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									                                                                         Early Intervention
                                                                                 Training Center
                                                                   for Infants and Toddlers With
                                                                       Visual Impairments

Module:        Visual Conditions and Functional Vision:
               Early Intervention Issues

               Session 2: Visual Capacity

Study Questions for Recommended Reading B: Erin et al.
1. Why do these authors describe vision as a learned process? What are the
   implications for infants and toddlers with visual impairment?

2. Define what is meant by stored and available individuality based on Corn’s model of
   visual functioning. Choose two individual difference factors and write a brief example of
   how those differences may appear in young children with visual impairments.

3. Using Corn’s model of visual functioning, define environmental cues. Choose two cues
   and write a brief example of how a TVI could provide support for influencing optimal
   level of visual functioning using those cues.

4. Why is it important for a TVI to understand the developmental sequence of visual
   abilities? How will knowing the sequence of visual development influence support for

5. What are the common characteristics of premature babies at risk for developing ROP?
   What is the key influence for the degree of visual impairment in premature babies?

6. Describe five common congenital pediatric eye conditions. For each condition, list two
   important facts about the condition that would help you as the TVI to understand the
   condition and support the family that has an infant or toddler with this condition.

Erin, J.N., Fazzi, D.L., Gordon, R.L., Isenberg, S.J., & Paysse, E.A. (2002). Vision focus:
      Understanding the medical and functional implications of vision loss. In R.L. Pogrund
      & D.L. Fazzi (Eds.), Early focus: Working with young children who are blind or
      visually impaired and their families (2nd ed., pp. 52-106). New York: AFB Press.
      (Read pp. 52-68.)

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