Welcome College of Health Professions (CHP) Freshman Transition by lRD56Jli


College of Health Professions
 (CHP) Freshman Transition

      Anne Young and Peggy Raynor, CHP College Advisors
             Peggy Raynor
Advisor, School of Nursing (SON)
     Pre-Nursing Majors
            Griffin Hall Room 150
            (239) 590-7455
                  Anne Young
Advisor, School of Health and Rehabilitation (SHR)
   Community Health Majors

   Pre-Athletic Training Majors

   Pre-Human Performance Majors

   Pre-Health Science & Clinical Lab Science Majors

     Griffin Hall Room 149
     (239) 590-7456
 To Contact CHP Advising …
         School of Health & Rehabilitation (SHR) Majors
                     (Anne Young’s Advisees)
Wanda Smith, Office Manager, Department of Occupational Therapy
& Community Health, Griffin Hall Room 117 A
590-7550 or wsmith@fgcu.edu
Heather Kalies, Secretary/Advising Office Assistant
Griffin Hall Room 154 A
590-7495 or hkalies@fgcu.edu

                    School of Nursing (SON)
                   (Peggy Raynor’s Advisees)
Maxine Faatz, Executive Secretary, School of Nursing
Griffin Hall Room 154 B
590-7485 or mfaatz@fgcu.edu
Transition Orientation Agenda
You will be reviewing information that will help you
  transition from your freshmen year into your sophomore
  year and beyond whether you are a pre-major or a full-
  major. Included is a review of …

   FGCU Information links & contact information
   Review the importance of and where to find the FGCU
    Academic Calendar
   Give you College of Health Professions (CHP) FAQ’s
   Review College of Health Professions Graduation
   Provide General Education Information
   Direct you toward Degree Programs facts & Information
   Help you Prepare for your Advising Appointment
Information links
You will find many helpful web links on the Academic
  Advising webpage. To access the page, click on or copy
  into your browser, the following address:

Here you will find the following information and much
 FGCU Contact information for departments
    Such as the Center for Academic Achievement, Career
     Development Center, Financial Aid, Adaptive Services,
     and more - See the next slide for these numbers and
 CHP Advising Information (FAQ’s)
 General Education Information
 Degree Program Fact sheets
 ANGEL - Online Course Information System
 FGCU Contact Information
There are many helpful and important offices available to
  you. Here is their contact information…

   Adaptive Services and Students with Disabilities: Cori
    Bright - 239-590-7956 - cbright@fgcu.edu
   Admissions & Recruitment:        Local: 239-590-7878 /
    Toll Free: 888-889-1095 - admissions@fgcu.edu
   Bookstore: 239-590-1150
   Career Development Services: 239-590-7946 -
   Cashier’s Office:- cashiers@fgcu.edu
   Center for Academic Achievement (Tutoring):
    239-590-7906- tutor@fgcu.edu
   Counseling Center (Personal & Career):
     239-590-7950 caps@fgcu.edu
FGCU Contact Information
   Financial Aid: Local: 239-590-7920 / Toll Free: 888-
    889-1095 - faso@fgcu.edu
   International Student Services: Elaine Hozdik –
    239-590-7925 - ehozdik@fgcu.edu
   Registrar: Local: 239-590-7980 / Toll Free: 888-373-
    2040 - orr@fgcu.edu
   Service Learning: 4th floor of the Library, 460G or call
   Student Health Services: 239-590-7966 – phone/
    239-590-7968 fax
   Testing: 239-590-7955 - testctr@fgcu.edu
FGCU Academic Calendar
   VIP dates… Please be aware of these dates
      First day of classes

      Last day to drop and add

      Last day to withdraw without “academic
      Last day of classes, holidays, breaks & more

   To view calendars for future semesters, see the
    Registrar's Office web page
   Knowing these dates is YOUR responsibility
College of Health Professions
You will be given the “Counseling/Advising Student
  Information Form”
 This form can be completed just before your
  advising appointment, please plan to arrive a few
  minutes early
    You will complete top portion

    Return this to your Advisor
College of Health Professions
   Information is available at the comprehensive CHP
    Academic Advising web page found at

   Noted on the bottom of the advising web page are
    frequently asked questions (FAQ’s). You may find it
    helpful to review these often asked questions and their

   Remember, if you still have unanswered questions, bring
    them to your advising appointment or email your CHP
    advisor, either Anne Young for students in the School of
    Health & Rehabilitation or Peggy Raynor for students in
    the School of Nursing.
 Graduation Requirements Form
There are several requirements which you will need to review.
   CLAST – The College Level Academic Skills Test, you may
    be exempt and your advisor will discuss this with you.
   Foreign Language – 2 years of the same language in High
    school or 8 credits at the College level.
   Gordon Rule – all students must earn a “C” or better in 12
    semester credits of writing intensive courses AND a “C” or
    better in 6 semester credits of math.
   General Education (Gen. Ed.) – Did you enter FGCU with
    an “AA” from a Florida Community College?
      Then you have met the Gen. Ed. Requirement!

      All others need 36 hours in 5 subject areas. (See the web
       links on the academic advising webpage.)
Graduation Requirements Form cont’d
 General Education requires coursework in the
   following 5 areas:
  6 hours of communication – ENC 1101 & ENC
   1102 will meet your requirement.
  6 hours of math – STA 2023 and usually MAC
  9 hours of humanities – HUM 2510, IDS 1301L,
   IDS 2110, and one more 3 credit course.
  6-9 hours of social sciences – usually your
   prerequisites will satisfy this requirement.
  6-9 hours of natural sciences – again, usually
   your prerequisites will satisfy this requirement.
Graduation Requirements Form cont’d
Service Learning
   80 service hours are required for students who entered as
    freshman or sophomores
   40 service hours for students who entered with 60 or more
    transfer credit hours
   Consists of volunteering time to the community in a way
    that fosters students’ learning
   Service learning has an excellent web page where you can
    look for service learning opportunities.
   For more information, visit the Service Learning Office, 4th
    floor of the Library, 460G or call 590-7015
Graduation Requirements Form cont’d
Summer Credit
    If you entered with fewer than 60 semester
     hours of college credit…
       Then you will need at least 9 semester hours
        of credit during the summer semesters at a
        State University in Florida
    If you have AP, IB, or CLEP college credit that
     you entered FGCU with,
       You may need fewer or will not need to meet
        this requirement. This will be discussed with
        your Advisor.
Graduation Requirements Form cont’d
   To fulfill FGCU’s Residency Requirement for
      30 of the last 60 semester hours must be completed at
   You may take classes at another institution while at FGCU
     Cross Enrollment - Courses taken at another institution
      while also taking courses at FGCU
     Transient Student - Courses taken at another institution

   Transient or Cross Enrollment Forms must be completed
    and be approved in advance. (available for completion
    online through www.facts.org)
    Graduation Requirements Form
Prerequisites and Program Requirements
   This form will be given to you at your advising appointment.

   All programs in the College of Health Professions are either limited
    access or selective access.

   Prior to consideration as a full major, the College of Health
    Professions requires:
      Completion all General Education Course requirements

      Complete of your electives and all degree program prerequisites

      Meet selection criteria and submit a supplemental application.

   This is required prior to admission into the CHP limited access majors
    or upper division courses.

   Be prepared to ask questions about this form. Your advisor will keep a
    signed copy and a copy will be given to you.
CHP Degree Program Check
Sheet and Fact Sheet
   Fact sheets contain a snapshot of the degree program and
    its requirements
   A separate form in addition to the fact sheets are “Program
    check sheets”, useful for planning future semester courses
    and kept by your advisor.
      These are reviewed & completed together at your
       advising appointment.
   Why develop a plan of study?
     This will provide an efficient manner for completion of
      remaining requirements
     And will facilitate Application to your major or permit
      entry in Junior/Senior level courses
Preparing for your Advising
   Once you have reviewed your Degree Program
    requirements, (check the fact sheets for your
    degree), please….
      log into Gulfline and search for classes or
      View the schedule and search for classes. (see
       photo above)
      Curricular track recommendations are available
       at the First Year Advising website.
      You can check the CHP Academic Advising
       web page in the “Student Information” box for
       the link to these “curricular tracks”.
You are probably already familiar with Gulfline, but, to
 You can look-up your class schedule.
 Check your grades.
 See if you’ve got MONEY - Financial Aid awards
 Check your personal information.
 View your holds. Login a few days (Monday through
  Friday) before your registration time period opens. Be sure
  you do not have any holds that will block you from
 Once you have met with your advisor, your freshmen hold
  for advising will be lifted and you will be able to register
  for classes.
Schedule and Registration
   Available online at First Year Advising. (check
    out the links below)
   Helpful tools to plan your courses.
   http://enrollment.fgcu.edu/advising/Images/Sched
   http://enrollment.fgcu.edu/advising/Images/Regist
You should now be ready to contact the
Advising Office…
     In order to have your Freshman Advising hold removed
      and begin registering on-line, you must sign-up for and
      attend one of the required advising workshops:
        Friday’s, 1- 3 PM, March 16th, 23rd, 30th, or April 6th.

     Please come to Griffin Hall, Suite 154 to sign up for a
      workshop. (just to your right off the lobby)
        Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

     You will then be given confirmation of your workshop
      preference with room location.
To Prepare for your Advising
   Pre-select classes or identify courses of interest.
      Your advisor will provide you with suggestions for
       courses but will not be giving specific course section
   Check the Academic Calendar for all the important dates
    for Registration, Add/Drop, and Late Registration. If
    you register during Late Registration, you will be charged
    $100 Late Registration Fee.
   Know both your UIN and PIN numbers.
   View Gulfline and check to see if you have any holds. If
    so, please clear these as soon as possible.
Another Resource….
   ANGEL is our online class management system, however,
    even if you are taking a face-to-face class, many faculty
    will post their syllabi, notes, and communicate through

   You will need your FGCU Eagle email address to login
    and instructions are on the login page.

   If you have any question about accessing ANGEL, Please
    remember to check with your advisor at your advising
    appointment or via email.

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