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The Latest And Greatest We Have To Offer ...

 1 National Marine Expands Their Interior Department...
                                                J ust when you thought National Marine couldn't add any-
                                                thing else to their impressive 68,000 sq. ft. facility, they go
                                                ahead and surprise you once again! This season Dean and his
                                                experienced staff will be adding a full uniform showroom at
                                                the NMS headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, FL. This addi-
                                                tion will help compliment the ever-growing Interior's De-
                                                partment complete with fitting rooms, fully stocked display
                                                shelves, custom tailoring, full screen printing and embroi-
                                                dery services, and one on one customer assistance. This lat-
                                                est improvement will no doubt be an invaluable bonus for
                                                all your interior and uniform needs.
                                                Representing vendors such as Sebago, Gill, Nike, Adidas,
                                                Sportif and Merrell just to name a few. You will be able
                                                to find chef 's gear, deck shoes, pants, shorts, polos, engi-
                                                neer cover-ups, foul-weather gear, eye wear and an array of
(not actual showroom)                           daytime and evening uniforms along with a full range of
                                                epaulets. You will be able to outfit your entire crew plus
                                                replenish your one of a kind cups, napkins, stationary and
                                                all other custom printable items.
                                                Stay tuned to the latest improvements and developments
                                                in the Interior Department at National Marine Suppliers.
                                                Your questions and suggestions are welcome. Please contact
                                                Steve Brewster-

  b Kanberra Gel - The Newest In All-Natural Air Purifying
                           “Clean the air while saving money on costly upkeep." Kanberra Gel is
                           specially formulated to clear your yachts atmosphere of mold and other
                           airborne allergens. Kanberra Gel is made with pure Alustralian Tea Tree
                           Oil which has proven to have beneficial antiseptic and antifugal proper-
                           ties. With no mess, no-hassle packaging, cuts down on maintenance time.
                           Just place the container on a flat surface and enjoy cleaner, fresher, more
                           naturally purified surroundings. A pleasant all-natural eucalyptus-lemon
                           scent is inoffensive, making the product the ideal solution to healthier air
                           offshore. Kanberra Gel comes in 4, 8, 16, and 32oz containers.
Cutlery, Safety, Medical Information And More...
 b Here Are Some Of The Newest Vendors, Most Recent Products And Up-To-Date
         Information So You Can Better Equip Yourself For The Season...
                      Engineering|State Of The Art Vacuum Toilet Systems
                      Having issues with your toilet systems? Here is your solution: Jets offers a full range of possibilities
                      from individual components to complete prefabricated modules with vacuum units and sewage treat-
                      ment plants, as well as a collecting tank - if desired. Jets supplies a complete range of high-quality
                      toilets for marine use. With elegance in its simplicity, the Jets solution for yachts has been selected
                      by award-winning yacht designers. The vacuum-powered controller (VPC) mechanism for flushing
                      allows replacement of individual parts for easy, low-cost maintenance and repairs. It has the same
                      reliable quality performance on which large cruise ships depend on as well as ease of integration with
                      different types and makes of sewage treatment plants. It has sleek efficiency with very high vacuum
                      generating capacity and has transparent end-cover which enables you to have easy access for inspec-
                      tions. For further inquiries, please contact Ian Stewart-

                      Deck|Megafend Boat Hooks and New Improvements!
                      Tired of your fender lines scuffing and damaging your yachts finish? Megafend has the solution!
                      Megafends fender hooks are custom hand-crafted to fit your rail profile on your yacht. Assures pro-
                      tection from line wear on varnish, painted and even stainless hand rails. Core structure with quality
                      316 stainless steel plate is precisely shaped to hug your rail with most styles having a soft sheep
                      wool underside liner to insure no damage to your rail. The outside is covered with maintenance-free,
                      never-oil leather in popular marine colors. Hardware choices include box rings, cam cleats, stainless
                      fair leads, spreader bars and even rod holders among many others.

                      Megafend has also improved their fender collection with the HDI inflatable fenders. Durable high
                      density materials, built-in strength and quality is the benchmark of these fenders. Space saving HDI
                      fenders are available in popular standard sizes. Each is a marvel of structural integrity to assure its
                      ability to withstand heavy marine use. For more information on the product, please contact Matt

                      Provisions|Get Healthy With The Tibetan Goji Berries
                       In the Valleys of Tibet and Mongolia there is a special berry the locals cherish so much they honor it in
                      celebrations that last two weeks each year. Goji Berries contain more protein than whole wheat, more beta
                      carotene than carrots and 500 times more vitamin C by weight than oranges. It has been well documented
                      that many people in these regions where Goji Berries grow live free of common diseases for well over a
                      hundred years. Untouched by any pollutants, contaminates or pesticides, these Tibetan Goji Berries are
                      much more vibrant and have more nutrient energy than other cultivated and usually chemically treated
                      varieties. When these berries are consumed regularly, they are found to increase longevity and promote
                      excellent health. For more information please contact Matt Dailey

                      Galley Outfitting|Cooking Made Easier with Fata Paper
                      This innovative product allows you to cook in a bag! The see-through pouches can be cooked directly
                      on a hot surface, heated in a microwave, immersed in water or oil, baked in the oven, or put in the
                      freezer down to -50 degrees Fahrenheit. It can be used to make soups, steamed fish, stewed meats
                      and vegetables and even warm or bake fruit. The many benefits of using Fata Paper include healthy
                      cooking, tastier foods, faster cooking and unique food presentation. It is very convenient as portions
                      can be prepared ahead of time (even frozen in the pouch) and cooked or finished just before serving.
                      With fewer pots and pans, the clean up is quick and easy. It is sold in rolls or sheets that can be easily
                      cut, folded and tied with a string or kitchen twine. For further information & all your other galley
                      needs, please contact Matt Dailey

                      Medical|Defibrillators - What You Need To Know
                      Have a ton of questions or reluctant to purchase defibrillators? The most important information
                      you need to look at is the manufacturer recall (past or present) & verification that the unit is auto-
                      matic. National Marine is a distributor for the Philips units, which are the same ones that most
                      maritime schools use for training. Portable defibrillators, also referred to as AED's (Automated
                      External Defibrillators), are designed to treat someone that may be a victim of sudden cardiac arrest
                      (SCA). The majority of yachts over 100ft carry the FR2 + ECG option unit. It is very durable and
                      has features that are essential when out at sea. Don't be shy. Get informed and be prepared for the
                      season. For all your questions please contact Renee
Safety | The Latest In Lifesaving Devices
The Spot Satellite GPS Messenger® is a handheld satellite communication and safety
device that transits messages via satellite which includes: alerting emergency responders to
GPS location, lets your contacts know where you are and that you're okay, sends and saves
your location and allows contact to track your progress using Google Maps™ and request
help from friends and family at your GPS location. Whether traveling by land, sea or air;
this personal tracker will give you peace of mind and emergency assistance when you need
it. Small, sleek, and discrete yet very powerful, this is a great, cost efficient way to provide
safety for you and your guests while out on excursions. For further inquiries please contact
your sales representative or visit

Interiors | Robbe & Berking Silber
National Marine Interiors Department is pleased to introduce their newest luxury
vendor. Known as one of Europe’s top-luxury brands Robbe & Berking is nowadays
presented on the world’s most sophisticated and leading tables. You will find their cutlery
in the ‘Top of the Top’ hotels and restaurants, in embassies, and royalty houses – reaching
to the German Chancellery or the Palace of the Aga Khan to the King of Jordan. This
sleek and elegant cutlery will no doubt impress your guests and owners. With replace-
ments guaranteed, you will no longer have to worry about missing pieces or trying to find
that one misplaced item! For all information on this exquisite line; please visit: www. and for all your questions, do not hesitate to contact Kim, Linda, or
Belinda -

Cordage | One Of A Kind Lines For Your One Of A Kind Yacht!
Here at National Marine, we understand that your yacht is a one of a kind in some way,
shape or form. So why would you purchase standard lines for your unique yacht? With
National Marines' in-house cordage division, Custom Rope Works, you can customize
your Yacht's dock lines, fender lines and tow harnesses. With available sizes ranging from
3/8" to 2 1/2" at any length you desire, Custom Rope Works guarantees to satisfy your
yachts needs. Color Code your lines with a variety of different colors and styles of whip-
ping twines. Personalize your chafe gear with nylon or leather and choose from our wide
selection of hardware from shackles to thimbles to meet your towing needs.
When you want one of a kind lines for your one of a kind yacht, Custom Rope Works is
here to not only meet but exceed all your expectations with quality, pride, innovation and
attention to detail.
For further information on all your cordage needs, please contact Fred Dieckhaus.-

New Build | 1. Equipment | 2. Tips | 3. Q & A
1. All Petzl equipment is manufactured to meet with full European (EN), American
(ANSI), National (NFPA), and Canadian (CSA) Standards, making the Petzl brand an
approved quality choice for your safety gear. 2. At an early point in the project timeline
speak with the shipyard and other project staff regarding inbound shipping. This local
knowledge of custom clearing policies will be beneficial for your outfitting structure.
You want to get this structure established early within your time line. 3. Q: Does anyone
know of a particular brand of Turbo Jet fire hose nozzle that has a Lloyds approval or
compliance certificate? A: see the next newsletter for the answer.
For further inquieries, please contact

                                  Ship Store | Best Pricing On Your
                                  Favorite Brands
                                  From cleaning to painting supplies, navigation to moor-
                                  ing products, sunglasses to sandpaper, EPIRBS to im-
                                  mersion suits and filters to flares you will find what you
                                  need at unbeatable prices due to our direct purchasing
                                  with most name brands such as Siemans, Dayton, 3M,
                                  and Dewalt allows us to pass the savings onto you. For
                                  inquires contact Richard Belmont - richard@national-
      1 National Marine Sales Rep - Could You Recognize Them? What's Their Story?
             Here Is A Little Insight On One Of NMS's Newest Members
                               Steve Brewster is one of NMS’s newest sales staff. He            the new development of the National Marine Uniform
                                                                                                Division. The new showroom with in-house embroidery,
                               joins the team with an impressive 20+ years of experi-
                                                                                                alterations and in-house stock of everything from shoes
                               ence in the yachting industry. His journey here started
                                                                                                to epaulets.
                               back in 1989 in Atlanta, Georgia when his uncle Jimmy
                                                                                                Steve lives now in Fort Lauderdale with his two
                               Floyd convinced him to come down to Fort Lauderdale
                                                                                                children, Samantha and Sebastian along with Penny
                               and give yachting a try. He spent over 5 years as a deck-
                                                                                                their one year old Shih Tzu. He is welcomed with open
                               hand/mate traveling the world while enjoying a hands-
                                                                                                arms and NMS looks foward to seeing the impact he
                               on experience in the wonderful world of yachting. He
                                                                                                will have. The pro is here! Contact Steve for all your
                               than decided to settle down and go land-base, first at
                                                                                                uniform needs.
                               Interior Technology Services for 7 years, and then began
                               his 9 year career in custom uniforms with Smallwood's -
                               yes that's why you might recognize his name!
                               National Marine is proud that Steve is now a part of
                               the Interiors Department and will be here to assist with

          Upcoming Events E
    b Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show, October 29 - Nov. 2 nd                                                         1 F E E D B AC K 1
National Marine as always, will have a booth at
this home-based yacht show. This year expect to                                                                  Your feedback is very important to
see the gang at their swanky new location at the                                                                  us, please send us your thoughts,
Yacht Builder's Tent 692-693. The beer tap, coffee,                                                                concerns, suggestions and any
good conversation and answers to all your ques-                                                                  stories you’d like to share. As well
tions will be avaiable from knowledgeable NMS                                                                         as photos of your travels.
sales staff. So make sure to stop by, get out of the                                                 
heat and enjoy a nice cold beverage at the National
Marine Suppliers booth.
                                                                                                                       T h a n k Yo u For Your
     c 2009 Yacht Bikers Poker Run - October 28                                            th                          C o n t i n u e d Business,
                                                                                                                       L o y a l t y A n d Suppor t
                                       This event was created 3 years ago to do something dif-
                                       ferent and fun. Through the years it has done just that
                                       with a very popular and successful charity fund raiser.
                                       This year the charity chosen is Kid's In Distress, the
                                       originators of the event. Awlgrip, Interlux and National
                                       Marine will continue the ride for success as sponsers. The
                                       Ride is complete with police escort and stops at Land
                                       Shark Stadium and Shooters, this event is not one to
                                       miss! Reserve your spot at                             NATIONAL MARINE

                                                                                                                          2800 SW 2 nd Ave
                                                                                                                     Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33315
                                                                                                                ☎ 954.764.0975 | F: 954.764.1073

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