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					    The GME System                                                                                     Evaluations
                                            The evaluations module of The GME System not only facilitates
  Disseminate and                           automated notification (E-mail), management (overdue notices, listing
                                            of completions, etc.) and completion (web based form is filled out by
manage customizable                         each evaluator) but also is a pathway to measuring competencies,
evaluations from The                        skills and other concepts that are important in today's GME
    GME System.
                                                  Evaluation results are correlated to
                                                  competencies and management of
                                                      the process is EASY with
 Web (Internet)                                            The GME System.
                                             User Friendly
 PC                                                 Use the web to enter results
                                                    All questions and answers on one page

                                             E-mail Integration
                                                    Notification when evaluation is completed
                                                    Immediate notification of a "low score"
Features:                                    Evaluator Anonymity
                                                    All data collected is anonymous to the evaluatee
                                                    Confidential comments for sensitive feedback
 User Friendly
                                             Easy Scheduling
 E-mail Integration                                 Automatically send out evaluations at the end of a rotation
 Evaluator Anonymity                                Ad-hoc evaluations created with a few clicks

 Easy Scheduling                             Process Management
                                                    Each program can quickly ascertain completed, opened and
 Process Management                                 declined evaluations
                                                    All evaluations for a program are maintained in one application
 360 Degree
                                             360 Degree
 Completely Customizable                            Medical professionals outside of a program can participate
 Measure Competencies                        Completely Customizable
                                                    Each program builds their own evaluations
 ACGME Compliant                                    Multiple question types are available - laquard scale, free text, etc.
 Integrated                                  Measure Competencies
                                                    All questions can be linked to skills and rolled up into competencies
                                                    Generate competencies "scores" by weighting answers
 For more information:
                                             ACGME Compliant
         douglas akbari                             Tracks resident evaluation review status
        national account manager                    Resident evaluations always on-line for review
             Phone: 816.452.0564 ext. 102
                    Mobile: 816.916.3956     Integrated
                      Fax: 816.452.4916
                                                    Utilizes demographic and residency program data already collected
                                                    Leverage rotational schedules to facilitate automatic scheduling

    www.gmesystem.com                                 Collaborative. Informative. Intelligent.

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