconds
Total Time: (24017) four minutes and 0.17 seconds

Matey, first run: (11974) 1:59:74 or one minute and 59.74 seconds
Matey, second run: (12108) 2:01:08 or two minutes and 1.08 seconds
Total Time: (24082) four minutes and 0.82 seconds

Spots, first run: (11896) 1:58:96 or one minute and 58.96 seconds
Spots, second run: (12188) 2:01:88 or two minutes and 1.88 seconds
Total Time: (24084) four minutes and 0.84 seconds

Sammy, first run: (11948) 1:59:48 or one minute and 59.48 seconds
Sammy, second run: (12144) 2:01:44 or two minutes and 1.44 seconds
Total Time: (24092) four minutes and 0.92 seconds

Alain, first run: (12003) 2:00:03 or two minutes and 0.03 seconds
Alain, second run: (12183) 2:01:83 or two minutes and 1.83 seconds
Total Time: (24186) four minutes and 1.86 seconds

Artie, first run: (12034) 2:00:34 or two minutes and 0.34 seconds
Artie, second run: (12221) 2:02:21 or two minutes and 2.21 seconds
Total Time: (24255) four minutes and 2.55 seconds

                                 BL   A   KE
                                 BA   U   ER
                                 MA   T   EY
                                 SP   O   TS
                                 SA   M   MY
                                 AL   A   IN
                                 AR   T   IE
United States
By Derek Leung

You did not need to take apart your pen to do this puzzle. Each row is a
description of a charged atom in the number of protons, electrons and
neutrons. The neutrons given are for the most common isotopic form, and this
serves as a hint, but the actual numbers are irrelevant to the puzzle. Once
translated into elements with charges, notice that each element is also a state
abbreviation, which you can then use the charge number to index into (index
backwards from the end with negative charges):

p    e    n
10   5    10   10+5 - Neon – NE – Nebraska
27   24   32   27+3 - Cobalt – CO - Colorado
21   18   24   21+3 - Scandium – SC – South Carolina
42   50   56   42-8 – Molybdenum – MO - Missouri
31   33   38   31-2 – Gallium – GA - Georgia
49   51   64   49-2 – Indium – IN - Indiana
57   54   82   57+3 – Lanthanum – LA - Louisiana
25   24   30   25+1 – Manganese – MN – Minnesota

Aluminum – AL is, of course, the state of ALABAMA.

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