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Nature's Passage


									                                NATURE’S PASSAGE
                                         Division of
                           Hedstrom Yachting Operations, Inc.
                          85 Shore Road Amityville, L.I., NY 11701


 Explanation of Sea Burial Operations, please consult the Nature’s Passage website:
Date: ____________

Name of person making this Plan-of-Action: _________________________________

Address: (City, State, Zip Code)

Phone number(s):
Home: __________________________
Work: __________________________
Email Address: ________________________________________________

Preplanning sea burial: Yes: ____
Name of person -- if not yourself: ________________________________

Name of Deceased: __________________________________

Client’s relationship to deceased: (Next of Kin, Attorney, Funeral Director, etc.):

Deceased/ Client is_________________ or _____________________
                          civilian                     veteran

Veteran Affairs Coordination requested: Yes: ____ No: ____

Veteran qualifies for ‘war-time’ grant: Yes: _________ No: ___________

Requesting Military Honors Ceremony: Yes: _______ No: _______
           Flag ceremony: _____________
           Taps bugled: _______________
           Firing squad: [rifle salute] __________

         Ceremony performed at: Dockside: ______ Interment site: _______

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Type of Sea Burial:
                        Spread ‘cremains’ at sea: _______________________________

                      Full-body casketed submersion: __________________________

                      Full-body shroud -- sailcloth wrapped submersion: __________

Requested date(s) for Sea Burial: ______________________________________

Requested site for Sea Burial [i.e., body of water, city, state, or major sea port]:

Burial ceremony: [elaborate on all options that apply]

Marine operation: ___________ ‘Elite’ Airmobile operation: ___________

Music selections:

Readings or Rituals:

Special Instructions:

Cost of Sea Burial: $_______________. Arriving at the cost of your Plan-of-Action
is based upon endless variables—too many to list. You and I must talk openly and
as often as it takes to come to a mutual agreement. This is the only logical method
to follow.
Methods of Payment:
    All monies due must be paid in full prior to initiation of burial operations.
Personal check: Check must ‘clear’ prior to initiation of burial operations.
Credit card: Full or partial payments can be made. Electronic bank transfer
utilizing all major credit cards is easily accomplished on-line. Go to and follow directions.
Payments for preplanning a sea burial operation can be accomplished as follows:
    Payment in full: We suggest you purchase an annuity that will earn interest over
time. When ‘that’ time comes, interest earned will off-set much of the cost of the sea
    Long-term payment: We suggest you purchase a term life insurance policy
covering the total cost of the sea burial. Nature’s Passage is the beneficiary.
    Partial payments made to Nature’s Passage: We will accept random payments
and establish an account in your name in our Ledger. As an incentive, each
payment will earn a 2% gratuity which is applied against the gross amount due.
You’ll be notified when your account is paid in full. If, upon your death, your
account doesn’t have requisite funds to fully compensate Nature’s Passage for sea
burial operations, your sea burial will not commence until your account is paid in
full from other resources.
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This document details the wishes for sea burial operations for the following named
person(s):_______________________________________________________ to be
planned, produced and executed by Nature’s Passage, and or its affiliates. I, the
undersigned, am the client. I have crafted this plan-of-action. This document
represents my exact wishes or the client’s exact wishes. It is my expectation that
Nature’s Passage, upon receipt of $ ___________, a mutually agreed to amount of
monies, will – with all due diligence, satisfy this plan-of-action as written.

Signature of the ‘client’ or estate’s executor                              date

I, the undersigned, represent Nature’s Passage, a division of Hedstrom Yachting
Operations, Inc. Upon receipt of $_____________ monies paid by the client,
Nature’s Passage, and or its affiliates, will with all due diligence, satisfactory execute
this plan-of-action as written.

Signature of Officer representing Nature’s Passage                          date

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                                        End of document---nothing further


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