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					How the economy is influencing
consumers online
A Yahoo! Perspective
As consumers spend less on entertainment, the internet
becomes a leisure pursuit

                                 Mintel report a shift
                                   towards internet
                                browsing as a cheap
                                  form of leisure- a
                                 destination in itself,
                               rather than a means for
                                    information or

                                  British housewives
                                 spend almost half of
                               their leisure time online.
    Topline Category Growths

  Top Comscore Category Growths
                                                                                                                                     The global
  Year on Year and August 2008- January 2009
                                                                                                                                  economic crisis
                                                                                                                                     and the US
                                                                                                                                   election drove
                                                                                                                                      growth to
                                                                                                                                  coupon, politics
                                                                                                                                  and government
                                         18%                           18%                                                             related
                                                                                                      14%                             websites.

                                                                                                                                     sites also
                                                                                                                                     spiked in
              Coupons                        Politics                    Community                     Government                   popularity.

Source: Comscore.
Categories with above-average growth from Aug-Jan, but negative or below average growth YoY have been excluded.
Also categories with Aug-Jan growth which matched the pattern of growth from Aug- Jan between 2006 and 2008 have been excluded.
  +38% more consumers going online for finance research.
  Where are the newbies flocking to most?
% Increase of UU’s August 2008 – January 2009
                                                                                  Bloomberg, 153


                                                            This is Money, 118                             120

                                                                       Motley Fool, 100                    100

                                   BBC News - Business,

                                                 Yahoo! Finance, 59                                         60
                                                                                            Guardian Money, 52
                         Moneysavingexpert, 47                                                    Economist, 46
 Category                                                                                                   40


Source : Comscore January 2009, Business and Finance – Finance Research Category
Including select sites from category- excluding sites with flat YoY growth
  Yahoo! Has gained 1m new users since September

Source : Comscore February 2009
  Credit Crunch Winners. Yahoo! News & Yahoo! Finance

                                             + 51% YoY

                                             Now the #1
                                             news site

                                             + 19% YoY

Source : Comscore February 2009
Unique Users YoY comparison
How the Economy is Affecting Consumers Online
A Yahoo! Perspective

• How the Economic Crisis played out on Yahoo!
  UK & Ireland…
  Interest in Property has been in decline for many

Yahoo! UK & Ireland Property

                         Warning signs appear in     Northern Rock     Biggest Northern 100% mortgages          US govt bails out Freddie Mac &
                          US mortgage market       granted emergency     fall in Rock    withdraw. First        Fannie Mae. Collapse of Lehman
                                                   support from Bank     FTSE nationali   annual house         Bros. Lloyds TSB acquires HBOS.
                                                       of England      since ‘01 sed    price fall in 12yrs.   Bradford & Bingley nationalised…

Source : Yahoo! Internal Data, February 2009 Credit Crunch Timeline
   The plummeting value of GBP has fascinated our users

Traffic to Yahoo! Finance Currency Converter

                                               Source: Yahoo! UK & Ireland Finance
  In September 2008, the wider economic crisis captured
  the attention of Yahoo! Searchers….

 • 7th Sep – US govt bails out Freddie Mac
 and Fannie Mae
 • 15th Sep- collapse of Lehman Bros, Merrill
 Lynch taken over
 • 17th Sep- Lloyds announces HBOS
 takeover intent
 • 25th Sep – Washington Mutual collapse
 • 29th Sep- Bradford & Bingley nationalised

Source : Yahoo! Internal Data, February 2009 Credit Crunch Timeline
  For example… HBOS caused a buzz in late September

Source : Yahoo! Internal Data, February 2009
  … And they began to see the relevance to their own lives

 "Meltdown Monday will hit every
 saver, pension investor and
 homeowner" in the UK
 - September 08, Daily Mail.

Source : Yahoo! Internal Data, February 2009
   As the crisis played out, there were extreme ups and
   downs as people tried to make sense of their options

                                 • As house prices started to crash and easy

                                 mortgages were withdrawn from the market,
                                 consumers logged into Yahoo! Finance to
                                 keep track of what was going on.

                                 • As the full extent of the crisis hit home,
                                 consumers all but abandoned their research
                                 on this subject.

                                  • As house prices began to fall, interest in
                                  personal loans soon did also.

                                  • Immediately following the announcement of

                                  the first annual decline in house prices for 12
                                  years, interest peaked.

                                  • This is potentially due to households
                                  attempting to consolidate debts as the crunch
                                  hits their households.
 Consumers increasingly turned to speculation and
 opinions to figure out what was happening…

Yahoo! UK & Ireland Finance | Commentary and Analysis

                                 Northern Rock                    Black Monday,
                                                     First YoY
                               granted emergency                       etc
                                                   house price
                               support from Bank
                                                    rise for 12
                                   of England
  … and also sought the opinions of fellow consumers in
  online communities

                     Yahoo! Answers
                     - Business and Finance

                                               Christmas 2008

Source : Yahoo! Internal Data, February 2009
Yahoo! Answers Business and Finance Category
Are we all finance experts now?

                                    Robert Peston
                                  BBC Business Editor
How the Economy is Affecting Consumers Online
A Yahoo! Perspective

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