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					     Affordable Web Hosting Providers

      You know what transforms $10 per month into some serious money? Small business and
personal finances, that’s what. After all, $10 can take you to a certain distance even if the
economy is down. It can bring you ham, brand new speakers, a web cam, a tennis racket bag, a
dress, and a new business card scanner. Again, and those are all for $10. See how that sum of
money could be considerable as well? Now, if you’re running a small business and is just going
at the point of making your debut in the internet, then that sum of money is indeed a long-term
consideration, especially if your business is just starting out. After having an idea how important
$10 could be, now it’s time to look for web hosting companies that offer their service in less than
that amount and here’s how to find one.

       Affordable web hosting providers are actually very easy to find. In fact, these kinds of web
providers can be found more easily than those that provide web hosting services at a more
expensive price. Generally, you wouldn’t expect in reality that you would get something more by
paying less, but in a sense, there are actually web hosting providers that can bring you this kind
of service. All throughout the web, you will find some affordable web hosting providers that
offer an almost unlimited storage device, free domains, and almost limitless bandwidth and
traffic. These services of course have to come with a condition – be reasonable with the use of
the unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and traffic. Web hosting companies has to provide this
condition because some clients would take advantage of using the unlimited disk space as a
means to store their personal files that does not really make any integral part of the website they
have registered.

     So that’s the first condition that you have to look for on cheap web hosting providers: how
much disk space, bandwidth, and traffic are they willing to provide you for a very small price?
The larger the answer is, of course, the better it is for you.

      After looking at what the web hosting provider can do for you, you now have to look at
what kind of website were you planning to establish and how much traffic, uploads, and
downloads are you expecting for your website. You have to be very honest on this one because
you will have to take a look on two different kinds of web hosts that provide affordable services.
If you expect your website to have a very heavy traffic and frequent or large amounts of uploads
and downloads, then you must opt to look for virtual private servers. These kind of affordable
web hosting providers may cost a little more than shared web hosting, but the streamlining of
your website’s traffic is very much worth it. On the other hand, if you are still starting out with a
considerably small audience, and you would be better off with shared web hosting providers.
   Best Web Hosting Review – A Guide Toward Financial

      Try searching for the phrase “web hosting review – a guide toward financial business” and
you’ll see lots of them appearing on the results below. They would all come from different
sources, from different size, but once you read one of them, you’ve just read all of them. And
here’s the thing: you’ve not just read all of them with the same thought; you’d be reading all of
them with the same exact verbatim. That’s right. You have just read each of them by clicking
one of them because each and every one of the results from “web hosting review” is just a copy
of the other. Not this one of course. So keep reading on.

      While all of those search results would be the same thing, there are still some merits to
what they were saying. It is really true that in order to make your business gain some presence on
the web, you would need a website that would host you as well. Searching for the best web
hosting company can be a lot easier by looking at reviews on review site and blogs. In fact, blogs
are more reliable because they usually don’t get paid to do it.

      A web hosting company would take care of the registration of your domain name or the
name of your website, which could be something like “” The web hosting
company that you will choose will also be taking care of handling the disk space required by
your server in order to be presented in the way that you wanted it to be. This means that the web
hosting company that you would choose will also serve as the “storage disk” for all your
banners, texts, video links, photos, audios, and everything else that will take part in making your
business’ website whole.

      Aside from providing the disk space for your website and the registration and validation of
your domain name, your chosen web host will also be the one to keep your database safe. The
registration of validation of domains is easy and not a deciding factor because all web hosting
companies can do that. As for disk space, the most important thing here is to look for hosts that
allow you to take as much space as your website reasonably needs. Third, the database
management system of your chosen web hosting company must be highly efficient and secured.
This means that the web hosting company that you are prospecting must take pride in staying
updated and regular maintenance and site protection.

      Fourth is the uptime of your host’s servers. As for this one, there should be no compromise
that your host must have the server uptime to as close to 100% as possible. Remember, this is
your business and you are making your presence on the web. This could mean that even a small
downtime of 5 minutes can actually mean a lost opportunity for your business.
     Lastly, of course is the price, which you could figure out by yourself. The good measuring
standard for the price is $3.50 per month; the closer the price is to this, the better.

     Choosing the Best Web Hosting Providers

      The best is always subjective. “Bruce Lee is the best martial artist,” one would say, but
another would disagree because he’s just an actor. So he might argue then that the best is still
George St. Pierre. All those statements might seem irrelevant to the title, but they are simply
there to show how subjective the best can be. The point here is that, the best would depend on
the taste of anybody who is on the position to judge and this is how we are going to look at
choosing the best web hosting providers.

      There are generally only two types of web hosting providers. The first that came since the
internet was born are called the dedicated web hosting providers. The other one that went into
the scene during the booming of internet usage are called the shared web hosting providers. Just
not so recently, there also came the virtual private servers that are physically like shared web
hosting providers but are like dedicated web hosts in terms of software. Finally, the latest that
came into the picture are called cloud providers, which came just right after cloud computing got
into the scene.

      Dedicated web hosting providers are the best for those that require an all-exclusive use on
one server. This kind of web hosting provider is best for large corporations or those websites that
require a lot of confidentiality and very high protection in their files. Dedicated web hosting
providers are the most expensive type of all, but are the most powerful type of server.

      Shared web hosting providers on the other hand – as its name implies – are servers where
more than just one website are being hosted. Since many websites take part on a single server,
the costs of maintaining the server are shared by all of its clients. This of course would cut the
cost for all of the clients. Choosing the best web hosting providers of this type requires the
assessment of how much disk space and bandwidth they are willing to provide with such a
cheaper cost.

     As explained earlier, virtual private servers lie somewhere between dedicated servers and
shared servers. This is because even though virtual private servers host several websites in just
one server computer, the manner in which these servers are being managed in terms of traffic
and disk space are very much like dedicated web hosts. This makes the uploading and
downloading of your website considerably much smoother, although may cost more than shared
web hosts.
      Finally, the latest one is the use of cloud computing for hosting your website. Choosing the
best web hosting provider of this type will only take the consideration of price, and the
scalability of your chosen server. Because cloud servers use not only one but several computers
to host your website, you can actually upscale yours and increase its limit as long you see fit.
However, some are still quite skeptical to this new way of web hosting since the use of more
than one computer for hosting means that other computers also have access to your database as

      Top Best Web Hosting Sites

       Choosing the ‘Top Best Web Hosting Sites” is a daunting task that can immediately cast
you into controversy if you are not objective enough. Always, your basis for making your rating
will be subject to scrutiny and questioned endlessly. Allegations of hosting services paying
hosting review sites just to include them in their top 10 listings are flying around the blogosphere
making it doubly hard for clients to choose the top best web hosting sites for their own use since
their recommendation will be tainted with a specific bias towards their sponsors.

      There are many hosting review sites online which regularly publish their own lists of top
best hosting sites. Each one of them uses different criteria in making their choices. Quite often
they compare features offered by each hosting service while others claim they include survey
results from their site visitors. However reliable or unreliable their bases for their choices are
they just the same publish their choices in the hope that people will follow their advice.

     There are hosting review sites which are bent on providing their readers an objective and
unbiased list of hosting services to their readers. Yet, there are also hosting review sites who
serve as mere advertising mouthpieces of the hosting service providers. It will be unfair to pass
judgment on such sites. But it will also be a big mistake to accept their hosting recommendations
hook, line and sinker.

     Web hosting review sites make their choices of the top best web hosting sites based
primarily on price with the web hosting features coming in a close second. Others take into
account their site visitor’s preference (as if they have sufficient site visitors to make this factor
count). There are those who consider the web host general reliability, network & server
uptime, and customer support (as if they have personally tried and tested the hosting services
them selves). But assuming they have all done their homework well, we can use their lists to
come up with our own list of the top best web hosting sites without the trouble of making the
comparative study ourselves.

      Here’s one way to come up with your own list of the top best web hosting sites:
      • Select a group of hosting review sites. You can set your own criteria on how to make
the choice. For this example, we merely Googled ‘web hosting reviews’ and chose the first
five from the search results.
      • List the 10 hosting providers chosen by the 5 hosting review sites and used their
ranking of each hosting site as the hosting site’s points.
      • Hosting sites not ranked by any of the 5 hosting review sites gets an automatic 20
      • Get the total points of each hosting site and arranged them according to the least
number of points to the highest number of points. Naturally, the hosting site with the least
number of points will be at the top of your list of the top best web hosting sites.

       Please note that if a hosting site is prominent enough to be in the radar of the hosting
review sites they will have a ranking of no more than 10 if they happen to be in their list. This
means ideally hosting sites should have no more than 50 points out of 5 hosting review sites.
If the hosting site has more than 50 points it only means some of the 5 hosting review sites
did not rank them at all. In this particular example which you will see below, only 6 hosting
sites were ranked by the 5 hosting review sites used for this study. They are in the order of
their rankings:

     1.         Just Host & Blue Host (they have the same number of points)
     2.         Host Monster
     3.         Host Gator
     4.         InMotion
     5.         Fat Cow
     6.         iPage

      The rest of the ten top best web hosting sites did not get rankings from some of the five
hosting review sites used here and their total points are greater than 50. They are:

     7.         Web Hosting Pad
     8.         Green Geeks
     9.         Web Hosting Hub
     10.        IX Web Hosting

     Note: This method can be further refined in a lot of ways - one of which is the choice
and the number of web hosting review sites to use. We can also take into account the number
of positive and negative feedbacks we can gather from various hosting fora.

     Web                  R       R      Rating by     Rati    Ratin       T    R
Host Provider     ating       ating  Top10WebHosti ng    by g      by otal anking
                  by          by PR ng             UpperHo B2evolutio
                  Web         Checke               st       n
                 Hostin   r
     In               1       2   20   2    2        4       4
Motion                    0                      5
     Web             2        2   20   20   6        6       9
Hosting Hub               0                      8
     iPage           3        4   20   20   1        4       6
     Web             4        8   20   4    20       5       7
Hosting Pad                                      6
     Host            5        1   3    20   4        3       3
Gator                                            3
     Fat Cow         6        6   20   9    5        4       5
     Just Host       7        2   6    6    3        2       1
      Green          8        2   7    20   20       6       8
Geeks                     0                      5
      Blue           9        5   1    1    8        2       1
Host                                             4
      Host           1        3   2    3    10       2       2
Monster          0                               8
      Network        2        2   4    20   20       8
solutions        0        0                      4
      IX Web         2        7   5    20   20       7       1
Hosting          0                               2       0
      Site           2        2   8    20   20       8
Cloud            0        0                      8
      Easy           2        2   9    7    20       7
CGI              0        0                      6
      Host           2        2   10   20   20       9
Upon             0        0                      0
      My             2        9   20   20   20       8
Hosting          0                               9
      Hosting.       2        1   20   20   20       9
comRU            0        0                      0
      Greenvil       2        2   20   5    20       8
le         Web   0        0                      5
      iPower           2        2         20                   8           20            8
Web Business 0             0                                                       8
      Start            2        2         20                   10          20            9
Logic      Web 0           0                                                       0
      Super            2        2         20                   20          7             8
Green      Web 0           0                                                       7
      Host             2        2         20                   20          9             8
Clear          0           0                                                       9

     Finding the Best Web Hosting Sites for Your Business

      Finding the best web hosting sites for your business is like looking for a reliable business
partner for your e-commerce business! Because your web presence is so vital that it can make or
break your business, your web hosting provider must be one whom you can rely on as you grow
your online business much like relying on a real life business partner! As such, your web hosting
provider must be one you can rely on to maintain a 100% uptime for your business site all the
time. He should be one who’d be at your beck and call 24 hours a day 7 days a week to provide
quick solutions to any and all problems you may encounter from set up to full blown operations.
Ideally, your web hosting provider must be able to provide you with the best assistance and the
best tools to help you set up not just an ordinary online business but an e-commerce site that will
stand out from rest.

      Finding the best web hosting sites for your business often depends on the price but this
should not be the case. There are several areas of hosting services that you need to look at before
you can narrow down your choices of hosting providers to a select few. This includes looking at
their uptime, technical support, bandwidth, storage space, e-commerce tools and applications
(shopping carts), emails, domain names, and user friendly control panel.

     Because not all hosting sites are created equal, finding the best web hosting sites for your
business can be a daunting task specially if you don’t know where to look at and you are
supposed to look for.

      1.       Uptime – It is important for your site to be up 99.99% of the time. A business site
that can not be accessed the first time around by web surfer is least likely to be visited again by
the same surfer. All hosting service providers claim to have no downtime at all but you should
not settle for the claim. Rather, ask for a guarantee and a refund scheme to compensate for any
       2.        Technical Support – It is vital to have your hosting provider to be on call on 24/7
basis. It is always important to have someone to talk to when you encounter some problem
especially when constantly updating pages on your site. Having a ready hand to lend you
assistance will give the much needed peace of mind especially during the initial months of the
online business when pages requires constant updating and adjustments. Again all web hosting
providers will claim to provide this - but the best way to confirm such claims is to make random
calls to their tech support and see if the calls are promptly answered.
       3.        Bandwidth – This is not of much importance if your online business does not
require downloading stuff from your site by your clients such as if you are selling videos or
downloadable software. Bandwidth measures the quantity of data transferred from your to the
       4.        Storage Space – If your business is selling live streaming videos, downloadable
training videos, or if you have thousands of product lines with high resolution images you may
require large storage space in which case you need to look for web hosting providers offering
large storage space (up to 600 GB) as part of their basic package.
       5.        E-Commerce Tools – Basically this means the incorporation of shopping carts
into your business site. You need to find out what shopping cart you will be using for your site.
There are web hosting providers who offer packages with shopping cart auto installers. They
would be your best choices if the carts they offer are compatible to your requirements.

     There are other features you need to investigate and confirm but we are not including them
here since they are now standard deals offered by web hosting providers as part of their basic

      Stability and reliability are what you want to establish in finding the best web hosting sites
for your business. You will not be able to establish this by merely comparing web hosting
features as most of the best hosting providers have basically the same product offerings. You will
only be able to confirm the reliability of a web hosting provider by testing them yourselves.
There is a saying that goes like this -“the proof of a pudding is in the eating”. It means you need
to try it to prove it. The same is true in choosing a web hosting provider but make sure you are
covered with at least a 60 day money back guarantee to cover you in case the hosting provider
you chose turns out to be a lemon.
     Web Hosting – Ecommerce Web Sites

       Web Hosting – Ecommerce Websites requires added value services much more than what a
regular business web hosting services provide. Ecommerce sites are often the alter ego of brick
and mortar shops and are expected to draw in more sales since consumers are now turning to
online shopping more and more. Surfing an Ecommerce website should not only give the
approximate ambience and the shopping convenience of their brick and mortar counterparts, they
should also make online shoppers feel confident and secured doing their online shopping on this
site. That is why apart from having a foreboding web site design, the Ecommerce site should also
have a formidable and secured check out and billing systems that integrates well with the
homepage of the Ecommerce site. The ideal web hosting –Ecommerce websites should therefore
incorporate a reliable and secured shopping cart into its package.

      Essentially, the shopping cart must be equipped with a search engine friendly shopping
cart. The shopping cart must also be compatible with popular real time payment gateways for
credit card and check payments. It must incorporate SSL secure check out features. The shopping
cart should also be customizable to blend well with the different pages of the Ecommerce site
and must be fully integrated with UPS, USPS, and FEDEX. This is the most wanted added value
Ecommerce entrepreneurs would definitely wish to be included into their web hosting package.

     The ideal web hosting – Ecommerce web sites package that every online entrepreneur
looks for should also include a free web site builder that will help him build the Ecommerce site
from the ground up with ease or transfer and improve an existing site into its new domain
without a hitch.

      The ideal web hosting – Ecommerce web sites package that every online entrepreneur looks
for should also include a free web site builder that will help him build the Ecommerce site from
the ground up with ease or transfer and improve an existing site into its new domain without a
hitch. The ideal hosting service for Ecommerce sites must provide the automatically creation of
site maps for all the pages of the Ecommerce web site and submitting them to various search
engines thus taking the task off the online entrepreneur’s shoulders and making every page of the
site search engine friendly. On top of this, the web hosting provider must be able to provide
spam protection at all times. These are the added value features that must be incorporated into
the basic package of the ideal web hosting –Ecommerce web sites.

      Of course, the above features are over and above the regular features of web hosting
packages that include sufficient storage space, multiple email accounts, full FTP access, and a
larger data transfer allowance than most other sites.

      Other value added features that easily make it to the wish list of online entrepreneurs for
the ideal web hosting – Ecommerce web sites package include:
     • Free Newsletter for the Ecommerce site

     • A guest book

     • An Auction section

     • Form Mail

      All Ecommerce sites must gear towards catering to an increasing number of consumers
who are accessing the internet via their mobile devices from almost anywhere and at almost
anytime of the day or night! That is why the choice of an ideal web hosting Ecommerce sites
package is not only essential but vital to its success. Ecommerce site owners must therefore
chose a web host provider who understands fully well every need and requirement of an online
entrepreneur in order to succeed. After all, the web host provider should be considered as more
than an important adjunct to his business activities but also as an indispensible business partner.

Description: Hi, my name is Ben Ten living in North America. I am a student of Bachelors Part – II and a book wormer. I interested in Science Computer and I prefer to search for information about Science Computer. I want to have some necessary knowledge about Web Hosting and I especially draw my attention in Web Hosting Providers. With so many web hosting providers to choose from, which one is really the best for the future of your business and website? We narrowed down the list and picked out what we thought were the top 10. We ranked them by affordability, server performance, technical support, and features. The list below can host many different types of websites like e-commerce, blogs, forums, and even galleries. We didn’t stop there