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					Narendra Mohan Majhi

                 For suitable vacancy in Energy Management
                 Implementation of steam management techniques could lead to fuel saving of 4500 MT
Key areas        per year and financial benefit of 635 Lakhs per annum on sustained basis at Barauni and
independently    Guwahati Refinery. The steam management systems implemented are:
worked for        De-bottlenecking of steam trapping system in KTU wherein old bucket type traps were
steam               replaced with float type traps, condensate return line was resized and flash steam
conservation        recovery system was implemented successfully.

                  In PEU there was frequent steam leak problem in MP steam header. This could be
                   eliminated by providing suitable thermodynamic steam traps in the header for removal
                   of condensate.

                  Installation of MST 21 traps, BPT traps, glandless valves for conservation of steam in
                   two oil refineries.

                  Recovery of flash steam from condensate ex reboiler of stabilizer column in one of the

                  Resizing of LP extraction steam line from steam turbine to facilitate extraction of LP
                   steam from turbine and improvement in efficiency of TG.

                  Worked out modalities for steam trap survey and implementation of condensate
                   recovery system in one refinery.

                  Steam leak survey at five oil refineries (Barauni, Digboi, Guwahati, Gujarat, Kochin)

Competence       The acquired qualification of Certified Energy Auditor / Energy Manager, Certified
and skill that   by Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Ministry of Power, and Government of India shall
could be         consolidate the competitiveness of Energy Audit Division. This could be
added to an      advantageous for fulfilling statutory requirement of Government of India.
                 Vast experience in industry could result in integration of customer’s requirement and
                 supplier’s capability / competency in design of steam system.
                     Wide experience in energy audit of boilers and hydrocarbon loss control
                          could pave the way for diversifying activities of Energy Audit Division
                     Experience in application of SQC and SIX SIGMA can add value to the
                          ongoing business.
Experience in   About 24 years experience in Oil Refineries out of which last 17 years experience in
Thermal         the field of Energy conservation. Vast experience in THERMAL ENERGY Audit with
Energy Audit    specialization in steam system audit oil refineries (steam leak survey, steam trap
(Steam)         survey, development of condensate recovery system etc.). The details of experience
                are briefed as under.

                       Initiated trial of Universal Thermodynamic steam trap along with pipe
                        connector in February 2006 in co-ordination with M/s Spirax Marshall.
                        During the trial trouble shooting was done to make the trial a success.

                       Carried out steam leak survey of Barauni Refinery during May, August and
                        December 2005

                       Lead the CHT team for carrying out steam leak survey of Barauni Refinery in
                        January 2005

                       Carried out steam trap audit of units at Barauni Refinery and recommended
                        improvement opportunities.

                       Installed glandless valves and MST 21 steam traps for steam conservation
                        at Barauni Refinery in the year 2004.
                       Installed glandless valves and MST 21 steam traps for steam conservation
                        at Guwahati Refinery in the year 2002.

                       Steam leak survey in Barauni, Guwahati, Gujarat, Digboi and Kochin
                        Refinery during 1987 to 2004 as a member of CHT team.

Experience in          Energy Audit of boilers and furnaces including assessment of insulation
Energy Audit            effectiveness and evaluation of furnace efficiency in oil refineries at Barauni,
(other than             Guwahati, Kochin and Chennai.
steam)                 Lead the team of CHT members for Energy Audit of furnaces at Barauni,
                        Guwahati, Kochin and CPCL.
                       Acted as member of Joint Energy Audit team constituted by CHT in 2002 for
                        carrying out Energy Audit of Oil Refineries in India.
                       Performance evaluation / survey of burners in fired heaters
                       Energy Audit / performance assessment of Cooling Towers
                       Energy Audit of ID / FD fans of boilers and furnaces
                       Energy Audit of pumps
                       Energy Audit of Heat Exchanger preheat train (Crude Distillation Unit)
                       Performance evaluation of power plant (Co-generation system) & steam
                        power balance
                       Performance evaluation of steam turbines and Gas Turbines
                       Associated with Yield & Energy Optimization study of Gujarat Refinery
                        carried out by M/s KBC during 2005
Special                Application of six sigma in steam trap management
Activities             Application of why why analysis for identifying causes of steam leaks.
                       Developed techniques for online insulation of tanks for conserving
                        steam which has been applied successfully in 12 tanks in two refineries.
                       Application of SIX SIGMA in unit operation of oil refinery and furnace

                       Benchmarking of performance parameters like operating cost, energy,
                        environment, maintenance, plant utilization, yield and human resource in
                        refinery after training at SHELL, The Netherlands.
                       Presented papers in various forums like CHT Activity Committee meetings
                        and Energy Conservation Workshops held by Petroleum Conservation &
                        Research association (PCRA).

Awards                 Received Young Managers Award at Indian Congress on Quality Energy
                        Environment and Safety Management system (ICQESMS 2005) conducted
                        by Jadavpur University and Central Board of Workers Education at Deli in
                        December 2005 for application of six sigma in energy management

                        Awarded 1 prize by BEE on writing technical papers on energy
                        performance reporting by industry in December 2005.

                       Received award for the presentation and papers submitted at Quality Energy
                        Environment and Safety Management System (ICQESMS 2004) conducted
                        by Jadavpur University at Kolkata in February 2004.

                       Bagged BEST SUGGESTOR awards twice at corporate level of Indian Oil
                        and Refineries Division as well for the year 2000 & 2001. The suggestions
                        were based on energy conservation and environment protection and yield

Experience in   About 24 years experience in three Oil Refineries of Indian Oil Corporation out of
Oil Industry    which last 17 years experience in the field of Energy conservation. Various positions
                held are as under.
                2005 onwards : Chief Technical Services manager

                       Shouldered the responsibility of Energy Conservation activities of refinery
                        which includes target setting, development of plan, development of energy
                        conservation schemes and its implementation.
                       Co-ordination with BEE, Government of India, Centre for High Technology
                        and other agencies for Energy Management activities in refinery.
                       Preparation of proposals or Energy Conservation and Operational
                        improvement and development of process schemes and trouble shooting
                       Experience in operation of process units, Technical Services, Process
                        Planning, Cost Economic Cell in oil refinery.

                2001 - 2005 Senior Technical Services manager
                1997 – 2001 Process / Production Manager
            1992 – 1997 Deputy Manager Process
            1987 – 1992 Senior Process Engineer
            1981 – 1986 Production Engineer

Education   1976–1980           The Institution of Engineers (India)        Calcutta, India
             A.M.I.E. in Chemical Engineering
            International Center for Public Enterprise            Ljubljana, Slovenia
            University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
            Indianoil Institute of Petroleum management
             Master of Business Administration with specialisation in Quality management and
               Petroleum management.
             Passed Modern Safety Management and Accredited Safety Auditor Course offered by
               M/s DNV in the year 2005.
             Certified Energy Auditor / Energy Manager, Certified by Bureau of Energy
               Efficiency, Ministry of Power, Government of India in the year 2005.

Expected    Negotiable

Interests   Reading, computers, Health Management (Yoga and exercises)
2. DATE OF BIRTH : 10.06.1955 (TENTH JUNE 1955)
3. PASSPORT NO : A 1405188 VALID TILL 13.08.2006
A: Academic
Sl    Examination Name of the Institution         Class / % of Year    of
No    passed                                      marks        passing
1     HSC           Board      of    Secondary 54              1970
                    education, Orissa, India
B: Professional
Sl Examination           Name        of      the Class / % of Year     of
No passed                Institution              marks        passing
1    Studentship         The Institution of 61 %               1976
                         Engineers (India)
2    A.M.I.E., SEC-A               -do-           57 %         1978
3    A.M.I.E., SEC-B               -do-           59 %         1980
C: Master of Business Administration ( MBA)
Master      of    Business International Center for Public September
Administration                Enterprises, Ljubljana, Slovenia 1996

Diploma                             Univerza, Ljubljana

International   MBA     with Indianoil Institution of petroleum
specialisation in Petroleum management
1      Second Class Boiler          Government of Orissa, under the July 1979
       Attendant Certificate of     Indian Boilers Act, 1923 (V of
       competency                   1923)
2      Certified       Energy       Certified by Bureau of Energy Efficiency, May / October
       Auditor    /    Energy       Ministry of Power, Government of India. 2005
     E: Passed Modern Safety Management and Accredited Safety Auditor course offered by M/s DNV
    in the year 2005.

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