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									                                           Websites for Songs

1. – This website has CDs of educational songs to purchase. There is a wide
    selection and some songs are available to listen to off of each disc.

2. – This site has about 40 traditional children’s songs and lyrics (i.e. The Wheels on
    the Bus, Bingo, the Alphabet Song) and large selection of free downloads from contemporary
    children’s artists with no lyrics included.

3. – This location has a variety of musical rhythmical options for your classroom. It
   is designed for ESL students/teachers but it can be applied in any elementary classroom. There are
   traditional songs, original songs about diverse topics, vocabulary chants, and flashcards. Many songs
   are available for a free download but there are also several CDs available for purchase. Some songs
   have videos available and usually there are links for accompanying activities.

4. – This site is affiliated with This is where most of the
    traditional music can be found for free downloads. There are also a few songs available with sheet

5. – If you are looking to incorporate music from around the world – this site is great!
   Songs can be found from diverse cultures in North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia
   and Australia. Many songs come with a video or a free download and songs in languages other than
   English are shown in their original language and English. The site also offers nursery rhymes, kid’s
   poetry and food/recipes from around the world.

6. – This website has songs sorted by subject (mathematics, holidays, folk
    songs…etc). The songs can all be listened to on the site and some can be downloaded for free; others
    have to be purchased through another website.

7. – This site has hundreds of traditional and non-traditional songs available for children.
   Songs are listed in alphabetical order – some have midi music to accompany them. There is also a
   section on the site for lyrics which can be sorted by subject. If you become a member (it’s free) you
   can access printable lyrics sheets and printable sheet music.

8. – This website is provided by the National Institute of Environmental Health
   Sciences and it has a variety of songs related to the environment (some of them are rather loosely
   environmentally related). The majority of the songs include the lyrics and a midi file with the music.
   I don’t think that the songs are available for download. On the site you can also find brainteasers,
   games and activities, stories, jokes and other stuff.

9. – This location has a few children’s songs available for download but the main
   attraction is the selection of other activities that are offered. On the site there are instructions for
   building musical instruments using household items (bottles, spoons, straws…etc), composing music,
   and activities related to rhythm and melody. Teacher guides are also available in the “how-to”

10. – This site has over 2000 songs with lyrics, videos and/or music. There are also
   nursery rhymes and lullabies available.
                                        Songs for Subject Areas

      Site                   Area                                      Description
                                               Diverse math topics – some have videos. As far as I can
   Mathwire                  Math
                                               tell the songs aren’t available for download.
 Roger Taylor
                             Math              PDF file with advanced math songs.
                         Math, Science
                     (Astronomy, Biology,      The songs can all be listened to on the website – some
                      Chemistry, Geology,      are available for download if you go to the artist’s site.
                      Physics), Geography
                                               A few math songs that are available free from an
 MathMadness                 Math
                                               elementary CD and a secondary CD.
                                               Directory of 2500+ songs. You need to put in a topic to
   MASSIVE             Math and Science        search for and the answers will come up. Some songs
                                               have MP3s available.
                                               A few songs about characters/events in US History. The
History Happens           US History
                                               songs have the lyrics and can be downloaded.
                     Early childhood ed,
   Mrs. Jones        math, social studies,     This site has song lyrics with MIDIs.
                     science…and more
                    Math, Spelling Rules,      Christian website with songs…they’re free and
Garden of Praise    Spanish, Science (only     downloadable in MIDI format. You can also look at the
                   one song – about Matter)    sheet music to help you match the lyrics to the music.
                        Science, Math,
 Greg Crowther                                 Links to websites with science songs.
                    Technology, Medicine
Songs in the Key                               Songs can be listened to but they must be purchased…no
    of Art                                     free downloads
                                               Songs can be listened to…and maybe downloaded.
   Art Songs                  Art
                                               There are some CDs available for purchase
                                               A wide selection of songs with lyrics and music available
   Atlas Fret           World History          for free. A one paragraph description relating to each
                                               song is provided.
Internet Modern
                     American and World        Songs from each period of time from the Reformation to
                          History              today.
                                               Links for web pages with music in Spanish, French,
 Association of
                                               Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Ukranian. Click on
     Second           Modern Languages
                                               Classroom Resource Links – Teaching with Music to
                                               access the links.
 Musicapaedia               Spanish            Songs – some available for download.
                                               Wikipedia site with songs that retell famous works of
   Wikipedia               Literature
   Have Fun          Language Arts (and        Songs can be listened to on the site but must be
   Teaching          Writing), Math, P.E.      purchased to download.

**This is a site for all kinds of mneumonic devices – mainly for middle/high school:

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