Human Eye Physiology by deGv38a7


									Human Eye Physiology

     Václav Hlaváč
 History of Eye Understanding
• Plato, 427-347 B.C.      • Alhazen, Arabic
  inner fire in the eye      philospopher, 965-
  + emanated ray             1040, idea of pinhole
• Epicurus, 341-270          camera
  B.C., replicas of the    • Jonannes Kepler,
  object into the mind       1571-1630, knew lens,
• Galen, 130-200,            put it into an initial
  physiological details,     theory close to current
  rays out and in
Human Visual System
Visual Areas of the Human Cortex
Human Eye – cross section
     Visual Fields

Rabbit           Human
Directional sensitivity
Retina 1
Retina 2
Retina 3
Neuron 2
Iris - smoothing

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