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Darnell Rock Reporting


									       Darnell Rock Reporting- assignment

                                  By: Caroline

    This story was very interesting! The author of this story is Walter Dean Myers. He was

born in New York and he is an award-winning author! He had written his own stories from the

age of ten and eleven. Further, Myers worked several jobs after leaving the army at age twenty

but he knew that writing was his passion. Myers won a writing contest in the late 1060’s and

started writing novels for and about teenagers a few years later. Books that are the most

famous are about African American teens that live in Harlem, a city of New York. He has also

written science fiction, nonfiction, and mystery adventure stories.

   Darnell was failing in school. He wanted to prove to Mr. Baker, the principal that he is not a

failure so he wrote an article suggesting that an empty lot near his school should be turned into

a vegetable garden for homeless people. He interviewed a man named Sweeby( a homeless man)

Another student is up against him; Linda Gold! She is writing an article that suggests that the

empty lot should be used for a parking lot for the teachers. A man from the audience agreed

and tried to help this idea. The council members voted and mostly everyone voted against the

garden. Darnell thought that he let Sweeby down, but when a reported said that they wanted to

take a picture of him, breaking the ground, Darnell knew he succeeded. It was the man from the

audience that donated a couple of lots for the garden.

   The setting of this story was mostly in the Oakdale Court building, where they voted for one

of the two suggestions. It was probably very scary to go up on the stage in front of the council.

This setting adds to the story by giving the reader more ideas of what the place or setting

looks like. For example,
   Darnell, Linda Gold, Sweeby are the main characters. Other characters are… Larry, Tamika,

the council man, and the man from the audience. I think that the man from the audience is a

very important part of the story because he did a very generous thing for Danell, but mostly for

the homeless people. These characters do seem real because they have similar actions and

characteristics as real people. They all seem likeable except for the council man because his

actions and what he says are very rude! Other characters are very courteous. This is obvious

because what all the characters say is very polite and clam.

   My favorite part of this story was when a reporter from the Journal wanted a picture of

Darnell and Sweeby, breaking the ground. When I read the line, “They want you to be in a

picture breaking the ground.” I felt so confused because Darnell didn’t win the votes! I started

to get more interested in the story. When I read until the last part of the story, I was very

shocked of what people could do, to make a huge change. There was a guy who wanted to donate

a couple of lots for having a garden for the homeless!

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