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									Union Colony Middle School Choir
Mr. Cook
                                                         th    th
This is the beginning choir at UCS and is open to any 6 or 7 grade students wishing to improve their
singing abilities. Students in Choir are expected to “do” what professional musicians do. This means
they strive constantly to improve their skills through practice and diligent study of vocal technique. This
means they approach the music and the rehearsal process respectfully and professionally, working to
glean all they can from music on the page. Finally, this means they perform the music to the best of their
abilities, working to faithfully bring to the stage the composer’s artistic vision.

Classroom Expectations
        Participate fully in all rehearsals
        Keep your energy and attention focused on:
                - developing your own talents and abilities as a singer
                - the betterment of the ensemble as a whole

Classroom Procedures
Because our classroom space serves many different functions, it has to be reset for nearly every class.
Upon arrival in the classroom, all students need to assist in setting up the chairs according to the specific
seating arrangement of the class. At the end of the period, students are to stack the chairs neatly at the
back of the room.

Because this class shares sheet music with another section, music will not be checked out to individual
students. Music will be passed out as necessary in class and returned to the appropriate box at the end
of class.

Grades in Choir will be determined as follows:
                Daily class work and participation                          66%
                Performances                                                34%

Daily Participation in rehearsals: Each rehearsal attended is worth 10 points. Students are awarded
these points after the successful completion of each rehearsal. Zero points are earned for missed
rehearsals, regardless of the reason for absence. Rehearsal points for excused absences may be
recovered by completing a rehearsal recovery activity and turning in a rehearsal recovery form. Forms
may be found on the table next to Mr. Cook’s office. No points may be made up for unexcused or
unclarified absences. Points are deducted as follows:
                 Unexcused tardiness to rehearsal                                 - 4 points
                 Not ready to sing at beginning of rehearsal                      - 4 points
                 Chewing gum, eating, or drinking (except water)                  - 4 points
                 Failure to bring pencil                                          - 4 points
                 Failure to participate                                           - 10 points
                 Unexcused absence from rehearsal                                 - 10 points
                 Talking or disrupting rehearsal                                  - 20 points

Concert Performance: Performances are a vital part of the performing arts curriculum and include
scheduled concerts, festivals, and community events throughout the year. Students are expected to
perform at every scheduled concert. Absences from these events are only excused at the discretion of
the director, and generally are excused only in the event of illness, death, or family emergency. Such
absences must be verified in writing by a parent or guardian. In order to make up an excused
performance, the student will be required to complete an alternate project assigned by the director.
Performance dates for 2011-2012 are:
       Thursday, October 20
       Monday, December 12
       Tuesday, March 27
       Thursday, May 10

Concert Attire: Students will need to obtain the required concert dress prior to the first concert in
October. Required concert dress for Union Colony Middle School Choir is as follows:

        Polo shirt – light blue, navy blue, or white
        Blue jeans (Blue denim capris are acceptable)
        Appropriate shoes and socks (no flip-flops, no high heels)

Points may be deducted from the performance grade for the following:
                Failure to be in proper attire                 - 15 points
                Tardy for a performance                        - 25 points
                Inappropriate behavior backstage, onstage, or while in the audience
                                                               - 25-100 points
    Failure to perform in a mandatory concert will reduce the semester grade by one full letter.

Class Work: Class work is any written or aural work completed during class time. We will be studying
music theory and history, aural perception, world music, form and analysis, musical style, composers, and
many other aspects of music in our world. Class work is due at the end of the block, and will not be
accepted after. Class work can only be made up if the student has an excused absence.

Printed Music
Sheet music is expensive and consumes the majority of the school’s music budget. All sheet music
provided by the school remains the property of the school. Students are responsible for maintaining
music in good condition, and will be charged replacement cost for any missing or damaged parts.

Every effort will be made this year to expose groups to a wide variety of musical styles and periods.
Some you will like immediately, others may have to “grow” on you. Please approach new music with an
open mind, as it is often hard to judge a piece until it all comes together. Often, your favorite piece in May
will be one you thought you hated when you sight-read it in September. Also, remember that each of us
has differing tastes. It would be impossible to program music everyone likes.

Throughout the year we will be performing both secular and sacred music literature. This is particularly
true in choir, where a huge portion of the literature has its roots in various religious traditions. The study
of sacred music is not intended as an endorsement or promotion of any religion. Rather, it is part of a
comprehensive study of music throughout history. The classroom study and subsequent performance of
sacred music has been approved and protected by a series of decisions rendered by the U.S. Court of
Appeals, which guarantee that the performance of sacred choral music in the public schools does not
violate the Constitution of the United States.

According to the Music Educator’s National Conference, “. . . the study and performance of religious
music within an educational context is a vital and appropriate part of a comprehensive music education.
The omission of sacred music from the school curriculum would result in an incomplete educational

It is the intent of the Union Colony Preparatory School music program to expose our students to the
classroom study and performance of the highest caliber of music literature, whether it is from the sacred
or secular tradition. We will study both sacred and secular music for its inherent art and value to society,
and through its public performance, understand its place and contribution to the aesthetic arts which
continue to inspire and elevate the human spirit in all times and places. Further, it is the goal of this
program to annually program a wide variety of sacred and secular works that provide a proper balance in
our study and performance of music literature.

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