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									                                Concert of Colours
                            Contemporary Art from Pakistan

                                    An Art Exhibition

               At the Omani Society for Fine Arts, October 17th to 24th.

Concert of Colours’ is a contemporary art exhibition organised by the Omani Society
for Fine Art. The exhibition will showcase paintings by prominent and world
renowned artists from Pakistan and will run from 17th to 24th October. The exhibition
is an effort to bring to the art lovers in Muscat a diverse collection of works of sixteen
prominent artists.

In an effort to show case a diverse collection and styles of paintings, the exhibit will
include the works of modern master’s, Contemporary Modern pieces, Arabic
Calligraphy and Miniatures, which will thrill and excite all with an eye for beauty and
elegance. In order to embody the true vitality and diversity of the Pakistani art scene,
the organisers have carefully selected art from multiple genres and works-of-art by
senior established artists; which will be displayed alongside works by talented young
artists winning accolades for their juxtaposition of the modern and traditional.

Speaking on behalf of the Omani Society for Fine Arts, Madam Mariam Al Zadjali,
Senior Art Specialists and renowned Omani Artist said, “The exhibit is integral to the
Omani Society of Fine Arts’ mission to foster a cultural and artistic dialogue between
Omani artists and their counterparts in other countries. The opportunity to closely
study the work of great artists from Pakistan is important for artists and art lovers alike.
We are committed to foster international art dialogue, as the workshops, lectures and
discourse between artists from the two countries will enable learning about new
technique and styles, exposure to diverse experiences which is critical for any art

The exhibit will be showcasing the work of several talented artists including; Babar
Azeemi, Ali Abbas, Dr. Khalid Mahmood, Salman Farooqi, Ishtiaq Sandhu, Masood A.
Khan, M. A. Bukhari, Shafique Farooqi, Amina Ansari, Mansoor Rahi, Irfan Hassan,
Mubashir Iqbal and Iqbal Hussain. Among which the work of renowned artists Bin
Qullander and Asad Farooqi will be displayed, both of which have been known for
mastering their skills in contemporary calligraphy. In addition to which modern
miniature art will be displayed by Amir Kamal, renowned for his contribution to
revitalising the classic tradition of miniature art.

       The exhibition is open for public viewing from October 17th –24th from 9 am till
1.00 pm and in the evenings from 4.30 pm – 8.30pm at the Omani Society for Fine Arts
in Qurum (behind Shatti Cinema). The event promises to be an exciting and enriching
experience for anyone interested in art and beauty. Exhibiting artist Iqbal Hussain will
be in Oman for the exhibition to meet and discuss his work with visitors. He will be
conducting a workshop demonstrating his techniques at the Omani Society for Fine
Arts at 7pm on the 17th of October. Iqbal Hussain, who is best known for his portraits
has also mastered the skill of painting landscapes and still life. Admirers of his work
have called him Monet of the Punjab Landscape School because his art reflects
romantic hues of dusty pink and soft blue. However, in contrast to his style of
landscape he chooses to paint his women in bright colours under full light with strong
purposeful strokes.

This exhibition also aims to raise awareness and gather support for the Oman
Hereditary Blood Disorder Association; the association is a registered Omani
charity. Visit the exhibition to learn more about the Association and how you
can get involved with and support their activities.

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