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									                                          TOWN CENTRES AREA ACTION PLAN/ALLOCATIONS DPD QUESTIONNAIRE

                                                                   ROYAL TUNBRIDGE WELLS

Question 8_RTW - Do you think park and ride would be well used if this was introduced in Royal Tunbridge Wells?

Question 9_RTW - Where do you think a park and ride scheme(s) would be best located? Please specify or make any additional comments you may have

Consultee Name           Comment ID          Q8:         Q9:
and/or                                       Yes/No      Comment

Councillor Frank         TCAAP/ALL_4                     [THIS IS A RESPONSE TO Q8 WHICH HAS NO TEXT BOX]
                                                         This depends. For example it would be better used by default if TWBC demolished any car parks it owned, or
                                                         allowed demolition of private car parks, or raised car parking charges, or failed to reduce them in a recession.

                                                         I think there may be a democratic problem here. If there is a grand vision (eg. no cars in town centres, lots of
                                                         cyclists, mass use of Park and Ride) that conflicts with what the puclic wants (eg. freedom of movement,
                                                         personal choice), then it is unlikely to succeed without manipulation ie.making the facts fit the vision.

                                                         Indeed there is a risk that the whole process may have to be covert because if carried out overtly the public
                                                         might find it intolerable.

                                                         In these two areas a democratic problem may arise.
Mr Christopher Barclay   TCAAP/ALL_5         No          I really dont see how this would work the buss to the cinema is always empty!
The Access Group         TCAAP/ALL_12        Yes         (Q8) Park and Ride Schemes work well in Canterbury and elsewhere, provided all vehicles are indpendently
                                                         accessible and have a wide area for disabled people, current buses do not comply - see the types of vehicles
                                                         used by Lothian Buses as an example of best practice with automatic ramps. Such services need to be
                                                         reliable and at regular intervals no longer than fifteen minutes apart.

                                                         (Q9) In a recent letter from Heath Williams to Greg Clark MP, Williams the South East Manager of Arriva
                                                         admitted that only 15 out of 60 vehicles at T/Wells were accessible (see attached letter) and none met the
                                                         independent access criteria that RADAR and Disability Alliance set as a basic standard. There are several
                                                         serious issues, firstly the contractual obligations imposed by KCC are very lax, they do not for example
                                                         require accessible vehicles to be replaced like for like. They do not require new franchise operators to use
                                                         accessible vehicles, so that when a franchise is set out for tender as has happened recently accessible buses
                                                         have been replaced by non accessible vehicles as a cheaper bid has been accepted. The other serious
                                                         problem is that nationally when buses were deregulated the government (DfT) failed to include clauses to
                                                         prevent buses being moved around the national fleet. Arriva, like many national operators will provide
                                                         accessible buses for a price and recycle the old stock in areas where the Transport Authority are less pro
                                                         active. Tunbridge Wells Depot is the last stop for old stock before being sold off. In 2017 this practice will end
                                                         when all buses must be independently accessible. KCC's rolling out a new system of real time information,
                                                         Lene Beynon has copies of our audited comments. Basically the screens are sited in the wrong place,
                                                         pensioners cannot see the lettering because it is too small and glare from sunlight obliterates the information.
Consultee Name       Comment ID     Q8:      Q9:
and/or                              Yes/No   Comment

                                             None of the bus screens are audible so are technically illegal under the DDA and Equalities Act 2010, as they
                                             effectively exclude the visually impaired. Court action would bankrupt KCC. I have been in touch with the
                                             Traffic Commissioners for them to take action. But this illustrates the real headache for local government
                                             underfunded projects hitting primary legislation which now requires total compliance in service provision =[for
                                             disabled people. Technically officers and council members who approve such schemes are equally liable to
                                             fines and costs, which could with over 250000 visually impaired people in Kent finish them. The Kent
                                             Reference Panel are endeavouring to get KCC to become compliant. However they are equally frustrated by
                                             the cuts and reductions imposed on all departments by George Osbourne and the Coalition.

                                             Funding of Grants for Service Providers:

                                             Last year the Labour government introduced a new cost cutting system for dunding local bus services, which
                                             is based on the numbers of passengers carried. This system favours cities and towns and areas controlled by
                                             Labour. It gives a cleat picture of usage and value for money. However, it does not favour rural transport
                                             services in the same way that the old mileage allowance did. KCC Transport Team admitted to the Kent
                                             Reference Panel that without a rural support prekium many of our services will decline and in some cases
                                             disappear. Many of our existing services would also decline due to lack of core funding using this method. In
                                             the current LTP West Kent was seen as a car owning rural area served better by the car, than the bus.

                                             With the loss of the Kick Start Bid system for improving services cancelled by George Osborne in January.
                                             The Kick Start Bid for the Route 6/7 to give a half hourly service connecting the new Pembury Hospital
                                             directly with Maidstone Hospital has been lost. The grant change may well result in the total loss of this
                                             service after the October cuts are known. As indicated elsewhere, the return taxi fare from Rusthall to
                                             Maidstone Hospital is £110.00, to Ashford Hospital, now our Cardiac Centre from Tunbridge Wells, including
                                             waiting time of 1 hour is between £195/200. For a pensioner or disabled person it is more than a weekly State
                                             Pension or DLA Mobility Component at the Higher Level. If hospital transport is not independently accessible
                                             from 2011 it will spell the demise of the voluntary hospital car service. Access Groups will be taking action via
                                             RADAR to enforce compliance, which will merely reduce the funding available. The two centre hospital was a
                                             mistake and the PCT and Acute Trust will be held liable. Finally on this morbid point, I would not advise
                                             having a heart attack in T/Wells or to the west of the town, it takes around 110 minutes to get Ashford from
                                             call out to loading a casualty. For many elderly heart attack patients that is far too long and they will die. Food
                                             for thought.
Mrs Jane Fenwick     TCAAP/ALL_7    No       It would only benefit people from outside the Borough at the expense of those people near the car parks.
                                             Provide very good and cheaper 'residents' bus transport from the key 'villages' Rustall, Langton Green,
                                             Pembury, Hawkenbury to discourage use of cars on short journeys. Reduce rate/beneifts for those people
                                             who do not have cars?
Mrs Pam Bristow      TCAAP/ALL_8    No       I believe that a congestion charge would be more effective. Works wonders in inner London. Buses would be
                                             more reliable & better used.
Mr Peter Blackwell   TCAAP/ALL_10   Yes      Along the Pembury Road, near to the Skinners Academy School.

                                             In Langton Green, where I live, near the Hare Public House.
Consultee Name           Comment ID     Q8:      Q9:
and/or                                  Yes/No   Comment

                                                 At the town boundary on the A26 from Crowborough.

                                                 At the town boundary on the road from Frant and Wadhurst.
Mr G L Plastow           TCAAP/ALL_13   Yes      [respondent made extra comment to Q8 where there is no provision for this, as follows: "But studies should be
                                                 undertaken to check viability and experiences elsewhere"]

                                                 Q9: Two sites were considered in the late 70's and these remain viable.

                                                 1. Land adjacent to Tescos at Pembury. Access exists off the roundabout on Pembury Rd. There is a synergy
                                                 in being adjacent to a popular supermarket. It could also provide an inter-change to a bus link serving the new
                                                 hopsital (Compaid might provide this).

                                                 2. Frant Rd, adjacent to the Rugby field. An application was made the the Borough Council to Wealden
                                                 District but was withdrawn in the face of local objection.

                                                 A third possibility is land in the vicinity of the Water Tower at Langton Green.

                                                 It has to be recognised that none of these sites offer the prospect of a rapid transfer bus service at peak hours
                                                 although Pembury Rd could be adapted at a cost.

                                                 If a site could be foundnear the entrance to Scotney, Bayham Rd is more suitable for a faster link. It could
                                                 also serve Frant Station and pick up traffic off the A21.
Dr P Whitbourn           TCAAP/ALL_37   Yes      I think that some form of Park and Ride could work, if a scheme were to be devised that proved less hassle to
                                                 the motorist that bringing a car into the town centre. A frequent and reliable bus service from the edge of town
                                                 would be necessary, together with carefully worked out financial and parking policies. The diagram on page
                                                 4A shows one idea, based upon the adaptation of existing frequent service bus routes. Such a scheme would
                                                 also serve as an enhanced Town Centre Bus Link, as well as affording a link between Royal Tunbridge Wells'
                                                 two rival shopping centres in the historic Town Centre and at the North Farm Retail Parks. Certainly
                                                 something needs to be done to alleviate existing congestion in both shopping centres, let alone any new
                                                 shopping floorspace provision.
Councillor Roy Bullock   TCAAP/ALL_48            It is not so much where they should be located as which radial routes into the town centre are capable with
                                                 investment and capable of providing bus priority from source to destination.
Phillips Planning for    TCAAP/ALL_59            Should a park and ride scheme be taken forward it is considered that the most obvious location for this would
Cooper Estates                                   be on the east side of RTW in the vicinity of the A21 / A264 junction.

                                                 A site in this general area would be close to the Tesco food store and the major Pembury Hospital
                                                 redevelopment site off Tonbridge Road. As the Council is aware, Pembury Road is one of the major traffic
                                                 routes into the town centre.

                                                 A park and ride in this location would have the potential to capture vehicle movements from the A21, Pembury
Consultee Name           Comment ID      Q8:      Q9:
and/or                                   Yes/No   Comment

                                                  and Paddock Wood beyond reducing the volume of traffic using this route in the morning and evening peak
                                                  periods. It would also have the advantage of enabling residents living

                                                  in the town to utilise the service to access Pembury Hospital.

                                                  Attached to this representation is a plan which broadly shows the location that we consider most suitable for
                                                  such a facility. This land is not owned or promoted by our client rather it is identified purely as an area which
                                                  we consider would be of most benefit in terms of capturing the largest volume of users accessing Royal
                                                  Tunbridge Wells from the east.
Ms Susan Westlake        TCAAP/ALL_51    No       Have previous ones worked? Analyse data from their use to decide. Have any travel surveys been carried out
                                                  to see where most people wanting to spend time shopping etc in the town come from? If not, survey all users
                                                  of all the car parks on entry or exit.
Mrs Marlene Lento        TCAAP/ALL_50    No       P&R relies on faster access into town via suttles compared to one's own vehicle.

                                                  The layout of Tunbridge Wells and its main access roads do not support the introduction of dedicated bus
                                                  lanes to facilitate improved access. Hence, P&R buses would creep along with the remaining traffic.

                                                  P&R is often hailed as an alternative to adequate parking in town centres and a tempting excuse for
                                                  developers and planners to favour 'unbalanced' developments, which, due to decreased parking space
                                                  numbers, are commercially more profitable.

                                                  Many towns have discontinued P&R services because there was too little uptake and because it needs to be
                                                  subsidised. Would the developpers benefitting from the redevelopment of existing parking be asked to pay a
                                                  their share of the subsidy?
Mrs Mary Ollett          TCAAP/ALL_32    No       The park and ride would need to be adjacent to the main entry routes and will only be used if there are
                                                  dedicated and frequent buses. You would need a large site or at least one you can readily expand into
                                                  otherwise there will not be very much interest. Apart from Langton Green, Pembury and Sussex/Kent border
                                                  where you might find a spare field you have not allocated for retail/residential use, there is very little hope at
Mr James Watson          TCAAP/ALL_44    Yes      Old site of proposed new Pembury hospital which is now vacant (near cinema + bowling alley)
Tunbridge Wells Labour   TCAAP/ALL_56    Yes      The exit road as you come to the north farm round about which could be either entered from the road either
Party                                             by the hospital . I am basically mentioning the land which part would be used if the A21 is widened down from
                                                  the garden centre ( Northcutts)
Mr Neil Harris           TCAAP/ALL_62    No       a) Junction of A21 and A26 at Tunbridge/Tonbridge turn off, and/or

                                                  b) Junction A21 and North Farm
Notcutt Nurseries Ltd    TCAAP/ALL_124   Yes      Pembury.
Natural England          TCAAP/ALL_118            Natural England would expect the location for any park and ride site to be in areas where the landscape and
                                                  nature conservation impacts are avoided, or fully mitigated.
Mrs Shirley Wise         TCAAP/ALL_120   Yes      I believe the Tesco site near Woodsgate would be ideal as it is away from the Longfield Road chaos and
                                                  would be used by people instead of having to take cars along Pembury Road, there would need to be a bus
Consultee Name            Comment ID      Q8:      Q9:
and/or                                    Yes/No   Comment

                                                   lane though in Pembury Road.
Mrs Jenina Pendry         TCAAP/ALL_66    Yes      Park and ride schemes generally don't get used unless in peak times of year (summer for seaside towns,
                                                   Christmas for shopping towns). If you had one, the Longfield/North Farm Industrial estate is the obvious
miss k clifton            TCAAP/ALL_71    Yes      The site near Odeon cinema at North Farm, easily accessible from A21.
Ms Delia Stabler          TCAAP/ALL_83    Yes      Only if people can get down the busy A21 to access the Park and Ride. Suggested sites off St Marks Road -
                                                   fields to the back between Bunny Lane, also Longfield Road before it meets A21 roundabout
Mr. Joseph Croker for     TCAAP/ALL_90             North Farm/ Tunbridge Wells Rugby Club/ Rusthall/ Southboroogh
Tunbridge Wells
Football Club
MJ Gleeson Group plc      TCAAP/ALL_108   No       If one were to be provided it needs to be located as close to the major road interchanges as possible.
Mr David Cuthbert         TCAAP/ALL_116   Yes      Pembury, Major Yorks Road
Miss Amy Huskisson        TCAAP/ALL_130   No
Mr Mark Tetley            TCAAP/ALL_133   Yes      Knights Park behind the Cinema complex.
Mrs Katharina Mahler-     TCAAP/ALL_243   Yes      Park and Ride will only succeed if it is made comprehensive (all main roads into the Town Centre need to be
Bech for Telephone                                 covered) and above all it has to be free of charge or affordable (that is cheaper than taking a car into town)
House Neighbours
Association                                        Park and Ride could be arranged from the West Station & Sainsbury’s;

                                                   Union House Car Park is not suitable for Park & Ride, but this area has to be redeveloped in connection with
                                                   the grot spot, the Union House.

                                                   The car park on the Common should not be made available for Park & Ride.
Royal Tunbridge Wells     TCAAP/ALL_254   Yes      [RTW Town Forum made comment next to box on Q8: "Yes - BUT, how will TWBC promote this to ensure?"]
Town Forum
                                                   Sainsburys (car park should be decked) to the south of town and Knights Park to the north.
Mr G Allford              TCAAP/ALL_150   Yes      YES provided there is a clear routeway for buses. In this respect Woodgate Corner (as proposed in Boro'
                                                   Transport Strategy (Fig 5.1) using Pembury Rd is doomed to fail. Buses would crawl along (1) from Knights
                                                   Park via, Liptrapps L., Sandhurst Rd, Upper Grosvenor Rd Better. (2) Site 85 via Bayhall Rd (where prohibit
                                                   parking to enable bus lanes).
Councillor Michael        TCAAP/ALL_146   No       I think there could be park and ride for town centre workers in Pembury, North Farm and possible south
Rusbridge                                          Tunbridge Wells.

                                                   I do not consider it viable in north Tunbridge Wells or to the west of the town.
Nathaniel Lichfield and   TCAAP/ALL_249   Yes      Park and ride is a potential option for overcoming car parking issues within the Town Centre and supporting
Partners for                                       its regeneration, which merits further exploration. In order for it to be a success, however, it will be essential
Targetfollow (Tunbridge                            that appropriate locations across the Town Centre are used as drop off points, to ensure pedestrian flows and
Wells)                                             movement is balanced across the centre; as well as ensuring the road infrastructure has capacity to support
                                                   routes (i.e. if the buses themselves are not going to cause more congestion in the Town Centre).

                                                   It will be important that The Pantiles and the southern end of the Town Centre is appropriately incorporated in
Consultee Name              Comment ID      Q8:      Q9:
and/or                                      Yes/No   Comment

                                                     to any such proposals (including drop of points), and Targetfollow requests to be consulted on any further
                                                     plans in this regard as they emerge.
Montagu Evans for           TCAAP/ALL_252            The use of Park and Ride will depend upon the ease with which persons can currently park in the town centre
Westfield                                            and the attractiveness of any park and ride scheme as an alternative to this, in terms of its convenience for
Shoppingtowns Ltd                                    users. (See question 9).
Cllr Barry Edwards          TCAAP/ALL_138   No       We have a mini park and ride system in operation already in Rusthall. Because of our excellent 281 bus
                                                     service, residents from outside Rusthall drive to the village, park in one of our few parking spaces then, using
                                                     their concessionary passes, take the bus to town. They not only benefit from free travel, but also free parking
                                                     - no wonder we have a parking problem!
Mrs S Kaner                 TCAAP/ALL_223   Yes      It is inevitable given the size and draw of the town that solutions such as park and ride must be considered as
                                                     a priority. Two areas that spring to mind immediately are at the Sainsburys site at west station and also at
                                                     Longfiled Road. Given the lack of space at Sainsbury site the council may need to look at low rise multistorey
                                                     developments. An opportunity was lost to provide a train shuttle service from here (west station) to the town
                                                     railway station when sainsbury's was given permission to extend the store. Perhaps consideration should be
                                                     given to a tram system between these two areas and ultimately up to St Johns. The redundant Kent and
                                                     Sussex hospital site could be used in part to provide the terminus for this facility and using the latest
                                                     sustainable fly drive technology a more sustainable tram system could be used. This system requires lower
                                                     infrastructure and construction costs and is being adopted elsewhere in the country.

                                                     Also the council should look at better connections between the longfiled industrial estate and high brooms
                                                     station and consider if there could be any possible links between the two to enable park and ride users to
                                                     access the high brooms station as a viable means of transport into the town.
FW and JM Harwood           TCAAP/ALL_140   Yes      On the outer parts of T. Wells close to Pembury boundary
Soroptimist International   TCAAP/ALL_142   Yes      Located to serve the main access roads into the town.
of Tunbridge Wells &
District                                             Must have a guaranteed frequency of service.
Hinton Cook Architects      TCAAP/ALL_163   Yes      Preferably on all principal routes into the town. Bath is a good model for this as it has several park and ride
for Toc H                                            sites all of which are heavily used
Mrs Gabrielle Elliott       TCAAP/ALL_173   No       I do not think this would be appropriate in TW
Mr Robin Christie           TCAAP/ALL_178   No       Therein lies the rub !
L H Roberts                 TCAAP/ALL_217   Yes      (1) At Pembury, near Knights Place.

                                                     (2) At Langton Green, near the water-tower.

                                                     (3) Near the A. 267, on land near Bunny Lane.
Mrs Jennifer Beaumont       TCAAP/ALL_248   Yes      If the road system could be improved (e.g. the small bridge under the railway line) somewhere on the
                                                     Industrial Estate. People would then also have the opportunity to visit retail outlets in that area.
mrs elizabeth strang        TCAAP/ALL_265   Yes      I think Park and Ride is always a good idea - perhaps somewhere on the Southboropugh road - to avoid the
                                                     constant stream of traffic coming in that way ? -
Mrs Elizabeth McLaren       TCAAP/ALL_269   No
Mr John Hemming             TCAAP/ALL_270   Yes      Near A21, complete permit parking across town to ensure the scheme is used widely.
Consultee Name             Comment ID      Q8:      Q9:
and/or                                     Yes/No   Comment

Royal Tunbridge Wells      TCAAP/ALL_523   Yes      Yes - BUT, how will TWBC promote this to ensure?
Town Forum
                                                    Sainsburys (car park should be decked) to the south of town and Knights Park to the north.
Lady Elizabeth             TCAAP/ALL_513   No       There are no suitable sites which are sufficiently large to make a park and ride scheme viable. See our
Akenhead for                                        comments on the Transport Questionnaire.
Tunbridge Wells District
Committee Campaign to
Protect Rural England
J B Planning Associates    TCAAP/ALL_401            With further growth and the reduction in the number of car parking spaces in the Town Centre there will be a
Ltd for The Fairfield                               need to look at alternative travel options and Park and Ride is one option that will need to be explored.
Miss Victoria Price        TCAAP/ALL_340   No       I have no knowledge as to how successful park and ride schemes are. North Farm Industrial estate but
                                                    access to town centre not via Upper Grosvenor Road.
Mr Rupert Preston Bell     TCAAP/ALL_368   Yes      Yes but only if the link is extremely swift and provided it serves both upper and lower ends of the town.
Lucy Smalley               TCAAP/ALL_386   Yes      Don't know - by Tesco at Pembury. A good possible site.
Mrs Helen Featherstone     TCAAP/ALL_481   Yes      Car park on the common. Frant road. knights park.
Mr Stuart Page             TCAAP/ALL_476   Yes      Knights Park to pich up northern traffic and Sainsburies to south would utilise the heavy traffic areas.
                                                    Uncertian about Langton Green end, just a good bus service via Rusthall would suffice. Why not a continuous
                                                    loop service?
Ms J Laws                  TCAAP/ALL_435   Yes      Somewhere within short distance of A21 (eg; just outside Southborough or Knights Park) would suit those
                                                    coming from that direction but be impractical for those approaching from South.
Dr Stephen Keevil          TCAAP/ALL_406   No       There is no obvious location.
Mr Robin Raban-            TCAAP/ALL_344            If it is not free to use forget it
Miss Pi Townsend           TCAAP/ALL_279   Yes
Mr Colin Steadman          TCAAP/ALL_288   No
Mr Alastair Burns          TCAAP/ALL_313   No
Miss Christine Phillip     TCAAP/ALL_314   Yes
Ms Jane Jenkins            TCAAP/ALL_316   No
Mrs Sarah Butler           TCAAP/ALL_354   Yes      North Farm - although it wouldn't help me as it's on the wrong side of town, it would reduce the overall
                                                    number of cars in town. We mostly need it at Christmas so perhaps seasonal park and ride scheme would be
Mr Peter Bell              TCAAP/ALL_341   Yes      Park and Ride could be on the industrial estate + Langton Green + along the Crowborough road +
Mr Ken Gill                TCAAP/ALL_403   No
Mrs Erica Hughes for       TCAAP/ALL_338   No
The Flower Basket
Miss Liz Carter            TCAAP/ALL_339   Yes      The Tesco's site on Pembury Road

                                                    A location in Southborough
Consultee Name         Comment ID      Q8:      Q9:
and/or                                 Yes/No   Comment

Mrs Heidi Velvick      TCAAP/ALL_352   No
Mrs Alwen Coventry     TCAAP/ALL_346   Yes      Near the A21 in Pembury and on the Frant Rd.
Dr Loretta Bellman     TCAAP/ALL_347   Yes      Not sure but not too far out - Canterbury's is a good example.
Mrs Penny Lawne        TCAAP/ALL_450   Yes      Main arterial routes into the town
Mr Ralph Hebditch      TCAAP/ALL_350   No
Mrs Caroline Perry     TCAAP/ALL_382   No       Where it is at the moment at Christmas ie the cinema complex
Holmes                 TCAAP/ALL_351   Yes      The Tesco site on the Pembury Road
Mr Hugo Pound          TCAAP/ALL_370   Yes      Knights Park, behind the cinema ~ buses bringing people in, buses taking people out to the cinema, shops
Mrs Margaret Fraser    TCAAP/ALL_405   Yes      Langton Green and Pembury areas.
Mrs Carol Honey        TCAAP/ALL_407   No
Mrs Carolyn Gray       TCAAP/ALL_411   No       I can't think of anywhere around the town, there are several different routes into the town, which would need
                                                several sites, otherwise people will have to drive across town to the park and ride, causing more traffic chaos
                                                rather than less.
Miss Mary Fox          TCAAP/ALL_413   Yes
Ms Sara Neill          TCAAP/ALL_440   No       Nowhere.
Mr Mike Miller         TCAAP/ALL_417   Yes      Pembury - Tesco area
Mr Paul Daniel         TCAAP/ALL_462            Nowhere
Mrs Isobel Dormon      TCAAP/ALL_427   No
Mr Matt Lowe           TCAAP/ALL_471   Yes
Mr David Mann          TCAAP/ALL_526   Yes
Mr Paul Daniel         TCAAP/ALL_462   No
Mrs Jan Farrage        TCAAP/ALL_463   Yes      Just off the A21,near to North farm retail parks - especially with the (welcome) advent of M and S Home, John
                                                Lewis etc which will create extra interest in RTW and a reasonably priced Park and Ride scheme might
                                                encourage shoppers to venture further into the town centre. It follows that a suitable site should also be found
                                                on the Langton Green side of town.
Mrs Corinna Woods      TCAAP/AL_470    Yes      Certainly at Knights Park, possibly somewhere on the A26 south of town. It would have to be a really efficient
                                                service with frequent buses.
Mr Andrew Corner       TCAAP/ALL_475   No
Mr Patrick Glencross   TCAAP/ALL_482   No       In my view the experience of other Kent towns eg Canterbury, Maidstone, indicates that RTW is not of such a
                                                critical size or has such a critical volume of traffic coming from out of town that a P&R scheme would be well
                                                used. This contrasts to eg Brighton, Oxford.

                                                Other difficulties are that:

                                                - much traffic in the town is people travelling from one part of town to another

                                                - there are many arterial routes coming into town so impossible to capture even the majority of ingresses by 2
                                                or 3 P&R sites.
Consultee Name            Comment ID      Q8:      Q9:
and/or                                    Yes/No   Comment

                                                   That said, the logical site for P&R would be coming off the A21 at the Pembury Road junction.
Mrs L C Hind              TCAAP/ALL_524   Yes      If land can be found, near Tonbridge and Pembury with frequent shuttle buses to ease congestion on the
                                                   Southborough route and the Pembury road, particularly before Christmas.
Ms Heather Burbidge       TCAAP/ALL_509   No       No comment
Mrs G A Prideaux          TCAAP/ALL_530   No       I don't think that T.Wells is big enough for park and ride.
Ms Donna Carey            TCAAP/ALL_532   Yes      Should be cheaper than car parks or wont be used.
Mr & Mrs J Turner         TCAAP/ALL_533   Yes      Southborough/TW Common
Mr Hugh Jones             TCAAP/ALL_539   No       Not needed, less new shops more parking
Mrs Maureen Moon          TCAAP/ALL_540   No       Pembury Road (Tescos)
Mr Ian Bradford           TCAAP/ALL_541   Yes      (A) Only viable if made attractive parking areas, with easy access.

                                                   (B) Industrial estate if made attractive, and roads reorganised to cope with traffic demands - access from A21

                                                   (C) Frant

                                                   (D) Eridge

                                                   (E) Southborough
Mrs Anne Richards         TCAAP/ALL_545   Yes      On roads into the town from north, south, east, west
J Weddell                 TCAAP/ALL_548   Yes      I thought that there had been a park and ride scheme at one Christmas time. Did that work? Was it popular?
                                                   Were the car parks in good locations?
Ms Vera Woodgate          TCAAP/ALL_549   Yes
Ms Rita Ellard            TCAAP/ALL_550   Yes      It should be located on the original Industrial Estate - and the Industrial Estate should not have been used for
                                                   retail as is happening now
Ms Diana Lamb for         TCAAP/ALL_663   Yes      A park and ride area on the eastern side of RTW with a facility to allow dropping off and pick up at a Dunorlan
Friends of Dunorlan                                Park entrance would be very helpful in taking the pressure off the Park car parks which are inadequate often
Park                                               on good weather at weekends and during school holidays. This would also be in line with Council policy to
                                                   encourage non-car travel to the park.
Hawkenbury Village        TCAAP/ALL_659   Yes      Frant Road, Langton Green, Knights Park, Pembury: PROPERLY MANAGED
Royal Tunbridge Wells     TCAAP/ALL_879   Yes      Frant Road. Langton Green. Knights Park. Pembury. Park and ride sites need to be big enough to be properly
Civic Society                                      designed and managed, with reliable public transport.
Indigo Planning Lld for   TCAAP/ALL_874   Yes      We consider that locations to the north and south of the town centre would be appropriate for park and ride
Tunbridge Wells                                    facilities as this could facilitate and encourage pedestrian movement along the extent of the spine of the town
Regeneration Company                               centre from RVP to the Pantiles and vice versa.
Scott Brownrigg for       TCAAP/ALL_822   Yes      Given the Council policy identified in the Core Strategy of redeveloping numerous town centre car parks and
Dandara Ltd                                        the urgent need to address congestion/traffic along routes into the town centre, there is potential for Park and
                                                   Ride to be well utilised.

                                                   However the success of such a scheme will be linked to the identification of appropriately located and sized
Consultee Name    Comment ID      Q8:      Q9:
and/or                            Yes/No   Comment

                                           P&R sites, sufficient investment in physical infrastructure, appropriate parking tariffs, improved bus frequency
                                           of service and improved travel time into the town centre. Bus priority measures at key junctions and along
                                           routes for P&R services into the town centre will play a key part in the success of the scheme..

                                           As described in para 5.6 of the Borough Transport Strategy, it is recognised that Knights Park, (along with the
                                           Tesco, Pembury site) are suitable locations for Park and Ride, given that they are both sited close to the
                                           Strategic Road Network and other arterial routes serving the town centre, are located on the outskirts of the
                                           town and at locations already serviced by retail and other employment activity. Furthermore, there is potential
                                           to provide a high frequency public transport service between the town centre and Pembury Hospital through
                                           providing enhanced bus facilities at Knights Park. Please refer to our comments made to the recent
                                           consultation on the Borough Transport Strategy on Park and Ride.

                                           A P&R facility at Knights Park would accord with an existing Local Plan allocation and could be
                                           complementary to proposals to improve access to the A21. However, it is important that any P&R facility will
                                           be commercially viable and thus any strategy will need to carefully consider the location and capacity of
                                           facilities and that it is an integral part of a comprehensive approach to sustainable travel which may including
                                           a variety of measures to encourage sustainable travel into the town centre.

                                           Allocation of land at Knights Park for P&R as part of a sustainable urban extension will further enhance the
                                           economic case for additional/improved bus service provision to serve the North Farm/Longfield Road/ Knights
                                           Park corridor (see also our response to Q.23).

                                           As owners of Knights Park, Dandara are keen to work in partnership with Kent Highway Services, TWBC and
                                           the Highways Agency to deliver a complementary Park and Ride facility at Knights Park. Dandara are
                                           currently working on an overall masterplan for Knights Park in promotion of a proposed mixed-use sustainable
                                           urban extension to Royal Tunbridge Wells to help TWBC meet their identified development needs. There are
                                           various options available for provision of a P+R facility at Knights Park, in terms of its exact location, capacity
                                           and how it will be accessed. Dandara are keen to explore and progress those options with the Transport
                                           Strategy partners and service providers at the earliest opportunity.
Mrs Julia Soyke   TCAAP/ALL_829   No       I dislike shopping, so always want fast, convenient, access to necessary shops – would not want the
                                           restriction of using buses, e.g. for bulky, heavy items – Hence my idea of transport in 50 years time would be
                                           lots of tiny Smart cars at stands in the towns and villages, to be used and parked very close together, not
                                           owned by private persons, you take the first car on the stand, leave it at central points in villages/towns when
                                           journey completed. Pick Up and Drive..!
Mr John Edwards   TCAAP/ALL_675            The answer to Question 8 depends upon where the parking facilities are located and how they connect to the
                                           town centre; also on the price. Towns operating park and ride generally have high parking charges in town,
                                           including on-street parking, so the bus fares can compete at an economic level. Raising charges to such
                                           levels in Tunbridge Wells (assuming fares were not subsidised) would be highly unpopular and would impinge
                                           unfairly on those for whom park and ride would not be a practicable option.

                                           On the East side, a service could operate along Pembury Road if a suitable site can be found near the
Consultee Name          Comment ID      Q8:      Q9:
and/or                                  Yes/No   Comment

                                                 junction with the A21, but this should not lead to construction of a bus lane, which would obviously be
                                                 expensive and would also seriously damage one of the town’s great assets.

                                                 On the West side, I do not think park and ride from Langton would appeal because of the long run in. If the
                                                 park at the bottom of Major York’s Road could be utilised it could attract traffic from the A264 as well as the
                                                 A26, but it seems doubtful whether it would attract enough users to make it viable.
Mrs Paulette Pollock    TCAAP/ALL_629   Yes      Possibly at the end of the Pembury Rd near Tescoes.
Dr Andrew Pollock       TCAAP/ALL_622   Yes      Accessible to A21 avoiding Southborough.

                                                 ? Possibility of parking near High Brooms + railcars to main Station.
Mrs Janet Mace          TCAAP/ALL_641   Yes      Ideally, just beyond the four main routes into town: Pembury Road, Eridge Road, from Southborough through
                                                 St Johns and from Langton Green. However, when the question has been explored in the past the scheme
                                                 has been abandoned because it was not possible to use all these routes. At Langton the proposed site,
                                                 almost opposite the Hare public house, is in Green Belt land which should be preserved as such because of
                                                 the considerable light pollution which would be caused by a large car park which, for safety reasons, would
                                                 have to be lit at night. From Eridge, I believe the only possible site is on land falling within East Sussex.
                                                 However, would it not be better to use at least those where a suitable parking area could be found (eg near
                                                 the Odeon Cinema or Tesco’s at Pembury or at Mabledon on the far side of Southborough) which could go
                                                 some way to alleviate the considerable traffic congestion on both those routes and in the town itself.
Mr Alexander Helm       TCAAP/ALL_630   No       This proposal has been raised before. Suitable sites not easy to find. On A264 suggested site was W of
                                                 Langton! While from S the site would lie in Wealden Authority.
Mr & Mrs B D Mitchell   TCAAP/ALL_633   Yes      Beyond Langton village.

                                                 Pembury - near Tesco or the new hospital (to provide a town-hospital bus service as well, reducing car traffic
                                                 to hospital).

                                                 Perhaps local schools (especially in St John's Road) could provide parking at weekends and in school
                                                 holidays, especially at Christmas.
Mr Raymond Hemsley      TCAAP/ALL_647   Yes      On the most congested routes into town.
Mrs Lesley Gray         TCAAP/ALL_664            I can't answer q8, as not convinced people would use it, although would like to think it would be used. Most
                                                 people would prefer to queue in their own car rather than queue on a bus in congested roads. Buses then
                                                 also cause more congestion,

                                                 Perhaps a train park and ride (using High Brooms or the Old West station) making use of our centrally located
                                                 train station?
Mrs Janet Rutherford    TCAAP/ALL_652   Yes      North-north of Southborough, South - On the Eridge Road, West- Langton Green, East- off the Pembury
Mr John Goodfellow      TCAAP/ALL_894   Yes      Yes; it could be but only if well planned and high congestion still remains in town centre. Suiitable sites are
                                                 limited and not all are in optimum positions.

                                                 [Question 8]:
Consultee Name       Comment ID      Q8:      Q9:
and/or                               Yes/No   Comment

                                              Better results could be obtained by Park & Rail if the railway is restored from Tunbridge Wells (Central) to
                                              Tunbridge Wells West and on to reconnect with the Uckfield Line at Eridge. (Sainsburys is not a bar – I can
                                              give details) Already 200 commuter cars park around Eridge Station – this could be doubled and likewise
                                              appropriately increased at Ashurst, Bells Yew Green, Wadhurst, Crowborough, Buxted and Uckfield..

                                              [Question 9]:

                                              The following sites have been considered on and off for many years -

                                              . Frant Road (off St Marks Rd), Langton Green (near Water Tower), Knights Park. Pembury (Tesco’s – offer
                                              of 300). Mabledon.

                                              But they all present problems. This why Park & Rail (Q8 response) should be seriously considered and even
                                              sites further out, such as Belting.

                                              Very serious consideration should be given to providing commuter parking on an upper deck over part of the
                                              huge Sainsbury surface car park as has been done successfully at Lewes by a low-cost construction
                                              technique by a local (Uckfield) firm or by a versatile construction (used byTescos) which can be extended or
                                              removed as desired. Commuters coming into TW by car to work would be ale to park on the upper deck and
                                              then go on by the Shopper Hopper frequent bus service and not need to clog up the streets.

                                              In general, Park & Ride sites need to be big enough to be properly designed and managed, with reliable
                                              public transport etc. It is therefore debatable whether Park & Ride can be cost effective if cars using the parks
                                              would leave room in the town centre for others to fill!
Mrs R J Avis         TCAAP/ALL_598            [respondent answered 'Not 100% sure' to Question 8]

                                              Where the clock is because it is Central and they can pull in there.
Baker                TCAAP/ALL_609            No many residents are too attached tho their 4x4s
Ms Clare Codd        TCAAP/ALL_614   Yes      Should be on every access road. I believe the two suggested sites are both on the Pembury side.
Mrs J M S Austin     TCAAP/ALL_617   No
Mrs Thelma Huggett   TCAAP/ALL_621   Yes      Are near the West Station. Area near Tesco at Pembury or Knights Park.
S M Cole             TCAAP/ALL_624            I think limited park & ride at Xmas time would be very valuable
K Grover             TCAAP/ALL_625   Yes      I was recently in Winchester. The P&R scheme is very good. £3 to park all day and a car load (up to 7) on the
Mr Peter Rosling     TCAAP/ALL_626   Yes      Edge of town.
Mrs Jenny Rosling    TCAAP/ALL_627   Yes
Mr Mark Rees         TCAAP/ALL_631   Yes      Langton

                                              Between Tonbridge + TW
Consultee Name            Comment ID      Q8:      Q9:
and/or                                    Yes/No   Comment


                                                   Eridge Road <--> Crowborough
P C Davis                 TCAAP/ALL_632   Yes      Once people had got used to the idea, I think they could be successful. They are in other towns e.g. Salisbury

                                                   (1) At the bottom of Maj. York's Rd. for traffic coming in from the A264 & Eridge & Frant roads. (2) One at the
                                                   end of Pembury Rd. for traffic from the A21. (3) Another, located to the north of the town to reduce traffic on
                                                   London Rd.
Mr & Mrs J Eldridge       TCAAP/ALL_636   Yes      Just inside the Borough boundary on the primary/strategic roads going into the town from Frant,
                                                   Crowborough, Langton, Southborough & Pembury.
Dr Michelle MacGrath      TCAAP/ALL_637   Yes
Ms Millicent Sillince     TCAAP/ALL_638   No
Mr Barry Sillince         TCAAP/ALL_639   No
Mr Alan Mayhew            TCAAP/ALL_640   Yes      The key locations should be north of Southborough on the A26 + at end of Pembury Road. Problem will be
                                                   how quickly the facility will be taken up. If the town develops rapidly, it might still be years before a P+R
                                                   service becomes financially viable. If further parking is created in the centre, it may never be viable.
Workers Education         TCAAP/ALL_642   No       Not needed if public transport improved
Association Tunbridge
Wells Branch
I F Rendall               TCAAP/ALL_643   Yes      Try it.

                                                   North Farm if access is improved or Eridge Road area
Mr & Mrs P R & C A        TCAAP/ALL_644   No
Mr Christopher Powell     TCAAP/ALL_645   No       Sites would be required on all major roads into Tunbridge Wells. Typically north of Southborough to free up
                                                   the road through Southborough, North Farm, Pembury Road, Frant Road, Eridge Road and Langton Road
Mrs M Reynolds            TCAAP/ALL_646   No
S Hart                    TCAAP/ALL_649   Yes      Between town centre & industrial estate
Mrs Angela Wicks          TCAAP/ALL_650   No
Miss M Wicker             TCAAP/ALL_651   Yes      North-south and wesr of Tunbridge Wells to cater for car drivers from the main routes into the town centre
Ms Jacqueline Sandford    TCAAP/ALL_653   Yes      as a resident of T. Wells who always walks/uses public transport it is difficult to comment. The provision of
                                                   park & ride on the industrial estate might be a good idea particularly if run in conjunction with a bus to the
Mr & Mrs Peter & Jenny    TCAAP/ALL_658   Yes      In the Pembury area near to the Tesco site and/or near to the cinema site.
Henrie Harrington-Vogt    TCAAP/ALL_660   Yes      Ideally about 2 miles North, South, East and West out of the town
Ms Diana Lamb             TCAAP/ALL_667   Yes      At the primary road accesses to RTW, say A21 Pembury area and on the other side of town where the road
                                                   from Lewes comes in (Ramslye?)
Judith Ashton             TCAAP/ALL_841   No       The problem is where do you put it
Associates for Berkeley
Consultee Name           Comment ID      Q8:      Q9:
and/or                                   Yes/No   Comment

Homes                                             There is no where logical to the north, south or west of the town.

                                                  To the east it might well be possible to provide something on Knights Park but this area is often congested
                                                  itself so not really that attractive to local residents. Promoting the cost effectiveness of the railway network
                                                  might well be a sensible option – especially at Christmas when the car parks are full

                                                  From personal experience I know it’s quicker, cheaper and less stressful to park at Wadhurst and get the train
                                                  into Tunbridge Wells at Christmas.
Workers Education        TCAAP/ALL_854   No       I said “No” to question 8 because I think there are no park and ride proposed sites which have easy access
Association Tunbridge                             from the major roads surrounding Tunbridge Wells.
Wells Branch
Miss Victoria Price      TCAAP/ALL_477   No       I have no knowledge as to how successful park and ride schemes are. North Farm Industrial estate but
                                                  access to town centre not via Upper Grosvenor Road.
Mr. Tim Pendry           TCAAP/ALL_225   Yes      More information on proposals are required.
Mrs Ailie Owen and       TCAAP/ALL_451   No       It would be a waste of time and money and no-one would use it except maybe at Christmas!
Mrs Judith Barrett       TCAAP/ALL_268   No       As there are basically 5 routes entering TW, 5 large car parks on the outskirts of the borough would be useful.
Mr Gavin Coventry        TCAAP/ALL_348            Acquiring such sites would be difficult as they would probably be designated green belt land in the main.

                                                  Sites that would be of use to this scheme could be situated off the main roads entering TW.

                                                  From the South: The Frant rd. (Before the rugby club)

                                                  From the South West: The Eridge/Crowborough rd. (before the Broadwater Down rd)

                                                  From the West: The E. Grinstead /Langton rd. (Before Langton)

                                                  From the North: The London / Tonbridge rd (Mabledon area perhaps).

                                                  From the East : The Pembury rd. (Between the A21 & The Sanddown area)

                                                  Bus routes & or tram routes could link up to these. Certainly trams - Broadwater to Mabledon - should be
                                                  given serious thought. (Or even overhead skyrail).

                                                  Other possibilities would include the road through the industrial estate. However the road system needs to be
                                                  improved to allow better traffic flow. A route from the A21 that goes to the North side of the Industrial estate -
                                                  A fly-over or tunnel that could eliminate the congestion at the two rail bridges coming into High Brooms.
Mr Chris Holmes          TCAAP/ALL_438   No
Rev Anthony Rutherford   TCAAP/ALL_465   Yes      Langton Green, by the Water Tower. Pembury Road next to the Seven Springs site, Eridge Road immediately
                                                  beyond the town /county boundary, road to Tonbridge at the "Boot Fair" farm beyond Southborough - don't
                                                  know its name
Consultee Name           Comment ID       Q8:      Q9:
and/or                                    Yes/No   Comment

Mr Matthew Wintersgill   TCAAP/ALL_439    No       Nowhere.
Mr Christo Skelton       TCAAP/ALL_412    Yes      Frant Road. Langton Green. Knights Park. Pembury and Southborough. Park and ride sites need to be big
                                                   enough to be properly designed and managed, with reliable public transport.
Mrs Jennifer Hemming     TCAAP/ALL_408    Yes
mr richard craine        TCAAP/ALL_414    No
Mr Charles Macnaghten    TCAAP/ALL_445    No
mrs susan mniszko        TCAAP/ALL_421    Yes      from North Farm in to town centre. From the south of town, and from Southborough
Mr Barrie Dunning        TCAAP/ALL_422    Yes      Only for those not resident in RTW
MRS Elizabeth Dawes      TCAAP/ALL_468    Yes      Locations at the four points of the compass around the town would be ideal.

                                                   With the shortest ride times possible.
Mr Philip Greatrex       TCAAP/ALL_428    No
Mr Duncan Stone          TCAAP/ALL_473    No
mrs andrea wilson        TCAAP/ALL_429    Yes
miss tracey verney       TCAAP/ALL_431    Yes
Mr Dick Hoare            TCAAP/ALL_447    Yes      Pembury
MRS Barbara Williams     TCAAP/ALL_444    Yes      Tesco site- Pembury this would also offer a better public transport connection between the new hospital and
                                                   Tunbridge Wells
Mrs Barbara Smith        TCAAP/ALL_460    Yes      The Industrial Estate where there is a great deal of land or the current site of the Land Registry which is soon
                                                   to be vacated as the Council is aware.
Mr Joshua Stroud         TCAAP/ALL_461    Yes      Pembury/North Farm area which would give a catchment from the A21 (north and south) and the A228. A
                                                   second one south of Tunbridge Wells to attract motorists on the A26 and A267 would also be good.
Mrs June Bridgeman       TCAAP/ALL_464    Yes      The answer to Q8 has the qualification "provided it is part of a total transport strategy, located on the main
                                                   "inflow" sectors including from East Sussex and made attractive to users" As Rustahll has shown, the
                                                   improved bus service there has made its streets a de facto unplanned park and ride for some people working
                                                   in TW, much to the annoyance of Rusthallians
Mrs Jane Stroud          TCAAP/ALL_467    Yes      From the Industrial Estate into TW centre.
Chilston House/Pinfold   TCAAP/ALL_469    Yes      North Farm and Eridge Road or Frant Road
for Mrs Laura Mason
Mrs Valerie Storey       TCAAP/ALL_485             [respondent answered 'Probably not' to question 8
Mr M P Trudel            TCAAP/ALL_4001   No       Beside the new hospital would be ideal.

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