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									                                                                                 EERI Newsletter, November 2006 Volume 40, Number 

                                               News of the Institute
                                               2007 Annual Meeting: Challenges in Our
                                               Changing Urban Environment
                                               Don’t miss the 59th EERI Annual Meeting on “Seismic Challenges in a
                                               Changing Urban Environment,” February 7-0, 2007, at the Universal City
                                               Hilton in Los Angeles, California. Several sessions will focus on the multi-
                                               dimensional aspects of the new urban environment, including the financial
                                               and political realities of aging infrastructure and the challenges of aging un-
                                               derground distribution systems (see page  of the October Newsletter for
EARTHQUAKE ENGINEERING                         additional information). The recent Kona, Hawaii, earthquake reinforced con-
  RESEARCH INSTITUTE                           cerns about the special needs of schools, hospitals, and essential facilities.
                                               A presentation on the earthquake will focus attention on issues of critical
NEWSLETTER                                     importance in all seismic regions.
                                               This year’s meeting will have something for everyone, from seasoned
Editor                     Mark Yashinsky      professionals to younger members and students.
Associate Editors            Sarah Nathe                                                             continued on page 5
                            Gerald Brady
Editorial Assistant         Eloise Gilland
                                               Learning from Earthquakes
       Earthquake Engineering
          Research Institute
      499 4th Street, Suite 320
                                               Identifying Lessons from the M6.7 Kona,
    Oakland, California 9462-934
        Phone: 50/45-0905
                                               Hawaii, Earthquake
          Fax: 50/45-54                    EERI is carrying out field reconnais-
     Web site:             sance to identify preliminary lessons
                                               from the Mw 6.7 earthquake that
            ISSN 0270-8337                     struck on October 5, 2006, off the
 Reproduction with attribution is permitted.   island of Hawaii. EERI members and
                                               other professionals based in Hawaii
  EARTHQUAKE ENGINEERING                       are documenting the earthquake’s
    RESEARCH INSTITUTE                         effects on structures, including
                                                               continued on page 8
           Craig D. Comartin
                                                     The Hawaiian Islands were well-
                                               instrumented. ShakeMaps were made
            Thalia Anagnos
                                                 available soon after the earthquake.
             Farzad Naeim
           Marshall Lew
                                               Uniting Earthquake Science and Engineering
             John L. Aho                       by Norman Abrahamson
           Thalia Anagnos                      Seismologist and former member of EERI’s Board of Directors
          Jonathan D. Bray
         Craig D. Comartin
                                               Reflecting on the 100th Anniversary of the 1906 Earthquake Conference that
          Richard K. Eisner                    brought together earth scientists, earthquake engineers, and emergency
            Polat Gülkan                       planners, Chris Poland wrote an editorial (page , August 2006 Newsletter)
         Laurie A. Johnson                     advocating that we need to build on the success of the conference and unite
            Marshall Lew                       these three groups to accelerate progress in achieving seismic safety world-
            Farzad Naeim                       wide. I agree with Poland, but how do we do it? To get started, I offer some
                                               recommendations that address part of the problem of uniting earthquake sci-
         Susan K. Tubbesing
                                               ence and earthquake engineering.
                                                                                                      continued on page 6

EERI Newsletter, November 2006 Volume 40, Number 

  News of the Institute                        In preparation for a smooth transi-      Editor has responsibility for oversee-
                                               tion, we are seeking applications        ing journal publication policies,
  Search for New Editor                        and nominations for journal Editor
                                               to serve a five-year term, starting in
                                                                                        developing recommendations for
                                                                                        theme issues, identifying nominees
  for Spectra                                  January 2008. The Editor, with the       for the Editorial Board, and develop-
                                               support of the Editorial Board and       ing consensus recommendations for
  In December 2007, Farzad Naeim               the Managing Editor, has responsi-       Outstanding Paper Award nominees
  will complete his term as Editor of          bility for both the printed and online   for consideration by the Honors
  Earthquake Spectra, EERI’s profes-           editions. The Editor makes publica-      Committee.
  sional journal. During his term, the         tion decisions based on recommen-
  journal has flourished, and a variety        dations of the Editorial Board and       All individuals interested in either
  of innovations have been imple-              reviewers, and has ultimate respon-      nominating someone or applying for
  mented to further automate the               sibility for ensuring that manuscripts   this position are encouraged to con-
  submission, review, and production           meet the high-quality professional       tact a member of the EERI Execu-
  process, and to significantly reduce         standards established for technical      tive Committee (Craig Comartin,
  the time from manuscript submission          content, format, and timeliness. As      Thalia Anagnos, Farzad Naeim, or
  to publication in Spectra.                   chair of the Editorial Board, the        Marshall Lew).

  Student Chapter                              A chapter representative participated
                                               in the 00th Anniversary Earthquake
                                                                                        Student Chapter, hosted inductions
                                                                                        into the “Order of the Engineer,” a
  Activities                                   Conference in San Francisco, Cali-       ceremony started last year. Two stu-
                                               fornia. The chapter’s web site is        dents participated in the PEER Schol-
  University of Michigan                       ars Program, traveling to four host
                                               eeri/.                                   universities to learn about seismolo-
  The University of Michigan EERI                                                       gy, geotechnical engineering, struc-
  Student Chapter learned about re-            Oregon State University                  tural engineering, and public policy.
  cent advances in earthquake engi-
  neering by organizing a successful           Three members of Oregon State
  series of five seminars during the           University’s EERI Student Chapter        Announcement
  2005-06 academic year. Speakers              gave presentations on several oc-
  included Bozidar Stojadinovic of the         casions to middle-school and high-       Notre Dame Faculty
  University of California, Berkeley,          school students on geotechnical and
  on the topic of hybrid simulation;           structural earthquake engineering,       Position
  Andrew Whittaker of the University           including demonstrations using a
                                                                                        The Department of Civil Engineer-
  at Buffalo on seismic protective             liquefaction simulation model and a
                                                                                        ing and Geological Sciences at the
  systems; Kincho Law of Stanford              portable structural frame shake table.
                                                                                        University of Notre Dame invites
  University on finite element struc-          Five OSU students competed this          applications for a tenure-track fac-
  tural analysis, Sergio M. Alcocer of         year in the Pacific Earthquake En-       ulty position in the area of structural
  the Instituto de Ingenieriá, UNAM,           gineering Research Center’s shake        engineering and civil engineering
  Mexico, on rehabilitation techniques         table competition at the 00th An-       materials. Required: a Ph.D. in civil,
  in Mexico; and Luis B. Fargier-Gal-          niversary Earthquake Engineering         structural, or materials engineering
  baldon of Ingeniería de Estructuras          Conference in San Francisco to de-       or a related field. Qualified candi-
  in Venezuela on the collapse and             sign, test, and predict performance      dates at all levels will be considered.
  rehabilitation of a viaduct in his           for a model balsa wood building sub-
  country.                                     jected to three different ground mo-     Of particular interest are applicants
  In addition, the chapter participated        tions. After repairing some damage       with a research focus on the devel-
  in the EERI Friedman Family Visit-           to the model caused by shipping, the     opment, performance assessment,
  ing Professional Program by host-            team placed seventh overall, as the      and implementation to civil infra-
  ing Thomas A. Sabol of Englekirk             model suffered from high displace-       structure of innovative civil engi-
  & Sabol Consulting Structural En-            ments and high peak accelerations.       neering materials, components, and
  gineers in Los Angeles, California.          What the team learned this year,         systems. Review of applications has
  The title of his talk was “‘When in          they passed on to next year’s team.      begun and will continue until the
  Doubt, Make it Stout’: Will this Keep                                                 position is filled. For application in-
                                               This year, the EERI student group,       formation, visit http://www.nd. edu/
  Earthquake Engineers out of Trou-            in conjunction with the OSU ASCE
  ble?”                                                                                 ~cegeos/ News/positions.htm.

                                                                         EERI Newsletter, November 2006 Volume 40, Number 

News of the Institute                the Federal Emergency Manage-               be conducted under the direction
                                     ment Agency as part of the National         of professors Gregory Deierlein of
EERI/FEMA                            Earthquake Hazards Reduction Pro-
                                     gram. The fellowship is designed to
                                                                                 Stanford University and K. Kasai of
                                                                                 the Tokyo Institute of Technology. It
Professional Fellow                  provide an opportunity for a practic-       is anticipated that Maison’s work will
                                     ing professional to gain greater skills     have significant implications for the
                                     and broader expertise in earthquake         future research and development of
                                     risk reduction. The Institute ex-           collapse performance assessment.
                                     tends thanks to the review commit-
                                     tee, consisting of Thalia Anagnos,          Maison is a licensed structural en-
                                     San Jose State University; Craig            gineer. For the past 3 years, he
                                     Comartin, CD Comartin, Inc; Mar-            has worked with EBMUD, where he
                                     shall Lew, MACTEC Engineering;              is responsible for capital projects re-
                                     and Farzad Naeim, John A. Martin &          lated to water systems lifeline earth-
                                     Associates.                                 quake engineering. His expertise is
                                                                                 in the areas of design, analysis, risk
                                     Maison will work in the United States       studies, and software development.
                                     and Japan to correlate performance-         Maison holds an M.B.A. from the
                                     based methodology with tests of             University of Chicago, an M.S. from
                                     Japanese buildings to determine             the University of California, Berke-
           Bruce Maison              () how well current and proposed           ley, in structural engineering, and
                                     methods describe actual collapse,           a B.S. in civil engineering from the
Bruce Maison, associate civil en-
                                     (2) whether certain methods are             University of Illinois.
gineer at the East Bay Municipal
                                     consistently at odds with actual
Utility District (EBMUD), has been                                               The Professional Fellowship is
                                     performance in experiments, and (3)
selected as the 2007 Professional                                                awarded annually and provides a
                                     whether practical improvements to
Fellow in Earthquake Hazard Re-                                                  stipend of $30,000 for tuition, fees,
                                     current methods can be suggested
duction, awarded by EERI under                                                   and living expenses for a 2-month
                                     given the findings from the experi-
a cooperative program funded by                                                  period.
                                     mental research. The research will

Obituary                             his profession. During the 960s, he        ing USGS’s interaction with foreign
                                     developed a seismic hazard map              countries in bringing their hazard
                                     for the United States while working         estimation procedures up to modern
Ted Algermissen                      as chief of the Geophysics Research         standards. He also pioneered in
                                     Branch at the U.S. Coast and Geo-           loss estimation for major U.S. cities
                                     detic Survey in Rockville, Maryland.        at risk and in urban hazard stud-
                                                                                 ies of various sorts. Ted’s work with
                                     His 969 deterministic ground-mo-
                                                                                 the insurance community was also
                                     tion map was used in the Uniform
                                                                                 influential. For his contributions, he
                                     Building Code as the basis for deter-
                                                                                 received the USGS Meritorious Ser-
                                     mining the lateral force coefficients
                                                                                 vice Award and the CERESIS Prize
                                     in seismic design until the 990s. A
                                                                                 for Contributions to Seismology in
                                     reorganization in 973 moved Ted’s
                                                                                 South America. Ted’s work, his ad-
                                     geophysics group to the Geologic
                                                                                 vice, and the help he gave others in
                                     Division in the USGS. The first
                                                                                 the profession touched many lives in
                                     national probabilistic earthquake
                                                                                 a positive way.
                                     ground-motion map (976) was his
                                     idea. Ted pioneered working with            Ted earned B.S. degrees in geology
      S. T. “Ted” Algermissen        the engineering community to use            and German (Missouri School of
                                     the probabilistic hazard map in the         Mines, 953) and a Ph.D. in geo-
Long-time EERI member S. T. “Ted”    national building codes. In 983, he        physics (St. Louis University and
Algermissen died suddenly of heart   wrote the classic An Introduction to        Washington University, 957). Late
failure on September 9, 2006 at     the Seismicity of the United States,        in his career he formed a consulting
the age of 74. Ted had a distin-     which became part of EERI’s origi-          company, GeoRisk Associates. He
guished career in geophysics that    nal monograph series.                       is survived by his wife Sandy, two
spanned more than four decades                                                   sons, a daughter, and seven grand-
                                     Ted was an effective force in initiat-
and had a significant influence on                                               children.

EERI Newsletter, November 2006 Volume 40, Number 

                                               mittee. NSF has responded favor-         portunities for collaboration be de-
  News of the Institute
                                               ably to EERI’s proposal but has          veloped with OES and SSA in the
  Summary Minutes of                           indicated that funding will be less
                                               than previously awarded.

  the Board of Directors                                                                Executive Director’s Report: The
                                               Secretary/Treasurer’s Report:            Spectra special issue on the 906
  Meeting of June 1,                           Overview of Revenue and Expense          earthquake has been well received.
  2006                                         Report: Lew reviewed the Report of       This issue and the CD of the Confer-
                                                                                        ence Proceedings will be promoted
                                               Revenue and Expenses as of April
  President Craig Comartin called the          30, 2006. The combined balance           actively. Johnson and the EERI staff
  meeting to order at 8:05 a.m. Also           sheet showed an opening fund bal-        will work with a video company to
  present were Directors John Aho,             ance of $50,076, which was aug-         edit highlights of the keynote talks
  Thalia Anagnos, Jon Bray, Richard            mented by $457,205 in excess rev-        and run them on the conference
  Eisner, Polat Gulkan, Laurie John-           enues over expenses. EERI’s total        web site along with the conference
  son, Marshall Lew, Farzad Naeim              liabilities of $427,804 combined with    video. The video has been distrib-
  via teleconference, Executive Direc-         the total fund balance of $607,28       uted to all libraries, school districts,
  tor Susan Tubbesing, and Adminis-            equaled $,035,085.                      and city governments in nine coun-
  trative Assistant Valarie Austin.                                                     ties in the Bay Area. Johnson will
                                               The Endowment Program’s opening          advise the Executive Committee on
  President’s Report: Post-confer-             balance of $750,028 was augment-         possible members for a post-confer-
  ence opportunities and next steps:           ed by $56,336 in excess revenues         ence committee to suggest follow-
  Comartin observed that the energy            over expenses, for a total fund bal-     on products and activities.
  and visibility created by the suc-           ance of $806,364. Total liabilities in
  cessful 00th Anniversary Earth-             the amount of $35,462 combined          Technical Seminars: Comartin re-
  quake Conference have provided               with the total fund balance of           ported on efforts to develop a geo-
  an opportunity for the Institute to          $806,364 equaled $,57,826. The         technical seminar for early next year.
  promote awareness of seismic                 balance of the combined associa-
  hazards. “Hands-on” mitigation at            tion, endowment, and technical pro-      Mitigation Center: James Godfrey,
  the local level is the most effective        grams equaled $2,92,9.                EERI staff member, demonstrated
  way to create greater protection.                                                     the progress made in developing the
  The Board agreed to support the              Investment Report: The Investment        Mitigation Center web site. Board
  Northern California Chapter as it            Funds Report showed a balance            members made several suggestions
  develops and undertakes new pro-             of $540,93. The balance in the          that Godfrey will incorporate, includ-
  grams and activities in response to          interest-bearing checking account        ing a glossary of terms. Godfrey will
  the conference.                              was $28,340. The combined funds         also attempt to incorporate better
                                               in both the General Administrative       search tools that will allow more
  Concrete Coalition: EERI is taking           checking and investment accounts         sophisticated search technologies,
  the lead with PEER and ATC acting            totaled $758,533. The Endowment          and will add a subject index and
  as cosponsors. The coalition’s               Fund balance totaled $806,989; the       thumbnails to indicate the primary
  mission is to act as a catalyst to           Friedman Family Investment Fund          audience for each resource. The
  develop technically sound, eco-              totaled $9,835; and the Shah           Executive Committee will appoint a
  nomically effective, and socially            Family Innovation Prize totaled          subcommittee to help Godfrey eval-
  acceptable solutions to the risks            $59,02. The investment portfolio       uate material.
  posed by nonductile concrete build-          has held firm during the first part of
  ings, and to advocate for actions            2006, and at the end of April it had     Publications Report: Printed copies
  that will reduce such risks. A senior        regained much of the losses of the       of the Bam and Niigata reconnais-
  advisory panel has been created to           past few years.                          sance reports will be distributed on a
  develop a clearly defined mission                                                     “print-on-demand” basis. The Board
  and objectives, formulate a man-             00th Anniversary Conference: The        decided to print a summary report of
  agement plan, establish steps for            conference seems to have pro-            the Sumatra earthquake and Indian
  implementation, and author a writ-           duced modest revenue, although           Ocean tsunami.
  ten summary.                                 not all expenses have been re-           Anagnos expressed concern that
                                               ceived. Any surplus will be shared       the Institute will lose visibility if it
  LFE update: Comartin reported that           with SSA in a manner to be deter-        ceases issuing printed copies of
  William Holmes has agreed to serve           mined. It is estimated that approxi-     reconnaissance reports. The Board
  as chair of the LFE Advisory Com-            mately 4,000 people attended. The        hopes that funding will be restored
                                               Board recommended that other op-

                                                                              EERI Newsletter, November 2006 Volume 40, Number 

making it possible to return to the       Lew will convey the Board’s com-            Annual Meeting
customary practice of issuing printed     ments to the Organizing Committee.
copies in the future. The Board                                                       continued from page 1
                                          Future international agreements:
approved a motion by Naeim that
                                          Bilateral commissions need to be            Attention Undergraduates
reconnaissance reports, including
                                          established for Japan and Canada            We encourage academic and
the Bam and Niigata reports, be
                                          with specific expectations, funding,        student members to let under-
placed on DVDs and mailed free-of-
                                          and work plans delineated for each          graduates know that the 4th Annual
charge to all EERI members.
                                          side. The Board determined that it          Undergraduate Seismic Design
Demo of web-based video sub-              is important to establish criteria to       Competition will be held during the
scription service: EERI staff             serve as a guide for decisions about        Annual Meeting, sponsored jointly
members James Godfrey and Gabe            signing new collaborative agree-            by EERI and the Pacific Earthquake
demonstrated the new web-                 ments.                                      Engineering Research (PEER)
based video download service that
                                          Committee reports from April                Center. The contest involves stu-
will permit downloading and viewing
                                          meetings: The Board discussed               dents’ assembling teams, construct-
of technical seminar presentations.
                                          the reports submitted by the various        ing a commercial office building,
Many specific decisions regarding
                                          committees that met during the              and shipping it to the meeting. For
structure, target audience, and pric-
                                          EERI Annual Meeting. The New                rules, details, and entry information,
ing still need to be made.
                                          Madrid Chapter submitted a propo-           visit
Publications Sales: As of April 30,       sal and request to the Board for            dents/seismic.html.
2006, $9,747 has been received in         seed money to prepare a scenario
publications sales. The new Publi-        of the New Madrid seismic region
                                                                                      EERI Younger Members
cations Catalog will be sent to mem-      in preparation for holding the 202         Committee
bers soon. The 00th Anniversary          Annual Meeting in the St. Louis
Earthquake Spectra issue and Con-         area. The Board indicated that it           The EERI Younger Members Com-
ference Proceedings CD have been          would like to encourage the devel-          mittee will meet during the Annual
promoted widely through engineer-         opment of this project. The Execu-          Meeting. This meeting will be open
ing and earth science newsletters.        tive Committee will contact the             to all EERI members. Senior mem-
                                          chapter and provide appropriate             bers are particularly welcome to
Membership Report: Overall mem-                                                       attend.
bership numbers have declined             counsel to the members about what
since January because members             specific information is needed.             Arzhang Alimoradi, chair of the
were dropped at the end of the            The Board discussed a proposal for          Younger Members Committee, and
March 3st grace period and many          a workshop on hospitals received            other committee members invite
have not yet renewed.                     from Jim Jirsa and Sergio Alcocer,          young professionals to join them.
                                          co-chairs of the U.S./Mexico Bilat-         They look forward to the participa-
Proposed Bylaws changes: The                                                          tion and ideas of EERI’s young
Board approved a motion to modify         eral Commission. The Board is sup-
                                          portive of the proposed focus and           professionals for active involvement
the Bylaws to allow for electronic                                                    with the Institute. The committee
voting in Board elections. During         plans, but will inform Jirsa that it is
                                          unlikely that EERI will be able to          is planning a number of exciting
this discussion, the Board conclud-                                                   projects to be carried out during the
ed that retired members should be         provide financial resources for the
                                          workshop in Mexico.                         next three years. If you are inter-
given voting privileges. They also                                                    ested, please e-mail Alimoradi at
decided that all college students,        The Board considered a request to 
whether full- or part-time, would         expand the oral histories to include
qualify for the student membership        important contributors from other           “Young Professional” is an appropri-
rate. The changes to the Bylaws will      countries, but concluded that the           ate category for members who have
be submitted to the members, who          Institute does not have sufficient          been working in the earthquake field
will be given the option of accepting     funds to do this at present. How-           for up to five years after graduation.
or rejecting the modifications in toto.   ever, it was suggested that this
2007 Annual Meeting: The Board            effort could be undertaken in collab-         Namazu:
reviewed a draft program of the           oration with our sister associations            A giant
2007 Annual Meeting. They sug-            in other countries as part of our joint      Japanese
gested some revisions, including          agreements.                                     catfish
integrating multidisciplinary perspec-    The meeting was adjourned at 4:50              causing
tives and geotechnical, and geologi-      p.m.                                          an earth-
cal components into the program.                                                          quake.

EERI Newsletter, November 2006 Volume 40, Number 

  Uniting Earthquake Science                   identified. And the earth science       SCEC has been conducting numeri-
  and Engineering                              community needs to develop ground       cal simulations of ground motion for
                                               motion characteristics that better      sites in southern California and has
  continued from page 1                        match the needs of other earth-         generated hundreds of thousands of
                                               quake professionals and leave the       simulated ground motions. Handing
  One of Poland’s suggestions was
                                               loss estimates to the engineers.”       00,000 possible ground motions
  that “As earthquake professionals,
                                                                                       to the engineers is not the solu-
  we need to...become knowledgeable            I agree that the earth science com-     tion, but simply handing a uniform
  in all related areas.” In the earth          munity needs to improve its charac-     hazard spectrum is also not the
  science/engineering interface, the           terizations of the ground motion that   solution. The best hand-off between
  burden has been on the engineers             will be more useful for engineers.      the hazard analyst and the engineer
  to learn earth science. There are            However, while advocating uniting       is in terms of specific earthquake
  numerous university classes and              earthquake science and engineer-        scenarios. The difficultly is identify-
  short courses that teach the basics          ing, Poland’s comment to the earth-     ing a small number of appropriate
  of earthquake science to engineers,          quake scientists to “leave the loss     scenarios (magnitude, distance,
  but there are not similar classes to         estimates to the engineers” does        ground motion level) and a small set
  teach the basics of earthquake engi-         just the opposite. Earthquake scien-    of appropriate seismograms for use
  neering to earth scientists. Until the       tists cannot develop better ground      by the engineers.
  earthquake scientists learn how their        motion characteristics unless we
  results are being used, the earth sci-       understand the effects of ground        So how do we select a small num-
  entists will continue to stumble along       motion on structures. So while we       ber of appropriate scenarios? If
  guessing at what is really needed. I         do not need to get involved in cal-     we are considering the nonlinear
  recommend that EERI, working with            culating large loss estimates, we       response of structures, then asking
  SCEC, develop a short course on              do need to get feedback from risk       the earthquake scientist to pick
  earthquake engineering for scien-            calculations regarding what ground      appropriate scenarios and seismo-
  tists. This class should focus on how        motion characteristics matter. In my    grams is really asking them to take
  earth science information is used in         opinion, improved flow of informa-      into account the nonlinear response
  seismic design of structures, with           tion from engineers back to earth       of the structure. The earthquake
  examples of the sensitivity of the           scientists is the key to improving      scientist needs to get feedback
  design and structural performance            our characterizations of the seismic    from the engineer on the nonlinear
  to the ground motions. I also recom-         hazard.                                 behavior of the structure. This does
  mend that engineering departments                                                    not need to be a detailed model;
  in universities begin to offer such a        Many earthquake scientists see pro-     rather, simple proxies that capture
  class for earth science students.            viding seismograms (“time histories”    the gross nonlinear behavior of the
                                               to engineers) as the end all. They      structure are needed. For example,
  Simply offering such classes for             think that if we give engineers the     inelastic response spectral values
  earthquake scientists is not enough.         full seismogram, then they will have    with simple bilinear models could
  Getting the earthquake scientists to         all the information about the ground    be used as a proxy for the nonlinear
  attend these classes will be a prob-         motion, and the earthquake scientist    response of buildings; Newmark
  lem. In my experience in teaching            can stay out of the engineering side.   displacements could be used as a
  seismic hazard analysis at several           The problem we face is that for a       proxy for the nonlinear response of
  different universities over the last         given earthquake scenario (mag-         slopes.
  decade, fewer than 5% of the stu-            nitude, distance, style-of-faulting),
  dents taking this type of class are          there is a large variability among      One common view in earthquake
  from the earth sciences. The earth-          possible seismograms. In my opin-       engineering is that the hazard analy-
  quake science community needs to             ion, the greatest difficulty in the     sis for a site should be done inde-
  step up and do its part to become            earthquake science/earthquake           pendently of the properties of the
  knowledgeable in the basics of               engineering interface results from      structure. The argument in favor of
  earthquake engineering.                      this large variability of ground        this approach is that the site does
                                               motion for a given earthquake mag-      not know about the structure, so the
  Poland also made the following sug-
                                               nitude, distance, style-of-faulting,    free-field hazard should be conduct-
  gestion: “Earthquake engineers
                                               and site condition.                     ed without regard to the properties
  need to take full advantage of site-
                                                                                       of the structure (SSI effects are a
  specific seismic hazard information          One approach to this issue of vari-     different issue). If the engineer does
  available from the earth science             ability is to provide a large number    a complete evaluation of the struc-
  community and tailor their work to           of seismograms. For example,            ture for all scenarios in the hazard
  the specific hazard that has been

                                                                             EERI Newsletter, November 2006 Volume 40, Number 

(e.g., for each magnitude, distance       of the structure in the hazard analy-      To improve our characterization
and ground motion level), then this       sis, then how do we make national          of the seismic hazard, we need to
approach would work well; how-            hazard maps? These maps, by their          improve the flow of information on
ever, most projects only evaluate         nature, are independent of the struc-      structural response from engineers
the structure for a small number of       ture. While national hazard maps           back to earthquake scientists. One
scenarios. If only a small number of      are useful for defining the general        way to unite earthquake scientists
scenarios are considered, then the        level of the ground motion and             and engineers is through simple
properties of the structure need to       controlling earthquake scenarios,          models that can serve as proxies
be considered so that the appropri-       in general, they will not provide the      for the nonlinear response of the
ate scenarios and ground motion           best scenarios for a specific project.     structures, which will allow hazard
levels are selected for analysis.         Site-specific hazard studies need to       analyses to provide better charac-
                                          consider the properties of the struc-      terizations of the ground motion to
If we need to consider the properties     ture.                                      engineers.

News of the Institute                     Krishna Parajuli, Jitendra Kumar Bo-      ing design and were in high-risk
                                          thara, and Bijay Kumar Upadhyay of        earthquake zones. Some consider-
Naeim Prizes Awarded                      Nepal for their report on uncoursed       ation was also given to geographi-
                                          rubble stone masonry walls with tim-      cal diversity. A number of excellent
The Farzad Naeim Prize Selection          ber floor and roof.                       reports met these criteria and the
Committee has awarded the follow-                                                   Selection Committee ultimately se-
                                          3. A $500 prize to Luis Gonzalo Me-
ing prizes for reports to the EERI/                                                 lected these three reports. The com-
                                          jia of Colombia for his report on clay
IAEE (International Association for                                                 mittee members were Chris Arnold
                                          brick/concrete block masonry walls
Earthquake Engineering) World                                                       of the United States (chair), Dina
                                          with concrete floors (with a few seis-
Housing Encyclopedia:                                                               D’Ayala of England, and Vanja Alen-
                                          mic features).
. A $,500 prize to Mohammed                                                       dar of Serbia. The committee would
                                          For the third year of the Farzad          like to thank ex-officio members
Farsi and Farah Lazzali of Algeria
                                          Naeim Prize, the Selection Commit-        Marjorie Greene, Svetlana Brzev,
for their report on single-family rein-
                                          tee agreed that the focus would be        and C.V.R. Murty for their valuable
forced-concrete frame houses.
                                          on commonly used building types           assistance, and Farzad Naeim for
2. A $,000 prize to Yogeshwar            that received no or limited engineer-     his generosity in creating the prize.

Endowment Fund Donors                                                                Announcements
EERI would like to thank the donors to the Endowment Fund shown below
and acknowledge their recent contributions. EERI’s Endowment supports                NSF Summer Institutes
those innovative projects that ensure the Institute’s continuing leadership in       The eight-week National Science
the earthquake engineering professions.                                              Foundation (NSF) East Asia Pa-
$2,400                       Terry R. Lundeen           Stephen Kadysiewski          cific Summer Institutes (EAPSI)
Farzad Naeim                 Robert V. Whitman          Peter L. Lee                 Program provides the following to
                                                        David J. Leeds               U.S. graduate students in science
$1,000                       $100-$199                  George G. Mader              and engineering: (1) first-hand
Carl H. Josephson            Mihran S. Agbabian         Joseph Maffei                research experience in Australia,
                             David M. Bergman           Joseph P. Nicoletti          China, Japan, Korea, New Zea-
$500-$999                    Roger D. Borcherdt                                      land, or Taiwan; (2) an introduction
Robert Chittenden            Linda Bourque              Other Amounts                to the selected location’s science
John Eidinger                David C. Breiholz          Bedros Bedrosian             and science policy infrastructure;
Luis G. Mejia                Arrietta Chakos            Jonathan D. Bray             and (3) orientation to the society,
Daniel Shapiro               Fu Lien (Henry) Chang      William M. Elliott           culture, and language. The program
$200-$499                    Sheldon Cherry             Donald K. Jephcott           initiates personal relationships that
                             Mary C. Comerio            Leon Kempner, Jr.            will improve participants’ ability to
William J. Correia
                             Linda R. Emery             James LaFave                 collaborate with foreign counterparts
L. LeRoy Crandall
                             Sunil Gupta                Henry J. Lagorio             in the future. The stipend amount is
C. Terry Dooley
                             Roy A. Imbsen              Gordon L. Laverty            $4,000. The application deadline is
Juan Carlos Esquivel
                             Ayhan Irfanoglu            Jia Li                       December 2, 2006. For informa-
Thomas L. Holzer
                             Paul C. Jennings           Walter Silva                 tion about proposal preparation, visit
Robert P. Kennedy
                                                        Fred Ziaripour     

EERI Newsletter, November 2006 Volume 40, Number 

  Kona, Hawaii, Earthquake                     quake Reconnaissance (GEER) As-              The island of Hawaii is the youngest
                                               sociation, with funding from the U.S.        of a 5,000-km-long chain of volcanic
  continued from page 1                        National Science Foundation.                 islands in the North Pacific. These
  hospitals and schools, roads and                                                          islands were formed by a stationary
                                               In addition to professionals in Ha-
  highways, and the electric power                                                          hot spot below the ocean floor crust.
                                               waii, several California engineering
  system, and will also document the                                                        As the Pacific Plate moved over
                                               and risk management firms, includ-
  geologic, seismologic, and geotech-                                                       the hot spot new volcanic islands
                                               ing Degenkolb Engineers and Risk
  nical engineering aspects of the                                                          were formed while the older islands,
                                               Management Solutions, have sent
  event.                                                                                    no longer supplied with fresh lava,
                                               investigators to document the earth-
                                                                                            slowly eroded.
  Gary Chock, a structural engineer            quake’s effects. These engineers will
  and president of Martin Chock, Inc.,         also coordinate with FEMA inspec-            Most earthquakes in Hawaii are due
  in Honolulu, is coordinating the in-         tion teams in the field.                     to volcanic activity. Some are caused
  vestigation into structural impacts.                                                      by the movement of magma, while
                                               After the field investigation is com-
  Professor Peter Nicholson of the De-                                                      others (like this earthquake) result
                                               plete, findings will be published as
  partment of Civil and Environmental                                                       from stresses that build up as volca-
                                               a special supplement in the EERI
  Engineering at the University of Ha-                                                      noes grow larger.
                                               Newsletter and posted on EERI’s
  waii at Manoa (UHM) is coordinating
                                               web site. Images from the various            The earthquake did not produce a
  information on geotechnical effects.
                                               investigators will also be posted            tsunami (a 20-cm wave was record-
  Also contributing to the investigation       on the web site and will be visible          ed at Kawai-hae Harbor). Peak lat-
  are professors Ian Robertson and             through Google Earth.                        eral ground acceleration greater
  Horst Brandes from the Civil and                                                          than .0 g (and peak vertical accel-
                                               The earthquake struck 5 km off the
  Environmental Engineering Depart-                                                         eration over 0.7 g) were recorded at
                                               northwest coast of the island of Ha-
  ment at UHM and Edmund Medley                                                             the fire station in Waimea on the
                                               waii (9.878°N, 55.935°W) at 7:07
  of GeoSyntec Consultants in Oak-                                                          north flank of Mauna Kea, but spec-
                                               a.m. local time. The earthquake oc-
  land, California. Nicholson’s and                                                         tral accelerations were low. This
                                               curred 38.9 km below the ocean
  Medley’s contributions are support-                                                       may be related to the unique nature
                                               floor and shaking lasted about 5
  ed by the Geo-Engineering Earth-                                                          of this kind of earthquake. Shake-
                                                                                            Maps and recordings of ground
                                                                                            motion were made available by the
  News of the Profession                                                                    USGS soon after the temblor.
                                                TSUNAMI RUN-            00-Yr.   500-Yr.
                                                                                            Preliminary damage estimates were
  Tsunami Runup Haz-                            UP VALUES               Return
                                                                                  Period    $46 million as of 0/7/06. Gov-
  ard for California                            Location                [ft.]     [ft.]     ernor Lingle and President Bush
                                                                                            declared a major disaster on the day
  The California Land Commission                W. Carquinez            3.3       4.0       of the earthquake, opening the way
  has developed probabilistically-              Strait                                      for federal aid. Damage to seven
  derived tsunami runup values for              Richmond Har-           7.6       3.5      schools and to Kawai-hae Harbor
  California’s marine oil terminals.            bor Channel                                 accounted for most of the losses.
  These values (shown at right) are                                                         Damage to businesses, homes,
                                                Richmond Inner          5.9       0.6
  included in the Marine Oil Termi-                                                         roads, and bridges accounted for
  nal Engineering and Maintenance                                                           the rest. Total losses may increase
  Standards (MOTEMS), which were                Oakland Inner           4.7-5.5 7.5-9.5
                                                                                            as inspections continue.
  approved by the California Building           Harbor
  Standards Commission on January               Oakland Middle          5.9       0.5      Automatic switches shut down
  19, 2005, and are codified as Chap-           Harbor                                      power-generating facilities on the
  ter 3F (Marine Oil Terminals), Title                                                     major islands during the earthquake.
                                                Oakland Outer           7.9-9. 5.-
  24, California Code of Regulations,                                                       The time required to bring power
                                                Harbor                          7.6
  Part 2, California Building Code.                                                         back varied. Since ground shaking
                                                Hunters Point           3.9-5.3 5.0-8.7     on Oahu was small, the shutdown
  An excellent report describing the                                                        switches may need to be recali-
                                                San Francisco S. 4.5-5.0 7.5-8.4
  modeling of San Francisco Bay for                                                         brated. The Honolulu International
                                                of Bay Bridge
  this project can be downloaded at:                                                        Airport had a small emergency gen-               Ports of L.A. and       8.0       5.0
                                                Long Beach                                  erator, but was unable to operate
  Pages/MFD/MOTEMS.html (along                                                              the airport, stranding travelers.
  with the MOTEMS and other data).              Port Hueneme            .0      2.0

                                                                             EERI Newsletter, November 2006 Volume 40, Number 

News of the Membership                    undertaken following the massive           Mahin Receives Best
                                          reconstruction operations after the
Murty Elected to INAE                     200 Bhuj earthquake that resulted         Paper Award
                                          in EERI’s publication, Earthquake
                                          Rebuilding in Gujarat, India.              EERI member Stephen Mahin, Pac-
                                                                                     ific Earthquake Engineering Re-
                                          Murty earned B.Tech. and M.Tech.           search (PEER) Center researcher
                                          degrees from IIT Madras and a              and Byron and Elvira Nishkian Pro-
                                          Ph.D. from the California Institute of     fessor of Structural Engineering at
                                          Technology.                                the University of California at Ber-
                                                                                     keley, was awarded the James D.
                                                                                     Cooper Best Paper Award at the
                                          Hussain and Satari                         Fifth National Seismic Conference
                                                                                     on Bridges & Highways in San
                                          Receive Awards                             Mateo, California. The paper, “Use
                                                                                     of Partially Prestressed Reinforced
                                          EERI member Saif Hussain, man-
                                                                                     Concrete Columns to Reduce Post-
                                          aging principal of Coffman Engi-
                                                                                     Earthquake Residual Displace-
                                          neers’ Los Angles office, recently
                                                                                     ments of Bridges,” co-authored by
                                          received three awards on behalf of
                                                                                     Junichi Sakai and Hyungil Jeong,
                                          his firm for its Los Angeles Regional
                                                                                     was presented on September 20,
                                          Transportation Management Center
                                                                                     2006. This work was funded by the
            C.V.R. Murty                  project: a Certificate of Merit from
                                                                                     State of California and the National
                                          the Structural Engineers Association
                                                                                     Science Foundation through PEER.
EERI member C.V.R. Murty, a pro-          of Southern California for “Best Use
fessor in the Department of Civil         of New Technology in New Con-              The award was bestowed in recog-
Engineering at the Indian Institute of    struction,” an Excellence in Engi-         nition of an exemplary contribution
Technology (IIT) in Kanpur, was re-       neering Award from the Structural          to the profession and to society for
cently elected to the Indian National     Engineers Association of California        a paper with great potential impact
Academy of Engineering (INAE).            (SEAOC) for use of seismic isola-          and high overall quality. This is the
                                          tion, and a Finalist Project Award for     first year the award was given.
The INAE, founded in 987, com-           the seismic isolation design, in the
prises India’s most distinguished         category of new buildings under $30
engineers, engineer-scientists, and
technologists, covering the entire
                                          million, from the National Council of      News of the Profession
                                          Structural Engineers Association.
spectrum of engineering disciplines.
The goals of the academy are to
                                          When completed, the project will           Calif. DSA Academy
                                          serve as the nerve center for all
advance the practice of engineering       highway traffic and emergency man-         The Division of the State Architect
and technology and related sciences       agement for Los Angeles and Ven-           (DSA) of the state of California has
and to promote their applications to      tura counties.                             implemented its DSA Academy,
problems of national importance.
                                                                                     which will serve as a major learning
                                          EERI member Mohamed Al Satari
Murty is editor-in-chief of the EERI/                                                resource for anyone involved in the
                                          of Coffman Engineers’ LA office won
IAEE World Housing Encyclopedia.                                                     planning, design, and construction
                                          the SEAOC Young Engineer Award
His research in earthquake engineer-                                                 process. Its mission is to promote
                                          at Large. Satari was recognized for
ing has focused on the nonlinear be-                                                 quality design and construction of
                                          his work on the seismic isolation de-
havior of buildings and bridges with                                                 educational facilities and other
                                          sign of the Inland Empire Transpor-
the aim of improving earthquake-                                                     governmental buildings in California
                                          tation Management Center. Satari
resistant design provisions.                                                         by providing centralized training.
                                          was one of four at-large young engi-
                                                                                     Classes offered by the academy
He has published numerous papers,         neers selected out of 22.
                                                                                     seek to promote consistent knowl-
completed a number of sponsored
                                                                                     edge and application of the codes
projects, and participated in post-
                                                                                     and regulations needed for success-
earthquake surveys to document
                                                                                     ful plan review, approval, and con-
lessons after all the significant Indi-
                                                                                     struction of public buildings under
an earthquakes in the last 4 years.
                                                                                     DSA’s jurisdiction. The academy’s
He was team leader for a unique re-
                                                                                     web site is http://www.dsaacademy.
construction reconnaissance survey

EERI Newsletter, November 2006 Volume 40, Number 

  Subscribing Member News                      program includes speakers from          ence. The submission deadline is
                                               many parts of the world and provides    November 3, 2006. Full papers are
                                               excellent opportunities for training
  Seminar on PBD                               and networking among those in
                                                                                       due by February 5, 2007. For more
                                                                                       information, visit http://www.nzsee.
  Using Nonlinear                              emergency planning and manage-
                                               ment, emergency response, disaster
  Analysis                                     management research, emergency
                                               communications, emergency health,
                                                                                       24th International
  EERI Subscribing Member Compu-
  ters & Structures, Inc., (CSI) of Ber-       risk management, environmental          Bridge Conference
  keley, California, is presenting a           issues, and community planning.
                                                                                       The 24th International Bridge Con-
  seminar on “Performance-Based                The conference is expected to at-       ference will be held June 6-8, 2007
  Design (PBD) using Nonlinear Anal-           tract over ,700 attendees from         in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Ab-
  ysis” in San Francisco on November           Canada, the United States, and from     stracts should be submitted by Octo-
  29, 2006, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.             around the world. A major goal of the   ber 3st to
  The seminar will emphasize the use           7WCDM is to examine traditional        abstract.htm.
  of CSI’s PERFORM 3D® software,               concepts and methods and provide
  which is intended for performance-           new ideas and approaches to prob-
  based seismic design. The instruc-           lem solving with leading edge and
  tor is Graham H. Powell, professor           topical presentations. Presentations    Announcement
  emeritus of civil engineering at the         should fall into one or more of the
  University of California, Berkeley.          following categories in the disaster    Earth Institute
                                               management field: lessons learned,
  Intended for structural engineers,
                                               emerging trends, the human ele-
                                                                                       Fellows Program
  building officials, educators, and stu-
                                               ment, technical issues, principles
  dents, the seminar will provide an                                                   The Earth Institute Fellows Program
                                               and practices, and research and
  overview of the process and detailed                                                 at Columbia University provides
  information on practical applications                                                postdoctoral scholars with the op-
  for frame and shear wall structures.         The deadline for abstract submis-       portunity to build a foundation in one
                                               sion is December 3, 2006. To ac-        of the core disciplines represented
  The registration fee is $595, which
                                               cess the call for papers and to see a   within the Earth Institute, while at
  includes continental breakfast,
                                               more detailed description of the pro-   the same time acquiring the cross-
  lunch, refreshments, seminar notes
                                               gram, visit       disciplinary expertise and breadth
  containing images and commen-
                                                                                       needed to address critical issues
  tary and copies of some pertinent
  papers, and a CD containing the              NZSEE Conference                        related to sustainable development
                                                                                       and reducing environmental degrad-
  student version of the CSI PER-
                                               The 2007 Annual Conference of the       ation, poverty, hunger, and disease.
  FORM 3D software.
                                               New Zealand Society of Earthquake       The core disciplines are any of the
  To register and for more information,        Engineering will be held in Palmer-     social sciences, earth sciences, bio-
  visit            ston North, March 30 to April ,        logical sciences, engineering sci-
  Powell/.                                     with the theme “Performance by De-      ences, and health sciences.
                                               sign—Can We Predict It?” The orga-      Fellowships are ordinarily granted
                                               nizers strongly encourage consult-      for a period of 24 months. Candi-
  Call for Abstracts                           ing engineers to submit papers out-     dates should submit a proposal for
                                               lining practical performance-based
  Disaster Management                          solutions to earthquake engineering
                                                                                       research based in one of the core
                                                                                       disciplines mentioned above or in a
  Conference                                   problems they have encountered.         thematic area represented by the
                                               They invite abstracts of 00-200        crosscutting initiatives of the Earth
  The Canadian Centre for Emergen-             words in the following categories:      Institute. Applications submitted by
  cy Preparedness (CCEP) is calling            developments within design, under-      December , 2006, will be consid-
  for presentations for the 7th World         standing the inputs, assessing exist-   ered for fellowships starting in the
  Conference on Disaster Manage-               ing performance, improving existing     summer or fall of 2007. For addi-
  ment (WCDM). The conference will             performance, defining acceptable        tional information, contact Hilary
  be held in Toronto, Canada, July             performance criteria, and planning      Dewhurst, phone 22/854-3893,
  8-, 2007. Its theme will be “Emer-         for expected performance. Abstracts     e-mail, web
  gency Management and Business                are also invited from those who wish
  Continuity Working Together.” The            to present a poster at the confer-      postdoc/.

                                                                          EERI Newsletter, November 2006 Volume 40, Number 

CALENDAR                                Hazards of ‘Aseismic’ Island Arcs,
                                        AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco,
                                                                                 4-6. 24th Int’l Bridge Conf, Pitts-
                                                                                 burgh, PA. See page 10. (11/06)
Items that have appeared previously     CA. Info:
are severely abbreviated. The issue     meetings/fm06/ (9/06)                    3-5. COMPDYN 2007 Conf.,
containing the first appearance, or                                              Rethymno, Crete, Greece. Deadline
the most informative, is indicated at   8-20. 3SEE-06, Roorkee, India.         for abstract submission extended
the entry’s end. Items listed for the   Info:          to November 15. Info: http://www.
first time are shown in bold.           common/symposia/pages/about.    (8/06)
                                        htm (8/06)
NOVEMBER                                                                         9-2. NEES Annual Meeting, Snow-
                                        2007                                     bird, UT. Info:
2-3. NEES Research Training Work-       JANUARY                                  About_NEES/Announcements/
shop, University of Colorado (CU).      9-20. PEER Annual Mtg, San Fran-        announcement.php?news_id=41.
Info:           cisco, CA. Info: http://peer.berke-      (9/06)
shop.php (0/06)               (0/06)
                                                                                 25-28. 4th Int’l Conf. on EQ Geo-
5-8. INFORMS Urban Transporta-          FEBRUARY                                 tech. Eng. (4ICEGE), Thessaloniki,
tion Modeling Session, Pittsburgh,      TBA. EERI New Madrid Chapter             Greece. (2/06)
PA. Info:        Student Poster Competition, St.
Pittsburgh06/ (6/06)                    Louis, MO. Info:            26-29. 9th Canadian Conf. on EQ
                                        (0/06)                                  Eng. (9CCEE), Ottawa, Canada.
6-9. 3rd Annual Centrifuge Research
                                                                                 Info: (2/06)
and Training Workshop, Davis, CA.       7-0. EERI Annual Meeting, Los An-
Info: (0/06)              geles, CA. Info: See       JULY
                                        page 1. (3/06, 9/06, 0/06, /06))      8-11. 17th World Conf. on Disaster
7-10. ASC Symposium on EQ and
                                                                                 Management, Toronto, Canada.
Tsunami Preparedness & Mitigation,      9-2. 3rd Annual Geo. Info. Sys-        See page 10. (11/06)
Bangkok, Thailand. Info: http://        tem Conf., Kuwait. Info: www.gulf- (7/06)         (8/06)                           OCTOBER
                                                                                 8-. Modern Trends in Structural
9-. 2nd World Conf. on Disaster                                                Engineering for Seis. Design, Ariel,
Reduction, Mumbai, India. Info:         MARCH
                                        25-28. Ports 2007, San Diego, CA.        Israel. Info: (8/06)                                                  (8/06)
2-5. IAEM Annual Conference,          (6/06)                                   NOVEMBER
Orlando, FL. Info: http://www.                                                   27-29. 2nd International Conference           30-April 1. NZ Soc. for EQ Eng.          on Urban Disaster Reduction
htm#conference2006 (08/06)              Annual Conf., Palmerston North,          (ICUDR), Taipei, Taiwan. Info: http://
                                        NZ. See page 10. (11/06)       
6-7. 5th Int’l USMCA Symp., Phu-                                               (0/06)
ket, Thailand. Info: http://www.sce.    APRIL (8/06)        30-May 2. 2nd Int’l Modal Analysis       2008
                                        Conference, Copenhagen, Den-             MAY
7. COSMOS Annual Meeting &                                                      8-22. GEESD IV, Sacramento, CA.
                                        mark. Info: (0/06)
Technical Session, Berkeley, CA.                                                 Info: (0/06)
Info:        MAY
(8/06, 9/06)                                                                     AUGUST
                                        3-20. Coastal Sediments 07, New
                                                                                 -6. 6th Int’l Conf. on Case Histo-
29. Performance-Based Design            Orleans, LA.
                                                                                 ries in Geotech. Eng. (6ICCHGE),
Using Nonlinear Analysis, San           ferences/cs07/abstract.cfm (5/06)
                                                                                 Washington, D.C. Info: http://
Francisco, CA. See page 10.             14-16. SEE5 on EQ Risk Reduction
(11/06)                                 in Developing. Countries, Tehran,        html (4/06, 9/06)
DECEMBER                                Iran. Info:         OCTOBER
7-8. 3rd ATC-35/USGS Workshop           (7/06)                                   12-17. 14th World Conf. on EQ
on National Earthquake Ground-Mo-       JUNE                                     Eng., Beijing, China. Info: www.
tion Mapping. Marriott Hotel in San     -3. 0th North American Masonry (2/05)
Mateo, CA. Info: www.ATCouncil.         Conference, University of Missouri
org. (9/06, 0/06)                      at Rolla. Info: http://www.
-5. Seismogenesis & Tsunami
                                        html (3/06)

EERI Newsletter, November 2006 Volume 40, Number 

  News of the Institute                                                                  rials on earthquake preparedness
                                                                                         and education specific to particular
                                                                                         regions in the United States, and
  The Mitigation Center: New Tool for Advocates                                          links to relevant web sites.
  The Mitigation Center, EERI’s new            The center’s database is arranged         The public policy resources include
  web site, gives earthquake profes-           in categories for three different user    FEMA’s community mitigation guide-
  sionals and private citizens easy ac-        groups: building professionals,           lines, case studies of how various
  cess to information to guide earth-          homeowners, and public policy             levels of government can encour-
  quake-resistant construction and help        makers. The building professionals’       age private mitigation activities, and
  promote seismic safety in communi-           section includes FEMA guidelines          other materials related to seismic
  ties in the United States and around         and reports on codes, performance-        safety policies and ordinances.
  the world (http://mitigation.eeri.           based design, and other design            The Mitigation Center database is
  org). The center makes available on          issues. Tutorials cover installation of   constantly expanding. Sarah Nathe
  one web site the many mitigation re-         nonstructural elements and include        chairs an advisory committee that
  sources developed over the past dec-         construction guides for materials         will review the accuracy and rele-
  ade by prominent organizations and           such as adobe, masonry, concrete,         vance of materials and will guide the
  agencies concerned with the reduc-           and steel frames. Case studies are        center as it grows. EERI’s Webmas-
  tion of earthquake risk. Previously,         included, as are reports on specific      ter-IT Manager main-
  the documents, maps, and electron-           building types, such as hospitals         tains the web site. We encourage
  ic media were in the physical and            and schools.                              you to use the Mitigation Center and
  digital libraries of widely scattered        The homeowners’ section includes          send Gabe your comments and sug-
  agencies, but now it will be possible        guides for securing a residence           gestions for new resources
  to retrieve these materials in pdf for-      against earthquake damage, mate-
  mat directly from EERI, at no cost.                                               

  Logging on to                                    ask for the passcode to register      To download a manuscript:
                                                   for Earthquake Spectra Online.        •   Browse for it at http://scitation.
  Spectra Online                               •   After receiving the passcode by 
  If you have never registered to use              e-mail, go to http://scitation.aip.   •   After selecting the format you
  the Earthquake Spectra Online web                org/EarthquakeSpectra/                    want, provide your username and
  site (            subinfo.jsp.                              password. (If you know only one
  quakeSpectra) or if you did previ-           •   Register with your EERI member            or neither, click on “Forget your
  ously but have forgotten what to do,             ID number, the passcode, and              password?”)
  check out the following basic steps              your e-mail address.                  •   For assistance, e-mail or phone
  to access this wonderful resource.           •   Select a username and password.           (U.S. and Canada 800/874-6383).
  To register for access:                      •   Click on the box accepting the        At any time, questions can be direct-
  •   E-mail; give              agreement and then click on           ed to online help at help@scitation.
      your EERI member number, and                 “Register.”                           org.

                                                                                                        PRSRT FIRST CLASS
                                                                                                         U.S. POSTAGE PAID
                                                                                                              Sundance Press
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