International Coastal Cleanup Day— Saturday_ September 17th

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  International Coastal Cleanup Day—                                                    Volume 25, Issue 6
  S a t u r d a y, S e p t e m b e r 1 7 t h                                            S ept ember 2 005

  This year marks the                                     items collected on
  20th anniversary of                                     standardized data
  International Coastal                                   cards. Data cards are         Inside this issue:
  Cleanup Day (ICC).                                      then returned to the
  Since 1986, over 4                                      Ocean Conservancy             Presidents’ Corner     2
  million volunteers                                      for analysis. The re-         Community Service      3
  worldwide have gath-                                    sulting information is        Corner
  ered on the third Sat-                                  used to educate the
                                                                                        Panzer House           3
  urday in September                                      public as well as             Concerts
  for the ICC. Clean-                                     business and govern-
                                                                                        Bike Ride Schedule     3
  ups are conducted on this day on         ment officials around the world
  shorelines worldwide. People from        about the problem of marine debris.          Ski Trip Schedule      4
  all walks of life come together for 3                                                 Trip Ads               4
  hours to give of themselves in kind-     Last year’s results showed nearly
  ness and spirit for a single purpose -   61% of the debris collected was              CSC Activities         6
  to rid their beaches and waterways       from human recreational activity on          More Trip Ads          8
  of unsightly and dangerous debris.       or near the water. Last year, there
                                           were over 300,000 volunteers                 Ski Trip Application   10
  Volunteers have removed over 70          (including CSC members) partici-             CSC Membership         11
                                                                                        Application Form
  million tons of debris since 1986        pating from 88 countries that col-
  and participate in the Marine Debris     lected nearly 8 million pounds of            CSC Trip List          12
  Monitoring Program by recording                               (Continued on page 3)

  September: Hooray for Hollywood!

  September’s meeting is Monday,           they signed up that they would have
  September 12th, at the Columbia          to be playwrights, directors, and            Special points of
  Hilton at 5485 Twin Knolls Road.         actors in addition to organizing a           interest:
                                           trip!)                                       • This is your last CSC
  This meeting is the first of several                                                    newsletter if you haven’t
  meetings featuring out ski trip skits.   Socializing, as always, begins at              renewed your member-
  If you ever wondered what it takes       7:30 pm and the meeting starts at              ship!! (We really mean
                                                                                          it this time.) Don’t miss
  to be a trip leader, be sure to come     8:00 pm. We look forward to see-
                                                                                          out — renew now!
  watch the renowned CSC trip skits.       ing you there!
  (Little did the leaders know when
       Page 2                       Black Diamond XPress

 Executive Committee                 Presidents’ Corner
President/Director                   `Welcome! One of the aspects I like           publicity efforts, we have newcomers
Tom Delaney          410-796-3705    most about CSC is the friendliness of         showing up constantly. So let’s all
Wayne Homens         410-796-1190
                                     so many of our members. When I go             remember to continue this tradition,
Vice-President/Director              on a ski trip or participate in any           by sharing some friendly words with
John Wetterau        410-872-0534    other kind of activity, I usually find        these people when we see them. Re-
Directors                            people who are nice, kind and inter-          member, some of these people will
Bob Craig           410-381-4749     ested in meeting and speaking with.           become our very good friends – but
Alexa Fair          410-465-2966
Ron Fedorczak       410-992-4308
                                     Before you say, “But that’s because           not until after we give them a chance.
Jeff Headlee        410-744-0476     you’re the president,” let me say that
Deb McCune          410-637-5454     this was true years before I ever             This same spirit extends to CSC’s
Treasurer                            joined the club’s leadership, when I          considerable volunteer efforts. Just
Kathy Pohlmeyer     410-730-5146     came to monthly meetings and                  this past month, we received several
Diane Corwin        301-604-4172
                                     walked around the room without                thank-you letters from soldiers in
Secretary                            hardly knowing anyone. Today,                 Kuwait and Iraq who received our
Benita Koch         410-519-0645
                                     many of my best friends are members           care packages that Lisa Jaworski’s
                                     of CSC.                                       group sent overseas in May. And
                                                                                   another group spent a Saturday tak-
    Committee Chairs                 Thus I enjoy seeing this same type of         ing pledges at Maryland Public Tele-
      2005—2006                      encounter take place today at our             vision – for the second time this sum-
                                     meetings – and at our happy hours,            mer.
Activities                           our dining outs, our dances, our
Bob McCune          410-637-5454     hikes, and our cultural events.               This month, our ski trip skits begin.
Ted Dietz           410-421-9064
                                     Thanks to word of mouth, and our              For the next three meetings, the lead-
Fund Raising
Volunteer needed
Hospitality                          BOD Business Meetings are held on the first Monday of each month at 7:30 pm, in the
Joyce Wronka        410-730-6841     Owen Brown Community Center. The October BOD meeting will be held Sept. 26th instead
Membership                           of on Rosh Hashanah on Oct. 3rd. Business meetings are open to all members. Please
Jeff Headlee        410-744-0476     contact the President in advance to have an item included on the agenda.
Meetings & Programs
Ted Dietz           410-421-9064
Newsletter                                           The Black Diamond Xpress is published monthly by the
Lynne Pusanik       410-730-1730                       Columbia Ski Club, Inc., a not-for-profit organization
Gary Prestianni     410-799-4253                  Dedicated to the promotion and enjoyment of the sport of skiing.
John Weiland        410-884-0173                    Newsletter Editors:
Racing                                                   Lynne Pusanik        410-730-1730
Ted Miksinski
                                                         Gary Prestianni      410-799-4253
Ski Education
Grant Wagner        410-381-2067
Ski Trip Coordinator                                This month’s Contributors:
Steve Panzer        410-531-9233
Terry McClung       410-861-8871
                                                         Tom Delaney            Sherry March      Gary Prestianni
Team Sports                                              Sue Muller             Ted Dietz         Cathy Homens
Rich Vrabel         410-768-1727
Web Site                                       Announcements and articles from our members are always welcome and
Jim Leavy               appreciated. The deadline for submissions is the 15th of the month.
Volume 25, Issue 6                                                                                               Page 3

P r e s i d e n t ’s C o r n e r ( c o n t i n u e d )                                 Community
                                                                                       Service Corner
(Continued from page 2)                        manship with what we do best: have
ers of our ski trips will promote their        fun. So come on out and enjoy the       Date              Event
trips in humorous and interesting              show, especially if you haven’t cho-
                                                                                       Sept 17 International Coastal
ways, with the game assistance of              sen your next winter’s ski trip yet.            Cleanup. Contact Sue
whatever members they can round up                                                             301-498-8462 / email
who have actual acting or entertain-           In the meantime, be sure to check out 
ing talent (along with some members            the Activities Calendar, which as       Sept 24 Adopt-a-Road Cleanup.
who don’t actually have any talent,            usual has a very full autumn schedule           Contact Dan B. 410-
but won’t let that stop them from try-         – including a dance in November.                379-6329.
ing). It’s a longstanding club tradi-                                                  Nov 14    Annual Food Drive.
tion (remember the “Vail Village               And: Enjoy!                                       Contact Sue 301-498-
People?” Or the “I’m Too Sexy”                                                                   8462 / email sonic-
Fashion Show?) that merges sales-                   — Tom Delaney                      
                                                                                       Nov 15    Adopt-a-Road Cleanup.
                                                                                                 Contact Dan B. 410-
International Coastal Cleanup Day
                                                                                       Dec       Christmas Caroling.
                                                                                       TBD       Contact Tom D. 410-
(Continued from page 1)                                                                          796-3705.
trash with over 11000 miles of shore-          Meet at 8AM in Columbia at the bus
                                                                                       Dec 25    Symphony of Lights.
line being cleaned. WOW!                       side of the park and ride on Bro-                 Contact Gary P. 410-
                                               kenland Pkwy at Rt. 32. You will be               799-4253.
I hope many of you will join me as             back to the Columbia area by 1 -
CSC members will return for their              2PM. Pack your lunch and we will
7th year to Terrapin Nature Area on            eat on the beach before we return.
the Chesapeake Bay (directly across
the bay from Sandy Point State Park)           Call Sue for more info at 301 498-
to clean one mile of shoreline. To-            8462. Free t-shirts too! You can
gether we can make a difference to             check it out for yourself at
protect human health and marine       .
wildlife from marine debris.
                                                                                       Panzer House
                                                                                       Date             Artist
  Date                            Ride Title                    Length (mi) Leader
                                                                                       Sep 24   Kennedys with Andy &
  10-Sep-05        Darnestown bike ride                             33       Dave S.            Denise ($15)
  18-Sep-05        Blackwater Refuge bike ride                     20+       Fred
                                                                                       Oct 22   Christopher Williams
  25-Sep-05        Saint Michaels bike and sail ride                12       Ken G.             with Janet Griffin
  01-Oct-05        Thurmont Covered Bridge Bike Ride             19 or 30    Greg
  08-Oct-05        Seagull Century                               65-100      Open      Nov 18 David Roth with Sioban
  16-Oct-05        Baltimore Tour du Port                           22       Donna            Quinn and Michael
  23-Oct-05        Lake Elkhorn - Savage Mill Ride                  12       Ken G.
  05-Nov-05        Gettysburg Country Ride                        30-35      Bob       Dec      Carla Ulbrich and Brian
  TBD              Western Maryland Rail Trail                     20+       Bob                Joseph
       Page 4                    Black Diamond XPress

S k i Tr i p s
Big Mountain,    Dec 26—Jan 2                                                            $1399
                                  Dec. 26, 2005 —Jan 2, 2006                         Jan. 7-14, 2006
Squaw Valley,      Jan 7—14
CA                                 Trip Includes:                            INCLUDES:
                                    • 5 days of skiing                         Round Trip Airfare &
Seven Springs,    Jan 13—16         • Lodging at Grouse Mountain Lodge         all transfers
PA                                       DSL & wireless Internet service
                                         145 rooms & 10 family loft units      5 days of Skiing
                                         Dining// Grill-Bar, The Wine Room       3 days at Squaw Valley
*Sun Valley,      Jan 21—29              Groomed X Country Skiing on site        1 day at Alpine Meadows
ID                                       15k                                     1 day at North Star at Tahoe
Wait List Only                           Pool and Spa                          7 nights at The Resort at
Lake Placid,     Jan 29— Feb 3      • Welcome Party
                                    • Daily Breakfast Buffet
                                                                               Squaw Creek… A 5 Star Resort
                                    • RT airfare from BWI to Kalispell, MT     Access to the Resort’s fitness
                                    • Transfers and Baggage handling           center, day spa, saunas, Jacuzzi
Aspen, CO          Feb 4—11
                                    • Complimentary Shuttle Service
                                         Big Mountain to town is 1 mile      MOUNTAIN STATS:
Steamboat,        Feb 11—18                                                   4000 acres
CO                                 Options include:
                                                                              2850 vertical drop
Wait List Only                      • Optional trip to Fernie, CANADA
                                    • Optional trip insurance                 100 + trails
Whistler, BC,     Feb 18—25         • 45 minutes to Glacier Nat Park          33 lifts
Canada                                                                        Expert… 30%
50 % Sold                          About Big Mountain:                        Intermediate…45%
Snowshoe,         Feb 24—27        3000 acres with 91 trails                  Beginner… 25%
WV                                 Elevation 4500 ft base—7000 ft top
                                   20% Green – 50% Blue – 30 % Expert
                                                                              Bowl Skiing for all abilities
                                   Annual snowfall is 300 inches
*Val Gardena,      Mar 3—11        Longest run is 3.4 miles                  For information, please contact:
Italy                              Great views of Glacier National Park      Rob Foard, Trip Leader
80 % Sold
                                                                             18 Ingate Terrace
Park City, UT     Mar 11—19        Trip Leader:
                                   Dave Hodges
                                                                             Halethorpe, Md. 21227
50 % Sold
*Blue Ridge Ski Council Trip                       (410)242-6860
                                                                             (443) 790-0809 (cell)
                                   Trip Assistant:
                                   Nancy Waddington
                                                                             Dave Sugiura,
                                        Assistant Trip Leader
                                   Payment Schedule:                         (410) 964-1396
                                    $205 Deposit — $350 July —
                                   $325 August — $300 Sept —
                                   $225 October
Volume 25, Issue 6                                                                                                  Page 5

                                                                                          Rated #1 in Après & Dining
                                                                                           By Ski Magazine Readers Poll

Jan 13—16, 2006 (MLK
We e k e n d )                                                                              Feb 4-11, 2006
              Trip Includes:
                                                                                      Trip Includes:
• 3 Day Lift Tickets (9 am to 10:30 pm)
  or Indoor Activity Pkg (bowling, mini-           Jan 29 – Feb 3, 2006               ♦ All airfare & transfers from
  golf, roller blade/skate, $2 discount on                                              BWI to Aspen
• 3 Nights Lodging Seven Springs Hotel
                                                                                      ♦ 7 nights at The Gant
                                              Roundtrip chartered motor coach
• 3 Complimentary breakfasts                                                            Aspen’s Finest Condominiums
                                              Trip Includes:                            Amenities include:
• 1 Complimentary Dinner Buffet
• RT Bus transportation                       ♦   FUN! EXCITEMENT! THRILLS!             2 Heated Outdoor Pools, 3
• Complimentary overnight ski check           ♦   4 day lift ticket                     Whirlpool Hot Tubs, 2 Saunas
• Indoor Swimming Pool and exercise
  equip                                       ♦   5 nights double lodging at the        Exercise Facility, Laundry Fa-
• Discounts on ski/snowboard rentals and          golden arrow hotel                    cility, In town Shuttle
  lessons                                     ♦   Continental breakfast               ♦ Welcome & Farewell Parties
               Trip Options:                  ♦   Indoor Heated Pool, Health Suite,   ♦ Pre-trip & Post-trip Parties
• Snow Tubing                                     Sauna, steam room and whirlpool
• Indoor Activities (bowling, miniature
                                                                                      ♦ 5 of 6 day lift pass and skier
                                              ♦   In the heart of the ‘Olympic Vil-     shuttle for world class skiing at:
  golf, racquetball, roller skating)
                                                  lage’ and right on mirror lake
• Game rooms
• Hot tubs (for fee)                          ♦   Pre– and Post-trip PARTIES
• Slope side rooms (for additional fee)                                                      Buttermilk
• Alternate pricing for children, 3 or more                                                  Aspen Highlands
  adults to a room
            Mountain Stats
                 31 Runs                                                              Trip Leader:
             50% Beginner                                                                 Jerry Poley
           33 % Intermediate                                                              P.O. Box 1163
            17% Advanced                                  Trip Leader:                    Columbia, MD 21044
       Highest elevation 2,994 feet                       Buzz Bunting                    Home 410-997-3182
         Vertical drop 759 feet                        4500 Louisville Rd.      
              Night Skiing                            Finksburg, MD 21048
                                                              Assistant Trip Leader:
Trip Deposit: $150                                                                       Tom Donohue
                                                                                         Home 410-747-6529
                                                          Trip Assistant:
For More Information                                      Luanne Disque                  Cell 443-928-3236
Diane Mastroianni, Trip Leader                             301-305-4726        
                                                                                      *Price is subject to change in the
Maria McDonough , Assistant Leader                   TRIP DEPOSIT: $100
                                                                                      case of unexpected rises in fuel sur-                                                               charges or airline fees
Page 6                      Black Diamond XPress

   09/03 Sat   We are going to a Bowie Baysox game on Saturday evening, September 3rd. Meet at Dobbin Center at 6pm, the game
               starts at 7:05 PM. Contact Dave I. at 410-884-1152 by email at
   09/07 Wed Dancing Wednesdays return! September lessons at Cherry Hill feature the hustle! Beginner lessons
               7:30pm, intermediate 8pm. $10 cost includes the lesson, dancing, drinks and snacks all in a smoke-free
               atmosphere. Call Sue at 301 498-8462 Also Sept. 14, 21 & 28.
   09/08 Thu   Monthly Happy Hour - Rocky Run deck party. Meet at restaurant at 5:30-6pm. Contact Glenn S. by email at
   09/10 Sat   Bike Ride - Darnestown Western Montgomery County. 40+ miles from Darnestown. Bring water and lunch. Meet at
               Dobbin Center at 8:00am. Bike helmets are mandatory on all CSC bike rides. Contact Dave S. at 410-964-1573.
   09/11 Sun                                                                                                s
               Hike Little Devil Stairs in the Shenandoah National Park. 5 miles moderate with one mile that' particularly strenuous,
               1800 feet of climbing. We will be leaving from Dobbin Center at 8:00am. Hiking boots suggested. Bring water and a
               snack. Members are encouraged to contribute towards carpool gasoline costs. Contact Dan B. at 410-379-6329,
   09/12 Mon   CSC General Membership Meeting - 7:30 in the ballroom of the Columbia Hilton - 5485 Twin Knolls Road, near the
               intersection of MD Rt. 175 and Thunder Hill Rd.
   09/15 Thu   Monthly Dining Out at a TBD restaurant. Details coming soon. Contact Tom S. by email at

   09/17 Sat   International Coastal Cleanup. Contact Sue M. at 301-498-8462 by email at
   09/17 Sat   Spirit of America will be Sat, 9/17 at 5pm. Details TBS. Contact Sue M. at 301-498-8462 by email at sonic-

   09/18 Sun   Bike Ride - Blackwater Refuge, Cambridge. More information to follow. Contact Fred M. at 410-672-7130 by email at

   09/24 Sat   The Baltimore Orioles take on the World Champion Boston Red Sox at Camden Yards on Saturday September 24th at
               4:30 p.m. A limited number of tickets - upper reserved seats, behind home plate - available to CSC members at a dis-
               counted price of $13.50 each. PLEASE NOTE - Your payment must be received to hold your tickets! To make your
               payment, contact Contact Kevin S. at 410-772-9429 by email at

   09/24 Sat   Adopt-a-Road cleanup. Meet at Princeton Sports at 9:00 AM. Bring garden gloves to wear and wear long sleeves. In
               case of bad weather call Dan' cell phone at 443-415-4360. Contact Dan B. at 410-379-6329.

   09/24 Sat   Panzer House Concert - Acoustic music in an intimate setting. Featuring Kennedys with Andy & Denise. Show starts
               at 7pm. Suggested donation $12. BYOB. Light refreshments served. Bring dessert or appetizer to share if desired. Res-
               ervations required. Contact Sherry P. at 410-531-9233 by email at

   09/25 Sun                              s.
               Bike and Sail - St. Michael' The 15 mile round trip ride will start at 10: 00 am. with a lunch stop in Oxford, MD.
               Optional 2 hr. catamaran sail. Optional dinner at the Crab Claw. No cost for bike ride, sailboat ride is $30 per person.
               Bike helmets mandatory. You must pre-register by e-mail in order to hold a spot on the sail boat! Contact Ken G. at
               410-381-1768 by email at
   09/25 Sun   Offshore Power Boat Racing Association race - Watch the race from the marina of the Hyatt, where the race boats
               dock. Contact Fred M. at 410-672-7130 by email at

   10/01 Sat   Bike Ride - Thurmont Covered Bridge. A moderately hilly 19 or 30 miles ride. Bring water. Meet at Dobbin Center at
               8:00am. Bike helmets are mandatory on all CSC bike rides. Contact Greg S. at 410-551-9733 by email at

   10/06 Thu   Monthly Happy Hour - Join us for our monthly happy hour at a TBD location. Check back for details. Contact Mi-
               chelle B. at 301-345-1870 by email at
Volume 25, Issue 6                                                                                                             Page 7

        10/08 Sat    See the beautiful Eastern Shore and ride the Seagull Century. Two rides are offered - 100 miles or the 65 mile metric
                     century. CSC members must pre-register via the web page and make there own room arrangements. Several club
                     members plan to participate in this ride. Contact Bob M. at 410-637-5454 by email at activiti-
        10/10 Mon    CSC General Membership Meeting - 7:30 in the ballroom of the Columbia Hilton - 5485 Twin Knolls Road, near
                     the intersection of MD Rt. 175 and Thunder Hill Rd.

        10/15 Sat    5-6 mile hike at the Rachel Carson Conservation Area and enjoy early autumn foliage and make some new friends!
                     Contact Sue @ 301 498-8462
        10/16 Sun    Bike Ride - Tour du Port. More information to follow. Contact Donna W. by email at

        10/20 Thu    Visit the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 10/20 - 10/23. Group dinners and outings to the Great Lakes Brewing Company
                     and Cleveland Museum of Natural History possible. Cost approx. $300 per person based on double occupancy at
                     the Hilton Garden Inn and early airfare purchase. Call Sue for more info @ 301 498-8462.

        10/22 Sat    Panzer House Concert - Acoustic music in an intimate setting. Featuring Christopher Williams with Janet Griffin.
                     Show starts at 7pm. Suggested donation $12. BYOB. Light refreshments served. Bring dessert or appetizer to share
                     if desired. Reservations required. Contact Sherry P. at 410-531-9233 by email at
        10/23 Sun    Bike Ride - Lake Elkhorn to Savage Mill. The ride will start at 11:00am at the playground in Lake Elkhorn and bike
                     on paths to Savage Mill. The ride is 13 miles long. We will have an hour or so to explore the Savage Mill. Bike hel-
                     mets are mandatory on all CSC bike rides. Contact Ken G. at 410-381-1768 by email at
        10/30 Sun          s
                     Toby' Dinner Theatre - Aida! $34.50 cost includes show, buffet dinner, tax and partial gratuity. Payment collected
                     at Sept. meeting. Contact Sue M. at 301-498-8462 by email at

        11/05 Sat    Bike Ride - Gettysburg country bike ride around the town, through the battlefield and into the surrounding country-
                     side. See a covered bridge, ride quiet country lanes, see historic taverns and houses. Approximately 30-35 miles.
                     Bring water and lunch. Bike helmets are mandatory on all CSC rides. Meet at Dobbin Center at 8:30am. Contact
                     Bob M. at 410-637-5454 by email at

        11/10 Thu    Monthly Happy Hour - at a TBD location.

        11/14 Mon    CSC General Membership Meeting - 7:30 in the ballroom of the Columbia Hilton - 5485 Twin Knolls Road, near
                     the intersection of MD Rt. 175 and Thunder Hill Rd.
        11/17 Thu                                                                                                     ve
                     Monthly Dining Out - Terrace on the Green, 2700 Turf Valley Road; Ellicott City (410-465-1500). I' reserved 24
                     seats, please be sure to RSVP. Contact Brenda by email at

        11/18 Fri    Panzer House Concert - Featuring David Roth with Sioban Quinn and Michael Bowers at 7pm. Suggested donation
                     $12. BYOB. Light refreshments served. Bring dessert or appetizer to share if desired. RSVP required. Contact
                     Sherry P. at 410-531-9233 by email at

        11/19 Sat    Reserve this date on your calendar for our Fall Dance to be held at Stonehouse in Columbia.

        12/03 Sat    Panzer House Concert - Featuring Carla Ulbrich and Brian Joseph at 7pm. Suggested donation $12. BYOB. Light
                     refreshments served. Bring dessert or appetizer to share if desired. RSVP required. Contact Sherry P. at 410-531-
                     9233 by email at
        Page 8                           Black Diamond XPress

                                                                                           Join CSC in Italy’s world premier ski
                                                                                            destination for BRSC Eurofest 2006

                                                                                                Val Gardena, Italy
                                                        WV                                      March 3 - 11, 2006
                                                                $450                            Cost for Val Gardena
February 18—25, 2006                                Feb 24 —27, 2006                               only $ 1,765*

Trip includes:                                   Great Ski Conditions:                    7 Nights Lodging at the 4 star Hotel Antares
                                                                                           Daily breakfast & dinners included
  5 of 6 days skiing at Whistler or Black-        Largest vertical drop (1,500') of any
  comb Mountains                                  local resort                               Hotel offers pool, wellness center, sauna,
       More than 200 trails                       Longest run: 1.5 miles                        Turkish bath, solarium & Jacuzzi
       17% beginner, 55% intermediate,            100% snowmaking                         RT Airfare from Dulles & ground transfers,
       28% advanced                                                                       BRSC Welcome party, Après Ski & Dance,
                                                  234 skiable acres
       Longest Vertical: 1 mile                                                           local guide, Basic ski insurance included
       Longest Run: 7 miles                       57 slopes (41% easier, 36% more
                                                                                            (Full trip cancellation insurance optional)
       8171 Skiable Acres                         difficult, 23% most difficult)
       Average Snowfall: 360 in.                  14 slopes open for night skiing
                                                                                          Discover the most stunning ski terrain in
  7 nights lodging at Horstman House              180” average annual snowfall            Europe, in the beautiful ski town of Selva
       4 Star Condos                              4,848 foot summit elevation             Gardena. The resorts of: Ortisei, Santa
       2 BR/ 2 BA units                                                                   Cristina & Selva Gardena are all linked.
       Washer/Dryer in unit                      Great Accommodations:                    Over 200 boutiques of shopping, restau-
       Heated Pool, Hot tub                                                               rants, après ski & night life. Many optional
                                                  Luxurious 2 Bedroom Condos w
       Full Kitchen, Fireplace, CATV,                                                     excursions available: Venice, Verona &
       VCR, stereo                                kitchen, washer / dryer, balcony and
                                                  gas fireplaces                          Bolzano.
  RT air BWI to Vancouver
  Ground Transfers to/from Whistler               Centrally Located to Rustic Village
  Pre-trip, Post-trip, & Welcome Parties          and Ski Slopes                          Optional Paris: Feb. 27—Mar. 4
                                                  Spacious Heated Indoor/Outdoor          4 nights lodging with daily breakfast at
Payment Schedule:                                 Water Park                              four star Mercure Paris Tour Eiffel,
Deposit $285      Nov 14          $200                                                    located a short walk from the Eiffel
Sept 12  $300     Dec 12          $100           Great Price:                             Tower. Rich in art, history & culture, ex-
Oct 10   $300     Jan 9           $100            3 Nights at the Treetop Condos          plore the Louvre, Notre Dame, Arc de
For more information contact:                     3 Day Lift Tickets                      Triomphe, the Left Bank & more. Optional
(please send checks to Sue until October)                                                 Paris cost is approximately $460*
                                                  Scenic bus ride to Snowshoe, WV
Trip Leader:                                                                          
                                                  Pre-trip and Post trip parties
Gary Battel
12102 Aspenwood Lane                             Payment Schedule:                        Send your Deposit $300. TODAY (made
Laurel, MD 20708                                 $100 Deposit, $255 By 12/2005, $95       out to CSC) to ensure your space on this                            By 01/2006                               fabulous trip! This trip will sell out fast!
Assistant Trip Leader:                                                                    To:      Cathy Homens, 6425 Abel St.
Sue Muller                                       Trip Leader:                                      Elkridge, MD 21075
9435 Granite Hill                                Nina Yu                                  Call Cathy Homens at 410/796-1190 (H)
Columbia, MD 21046                                                                        Or 301/286-4602 (W)
                                                 Cell: 443-742-8060                       or Tom Stanitis at 410/997-0754
*Price is subject to change in the case of       Assistant Trip Leader:
unexpected rises in fuel surcharges or           John Wetterau
airline fees or a strong shift in the value of                                            *Price subject to change in case of a strong
                                                              shift in the US Dollar or unexpected rises in
the dollar.
                                                 Phone: 410-872-0534                      fuel surcharges/airline fees.
Volume 25, Issue 6                                                                                                 Page 9

                                                 BRSC Winter Carnival
                                                 Sat. Jan. 21—Sun. Jan. 29, 2006
                                                 $ 1279
                                                 Trip Includes:
                                                   RT Airfare from BWI
                                                   8 nights lodging (5 persons per 3BR/3BA
 Fly Southwest - BWI to Salt Lake City             condo)
                                                   6 day lift ticket
 5 nights at the Radisson Inn Park City            Heated pool, salon and day spa
3 nights at the Crystal Inn Salt Lake City         3,400 vertical feet, 2,054 skiable acres
     Both feature indoor pools, whirlpools,
      saunas, high speed internet access,
           plus many in-room amenities!
                                                 Trip Leader:    Ted Dietz
 Daily full breakfast included at both hotels.           213 Old Magothy Bridge
                                                         Pasadena, MD 21122
          Lift Tickets included:                         410-421-9064
  Park City / The Canyons / Deer Valley                                 Call the trip leader or come
    Day trip to Snowbasin near Ogden                                                          to the monthly meeting for
                                                 Assistant Trip Leader: John Matsuzaki
           Optional day trips:                           831 Fairview Avenue                  more information on CSC ski
    Alta, Snowbird, Solitude, Brighton                   Catonsville, MD 21228
                                                         410-719-9618                         trips.
     or Powder Mountain near Ogden

       Optional bonus event:
    NCAA Basketball Tournament
 March 16 & 18 at the University of Utah

        For information contact:                     !
     Trip Leader: Gary Prestianni                Feb. 11—18, 2006
        Phone: 410-799-4253                      $1140
                                                 Trip Includes:
    Asst Leader: Courtney Rhoades                    RT airfare from BWI to Hayden
         Phone: 443-722-7371                         7 nights lodging (2 BR/2 BA condos)
                                                     5 of 6 Day Lift Tickets
  $150 Deposit reserves your spot!!!                 Baggage handling in and out
                                                     Welcome wine & cheese, Western Bar-
               Payments:                             becue with complete dinner
       Aug. $200, Sept.$225, Oct.$175,               Pre-Trip & Post-Trip Parties
       Nov. $150, Dec. $100, Jan. $150,
                  Feb.$130                       Bob Craig, Trip Leader
      *Price subject to fuel surcharges
               or airline fees.                  Terry McClung, Assistant Leader
         Page 10

                                                Columbia Ski Club
                                              Ski Trip Reservation Form

TRIP:     ____________________________                                                                         Date Received: ____________

Please Print Clearly: Name must be as it appears on Passport, Drivers License or Military ID.
NAME: ____________________________________________________________
Nickname: _______________________________                            Male____ Female____                        Smoker____ Non- Smoker____
ADDRESS: _________________________________________________________________________________________________
CITY: ____________________________________________                      STATE:____________________ ZIP:__________________
PHONE: (Evening) _____________________________ (Day) __________________________________________________
E-MAIL: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________
DATE OF BIRTH (Month/ Day/Year): __________________________________________

                                               INTERNATIONAL TRIP PARTICIPANTS:
                   PASSPORT # _____________________________ EXPIRATION DATE: ______________________
                   COUNTRY OF CITIZENSHIP: ________________________________________________________

ROOMMATE PREFERENCE: ____________________________________                                     SKIER LEVEL: ___ Green ___ Blue ___ Black
EMERGENCY CONTACT: ________________________________________________                                      PHONE: _______________________
SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS/MEDICAL CONDITIONS: _________________________________________________________

    1)   Only members of the Columbia Ski Club and their family members under the age of 21 may participate on non -sanctioned CSC trips.
         Members of affiliated Blue Ridge Ski Council clubs may participate on BRSC sanctioned CSC trips.
    2)   Each trip participant must submit a signed trip application form. Forms for minors must be signed by a parent or legal guardian. All minors
         must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian on the trip.
    3)   Application forms must be accompanied by a deposit at the time of submittal. Failure to make payments according to the trip payment
         schedule may result in the replacement of an individual on the tripVacancies will be filled from the trip waiting list, in the order in which
         the deposits were received.
    4)   Cancellations up to 90 days prior to the trip departure date will be subject to a $25 fee. Cancellations within 90 days of the trip departure
         will be held liable for all unrecoverable expenses, in addition to the $25 cancellation fee. Within 14 days of departure the cancellation fee
         increases to $50. A $25 handling fee will be charged for returned checks.
    5)   As a condition of participation, the undersigned agrees to abide by the rules and by-laws of the Columbia Ski Club, and while participating
         in the activities of the CSC to obey activity or trip rules and orders of the person(s) in charge of such activities. The Undersigned shall
         ensure that all family members also comply with all applicable rules and orders of the CSC and the person(s) in charge of such activities.

I, the undersigned, have read and understand the Columbia Ski Club Trip Rules and Cancellation Policies stated above.
Furthermore, I acknowledge that sports such as skiing and snowboarding present a certain level of danger and that personal
injuries can and do occur. I hereby release the Columbia Ski Club, its officers, directors, trip leaders and members from any
liability, damages or claims arising from any injury or property damage sustained by me related to any CSC activity or event.

SIGNATURE: _________________________________________________________                                             DATE: ___________________

PARENT/ GUARDIAN SIGNATURE: ____________________________________                                                 DATE: ___________________
(If under 21 years of age)
Volume 25, Issue 6
                                   COLUMBIA SKI CLUB                                                               Page 11
                         MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION / RENEWAL
 Membership period June 1, 2005 - May 31, 2006 Early renewal discount of $5 up to June 13, 2005
 Dues: Individual: $35.00(one adult + dependents under 21, all at same address) Membership Dues
         Family: $50.00(two adults + dependents under 21, all at same address)  Non-refundable

 Return form to Membership or mail to: Columbia Ski Club / Membership
                                     P.O. Box 204
                                     Columbia, MD 21045

  [ ] RENEWAL     [ ] NEW MEMBER                             Applicants must be at least 21 years of age.
  [ ] CHANGES Enclose changes in parenthesis.                Complete entire form and sign waiver.
 Please PRINT CLEARLY - this information is used for the newsletter labels and membership directory.
 Dues and contributions are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.

   Single      Married        Anniversary Date:_________________                    Number of Children:____
                         Individual Member             M     F                Family Member              M     F
 Last Name
 First Name
 Address                                                                                    Same
 City                                                                                       Same
 State and Zip                                                                              Same
 Home Phone                                                                                 Same
 Work/Cell #
                  Non skier     Date of Birth-                          Non skier       Date of Birth-
                  Alpine Skier -      Nov        Int   Adv       Exp    Alpine Skier-      Nov     Int       Adv   Exp
                   Cross Country -    Nov        Int       Adv   Exp    Cross Cntry -      Nov     Int       Adv    Exp
                   Snowboarder -      Nov        Int   Adv       Exp    Snowbrder - Nov           Int    Adv       Exp

 I learned of CSC from: __CSC Member Referral Referrer Name __________________________________________
          ___CSC Website/search engine  ___Newspaper Ad      ___Flyer/Trifold     ___Promotional Event

 Do not include [ ] phone numbers and/or [ ] address in the Membership Directory.
 I, the undersigned, do hereby attest that I am 21 years of age or older and furthermore, by joining
 the Columbia Ski Club (CSC) as a member, I hereby release the CSC and its officers, directors,
 leaders and volunteers from any liability, damages or claims arising from any injury or property
 damage sustained by me related to any CSC activity or event.
 Signature                              Signature                                   Date ____________ Rev 040905a
                           Columbia Ski Club 2005—2006 Ski Trips
                           Ski Trip                       Dates      Price             Contact
                           Big Mountain, MT           Dec 26—Jan 2   $ 1305       Dave Hodges: 301-549-3095
    Some trips are al-
                           Squaw Valley, CA           Jan 7—14       $ 1399          Rob Foard: 410-242-6860
    ready sold out —
    don’t wait too long    Seven Springs, PA          Jan 13—16      $ 425    Diane Mastroianni: 410-916-6418

    to sign up for the     *Sun Valley, ID            Jan 21—29      $ 1279          Ted Dietz: 410-421-9064

    trip of your choice!   Lake Placid, NY            Jan 29—Feb 3   $ 499     Buzz Bunting:
                           Aspen, CO                  Feb 4—11       $ 1299         Jerry Poley: 410-997-3182

    Trip details are on    Steamboat, CO              Feb 11—18      $ 1140          Bob Craig: 410-381-4749

    pages 4,5, 8, & 9.     Whistler, BC, Canada       Feb 18—25      $ 1285         Sue Muller: 301-498-8462
                           Snowshoe, WV               Feb 24—27      $ 450             Nina Yu: 443-742-8060
                           *Val Gardena, Italy        Mar 3—11       $ 1765      Cathy Homens: 410-796-1190
                           Park City, UT              Mar 11—19      $ 1280     Gary Prestianni: 410-799-4253
                           *Blue Ridge Ski Council Trip

We do more than ski!                                                              PRESORTED
                                                                              U.S. POSTAGE PAID
                                                                                COLUMBIA, MD
                                                                               PERMIT NO. 1184
The Columbia Ski Club
P.O. Box 204
Columbia, MD

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